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JANUARY 13, 2019 BEEF PALACE AUCTION ARENA On The Hill • National Western Stock Show Denver, Colorado

Auctioneer: Ronn Cunningham Sale Management: SEEDSTOCK CONSULTANTS SPECIALIZED SALES 612 W. Franklin St., Ste. 12A, Richmond, VA 23220 Keith Kissee | Cell: 817.821.6263 Ph: 804.353.2220 | Fax: 804.353.2221 |

Judd Ranch 41 Gelbvieh, Balancer & Red Angus Bull Sale st


at the ranch, Pomona, Kansas • Saturday, March 2, at 12:00 noon 1 hour southwest of Kansas City


Judd Ranch has been honored as the #1 Dam of Merit Cowherd in the Gelbvieh Breed for 20 of the past 21 years, 1998–2018!


81 lb. average birth weight: 870 lb. actual weaning weight average on the sale bulls. Maternal cow power behind every sale bull.

100% of the Gelbvieh & Balancer sale bulls feature Judd Ranch honored Dam of Merit Genetics. Average Daily Gain of fall yearling bulls: 4.90 lbs/day! 231 black polled bulls sell

114 purebred Gelbvieh, 183 Balancer® & 15 purebred Red Angus bulls sell. 297 homozygous polled bulls sell. 46 of the 50 top selling bulls in the 2018 sale sold to commercial producers. Catalog online!

Visit our website •

312 Plus

Gelbvieh, Balancer® & Red Angus Bulls Sell

• 173+ 17-19 month old Bulls • 139+ 12-14 month old Bulls

Sale Consultant

Judd Ranch Inc. Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger, Brent & Ashley

423 Hwy. K-68 • Pomona, KS 66076 785/ 566-8371 or 785/566-3770

CATTLEMEN’S CONNECTION CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-800-743-0026 For Your JRI “Complete Package” Sale Catalog











There’s a new technology in the beef industry to help you check in on your cattle and manage them more efficiently. By Scott Holt, Allflex

22 Impressive Champion Lineup at the North American International Livestock Exposition Gelbvieh and Balancer® Show 32 Third Annual Gelbvieh Carcass Contest Results Released 36 AGA to Hold Special Membership Meeting 45 Additional Forms of Permanent Identification now Accepted by AGA

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Lynn Valentine

On the cover: Photo by Kelsi Christian

EDITOR: Rebecca Mettler “GELBVIEH WORLD” (ISSN 1084-5100), is published monthly except for February, June and September for $35 for one year. American Gelbvieh Association 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200, Broomfield, Colorado 80021-3993. Periodicals postage paid at Broomfield, Colorado and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER send address changes to: Gelbvieh World, 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200, Broomfield, Colorado 80021

2 | JANUARY 2019

Advancing Livestock Media Professionals


Here’s your first glimpse at the 48th Annual AGA National Convention! By Rebecca Mettler

14 Over the Fence with Allflex


10 Raising the Bar in Nashville





January 2019, Volume 33, Number 5


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Gelbvieh and Balancer® Fit the Bill

View from the Board by President John Carrel


State of the Association

From the Corner Office by Megan Slater

16 New Goals for a New Year

Communication Message by Rebecca Mettler

20 Reflecting and Moving Forward

Junior Voice by Kallie Mattison

30 Grazing Fall Pairs on Cornstalks

Commercial Corner Post by Karla H. Jenkins, UNL Cow-calf Systems and Stocker Management

34 What You Need to Know for 2019 Herd Assessments

ASSOCIATION STAFF Megan Slater Interim Executive Director (ex. 485) Tom Strahm Commercial Marketing Director 785-547-7999 Taylor Buckley Data Service Coordinator (ex. 479) Will Fiske Breed Growth Specialist 540-414-4833

Lynn Valentine Gelbvieh Media Productions Coordinator/Graphic Design (ex. 486) Rebecca Mettler Editorial Content Coordinator 940-255-5471 Kelsi Christian Mulitmedia Coordinator (ex. 482)

Registry Tips ‘N Tricks by Taylor Buckley

46 Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Crossbred Cow

350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 • Broomfield, CO 80021 Main phone: 303-465-2333 • Fax: 303-465-2339 • Facebook: American Gelbvieh Association Instagram: americangelbvieh

Data Bulletin by Tonya Amen, Ph.D., AGA Breed Improvement Consultant



EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John Carrel, President (2017) Columbus, MT • 406-322-5991 Dan McCarty, Vice President (2018) Rifle, CO • 970-481-5217

Walter Teeter, Treasurer (2016) Mt. Ulla, NC • 704-236-7980

DIRECTORS Dustin Aherin (2018) Phillipsburg, KS • 785-302-1252 Todd Bickett, DVM (2019) Chickamauga, GA • 423-667-3799

Lori Maude (2019) Hermosa, SD • 303-809-3789 Andrea Murray (2019) Kingfisher, OK • 405-368-9601

Leland Clark (2017) Barnard, KS • 785-792-6244

Lowell Rogers, DVM (2018) Seminary, MS • 601-270-4152

Doug Hughes (2017) Max Meadows, VA • 276-620-4271

Randy Sienknecht (2019) Gladbrook, IA • 319-290-3763

Jeff Loveless (2018) Spanish Fork, UT • 801-623-8308

Jeff Swanson (2019) Oxford, NE • 308-290-3763

Derek Martin (2018) Bucklin, KS • 620-397-6752

4 | JANUARY 2019

Klint Sickler, Secretary (2017) Gladstone, ND • 701-483-5250

Denver and the SELLING THREE Black Hills Stock Show. OF OUR BEST!

Look us up in

Selling choice of these two outstanding females. YOU get to decide. National Sale January 13. LAZY TV MS REVELATION F111

Reg Number 1419062 Sire: Connealy Revelation Dam: Lazy TV Ms Alumni D133 BA25 • Homo Polled, Homo Black BW -0.4 WW 64 YW 104 MK 23 REA 0.56 MB 0.63


Reg Number 1418307 Sire: Bieber Hard Drive Y120 Dam: Lazy TV Ms Factor B227 BA25 • Homo Polled BW 0.1 WW 74 YW 113 MK 25 REA 0.32 MB 0.37


Reg Number 1418184 Sire: Bieber Hard Drive Dam: Lazy TV Lainey B004 BA38 • Homo Polled • RFI: -1.48 BW -0.7 WW 80 YW 121 MK 22 REA 0.50 MB 0.46


38th AnnuAl







605-850-9390 12980 Cedar Rd, Selby, SD 57472


605-649-9927 VWTHOR@SBTC.NET


GW view from the board

Gelbvieh and Balancer® Fit the Bill By John Carrel


nevitably while visiting at cattle functions, like our recent American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) National Convention, the topic turns to comparing cattle in different environments. There are folks from all geographic regions represented and on one side of the table they are talking about running one cow to the acre and on the other side they are talking about one cow to 50 plus acres. What I glean from this is that the cow, especially the Gelbvieh cow, is a very adaptable creature. Yes, moving from one extreme environment to another requires some adjustment but given time and proper management the cow is able to make the transition.

It is important that we as breeders and as an association promote the versatility of the Gelbvieh cow. Since many of our summer pastures are large, we are sometimes forced to run different breeds across the fence from each other or—not in breeding season—run them all together. During the hot summer months, I consistently notice the Gelbvieh cattle stay out longer than the other breeds before shading up for the day. They also emerge from under the trees earlier to begin their evening graze before the other breeds. I know this is just one subtle example but, every breeder probably has one of those subtle examples tucked away somewhere that fits their geographic region. Another area that Gelbvieh excel is longevity. My Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle last in the herd the longest by quite a lot. When getting home from Nashville, I had quite the Dr. Seuss looking pile of mail on my desk. On top was the latest Western Ag Reporter. When I opened it, out dropped a Gelbvieh flyer. It is a nice flyer reiterating what I have been talking about in this article. However, one of the testimonials especially caught my eye. The testimonial read: “These Balancers are one of the best-kept secrets in the cattle industry.” I absolutely agree, but WHY? We as breeders, along

6 | JANUARY 2019

with the association, need to turn Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle into the industry norm and not a secret! I was talking to some commercial producers at one of our recent calf deliveries and they were bemoaning two situations that were bothering them in regards to their particular operations. The first was cows dropping out of the herd due to being open when they were 3 to 5 year olds. This is when they should be weaning their best calves and when they are just starting to pay for themselves. It appeared to me they were fighting both a fertility and longevity battle. As breeders of Gelbvieh cattle we all know that these are two areas where Gelbvieh excel. After tactfully telling them this, they seemed surprised. Once again, why is this such a secret? It is not for lack of promotional information, but for some reason we are just not getting through to the commercial producer. Their other situation was not weaning enough pounds. They understood crossbreeding and hybrid vigor but were not using it. When I tried to coax them into trying a Gelbvieh or Balancer bull they said they wanted to stay black. I explained to them that they could with Gelbvieh and Balancer. Why is it that after all these years of genetic advancement, many commercial producers have a certain image of Gelbvieh cattle? It is something that is hard to wrap your head around and I think is the number one thing impeding our breed’s acceptability and sustainability. We as breeders need to continue to dispel the industry’s preconceived notion of Gelbvieh. Many facets of the breed are continually improving and are in lockstep with what the commercial producer wants; we must continue to deliver the message. D

GW from the corner office

State of the Association


et’s think back to the 45th Annual AGA National Convention in 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. It was the first AGA convention held outside of the National Western Stock Show in several years and the convention theme of “Moving at the Speed of Change” was very fitting. In fact, you could say the AGA hasn’t stopped changing and progressing since then! The 2017-2018 year was certainly another year of change for the AGA as we continue to evolve in a modern beef industry. The AGA saw new and exciting changes in the areas of genetic evaluation and we continue to see an upward trend of breed acceptance within the beef industry. By far, the biggest event of 2018 was AGA’s transition to the single-step multi-breed genetic evaluation powered by BOLT. This new method of genetic evaluation better utilizes genomic information by incorporating the genotypes directly into the evaluation all while being able to carry out weekly evaluations. Producers are now receiving more value from their investment in genomic testing with these BOLT-powered expected progeny differences (EPDs) that now more accurately describe Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle. The movement away from biannual genetic evaluations to weekly evaluations is a momentous advancement and one that AGA members should be excited to be a part of. In the summer of 2018, the AGA was also excited to announce the new partnership with IMI Global and release Balancer® Edge, a source and age verification program for feeder cattle sired by Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls. The Balancer® Edge program requires a minimum of 75 percent of the sires used on an operation to be registered Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls, and these bulls must be a minimum of 25 percent Gelbvieh genetics. By offering a feeder calf tag program, the AGA is able to expand its tools and

8 | JANUARY 2019

services that help members and their customers promote and market their cattle. In addition, Gelbvieh and Balancer® bulls were accepted for use in the Integrity Beef Alliance program in May 2018. The Integrity Beef Alliance simplifies cow-calf producer management decisions and increases the marketability of calves through the production of high-quality, uniform, preconditioned cattle. Gelbvieh and Balancer’s access into this program is a small step to not only continuing to gain industry-wide acceptance, but to also gain market share. Serving the commercial bull customers continues to be AGA’s focus as we move into the future and is necessary for demand-driven growth. In addition to new programs like Balancer® Edge, the AGA continues to grow existing programs and services such as Feeder Finder and Smart Select Service. Focused efforts to communicate AGA programs to the commercial cattle industry continue through the further expansion of the Profit Picture mailing list, a focus on commercial herd visits, and services to those bull customers.


erving the commercial bull customers continues to be AGA’s focus as we move into the future and is necessary for demand-driven growth.

