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thirteen Cindy Bakker Ann-Sophie Deproost Hannelore Celen Eliza Pepermans

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D!NG www.dingmagzine.com

D!NG is an online art magazine featuring artists from around the world. D!NG focusses on young, multidisciplinary artists who are at the beginning of their artistic career. In English ‘ding’ is literally translated as ‘thing’. ‘Ding’ mostly refers to an object. However ‘ding’ can also stand for the unknown and it can be translated as a substance of things.

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Jolien Dirix Sarah Vierstraete Lies Gallez Cindy Bakker Ann-Sophie Deproost Hannelore Celen Eliza Pepermans.

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Cindy Bakker

a new year Dear reader, I sincelery want to welcome you all to D!NG magazine’s first edition of 2015! With the spirit of the new year, D!NG strives to offer you an even more extraordinary selection of four artists in which we truly believe in. Featuring in this thirteenth issue are Cindy Bakker, Ann-Sophie Deproost, Hannelore Celen and Eliza Pepermans,. First, Cindy Bakker who presents us a series of photos of transformations of everyday objects and leaves the original function of the things up to our imagination. Second is visual artist Ann-Sophie Deproost. She gives us a glimpse of her search of reflection of a reality through the different levels of her images. Next is Hannelore Celen is a young Belgian visual artist who is able to leave the spectator with a feeling of complete alienation from her work. Last artist of this issue is artist and illustrator Eliza Pepermans, we find ourselves in a world of electrifying colours and extreme subjects. Hopefully these four artists will be able to grasp your attention! D!NG aims to support artists who are at the beginning of their artistic career and offer them an opportunity to show our devoted public what they are able to do. This is still our main goal for 2015! We hope this will be an inspiring year for both our artists and our readers! Yours, Sarah

from co-founding editor SarahVierstraete

Photo by Julie van derVaart

table cindy bakker www.cindybakker.nl

ann-sophie deproost annsdeproost.blogspot.be


o twenty two




hannelore celen hannelorecelen.tumblr.com


Eliza Pepermans www.elizapepermans.be



Cindy Bakk www.cindybakker.nl


y ker

Artist Statement

Transformation –doubt – imagination – isolation – reparation Salad spinner, cooling elements, fly swatter, washing machines, rolling pin, fish floats, pancake pans, vacuum-cleaner bags, bicycle saddle, toilet brushes, lamp holders. Everyday objects are usually used as functional and practical objects. Indispensible in everyday life, but moreover replaceable. We often replace these objects for newer and better versions. My work is about that specific transformation of all these banal utensils. I started collecting all these object before they were thrown away. I really get inspiration out of my collection, because they often lack a certain character and imagination. I try to find back their imagination through that transformation. For example sometimes I dismantle the objects. I try to show my audience that you can endlessly work on these objects and that their not just rubbish that you have to throw away after some time. An important aspect of my work is the addition of colour. In that way I aim to strengthen the memory and materiality of the object. At some point objects regain a certain character. I always use strong and simple compositions in my images so that the objects are placed on a pedestal. When you isolate objects in a picture the scale, origin and functions of the objects disappears.

finding back th through transf

heir imagination formation

Ann-Sophie Deproost


annsdeproost.blogspot.be ann-sophiedeproost.tumblr.com

Untitled, analogue, ca grain, gelatin silver print, 28,3 x 18,2 cm, 2013

Untitled, analogue, c’a grain, 18,4 x 28,3 cm, 2013


Untitled, analogue, photo rag, 59,4 x 84,1 cm, 2014


The awareness of my essential closeness. The density and layered aspect of the surrounding space and its time. The search of reflection on reality. The being. My relationship towards things and towards myself. And the re- thinking of this all. A philosophy of the everyday caught in an image, with deep attention for the meta-level of the images. Manipulation and reproduction in a dark room and the search of borders of analogue as well as digital photography unveil a border with other media, such as drawing and movie.

Untitled, gelatin silver print , 23,5 x 17 cm, 2014

Untitled, gelatin silver print, 20 x 29,4 cm, 2014

Untitled, analogue, photo rag, 80,4 x 55,3 cm, 2014

Untitled , polaroid, 2014

De ruimte waarin we leven is niet continu, niet oneindig, niet homogeen, niet isotroop. Maar weten we precies waar de ruimte afbreekt, waar de ruimte kromtrekt, waar de ruimte zich ontkoppelt en waar de ruimte zich samenbalt? Dat er barsten, leemten, wrijvingspunten zijn dringt nog wel tot ons door; soms hebben we een vaag besef dat het ergens vastzit, dat het losbreekt of dat het botst. We proberen er maar zelden meer over te weten te komen en meestal gaan we van de ene naar de andere plek, van de ene naar de andere ruimte zonder het verloop van de ruimte in aanmerking te nemen, in ons op te nemen, op ons te nemen. Het probleem is niet om de ruimte uit te vinden, en al helemaal niet om de ruimte opnieuw uit te vinden, het probleem is om de ruimte te ondervragen of, nog simpeler, de ruimte te lezen. Want wat wij alledaagsheid noemen is niet vanzelfsprekend maar ondoorzichtig: een vorm van blindheid, een soort verdoving.

- Georges Perec

Untitled, digital, changeable measurements, 2014 Untitled, analogue, silver paper, changeable measurements, 2014 Untitled, gelatin silver print, 35 x 50,5 cm, 2014




re Celen


째1986, Born in Diest, Belgium Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium

With her work, young Belgian artist Hannelore Celen leaves the spectator with a sense of alienation - Sarah Vierstraete

Eliza Peper www.elizapepermans.be



Artist Statement

These fluorescent colors of a dirty mind will make you giggle. Eliza Pepermans will surprise you with unconventional illustrations in a meta-language that makes your eyes hurt. In a crude style she crosses sugar sweet cuteness with male aggression. Filled with provocative little details, these images are an enlarged vision of the desires and anxieties of an

D!NG www.dingmagzine.com

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D!NG 13  

D!NG 13 with Cindy Bakker, Ann-Sophie Deproost, Hannelore Celen and Eliza Pepermans. Editor Jolien Dirix

D!NG 13  

D!NG 13 with Cindy Bakker, Ann-Sophie Deproost, Hannelore Celen and Eliza Pepermans. Editor Jolien Dirix

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