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July 2010

Dedicated to the life-long enjoyment of historic vehicles by enthusiasts on the Darling Downs

Where are they now? In a testimonial to the value of drinking wine, the editor recognises at least six people in this photo as active club members 24 years later. Story inside.

Jeff Cox snapped this in Toowoomba in the early 1980s at Western Transport in Ruthven Street. A speedway Rudge of about 1930 vintage.

Thanks to Keith Hoffmann - Whippet train to Cairns circa 1927 (State Library Qld #156885). I am amazed that in 1927 there were this many cars of one marque being sold in a regional center.

E G Eager and Son assembly line Brisbane circa 1924 (SLQ #7143). At least Eagers still exists.

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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DDVVMC Management team 2009-2010


President........................................... Kevin McGrath

With a few key people away this month, including president Kevin, editor Jeff and rally directors Michael & Sue, some of the regular sections are temporarily missing. Thanks to Jeff for giving me some tutorials before he left. Thanks also to the people who have stepped up to provide me with some interesting articles, especially Pat, Keith & Coral, Bob and Graeme. I have also included a few things from my own collection of stories and material. Hope you find them interesting, even though most of them are motorcycle related ... David Grant

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Web site: Meetings: Visitors welcome Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the DDVVMC Clubrooms, 2 Rocla Court, Toowoomba.

Mailing address: DDVVMC, PO Box 486, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Clubroom Ph: 07 4633 3181

Next Management Committee Meeting

AHMF Information Survey 2010 Don’t forget to complete your Australian Historic Motoring Federation survey, which was handed out at the last meeting. Please bring it to the next meeting for collection by Ric A’Bell. If you missed the last meeting, the web address of the survey is and there is a link (called Club Members survey) to the document.

New Club name tags If members have children under 16 still at home, they are eligible for a badge, so please let Membership officer John O’Hara know who it is for and whether you want pin or magnet.

Bob’s Body Restoration Tips Preparing for repairs

Before attempting to remove any dents from a panel, it is important to have the metal clean on both sides. Any thick paint, fillers etc on the outside of the panels and any proof coating or thick rust treatment on the inside will have a cushioning effect on the hammer and dolly when you try to hammer out the dents. The same applies to the surfaces of your hammer and dolly [the lump of steel on the inside when hammering], the smoother the surfaces the better the finish.

Bob Chapman

7.30pm, Monday, July 5, 2010

Next General Meeting: 7.30pm Thursday, July 8, 2010

Workshop Workshop open Monday nights from (approx) 7pm to 9pm and Wednesday afternoon 2 til 5. Next newsletter closing date July 24, 2010 Page 2

Indoor Bowls ~ a fun night

Played at DDVVMC Club Rooms every second Tuesday night at 7.30pm. All welcome. Dates: July 6, 20 For further enquiries: Ted Taylor 4632 2565

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

Club news

Visitors... At the last general meeting, Graham Allum introduced members of the Darling Downs Modellers club to the audience. They had set up a display for us to view. Thanks to Shane Herring, Stuart Gelder, Merv Rogers and others for taking the time. It was appreciated. Some of the detail in these models was amazing - miniscule nuts and bolts which were actually threaded! I’m not sure if the standard thread sizes go that small? Modelling seems to be a hobby that you can take as far as your budget and obsessions want, with level of detail and quality of painting, and even the setting for the model. Maybe a bit less expensive than old cars? You can visit their website at Models below are a Yamaha TY125 trials bike and a Suzuki Katana sportsbike in progress.

ahead. Both of these small wheels pivoted for steering and were controlled by a spade handle by the occupant of the rear saddle. To convert the tricycle into a steamer, the front saddle was removed and the smallest size of Bouton boiler, weighing only forty kilogrammes, took its place, a flat water tank was hung below the frame tube between the wheels and a small two-cylinder engine acted on short-throw cranks which replaced the foremost pair of pedals. 1886 saw the creation of this motorised tandem. A photograph, published by Louis Lockert, shows this strange device, commanded by the General and towing a more conventional tricycle carrying another man, bowling through a clearing in a dense forest. Close inspection reveals a join; the wooded background is the painted backdrop of the Victorian photographer’s studio and despite its ingenuity the steam Rudge was ill suited to the harsh reality of serious use. It was a useful exercise though, and helped pave the way to more practicable machines. Source: Anthony Bird 1971, De Dion-Bouton First automobile giant (Ballantine’s Illustrated History of the Car – marque book no 6), Ballantine Books Inc, New York, USA, pp. 19–20. Recently the ABC show The Collectors featured this tricycle.

Old connections In the Peking to Paris DVD there is a very good if brief reference to the Toowoomba Swap. It is when Lang Kidby is sourcing parts for his Italia rebuild. In the re-enactment there are two De Dion Boutons. I do not know if there are any in the club? I have a De Dion Bouton book at home which mentions a connection between De Dion Bouton & Rudge bicycles, before Rudge moved into motorcycle manufacture. It was at the time when De Dion were still working with steam before they went to the internal combustion engine. Among the attempts to make a really light ‘owner-driver’ vehicle during this early period was a bizarre confection made for General Munier. The basis was a Rudge tandem tricycle, which would strike the modern eye as a mechanical eccentricity without the steam machinery, as the single, large, driving wheel was on the left hand side of the frame which was supported on the other side by two small wheels in line

This is apparently the ‘best side’ of new member Lara Wilde. Her anti ‘media-tart’ stand (on principle) was wantonly aided and abetted by Rick A’Bell, who is more ‘worker’ than ‘speaker’ himself. Let’s hope we see more of Lara and her big Chevvy. Welcome also to newest members Katie & Malcolm Burgess!

