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The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Two Unique College ‘Searches’ By Hunter Long ‘12 Visits, applications, essays, decisions, decisions, decisions. It is around that time of year when seniors around the country begin to hear back from colleges. While most high-school students compare themselves to others in

fortunate enough to have been sought out by schools—prestigious schools—doing things that they love. “I liked getting recruited for a sport that I actually enjoy playing,” says Greg Pyke. Brandon Cherry also attests, “Football definitely helped me enjoy the c o l l e g e process—at least by the end." Such s ucc es s manifested itself in a symbolic signing after both were accepted college. Greg Pyke and Brandon Cherry, after their signings. Brandon, Photo Courtesy of Boys’ Latin. Greg, their terms of college acceptances, the families, and of course Coach majority have one thing in Schell gathered in the Alumni common: they were the one’s to House for 35-40 minutes for seek out colleges, right? Not Greg pictures followed up by a signing Pyke and Brandon Cherry. These that would lock in their two Boys’ Latin seniors were matriculation at Hopkins and

Georgia. The glorious celebration was meant to rejoice two wonderful commitments— Brandon to Johns Hopkins University and Greg to The University of Georgia. While the college processes of both may seem to be hectic with the constant, training, traveling, and communicating, both ended up enjoying the process. Greg claims, “The college recruiting process was surprisingly very easy for me.” However, both Greg and Brandon say that their decisions were based off of both whim and circumspect planning. Brandon Cherry, who will attend Johns Hopkins University in the fall, says he was sought out by numerous schools before finally focusing on Hopkins. After sophomore year, Brandon says he was approached by Johns Hopkins at a combine at Severn School. He says, “After seeing me during one on ones, the running back coach said that he liked what he saw and would be in contact with me—but Continued on page 5

Where Are They Now? The class of 2012 has acquired many new students and some have been called to continue their education at another By Jamie Bass, ‘12, institution. and Will Guy, ‘12 Even though these students have left, they still remain a part of the BL family. A lot can change given the time that has passed since these students have left. Brains became plagued with the question, where might these students be now? Herbie May enrolled at Boys’ Latin in the seventh grade and then left the BL community at the end of eighth grade. He now attends Salisbury, a boarding school in Connecticut. Herbie has been at Salisbury the past four years. He says that “I've been at Salisbury the past four years. I'm the student Continued on page 3


Report: Teachers Love Teaching!

there is something different at Someone BL, all in a good way. who aspires There seems to be a new found to be a enthusiasm within the student President body. Kids want to wear maroon knows full and white and cheer at sporting well that it is events. Tyler says that he has a daunting always wanted “to boost school t a s k . spirit. I think it’s a by product of Presidents a more involved, more passionate from around student body.” the world are By Will Guy, ‘12 Tyler also felt it necessary to a l w a y s expand communication within under fire do the student body. Student to the fact that they are not doing announcements after assemblies enough, or are not accomplishing and class meetings are not the things they said they would. enough to Since Tyler keep in took the touch with helm in everyone. September, A new he set aside path of some rather communic lofty goals ation, The that would D a i l y no doubt Lake, was keep him created by busy. He is Tyler in c u r r e n t l y Student body president dressed as Moses. order to involved in Photo courtesy of Boys’ Latin. serve as a Laker Corps, “means of communication that is the Laker Buddy Program, made a instantaneous, accessible and film series, created more student beneficial for our community.” activities, and successfully Tyler goes on to say that “The acquired spectators for athletic Daily Lake is not meant to run events. Maybe you can smell it, but Continued on page 5

*Note: All repeating the same instructions quotes and multiple times, among other o p i n i o n s things. After a detailed and are entirely collective poll asking if teachers f i c t i o n a l , were all around satisfied with and do not students that neglected to follow r e p r e s e n t instructions and cause disruptions, B o y s ’ they all responded with, “Yes.” First up, Mr. Osborn. After Latin. A new, 6- being asked what he enjoys about m o n t h teaching, Mr. Osborn said, “My By Hunter Long,12’, s t u d y favorite part of teaching is when I performed discover, day by day, how little and Alex Andrews by the HA U.S. history my new freshmen ‘14 ( H u n t e r - World Cultures class knows. For Alex) Team reveals never-before example, the War of 1812 did not been insight into the lives of occur in 1776--and was never teachers, offering a new angle on disputed as such. This is perhaps my favorite correction. It reminds Boys’ Latin’s prized educators. As the second semester of the of the time I persuaded a girl in 2011-2012 school year begins, college that the Vietnam War was students at Boys’ Latin start to all about chasing this guy named notice that teachers really love ‘Charlie.’” “Teaching is just so satisfying their jobs, especially when nowadays, students mess especially when up or ignore there really isn’t their teachers much else to do all together. with my time. ” Teachers English teacher claim they Mr. Bryant says. find it “Why watch immensely Tosh.O or play satisfying Kinect when I when they Continued on f i n d Senora Matz kicking Hunter out. page 5 t h e m s e l v e s Photo courtesy of Hunter Long.

March, 2012

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Shawn and Noah’s Satire and Numbers Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 2

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland


Teachers vs. Cell Phones Reach in your pocket and pull speed is normally above average out your cell phone...but actually and most importantly: they are do it....alright chances are your new. But, new is a relative term phone is still in your pocket but and like cell phones, they soon become a little dated. that’s fine. Just think about it. After two years, both teachers Think about all of its capabilities and features. Think and cell phones’ processing about how many apps you have, speeds have reached an all time how many tweets, texts and phone low causing stutters and freezes and their calls are batteries or produced ability to stay through the awake for more small device on than eight hours a daily basis. is no longer Think about existent. Cell how awesome phones and it truly is...but teachers are don’t keep it much more out too long Photo courtesy of Reuters similar than one because it will would think. Although a teacher be taken by a teacher. ...speaking of teachers...think cannot fit in your pocket and your cell phone does not yell at you about them too... Although they seem to be about dress code, they truly are complete opposites, teachers and very similar. As an ending note, I would cell phones are similar in some aspects. A new teacher and a new like to point out one difference. phone are sometimes cool. When Cell phones are losing their they are picked up from Best Buy buttons and gaining touch screens, or their parents’ basement, they are but teachers will forever ever have young, fresh, their processing buttons. Make sure to push them.

March, 2012

The following survey was conducted in order to gather information on everyday choices. The numbers from this survey were taken via by nearly 100 students and teachers alike. It was “live” for four days starting the afternoon Mr. Schools sent the weblink to every student and teacher involved in the Upper School.

Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

Giants Patriots

Mac vs. PC

Mac PC

The survey was very succesful and the results are clear in the pie charts to the right. Enjoy the first ever numbers section and look for a new survey every edition of The Inkwell. Enjoy

Are you a righty or lefty?

