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February 2010 Dedicated to the life-long enjoyment of historic vehicles by enthusiasts on the Darling Downs


1947 Buick would be an easy restoration, or keep it original.

Jane Luxton of Brisbane with one of her 1940s pedal cars for sale, to finance her growing 1957 Austin A50 Cambridge Special Sedan, except for a respray, is collection. still original. Sold new in Toowoomba, looking for its 3rd owners. DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 1

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Indoor bowls

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This article is written before the swap, but will be read afterwards. I’m sure it will be a big succes and all systems are ‘go’. I’m also thinking of those members that are frail, indisposed or ill, especially our Secretary, Leonie, who is scheduled for an operation on Tuesday 2nd Feb. We wish her a speedy recovery. This is our last chance for suggestions to celebrate our 40th year and while one member suggested a quadrathon, being cycle, swim and run etc, most members thought it a tiny bit ambitious. I had a mental vision of a fleet of ambulances collecting collapsing bodies from racetrack, poolside and roadside. However I thank him for the suggestion as it did cause some debate and I suspect that was the intention all along. Good to see the new equipment in the function room getting used. Last Wednesday night, computer bookings training, using the big screen; Thursday night a final briefing for all gate personnel, and on Friday night some fun. We were treated to some original Mickey Mouse Club animated shows — real vintage stuff — followed by the feature film ‘The Changeling’ a real roller coaster of emotions. ALL this came with our very own Hostess/Usherette, A.K.A. David Liffin giving away chocolates, lollies and chips from his authentic lolly tray supported by his/her neckband. To Chappie and Marion, our grateful thanks for organising it all and to David, well done — we were all kids and teenagers once again. So members please use all or any of these facilities or equipment, as they are there for your pleasure and enjoyment. But talking of swaps, could we combine our usual Appreciation Dinner with our 40th celebration? I would appreciate your views. My sincere thanks to those who enquired after Jacki’s health following her fall and injury to her left arm. While there are no breaks she carries severe bruising from the tips of her fingers to just short of her shoulder. It will be all shades of black and blue for some time. Kevin


“That the automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced.” — Scientific American, June 2, 1909

2 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

D D V V M C M A N A G E M E N T M E E T I N G ~ J A N UA R Y 1 1 , 2 0 1 0 Meeting opened by K.McGrath at 7.30pm. Present: K. McGrath, M. Wells, J. O’Hara , D. Ham, L. Ham, B. McKeiver, M. McKeiver, J. Brown, P. Donovan, B. Timms, R. A’Bell, M. Richards, Apologies: L. Ryan, K. Forster. Minutes: Moved B. McKeiver, sec. B Timms. Treasurers Report: Moved M. Richards sec. J. Brown Correspondence: (1) Magazines, (2) Rallies 2010, (3) Accounts, (4)Get Well message to Leo Ryan. L. Ham moved that correspondence be received and outward endorsed. Sec. R. A’Bell Property Officer: Des reported that the key to Drinks Fridge has been cut. He handed it to Rick who accepted on behalf of Hot Rodders. Des was asked to have a sign for front Club board displaying Kevin’s phone number and remove Peter’s number. Historian: Brian reported that John Clement will meet members to undertake 2 walks around old garages on March 23rd at 7.30am and March 28th at 2.00pm. Rallies: Mike is preparing rallies for 2010. Membership: Les Richters has fulfilled all requirements for membership and

accepted as a new member. Dating: No report Librarian: No report Editor: Quotes presented for various formats for advertising in Chronicle. It was decided to follow the same format as for 2009. Workshop: No Report Swap: Rick reported that all arrangements for Swap well in hand.. General Business: (1) Jeff Brown presented a concept for production of a Year Book during 2010 as part of 40th Anniversary celebrations. (2) Moved Des Ham that Peter purchase anvil for workshop. sec R. A’Bell. (3) Only 1 tender for the 2nd hand gurney from workshop submitted by M. Richards and was accepted. (4) The cheques to chosen charities to be sent after Swap. (5) Website has been upgraded with 2600 hits to date. (6) Ideas for May 40th Birthday celebrations should be submitted in writing to February General meeting. There being no further business, meeting closed at 9.15pm. Secretary: Leonie Ham President: Kevin McGrath

D D V V M C G E N E R A L M E E T I N G ~ J A N UA R Y 1 4 , 2 0 1 0 Meeting opened at 7.30pm by Kevin McGrath. Attendance as per book. Apologies: L. & C. Ryan, R. Thompson, J. Brown, T. Hoffmann, S. Hoffmann, J. Robertson. Visitors: Simon Eldridge, John Marsh, Trevor Collins, Lara. Minutes: Minutes as read be accepted moved K, Forster sec. M. Armstrong. Business arising from Minutes: Nil Correspondence: (1) Magazines, (2) Rallies 2010, (3) Accounts. Moved M. Klein sec R. A’Bell Treasurers Report: Moved M. Richards sec Bob Chapman. Dating Officer: 1940 Anglia and Austin Healey Sprite. Editor: Nil Property Officer: As per Management meeting. Rally Director: Mike reported on rallies for Australia Day Weekend. One at Allora and other at Highfields. Librarian: Brad checked on a missing book which was located. Workshop Supervisor: No report. Membership Officer: Les Richters accepted as a full member. Historian: As per Management meeting. Combined Council: Rick reported that the next meeting is 28th January.