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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DDVVMC Management meeting ~ JUNE 7, 2010 Meeting opened by B.McKeiver at 7.30p.m. Present: B.McKeiver, J.O’Hara, M.Richards, P.Donovan, K.Forster, D.Ham, A.Cox, J.Brown, L.Ham, R.A’Bell, D.Grant, B.Timms, L.Ryan Apologies: K.McGrath, M.Wells. Minutes: Moved P.Donovan sec. R.A’Bell.(c) Treasurers report: Moved M.Richards sec. K.Forster.(c) Correspondence: (1) Magazines (2) Rallies 2010 (3) Accounts L.Ham moved that correspondence be received and outward endorsed. Sec. R.A’Bell (c) Property officer: The rooms have been booked for a private function by P.Twidale (26th June). R.Kennedy requested use of crockery & cutlery for a private function (13th June). Drinks fridge has been replenished. Historian: Brian reported progress on printing of historic books. Discussion around how many copies and price limit to aim for. Brian was asked to get some quotes. Rallies: No report. Membership: Malcolm & Katie Burgess fulfilled all requirements for membership & accepted as new members. Dating: Nil Librarian: Nil

Editor: Jeff introduced David Grant as his replacement for the July edition of “Rag”. The Floral Classic is Sept.18th & the Street Display is on 26th Sept.” Drive for Life” is on 8th August. G.Allum discussed model cars to be placed on trophies for Floral Classic. Moved J.Brown Sec L.Ryan that $500 be given to Graham for the pre-purchase of models. This amount will be reimbursed to Club when the sponsors give their donations for each trophy. Workshop: Peter reported that the trailer is getting closer to completion. Estimate is for 8 weeks to finish. Peter requests members to notify him if using workshop or removing tools & equipment for use at home. Swap manager: Vacant. Combined Council: Cars imported from overseas limited to one every 5 years. Changed rules for importing modified cars. Approved seat belts or baby capsules must be fitted to all cars by 1/6/2010 General business: A.Cox asked for clarification of use of “S” plates when travelling to a rally at a distant venue. There being no further business meeting closed at 8.45p.m. A/President B. McKeiver Secretary Leonie Ham.

DDVVMC General meeting ~ JUNE 10, 2010 Meeting opened at 7.30p.m. by Brad. McKeiver. Attendance: as per book. Apologies: K.McGrath, J.&A.Cox, B.Timms, L.&C.Ryan, P.Donovan, C.Baker, B.Fischer, S.Hoffmann, J.Ciantar Visitors: S.Geldard, M.Rogers, Shane Herring & friends from Darling Downs Scale Modellers. Minutes: Minutes as printed be accepted moved L.Ham sec.K.Forster. (c) Business arising: Nil Correspondence: (1) magazines (2) accounts (3) rallies. Moved L.Ham sec K.Forster that the inward be received and the outward endorsed. (c) Treasurers report: Mike Richards moved his report sec. M.Klein. (c) Dating officer: Nil Editor: See Management minutes Property officer: See Management minutes. Rally director: Mars Bar Rally 13th June. Meet at the Club at 9.00a.m. Librarian: No report Workshop supervisor:.In Peter’s absence, Rick gave a report as printed in Committee minutes. Membership officer: The Club welcomed Malcolm & Katie Burgess as new members. Historian: No report. Combined Council: See Management minutes. Swap manager: This position is still vacant. Show & Tell: G.Allum introduced guests from Darling Downs Scale Modellers club and invited members to view their splendid display assembled in the dining room. Thank you to Graham & visitors for preparing such an interesting &

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comprehensive show. Quiz: Graham presented answers to our current quiz General business: 1. Brad asked members to consider nominating to serve on the Committee which is to be elected at the A.G.M. on 12th August. All positions open. 2. Moved R.A’Bell sec K.Forster that the Club purchase 250 car stickers from Superior Signs as per quote. (c) Michael Armstrong agreed to follow up. 3. G.Hoey informed members that he had Govt. backing to conduct 2 workshops re new technology for small businesses and invited members to participate if applicable to them. 4. It was stated that some members were dissatisfied with the quality of the audio-visual system. The response was that the age & condition of the material being presented affected the end result. 5. A request was made for keys to workshop be made accessible from a close by business for ease of access. Members decided to leave the status quo, because the workshop supervisor needs to know who is there. 6. A request from Rotary for the use of our vinyl chairs for the “Cruise for Cancer” 2010 to be held on 22/08/10. Procedure is to contact the Property Officer. 7. Another enquiry about date the car trailer could expect to be in use. Comments were made about the extensive repair which was greater than some members had first envisaged. Time frame for return – approx. 8 weeks. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15p.m. Secretary Leonie Ham ActingChairman B.McKeiver.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

