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The world’s most trusted safety gate latch-alarm

Because you can’t turn your back for a second

Meet the world’s Safest Gate Latch-alarm The NEW ALERT models come with all the great safety features of the original MagnaLatch® but with the added technology of electronic alarms,


offering safety you can see and hear. NEW VISUAL unlatched alarm

NEW AUDIBLE unlatched alarm Easy to install, requires no special wiring or tools. Temporary 15 minute alarm override with auto reset for convenience.


TOP PULL model: The ideal safety latch for gates around pools, homes, childcare centres, schools or anywhere child/toddler safety is critical. Latch knob sits high, out of reach of toddlers. VERTICAL PULL model: The perfect latch-alarm for front gates, side gates and perimeter and pet gates. Single beep notification of family, friends or intruders upon each entry or exit! Full alarm only if gate open 15+ seconds.


Safety you can see and hear • Combined gate latch with electronic alarms • Easy to install - no wiring or special tools • Single beep upon gate entry and exit • Full alarm only if gate open 15+ seconds • Adjustable, vertically & horizontally • Can be rekeyed by locksmith to match doors • 15 minute parental override with auto-reset

The Original Magnetic Child Safety Latch... • Safe magnetic latching • Visible lock indicator • Rekeyable security lock • Quick and easy to install • Easy to adjust and align • Meets all pool standards

RELIABLE magnetic technology quality tested

You can trust D&D




D&D Technologies began life as a fencing company, which is why we were driven and destined to invent magnetic safety gate latches and polymer safety gate hinges more than 25 years ago. Our multi-awardwinning products are the choice of fencing professionals and DIYers the world over.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty D&D is obsessed with innovation and quality, which is why we confidently offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on all our manufactured gate hardware, and a 2 Year Warranty on the MagnaLatch® ALERT alarm unit

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Experience counts


Our products will not rust or stain D&D invented the world’s first gate hardware constructed of engineering polymers and rust-free stainless steel. Our gate hardware is long-lasting in all environments and will not rust, bind or sag.

Your safety is our priority The first MagnaLatch® was invented over 25 years ago. These super-reliable, magnetically triggered devices revolutionised child safety around swimming pools, childcare centres, homes and businesses.

We are proudly Made in Australia All D&D latches, locks and hinges are assembled at D&D’s own manufacturing facilities in Sydney Australia, and so are not outsourced from Asia. This ensures our strict quality standards are maintained at all times on all products.

Innovation is our passion We employ a dedicated team of Research and Development engineers that constantly develops new and improved products. The result is innovative, state-of-the-art gate latches, locks and hinges – year after year.

childcare centres, schools and wherever child safety is critical. They offer dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is left unlatched or open for more than 15 seconds. Owners and users can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, whenever a gate is not fully secured.




MagnaLatch® has set the standard for child safety gate latches for more than 25 years. Millions of families and caregivers worldwide have trusted MagnaLatch® with their children’s safety. Now the MagnaLatch® ALERT models set entirely new levels of safety and peace-ofmind for gates around swimming pools, homes,

D&D MagnaLatch Series 3 Interactive  
D&D MagnaLatch Series 3 Interactive