Minutes from meetings may be accessed on their website Swap Organizer: Rick reported that potholes have been filled. Disabled parking moved. Members asked to travel on the correct side of Harvey Rd. All arrangements are well in hand. Show & Tell: Col Baker showed his Club Presentation cufflinks and tie pin presented 35 years previously. Graham Allum gave the answers to this month’s Quiz. General Business: (1) Bob Chapman gave details of the Movie Night to be held on 22nd Jan. (2) Paint which he discussed previously needs a thinner used with it. (3) Twilight Hot Rod Show: 24/1/01 Rocklea Showground. (4) Clearing sale at Brian Coughran’s propertry 27th Feb. (5) Pat Murphy put some queries to Chappie re car painting which members found very interesting. Alan Geldard requested that the meetings contain more of these informative sessions. (6) Upgraded website has had numerous hits Glen Hoey reported. (7) Pat Murphy suggested that the 40th Anniversary celebration highlight the great structural assets achieved over the lifetime of the Club. (8) Kevin requested that all suggestions be submitted to the Feb General Meeting in writing. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm. Secretary: Leonie Ham President: Kevin McGrath

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 3


A precious find: Model A Ford Speedster in the arena, unearthed recently in a Samford barn, reputedly made in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba Swap The swap is over for another year and with all the help from all of our members it has again been a great success. It was a full house and many people wandering the showgrounds looking for their special parts and bargains. The weather had been kind to us holding off for both Friday and Saturday — finally coming down in bucketfuls on the Saturday night — so we were very lucky to get through the swap dry. We had very few problems and complaints this year so we must be getting it right. Almost 70% of sites are rebooked for 2011. So I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in making this such a great event. I’d especially like to mention Kellie Twidale for volunteering to work in the swap booking office — a daunting task even for adults — so for a 13 year old it is no mean feat. Thank you Kellie. Well done also to another teenager — Hayley Sallaway — who worked in both the swap office and on the main gate. Thanks also to Mitchell McKeiver for staying awake on Friday night on the Main Gate and for his on-going photography coverage of club events. With this enthusiasm I’m sure our club will be in good hands in the future. This year Dad’s Army came through with flying colours and to see the team working together is just awe-inspiring. Because of the wet weather on the previous weekend andon the Monday we were down one day, but again this team pulled something out of the bag to get finished early on the Thursday — so thank you men. Thanks to everyone else who gave up their time to help — from gate persons to clean up crew, money people, drivers, swap bookers, markout crew, PA people and trouble-shooters. If this sounds a bit over the top, I don’t really care, because I need to thank all club members for your efforts, and also those who are not yet members for their help. Thank You ~Rick A’Bell

Just part of the Main Arena, of the sprawling swap.

2 cyl Lister stationary engine on trailer.

4 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB


Showcasing stall-holder John Handley’s restoration abilities is the famous ‘Muttaburra’ Talbot, from 1910.

1950 COE Ford truck cab got an onlooker excited, who exclaimed to his mate, “Maybe we should restore a truck”.

Chevrolet enthusiast offloading a pair of 1929 and 1930 Chev tourers, plus a lot of good parts.

There was a lot of 30s, 40s and 50s Ford stuff this year, like this 1939 Ford ute — pretty rusty.

$25k would buy this two door 55 Chevy drag car, with most of that in the supercharged engine. “Now that’s a donk”, exclaimed one dad to his young son.

Red 1967 Mk 1 MGB with wires for just $7800 up in Sideshow Alley. Quality classic motoring for a song.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 5


There was some quality vintage parts available, like Keen Thompson’s stall in Sideshow Alley.

1920s Cletrak crawler on a truck.

Again, a huge restoration project here in this 1934 Hudson, but a fabulous car once finished. Anyone game? Modified Morris Low-light for sale.

Plenty of these ‘out of the barn’ finds turning up, but lots of work in a restoration project here. Still, nice collectable car, once finished.

Next time your son complains about having to mow the lawn, offer to buy him one of these. There were two available.

6 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB


I wonder how many kiddies recognised this 1953 Hudson as the model from the Cars animation movie?

1963 Morris Major Elite sedan for $1000 looked like a easy restoraton project and affordable classic motoring.

I wonder how many were caught out, wondering where the other two doors went off this 1967 Falcon. US import.

1956 Ford F100 in primer awaits a new owner.

Right hand drive 1968 Dodge pillarless looked complete and was advertised as driveable, for $3000.