Mars Bar rally Mars Bar rally held Sunday June 13th. A good turn out of club cars and members for the run down to the Heifer Creek rest area for the Mars Bar competition with the Lockyer Valley Club. We left the club rooms (after I found that I had left the run sheets on the kitchen table) heading south via Cambooya, Greenmount, stopping at the Rudds Hut for morning tea. From there the group set off to the rest area on the Gatton - Clifton Road. We parked under the trees and being a long weekend there were a few campers on site as well. They came over and took some pictures of the cars. After lunch Stuart Westerman broke the people into two teams and we got down to the games. After the play offs the team of Stuarts’ won the day. We all had a great day out thanks to everybody who came out for the run. See you all next rally. Michael & Sue Wells.

Cliff & Avril Grice’s Armstrong Siddley

Rob & Ferne Callow’s 3.5l Rover

Rob Callow & Alan Geldard getting water for the billy

Pat Murphy, Alan Geldard, Stuart Geldard and Anna

Trevor & Judy Hoffman’s EH Holden

David Liffen’s Mercedes Benz

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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The wine rallies of the 1980’s

The wine rallies were mentioned during Keith and Coral’s speeches at the 40th anniversary dinner. Coral has kindly written some more about them: On being asked to recall the events for this article I hope there is a position for me in the saying “Use it or lose it” in regard to maintaining our brain cells. The 1986 and 1987 Wine Rallies were a celebration of exciting atmosphere, friendly company and a novel event which created interest from Ballandean to Brisbane. With the increasing number of wineries being established around the Granite Belt area, and a tourist industry expanding rapidly, it was time to introduce and promote a new type of wine for Australia. Angelo Puglisi, owner of Sundown Valley Vineyards at Ballandean was a very energetic and creative person with exciting marketing skills. Members of the Darling Downs Veteran and Vintage Motor Club were approached for their assistance for this unique event. Nine members offered their cars. The wine to be promoted was a Nouveau Light Red that had been designed especially for Queensland conditions. It could be consumed chilled and was an ideal luncheon wine. It is apparently the norm in France to serve this type of wine with lunch. (It will allow you to return to work with no hangover experience, but there is some reliance on the individual for this to occur!) The Gala event in 1986 was held in Angelo’s winery where 180 people wined, dined and celebrated with a Roaring Twenties atmosphere, surrounded by stainless steel and wooden barrels of wine. Four types of Beaujolais style wines were available for sampling in addition to other Granite Belt wines that were also launched on the night. Angelo had prearranged with all his neighbours in Ballandean who had large sheds for all the vintage cars to be locked away under cover for the night, while the owners were transported by coach to

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the required venues. A Nouveau breakfast was provided the next morning at Angelo’s winery, with all vintage cars then assembling on the sports oval at Ballandean, which was surrounded by locals from the Stanthorpe area. The Stanthorpe Shire Council CEO’s message to all present was “for 30 years the area had been waiting for something to put Stanthorpe on the map”. A representative from each winery, along with their Nouveau wine sample, was each allocated to a vintage car to be transported for the two day journey to Brisbane. All cars were provided with a promotional banner to be attached to the rear of the vehicle. Later that day the Mayor of Toowoomba and MLA, Alderman Clive Berghofer, welcomed the groups to Toowoomba, followed by a wine and cheese tasting at Smithfield Restaurant. The following morning all vehicles were assembled in Gatton where each bottle of wine was now to be transported in a unique way, in two hot air balloons. The trickiest part to this was that while the balloons flew above all the small crop farms, the navigators had to anticipate which direction the balloons would continue to fly as they had to select which road to take around the farms to give them the best advantage in not losing too much time or distance. This is where local knowledge of the roads in the Gatton area was an advantage. Once the balloons landed in a cow paddock, all observation of the surroundings were ignored, such as electric fences, cows, and large bulls as driver and navigator went to retrieve their bottle of wine out of the balloon so as to be able to continue the race to Brisbane. Upon arriving at the Toowong reach of the Brisbane River points were tallied in order to calculate the handicaps for the start of the final leg of the race. The final leg would be undertaken by members of the Toowong Rowing Club where they would row up the Brisbane River with each competitor’s

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

The wine rallies of the 1980’s

The Rallies

boat containing a bottle of wine. A luncheon hosted by the Wine Press Club at the South Brisbane School of Tourism and Hospitality followed, where the wines were officially launched and sampled. As the 1986 event was very successful, it was repeated again in 1987. With a lot of DDVVMC members keen to participate that year, names were drawn from a hat, with only five cars being required for that year’s event. The Gala event for the evening was celebrated with a French theme, which again was held in the Sundown Valley Winery, where can-can girls danced amongst guests who were all dressed in French outfits. This time the run for club members was from Ballandean to Toowoomba where the cars were welcomed by Mayor of Toowoomba, Alderman Clive Berghofer, at the Newtown Hotel which again was followed by a wine and cheese tasting. The next morning the wine makers transported the wine to Brisbane. This unique and exciting type of event provided a benefit in promoting the cars, club and community spirit. On speaking to Angelo’s wife recently they would be happy to arrange a similar Gala event in the winery if we could provide the interested participants. There are plenty of B&B’s in Ballandean now and a bus could be arranged for transportation to venues etc. I would be happy to assist in arranging this, BUT it needs to be in the warmer part of the year! Coral Hoffmann

