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Access Control Solution To Prevent Intoxication On-Site

Random Selektors selection is unpredictable


Red light and high tone (sound) indicates; to test. Green light and low tone; indicates pass (no test)

Access control and intoxication is provided for in the General Safety Regulations, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act). • Access control should not be limited to entry onto the

premises, but again performed on exiting the premises, to prevent use of drugs and alcohol on company premises.

• As with access control, the requirement is not that every Drug Detection International have a system scaleable to your operation that includes: • Random Selectors for Drug & Alcohol Testing • TruTouch non-invasive, selfadministered blood alcohol detection and biometric identification • Tribune Turnstile • DOA Drug Reader for urine and Saliva

person be tested for drugs and alcohol, however random testing is the minimum requirement. Random testing does not mean visual identification of persons that appear to be under the influence.

• Both access control and intoxication testing must be done at the main point of entry to the premises, not only at reception. A lot could go wrong between these points.

• Safe guard your work place today. • Take advantage of this 4 in 1 drug & alcohol access control system

• From as little as 29c per test

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Secure Visitor Management Solution!

With an efficient Secure Visitor Management Solution that replaces the traditional manual Visitor’s Register Book all information is electronically captured from the visitor’s driver’s license card and vehicle license disk. ! This illuminates visitors writing misleading information. All records are time stamped and stored on the device and automatically downloaded to the Controller using Wi-Fi or USB. The Controller software displays the electronic visitor’s entry log. Data can be searched and reports can be made. !


The eScan scans and verifies South African driver’s licenses (as well as Angola,!Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe). The scanner displays on screen the details of the driver including a photograph, for verification. In the case of vehicles, all vehicle details are scanned from the license disk and displayed on the device for verification. ! Included! • 2 x eScan scanners (one for in and one for out)! • Compatible Wi-Fi router! • 1 x Controller with preconfigured software.!

Software for data management, Reporting and List of unwanted persons.

Intoxication acesss control and visitor management  

Access control and intoxication is provided for in the General Safety Regulations, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act)....

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