AGA’s financial position is an important piece in AGA’s ability to accomplish the goals of the strategic plan, which continues to be the roadmap for the AGA’s future. The AGA closed out the 2017-2018 year with one of the highest revenue totals in AGA recent history and the fourth straight year of a net cash position. The American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) continues their work in serving the AGA membership and is working to ensure a strong financial position for Gelbvieh for years to come. The AGF finance committee continues to work with the AGF’s financial advisers to responsibly handle AGF investment funds.

from the corner office GW are invited to learn more about the organization and be a part of the plans that are sure to take us well into the future.

In addition, the AGF recently began their fourth annual Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail contest to provide a platform for valuable carcass data and is an additional revenue source for the Foundation. The 48th Annual AGA National Convention was one of the biggest conventions in AGA recent history. The national convention is AGA’s biggest event of the year and is where we take time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, but more importantly to make decisions impacting where AGA and the breed are headed in the future. All AGA members are encouraged to make plans to attend future annual conventions and be a part of the future decisions and history-making moments of the AGA.


Megan Slater Interim Executive Director

In addition to attending convention, members are also encouraged to become more active and involved with the AGA. The association has always prided itself on being a grassroots organization and this is only successful when the members become involved. Whether it is serving on a committee, or one day serving on the AGA Board of Directors, all members

Mark your calendars for

THE SELECT CUT ONLINE FEMALE SALE High Quality Bred Heifers, Cow/calf Pairs and Bulls will be available.

KWCG E1703 • AMGV 1374713 This Black Impact Daughter Sells! Due to calve January to ABS EXAR STUD 4658B

JDFR Gin Gin D56 AMGV 1362909 She Sells!


Online auction with:

Purebred Quality, Performance and Maternal Traits. Justin Ridenhour (704-239-4032) Salisbury, NC 28144

MARCH 14, 2019

Ms Hero 122Y • AMGV 1205841 She Sells! Due to calve January to Davidson Jackpot 74Z

CHAMBERS GELBVIEH CATTLE Purebred & Balancers Ken Chambers 336-707-3822



GW 48th Annual AGA National Convention

Raising the Bar in Nashville By Rebecca Mettler

Wednesday night’s Kickoff Reception featured live entertainment by Bradley Brassfield, a Nashvillebased singer. Early on Thursday morning the group loaded up on charter buses and took an hour drive to the University of Tennessee’s Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center to tour the bull test station and learn more about the program.


merican Gelbvieh Association members and Gelbvieh and Balancer® stakeholders gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 28-30, 2018, during the 48th Annual AGA National Convention, themed “Meeting Modern Industry Demands: Raising the Bar.” Important association business was conducted, brainstorming for the future of the Gelbvieh and Balancer breed took place, and attendees were able to add in a little fun to their trip to Music City.

The convention, sponsored by GeneSeek® and SweetPro® Premium Feed Supplements, was a wellattended event with 94 AGA members from 20 states and one Canadian province, which placed this year’s attendance above last year’s convention in Wichita, Kansas. Board of director meetings were the first official events of the convention, followed by the Opening General Session. Members were welcomed to convention by Scott Starr, AGA president, and AGA Interim Executive Director Megan Slater gave her state of the association address.

Committee meetings were held on Wednesday afternoon and the breed improvement and member education joint meeting was held on Friday morning. This year, committee meetings were well attended and members provided robust dialog regarding important matters of association business.

10 | JANUARY 2019

On Friday, the AGA took an afternoon to focus on the commercial beef industry during the fourth annual Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup educational symposium, this year sponsored by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and National Corn Growers Association. Darrh Bullock, Ph.D., extension professor, University of Kentucky, kicked off the event giving an overview of the importance of hybrid vigor and proper bull selection. Kevin Thompson, director at the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center provided the group with some valuable information regarding heifer development. The event was capped off with Craig Uden, Darr Feedlot, Inc., and NCBA immediate past

president. He discussed ways to add value to calves and provided an update on the state of the beef industry.

48th Annual AGA National Convention GW Everyone got to experience Nashville on Thursday night when the convention moved downtown for the Bull Pen Session, which was held at the Nashville Underground on Lower Broadway. It was a fun and informal night of seeing, hearing, and tasting all that Nashville has to offer. SweetPro even sponsored live music for the event! During the breed improvement and member education joint committee meeting on Friday morning, attendees learned about utilizing Allflex’s tissue sampling units, how to properly collect a DNA sample and other updates surrounding the genetic evaluation and data collection.

The AGA Annual Membership Meeting was held on Friday afternoon and included the election of five candidates to the AGA Board of Directors (see page 18 for full details). The convention concluded with the awards banquet sponsored by the American Gelbvieh Foundation. Recipients of the AGA Commercial Producer of the Year, Gale Rippey, Virginia, and the AGA Breeder for the Year, Warner Beef Genetics, Nebraska where honored. Al and Mary Knapp, Kansas, were inducted into the AGA Hall of Fame. Winners of the 2018 AGF Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Contest were also announced. The AGA would like to thank all the members and industry partners who attended the 48th Annual AGA National Convention. Complete coverage of the convention will appear in the March 2018 edition of Gelbvieh World. As a final thought, it’s not too early to put the 49th Annual AGA National Convention on the calendar. You won’t want to miss it! The AGA is headed to Billings Montana, on December 4-6, 2019! D



GW information exchange January Office Closures

2019 International Year Code

The AGA office will be closed on Tuesday, January 1 for New Year’s Day. The AGA will resume regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Wednesday, January 2.

The 2019 international code is “G”. All 2019-born calves registered with the AGA must use the letter “G” in the tattoo.

The AGA office will also be closed on Thursday, January 10, and Monday, January 14, for Gelbvieh events at the National Western Stock Show.

Reach 10 Million Head of Beef Cattle The Profit Picture magazine has the largest circulation of any AGA publication with over 50,000 beef producers who own over 10 million head of beef cattle across the nation receiving a copy. It’s the perfect place to advertise your upcoming sale. A February mail drop means that it’s in potential customers’ hands in plenty of time to attend your sale. Contact Lynn Valentine at for more information.

Visit the AGA at the NCBA Trade Show The AGA will be at the NCBA Trade Show in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 30 to February 1, 2019 at the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show hosted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. The AGA will be in the IGS multi-breed booth, which is listed as booth 2557 Come by and visit with AGA staff to learn about the services provided by the AGA to help your operation succeed.

Be in the Know when Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle Sell Check out the Sales and Events Calendar on so you don’t miss a single sale.

Advertise Your Sale with an Email Blast

WANTED: Sale Reports

Advertise your upcoming sale or event, top lots or program with a Gelbvieh email blast. Emails are sent to almost 3,000 email addresses, including breeders, commercial producers, and industry professionals throughout the country. Send in an existing ad or have Gelbvieh Media Productions design one for you.

Don’t forget to send the AGA your sale reports. Sale reports are featured in the Gelbvieh World and are posted online on the AGA website under the Marketing tab. Email sale reports to Rebecca Mettler at

The calendar fills up quickly during sale season, so be sure to contact Lynn Valentine at lynnv@gelbvieh. org or Kelsi Christian at to schedule yours today.

Finding a Ultrasound Guidelines Council Certified Ultrasound Technician Near You The American Gelbvieh Association encourages members to collect and submit carcass ultrasound data for inclusion in genetic evaluation and EPD calculations.

For assistance in marketing or purchasing Gelbvieh, Balancer ® or Southern Balancer ® bulls, females and feeder cattle, contact:

Tom Strahm Commercial Marketing Director

Will Fiske Breed Growth Specialist (785) 547-7999 (C) (540) 414-4833 (C)

12 | JANUARY 2019

information exchange GW Official ultrasound barnsheets can be printed from the AGA Online Registry Service and a list of certified ultrasound technicians can be found at the bottom of the Data Collection & Traits page under the Genetic Technology tab on

Herd Assessments Available Annual herd assessments are now available in the AGA Online Registry Service. Completed herd assessments are due March 15, 2019. Please contact the AGA office with any questions.

New Members

Requested Member Data Breeding Data

• •

Breeding date Exposure data for first-calf heifers

Birth Data

• • • • •

Birth date and weight Sex Color Horned, polled or scurred status Management group designation (if managed separately) Calving ease score Dam docility score Dam udder score

• • • Weaning Data

• • • • • • • • •

Yearling Data

• • • •

Weaning weight and date Management group designation (if managed separately) Sire verify any calves resulting from multi-sire pastures Submit DNA samples for genomic EPDs on current calves Dispose of inventory females if pregnancy check status is open and weaning data has been submitted Enter castration date for bulls changing to steers Docility Dam weight at weaning Dam body condition score

The AGA and AGJA would like to welcome the following new members to the Gelbvieh associations in November 2018. AGA Members Stoney Creek Livestock, Carrington, N.D. TMT Gelbvieh, Dixon, Mo. J&K Cattle-N-Quarter Horse, Cole Camp. Mo. Robert Davis, Republic, Mo. R & D Owen Farms, Eddyvile, Ky. Freeman Farms, Deepwater, Mo. C-Spade Cattle Company, Shelby, Ohio AGJA Members Kolton H Phillips, Cole Camp, Mo.

Yearling date and weight Bull scrotal circumference Management group designation (if managed separately) Ultrasound data Preferred age window: 320 to 480 days; Schedule ultrasound scanning at least 3 weeks prior to sale or catalog deadlines especially during busy bull sale season. Sale catalog extract Can be requested ahead of production sale for catalog designer, please allow at least two business days.



GW over the fence

Over the Fence with Allflex By Scott Holt, North American Marketing Manager, Allflex


his month, we’re changing things up and taking our Over the Fence article to Allflex’s backyard where we asked Scott Holt to educate us on a new technology that was touched upon during our Fourth Annual Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup at the American Gelbvieh Association National Convention in late-November 2018.

Cow monitoring for beef As a market leader, Allflex started researching cow monitoring in an effort to move the needle on identification products and producer needs. It was clear that the future of animal management would include

Bull Barn Genetics

For all your AI needs:

more sophisticated products and that quest was initiated in early 2013. Late in 2014, Allflex purchased SCR Dairy, a cow monitoring company that had years of experience in monitoring dairy cattle. As this purchase was finalized, the goal was to take the technology to other segments of the industry with beef being the first. After extensive research to add beef monitoring, it was launched in the summer of 2018 as SenseHub Beef. This new monitoring solution designed exclusively for beef cattle farms, delivers actionable information on the reproduction, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups. A smart and modular solution, SenseHub Beef supports both artificial insemination and natural breeding farms (cow-calf operations), for both penned and grazing cows. A high-tech ear tag is applied to the animal and in roughly 10 days, actionable data is available on the animal. This ear tag communicates with an antenna, specific to the system and as the animals come into range, data is synchronized. Each antenna can read roughly 40 acres and multiple antennas can be used covering larger areas. (Tags have a 3-year life and can be used on different animals.)