Following on from what Coral recalls about two particular rallies, Pat has written this about all the club rallies: From reading the early editions of the Polishers Rag, it would appear that club members in the 1970’s were very keen on rallying and would travel to centres away from Toowoomba on a regular basis. There are also reports of runs in the Toowoomba area with vehicles coming from other areas. The first regular rally to be conducted was the Harvest Rally and this event has occurred on the club calendar each year up until the present day. The original trophy is on display in the cabinet at Rocla Court and winners’ names are engraved on the base (1970 – 1981). A new trophy was then introduced after the death of the first president, Nev Dorman and the memorial rally for him was competed for in conjunction with the Harvest Rally. The Nev Dorman shield was used until 1991 and the current trophy was introduced in 1997. Perhaps the most prestigious rally organised by our club was the Edsel Falconer Memorial Rally. Falconer Motors was the Ford dealer in Toowoomba and Edsel Falconer, who passed away a few years after the club was established, was the director for a period of time. Nev Dorman worked as a spray painter with Falconers and must have influenced the Falconer family to sponsor a rally in Edsel’s memory. The first run was held in 1975 and the tradition was begun to leave from the Falconer Motors premises in Ruthven St (now Mitsubishi). Edsel Falconer was also involved with the show society and each year the run would finish with a lap around the show ring as it coincided with the Saturday of the Toowoomba Show. A large metal badge was produced by the show society each year and presented to all the participants. In those days the public seemed to be very enthusiastic about veteran and vintage vehicles. This run was very popular and it attracted cars from other areas. Several other rallies were organised in conjunction with the Edsel Falconer rally in order to make the run into a weekend event. The first of these was the Jondaryan Woolshed rally and the beautiful leather shield complete with hand shears is in the display cabinet. Unfortunately this event only lasted for four years as there was a disagreement with the Woolshed management and a new rally had to take its place. Club member Ferdi Knobloch, then the proprietor of the BP Northend service station was able to convince the BP oil company to sponsor a rally. Prizes were presented and each participant received a banner. The weekend format was very successful for many years but a number of events led to its demise. The Falconer family decided to sell the Ford franchise and the new owners moved to the current address on the corner of Anzac Avenue and James St. The RASQ who produced the badges also began to lose interest as the old cars were no longer the drawcard they were in the seventies. The last Edsel Falconer rally was held in 1986 and there is a large shield in the trophy case. Two further runs were called the RASQ rally as Falconers would have sold their business by this time The club still continued with the weekend rally idea by combining the BP Rally with the Radio Rentals Rally. This rally must have been a stand alone event before being combined with the BP Rally. Once again a club member, Malcolm Miller who worked as

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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The Rallies a technician with the Radio Rentals company, was able to convince his employer to provide sponsorship for the prizes for an annual event. This rally was conducted between 1980 and 1989. After this period, our club dropped the idea of running an annual weekend rally. The final rally for each club year was called the Wind Up Rally and the original trophy is displayed in the clubhouse. This event was first held in 1977 and was conducted every year as a competition rally until 2008. Another long term event was the Ladies Rally which was first conducted in 1980. At this time, the club had an active ladies’ committee that was formed to provide a kitchen and equipment in the Water St clubhouse. This committee was disbanded in the mid eighties when the original objective was achieved but the rally continued on for many years. It was last competed for in 2008. Over the years this rally was organised by many different female and male club members and the ladies were encouraged to be drivers. This idea would probably be very successful today as many club vehicles are now far more driver friendly than the vintage and veteran cars where double clutching was the only way of changing gears. We still have the original trophy which has been mounted on a larger board to provide for many more names. The President’s Run was introduced in 1991 and the Arthur Dorman Shield has been competed for on a regular basis since that time. A comparatively new competitive rally is the Petrol Consumption Rally that has been organised by Graham Allum for the last four years. Prizes are awarded for various categories of vehicle and there is an overall winner. As well as considering miles per gallon, the weight of the vehicle is also factored into the equation. A rally that received much interest from many clubs throughout south east Queensland was the Kern series of rallies which were conducted between 1984 and 1988. The Kern Corporation built many shopping centres throughout the state and the Clifford Gardens centre was opened around 1982. Entrants in this very big event left from various Kern shopping centres and travelled to the Kawana Waters centre. Many Toowoomba entrants left from Clifford Gardens each year. The prize (which was drawn out of a hat) was a trip to London and a seat in the London to Brighton rally. Club member Steve Dietz won this prize in one of the early rallies. Rally participants received a bronze plaque and those who attended all five rallies also received a gold and silver plaque. Some of the biggest rallies organised in Toowoomba have been the various anniversary runs, the first of which was the silver anniversary rally. The club had just moved to Rocla Court and the week-long event attracted many visitors and some outstanding vehicles. The highlight of the thirtieth anniversary was the opening of the function room while Jeff and Ann Cox organised a run to Longreach and return to mark the thirty-fifth anniversary. The recently completed fortieth anniversary was very successful and brought out many vehicles we don’t often see. Some very successful weekend rallies have been held over the years. In the early nineties, Bob Chapman and Pat Murphy organised three or four campouts at Adora Downs at Mt Tyson. The highlight of these was the Saturday evening function which often involved dancing and one event included

