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out in the field GW be a win/win for everybody in the long run. Please read more about their program on page 16 of this issue of the Gelbvieh World.

Goal Setting and Preperation on the Farm or Ranch Now is the time to be planning and preparing to market calves that were born this spring. Due to increased cow numbers, it looks like there is going to be more calves available for sale than we have seen in recent years. If producers want to sell calves for more than the average price, they are going to have raise a better than average calf. The genetic selection has been done, and a high-quality set of calves is on the ground. What management practices have you implemented already, or have planned to be completed by the time you sell cattle to add additional value to the cattle? Consider what you can do to make your calves attractive and appealing to a greater number of potential buyers.

verifies management and production practices for value-added markets. These programs include source and age verification, NHTC (non-hormone treated cattle), and all-natural. If you haven’t done so already, read the “Over The Fence” article in the May 2018 issue of Gelbvieh World featuring Bobby Hendrickson. He is one of several cattle feeders that I have recently visited with who sees growth and opportunity in value-added markets. Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics are well positioned to work in these value-added programs because of their growth, efficiency, and versatility. As you think about your mission of raising cattle, consider what other people in the production cycle are buying from you, and ultimately what the global consumer is purchasing that originated from your farm or ranch. D

Preconditioning and vaccination should be a priority. Work with your veterinarian to develop a comprehensive health management program. Proper implementation of the program and proper administration of vaccines is critical to achieve a high level of immunity and protection against diseases. Be sure to give booster shots as recommended by the manufacturer to obtain the best results. In addition, castrate properly, and dehorn as needed. If you are weaning the calves, plan ahead so they have been weaned for a sufficient length of time before you ship them. I’m hearing more buyers saying they want calves weaned for a longer time. Between 30 and 45 days used to be the target, but more buyers are preferring to purchase and receive calves after a 45-60 day weaning period. Find out who is buying your calves and follow up with them to learn about the health and performance of your cattle after they have left your place. Taking an interest and genuinely caring about how your calves performed for the next owner may help you build a lasting relationship with a buyer, and may help you learn what you can do to improve. Process verified programs have been around for several years, and this is an area where I think there is growing potential for cow/calf producers to add value, and generate additional revenue. Participation requires third party certification that

Bull Sale • February 28, 2019 Top Quality, High Performing Balancer® and Gelbvieh Bulls sell, backed by a proven program. These bulls are thick muscled, grow fast, and are made for the commercial cattle operation. Jim Roelle 38330 CR 49 Peetz, CO 80747

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July 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World is the annual herd reference edition.

July 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World is the annual herd reference edition.