If you like your cars complete and ready to go, how about this 1968 Pontiac for $19,000.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 7


Allora Heritage Weekend The club run January 23 and 24 took us to the annual Allora Heritage Weekend at the Allora Showgrounds. As always, another huge weekend both visitors and exhibitors alike. As Graham Allum said: “Well done Warwick Club; another great Australian Heritage weekend.” The year the main focus was on Case Tractors and with every model on display they really had it covered. There was a very rare ‘cross engine’ model with its engine placed east-west in the frame of the tractor, right up to the latest model from Case. There were all manner of tractors and other farm equipment, many trucks of every imaginable size shape and era, a good range of stationary engines as well as over 100 cars and nearly 20 bikes including an Aussie Waratah and that was just Saturday! French cars were the theme this year and the owners of Citroen, Peugeots and Renaults put on a good show of their cars. Big crowds on both days watched the ring events which included a slow truck race, a slow tractor race, cranky handle race and driving skill test which involved driving a tractor around a bucket with a bucket on your head. It was good fun to watch. The rivalry between owners of different tractors is as strong as owners of different cars with all sorts of good-natured taunts and sledging taking place to put your opponent off his driving. Also the ring was used for the grand parade which started at 11.30 on Saturday and went for some two and a half hours, so a shady spot around the ring was the place to be if you were to take it all in. Sunday was just as big. We made our way down and were there at about 8.30, found some old mates from Brisbane and sat with them, had a walk around to see what we could, then back to the car for smoko. While sitting with them some other people we knew saw us so we sat and talked with them as well. When it was time for the Sunday parade we went over to the fence but could not find a shady spot to sit so we stood for a while and watched the passing vehicles. We then thought we should make a move for home, so packing up our things we set off via the back road stopping at Clifton for an icecream, making it home at about 2pm. That was Alora 2010. A ‘must see’ weekend on the Southern Downs.

Highfields January 26 We all met at the lookout at Mt Kynoch for a short drive up to Highfields Historical Village. When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot on the grounds under shade trees, where we sat and had our smoko and a nag, before setting out to see what we could find. The Village has grown from the last time we visited and the big new Southern Cross building is very good to pay a visit on. We looked around and then took a walk around the old vehicles up the back of the grounds. James Meara found an old friend in the form of the old ford truck from his family farm near Clifton. It still has the Meara name on the truck as well as the same old yard at Dalby so he was glad to see it saved. The displays were very well presented and the butter making was very interesting. You should have seen the looks on the kids’ faces when they saw the butter come from the churn and not from a plastic container. Sue and I had to leave a little early to catch some friends so we would like to thank everyone who came out on the day.

Upcoming Rallies Sunday March 14: Clifton Fly-In Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Assn annual Fly-In at Clifton Airfield (Bange’s Airfield) via Clifton. Meet at Clubrooms at 9 for a 9.30am start. Bring your own morning tea to be had at the airfield then going to Clifton to have lunch in the park afterwards. All types of small aircraft, including vintage, ultralights etc. See you there. Sunday April 11: Petrol Consumption Test Bring your car out to see how much fuel it uses over a ste run put together by Graham Allum. Always a good run with lunch back at the clubrooms. May: DDVVMC’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations Stay tuned in The Polishers Rag for full details. Till the next rally, stay safe. Michael & Sue Wells: — Rally Directors

8 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB


International, Leader and WWII era Chev.

1928 and 1934 Buick sedans. Just part of the large stationary engine display.

1927 Chevrolet tourer in original condition.

BSA Bantam and 1923 Waratah.

1926 Chev C cab truck.

Model As: Paul Guy (1930) and Graham Allum (1928). DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 9

A S I T H A P P E N E D . . . T O O W O O M B A S WA P

THE SWAP MEETINGS Around 1970, many small vintage and veteran clubs were being formed in provincial cities and towns throughout Australia and some of these organisations developed a swap meet with the main intention being to help members procure the necessary parts for their restoration projects. Some of the Darling Downs club members had attended small swap meets in other centres and a decision was made to hold Toowoomba’s first swap on 5th November 1972 after reflecting on the swaps at Gympie and the Chev Club event in Brisbane. The Toowoomba Auto Club offered the use of its land at Echo Valley for $40 but the first Toowoomba Swap was postponed until 3rd and 4th of February 1973 and the decision was made to use a small park bounded by Devine, Phyllis and Hampton Streets. Swaps at this time were either one or two day events and it’s interesting to notice that the original date (5.11.72) was changed to two days in February 1973. The club formed a Ladies committee at this time and some catering was provided at the first event. The park was the home to the Glenvale scout group and a $15 donation was made to them in return for using part of their building. The profit from this Monster Swap Meet (as it was promoted) was $65 although I don’t believe the main aim was to raise money.