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a karaoke competition. A gymkhana was always conducted on the Sunday. Other campouts were held at Lake Broadwater and the Bunya Mountains. Further successful weekend runs were two mystery rallies, the first organised by Trevor Watkins around 2005 and the second by Jeff and Ann Cox in 2008. In the eighties there was a rally sponsored by a Granite Belt winery where participants had to convey a bottle of wine to Brisbane while racing a hot air balloon. The Combined Council Rally has been held in Toowoomba on at least three and possibly four occasions. The first one I can remember was a low key affair held around 1983 but the 1996 and 2003 events each attracted around 100 vehicles as did the Toowoomba City rally organised in 2005. Other big events included the Australian section of the International rally that visited Toowoomba in April 1978 and the national tour in September 1983. The club has organised yearly rallies to honour some of our esteemed members who have passed away. The first Memorial Rally was to honour Nev Dorman as mentioned earlier. Club Secretary and swap food organiser Dianne Berghoffer was tragically killed in a car accident and rallies were held in her honour from 1993 to 1997. The Darrell Corby memorial rally was held between 2001 and 2005 to honour a former president who was instrumental in the building of the function room and the Warren Klein Rally memorial rally was first held in 2007 and there are two more years left as the club policy is for memorial rallies to be five yearly events. As well as our club having forty years of wonderful rallying, a number of other clubs have used our premises particularly for anniversary events of one make clubs. Buick, Chev, Hudson and Packard clubs as well as the Veteran Car Club of Australia have all held rallies based in the Toowoomba area. There is no doubt that I may have left out an important run of the past forty years but I have done my best to include as much rally history as I can gather. Some club members have really enjoyed the great drives while others prefer to keep their vehicles locked away in sheds. Certainly the main reason why the club exists is for the restoration and use of old vehicles. In the future we may not have the privilege of using our vehicles as freely as we do now. We are lucky to have the concessional registration scheme and equally lucky that we can still drive our vehicles even though they don’t meet the current anti-pollution standards. Fuel may also pose a problem for future rally participants. On looking back over the club’s history, we have been very successful in establishing one of the biggest swap meets in Australia run by a single club and have built some outstanding facilities. The question must be asked however, are we on track? Are we still endeavouring to achieve the ideals set out in the constitution? Is rallying a major area of interest to all of our members? PAT

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

The Rallies

Could this be done today when everyone is so time poor? Transporting a bottle of wine from Ballandean to Brisbane using vintage cars, hot-air balloons and rowing skiffs.

Some of the Rally trophies mentioned: Jondaryan woolshed Wind up Edsel Falconer memorial Warren Klein memorial First Harvest Presidents (Arthur Dorman) Darrell Corby Radio Rentals

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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How tough would you have to be? ROUND THE WORLD ON A RUDGE An epic journey of 1928 Reproduced from Motorcycle Sport, August 1972 p296

of an armoured car, they were all murdered....

MOTORCYCLING is again coming back into favour and it does not seem right that all the credit for the long-distance pioneering runs of long ago should remain with the four-wheeler fraternity, does it? We may regard with a mixture of awe and reverence the exploits of people like Birtles who drove a Bean from London to Australia in 1927, those who raced from Paris to Peking as long ago as 1907 when the big Thomas car proved the winner, the Court-Treatts who coaxed a couple of Crossleys from the Cape to Cairo, taking from 1924 until 1926 to do so, and Fred Grey who undertook trans-African journeys in a pair of twin-cylinder Jowetts, of only 7 h.p., named “Wait” and “See”. But the motorcycle could do it too, as I now propose to remind you.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Glanfield now fell ill with fever but after a short spell in hospital he insisted on riding on, with a temperature of 104 deg. He was worried about his self-imposed time schedule and knew that there would be the welcome respite of the sea journey from Basra to Bombay. This was a much-needed break, because the run from Bombay, across India to Calcutta was almost beyond belief. The rivers were flooded by the monsoon and the Rudge had to be dismantled to get it across many of them, while the combination of endless mud and rain caused an equally endless series of small mechanical troubles. Against such adversities Glanfield averaged 300 miles a day and his fame had preceded him as he rode his disreputable motorcycle and sidecar into fashionable Calcutta.