More calves and increased peace of mind • Gelbvieh

• Salers

• Angus

• Shorthorn

• Red Angus

• Dairy

• Simmental

• Charolais

• Club Calf

• Hereford

• • • • • •

Sheaths Gloves Cito Thaw Units Tanks A.I. Kits Arm Service

Eldon & Kathy Starr

210 Starr Dr • Stapleton, NE 69163 • 800-535-6173

14 | JANUARY 2019

SenseHub Beef enables unmatched cow reproduction and health management, empowering beef cattle producers to significantly increase the number of calves produced on their operations. Precise cycling information, including highly accurate heat detection, detection of anestrus cows, and cows suspected for abortion, makes breeding more cost-effective and less laborious. Farms that use artificial insemination benefit from precise guidance on insemination timing. In

over the fence GW natural breeding herds, knowing when a cow’s last heat was, as recorded in the system, helps to predict the calving date instead of relying on pregnancy checks only.

All elements in the solution can be expanded or changed to fit evolving needs. D

Accurate health reports provide actionable insight on each cow for proactive, individualized health management. This is particularly effective for optimizing the health and wellbeing of the cows during the crucial breeding, calving and weaning phases.

Where does it work?

To improve producers’ overall quality of life, SenseHub Beef is accessible from any mobile device, anywhere at any time. This, together with real-time alerts for incidents like heat or cow distress, alleviates producers’ fear of missing an important event. Likewise, it provides them with the freedom and peace of mind to step away from the farm and perform other activities.

Next, producers move on to young cows, recipients or the whole herd.

Additional benefits At every operation we’re finding added benefits on an individualized basis. From scheduling, to employee compliance and certainly lifestyle advantages, the system is advancing the management benefits beyond the information provided by the system itself. For example, if the system is telling you there are only four heifers in heat at the “South Place”, then you can send one person to AI those animals and be covered, enabling others to take on different tasks for the day. Another example is after a set of heifers goes past their breeding date and no heat activity is seen, they can be managed differently and possibly moved to a remote pasture, knowing they should be bred to their AI date.

Most beef producers start with heifers. By starting with heifers, it’s a management group that is usually utilizing AI or in some sort of confined environment.

Where doesn’t it work? Big rolling pastures, areas without internet, and areas without power. The reality is it will work anywhere a producer wants it to work, as there are technology options for most areas including solar, longdistance communication equipment, etc.

Flexible, high-performing, and suited to evolving business needs Powered by Allflex’s market-proven, sophisticated algorithms to analyze behavior based on activity, rumination, eating and other key cow states, SenseHub Beef brings a contemporary data-driven management approach to the beef cattle sector. “Producers are finding significant advantages with our systems and improving their management, as well as their lifestyle. This is a deal changer for producers who want the advantage of new but proven technology for the beef business,” says Andy Dorn, beef segment manager for Allflex Livestock Intelligence. Versatile by nature, Sensehub Beef offers a choice of varied application plan levels, upfront and subscription-based payment options, and user devices. GELBVIEH WORLD |


GW communication message

New Goals for a New Year

review your marketing strategies, especially since spring sale season is coming up rather quickly. 3. Make strong financial plans. I’m not trying to sound like a Debbie Downer, but we never know for certain which way the cattle market is going to go. Making wise financial decisions in both good and hard times can make life easier.

By Rebecca Mettler


tarting a new year is refreshing. It’s a time for reflecting on the past year and setting resolutions for the new one. I’d be remiss if I said I didn’t set goals and resolutions for myself both personally and professionally. For instance, I’d like to become a more efficient time manager, my husband and son would probably prefer if I were a little bit more patient, and I continue to search for ways to become better at my job. From the farm and ranch side of things, I don’t have nearly the years of experience or the level of experience in production agriculture as most of you all do. However, I’d like to think my time spent in the industry and on my family’s farm gives me a place to start. I’ve simply jotted down a few broad goals for producers to get them thinking of ways to make a difference on the farm or ranch. 1.


Learn something new. Is there an area of your operation that could benefit from you learning something new? Maybe touch up on forage management, or advanced reproductive technologies, or maybe your trip to the AGA convention got you thinking about a place for improvement. Review your marketing and advertising plan. The beginning of the year is a great time to

Production Schedule Gelbvieh World The Profit Picture


Do something new to promote the beef industry. Take advantage of social media, write a letter to the editor of your local paper, or take part in ag day to educate youth if your local schools participate in such an event. Everyone in the beef industry must do their part to share the positive story of beef!


Don’t forget about yourself! Keeping yourself healthy is the only way you can expect to have a successful year at home and on the farm or ranch.


Get Away. It’s important to take time away from the ranch. I vividly remember growing up that our family vacations involved bull sales, which meant it was still a business trip for my dad and mom. Dont get me wrong, I understand why they did that and I love that aspect of my childhood. However, I’m sure that being in business mode 24/7 is tough on my parents, but they are fully dedicated to what they do: raising cattle.

I know this isn’t an exhaustive to-do list for ranch management, but start thinking about ways you can personalize this to meet your family and ranch’s needs. I hope 2019 brings you good luck and productivity! D

April Gelbvieh World Herd Management/AI Sires Ad deadline: March 4

January Gelbvieh World Breeding Reference Guide Ad deadline: December 3 February Profit Picture Commercial Issue Ad deadline: December 28

May Gelbvieh World Herd Health/Nutrition & Feeding Ad deadline: April 3

September Gelbvieh World Seedstock Marketing Ad deadline: August 1 October Profit Picture Commercial Issue Ad deadline: September 4

June-July Gelbvieh World Herd Reference Edition Ad deadline: May 30

November Gelbvieh World The Gelbvieh Cow Ad deadline: October 2

March Gelbvieh World Annual Gelbvieh Convention/NWSS Ad deadline: February 4

August Gelbvieh World Junior Programs Ad deadline: July 1

December Gelbvieh World AGA Convention Preview Ad deadline: November 4

16 | JANUARY 2019

staff update GW Fiske Joins American Gelbvieh Association Staff


he American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) is pleased to announce and welcome Will Fiske as the breed growth specialist.

In this role, Fiske will be involved with data analysis projects, assist the AGA marketing team’s efforts to further grow demand for Gelbvieh and Balancer®-influenced cattle, and facilitate and increase the use of AGA’s commercial cowherd database, Smart Select Service. “I’m truly honored and excited to serve the membership of the AGA and work with such an excellent team. I look forward to connecting our members and their customers with profitable opportunities in today’s beef industry through technologies and markets,” Fiske said.

a nutritional supplementation study. His thesis work includes the development of a genetic evaluation for a Bos indicus cattle breed (Afrikaner) in South Africa. Most recently, he served as a contractor with American Angus Association’s Angus Genetics Inc., collecting and analyzing foot data in Angus herds across the country.


’m truly honored and excited to serve the membership of the AGA and work with such an excellent team. I look forward to connecting our members and their customers with profitable opportunities in today’s beef industry through technologies and markets.”

“We are excited to have Will joining the AGA team. His expertise and industry experience are sure to be an asset for the AGA as we continue to become a progressive breed association in today’s modern beef industry,” said Megan Slater, AGA interim executive director. Fiske will begin fulltime with the AGA on January 2, 2019, and will be based in Manhattan, Kansas. Fiske can be reached at 303-465-2333 or via email at will@ D

A native of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Fiske grew up in the commercial cow-calf and stocker business. Taking an active role in 4-H and FFA as well as serving as a junior board director of the National Junior Angus Association also encouraged his passion for the beef industry. With bachelor’s degrees in agribusiness and animal science from Virginia Tech, Fiske managed a heifer research and development facility before pursuing a master’s degree in animal breeding and genetics at Kansas State University. While at Kansas State, Fiske was involved with projects that assessed structural soundness of purebred cattle. Additionally, Fiske was involved with GELBVIEH WORLD |


GW AGA board of directors

American Gelbvieh Association Elects Leadership


embers of the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) elected five candidates to the board of directors at the annual membership meeting held November 30, 2018, during the 48th Annual AGA National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Newly elected board members are Todd Bickett, Chickamauga, Georgia, and Lori Maude, Hermosa, South Dakota. Re-elected to serve a second term was Andrea Murray, Kingfisher, Oklahoma; Randy Sienknecht, Gladbrook, Iowa; and Jeff Swanson, Oxford, Nebraska. The AGA Board of Directors also elected individuals to serve in leadership positions on the executive committee for 2019. John Carrel, Columbus, Montana, was elected as AGA president.

Dan McCarty, Rifle, Colorado was elected vice president. Klint Sickler, Gladstone, North Dakota, was re-elected secretary; and Walter Teeter, Mount Ulla, North Carolina was re-elected treasurer. Other members of the AGA Board of Directors are: Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kansas; Leland Clark, Barnard, Kansas; Doug Hughes, Max Meadows, Virginia; Jeff Loveless, Spanish Fork, Utah; Derek Martin, Bucklin, Kansas; and Lowell Rogers, Seminary, Mississippi. Retiring members of the 2018 AGA Board of Directors were Scott Starr, Stapleton, Nebraska, who served as president in 2017 and 2018; and Dennis Gustin, Mandan, North Dakota. The AGA would like to thank these members for their years of service on the AGA Board of Directors. D

The American Gelbvieh Association elected directors and officers for 2019 during its national convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Front row (left to right): Interim Executive Director Megan Slater, Broomfield, Colo.; Secretary Klint Sickler, Gladstone, N.D.; President John Carrel, Columbus, Mont.; Vice President Dan McCarty, Rifle, Colo.; Treasurer Walter Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Back row (left to right): Lori Maude, Hermosa, S.D.; Leland Clark, Barnard, Kan.; Derek Martin, Bucklin, Kan.; Jeff Loveless, Spanish Fork, Utah; Jeff Swanson, Oxford, Neb.; Doug Hughes, Max Meadows, Va.; Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan.; Lowell Rogers, Seminary, Miss.; Andrea Murray, Kingfisher, Okla. Not pictured are Todd Bickett, Chickamauga, Ga., and Randy Sienknecht, Gladbrook, Iowa

18 | JANUARY 2019

Bar arrow Cattle Company

InCreasIng marBlIng

InCreasIng rIBeye

InCreasIng FpI

perFormanCe maternal aBIlIty CarCass puttIng the whole paCkage together


March 12, 2019 • At the Ranch

Stuart Jarvis 26 E. Limestone Rd. Phillipsburg, KS 67661 e-mail: 785/543-5177

GW junior connection

Reflecting and Moving Forward By Kallie Mattison


ate fall and early spring seem to be the busiest time of year for us cattlemen and women. As we wrap up the season of major junior and open shows where breeders showcase their animals with superior phenotypic qualities, we quickly transition to the season where annual bull and heifer sales take up every available weekend. Although it may be fun and exciting to jump ahead and think about the genetics you’ll add to your herd, it is important to reflect on the accomplishments and the memories that came with the events in 2018. Whether it was your most successful year yet, or a year of learning what you can improve upon, there is value in each experience. Keep on growing and showing! Last year was another year of superior bulls and females that represented the Gelbvieh breed well at various shows. Alongside these elite animals in the show ring are high quality exhibitors and breeders who represent the breed with grace that makes me proud to represent the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA). On behalf of the AGJA Board of Directors, I would like to thank those who support our organization through donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers each year. I know that each junior