Community Service, or Self-Service? When an American returns from a summer community service trip to a third world country, they tend to say, “It was more rewarding for me than it was for them.” Those who say this reveal their naïve and ignorant tendencies–not to mention the egotistical American stereotype they have come to perpetuate. Like many things, these individuals do in their day to day life, Americans do community service with themselves in mind. There are too many instances of a person giving time, money or labor to another, all their own benefit. Before going on, this argument should be further investigated. Obviously, there are people who help others for the sake of helping others, but they are outliers. Outliers, by definition, drastically skew the regular pool of samples, and are therefore discounted from the majority. Now that it is absolutely impossible to argue with the strong statement made earlier, this essay can continue. But it will not pick up where it left off. Binary code is pushed from my iPhone, through the auxiliary cord, into my car stereo, translated into vibrations, which travel out of the rear and front speakers, into my ear, pounding on my eardrum where sensors translate the vibrations to my

brain, where it is processed. Simply put, I am listening to a song by John Mayer. I am sleepy; the leather I sit on is cold–the only thing keeping me awake. While driving my two ton vehicle at approximately eight miles per hour over the speed limit to school one morning, I notice something. About twenty yards in front of my baby blue Honda CR-V, is a small creat

ure, whose coat of gray fur acts as camouflage against the asphalt. It is a squirrel, that may or may not be squashed to death by my car. Simple calculations show that I have less than one and a half seconds to react. I swiftly make my decision by slowing down and swerving around the creature, thus saving its life. Back in my lane with nothing else to worry about, I continue singing the John Mayer tune; my day goes on like the nothing particularly significant happened. That morning as I drove to school, I saved a life. If I

claimed that saving the squirrel’s life made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I would be lying. This is because I did not do it for the squirrel. Maybe I did not want blood and guts on my car or maybe I did not want to feel like a jerk but either way, the decision was made for me. I did not think that perhaps the squirrel was a mother searching for food to feed her hungry off spring or it was a male squirrel simply going on a morning walk to stretch its legs. Nor did I think how awful it would be to suddenly be run over by a strange object, twenty times my size, or how terrible my family would feel. None of this crossed my mind because none of it affected me. When a person travels abroad to provide a helping hand, it is almost always for themselves, probably because they feel that it will enhance their life. Claiming that they feel, “rewarded,” further proves this idea. I took a second and a half out of my day, and saved a squirrel. A fellow American took time out of their life to give back to a community. Both myself and the American citizen did what we did for ourselves. When people do something as simple as swerve around a helpless animal or as complex as take a community service trip to abroad, they may be doing it for themselves. Although many scenarios appear to be for the good of others, things are always more complicated.

Righty Lefty Ambidextrous

Tie vs. Bow Tie

Tie Bow Tie

Snowboard vs. Ski

Snowboard Ski …I sled

When I am not in dress code I stay  away from _____. The Third Floor The Second Floor The First Floor The Library The Lobby

The Hulaydidlays By Ben Pridemore, Tom Brown, and Bradley Schwartz Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 3

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

The Most Interesting Man at BL by almost everyone in the entire school. He arguably has had the worst twitternames in the history of Twitter, with the exception of his new title @getjimmywithit...yeah. He always has the latest “word on the street,” whether it’s BL news or new s t a t u s updates. He is the heart and soul of e v e r y student section, leading every single cheer (he’s got some really good ideas...yea h). The Peacock in his natural habitat. Photo courtesy His name is Melanie Matthews J a m e s Harvey Nicholson Peacock, and this is days. He is the best friend of each and what he does. every faculty member, and can recite their personal information on Bio Blast: command. Some call him the “Late Prior School: The Hall (CHC) Night King.” He can be found Dream School: Navy cruising around everywhere from Favorite Song: I Kissed a Girl Noodles and Co. to the humble & Peacock by Katy Perry abode of best friend, Zak Davis, Favorite Movie: Bend It Like windows rolled down with his Pop Beckham or Pearl Harbor music playlist blaring. Some may Role Models: Zak Davis and ask, what does a man like this Mitt Romney order on his Chipotle burrito? Hobbies: Texting, Tours at BL, Double chicken and a and being “That Guy” Archrivals: Jake Walsh aka boss. He has taken Garrison Forest by The BEB and his sidekick storm, and is now moving on to “M.M.” bigger and better things (possibly D r e a m G i r l : A l e x on in the Roland Park region). Ladies, Morgan...(emphasis if you ever need a ride in the wee “Dream”) hours of the morning, this is your Go-To Quotes: “Killin itttt!” guy. His name can be found as a “Shut up Pridemore..” “Dude I synonym in the dictionary under don’t like her.” A quote from the “Cock” himself: “Gents, life the word “classy.” Never will you see him in street can change in an instant so clothes on the weekends, as he make the best of every moment. always sports the polo button down BL is like a second home to me, with khakis...shirt always tucked. literally. The faculty acts as my He proclaims himself as the “FIFA parents and the students are my King,” although he has been beaten brothers. We are family.” He walks the halls with an infectious swagger. His iPhone is always at the hip, ready to receive the oncoming bonanza of texts from his multiple female friends each day. If he were challenged to scroll down his entire contact list, it would take an estimated 2.2

Do’s And Dont’s of Facebook Each weekend, being highschool students, we go out to stay in touch with the social world outside of the academic atmosphere. But after the weekend, how do we last five entire weekdays waiting for the next weekend to loosen our ties and kick back with our friends? We don’t. Every night we hop on Facebook to salvage some social entertainment out of the week. Although we aren’t actually showing our faces in public while on Facebook, we need to hold a care for our social status during school weeks. Here we have set the guidelines for mastering the art of Facebooking.You’re welcome. Do’s Be Yourself- Most importantly, Facebook is for friendly collaboration, not a plea for attention. When networking, just go with your gut and be comfortable with yourself and your actions. There’s a reason why you have so many “friends.” Liking- When you see a post or status with no likes or comments, go ahead and help a brother out and click the like button. There is nothing worse than an attempted funny status that just ends up awkwardly sitting in your News Feed. Don’t let the crickets chirping bring someone else down. Holding Up the #1- At every chance you get, whether it’s at a party or a small shindig, always hold up the number one when around females. You know these pictures will wind up on Facebook sooner or later, so take advantage of the opportunities. Not only will this make you come across as “The Man,” it reminds the competition from “That School Down the

Continued from pg 1 body president up here and captain of the football team. I got an internship with the Ravens this past summer and they rehired me this summer after graduation I'm looking to go to ole miss and will be attempting to walk on to the football team.” Even though Herbie only attended BL for two years, he

Singing Valentines By Jimmy Peacock , ’12 Boys’ Latin was able to enjoy the company of Garrison Forests’ Elite a cappella group. The serenades brought a smile and a laugh to Lake Avenue. The highlight of the day came from none other than James Wyche receiving his singing valentine. The library was packed and there was a feeling of excitement in the room. The Garrison Forest a cappella group uses the singing valentines as a fundraiser. They travel to multiple other schools in the area. However, they did state that we were the best audience!