The outfit concerned was a 3½ h.p. Rudge-Whitworth with a box-bodied sidecar, which Stanley Glanfield, of the well-known motorcycle factors, Glanfield Lawrence Ltd., rode to some purpose away back in 1927/8. What Glanfield set out to do was to ride his moderately-powered, single-cylinder Rudge for a distance of 18,000 miles across four continents at a time in motoring history when roads, maps, service facilities and conditions generally did not encourage a world onslaught of this kind, even in a car and with company to share the adventures. Pay tribute, then, to this lone rider, who on 2 July 1927, having worked at his preparations all night, kick-started his Rudge and set off towards Folkstone on a journey which was to occupy all his skill, stamina and resourcefulness for the next eight months. The sidecar was useful as a repository for tins of petrol and oil, food, blankets, and some spare parts. On the pillion Glanfield had fitted a small vice, anticipating the need to make roadside repairs ... Even to cross Europe alone on a motor-cycle was tough going 44 years ago, but the Rudge was at Amiens by the first nightfall and the only alarms seem to have been a narrow escape from colliding with a train at a level-crossing near Compeigne and a fire, quickly put out with the rider’s extinguisher, near the German border. Slightly singed, Glanfield pressed on, crossing Germany without the advantage of speaking the language, but losing 10 days at Vienna because the frame broke and had to be repaired there and then beside the road. To prevent this happening again a lightweight sidecar was made specially for the machine in Vienna. This was an improvement but the very bad roads in Hungary and the Balkans continually threw Glanfield out of the saddle, and in Serbia he found that if he had put 65 miles behind in a day it was good going. By August 15 our hero had reached Constantinople but the feared red-tape of Turkish officialdom delayed him for nine days. Then it was across the Bosphorous to Haida Pasha, where the rider was compelled to give up riding the Rudge for a time, it being part of the official ruling that he must travel by train in order that he might not get a sight of the Dardanelles fortifications. Indeed, at this period of his travels officialdom did its best to bring the venture to a halt. For instance, the Police sent him to Payas over narrow mountain tracks strewn with boulders and crossed by dried-up river beds and gullies. Arriving there thoroughly exhausted, Glanfield was told he must go back as far as the insignificant village of Deurtyol to obtain permission to leave the country, and all his protests fell on unsympathetic, deaf ears. So he turned back and faced the route in darkness, risking malaria, an armed guard on the pillion. Thrown into goal, then under open arrest, the motorcyclist from England eventually got away and was soon glad to be speeding along a fine highway towards Aleppo, with the old roman road from Alexandretta still discernible alongside. But these easy conditions were not destined to last long. The Syrian desert had to be crossed, which was quite a feat in itself, and at Tel-e-Far, where he asked for water, the Arabs proved to be hostile and only a tin of cigarettes and the Rudge’s acceleration after these were handed around saved Glanfield from very likely suffering the fate which had befallen the last white people to stop there - the crew

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Next it was by sea to Penang and then more interminable riding, through dense jungle, and torrential Malayan rain. The underwheel hazards were less from Malacca to Singapore but the rain, if possible, even heavier. The rider was frozen, which is probably why he elected to cover the last 17 miles into Singapore at 60 m.p.h., the Rudge as game as when it began. The plot was now to ride to Java and embark for Port Darwin, hoping to get there before the rains came. Alas, the Australian monsoon was not beaten and the Rudge had to do the best it could, over almost trackless going composed of bog, sand and rock, the conditions ever deteriorating. Improvising bridges from purloined railway sleepers, heaving and pushing, Glanfield forced the luckless Rudge along. He had company for a time, while a young stockman accompanied him on the pillion, but this passenger had had enough when a particularly bad pot-hole threw him off and at the same time crushed one of Glanfield’s feet under the machine. The nearest hospital was at Boulia, 200 miles away, so there was nothing for it but to ride, in fearful pain, solo, to salvation. To do this although every jolt made him sick with pain, Glanfield had somehow to get the Rudge across numerous creeks and river beds. He also had to rebuild the gearbox, damaged by boulders after he had been crawling for miles over ridged sand in low gear. A week after his release from another hospital, Glanfield hit a hidden tree stump, which tore off the sidecar wheel and caused the machine to somersault three times. A control pierced his leg but although bleeding profusely Glanfield had to go a quarter of a mile on foot before he found the sidecar wheel. He carried a spare spindle and at Tambo the damage was repaired and once again he pressed on - again against doctor’s orders. There were further troubles but just before Christmas he had almost completed the 800-mile run to Sydney when, three miles from his destination, the engine gave up. A big combination was sent out to tow him in but it broke down and the Rudge was eventually persuaded to motor in on its own. After Glanfield had attended to business in Sydney, rider and Rudge crossed the Pacific and the final part of this endurance marathon was from Los Angeles to New York in temperatures below zero, sleet, rain and a biting head-wind. At a level crossing the Rudge nearly ended up as it had almost done in France but a burst of acceleration saved the day. That was it! The Rudge had covered 18,000 miles of the worst going imaginable. It came home triumphantly on the Olympic and rests today in the Coventry museum. Let no-one say that motorcycles were not every bit as good as cars at these pioneering trans-Continental runs!


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How tough would you have to be? As an aside to the previous article, there are a couple of additions, firstly the later history and present location of this machine:.

Secondly, I have this article on my web site, and a relative of Stanley Glandfield, one Trevor Glandfield from Melbourne has since emailed me when he did a web search. His comments include: --------------------------------Yes I’m a relative, I just recently found this out and mainly through your putting the document on the internet. His exploits were not known about even by his relatives in the UK they did know he was a bit of a nutter. I’ve been trying to find out if it was originally a book and the magazine took the extract from that. I would appreciate it if you would scan what you have and if you knew more about the magazine. Is it still being sold? --------------------------------I don’t know if I mentioned to you last time but I have actually found a copy of the original booklet put out by the company associated with the trip it goes into fairly accurate but brief detail on the trip...