Gelbvieh event could not be held without the help of supporters like you. Your contributions are put towards building a solid future for the beef industry. I look forward with optimism on the year ahead for the AGJA. This month, the AGJA Board of Directors will take the trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, to hold the AGJA spring board meeting in conjunction with the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show hosted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. The event, which will take place January 30 through February 1, will be an opportunity for us to join 9,000 other cattlemen and women for three days of networking, fellowship, education, and business at this conference. The trade show consists of 6.5 acres of booths exhibiting various demonstrations, businesses, and equipment. I am so excited to learn, grow, and advocate with my fellow board members and to bring new ideas to the association. May this next year be blessed with hard-earned success and many fun memories! I am very excited for what this next year has in store for our breed and look forward to seeing you all in Lebanon, Tennessee, for the 2019 Music City Showdown July 7 through 12, 2019! D

Grace Vehige, President (2017) Billings, MO • Emily Schilling, Adult Advisor Kendallville, IN • 260-242-1552 Andrea Murray, Adult Advisor Kingfisher, OK • 405-368-9601

Grady Hammer, Vice President (2017) Wallace, KS • Colton Ivers, V.P. of Leadership (2018) Austin, MN • Anna Ring, Secretary (2017) Oregon, IL • Danielle (Dani) Stock, Treasurer (2018) Waukon, IA •

20 | JANUARY 2019

Jacob Barwick (2018) Orleans, NE • Wyatt Forbes (2017) DeSmet, SD • Kallie Mattison (2017) Lamberton, MN • Alexx (Lexi) Starr (2018) Stapleton, NE • Jesse Henson, Ex-Officio (2018) Canton, N.C. •

Support the AGJA members by purchasing 2019 AGJA Donation Heifer Raffle Tickets

Special thank you to Rippe Gelbvieh for donating the AGJA Fundraiser Heifer! All proceeds benefit AGJA Programs Drawing takes place during the AGA National Sale, Sunday, January 13, 2019 Tickets are $10 each or $50 for 6 tickets Contact an American Gelbvieh Junior Association member for tickets or clip this ticket and return with payment to the AGA office by January 9, 2019 at: 350 Interlocken Blvd., Suite 200, Broomfield, CO 80021 Name: _____________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ City: ____________________ State: _________ Zip: __________ Phone: ____________________________________________ Number of tickets: _____

Clip and return to the AGA office by January 9, 2019

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female Gelbvieh Champion Spring Heifer Calf GGGE 3G Frankly My Dear 8100F Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer SKYC BCFG-SKYS Eleanor 282E Casey Martin, Oregon, Ill. Sire: JRI Pistol Pete 214A44

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Gelbvieh Champion Junior Bull GHGF Quick Draw 31E1 ET Green Hills Gelbvieh, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: GHGF Young Gun C310

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Gelbvieh Champion Senior Bull HILC All Star 500D Cody Moore, Fountain Run, Ky. Sire: FMGF Blue’s Impact 001X

Impressive Champion Lineup at the North American International Livestock Exposition Gelbvieh and Balancer® Show Results by Taylor Buckley Photos by Linde’s Livestock Photography


he North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) Gelbvieh and Balancer® show took place at the 2018 NAILE on Thursday, November 15, 2018. Randy Daniel, Colbert, Georgia, evaluated the 21 Gelbvieh females, 23 Balancer females, seven

22 | JANUARY 2019

Gelbvieh bulls, and nine Balancer bulls. Browse through the following pages to view pictures of the champion animals and top three placings in each class for both the Gelbvieh and Balancer shows. D

Grand Champion Balancer Female Balancer Champion Senior Heifer GHGF Delilah 655D Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: Gambles Hot Rod 9620

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female Balancer Champion Junior Heifer RAAB BCFG Ms. Evangeline 413E ET Aidan Raab, Markle, Ind. Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077

Grand Champion Balancer Bull Balancer Champion Junior Bull Calf GGGE 3G Frontier Justice 829F Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Agustus 317A

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull Balancer Champion Junior Bull SKYC SKYS Encore 7086E Casey Martin, Oregon, Ill. Sire: SKYM Foreman 2002Z

No Photo Available

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Spring Heifer Calf BCFG Butler’s Sunview 534F Butler Creek Farms, Milton, Tenn. Sire: BCFG Butlers Red Oak 908W

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer Calf CIRS 119F Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind.



No Photo Available

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf TRAY Fiona 804F Taylor Ray, Glasgow, Ky. Sire: PMFG Challenger 556C

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Heifer Calf BCFG Butlers Ms Esmeralda 134E Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo. Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71Z

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf HIGH Ms Emma 9E100 ET Jacie Carroll, Raymore, Mo. Sire: JRI Pop A Top 197T83

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Heifer CBX BCFG Ruth’s Reflection ET E729 Caitlin Griffin, Westminster, S.C. Sire: JKGF Reflex X4 ET

Balancer Champion Spring Heifer Calf GGGE 3G Faintly Saintly ET 852F Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Centurion E527C

Balancer Champion Junior Heifer Calf JMTG Annette 106F Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: CCC Paycheck Z15

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf LARA Heart Breaker ET FK010 Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio Sire: Schiefelbein Effective 61

Balancer Champion Senior Heifer Calf HIGH Ms Emily 9E91 ET Alexandria Raab, Markle, Ind. Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71Z

GELBVIEH FEMALES Gelbvieh Spring Heifer Calf

GV Class 1

April 15, 2018 1. GGGE 3G Frankly My Dear 8100F, Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

GV Class 2

March 3 to March 21, 2018 1. BCFG Butler’s Sunview 534F, Butler Creek Farms, Milton, Tenn., Sire: BCFG Butlers Red Oak 908W; 2. CIRS 5F, Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan., Sire: GHGF Young Gun C310 Gelbvieh Junior Heifer Calf

GV Class 5

February 24, 2018 1. TRAY Fiona 804F, Taylor Ray, Glasgow, Ky., Sire: PMFG Challenger 556C

24 | JANUARY 2019

GV Class 6

January 16 to January 28, 2018 1. CIRS 119F, Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan., Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8; 2. MDR Fancy Free 813F, Dobson Ranch, Kaw City, Okla., Sire: JRI Next Step 28572; 3. LGNR Ms Adrain, Bee Lick Gelbvieh Farm, Crab Orchard, Ky., Sire: LKSG Bee Lick Brant 058B Gelbvieh Senior Heifer Calf

GV Class 9

November 12 to November 24, 2017 1. PMFG Sweet Expectations 766E, Clayton Jones, Glasgow, Ky., Sire: PMFG Challenger 556C; 2. LGNR Ms Lydia E799, Bee Lick Gelbvieh Farm, Crab Orchard, Ky., Sire: CRRF X54

GV Class 10

September 1 to September 13, 2017 1. BCFG Butlers Ms Esmeralda 134E, Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo., Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71; 2. HIGH Ms Emma 9E100 ET, Jacie Carroll, Raymore, Mo., Sire: JRI Pop a Top 197T83; 3. AMT 98E, Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: GHGF Shear Force 81A Gelbvieh Junior Heifer

GV Class 13

March 5 to March 25, 2017 1. CBX BCFG Ruth’s Reflection ET E729, Caitlyn Griffin, Westminster, S.C., Sire: JKGF Reflex X4 ET; 2. GHGF Zelda 20E, Green Hills Gelbvieh, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: GHGF Young Gun C310; 3. CIRS Z44E, Sadie Morris,

Batesville, Miss., Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

GV Class 14

February 19, 2017 1. CIRS 22YE, Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan., Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

GV Class 15

January 23 to January 30, 2017 1. SKYC BCFG-SKYS Eleanor 282E, Casey Martin, Oregon, Ill., Sire: JRI Pistol Pete 214A44; 2. GCGF Niki 701E, Molly Anderson, Marion N.C., Sire: PLA Big Dog 101Y

BALANCER FEMALES Balancer Spring Heifer Calf

BA Class 20

March 18, 2018 1. GGGE 3G Faintly Saintly ET 852F, Emily Griffiths,

Balancer Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf TJB Rita 1724E TJB Gelbvieh, Chickamauga, Ga. Sire: SLC Touchdown 215Z

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

Balancer Champion Intermediate Heifer Calf JNCC Miss Sky High 748E Cameron Nowack, Bland, Mo. Sire: Musgrave Sky High 1535 A535

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Heifer MDR Elly Zendt ET 702E Brylee Thiel, Kaw City, Okla. Sire: Dameron First Class 896

Balancer Champion Cow/Calf Pair KTLN Bianca 73D Katlynn R. Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fla. Sire: DEL Larson Sun King 016

No Photo Available

Gelbvieh Champion Spring Bull Calf LARA Ranger N001F Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio Sire: JRI Prowler 125B3

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Bull Calf GGGE 3G Fort Apache 835F Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf CIRS 22YF Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Bull Calf JNCC Ripcord 783E Jared/Caisie/Gilbert/Debra Nowack, Owensville, Mo. Sire: JNCC Crimson Cash 514C

Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Centurion E527C

December 16 to December 24, 2017 1, BCFG Butlers Ms Ebony E133 ET, Butler Creek Farms, Milton, Tenn., Sire: BCFG Butlers Bismarck 512Z; 2. JAGT Mystic 317E, Garrett, Justin and Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: GHCC Long Range 092C

1. HIGH Ms Emily 9E91 ET, Alexandria Raab, Markle, Ind., Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71Z; 2. TJB LARA Velvet 521C 757E, Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio, Sire: EGL Lifeline B101; 3. CTTK Fiesta Bonita E20, Aaron “Kolt” Bitzer, Shelbyville, Ky., Sire: CTTK Southern Lights B149

Brilliance 8077; 2. GHGF Smokin Oakie 34E1 ET, Karen Eby, Duncan, S.C., Sire: GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors 639S

Balancer Junior Heifer Calf

BA Class 22

February 16, 2018 1. LARA Heart Breaker ET, Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio, Sire: Schiefelbein Effective 61

BA Class 23

January 3 to January 29, 2018 1, JMTG Annette 106F, Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: CCC Paycheck Z15; 2. KTGF Ditkas Diamond F498, Dalton Forrester, Geraldine, Ala., Sire: JKGF Ditka C85; 3. GCRK 802F, Molly Anderson, Marion, N.C., Sire: SLC Freedom 178F ET Balancer Senior Heifer Calf

BA Class 26

26 | JANUARY 2019

BA Class 27

November 2, 2017 TJB Rita 1724E, TJB Gelbvieh, Chickamauga, Ga., Sire: SLC Touchdown 215Z