Glenvale c1975: L-R, Keith Hoffmann, Ted Taylor, Wally Langland, Dave Page. The 1974 event was scheduled to be held on the first full weekend in February (as was now the custom) but Cyclone Tracey struck Darwin that year and extremely wet conditions were experienced on the Darling Downs with many roads closed. The swap was postponed to 23/24th March. The 1975 swap was held on the 8th and 9th February and the 1976 event on 7th and 8th of February with the recorded profit being $348. The 1977 swap was held on 5th and 6th February and the profit was $247.25. In 1978 (4th and 5th Feb), a film night was organised for the Saturday evening. The President made the bold claim that the 1979 swap (3rd/4th Feb) was the biggest and best in Queensland. Each year the meeting increased in size. Attendees who didn’t have swap material were originally able to be parked on the site but gradually all of the available space was required for swap sites. In April 1979, reference is made in the Polishers Rag that the swap

had outgrown the Glenvale Park and a larger venue was needed. TOOWOOMBA SHOWGROUNDS 1980 to 1985

The decision was made to move to the showgrounds then located on the land where the Cobb and Co museum and the SQUIT College are currently located. This space had much potential with some buildings available, hot showers, camping and a security fence. This site came with a rental fee and the decision was made to begin charging admission. The first admission fee was 20 cents per person. Some covered sites were available and were allotted to swappers who were prepared to pay for a swap site. All outdoor sites were free and there were no sites marked. The 1990 swap was recorded as being extremely successful with a better attendance than expected. This good attendance, security fence, undercover sites etc began to attract the professional dealers from the southern capitals. Ron Ferguson (Vintage and Veteran Restorations) travelled to swaps in the eastern states in a converted Bedford truck/ mobile swap stand. Then came Peter Jackson(rust repair panels) Roy Ducat (motor manuals), Bill Thompson (Village Vintage) and Allan McKinnon (Antique Tyres). The last three mentioned travelled from Melbourne each year but the first two, from Sydney, had attended swaps at Glenvale. Up until this time, the major source for funding the club had been the annual MOTOR SHOWS but reference is made in the Polishers Rag that since the move to the Toowoomba Showgrounds, the swap was beginning to make a very good profit and the degree of effort to organise the event required less work than running the Motor Shows. In 1981 disaster struck with considerable rain falling on the swap weekend and it didn’t seem to abate for the whole weekend. Amazingly, although attendances were down, the event still made a profit. Catering had by now become a very important aspect of the organisation of the swap. Many of the ladies were heavily involved and the hungry swappers were well catered for. Interestingly at that time, many women didn’t work and subsequently had more time available even though many of them had young families. The children often were kept busy helping their parents. A bar was also located in one of the many sheds available. Aerial photos were taken at this venue and the swap continued to grow until 1985 when much of the northern section of the old showgrounds site had been occupied with swap sites. By that time, the show grounds site which had been gazetted since the mid to late 1800’s, was by now unsuitable for the Toowoomba

10 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

A S I T H A P P E N E D . . . T O O W O O M B A S WA P Show. Many of the buildings were dilapidated and the site was sold to the State Government. Once again, the Swap had to find a new home and after considering a number of options, the decision was made to stay with the show society at its new venture at Glenvale. By the 1985 swap, admission prices were 50 cents and a covered site cost $10. This swap was approximately three times larger than the 1980 event. NEW TOOWOOMBA S’GROUNDS (Glenvale) 86 to 96 A farm had been purchased by the show society well to the west

of the developed areas of Toowoomba in the Jondaryan Shire. A bitumen road had to be constructed to the boundary of the new property and extensive earthworks completed to build the main sections of the complex. In 1985, the main building (Glenvale room and administration area) was completed and work had begun on the Founders’ Pavilion. At that time, the DDVVMC made a considerable donation to the show society as a foundation member. The 1986 swap was the first event to be held at the R.A.S.Q‘s new home. The Founders’ Pavilion had only been completed a few days prior to the Swap and members of our club had to move builders’ rubble from this excellent structure in order to locate the site holders. The building was divided up into just over 100 sites and they were all filled (prebooked) before the swap began. Open sites were located on Machinery Hill. The upper section had been prepared and we were told that this area of land was larger than the amount of space previously occupied by swap sites at the old showgrounds. As the swap began to fill, this area as well as the undeveloped land (lower machinery hill) was occupied. Sideshow Alley was used as a parking area but for the 87 swap, it was brought on line for swap sites as well as the machinery hill area used the previous year. As the years progressed, more areas had to be used. The second building occupied was the Equestrian Centre (Equestrian 1). By this time, Village Green was used as swap sites and amazingly, most of the equestrian centre was utilized. During this section of the swap’s development, it was increasing by approximately 20% each year. By the tenth year at this location, most of the available space and buildings were used. The cattle pavilion-the redeveloped James Taylor pavilion from the old showgrounds had been constructed and utilized by this time. The Main Arena could not be used as it was surrounded by a greyhound track and greyhound race meetings were held on the Friday evening of the swap. This caused a number of problems as

