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Reverse Engineering 3D scanning of existing products, complex geometry measurements

Digitalize your ideas!

REVERSE ENGINEERING With the 3D scanner and our methodology, CEDESIGN-STUDIO is able the make a digital model of your product. We can reconstruct CAD data for parts, molds, car, ... so you re-engineer, re-manufacture or recreate. Reverse engineering, 3d scanning, complex metrology are all therms of modern industrial innovation. The accessibility ot this advanced technology is difficult for small to medium companies. For this people, CEDESIGN-STUDIO is proposing their service of reverse engineering. With our 3D scanner, we can produce a digital exact model of your product. To learn our clients about this new technology, some case studies are worked out. A motor sport team runs a standard bought car. Some improvements could be done, but track time and wind tunnel testing

Reverse engineer a design product CEDESIGN-STUDIO is able to scan a freeform product, convert it to usable 3D data.

are expensive and precious. CEDESIGN STUDIO could scan your standard car, we recreate the topology to a full 3D CAD model with surfaces or solids. From this on, we could engineer some new aerodynamic parts and

Now you can re-manufacture, redesign, measure complex 3D geometry to enhance the power of your business.

simulate them with CAE and CFD. If numbers are excellent, real prototypes could be manufactured in metal, plastic or composites.



3D scan

3D scan of a Porsche 993 Turbo, re-edit the icon!




You lost some precious data of your production? You can refresh for example an old production, such as an oldtimer car. With our 3D scanner we make it!

Measure the actual production and evaluate the difference between original 3D design and production. With our 3D scanner, complex metrology is our work!

3D designs in some foam or exotic material by a skilled designer. We digitalize the concept to a full 3D CAD. Our scanner takes 1 million of digital point for accuracy.


CEDESIGN-STUDIO, driven by design, technology and precision!


In Reverse engineering, precision is a keyfactor to insure the quality of our process. We’re able to ensure quality accuracy between 100 and 50 micron.

Field of activity: Cedesign - studio is a multifunctional / polyvalent design and engineering studio, We offer our different products and services to industrial users: Automotive Tool makers Design studio's Production facilities Machine manufacturing Plastic industry Carbon & composites industry Engineering .... and many more Feel free to contact us!

CFD Aerodynamic simulation

From 3D scan, CAD to CFD simulation. We do it! With our new 3D scanner, we can come into your office to scan or control parts. We could enhance the engineering and quality of the product with our design skills, or just let it possible to remanufacture parts.


Casestudy reverse engineering  


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