March, 2012

They are led by Kitt Brennen ’ 12 who is a leader in the Garrison Forest community. Jake Walsh, a junior who received a singing valentine says, “It lifted the spirit of the day. It gave everybody a laugh and changed the pace of the James Wyche’ 12 elevating his social status with normal day. It a pack of lady grizzlies. brought a smile to everyone’s face.” The singing welcoming them to our campus valentines from Garrison did a again next year. great job and we look forward to

Street” that these fine, young, beautiful ladies, that we hold such a high respect for, understand and appreciate that BL RULES!!! Egging on FB Brawls- While being in a Facebook fight portrays unclassiness and immaturity, egging on a fight from the third person perspective can be entertaining. There is nothing better than some good, ol’ fashioned feuding on the Internet. Expert Carter Paff says, “I really like to get a rise out of people. I love getting under people’s skin.” However, as Mr. Doherty says, “Cyber-bullying is a big no-no. You aren’t being hip mate!.” Dont’s Exessive Statuses- There is nothing worse in the world of social networking than to continuously clog up your friend’s news feeds. “To be honest” no one wants to “like your status” and “give you a rate”...(BL Freshmen). Take your updates to Twitter, then you can tweet every second if you so desire, just ask senior Brandon Clark. Profile Pictures- “Mirror pics actually make me want to kill someone,” says junior Reese Gahan. Come on boys, we’re all men here, not 12 year old Justin Bieber fanatics. Also, keep the shirts on please. No shirt screams “I’m a dud, not a stud” to everyone else I mean honestly, no one can be as big and muscular as Zac Cooper anyways. Poking- While an occasional poke here and there may be an effective way of planting a seed into a relationship with someone you are attracted to, poke wars usually just wind up leaving you in the “friend zone.” Furthermore, pokes are not made many close friends and has many great memories. Herbie says the thing his misses most about BL is “probably the class. I had more fun messing around with you guys and going to school with you; leaving for Salisbury was extremely difficult.” ******** Jack Waller began his life as a Laker in kindergarten. At the end of Jack’s freshman year, he was called to become a Greyhound. Jack’s favorite activities include playing intramural basketball and he even “did yoga for the second year in a row. It has allowed me to become more flexible than I ever have in my entire life.” Jack is involved in the Character Education Leadership Program (C.E.L.P.) “which is really rewarding because the younger Gilman students will eventually run the school one day.” Jack is interested in psychology and business and has applied to Charleston, Clemson, Elon, Furman, Denison, Delaware, and Dickinson. ********

bragging rights. Saving pokes from girls does not give you props but rather pity. Don’t save hundreds of pokes just so you can show them off to your bros every time you log on...Merrill *cough cough*. Hashtag- The hashtag is a perfect tool and resource in the world of twitter, it provides everything from comedic relief to a personal appeal among users. However, when used on Facebook, hashtags will make you look social-network challenged. “Sh-sh-shut your mouth: #yourecomingoffstupid,” says junior Tom Brown.

Yves Dimanche started at Boys’ Latin in sixth grade. He left BL in eighth grade. Yves played baseball for BL during his middle school career, and despite his small size, he was an excellent player, and one of the teams best during the time he played. When asked where he goes to school now he said, “I am at Patterson Mill High School in Bel Air, not a lot of people have heard about it.” He changed schools because Patterson Mill is right near his house. ******** Basir Mack started at BL in fourth grade. He left for The Baltimore School for the Arts in eighth grade. He left because he was an exceptional guitar player. Being a school for musicians and artists, BSA was a more suitable place for him to study than Boys’ Latin. Basir still continues to play the guitar and hopes to make a career of some sort for himself. Basir has spent the last four years at BSA.

The Hulaydidlays

Tag Team’s Take The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Relationship Advice For this edition’s relationship column, the Tag Team has received questions from a ton of Boys’ Latin students and extend our apologies to those who did not make the cut. Feel free to drop questions off in our mailboxes or through email. The Tag Team is here to help. ***** Hey guys, thanks for doing this for me. I just have one quick question: How can I can convince my friends that I don’t like this girl when I really do? I need your help guys!BellyBuster ***** Thanks for the question BellyBuster. For the Tag Team, honesty is our policy. Be straight up with your boys. They might rip on you for a little bit, but if they aren’t cool with it, then they are not really your boys. But if you do decide to hide it, you need to cut all ties and give them no reason to believe this. Chances are they already can tell you’re digging her. Be a man Belly Buster. ***** Hey guys, its me again with a follow up question. So over the years I have earned the reputation as somebody who won’t take a relationship seriously. What can I do to accomplish this? -Remix MAN. ***** Being straight-forward is an important part of the Tag Team’s relationship advice policy. The Tag Team has got

two options for you: either fall off the map in the opinion of many women, or take the time to find someone you can certainly see yourself with for a long period of time. Women usually don’t like it when they hear you have a history of having multiple relationships. With that being said, you shouldn’t have any problems finding that perfect somebody if you are known for having lots of relationships then chances are you already know how to charm. Keep your head up Remix MAN. ***** Hey dooods, I have a tough situation on my hands and need some advice. So this girl that I like has a crazy ex-boyfriend and has confronted me in the past. What do I do about this? GoalieMAN ***** Wow, you are in a tough position, we had to take a lot of time to think about this ourselves. It really depends on a few things. First off, does this girl really make it worth it? If she does, you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do. Try to avoid conflict and avoid the the ex-boyfriend. However, if this is not possible, hit the weight room and make your arms huge, even if they already are. Learn as much MMA as you can, bring your boy and get ready to tussle. Show him and his really “cool” friends who’s boss.

Where will they be? The Tag Team, among other talents such as skydiving, spelunking and and of course, writing fantastic articles, has discovered a niche for predicting the future. We were fortunate to look into our crystal ball and see a few of Boys’ Latins’ finest students about ten years from now.

Carter Paff - In ten years, Carter Paff will be known as the one who brought back Woodstock and will lead an entire new generation of East Coast hippies. After graduating Lynchburg with a degree in life, Carter will opt out of several Wall Street job opportunities to go for the simple life. He is going to transform the Boys’ Latin football field into the modern day Woodstock.

Tom Brown, J a k e Chackman- Most will not be

Jake was informed of his future he achieve his life goal and teach at was astonished and simply said, the school as a biology teacher. He “Shut up.” has replaced his role model, Mr. Freeman, with his blessing. Taylor Charles “Chuck” Lillie- brings energy to the class room and When the Tag Team visited Chuck the students have a great time. On he was hunting on his alpaca farm the side Taylor runs a very with RJ. He will strike it big in the unsuccessful microbrewery. “ You finance world and quickly retire to just wait, my brewery will be legit; the simple life. He will have a huge it is only going to be a side thing mass of land that he uses for though.” hunting, fishing, and entertaining a variety of female guests. When Brent Radebaugh- After a prestigious lacrosse career collecting the most ground balls in D-III history at Randolf Macon, Radebaugh will be taking Number 1 in the MLL draft by the Bayhawks. Due to the close location, he moves home and commutes to practice. He is often found hanging with his ‘13. Photo by Staff photographer boys in the basement. He asked how he felt about his future still retains a job at Radebaugh’s Chuck responded with, “ Sounds Florists working in the greenhouse like a pretty good life to me. If I on the side. “That is straight dude,” strike it big why not have a little said Brent. Well put Brent, well put. fun?”

surprised with the boss’ future. We will see him hanging out on his newly designed cruise ship sailing the world. He is the owner and CEO of his own company and remains a contemporary of the one Taylor Davis- Taylor will Tom Brown- Whereabouts and only Donald Trump. When return to Boys’ Latin in order to unknown.