BA Class 28

October 10, 2017 1. JNCC Miss Trifecta 777E, Cameron Nowack, Bland, Mo., Sire: Musgrave Sky High 1535

BA Class 29

September 5 to September 10, 2017

BA Class 35

Balancer Intermediate Heifer

March 1, 2017 1. LARA Alexa EN009, Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio, Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077

BA Class 32

BA Class 36

August 15, 2017 1. JNCC Miss Sky High 748E, Cameron Nowack, Bland, Mo., Sire: Musgrave Sky High 1535 Balancer Junior Heifer

BA Class 34

April 10 to April 13, 2017 1. RAAB BCFG Ms. Evangeline 413E ET, Aidan Raab, Markle, Ind., Sire: SAV

February 2 to February 25, 2017 1. MDR Elly Zendt 702E ET, Brylee Thiel, Kaw City, Okla., Sire: Dameron First Class; 2. SEPT Shez Been n the Whiskey ET E448, September Farms, Franklin, Neb., Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077

BA Class 37

January 20 to January 24, 2017

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Senior Bull Calf KTLN Millennium 73E Katlynn R. Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fla. Sire: CIRS Decade 278U2

Balancer Champion Spring Bull Calf KTLN “Hank It” 73F3 Katlynn R. Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fla. Sire: PIE Cinch 4126

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf BCFG Butlers Young Gun F512 Butler Creek Farms, Milton, Tenn. Sire: VLK C503 Young Gun

Balancer Champion Senior Bull Calf GGGE 3G Empire Builder 797E ET Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Agustus 317A

No Photo Available

Balancer Reserve Champion Senior Bull Calf GHGF Top Flight E53 Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: SCC Top Shot Eda 351

1. PHG Ivanka E01, Sadie Morris, Batesville, Miss., Sire: MCCA Capitol Hill 516C; 2. TRAY Black Pearl 710E, Taylor Ray, Glasgow, Ky., Sire: LARC Admiral 377A Balancer Senior Heifer

BA Class 40

November 14, 2016 1. GHGF Delilah 655D, Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: Gambles Hot Rod 9620 Balancer Cow-Calf Pair

BA Class 42

April 23, 2016 1. KTLN Bianca 73D, Katlynn Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fl., Sire: DEL Larson Sun King 016

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Bull MDR First Step 7549E Dobson Ranch, Kaw City. Okla. Sire: JRI Next Step 285X72

Balancer Champion Two-YearOld Bull GGGE 3G Double Agent 602D Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors 639S


Gelbvieh Senior Bull Calf

Gelbvieh Spring Bull Calf

GV Class 52

GV Class 46

March 2, 2018 1. LARA Ranger N001F, Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio, Sire: JRI Prowler 125B3 Gelbvieh Junior Bull Calf

GV Class 48

February 14, 2018 1. GGGE 3G Fort Apache 835F, Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

GV Class 49

January 30, 2018 1. CIRS 22YF, Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan., Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

November 1 to November 19, 2017 1. JNCC Ripcord 783E, Jared/ Caisie/Gilbert/Debra Nowack, Owensville, Mo., Sire: JNCC Crimson Cash 514C; 2. KTLN Millennium 73E, Katlynn R Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fla., Sire: CIRS Decade 278U2 Gelbvieh Junior Bull

BALANCER BULLS Balancer Spring Bull Calf

BA Class 61

May 31, 2018 1. KTLN “Hank It” 73F3, Katlynn R Sullivan Folmar, Pensacola, Fla., Sire: PIE Cinch 4126 Balancer Junior Bull Calf

GV Class 55

March 3, 2017 1. GHGF Quick Draw 31E1 ET, Green Hills Gelbvieh, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: GHGF Young Gun C310 Gelbvieh Senior Bull

GV Class 57

Sire: FMFG Blue’s Impact 001X

September 22, 2016 1. HILC All Star 500D, Cody Moore, Fountain Run, Ky.,

BA Class 63

January 15 to January 17, 2018 1. GGGE 3G Frontier Justice 829F, Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Augustus 317A; 2. BCFG Butlers Young Gun F512, Butler Creek Farms, Milton, Tenn., Sire: VLK C503 Young Gun



Balancer Senior Bull Calf

Balancer Junior Bull

BA Class 66

BA Class 70

November 7, 2017 1. GGGE 3G Empire Builder 797E ET, Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Augustus 317A

BA Class 67

September 2, 2017 1. GHGF Top Flight E53, Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C., Sire: SCC Top Shot Eda 351

March 5 to March 19, 2017 1. SKYC SKYS Encore 7086E, Casey Martin, Oregon, Ill., Sire: SKYM Foreman 2002Z; 2. MDR First Step 7549E, Dobson Ranch, Kaw City, Okla., Sire: JRI Next Step 285X72

Neb., Sire: Colbun Primo 5153 Balancer Two-Year-Old Bull

BA Class 74

January 6, 2016 1. GGGE 3G Double Agent 602D, Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind., Sire: GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors

BA Class 71

January 23, 2017 1. XXB Battle Cry 116E, Boehler Gelbviehs, Orleans,

Champions Named at NAILE Gelbvieh Junior Show

Grand Champion Junior Female Champion Senior Heifer GHGF Delilah 655D Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: Gambles Hot Rod 9620

Results by Taylor Buckley Photos by Linde’s Livestock Photography


he Junior Gelbvieh Junior and Balancer® Heifer Show at the North American International Livestock Exposition was held on Sunday, November 11, 2018, in Louisville, Kentucky. Judge Jason Duggin, Calhoun,

28 | JANUARY 2019

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female Champion Senior Heifer Calf BCFG Butlers Ms Esmeralda 134E Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo. Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71Z

Georgia, evaluated the 21 Gelbvieh and Balancer females in a combined breed show. D

Champion Junior Heifer Calf KARR Sweet Caroline ET F96A Karley Rumfelt, Phillipsburg, Mo. Sire: BCFG Butlers Bismarck 512Z Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf LARA Heart Breaker ET FK010 Lara Rittenhouse, New Carlisle, Ohio Sire: Schiefelbein Effective 61 Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf HIGH Ms Emily 9E91 ET Alexandria Raab, Markle, Ind. Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71Z

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Junior Female Champion Junior Heifer Division 1 RAAB BCFG Ms. Evangeline 413E ET Aidan Raab, Markle, Ind. Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Division 1 CBX BCFG Ruth’s Reflection ET E729 Caitlin Griffin, Westminster, S.C. Sire: JKGF Reflex X4 ET Champion Junior Heifer Division 2 PHG Ivanka E01 Sadie E Morris, Batesville, Miss. MCCA Capitol Hill 516C Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Division 2 TRAY Black Pearl 710E Taylor Danielle Ray, Glasgow, Ky. Sire: LARC Admiral 377A

Golden Buckle Gelbvieh Consigned to the North Dakota Golden Rule Sale • January 27:

3 elite black purebred bulls: 1 Son of JKGF D22 (Purebred Post Rock Astronaut son) 2 Sons of GBG Captain Morgan 217C ET (Purebred son of Carolina Exclusive 1230Y) GBC 217C ET

2 outstanding Bred Heifers don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a daughter of GBG Captain Morgan 217C ET


(Purebred son of Carolina Exclusive 1230Y)

and DVE Davidson McGraw 21B (Purebred son of Davidson Hoss 1X)

Both sires are making a positive impact on our breeding program producing functional and performance females and bulls! Private treaty open house February 23 Open Replacement and Bred Females for Sale Call for more information~check our website and Facebook page frequently as more information is added! Find us on Facebook

Dwight & ChristinaDockter Family 4956 41st St SE Medina, ND 58467 701-486-3494



GW commercial corner post

Grazing Fall Pairs on Cornstalks Karla H. Jenkins, UNL Cow/Calf Systems and Stocker Management


ornstalk residue can be an economical source of forage for beef cattle in the winter. The leftover corn, leaf and husk are the most desirable parts of the corn plant to the animal. Modern farming practices and technology have probably decreased the amount of corn left in the fields for the most part, but the digestibility of the leaf and husk are typically between 45-57% total digestible nutrients (TDN).  Assuming stocking rates are moderate and intake is not limiting, research has indicated this will maintain non-lactating pregnant cows. However, when grazing cornstalk residue, fall calving pairs present two challenges their dry, pregnant counterparts do not. The first consideration is that lactation can more than double the energy requirement needed just to maintain the cow’s body condition. The second consideration is that the calf will consume at least 1% of his body weight in forage by 3 months of age. Forage intake is important for rumen development, but also for nutrient consumption for growth even beyond what milk is providing.  A study (Effect of Production System on Cow and Calf Performance) conducted by the University of Nebraska compared the performance of cow/calf pairs grazing cornstalk residue with pairs maintained in confinement. Pairs grazing cornstalks were supplemented on average 5.5 pounds per day of a dried distillers based cube that also contained calcium, trace minerals, and Vitamins A, D, and E. The results of that three-year study indicated nursing cows grazing cornstalks from November to April, lost about 0.5 body condition score even though they received supplement. However, the subsequent pregnancy rates of those cows were not different from cows maintained in a drylot. It is also important to note that the average body condition score was 5-6 (1-9 scale), which is moderate. In a fall calving system, cows would have time to pick up body condition after cornstalk grazing ended in April and prior to calving,

30 | JANUARY 2019

which is likely August or September, if necessary. The nursing calves grazing cornstalks from November to April gained approximately 1.5 pounds per day, while the nursing calves in confinement gained approximately 2.0 pounds per day. However, a partial budget analysis revealed that due to the reduced cost of cornstalk rental relative to the cost of maintaining the cattle in confinement, the lighter calves produced a greater net profit than the confined calves. When utilizing cornstalk residue for fall calving pairs, it is important to remember that lactating cows require about double the energy that dry pregnant cows do, and that growing calves need supplemental feed to develop the rumen and help digest low quality feed such as cornstalk residue. Therefore, supplementation is important for pairs grazing cornstalk residue. The economics of the complete system should always be evaluated because net profit may be greater even when performance is less than another comparable system. D Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

GW news

Third Annual Gelbvieh Carcass Contest Results Released


esults of the third annual American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Sire-Identified Carcass Contest were announced during the 48th Annual American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) National Convention awards banquet on Friday, November 30, 2018. Producers from South Dakota took home top honors with prize payouts totaling $4,750.

