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Appealing Factors To Consider Regarding Laminate Wood Flooring In relation to your home, the floor surface is the foundation for a spectacular interior design. Not only should it coordinate with the surrounding decor, the floor should be clean and comfortable. The traditional standard for nice flooring has always been real hardwood. Designers currently however have the option of installing laminate wood flooring due to the leaps technology has made. Laminate flooring holds many advantages over classic hardwood even though they are both very similar in appearance. Components Laminate wood flooring consists of four layers that was formulated in Sweden in the 1980s. The foundation of the flooring is a moisture resistant layering. Termed as a core layer, the substrate layer sits on top of the base layer. The substrate layer is water resistant and made from wooden fibers that have been compressed with adhesive and resin. The flooring gets the cosmetic appearance with the next layer which is the pattern layer. The appearance copies what real wood flooring looks like and it attractive. The images give off a look where you can see the patterns in the grain as if you were examining real hardwood. The thinnest and top layer of the laminate is what is recognized as the wear layer. Its job is to stop moisture penetration. Variations High pressure and direct pressure are the two main wood flooring options. High-pressure flooring is usually more durable. This is partly due to its binding process, in which the laminate's components are bonded together at very high heat pressure. Direct-pressure laminates are fused at a much lower pressure. Laminate wood can be found in a variety of colors and styles. The flooring's physical appearance comes from a high-definition picture of real wood, making the possible options practically infinite. Affordable and Durable Harvesting grown trees is included in the production process of hardwood flooring which several could be relatively expensive. On the other hand, laminate flooring will not impact the natural environment and is usually half the price. Laminate wood floors are very durable, scratch-resistant, and pleasantly pleasing. They are built to withstand significant impact from active children and household pets. The flooring is easily managed and will not fade from direct sunlight. Another advantage over hardwood flooring is the laminate wood is resistant to damaging termites. Installation Offered in a wide selection, the laminate floors are simple and basic to install. There's a simple

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Appealing Factors To Consider Regarding Laminate Wood Flooring glueless option, which enables each panel to be clicked together. Installation can be handled without having the help from professional installers and is a great choice for do-it-yourselfers. Laminate wood floors can be installed on any type of sub floor, which includes vinyl, ceramic, concrete, and a new wood floor. The only requirement is always that the sub floor is dry, level, and clean. Cleaning and Protection Cleaning laminate floors is easy where they can be cleaned using a broom and mop as well as a vacuum. Be sure you clean up any spills as soon as possible. For more persistent marks, use a wash rag that is lightly moistened with water. After extensively cleaning the spot, dry the laminate using a cloth or towel. Floor cleaning products made for laminate wood can be purchased should the entire floor need to be cleaned every once in awhile. These can be found over the internet or at your local home improvement center. Abrasive cleaning materials must be avoided and do not use soaps or solutions not specifically designed for the laminate. Using mats at entrances will help protect your laminate wood flooring from dirt and mud. Attaching felt pads to the foundation of chairs and heavy furniture can also help give protection to the flooring. A Great Flooring Option Laminate wood flooring is a terrific option for those who are remodeling. Affordable, durable, and available in a huge number of unique designs, you cannot go wrong using a laminate wood floor. Once you visit Dalton Carpet Mart, you can find fabulous deals for the best laminate wood flooring. For additional information on Dalton Carpet Mart, take a look at their website at

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Appealing Factors To Consider Regarding Laminate Wood Flooring