it was sometimes difficult to determine who was attending which event and the greyhound patrons invariably parked anywhere they could. As the swap was developing, the hobby of collecting model cars and toys became popular. There was considerable pressure from this fraternity to take up more space in the Founders’ pavilion and when people dealing in car parts wanted to book these premium sites, it became difficult to accommodate them. For this reason, the Glenvale Room was hired to cater for this new hobby. Originally it was called the Model Expo as the world expo was staged in Brisbane in the late eighties. The name was later changed to the Model Market and even though the model dealers were not keen originally, this section of the swap has remained successful. Again catering was a very important aspect of the Toowoomba Swap and added considerably to the financial success of the event. By this time, the club had become completely dependent on the swap meet. All catering was located near the main pedestrian door of the Founders Pavilion. A bar was provided at a few of the early swaps but this was later dropped and taken over by the show society. As the need arose, a chip van was located near the Equestrian Centre. Interestingly, catering was one of the reasons why the club decided to move away from the show grounds. The show society could see that our event was booming and increasing in size very quickly. By the mid nineties, they weren’t satisfied to just rent us the facilities and a new set of conditions of use was issued. At the time, the club weren’t prepared to surrender the catering to the show society or give them a dollar for every person coming through the gate. Some negotiation occurred but neither party was prepared to budge and the club made the decision to end their seventeen year association with the R.A.S.Q. FARMFEST 1997 to 2002 The Farmfest site is located on the Warrego Highway at Kingsthorpe west of Toowoomba. A contract of three years with the option of another three was taken with the owners at a price suitable to both parties. Farmfest lacked the buildings that were at the Glenvale showgrounds but was set out in parallel roadways. Its main use was for an Agricultural Field Day and it had very good open sites. These sites were considered much too large for the swappers who attended our event and subsequently each of these large areas was divided up into three swap sites. For the first swap at this venue, swappers were able to arrive and choose any available site but then the outdoor booking system was introduced where sites could be booked for the following year. Large marquees were erected to augment the small pavilion and the few sheds scattered throughout the grounds. These tents ended up costing the club more than the revenue raised through selling sites and as security wasn’t as good as in the Founders Pavilion at the showgrounds, they lost popularity after a couple of years. Catering arrangements at Farmfest were entirely different to those at the showgrounds. There were a number of established food outlets and these were generally equipped with barbeques so the main food item supplied were types of burgers whereas at the showgrounds a different range of foods was offered and barbequed food was generally only available on Saturday evening. As well as the two main outlets, vans were set up outside the pavilion and in a central area. During busy times, there were five food outlets operating.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag ~ 11

A S I T H A P P E N E D . . . T O O W O O M B A S WA P

The swap kept increasing in size in terms of swap sites sold but the profits were not as great as there probably wasn’t the number of people just looking around as there were at the showgrounds. The weather often appeared to be hotter and there were some political issues to contend with. As the showgrounds was located in the Jondaryan Shire, the shire had backed the relocation of the showgrounds to Glenvale and a number of influential people who had the showgrounds interests at heart were able to convince local government that the swap shouldn’t be held at Farmfest . One year the club continued to hold the swap at Farmfest and contravened the Council’s decision that the swap should not go ahead at this venue. Fortunately there was little negative outcome from this stand but the event continued to be plagued by difficulties from the authorities. A rival swap was held for a number of years at the showgrounds but didn’t attract many car parts. At this time, a former Toowoomba Swap site holder registered the name Toowoomba Swap and the DDVVMC traded as The Original Toowoomba Swap Meet for many years. Another year, it rained heavily for a long period of time and as the Farmfest site is located on black soil, attendances were down and many people who attended experienced difficulty. The grounds were considerably damaged and even though the club upgraded the carpark entrance with loads of gravel, compensation had to be made after the event. On the positive side, swappers weren’t able to arrive early to get the best site as they had done at the showgrounds. The Farmfest gates weren’t opened until a specific time on the Friday but this caused some difficulty on the access roads. The three day swap was first introduced at Farmfest with swappers being allowed access at 8:00 am Friday and the general public able to enter at noon. Another innovation was the advent of television advertising. Interestingly, the club paid for television ads in the middle of the year as well as the period prior to the swap. Prior to this, the club had undertaken newspaper and radio advertising as well as a large ad placed in Restored Cars magazine for two issues prior to each swap. As the six year Farmfest lease was drawing to a close, club members were given the opportunity to vote for their preferred swap site. The show society had seen a number of changes both in the outlook of the committee and new management. They were able to offer the club a far better deal than what had previously been made, hence the decision to move back. TOOWOOMBA SHOWGROUNDS 2002 onwards There were many changes from the last swap held here in 1996. Firstly, the Friday night greyhound racing meeting was no longer viable and our club was able to use the main arena for swap sites. Secondly a new Equestrian centre had been constructed and was available to us. For the first time there was a suitable display area for cars on the greyhound track. Previous attempts had been made to establish a car display, but these generally failed as the display area wasn’t suitable. As open swap sites were prebooked at Farmfest, the move was made to map out the oddly shaped showgrounds areas into swap sites. This has allowed better use of the grounds as previously swappers had little limitation on the amount of space they could use. Currently, swappers have to prebook a site/s in order to trade and are restricted by the boundaries of their swap site/s. On returning to the showgrounds, catering arrangements had to