Another photo from Keith Hoffmann - Willys Knights and Willys Whippets at the Eagers store room in Brisbane, circa 1924 (SLQ #7137)

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Intellectual pursuits June quiz answers 1. Which make adopted the greyhound as its mascot in 1927? Lincoln 2. Which make and model has a quail as their adopted mascot? Ford Model A 3. Which make and model has an elephant as its mascot? Bugatti Royalle 4. Which make used a Centaur as its mascot? Unic 5. Which make has a South American cat as its mascot? Jaguar 6. Which make has a winged arrow as its mascot? Skoda 7. Which make has a small lean dog for a mascot? Whippet 8. Which make has a winged ‘B’ as its mascot? Bentley 9. Which make has a three pointed star in a circle as its mascot. Mercedes Benz 10. Which make has a sailing ship as a mascot? Plymouth Note to Q3. Glen Hoey pointed out that Lancia used an elephant, but it was used as an emblem or badge not a mascot. A badge is usually fairly flat while a mascot, on a car, is usually a 3D figure. I am not trying to be pedantic here just pointing out the difference so I can use that technicality for future questions!!! The Lancia information: In 1951 Lancia officially returned to competition, under the guidance of the young Gianni Lancia, who was a genuine motor racing enthusiast. Four privately-owned Aurelia B21s received backing from Lancia to take part in the Tour of Sicily, and claimed the first four places in their class, defeating the Alfa Romeo 1900s, the outstanding sports car of the period. The gauntlet had been thrown down. Four production models of the Aurelia Granturismo B20 were entered for the Mille Miglia race. Bracco finished second, behind Villoresi’s Ferrari, which had twice the Lancia’s engine capacity. Bracco, accompanied by Lurani, then went on to claim victory in their class at the Le Mans 24hour race. Enthusiasm was sky high. In 1952 Bonetto won the Targa Florio, and the Lancia Team was officially founded, with the galloping elephant as its emblem, originally in blue.

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July quiz 1. Which make features a scorpion in its badge? ………………………………………………………………. 2. Which make features a head-on view of an aeroplane on their badge? ………………………………………………………………. 3. Which make uses an Octagon as its badge shape? …………………………………………………….………… 4. Which make has two coins as its badge? …………………………………………………….………… 5. Which make has a stylised propeller as its badge? …………………………………………………….………… 6. Which make has a white triangle as its badge? …………………………………………………….………… 7. Which make has its ‘name in lights’? …………………………………………………….………… 8. Which make depicts a globe of the world as its badge? …………………………………………………….………… 9. Which make has a badge shape rumoured to be inspired by a wallpaper pattern? …………………………………………………….………… 10. Which make has a red triangle as its badge? …………………………………………………….…………

Two more snaps of the speedway Rudge.

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Caught red-handed by her fierce grandfather Rob Callow at the May general meeting, Hayley tearfully confesses to plowing her way through several large slices of delicious chocolate cake. One piece is clearly demolished, leaving just the red jaffa to taunt her mother Amanda with. As a stern warning to other wayward classic-car-loving-teens, they made her eat another piece, and pose for this tragic photo.

Bestrac Ltd., 3/2/45 Mr. J. Rocco, Farm K609, LITTLE ITALY Dear Mr. Rocco, Please be advised that we have despatched to you today per passenger train COD one only bull wheel or cog, and we have no doubt you will find this to be what you require. The engine number you gave established the fact that the serial number of your tractor is 5942. our records show that this machine was originally owned by Mr. T. Logan of Westly. However, your name has been recorded as the present owner, so when ordering parts in the future, please endeavour to first identify them, using the illustrated parts list we are enclosing and always quote the serial numbers as stated above. Assuring you of our best attention to your wishes and in your interests at all times. Yours faithfully, Bestrac Ltd, J. Smith. (Spare Parts & Service Manager) Farm Number K609, Little Italy. Dear Mister, The cog she came yesterday and the man what take the number to make the shimys fix it in the box. Everything okey doke now. The tractor she work and my wife come back. Thank you, mister, shes a cog all right, not a bull wheel like you say. Joe Rocco EPILOGUE

On the Mars Bar rally. At the Rudd’s hut in East Greenmount, looking like they are ready for a well-earned cuppa are the Hoffmans - Shane, Keith & Coral. Maybe they are smiling because they brought their own water?

MEMO: J. Smith, Spare Parts and Service Dept., One of our salesmen reported that a Mr. Joseph Rocco, of Farm No. K609, Little Italy, applied to you department on January 14 for a bull wheel for his Model X, and despite the fact we have ample supplies of these parts in stock he was kept waiting almost a month before it was railed to him. It should be unnecessary to point out to any spare parts and service manager worthy of the name that gross delays of this nature not only hold up work in an essential national industry at a time of intense emergency, but reflect very seriously on the reputation of the company. Kindly see that there is no repetition of this neglect and delay otherwise you will have no opportunity to make a third failure of this or any other type for this company. If you cannot organise your department to ensure prompt responses to all calls for spare parts from our customer, when all necessary details are given – as I am assured they were in this case – you had better find some other post more suited to your particular talents. J. BROWN General Manager.