The AGF continues to help advance the Gelbvieh and Balancer® breed through its support of research and development. For this reason, the AGF launched the Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail Sire-Identified Carcass Contest in 2016. These two projects together provide the information and funds necessary to generate datasets to advance Gelbvieh and Balancer carcass merit. The AGF Steer Challenge is a competition amongst individual Gelbvieh and Balancer-influenced steers in which the judging criteria focuses on carcass value and average daily gain in the feedyard. The Steer Challenge gives an opportunity for participants to donate a steer to the AGF. All proceeds from the donation go toward research and development within the breed. In its third year, six ranches participated at Roode Feedyard in Fairbury, Nebraska. All steers were harvested and index values were calculated in July 2018 with a total of 156 individual carcass data records. The Gelbvieh and Balancer breed continues to prove itself on the rail with 90 percent of these carcasses obtaining a quality grade of USDA Choice. In addition, 92 percent of the steers were USDA Yield Grades 1,2, and 3. These steers averaged a 958-pound hot carcass weight with an average daily gain of 3.81 pounds per head with a 5.47:1 feed conversion on a dry matter basis. Hamilton Farms, a commercial operation near Hitchcock, South Dakota, won big at this event. Scott Hamilton, who was named AGA’s Commercial Producer of the Year in 2016, had the champion

32 | JANUARY 2019

Balancer steer in the average daily gain category with the winning steer gaining 5.17 pounds per day. They also had the runner-up Balancer steer in the average daily gain category with the steer gaining 4.99 pounds per day. In the AGF Steer Challenge portion of this contest Hamilton Farms had the champion steer in average daily gain with the animal gaining 4.36 pounds per day. That same animal also had the highest carcass value index in the steer challenge portion of the contest with a 17.20 square inch ribeye, 1,043 hot carcass weight and graded USDA Choice, Yield Grade 2 carcass. Hamilton Farms took home $2,250, which was the highest amount of prize money awarded for this year’s event. Eagle Pass Ranch, Highmore, South Dakota, owned the champion pen of Balancer steers in the Scale and Rail Contest with a total carcass value index of 3,357.66. They had the champion Balancer steer in the carcass value category with an animal hanging a USDA Choice, Yield Grade 2 carcass with a 16.90 square inch ribeye and 1,048 pound hot carcass weight for a total carcass value index of 1,124.They also had the runnerup Balancer Steer in the carcass value category with an animal hanging USDA Choice, Yield Grade 3 carcass with a 16.65 square inch ribeye and a 1,046 pound hot carcass weight. In total, Eagle Pass Ranch took home $1,500 in prize money. In the Gelbvieh division, CKS Gelbvieh, Collins, Iowa, was the winner, owning the steer for top average daily gain and carcass value indexing steer as well as champion pen and won $1,000 in prize payouts. CKS Gelbvieh’s winning steer in the average daily gain category gained 4.40 pounds per day. Their top carcass steer had a carcass value index of 996.92, a hot carcass weight of 936 pounds, and a ribeye area of 16.22 square inches. This steer also hung a Yield Grade 2 and USDA Choice carcass. CKS Gelbvieh also owned the champion pen of Gelbvieh steers with a total carcass value index of 2,913.26. To view full results, including all closeout data, please visit the projects page under the Foundation section of D

Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo®

The Best in the West Herd Improving Genetics

Black Hills Stock Show® Gelbvieh & Balancer Show and Sale

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD Show at 10 a.m., Sale at 2 p.m. (Mountain time) Sale will be hosted on DVAuction

Selling 29 lots

Purebred & Balancer® Bulls, Bred Heifers & Open Heifers Red & Black Junior members, several top show heifer prospects sell at the Black Hills Stock Show®. 2018 BHSS Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Exhibited by Maddie Lehrkamp

Don’t Forget: Junior members purchasing females (open or bred) at the

2019 Black Hills Stock Show® are eligible to exhibit in the 2019 Black Hills Gold Futurity at the Central States Fair for a cash prize.

Breed Representatives: Julie Maude 605-381-2803 • Mike Lehrkamp 605-870-0045 For a sale catalog, contact the Central States Fair at 605-355-3861 or email

MATERNAL PERFORMANCE GENETICS This powerful prospect sells January 31, 2019 at Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City, SD

Sells as Lot 21

CJLL Fortnite F1820 AMGV 1423079 Homozygous Black • Homozygous Polled Balancer 75% Sire: DCSF Post Rock Highly Focused MGS: DLW Gunner 7006A ET CED 17

BW -0.8

WW 62

YW 87

MK 21

ST 13

MB 0.34

Also selling Lot 17 For more information on our consignments call or email:

Lori Maude • 303-809-3789 Email: Julie Maude • 605-381-2803 Find us on Facebook under Hermosa, South Dakota CJ&L Livestock

CJLL Frito F1831,

black, polled PC 75, out of Lazy TV Sam U451. A gentle giant with loads of maternal.



GW registry tips ‘n tricks

What You Need to Know for 2019 Herd Assessments By Taylor Buckley


new year means a fresh start to a new years’ worth of records. Along with health and sale records, it is essential to keep up with which females are active in your herd. The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) refers to this recordkeeping as the annual herd assessment. The $25 per head annual herd assessment fee applies to females over 13 months of age and is the foundation of AGA’s total herd reporting. Herd assessments are now open until the deadline of March 15, 2019, in the Gelbvieh Online Registry Service. With spring bull sales and the National Western Stock Show happening around the same time, we want to keep the herd assessment process as easy as possible. The AGA staff is always available to answer any questions as you add this to Image 2 your list of to-do’s.

Accessing the Herd Assessment: First, log into your account and find the red “Herd

Image 1

34 | JANUARY 2019

Management” tab. This will give you the option to click the green “Inventory”. Once in Inventory you will have access to all of the females for the herd assessment process. (Image 1) Under “Inventory” find “Assessment-Age” in the white tabs that run across the top of the screen. Under this tab is a list of all females that are of breeding age, or that would be expected to calve in the upcoming year. For any young heifers that may not be 13 months of age as of January 1st, but are expected to have a calf in the upcoming year, look under “Optional Females”. (Image 2)

Completing Herd Assessments and Culling Cows: As you view the list of assessment-age females, you now have the ability to cull cows that are no longer active in your herd and record any exposure data that you may not have yet recorded. To dispose of a cow, click on the grey trash can to the right of her birthdate. Use the dropdown menu to select the specific reason code to describe why she is no longer in the herd. Next, click the green checkmark to lock that selection in. Remember, annual herd assessments should not be used as a tool to skip a year of calving for a cow. Rather, it is a tool to permanently dispose of a cow from the herd. With total herd reporting, we seek all information: good, bad, or indifferent. To keep our data as honest and accurate as possible, please record all calves born throughout the

registry tips ‘n tricks GW year. If you do try to skip a year of calving information for a cow, you will have to pay for all of the years that she has been “disposed of ” to record future progeny. After making all necessary culls and disposals you can select each cow individually by clicking the “2018” button in the “Assess for” column, or complete all cows at one time by clicking “Complete yearly HAS process – Assess all for 2019” at the top of the page under “Assessment-Age”. (Image 3)

The association does require exposure data to be recorded on all first-calf heifers (and first-calf heifers only). There is a box next to all heifers expected to have their first calf in 2019. If the heifer was exposed to a bull or AIed , simply check the box “Yes” or “No”. (Image 4) As always, if you ever run into problems or questions, call the office and we would be happy to help you. Also, if you need to request a printed herd assessment form, please request that in plenty of time to receive it, complete it, and get it back into the office before the March 15, 2019 deadline. D

Image 3

After completing your assessment, you can pay your balance online by following the pop-up box that takes you to a checkout screen. You do have 30 days to pay any balance incurred on your account, so it is not mandatory that the entire balance be paid at the time of assessment.

Image 4



GW news

AGA to Hold Special Membership Meeting


he American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) will hold a special membership meeting on Saturday, January 12, commencing at 3:45 p.m. The location for the special membership meeting is in the Centennial Room located on the third floor of the Hall of Education on the National Western Stock Show grounds located at 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80216. The purpose of the meeting shall be to discuss and vote on the proposed bylaw change stated below. AGA members in good standing are eligible to participate at this special membership meeting. Proposed Bylaw: ARTICLE V (Officers) Add an ex-officio position to the AGA Board of Directors. Whereas the immediate past president will serve as a non-voting member of the AGA Board of Directors and AGA Executive Committee. The proposed bylaw would read as follows: G. Ex-Officio The immediate past president whose board term has expired shall serve one year as a non-voting member of the AGA Board of Directors and AGA Executive Committee. If the immediate past president has remaining time on the AGA Board of Directors, they remain a voting member of the Board of Directors and shall serve in an advisory role on the AGA Executive Committee.

An official notice of this special membership meeting to the AGA membership was sent via the U.S. Postal Service postmarked December 11, 2018, and sent via email the same date, to meet the AGA bylaw requirements for holding a special membership meeting. The notices also acted as the announcement for the absentee ballot voting procedures. While the timeline to request absentee ballots has passed, ballots must be returned to the AGA office by 4 p.m. on January 11, 2019. Please call the AGA office with any questions regarding the meeting at 303-465-2333. D

GW breeders corner


ILLINOIS J & K GELBVIEH FARM, INC. Jerry & Karen Wilson 335 Gelbvieh Lane, Ava, IL 62907 618-521-8620 •


3 G Ranch

Gelbvieh Cattle For Sale Carl, Rebecca & Emily Griffiths

1577 N 600 E • Kendallville, IN 46755

260/897-2160 •



Your call or visit is Always Welcome

Promote Your Operation

Advertise with a State Round-up ad in the the two issues of the Profit Picture and the Herd Reference issue of Gelbvieh World

36 | JANUARY 2019

For information about advertising, call Lynn at the AGA office • 303.465.2333


B U F F A L O C O . F A I R G R O U N D S | K E A R N E Y, N E |

FEBRUARY 16-24, 2019

2018 Supreme Champion Bull


Quality matters... BRED HEIFERS


T H U R S DAY, F E B R UA R Y 2 1 , 2 01 9 S h o w 10 : 3 0 A M

Sale 4:0 0 PM


Sired by the 2017 Supreme Champion Bull at the Classic. The Granddam was a flushmate to Wingman, the 2009 Denver Champion Balancer bull. The Pedigree on this bull is packed with great cows!

XXB Insidious 612Y Balancer Bull

SEPT Badabingbadaboom

Cattlemen… take notice!

Secret Brand x Final Product x Promises

This bull is packed with performance & style.

She will have a calf at side by sale day.

- ROYAL ICE SALE: 6 PM Don’t miss the opportunity on an embryo package from the donor “Julia” that produced both the 2017 and 2018 Supreme Champion Bull at the Classic. This donor produced the 2017 NWSS Champion Pen of 3 Balancer bulls. These embryos are sired by EGL Barrett B050.