Student Looks Forward to Calc Test

By Alex Andrews, ‘14 and Hunter Long, ‘12 The dreaded end of the chapter has finally fallen upon the AP Calculus AB class, and this can only mean one thing: a test. These hand-crafted pieces from hell drip of mind-boggling multiple choice problems that supposedly relate to what was covered in the chapter, thus test day is one of the most dreaded days. This “Test Day” is treated with such malice that it seems like it has almost taken on a personality of its own. Test Day is often picked on by other days of the week for being “unpopular” and, blatantly, “horrible addition to society.” One

student, Randy Anonymar, claims he actually “likes” these bearers of evil, these bringers of migraines, claiming that they are quite possibly the greatest days of his high school career.” The main question posed to this freak of nature is, where did this love of tests come from? “It all started as a kid,” the student answers. “I found Test Day accused of being a horrible day filled with hatred and malice. Instead, what I found was a poor day that just needed a pal. I decided that from that day on, I needed to be that guy. The one who helped him see straight.” After noticing our surprised glares, he shook his head, muttered “No one understands,” and stormed out of the room. After further investigation into the life of Test Day, the HunterAlex team was able to gather some crucial information. Test Day was forced to spend every day after school with Ms. Mullally grading papers. He says, “The suspense was killing me. She would mutter

things, say specific names of students, and once I saw her rip a paper in half and say, ‘He’ll never suspect.’ I didn’t know whether I should report it or not. But then I remembered what would happen if she discovered I was unfaithful. That wouldn’t work.” Test Day later went on to say that these long nights of grading were like torture.

He felt alone and scared. So, left with no other choice, Test Day decided that he would learn how to frighten students from Ms. Mullally. There was once a period in his life, Test Day recalls, in which he enjoyed life’s natural simplicity and kindness. “I used to like going to movies with friends and playing with my iPhone, but that all changed after those horrible nights. Games like Scramble with Friends used to bring me happiness, but now I just feel the painful void of desperation for friends, acceptance, and self-confidence.” So, really, the one student excited for the test in calculus class doesn’t truly enjoy calculus, or tests, for that matter. He simply turns to sympathy, reaches into his own heart, and tolerates what most people find repulsive. That takes guts. That takes courage. And that takes a special individual. So the next time you pick on the kid who likes Test Day, just remember, he is more selfless than you.

Lonely? Confused? Need Advice? Call the Tag Team 1-800-ASKFREE

The Inkwell 2012 Editors:Will Guy Hunter Long Layout Coordinators: Alex Andrews Bradley Schwartz Staff Writers: Jamie Bass Tom Brown Kolby Caplan Charles Lillie Shawn Mulroy Noah Obuchowski Carter Paff Jimmy Peacock Ben Pridemore Andrew Roswell Chris Rubino Will Sutton Jake Walsh Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Doherty

Kolby and Will Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 5

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

With Two Big Wins, the 2012 Wrestling Team Starts Strong In mid November, the wrestling team met for the first time in the Boys’ Latin wrestling room to start their season. Led by seniors George Rice and Eric Simmons, the team is off to a good start and will hopefully find continued success this season. The team also includes wrestlers such as Frankie Johnson, Brent Radebaugh, Rocco Bruno, and Evan Dohler. The team is lead by head coach Drew Haugh, a long time Boys’ Latin coach. “Under the leadership of Drew ‘Zen’ Haugh, anything is possible,” said junior Andrew Roswell. Coach Haugh’s son, Colton, is also a big part of the team’s success so far. With many young wrestlers, the team seems to have a very bright future ahead of them. After a rough start, the team went out over winter break and brought home the championship of their

Photo of Eric Simmons ’ 12 by Will Sutton first tournament, the Loch Raven Duals. This tournament was a two day tournament held at Loch Raven High School. After a slow start on Friday the 6th of January, the team went out on Saturday and went undefeated to win the

tournament. This was thanks to good showings from many of our wrestlers. The next weekend the team traveled to St. John’s College High School for the Capitol Duals in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The team went undefeated in the Rocco Bruno ‘15 and Anthony Wyler ‘15 (not tournament with a related). Photo by Will Sutton. record of four wins and zero losses. Along with this Carmel, Baltimore Lutheran, team record, Boys’ Latin had five Friends, and AACS. Harrison wrestlers go undefeated and Linnan, a BL junior, said, “I hope receive first place individual the team can keep the wins coming trophies. These wrestlers included against MIAA opponents.” With Colton Haugh, Frankie Johnson, many tough opponents, the team Michael Long, Rocco Bruno, and must step it up in order to keep their great season heading in an Eric Simmons. Gregory Sheetz ’ 13 had this upward direction. With many great to say about the wrestling team, wrestlers, the team feels very “First of all, I would like to positive about this season and congratulate the wrestling team for many seasons to come. Although it is only the start to winning their past two the wrestling season, the team tournaments. Shout out to Rader seems to be looking very good for and G Rice. Next, I feel the the upcoming season. Jimmy wrestling team has drastically Parker, a BL sophomore , said, “I improved from the beginning of don’t watch wrestling often, but the season, and I am excited for when I do, it has to be BL.” Boys’ what lies ahead.” With these two huge wins, the Lakers look to keep Latin fans and parents can look the streak going with wins in their forward to a very exciting and successful season from this young, upcoming tournaments. After these mid-season up and coming team. Jamie Bass ’ tournaments, the Boys’ Latin 12 said, “ I think the team has Lakers hope to continue their many successful years to look excellent wrestling against MIAA forward to.” With few seniors, opponents. These teams include although very good, the team can Archbishop Spalding, John look forward to not just success Carroll, Archbishop Curley, this season, but for many years to Loyola, St. Mary’s, Severn, Mount come.