change to fit in with the layout and use of the various outlets at the facility. The new Equestrian Centre had a food outlet and the Founders’ Pavilion had a new preparation and serving area constructed. We were also able to access the facilities under the Glenvale Room (Down Under Bar) and use the Ox Box located near the cattle area. A food van was also placed in the main arena to service the large crowds in that area and the Rotary Burger hut was also trialled for a couple of years during busy periods. This large number of outlets forced the club to use many outside groups as it had done for many years but the overall organisation became more difficult and the idea of moving away from catering was put forward. At first, there was quite a bit of opposition to the idea but a suitable arrangement was made with the catering company and now the club achieves a very good profit from food sales and have none of the responsibility. Another positive outcome from giving up the catering has been a reduction in the amount of work and organisation in procuring change and counting money as well as the risks involved with banking etc. Promotion of the event has followed a similar path to what had been done previously with newspaper, magazine, radio and television advertising. The addition of a swap website was the first in the country for a swap meet and has many advantages. Firstly, it is a year round, cost effective form of advertising and provides almost every bit of information any prospective swapper could wish to know. Secondly it receives many thousands of hits throughout the year thus saving a club member from answering the same question many times over the phone. Modern technology has also been utilised with the booking system. As there are approximately four hundred covered sites and fifteen hundred open sites, it has become extremely important to process a large amount of information very efficiently. A geographical navigation system has also been utilized to ensure that the reference points for plotting the outdoor sites remain the same from year to year. Since returning to the showgrounds, there was an initial increase in numbers over the first few years but since then, we have experienced a very consistent attendance which is comfortable for the club to organise and the showgrounds is almost at its full capacity with swap sites. The three day format was continued on the move back to the showgrounds but after a time, because the Sunday was poorly attended, the swap was changed to a a Friday/ Saturday event. THE FUTURE What will happen next? How long will the club continue to organise the swap? Can swaps continue to operate successfully with increasing quantities of motoring items changing hands over the internet? Will dealers continue to travel when their goods can be purchased on the net or will the Australian dealers survive as many of us buy some of our parts directly from the USA and other countries? Only time will answer these questions but I believe there will be a place for swap meetings in the future. Perhaps they won’t draw the crowds we are currently experiencing. Maybe the club won’t be able to continue and another organisation will be involved or we may share the organisation with another group. The swap meeting has probably been the major factor in shaping the DDVVMC into the club it is today. Pat Murphy

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Hello Jeff, I have just returned from the Australia Day rally to Pioneer Village at Highfields. The manager Ray Ashford was a foundation member of the club and was interested to chat to me about the editorial I wrote in the January edition. It was interesting to get feedback to the stuff I had written. He gave me some very good information on the beginnings of our club. Included in this newsletter is a very lengthy article on the swaps over the years. I have done my best to keep the article historically correct but there may be some issues members wish to comment on and I invite people to make their observations. I haven’t included many names in the article as I would have had to include my own and I would probably leave out other names which should be included. At the last meeting and in the January editorial, I made a statement regarding the fortieth anniversary. We could have a rally or a similar car event but unfortunately only about twenty of our 120 members would turn up. This is an unfortunate but true situation and if we want to involve as many club members as possible, I believe we would be best to have some form of function at the club on either of the weekends closest to the 20th May, the date of the first club meeting. The format could include a car display, gymkhana in the park next door, a shared lunch or a catered meal. We could have some sort of film evening showing many of the photos taken in the last few years etc. It’s important that many attend particularly the surviving foundation members and I believe former club members should be able to visit. Finally, I would like to comment on the Zac and Zim articles that I found quite interesting. The club has an article of memorabilia that I believe came from Stan Mosseter’s garage. It’s an old sign that is hanging in the workshop above the entrance to the back shed. I think this sign was purchased from Dave Fiechtner’s auction together with the Shell bowser. The sign was possibly painted over an old Castrol enamel sign. There is evidence of two different paint jobs, one mentioning an independent service station (Mossey’s) and the other something to do with lubrication (lubes). Any comments? Pat Murphy Love 50s and 60s American cars? Lara Wilde sent in this website address of photographer Michael Paul Smith. He’s set up photos of his models. Anyone with a love for 50s and 60s Americana will love this site. 57604247242338/with/2346008881/ James Laird sends in this pic of his latest Holden ute for his collection - an original 1978 HZ.

HISTORIC MOTOR GARAGE WALK: John Clements, assisted by Ray Poulton and Brian Timms will conduct a walk starting at Downs Group Training Centre at 295 Ruthven Street opposite Cathro Park. Time is 7.30am on Tuesday, 23rd March and again on Sunday arvo, 28th March at 2pm. All interested persons are invited to attend. The walk will be a liesurely stroll, pointing out some of Toowoomba's past history. Duration is one to one and a half hours depending on interest.

