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Why You Need A Bed Bug Cover For Your Bed Perhaps, given all the insects that may invade your home, nothing may be more disturbing than the thought of having bed bugs creeping around your bedroom while you are asleep. There isn't any doubt that bed bugs are real, although a lot of people don't know they exist and that they breed incredibly fast. You will be happy to know that the solution to this bug problem is as easy as using a bed bug cover for your bed. They do not just simply cover your mattress like basic covers do, they have been shown to kill the ones that are already residing in your mattress. The covers are really easy to install and can last for years. Bed bugs are found in many locations. Usually people carry them home after staying in a hotel or motel that is already infested. They can attach to your night clothes or any other clothing that you had on the hotel bed, and they will come home with you in your luggage and get started with breeding heavily in your own bed. To look for them, look for very small reddish-brown bugs, and if you look closely, they can be seen actively moving about on a mattress at nighttime. They are able to bite you and leave a small red bump similar to how a flea does, in order to get nutrients from your blood. Not only can they reside in mattresses, but they also live inside pillows, the box spring under the mattress, blankets as well as on the carpet or rugs near a bed. They also have been known to attach themselves to any other furniture that's upholstered and even curtains. They even can be carried to a hotel lobby or in the seats found in a hotel restaurant. So that you can contain the insects and prevent them from reproducing you can safely use, bed bug covers that are a very economical solution. Essentially, the covers form a barrier around all of the areas where the bugs typically live, and prevent them from getting out. Because they're trapped and can't get out to eat, they will die off. Other bed bugs outside the covers will be unable to penetrate the barrier and won't be able to infest the bedding. Not only should you obtain bed bug covers for your mattress, you should also do the same for everything else on the bed such as both pillows and the box spring. You can buy them readymade or in custom sizes to match your needs. Buy them individually if you need to, or you can save some money by getting them in a full set. They are most often made of a blend of materials, typically polyester and cotton. They are designed to be soft and comfortable like any other premium quality bedding products. You will want to wash them from time to time, so make sure that the covers that you purchase are machine washable. For further protection for your bed from spills, search for covers that are waterproof. They're going to not only keep the insects contained but they will also prevent most kinds of bacteria from getting inside through the material, which is an extra benefit for anyone who suffers from allergies. You don't want to just throw the covers on haphazardly, and you ought to read the instructions for properly putting them on. The majority of them have specially designed zippers that prevent any gaps from opening up during use. In addition, there are Velcro closures that are heavily reinforced to help create an extremely tight seal that prevents any insects from escaping or getting inside of the bed bug covers. If you are concerned that the insects may become a problem, you really should consider investing in a set of the products now. You'll find the covers are an affordable and easy solution to halting the insects from becoming a problem.

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Why You Need A Bed Bug Cover For Your Bed Keep a bed bug infestation away and defend your family from painful and itchy bites through the use of bed bug covers in every bedroom in your home. For additional info on American Wellness Supply, go to their web site at

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Why You Need A Bed Bug Cover For Your Bed