Ronette K. Bush-Heinrich - Mgr. | 308.627.6385 | |

Follow the Classic on Facebook

GW breeders corner ARIZONA The Prosser Family


Barry & Dena Bolton

406.538.5280 H 406.366.0162 C 515 Knapp Lane PO Box 826 Hilger, MT 59451

928/289-2619•928/380-5149cell Winslow, AZ

GS •

RFI Tested Balancer®, Gelbvieh & Angus Bulls Sell Annually in April at the Ranch

Ridge Top Ranch


Neola, Iowa

Black & Polled Private Treaty Sales

Breed-leading Performance from Quality Genetics

Kevin: 402-510-8103 Al: 402-676-5292

COLORADO Ricky Linquist th Street inquist 1135 190 inquist


Dave & Dawn Bowman

Fonda, IA 50540

arms (712) 288-5349 arms

55784 Holly Rd. • Olathe, CO 81425

(970) 323-6833

Gelbvieh & Red Angus


Dick & Jean Williams

Jim Roelle 38330 CR 49 Peetz, CO 80747

(C): 970-520-1224

P.O. Box 156 Orovada, NV 89425 775•272•3442

“Pounds Make Profit in Your Pocket” Bulls & Heifers Private Treaty



Eric Ehresman 20963 30th St. Mechanicsville, IA 52306

(319) 489-2275 (319) 480-1564

LEDGERWOOD GELBVIEH Gelbvieh • Red Angus • Balancer® Pete & Samee Charriere


2633 Hwy 12 East • Clarkston, WA 99403

509-566-8805 • “Seedstock that work for the commercial cattleman

Martens Gelbvieh

Gary Martens 2126 500th St • Walnut, IA 51577 712.764.5007 (H) • 712.249.5744 (C) Annual Bull and Female sale in March with the Southwest Iowa Gelbvieh Group

MONTANA Quality livestock that Work for you Gelbvieh Carcass Quality Calving Ease Tenderness Docility

Quarter Horses Want to Please Strong Bone Intelligent Athletic

1496 Goose Creek Rd. • Raynesford, MT 59469 Ranch Phone: 406.738.4220 •

38 | JANUARY 2019

Looking for a sale or event?

Check Places to Be on the website:


Triple H Farms Roy & Nancy Holste 3113 260th Street Clarinda, IA 51632

712-303-0263 • 712-303-1947

Bulls and Heifers for sale Private Treaty

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u Brandywine Farm


Dennis & Sherry Gustin Family Al and Peggy Gustin Mandan, ND • 701/663-7266

Tom Scarponcini

Richie & Sarah Heinrich 701/320-6484 (cell) email:

30474 Brandywine Road Rushford, MN 55971



SFI Schafer Farms, Inc.


37740 240th Ave., Goodhue, MN 55027 Brian Schafer Lowell Schafer 1-888-226-9210 651-923-4587 Private Treaty Bull Sale — Last Sat. in February Annually

SwenSon Gelbvieh

Dean Swenson

17513 Hwy 10 Little Falls, MN 56345 (h) 320.632.5848 • (c) 320.630-5536

Polled • Purebred • Red • Black


Thorstenson Gelbvieh

Selby, South Dakota Annual Bull Sale 1st Saturday in March


Brian & Dee Dee 605-649-9927


Vaughn & Wendy 605-649-6262

Gelbvieh & Balancer Performance Genetics Bulls and Heifers for sale by private treaty (605) 354-2428 Cell Gerald & Sarah Adkins 41606 195th St., Carpenter, SD 57322

Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle Bulls • Heifers • Embryos • Semen

Chimney Butte RanCh

Jim & Barb Beastrom Brandy Ludemann, Brittney Spencer

Ph: 605-224-5789 • 605-280-7589 (Cell) •

Keith, Janice, Dustin & Britney 605-852-2131

kvolek@venturecomm. net

Doug & Carol Hille

3320 51st Street, Mandan, ND 58554 701-445-7383 or 701-220-2083 Email: Website: Annual Production Sale 1st Friday in March

Lori Maude 303.809.3789 (C) Julie Maude 605.381.2803 (C) Hermosa, SD

Annual Bull Sale 3rd Saturday in December.

Get ready for upcoming sales!

6700 County Rd. 19 S. Minot, ND 58701 (701) 624-2051 (H) (701) 720-8823 (C)

Rob Arnold


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancers®

34261 200th Street, Highmore, SD 57345 AJ Munger 605-521-4468 Commercial Sales Andy LeDoux 785-527-3188 Registered Sales 1-855-303-BULL •

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Commercial spots for the spring Gelbvieh and Balancer® episode of “The American Rancher”, which will first air on February 18, 2019 on RFD-TV, are now available for purchase. AGA breeders have the opportunity to advertise their programs during this episode to viewers nationwide by purchasing 30-second commercial spots.



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Patrick Koehn

Kittle Gelbvieh Farms Q u a l i t y B l a ck & R e d G e l b v i e h C a t t l e


73243 Carter Rd., Goltry, OK 580-541-2633

Gelbvieh Genetics at Work

Dustin Kittle

Jim & Pat Dromgoole

816 Co. Rd. 36 Geraldine, AL 35974 Cell (256) 996-5822

4403 Winding River Dr. • Richmond, TX 77469 Home

(281) 341-5686 • Ranch (979) 561-8144 Show Cattle Managers: James & Shannon Worrell • (325) 258-4656






(870) 426-4469 or (870) 704-9450

15702 Hodges Rd., Omaha, AR 72662

Quality Gelbvieh & Balancer Genetics Available Private Treaty Sales

Martin Cattle Company David & Rita Martin

256 Boyce Road Judsonia, Ar 72081 C: 501.278.7614

Private Treaty Sales Available Year Round

Duane Miller

Cell: 870-84405664

OKLAHOMA LeGRAND Ed & Alberta LeGrand

809 S. Redlands Rd. • Stillwater, OK 74074

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Homo. Black, Homo. Polled • Breeding Stock Available



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Harriman Santa fe

Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent & Ashley Judd 423 Hwy. K-68 • Pomona, KS 66076 785/ 566-8371

Top of the breed sales (every day)

#1 Active Balancer Sire “B006” Marb & Feeder Profit Index (feedlot performance, carcass merit)

Balancer & SimAngus Bulls & Females

Bar Arrow Cattle Company Stuar t Jar vis

26 E. Limestone Rd. • Phillipsburg, KS 67661

e-mail: • 785/543-5177




LIZ OSWALD 620.662.0862 (h) ANDY OSWALD 620.662.5489 (o) 620.664.4692 (c)


CORY HOFFMAN Herdsman 620.960.1189 (c)


“Where workin’ cattle and eye appeal come full circle” John & Carla Shearer 2815 Navajo Rd. • Canton, KS 67428 620.628.4621

620.654.6507 (John Cell) • 620.654.6731 (Johnny Cell)

Annual Production Sale 1st Saturday in April

Timothy Mulroy • 785-640-6401 Mayetta, KS •

1210 G Rd. Stockton, ks 67669 785.737.3319 Building Gelbvieh Genetics since 1989

Committed to raising quality seedstock Registered Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle Elmer, Brenda, Brad & Benny McWilliams Asbury, MO 64832 • 417-842-3225 • 417-529-0081(cell)

POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 Email:

diamond v gelbvieh Randy odle

Bob Harriman (660) 492-2504

Private Treaty Listing

Purebred A.I. Seedstock Bulls and Heifers Available. Al & Mary Knapp Cell: (913) 219-6613 18291 158th Street H: (913) 724-4105 Basehor, KS 66007 e-mail:


Cattle Company Owensville, MO

Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle

Jared, Caisie, Brooke & Cameron

Gilbert & Debra

573.280.4633 573.646.3477 Bulls marketed through Seedstock Plus Go to for sale dates, catalogs & videos


B/F Cattle Company

Specializing in Forage Raised

Balancer® Bulls on K-31

Holle Gelbvieh

Orrin & Kevin Holle Oberlin, KS 785.626.0081


42 | JANUARY 2019

Culling practices on cows/bulls second to NONE! For information, contact:

Route 1, Box 407 • Butler, MO 64730

660 • 492 • 2808

Promote for Success! Upcoming Advertising Deadlines: March Gelbvieh World Ad deadline: February 4

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Mark & Patty Goes

Polled Fullblood Gelbvieh Cattle

39414 SW 75th Rd. Odell, NE 68415 (402) 766-3627

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Wehner 22533 Spencer Lane Kirksville, MO 63501 660-665-7502 GELBVIEHV BALANCERV ANGUS

RogeRs Valley FaRm gelbVieh

Private Treaty Bull & Heifer Sales • Orchard, NE Val Livingston • • 402-655-2288

Gelbvieh Bulls Black

Breed for Tomorrow’s Cattle Today!

Kyle & Lori Kuker Shubert, NE

Balancer Females Red


402-883-2366 402-245-7512

A Breed Leader in Tenderness & Marbling– P.O. Box 51 Mendon, MO 64660 (660-375-7266 (C)

Squeakin’ By-LK Farms

J. J. Boehler

70948 L Rd. , Orleans, NE 68966 308-473-7342 • 308-999-0207 Ronald RogeRs


Jeff Swanson • 308/991-0727 10908 724 Road • Oxford, NE 68967

Cedar Top Ranch

Consistent Genetics Adding Pounds & Profit

Myron & Valerie Bahm 4375 White Oak Rd Fordland, MO 65652

Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163

Annual Sale—Last Saturday in February



(H): 308-587-2293 • (C): 308-530-3900 Eldon Starr: 1-800-535-6173 or Rich Johnson: 402-368-2209

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Nebraska & Missouri Kyle Helms – NE Cody Helms – NE/MO 308-962-6940 303-842-9071

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Missouri Office 417-309-0062

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Bulls For The BeeF Business Gelbvieh F Balancer F Red Angus F Angus F Angus Hybrids Randy & Leslie Lemke 1757 Road 2500, (H) 402-756-7090 Lawrence, NE 68957 (C) 402-469-2284

We want to Keep up with AGA members. Please send in information to be included in the Gelbvieh World and on our website: • Items for Events of Interest • News for Information Exchange • Dates for upcoming shows and field days. • State Association news Plus, add us to your mailing lists when sending out sale catalogs. Send all items to: Gelbvieh World 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 Broomfield, CO 80021






Birth Date



15 months

Sept./Oct. 2017



10 months

Feb./March 2018



4 months

Sept./Oct. 2018

$1600 to $1800

We will wean these in April. A great selection of Registered Purebred Gelbvieh Bulls We price our cattle to sell quickly!



Birth Date



4 months

Sept./Oct. 2018

$1000 to $1200

We will wean these in April. They will make an excellent set of cows. Our 200+ purebred Gelbvieh cows produce an excellent set of cattle that we can offer to you. Our herd is the product of 40 years of careful Gelbvieh breeding and we invite you to come take a look. We price our cattle to sell quickly and we look forward to your phone call.


Whenever you think of Gelbvieh Cattle, think of

Markes Family Farms Oklahoma’s Largest Gelbvieh Breeder


Additional Forms of Permanent Identification now Accepted by AGA


merican Gelbvieh Association (AGA) members now have additional options for the permanent identification of their registered Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle. An addition to the Gelbvieh Rules originated at a rules and bylaws committee meeting in 2017, and after several discussions at the committee and AGA board level, the AGA Board of Directors approved the rule addition. The following rule addition is effective immediately:

Rule Addition Rule II.D.4. Permanent identification of calf a) For cattle born prior to 2018, the tattoo of the calf including the international year code should be permantly affixed in the calf ’s ear. Beginning with calves born in 2018, the herd prefix and animal ID number including the international year code must be assigned at the time of calf registration for record-keeping purposes. Member can choose between tattoo, EID, or freeze brand as permanent form of identification and should be denoted in the registry. The permanent form of identification denoted in the registry should be permanently affixed to the animal. i. If no other permanent form of identification is entered into the registry, tattoo will be considered the permanent form of identification and should be permanently affixed to the calf ’s ear. ii. If freeze brand is used as the permanent form of identification, freeze brand does not have to include year letter code or herd prefix. iii. In case of discrepancy the order of precedence is EID, tattoo, freeze brand. As we transition into using these new options for permanent identification, please don’t hesitate to contact the AGA office at 303-465-233 with any additional questions. D



GW data bulletin

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Crossbred Cow By Tonya Amen, Ph.D., AGA Breed Improvement Consultant

Employing crossbreeding can be used to influence all three of these factors. First, let’s recall the two primary benefits of crossbreeding: breed complementarity and hybrid vigor. I believe breed complementarity is pretty straightforward, but hybrid vigor is often misunderstood and its value underestimated. Here are some key items of importance with regard to hybrid vigor: •

It is most impactful for survival and reproductive traits.