Walking Programme: January - June 2010 February 16: 7.30am. Cooper, Hume Streets area. Meet at Corner of Hume and Potter Streets. March 2: 7.30am. Toowoomba Grammar School including museum. Meet at car park off Margaret Street. March 16: 7.30am. Ascot House area. Meet at corner of Hill and Doncaster Streets. March 23: 7.30am. Motor Garages of Yesteryear. Meet at Downs Group Training centre. Ruthven Street (near Chalk Drive). March 28: 2pm. Motor Garages walk as above. It should be noted these walks are very leisurely indeed. Not a fitness competition. March 30: 7.30am. Mac's first walk. Meet at corner of Herries and Neil Streets. April 13: 7.30am. Smithfield area. Meet at corner of Cheviot and Brangus Sts. April 27: 7.30am. Combined Anzac and Methodist walk at Drayton and Toowoomba Cemetery. Meet at Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society, South Street. May 11: 8.30am. Japanese Gardens area. Meet at corner of Regent and Fleet Streets May 25: 8.30am. Braemar, Belgium Street area, Meet at corner of Braemar and Geddes Streets. June 8: 8.30am. Tarlington Street area. Meet at corner of Ramsay and Tarlington Streets. June 22: 8.30am. Gowrie Street area. Meet at corner of Gowrie and Norwood Streets. Information: Phone John Clements on 4638 2853 or email CHRISTMAS RALLY THANKS It is Christmas in the hearts that puts Christmas on the table for DDVVMC members. A special thank you to Ann and Susan for organizing and preparing the lunch and also to those assistants who did whatever was required so we could all gather together without any food worries to enjoy the Christmas spirit. On the rally the samples at the winery were a bonus with the variety of tastings not restricted as in the Margaret River area (WA) where you are restricted to the choice of four to six tastings only. This proves that local is the best. Thank you to the rally organizers for a relaxing rally which is good at this time of year where you can switch off from the Christmas stress to observe the surrounding country side, enjoy the wind in your hair and fellow club members in the variety of cars with some of them being tastefully decorated. Who needs a Christmas tree? Coral Hoffmann

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F O R S A L E & WA N T E D


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Any dome-headed, countersunk, single slot machine screws. Contact Jeff Brown: 4613 6706 or 0403 454 332 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mk II Ford Escort rear axle wheel to wheel. Contact Brian Timms: 4630 0048 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ford Side Valve V8 Motor, preferably complete and running, but will consider anything. Contact Greg Bowdler at night on 4630 4990. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1937-41 Ford wishbone suspension, or just the wishbone. Contact Geoffrey Voll: 4696 8874 or 0407 652 978. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wanted: Holden HQ/HJ/HX/HZ or WB 1 tonner/trayback ute, must be in good condition. Contact James: 0417 075 819 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grill Badge for FC Holden as per photo. Contact Keith Hoffmann 4635 1742 or 13 Dorge Street, Tmba. ---------------------------------------------------------

For Sale

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1925 Superior K Chevrolet tourer plus spares. Good restoration project. $3500 ono. Contact Ken Forster: 0428 300 807 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ford F600, ideal restoration project, would make great classic car transporter, good cab/chassis/tray, runs OK; $2,950. Bedford, TK KGL, carries 7.8 tonne, excellent cab/tray/chassis, easy to get registered, always shedded; $3,500. Holden ute (styleside), HZ 1978, no motor or gearbox, ideal for restoration or parts; $650. Rims, Sunraysa with tyres – 16inch in good condition with OK tyres, pair, $90 EH Holden wiper cowl, very good condition; $25; HQ Holden headlight surrounds, pair; good condition; $50; WB Holden combination wiper-washer & radiator overflow bottle, can also be used on HQ/HJ/HX/HZ; $55 Falcon wagon, XT 1969 right rear quarter panel, new old stock panel never fitted (over 20 years old); $350 Holden M20 4 speed gearbox with shifter; $250 HZ Holden doors, very straight but some rust; $200 the pair HX Holden grille, nosecone, guards (inner outer guards); and bonnet, all in good to very good condition – will fit HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB; sell as package or may separate; $450 the lot. Contact James: 0417 075 819 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EJ Holden Special sedan on full rego. Straight, original. New radiator, recon grey engine, 5 new tyres, new upholstery, new exhaust. $7500. Contact Merv and Denise Klein on 4637 9595. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GMC rims for sale off my GMC. Tyres are in good condition. 6 stud. $200 each ono. Contact Lara 041 777 99 17

C LU B C A R Q U I Z February Quiz 1. Which make claimed it was famous for its ‘marvellous motor'’ even in the veteran era? ................................................................................................... 2. Which make claimed it was “The automobile with a reputation behind it” as early as 1905? ................................................................................................... 3. Which make invited you to ‘Buy British and be proud of it?” ................................................................................................... 4. Which European make claimed it was “The Goddess of Automobiles”? ................................................................................................... 5. Which make claimed it was “The most beautiful car in America”? ................................................................................................... 6. Which make offered a “free inspection service policy for the life of the truck” in 1922? ................................................................................................... 7. Through the 40s which make claimed that “Nothing could be finer”? ................................................................................................... 8. In the 30s and 40s which make claimed it was “the Best Buy”? ................................................................................................... 9. Through the late 50s which make said it was “Lion Hearted”? ................................................................................................... 10. In the early 60s which make was “Unique in all the world”? ...................................................................................................