A Plunge for the Ages On January 28, 2012, thousands of people gathered for the Polar Bear Plunge on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. The Polar Bear Plunge is an event held not only in Maryland, but all around the world during mid-winter. The Plunge is when thousands of people run into a freezing body of water to raise money for different charities. The water temperature ranges from about 30 to 40 degrees. The event held in Maryland is the largest plunge in the United States. The charity that this specific plunge supports is Special Olympics Maryland. Eric Pinsky, a BL junior, had this to say about the Polar Bear Plunge, “It’s a fun way to raise money for a cause while going plunging in the winter.” Other states that hold this event are New York, Seattle, New Jersey, Delaware, and Minnesota. Not only is the event held in the U.S., but it is done in the Netherlands and Canada as well. This past plunge was the 16th annual Polar Bear Plunge. This year, over 14,000 people plunged in Maryland alone to raise money for the Special Olympics. These supporters together raised $2.5 million for this great cause. Each plunger must raise at least 50 dollars towards the cause. If a

plunger raises more money, they will receive more benefits such as being eligible for better prizes. “The PBP is great in the way it is so widely publicized. It seemed like every other person I knew was participating, and it really is for a great cause,” said junior Harrison Linnan. Not only is the plunge for a great cause, but

Photo courtesy of it is a gret time to hang with friends and meet new people. John Reinitz ’13 had this to say about the plunge, “It’s a great experience, and the people there are very interesting.” Boys’ Latin is lucky enough to have a couple of their very own participate in the plunge. Two students who participated in the

most recent plunge were juniors Taylor Davis and John Reinitz. John has participated in this event for many years, but Taylor Davis is a rookie plunger. “Being a first time plunger, I was very eager to get in the water. It was cold, but it was very fun and for a great cause. Hopefully next year, BL can assemble a team of Lakers to do this,” said Taylor Davis. There are many individual plungers, but there are also many teams that take a lot of time to raise as much money as possible for this charity. The ages range from five to 85. There are also some celebrities that participate in the plunge. Most famous is probably Joe Flacco. Although he was unable to participate in this past plunge, he has been spotted plunging in previous years. The plunge has been a tradition for many people for many years. There are some people or teams that have participated in the plunge since it began. These people are very proud plungers who devote a lot of time to the Polar Bear Plunge. Over the years, the Polar Bear Plunge has raised a ton of money for a great cause and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

College, continued from page 1 ...I didn’t take it seriously at first.” He went on to attend football camps at Princeton, Brown, and Boston College, where he received attention from both Princeton and Hopkins coaches, but Princeton eventually stopped mailing and Brandon turned all of his attention to Hopkins. Little did Brandon know that Hopkins would be a driving force for future athletic and academic performance in high school and thereafter. Brandon says, “He would email from time to time leading up to the season and always stayed in contact.” After visiting Hopkins and talking with his mother, Brandon decided to apply early decision. Greg Pyke’s story also began at football camps, only more indirectly. Departing a football camp in Alabama, Greg headed off to another camp at The University of Georgia that his dad had signed him up for. Greg actually went to the University of Georgia, showcased his skills, and ended up with a scholarship at the end of the one-day football camp. Greg describes the process like it was a walk in the park, “Georgia really happened by chance.” Remarking on actually going to the camp, Greg says, “I wasn't really happy to go to the camp at first because I was tired from the other camps, I just wanted to get home. It turned out that the hard work at the end of the day most definitely paid off. After receiving offer after offer from other schools, Greg, like Brandon, had to make a crucial decision that surely other seniors have had to make. He ended up applying early to the University Georgia. “The rest of it is history,” he says. Teachers continued from page 1 ...could teach teenagers who couldn’t care less about my unique knack for English. The lack of respect might be something I like even more?” In a global, ongoing study, it has been found that as technology has advanced, teachers’ interest in doing their jobs has increased 67%. Newspaper coordinator and English teacher Mr. Doherty says, “I’d much rather teach and grade school work than play with my awesome new Apple products.” When asked if he truly enjoys spending the majority of his time grading nonsensical sarcastic articles rather than running multiple marathons, Mr. Doherty responded, “Yes.” Señora Matz’s remarks were especially memorable. We asked her what she likes about teaching intermediate level Spanish students. She responded, “I love reminding my high school juniors that masculine nouns must go with a feminine adjective. There’s nothing like taking a trip back ‘across the bridge’ to reiterate the simplest Spanish grammar. I love it. Really.” Such enthusiasm for teaching expressed by the Language Department was officially confirmed when Srta. Tubman sent a freshman to Mr. Franklin’s office for mistaking the word “escuchar” for “to speak,” when

March, 2012 President continued from page 1 ...The Inkwell out of business, especially when The Inkwell is the best it has ever been.” Tyler has completed a wide array of goals in a small amount of time. There are still four months left in the academic calendar and Tyler has “lists and lists of ideas I’d like to see implemented, and I’m excited to get the chance to do so in the next four months. I do have two huge projects I’m working on, but I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll bite my tongue.” The Boys’ Latin student body is a different lot than they were in September. However, not every individual has plummeted into what the Laker community has to offer. All of Tyler’s ideas have been clutch so far, so who knows what he has under his sleeves. If Tyler could have one wish it would be fore “the student body as a whole to throw themselves into BL. As an underclassmen, and even during my Junior year at times, I never really got into BL. Go to a sports game, see the play, join a club; the possibilities are endless, and I promise that you will enjoy it all in the end. I’d love to see a Freshman who comes to all the lacrosse games. Your grade, age, height, strength or intelligence don’t matter when it comes to leading BL; it’s your passion. I’d love to see BL led by 300 Lakers, and I believe that every guy in Williams Hall is capable of it.” There are less than 100 days left on the books for this year. So bear down, stay focused, and try your hardest to put all you have into your school, and I can assure you that your experience will be one-of-a-kind. it in fact means “to listen.” Srta. Tubman’s response, “You have to defend the things you love. Spanish verbs just so happen to be something I love, so I don’t take its butchering very well.” When asked what he liked best about his job, Senor Robinson responded, “When a student totally ignores me when I’m talking to him, it makes me remember how much I really love teaching.” We asked Mr. Whitehair questions and received mixed responses. “I mean, yeah, it’s fun. Sometimes, a kid in my advisory will bring donuts. That’s always fun. Except when they bring in those plain glazed ones. Not fun.” Perhaps the most enthusiastic was Mr. Dagenais who remembered, “When Trent posed his discussion question: ‘Why are there so many blank pages at the end of books?’ That gave me a chuckle, but at the same time, it infuriated me mostly because I could answer it in three words. I don’t know/care. Oh wait, I guess that’s four.” It is clear that teachers are actually humans, and have lives of their own. Teachers have even been known to express humanlike emotions such as laughter, happiness, and especially frustration. They may even deserve a little fun in their own lives.

Fish and Fowl Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 6

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Scramble with Friends Scramble with Friends is an certain letters are worth more than iPhone game that has taken the others. In the beginning, you are Boys’ Latin community by storm. able to chose either one or two Over the past couple of weeks, power ups. If you want to use a students can be seen everywhere power up, you have to use two just looking at their phones, fingers coins instead of just the one to play sliding rapidly. You can challenge anybody in Scramble with Friends and most people do so by linking their Scramble with Friends with their F a c e b o o k account. At first thought, those who are uninformed would think that they are texting. However, in reality they are playing one of the most addictive games to ever be invented. Kolby Caplin says, “Once you start playing, you just can’t stop. It’s an indescribable addiction.” The game Roswell and Rubino set a high score. Courtesy of consists of three staff photographer two minute rounds a person. Each round players frantically try to the game. The power ups consist make as many words as they can of a freeze, which temporarily in order to earn points. The screen stops the clock, and an is box of letters that you drag to “inspiration” which provides hints form words. It is like scramble as for words. Tom Brown, a recent