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Any GM Fisher body interior light switches (up & down) Any GM Fisher body dash gauges eg: fuel, temperature, etc. Contact Jeff Brown on 4613 6706 or 0403 454 332 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Exhaust manifold to suit Y Block V8 Exahust manifold to suit Bedford 300 motor Lap seat belts Ph James Laird on 0417 075 819 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------I am looking to buy a Mini Moke - to do up and restore or as an ‘as is’ driver now. Contact: Lara Wilde on 041 777 99 17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Mark 2 Cortina, currently registered, many spares, $1000. Contact Bill Turville on 4635 3600 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 club shirts, XL, excellent condition, $10each Trevor Watkins on 4635 8682,

Sunday July 11: Club Driving Skills Day

At the 40th anniversary weekend there were some driving skill tests set up in the park. Those of you who had a go at these are a little ahead of the rest of us as they were put in place to fine tune for the next rally. So get yourself and car ready for this one. Meet at the club rooms at 9.00 for a 9.30 get-away for a short run to a park to test yourself at these skills. BYO lunch and drinks and see you there.

Sunday August 8: Drive4Life

Car Show / Supercruise / Dyno Comp at Toowoomba Showgrounds. Help support the development of a dedicated driver training facility at the showgrounds.

Sunday August 15: Restoration Run

Visiting members sheds to look at the progress of their current restoration project(s). Also we are paying a visit to the Downs Steam people at Drayton siding. They are offering us morning tea at $12.00 per head. Thanks to the people who put their name down last meeting for this. If you would like to have morning tea with them please ring Clyde Baker on 4634 5812 or see him at the next meeting so he can finalise the number for catering on the day.

Saturday September 18: Carnival of Flowers Floral Classic Show & Shine Let’s get together and put on a really big club show at this fabulous Spring event.

Sunday Spetember 26: Street display Ruthven Street

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Two 1958 FC Holdens. Suit restoration. Two FC parts cars. Sell separately. Contact Colleen Klein: 0429 633 958, 4695 4194 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Chev “Luv” 1972, trayback ute, unique little ute; runs very well, $1500 Micro sprint car, ex Charlton speedway car, $1000 HG Holden exterior metal sun visor, $75 1957 Ford F600 Tipper, original V8 Y Block - make ideal classic car/tractor carrier (was my intention but not time), $2500 WB Holden, black plastic insert in front if radiator, no cracks or damage, $45 HQ Holden rear seat, $50 XT Falcon, 1969, NOS rear quarter panel (right side), $295 Contact James Laird on 0417 075 819

Don’t forget the AGM coming up, and what job you can do for the club. The DDVVMC needs you! This is a great club, precisely because of what its members are willing to do.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------GMC rims for sale off my GMC. Tyres are in good condition. 6 stud. $200 each ono. Contact Lara 041 777 99 17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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July 11 Original Gold Coast Swap


Mudgeeraba Showgrounds 5530 5559 / 0427 264 732

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Harbour Showground, Pacific Highway. From 6am. 0407 234 991 / (02) 6653 5139.

Eaglefarm Racecourse, Ascot 10am-3pm. Incl: 100 years of Alfa Romeo, 50 years of Falcon.

August 15-21 Lismore Invitational Rally ph 02 6621 9682

July 31 Nambour Swap August 7 Rocky Swap

August 28-29 Festival of Flight

August 8 All Parts Swap

September 19 All British Day

Rockhampton Showgrounds. Phone 07 4936 4852 email Rocklea Showgrounds 3341 5441

August 29 Jimboomba Swap

Macleans Bridge 3341 9618 / email:

September 11 Gympie Historic Auto Club Swap Gympie Showgrounds ph Noel 54822303

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield ph Craig 0407 740 734 or see Graham Allum about getting there. St Josephs College, Tennyson ph Richard 0409 420 904 email:

September 26 Bay to Birdwood Run

Free entry for pre-1919 vehicles ph 08 8258 6547 email:

September 12 Beaudesert Swap

Beaudesert Showgrounds ph 0428 146 176 email:

September 25-26 Historic Commercial Vehicle Swap Cleveland ph Ron 0402 234 657

September 26 GM Roundup FJ/FX Car Club

Rocklea Showgrounds ph Dudley 0418 763 886

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‘Celebrating 40 great years of club motoring in 2010’ If not claimed please return to Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc: PO Box 486, Toowoomba QLD 4350

On joining the club and meeting a lot of the faces behind the machines, I went back over some old photos and found club members in the background. Here is Col Baker doing his anti-media tart pose (see inside for an explanation) at the 2006 Rods on the Range, and Des Ham watching the Guiberson Diesel Radial engine being run at the 2010 David Hack Classic. Inside Pat Murphy writes about the rallies and that clubs come to Toowoomba from around Australia. This car was here for the bi-annual Alvis rally in 2009. My ears are still ringing after listening to this beast.

Function or art? Are the metallic spheres in the velocity stacks of this Shelby Cobra to keep dust out during the static display?

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