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Enter the Life “Defining Moments” BY: DELANTE SEVERIN

The Beginning  On May 22, 1992, a little boy was born at Holy Cross

Hospital.  He was blessed with the name of Delante Dominique

Severin.  My mother showed me off to the world!

Age: 6 months

Age: 11 months

Age: 1 year

Age: 18 months

Growing Up  From what I can remember, growing up was a blast.  My entire family treated me with love and spoiled me

to bits.  Unfortunately, I had a young mother and father. 

Eventually, they matured to become the greatest parents I can ever have, along with two wonderful step parents.

 Never got the experience of growing up with a

standard family. 

I was blessed with being raised by a everyone in my family.

Age: 11 years

Age: 12 years

My Motivation to Succeed

My Brothers  While my mother and father were not always around,

I had my brothers.  My brothers are the ones that taught me how to face life’s tricks.  They were victims to the many tricks life’s throws at you.  Even though they might have not made the right decisions, they teach me knowledge that I know will lead me to Success.

Friends ď‚— I have learned that your friends have some of the

biggest influences in your life. ď‚— My friends have helped me to prosper and have supported me to move one step closer toward my goals.

Transitioning from Fitting in to Standing Out  Transitioning from an immature kid to becoming a

responsible young man was intense.  I thank my mother, most importantly because despite her not being there all the time, she made sure toward the end of my teen years that I was prepared for the reality of the “Real World.”  My mother always understood the true potential of her son.

The Transition

Age: 18 years

Future  I am graduating from Battlefield High School with a

3.72 gpa.  I am attending George Mason University in the Fall of 2010 with a major in Finance.  I am striving to make my family proud and to prove all those who doubted me that I am a Hero to this world. Everyone’s a Hero in someone’s eyes.  I am hoping to one day fulfill my Legacy.

To Be Continued...

Special Thanks To:  Aaron Harrington, Aiyana Dancy, and Kalon

Cunningham  Mrs. Drake  She’s the only teacher in the school, I felt cared about where I’ll end up 10 years from now. She doesn’t hold no punches and conditions you with morals and messages that will not only make you a better student but a better person. I give Mrs. Drake a personal thank you, because not only did she teach me Web Design, but she taught me that in this world you have to fight, nothing is handing to you like a baby.

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Breif Summary of my life until now.