lax commit to the Virginia Military Institute, says, “I love using inspiration because when I am stuck on writers block, it gets my brain flowing quickly so that I can get to the next word... GO KEYDETS.” Lastly, there is “Scramble” which re-shuffles the letters in the game and is useful when you have a brainlock. Andrew Roswell who is going to Michigan will do anything to win in life begs to differ, “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying, (even though its not really cheating).” Andrew uses coins on a consistent basis. This means that you use two coins, one per game and one if you want to use an extra power up. Unless you play an insane amount of games, you won’t run out because over time you get coins automatically added back to you every twenty minutes. The game can also be a useful tool for having an excuse to contact girls. The Beb (Jake Walsh) agrees, “It is a great tool to set up my dates for the weekend. The girls love it.” Ben Pridemore, a junior laxer committed to Notre Dame states, “Well considering my phone is a throwback with no fancy touch screen, it is pretty impossible for me to scramble friends. But, if I did possess an iPhone, I would be scrambling non-stop and joining the party that it has become.” Scramble with friends has taken the high school world by storm. It starts the conversation with the opposite sex. It’s something to help with procrastination.

Meet our Nurse, Ms. Bruno Ms. Bruno, whose son Tal Bruno is in tenth grade, is our head nurse here at Boys’ Latin. She has brought great energy to our community in her first full year here on Lake Avenue and we are lucky to have such a professional and personable nurse. She was kind enough to help us get to know more about her. Hometown?I’m a Jersey Shore Girl, Long Branch, NJ

Nursing Experience? Labor/ Delivery, OR, ER, Plastic Surgery, School Nursing, Sport Camps Favorite Food?Italian Favorite Movie? Saving Private Ryan, Goodfellas, Forrest Gump Favorite TV show? Law & Order, Today Show, Meet the Press Favorite NFL Player?Troy Polamalu Favorite Team? STEELERS! Favorite Book? Sarah’s Key, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Godfather, and many more... Favorite Animal?I lost my beloved Brahms in August. He was a Siberian Husky that Ms. Bruno , our school nurse. Photo Courtesy of would go Jimmy Peacock everywhere with me. I College attended? I began my now have another Siberian Husky college career in Boston, MA that I rescued and his name is Bear where I attended Emerson College Bear. and Boston University. I graduated Years at BL? This is my second with my BSN at Salve Regina year at BL but my First year Full time. University in Newport, RI.

Favorite Sophomore Student at BL? Shack of course!! Just kidding! Definitely Tal Bruno but they are ALL favorites of mine! Favorite color? Black and Yellow!!! Favorite animal? Dog Favorite medicine? Conversation What led you to Boys’ Latin? I was looking for an all boys school for my son and fell in love with BL on our first visit. Everyone was so welcoming. It felt like family the very first day! What is your favorite aspect about Boys’ Latin? I love the camaraderie that Boys’ Latin fosters in our BL community. The students and the staff at BL go above and beyond with support whether it is for someone in need, or an extracurricular activity that BL students are involved in. Is there any area where BL can improve health wise? I would love to have a cot and small room to use as a health suite in the US. Would you rather have the nurses office be on the upper school side of the street? I think the US students would like the nurse’s office on their side. For now, I have a small station located next to Ms. Trupia’s desk. The US students can always call me.

March, 2012

New Ford F150 The esteemed Motor Trend car magazine chose the new Ford f-150 as their favorite truck this year. In this time of hard economic times, it is surprising that a truck is the best selling vehicle in America. For twenty-four years it has been the best-selling vehicle. According to Truck Trend, the “Ford F-Series, America's bestselling full-size pickup for 34 years, is the culmination of nearly 60 years of Built Ford Tough reliability, power and presence. The F-Series sets the standard for strength and toughness with more trucks on the road with more than 250,000 miles than any other

the road, the Ecoboost makes the 5.0 liter look like obsolete technology.” She went on to say, “The twin turbo V-6 is incredibly quick and eager, power is abundant throughout the RPM range, and I didn’t really notice any lag.” It allows for the power of a big v-8 to haul and tow stuff. but also allows for the fuel economy of a v-6. During highway cruising, 2 of the 6 pistons do not fire. This means that the truck only runs on 4 cylinders, saving fuel. When power is needed, to pass someone, the other two pistons fire back up and the turbos kick in, blasting the truck away from everybody else.

New F-150 with the Ecoboost. Courtsey of Reuters brand.” The new 2012 model has some important customer based changes from last years’ 2011 model. First, the gas tank becomes ten gallons bigger. It now can hold 36 gallons. This means that this full sized truck can go 756 miles on one tank. This allows for the truck to get 21 mpgs. That number is insanely large for any vehicle, but for a 5,000 pound truck, it is impressive. It gets the best mileage out of any full size truck on the market. Most trucks nowadays have eight cylinders, but the new Ford is getting all of the hype because it uses only six cylinders but, it is a twin turbo. This means it makes 365 hp and 420 lb-fts of torque. This is more than competitor’s trucks. At cruising highway speeds, it also does not use the turbo; therefore it gets great gas mileage for a truck of its size. It gets around 23 mpg on the highway. The price for all this power is just above $22,000. The only downside to having a bigger fuel tank is that it will cost more to fill it up. 10 gallons of gas is about 80 pounds, therefore you are carrying an extra 80 pounds around. Yes, those extra 80 pounds will hinder the mpgs of the truck, but having a bigger fuel tank will make more sense in the end. It will help in the long run because you are able to go farther without filling up. These results can only be guaranteed with Fords new 3.5 liter twin turbo V-6 engine. This new engine is only known as Ecoboost. Allyson Harwood, editor of Truck Trend, said, “On

The new Ecoboost engine also allows for the ability to tow up to 11,300lbs. The new model also comes with a neutral tow option, meaning it can be towed with all four wheels on the ground. It can also be towed behind an R.V. The Ford compares to the new Chevy Silverado well. There has been a long standing feud between Chevy owners and Ford owners. The Chevy has always done well in the markets, but never quite as well as the Ford. The new Chevy comes with a 6.2 liter V8 (with 403 hp (301 kW) and 417 lb·ft (565 N·m) of torque. This engine will allow the Chevy to tow up to an incredible 10,700lbs, which is less than the Ford. There are only two engine sizes for the new Chevy, while the Ford has four choices. Chevy has more variety of trucks to offer to the consumers. Chevy also has a hybrid version of their full size truck. It has never been popular because if you are going to buy a hybrid, some will get a car and not a truck. People who buy hybrids want the most miles per gallon they can get. The Chevy Silverado Hybrid gets about 25 mpg. Other hybrids gets at least 35 to 40 mpgs. This truck costs just under $40,000. It would take 27.56 years for the hybrid to pay for itself over time. Keep that mindblowing fact into consideration. Motor Trend’s Mike Febbo concludes, “It’s the combination of advancement in design, engineering,excellence, efficiency, safety, value, and the performance of intended function that has earned the Ford F-150 the title of Motor Trends Truck of the Year.”

