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"The AmazingCloaker is, well, truly amazing! I m just getting started in the Internet World but, to me, this is a no-brainer. How could anyone do affiliate marketing without using the AmazingCloaker? Before buying it I did a lot of research and, in my opinion, it s the best of its kind and the savings are potentially unlimited! I realy consider myself to be a techno-dunce but even I could successfully operate this program - with the support of it s creator, Jack Keifer, who is one of the greatest people you could ever meet, online or offline. ÂĄÂŞ George Lutz, Charleston, SC

Link hi-jacking People can simply copy your link, paste it into their browser and insert their own affiliate ID in place of yours. Now they get a discount on their purchase and you end up with nothing, notta, zip! Bypassing Your Link Altogether This visitor simply shaves off your affiliate ID and goes directly to the merchant site. Why would someone do this? Some people just don t want you to make anything from the referral. And finally, many people will simply give less credibility to your reviews after seeing an obvious affiliate link. Here s an example of an un-cloaked link: Most people never really think about it, but you can also lose a sale when someone visits your site, looks around and then leaves. They later go directly out to the vendor and make the purchase. The time & effort you spent educating the visitor was wasted Generated by at 12/24/2011 8:41:50with PM URL:

no commission to boot.? Suppose that you could still be credited for the sale, because your site was visited first? Doesn t that sound much better? Let s say these scenarios happen a modest ten times a month at $30 per payout. That s still a whopping 300 bucks every month!!! This was the very concept that inspired me to create the AmazingCloaker software. I ve tried other url cloakers out there, and there are a couple that are pretty good. They did the trick when it came to protecting my links. Like most people, I settled for "good enough". I was reasonably happy with the software. Then one day as I was looking over my PPC stats, I noticed that about 20-25% of my visitors were clicking through my links. Thus generating a cookie on their machine with my affiliate ID. The other 75% of my visitors were simply gone, probably forever. I had to ask myself, what about the other 75%? Isn t there some way to get another shot from these people? SUDDENLY, I HAD ONE OF THOSE "BOINGGGG!!!" MOMENTS... Why should my visitors have to actually CLICK the link before they get my affiliate cookie?! Why not just cookie them when they arrive? The same embedded cookie that the visitor normally gets after clicking on the affiliate link is received first! This feature is truly the affiliate s secret weapon! How would you like to jump from a measley 20%?to a whopping 100% of visitors being cookied with your affiliate ID?

Do you think it s hard to cloak a link? See how easy it is with the AmazingCloaker affiliate link cloaking video tutorials!

Secure Your Copy of The Hottest Affiliate Link Cloaker On the Net AmazingCloaker is a genuine KeiferSoft? product THE EMBEDDED COOKIE DEMO PAGE

Your Cloaked Re-direct and Cookie Code Are Fully Encrypted

If someone tries to read the source of your cloaked page, all they will see is unreadable html hex code as your affiliate link.

Here is a snippet of the generated re-direct page. (framed)

Generated by at 12/24/2011 8:41:50 PM URL:

The un-framed versions will not display any redirect source code at all because it s pure PHP or ASP! Your cloaked links are virtually un-detectable!

Your links are perfectly cloaked & no javascript is required for them to work!

The AmazingCloaker works with any affiliate programs!

utmx_section("How it Works") Here s how it works in a nutshell

1. Enter the info in the easy to use interface & click "Generate Affiliate Link"

2. That s it! Your redirect page & cloaked links are generated automatically! Now simply click one of the "Copy" buttons and paste the code into your webpage! Copy the link code only, cookie code only, or both for maximum impact! As you can see, the cookie is hex encoded and automatically inserted to your visitor s computer?when they visit your site. If someone tries to read the source of your cloaked page, all they will see is unreadable html hex code as your affiliate link. Here is a snippet of the generated re-direct page. (framed)

The un-framed versions? will show no redirect source code at all?because it s pure PHP or ASP! Your cloaked links are virtually un-detectable! Your links are perfectly cloaked & no javascript is required for them to work! For your convienence, I ve even added an FTP upload feature!? 3. Simply upload the cloaked redirect page to your webserver. Generated by at 12/24/2011 8:41:50 PM URL:

And here s another sweet little feature... You can test your cloaked link right from the AmazingCloaker! Here s a screen shot:

After uploading your cloaked page, just click the test link and your browser will automatically open to your cloaked link, or view it right from inside the AmazingCloaker! Save Your Cloaking Sessions With AmazingCloaker, you can save all your cloaking sessions! All of your previously saved sessions are instantly available at the click of a mouse! There s no need to start over again later just to modify your cloaked affiliate info, or to add it to another of your websites. Have you ever seen that in a link cloaker before? Still don t understand how affiliate link cloaking works? Click to see link cloaking explained

"-This is truly AMAZING software! It s undeniably underpriced, because it is the best original cloaking software I have literally ever come across! The greatest part of using the Amazing Cloaker is the peace of mind it gives me. I know I m not throwing away all of my months hard work because I am receiving all of my affiliate earnings! There s no better feeling than this! ÂĄÂŞ Lonn T, Florida

Generated by at 12/24/2011 8:41:50 PM URL:

"The Amazing Cloaker not only does what is promised, it is one of the easiest tools I have ever set up and operated. Plus, and it is a big plus, the commission from two or three link-stealers is all it takes to pay back the purchase price." ¡ª Brendan B. - Australia

"I ve been using AmazingCloaker for about ten months. Apart from other facilities, the software gives the options of framed and unframed link cloaking and it is absolutely reliable. The "Alternate Link" feature is very clever but the affiliate cookie is the best thing you can get from AmazingCloaker. The updates are regular, the interface is very simple and the whole performance is fantastic. In general, I would give a rate five out of five for the software and six out of five for the technical support!" ¡ª Efthymios Kinis

With the awesome power of this link cloaker, there s no doubt in my mind that your commissions are going to double, triple or more! After I created the AmazingCloaker, honestly I almost didn t want to share it, because of the advantage it gives me. I m still considering a limit to the number of copies I ll make available. utmx_section("Pricing") I would bet that you would expect to pay a lot for a link cloaker with such powerful features. I ve seen other "standard" link cloakers out there as high as $97, but for a limited time I will be offering this for only $65 You could easily make this back in only 2 recovered conversions!!! From there it s all gravy and the profits are back in your pocket where they belong! utmx_section("Call to Action") Now is the time to get the edge! With all the time, investment & hard work that you put into your web sites, it only makes sense to have the best tools in your arsenal, including the best link cloaker. AmazingCloaker is the obvious choice.

Generated by at 12/24/2011 8:41:50 PM URL:

utmx_section("Guarantee")During the next 8 weeks, if you re not absolutely convinced that the AmazingCloaker skyrockets your sales, & secures your links, I will refund you 100%

The AmazingCloaker is now available for only $97 $65 What are the requirements for using AmazingCloaker? Windows 98, Windows ME, 2000, 2003 Server, Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 & aboveYOU NEED A WEBSITE, or at least a web host where you can upload your cloaked redirect pages to. -- Your web host should support PHP or ASP for best results. ?99% of all web hosts at least offer PHP in their paid hosting packages. if(typeof(urchinTracker)!= function )document.write( )_uacct = UA-4121681-2 ;urchinTracker("/3009502563/test"); Ebooks & Digital Products Download - Home

Download AmazingCloaker Advanced Link Cloaker | Ebook or Software Here

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