BYO BBQ & Movie Night at Clubhouse Welcome to the club’s second movie night On Friday Feb 19, 1st short clip starts at 7.30pm with a bit of historic racing with quirky commentary, featuring 60s and 70s cars. If you love seeing very expensive GTHOs racing sideways through corners, you’ll love this. Afterwards, we’ll show The Beast, with Eric Bana. Members who would like to dine early can arrive at 6pm and the BBQ will be available as a BYO [you bring and you cook]. To make catering easy, could members please bring a small plate of nibblies. The club fridge will be open for drinks purchase and tea and coffee available all night. Hope to see you all.

Indoor Bowls ~ a fun night Played at DDVVMC Club Rooms every second Tuesday night at 7.30pm. All welcome. Dates: February 2, 16 For further enquiries: Ted Taylor 4632 2565

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SWAPS Mar 28 Ormiston Swap Ormiston School 3207 3733


February 2010

Apr 18 Cleveland Swap Cleveland S’grnd 0403 960 584

28: Automania on the Downs Clive Berghofer Centre,

May 9 Mudgeeraba Swap Mudg’ba S’grnd 0408 966 372

Toowoomba Showgrounds. Ph 4635 0966.

May 10 Gatton Swap Gatton Showground 5462 4600

March 2010

May 30 Brisbane Swap Capalaba 0412 076 846

14: High Altitude Rod Run Static display in Margaret

June 20 Original Gold Coast Swap Showgrounds

St, Toowoomba, from 9-noon.

0413 875 737

14: DDVVMC Clifton Fly-In Clifton Airfield.


Are there Significant Events in Your Family? Club members — contact me by phone or email if you have a family member or know of a fellow club member suffering a bereavement or celebrating a significant event, eg: birth, marriage or anything else of note. Leonie Ham

PUBLIC NOTICE St Thomas More’s Catholic Parish, cnr of South and Ramsay streets are celebrating their 50th anniversary on June 19 and 20, 2010. You are invited to bring your old car and display it from 10 am to 3pm on the Sunday, June 20, 2010 A parking area for 24 cars has been allocated for the exclusive use of club members to display your car. Models sought around the 60s, but all and any old car most welcome. Register your car with Kevin McGrath, ph. 4636 3760 or at any club meeting from now on.

April 2010 11: ARAGC Show & Shine - Carrara S/G 11: DDVVMC Petrol Consumption Test 15-16: Sunshine Coast Motorkana

May 2010 2: David Hack Classic Toowoomba airport from 9-3 8-9: Dalby Annual Rally Held at Dalby DDVVMC 40th Anniversary Celebrations

June 2010 12-14: WinterSun Queens Birthday long weekend at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads. 13: DDVVMC Mars Bar Rally


Tyres for 4WDs, Cars & Light Commercials that last longer Supply and fit tyres for your 50s, 60s, 70s classic OPEN: Mon-Fri 7.45am - 5.15pm, Sat 8am - 12 noon

e: info w: p: 4642 1480 | f: 4632 1480

Gently removes paint from all car panels... without damage Revolutionary cleaning process that’s quick, efficient, cost-effective and won’t damage your panels — or affect glass, rubber, chrome, hydraulics or engine parts. Nat Barton 0408 008 375 Ph: 4696 3301 (office) •

Cnr Neil & Thomas Sts, Toowoomba • Ph 4639 2244

Buying or Selling Real Estate?


Lorna Poulton Licensed Real Estate Agent

0418 700 044

Take advantage of my 21 years of experience and knowledge selling properties in Toowoomba and surrounds

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If not claimed please return to Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc: PO Box 486, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Genuine 1950s Buchanan racer on original AC Ace chassis with 289 Ford Windsor V8 for sale at $15000. One of 45 known of 135 made.

What would the swap be without characters like Neil Dierkmann of Karalee, Ipswich, with his feral 1924 Dodge ute, complete with red knickers hung on the left windwing. Not only a regular at local swaps, but also ute shows.

Nicely finished 1966 Mazda coupe. A sporty car for its day with twin carbs on its OHC 1000cc 4 cyl engine, plus front discs.

16 ~ The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

Polishers Rag February 2010  
Polishers Rag February 2010  

Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Magazine- Polishers Rag February 2010