Paffs’ Page Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 7

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Time Spent With the Lower Schoolers Interacting with the lower schoolers is a great thing to do, and it brings much joy to their day when an upper-schooler stops by for a visit. Lately, I have been spending my morning free periods across the street with the fourth graders. One Monday morning, Coach Schell suggested our economics class should pay a visit to Ms. Halada’s fourth grade class. Upon arriving, the fourth graders’ faces lit up and they were very grateful we had payed them a visit. “Hey buddy,

is a great guy and enjoys playing soccer, and of course, lacrosse. Ari is also a buddy of mine. “To be completely honest, I do not mind spending my free period over in the lower school with my Laker buddies. It’s a great thing and all the kids usually enjoy when I come by to visit,” Senior Grant Cohen remarked. This is my first year going across the street to help in the lower school and I can honestly say I wish I would have started a long time ago. After all, we are one big family. Last year Ms. Halada attended nearly every football and s o c c e r game; home and away. Hats off to you. I have enjoyed my time spent in the lower school so far, making sure the kids stay on Carter and Miss Halada’s 4th grade class. Photo by top of their Miss Halada work and refrain from what’s your name?” I asked. using any foul language. I made “Mitch Boudreau,” the fourth Jacob a deal saying if he was nice grader responded. From that day to Ms. Halada and did all of his on, I have considered Mitch to be work, I would give him nothing in my buddy and I occasionally return, but he should still do it whisper him the answers to the anyway. I will be checking up on math problems he’s stuck on when Jacob to assure he is following up Ms. Halada turns her back. Mitch with the deal we made.

Good Call? Bad Call? When Mom says no, what do you’re easily persuaded by your you do- you ask Dad, right? When friends and let them make your my Mom doesn’t give me the decisions for you. If you are answer I like to hear, I seek out my unsure about someone and you Father hoping he has something hear negative feedback regarding different to say. When one of your that person from a friend, you’re friends gives you an answer you probably not going to like that don’t necessarily want to hear, you person you were already unsure of ask another one. For me, when in the first place. I have personally class mate Kevin dealt with issues Rubenstein gives similar to these on my me an answer I’m own. It hasn’t sunk in, not all that fond until recent when I of, I turn away finally found out, four and ask Nick quarters is greater Shep. than one hundred We hear pennies; quantity < what we want and quality. It may be often times we go tough to make the to extreme right decision, measures until especially if it won’t we have found bring you as much the answer that satisfaction as the satisfies us the wrong decision, but most. If nine sometimes in life, people tell you Me, bobbing for apples. some things will something you Photo by Brink Van Horn never go your way do not want to and the sooner you hear, but the accept that change is inevitable, tenth person utters what you are the happier you will be. If Mom looking for, odds are, you’re going says no, no it is. If your friend to listen to the tenth person. gives you advice after you sought The same goes for him or her out, take it. Make your indecisiveness, if you don’t know own decisions, just make sure they what to do in a sticky situation, are the right decisions.

Re-Occurring Themes It seems as if the same things shoved aside and you aren’t even just keep, well, re-occurring sure who your friends are, what Have you ever noticed the you’re doing or getting after, and same things seem to happen again most importantly, why you have and again, but you don’t pick up been doing this for such a long on it until after a while. You go to period of time, it’s not fate. the same places and you see the More time passes, and as same people. Everyone’s wearing expected, things begin to fade; not the same clothes and speaking in the things you wanted to fade. The the same dialect, the same trite theme is still re-occurring, and all sayings. The scene is so uniform of a sudden, you find that you’re and it seems as if everyone gets no longer apart of that theme. But sucked in. Those of you reading that’s what you wanted, right? To can picture this situation and place break free of the re-occurring yourself in it if, of course, you have theme. You’ve grown sick and not already been “awkwardly” tired of the same old same old, but placed in it. you then find yourself reIt seems like it’s the same establishing last year’s theme, people and fitting music to follow. making it once again, a reThe same personalities followed occurring theme. You thought you by the same drama, in and out of school. Why is this the re-occurring t h e m e ? Meeting new people is a change, but when you find out that person is in the group of people you have gotten to Studious and at work, Carter Paff stares into the eye be too familiar of the camera. Photo by Brink Van Horn with, you begin to wonder how long this theme will keep re- finally found your happiness you occurring for. You’re only escape so desperately sought out. Weeks seems to bring you back to where pass and you still aren’t happy. you started in just a few short hours You want the re-occurring theme unless you’re willing to push the to re-occur like it so often does. limit more than you already have. But it’s seems as if it only reBut that’s when push turns to occurs when you least want it to. shove and all your loved ones are It’s funny the way it is.

March, 2012

Just A Phase Why does home seem so remote And why does everyone run when I get close? Maybe I shouldn’t talk more than I listen I’ve been living in a daze Now finding myself lost, Wandering in this maze Hopefully this is just a Phase When will I find my way out? A Phase that fades over time Just how a tasteless joke fades out of your mind Time is essential, and rather short You can control what you make of it, But learn what you take from it Don’t be the one who breaks a promise Return what you have taken Better what you’ve mistaken Use the Golden Rule to greaten The Re-occurring past The stage you swore wouldn’t last Until you find yourself repeating, This is just a phase You’ve now found yourself counting the days Your keen vision, overruled by the haze You’ve done wrong to the frowners And turned others to downers You’re perceived as a clown What’s wrong and why is this taking so long? You know, but you swear you don’t You acted after swearing you won’t Don’t sneer, That brought fear and tears to loved ones’ eyes Propose a toast, say cheers; and put an end to the jeers For the phase will fade before your final goodbye.

Judging a Man’s Character Abraham Lincoln once said, really appreciate and love the man My greatest advice would be to act “Nearly all men can stand I have become. The school motto the way you do in front of your adversity, but if you want to test a to me says a lot, it should, if it friends, that you do when you’re man's character, give him power.” doesn’t already, encourage kids to alone. It can be tough making A good man will not abuse his be free spirited and do what they friends Freshman and Sophomore power, rather he will use it for the love, and love what they do. I year and easy to sell yourself short. common good, for those his actions found it slightly ironic that there Believe it or not, I was friendless up until mid Sophomore year, so I affect. A man with bad character was no can relate to anyone reading this will abuse his who may be having power and use it a tough time solely for his own transitioning at BL. self-interest, and For anyone who will not be patient hasn’t yet acquired or understanding the love for BL I in his pursuits. I have, you may not, have always found but I can promise if myself to be a man you stick it out, be of great character. yourself, and I am one of the express a great deal loudest fans at all of character, things of the games on will be much easier and off the for you in the long campus, I have run; see through greeted new everyone’s eyes, students Robbie keep a cool head Burd, Brent Seniors Mitch Simms, Nick Shep, Robbie Stromburd, and Kevin and dry underwear, R a d e b a u g h , Ruby. Photo by Brink Van Horn and you’ll be just fine. Cristian King, and It’s always good to end Billy Cannon, and done my best to Esse Quam Videri essay a paper with a quote. If someone feel welcome at the place I consider competition this year like there has else has already said it best, steal my second home; BL. I would also been all the other years I have it from them and go out strong. “ argue that I exemplify the true attended Boys’ Latin. It often The true measure of an individual meaning of to be, rather than to seems at times as if people around campus are seeming rather than is how he treats a person who can seem. It took me until a quarter of the being, and doing so without even do him absolutely no good.” way through my Junior year to noticing their behavior.