Its benefit tends to be greater for breeds that are more genetically different from each other. For example, there is more expect hybrid vigor in British-Continental crosses than between crosses of only British or only Continental breeds. The largest impact of hybrid vigor is expected in Bos indicus-Bos taurus crosses.

It tends to be proportional to the degree of heterozygosity.


n one of my last articles in the Gelbvieh World, I promised more detail on the value of crossbred females. Those of you who were able to join us for the 48th Annual American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, got a good refresher on the value of crossbreeding in Dr. Darrh Bullock’s presentation at the Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup. If you were unable to attend convention, I’d encourage you to watch the entire presentation, which is available on the AGA Facebook page. AGA’s registry of Balancer® cattle shows that as a whole, the Gelbvieh breed values the use of crossbreeding. However, even those of you breeding purebred and fullblood animals have the opportunity to discuss the value of crossbreeding with your customers, including potential benefits of keeping replacements when your bulls are used on English-based cows. Making use of the two pillars of crossbreeding, breed complementarity and heterosis (hybrid vigor), can have a huge impact of profitability for commercial users of Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics. First, let’s consider that there are three genetic factors that affect efficiency and profitability of beef operations: 1. The characteristics of the animals producedhaving marketing goals and producing a calf crop that most optimally meets those goals. 2. Hybrid vigor (both direct and maternal). 3. The characteristics of the sires and dams- there are ways it makes sense to design a breeding program. Choose females that are well suited to the environment in which they will be expected to produce and select sire breeds to complement them.

46 | JANUARY 2019

The use of crossbred females is especially important because some of the largest impacts are on traits related to female productivity (maternal ability and reproduction). Crossbred females are expected to have a younger age at puberty, a quicker return to estrus postpartum, more longevity in the herd as well as being superior for most other measures of fertility. This is called direct hybrid vigor. In addition, calves born to crossbred dams benefit from the fact that their dam is crossbred, which gives them both added survivability and growth. This is referred to as maternal hybrid vigor and is in addition to any hybrid vigor that calf expresses directly. As an example, in the early ‘80s the Meat Animal Research Center (Cundiff et al., 1982) designed a system to illustrate the value of crossbreeding. First, they compared weaning rates and weights of crossbred vs straightbred calves when both were raised by straightbred dams (this would show the value of direct hybrid vigor). Then they compared weaning rates and weights of crossbred calves when they were raised by either crossbred or straightbred cows (this would show the value of having a crossbred dam, which equates to maternal hybrid vigor). Results are shown below: Crossbred calves weaned at 3 percent higher rate, and weighed 4.6 percent more when straightbred dams raised them, and as a result, the system producing

data bulletin GW crossbred calves benefited with 8.5 percent more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed. When compared to the system using straightbred cows, the system using crossbred cows had 14.8 percent more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed. Finally, when the straightbred system was compared to the system using crossbred dams to produce crossbred calves 23.3 percent more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed was achieved. I should note, that the crosses were for Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn. So, even greater benefit could be expected between Gelbvieh and British crosses. Trait

When comparing straight breeding systems using purebred females to crossbreeding systems using crossbred females: Over half of the advantage of crossbreeding systems can be attributed to the use of crossbred cows. I hope this helps arm you with information to have discussions regarding the value of not only utilizing Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls, but that the value of retaining crossbred females should not be underestimated. D

Direct Hybrid Vigor

Maternal Hybrid Vigor

Total Hybrid Vigor

Weaning %




Weaning Weight




Lbs weaned/cow exposed




TERMINOLOGY: Breed Complementarity  The strengths of one breed being used to complement another. Hybrid Vigor  (aka heterosis) the higher performance of crossbred animals as compared to the purebred average. Direct Hybrid Vigor  the boost in performance in the calf due to the calf itself being crossbred. Maternal Hybrid Vigor  the improvement in calf performance because it has a crossbred dam.



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How many heifers to keep? By Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist


ach year commercial cow/calf operations must decide how many replacement heifers are grown out to be put in the breeding pasture. Individual ranches must make the decisions about heifer retention based upon factors that directly affect their bottom-line. Stocking rates may have changed over time due to increases in cow size. Droughts have caused herd sizes to fluctuate over time. Matching the number of cattle to the grass and feed resources on the ranch is a constant challenge for any cow-calf producer. Also producers strive to maintain cow numbers to match their marketing plans for the long term changes in the cattle cycle. Therefore it is a constant struggle to evaluate the number of replacement heifers that must be developed or purchased to bring into the herd each year. As a starting place in the effort to answer this question, it is important to look at the “average” cow herd to understand how many cows are in each age category. The Dickenson North Dakota Research and Extension Center reported on the average number of cows in their research herd by age group for a period of over 20 years. The following graph depicts the “average” percent of cows in this herd by age group.

The graph indicates that the typical herd will, “on the average”, calve out 17% new first calf cows each year. Stated another way, if 100 cows are expected to produce a calf each year, 17 of them will be having their first baby. Therefore this gives us a starting point in choosing how many heifers we need to save each year. Next, we must predict the percentage of heifers that enter a breeding season that will become pregnant. The prediction is made primarily upon the nutritional growing program that the heifers receive between weaning and breeding. The rate at which heifers are grown between weaning and breeding will vary depending on the size of the operation, the land resources available, and the selection criteria desired by the cattle owner. The rate of growth between weaning and breeding will determine the percentage of heifers cycling at the start of the breeding season. Researchers many years ago, found that only half of heifers that reached 55% of their eventual mature weight were cycling by the time they entered their first breeding season. This data was reinforced with data from Oklahoma State University (Davis and Wettemann, 2009 OSU Animal Science Research Report). Growing heifers at a slower rate between weaning and breeding would result in most of them weighing 55% of mature weight (or less) when the breeding season begins. If these heifers were exposed to a bull for a limited number of days (45-60), not all would have a chance to become pregnant during that breeding season. Therefore, it would be necessary to keep an additional 50% more heifers just to make certain that enough bred heifers were available to go into the herd. Although the cost per heifer may be lower, there will be increased total inputs because of the increase in number of animals. Remember the increased number of heifers will require additional pasture, increased health costs, and increased breeding costs. If natural breeding is used, extra bull power may be necessary. If artificial insemination is the method of choice, the larger number of heifers will require increased synchronization and AI costs. As soon as possible the heifers should be pregnancy checked and the open heifers marketed as stocker heifers. Hopefully most of the extra pasture, feed, and health inputs are recovered by the sale value of the open heifers. Continued on page 50

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GW news Continued from page 48 However if the heifers were grown at a more rapid rate and weighed 65% of their eventual mature weight, then 90% of them would be cycling at the start of the breeding season and a much higher pregnancy rate would be the result. Therefore fewer heifers are needed. Even in the very best scenarios, a few heifers will be difficult or impossible to breed. Most experienced cow herd managers will always expose at least 10% more heifers than they need even when all heifers are grown rapidly and weigh at least 65% of the expected mature weight at bull turn-out or estrous synchronization. The need to properly estimate the expected mature weight is important in understanding heifer growing programs. Cattle type and mature size has increased over the last half century. Rules of thumb that apply to 1000 pound mature cows very likely do not apply to your herd. Watch sale weights of culled mature cows from your herd to better estimate the needed size and

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weights for heifers in your program. Most commercial herds have cows that average about 1200 pounds or more. This requires that the heifers from these cows must weigh at least 780 pounds at the start of their first breeding season to expect a high percentage to be cycling when you turn in the bulls. This discussion is meant to be a STARTING PLACE in the decision to determine the number of heifers needed for replacements. Ranchers must keep in mind the over-riding need to understand what forage base resources that they have available to them. If forage resources are already in consistently short supply, maintaining or increasing herd size may be counter-productive. D Source: Oklahoma State University

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Time to Roll Up the Sleeves By Dr. Les Anderson, Extension Professor, University of Kentucky


nfortunately, the beef industry sits in the middle of a downturn in the market. When the market is low and margins get slimmer, pressure is on cattlemen to get more efficient in their production. Efficiency is a word that is thrown around in the beef industry but what does efficient production look like?

profitability of uncontrolled versus controlled calving. First, more weight is weaned. Pregnancy rates are the same but calf death loss is much less when calving is controlled. Also, weaning weight increases because calves are older at weaning on average so weaning weight per cow exposed (reproductive efficiency) is also higher. Calves were healthier when born from a controlled calving season most likely because sound health programs are easier to implement. Also, it costs less to feed a cow in a controlled calving season likely because more effectively meet cow nutrient requirements. Finally, market value was higher because more calves could be marketed in larger lots.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and figure out how to convert from a year-round to a 75-day controlled calving season. Decide when is most profitable for you The Merriamto calve, either spring Webster dictionary or fall. Work with your defines efficient veterinarian to assess operation as “effective the reproductive status fficient beef cow-calf operations operation as measured of your herd. When did control the calving season. Having a by a comparison of they calve? Are they short calving season establishes the base production with costs currently pregnant and (as in energy, time, and for efficient production allowing producers when will then calve money)”. Interesting. next? Once you know to implement their health, nutrition, and Unfortunately, in the the current status of commercial beef cowyour herd, you can plan. marketing programs more easily. calf industry, we don’t Most plans start with spend enough time either building a pen discussing or thinking for the bull or selling about being an efficient the bull. If you don’t operation. want to manage a bull separately, consider purchasing and then reselling a bull when the breeding season Efficient beef cow-calf operations control the calving is concluded. This sounds ridiculous but the costs of season. Having a short calving season establishes pregnancy isn’t much different. Next figure out what the base for efficient production allowing producers you are going to do with each cow. Some may need to to implement their health, nutrition, and marketing be culled and some will need held open for a while. All programs more easily. Research from Oklahoma cows need to be subjected to estrous synchronization State University and Texas A&M University (Parker before exposing them to a bull. et al., 2004) has shown that longer calving seasons are associated with lower production (pounds of calf Getting the calving in your herd under control can weaned per cow) and higher costs of production (4.7 be a little tough at first. An increase in productivity and cents higher per cwt of calf per day). These data were profitability will follow. So, if your calving season is out collected on 394 ranches from the Southwest and of hand, roll up your sleeves, evaluate your cowherd, indicated that year-round calving systems weaned 45.82 make a plan, and get started toward higher margins. D fewer pounds of calf per cow per year at an additional cost of $13.63 per hundredweight.


Tom Troxel at the University of Arkansas described several factors impacting the productivity and

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