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industry news GW “If you look into a crystal ball, and you know revenue is going to drop, at least you know. If your revenue is going to fall 5 percent from this year to last year, how would you plan for it?” Record market prices can cover up a lot of mistakes and some bad management, according to Bevers. The rate of return on assets trend line looks a lot like the cattle market trend line, which leads to the question of whether cattle producers are at the mercy of the vulgarity of the cattle market? Bevers’ response is an astounding “sometimes, yes.” As far as cow-calf production KPIs, one of the most critical is the number of pounds weaned per cow exposed, which Bevers sets the general target at 460 pounds. While that figure may seem low, Bevers reminds producers that pounds weaned per cow exposed is taking into account the open females and ones that lost their calves before weaning, not just the females that weaned a calf. The calculation is explained as the total pounds weaned divided by all females that were exposed and intended to be bred. “If I’m seeing 400-pound weaning weight average at nine months of age, that really throws up a red flag. In that case, the rancher would benefit from doing something to increase weaning weights.”

Genetics obviously influence weaning weights, however, the weather is the number one influencer of weaning weights, followed by days of age, which points to the benefits of more calves being born at the beginning of the calving season. “Nearly 30 percent of the variation of the pounds weaned per cow exposed is the deviation from the average rainfall.” Bevers also lists out several other general rules of thumb for cow-calf production cost and revenue goals: •

The cost per hundredweight of weaned calf target should be less than $170/cwt

Revenue from breeding females should be greater than $900

The cost per female needs to be less than $861 per female

For the ranching operation to be running like a well-oiled machine, all personnel involved need to be focused on improving the efficiency and profit of the operation. Managing the cowherd like the business that it is, can help ensure the financial sustainability. While the ranching lifestyle is a perk of running cattle, economics is still king. D

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July 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World is the annual herd reference edition.

July 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World is the annual herd reference edition.