The Weekly Walsh Vol. 99, No. 4, Page 8

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

March, 2012

Geniuses of the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a genius is someone “embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the

achievement of unprecedented insight.” There have been geniuses all throughout history living all over the world. Names such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

are often described as intellectual and creative geniuses. But when I think of genius, I think just of creativity. I think of those who base their next move on their imagination. Einstein said it best,

“Imagination is more important knowledge.” I know it’s hard to grasp your mind about why I would be writing a whole article on geniuses, and the only answer I have is I think they are truly

interesting. Following this paragraph are examples of different creative geniuses in the real world. Also in order to better understand geniuses, I have also picked their BL counterpart.

The Lyrical Genius Lil Wayne AKA Weezy F. Baby AKA Tunechi His ability to utilize puns and figurative language to portray his thoughts in a cohesive verse is unparalleled by any other rapper in the game right now. For example in his song, he says, “I got summer hatin’ on me me ’ cause I'm hotter than the sun got spring hatin’ on me cause I ain’t never sprung winter hatin’ on me cause I'm colder than y’all and I would never I would never I would never fall I'm bein’ hated by the seasons, so *bleep* y’all hatin’ for no reason.” Can seasons really hate on people? This is personification. Boys’ Latin Equivalent: Rob White. Whether it be walking through the halls, in the lunch room, or on YouTube, you can always catch Rob spitting verses. Did anybody else hear his poem at last years’ MLK assembly, or his newest single “Window” feat. Endira? Kid’s a genius.

The Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci was an Italian polymath whose genius in so many different aspects of life along with his own way of doing things made him the poster boy for the true Renaissance Man. Student Andrew Roswell when asked about Da Vinci, he replied, “We learned about him in Mr. Kennedy’s class. Guy’s a stud, truly amazing.” Boys’ Latin Equivalent: Sean Horning AKA Noodles: Whether it be his insane mastery of the twirling of pencils to his academic prowess in math class. Sean just has a different way of doing things, making him the Renaissance Man of Boys’ Latin.

The Brain Kim Ung-Yong This Korean is the smartest man in the world. He scored an unprecedented 210 on his IQ test. Yong is known for being a child prodigy, he started speaking when he was only six months old. At age three he had already mastered Japanese, Korean, German and English and was able to solve complex Calculus problems with ease. Boys’ Latin Equivalent: Spencer Stieff. After skipping eighth grade, Stieff continued to dominate in all aspects of the classroom. As only a sophomore, he took two AP classes and now as a junior he is taking four. His academic prowess is known throughout the school and he continues to be humble and strive for greatness. When asked about Stieff, junior Peaches Linnan, replied, “I don’t know how he does it, he just understands everything. I would definitely say he’s a genius. Without a doubt the smartest person in our school.”

The Steady Hand Michelangelo Known for his legendary painting of the Sistine Chapel, Angelo truly embodies the likes of an artistic genius. His beautiful lines and representation cannot be rivaled by any other artist in history. Boys’ Latin Equivalent: Jarek Sparaco. All throughout the day Jarek is always working on some sort of creation of intricate lines whether it be in class or in the lunchroom. He also excels in the art classroom according to Mrs. Digges. Jarek has the creative mind of a genius.

The Revolutionary Steve Jobs I hope everybody this day in age knows who Steve Jobs is. His ability to know what people were going to want before they wanted it is truly amazing. His thought process to be able to design what he designed for Apple has to be on another level than anyone else. He embodied the quote Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a better horse.” Boys Latin equivalent: Tyler Steinhardt. Whether it be the creation of the new student run Boys’ Latin website, or the organization of the legendary homecoming dance, Tyler knows what every BL student wants before they even think it. When asked about the homecoming dance, Senior Grant Cohen said, “It was cray. My mans Rob held it down forreal.” Tyler truly embodies what it means to be revolutionary, leading BL to be a better place for all who attend the school we love.

The Mona Lisa by Da Vinci photo courtesy of

Hands touching in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel photo courtesy of

The One They Call “SHEeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!” As you walk through the halls of Boys’ Latin, you hear many chants and screams. The most popular is “Radebaughhhhhhhhh!!!” Already being featured in our last newspaper he of course is a legend. But besides the loud “Radebaugh” chants, a close second is the “SHEEEEETZZZZ!!!!!” chant. Who is this man they call Sheetz? You might wonder. He is none other than the man from the Amish country, the flavor of PA, Mr. Gregory Sheetz, a legend in the making. Coming into the high school half way through the year as a sophomore, Sheetz has already made a lasting impression on BL. Growing up in Lancaster, PA, Sheetz found a love for lacrosse and the Amish at a young age. In order to pursue his dream of

playing Division I lacrosse, Sheetz other Crabs connections to BL, this decided to try out for the Baltimore dream became a reality. Last year, Sheetz lived with Crabs Lacrosse Club. He made the team, and started to build a strong Boys’ Latin Junior Chris Rubino bond with Baltimore kids. He during the week and went back home on the wondered weekends. “It was a w h e r e tough adjustment for these kids me to live away from went to my family during the school and week, but I got used to found out it after the first couple that many weeks,” said Sheetz. of them “He was a great a went to roommate, he was like the school the brother I never where the had,” said his host C r a b s practiced. Greg Sheetz,’ 13and Joey Wiedner Chris Rubino. When Sheetz first came to This was photo by Stan Rudick BL, he fit right in, The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. After making new friends quickly. “I just he found this out, Sheetz dreamt of tried to be friendly to everyone, going to school at Boys Latin and and everybody welcomed me with with the help of Coach Shriver and open arms,” said Sheetz. He even

started to hang out with his new friends on the weekends. “One Gregory Friday I simply asked what he was doing tonight and he responded, Sheetz ‘hanging out with you,’ and the rest was history. We have been Bio Blast boys ever since,” said junior Chris Hometown: Lancaster, PA Vaughan. Prior School: Hempfield High Let’s not forget that one of the School main reason Sheetz came to BL Favorite Sports Team: San besides of course to get a great Diego Chargers education was to play lacrosse. His dream is to play Division I Favorite Food: Amish Apple Pie lacrosse. “ I’ll do whatever it takes to get there. I’m not gonna’ be Favorite Student at BL: stopped from achieving my goals Bowen Adams in life.” With his junior lacrosse Favorite Song: Amish season right around the corner, Paradise by Wierd Al Sheetz is more focused than ever. Yankovich “I’m excited. What’s better than Dream Girl: Eva Longoria playing the sport I love with the Hobby: Photography people I love?” Spoken like a true Dream Job: “Anything that Laker, and that he is, Mr. Gregory makes me some bills!” Sheetz.

The Inkwell March 2012  

The Inkwell March 2012

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