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Digital Developments  In  Hospitality  

November, 3nd  2011  

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Digital Marketing  Trends  for  Hoteliers  

In October,  World  Hotel  Groups  were  contest-­‐oriented.  With   Accor,  Four  Seasons,  Hilton  and  Starwood,  all  determined  to   win  over  market  shares.     Only  one  objective:  creating  online  customer  engagement!     Several  solutions:  a  social  media  treasure  hunt,  an  online   lottery,  social  media  reviews,  social  loyalty  programs,  digital   awareness  campaigns….     They  chose  to  play  either  the  originality  card  or  the  simplicity   card,  which  one  will  be  the  most  effective?     Hotel  guests  will  tell…    

Digital Developments   in  Hospitality  is  a   division  of  Oneglobe   Network  dedicated  to   exploring  Net   capabilities  and   innovations  facilitating   differentiation  via   breakthrough  services.   DDIH  explores  the   impact  of  apps,  tools  and   platforms,  already   adopted  in  the   marketplace,  and  the   impact  on  users’  service   expectations.    

Social Media   Trends  

To keep  in  Mind  …     Intersquares  app  enables  users  to   compare  check-­‐ins  and  find  places   they  have  in  common.     Foursquare  Radar  gets  people   informed  of  what  is  happening  in   the  surrounding  locations  by   sending  notifications.  


Moving Beyond  The  Check-­‐In,  Foursquare   Introduces  “Radar”   October,  13th  2011  

The next  update  to  Foursquare’s  iPhone  app   for  iOS  5  will  pester  you  even  more  about  things   to  do  nearby.  The  new  feature  is  called  Radar,  and   it  pulls  suggestions  from  FourSquare’s  Explore   feature.  Depending  on  your  location,  it  might   suggest  a  nearby  restaurant,  or  remind  you  that   the  coffee  shop  on  your  to-­‐do  list  is  nearby.  It  will   also  tell  you  when  your  friends  are  meeting   nearby.   Radar  pulls  in  Explore  suggestions  nearby  and   sends  them  to  you  as  notifications  so  you  get   them  even  if  the  app  is  closed.­‐beyond-­‐ the-­‐check-­‐in-­‐foursquare-­‐introduces-­‐ %E2%80%9Cradar%E2%80%9D/  

Foursquare Hack  Reveals  When  Friends   First  Met   October,  3rd  2011   by  Sarah  Kessler  

Google engineer  Mihai  Parparita  met  his  wife   during  their  junior  year  of  college.  But  at  some   point,  it  occurred  to  them  that  they  had  actually   taken  a  class  together  two  years  prior  to  that   without  introducing  themselves.  It  took  the   couple  years  of  conversation  to  discover  this   coincidence,  but  Parparita  recently  created  a   way  for  other  couples  —  or  friends  and  people   who  just  met  —  to  plot  their  past  intersections.     A  clever  app  he  put  together  at  a  Foursquare   Hackathon  in  San  Francisco  compares  two   people’s  checkin  history  and  shows  them  when   they’ve  been  in  the  same  room.  The  app  is  called   Intersquares.   To  use  Intersquares,  users  hook  up  their   Foursquare  accounts  and  send  a  link  to   whomever  they  want  to  compare  checkins  with.   As  soon  as  that  person  links  his  or  her  account,   voilà,  out  spits  a  list  of  common  checkins.­‐ hack-­‐reveals-­‐when-­‐friends-­‐first-­‐met/  



To keep  in  Mind  …     Facebook  Translation  Tool  enables   users  to  translate  Facebook  page     content  into  several  languages.  allows  individuals  and   companies  to  learn  from  their   Facebook  friends  by  sharing  Q&A,   made  in  a  fun  way.    

Facebook Launches  New  Translation  Tool  For   Pages   October,  5th  2011   By  Kris  Holt    

Facebook  has  quietly  rolled  out  a  new  in-­‐line   translation  tool  that  allows  you  to  quickly   translate  content  on  pages  using  Bing  Translate.   This  will  make  it  easier  for  you  to  translate  posts   and  comments  on  public  pages  into  your   preferred  language,  so  you  can  enjoy  content   from  any  public  page  on  the  social  network.   Whenever  a  post  or  comment  is  posted  in  a   language  you  don’t  claim  to  know  on  your  profile,   a  “Translate”  button  will  appear  under  that   content  alongside  the  “Like,  “Comment”  and   “Share”  buttons.  When  you  click  the  button,  the   content  is  translated  into  your  preferred   language.  You  can  switch  back  to  the  original   version  of  the  content  by  clicking  the  “Original”   button.­‐launches-­‐ new-­‐translation-­‐tool-­‐for-­‐pages/  

Facebook Timeline:  5  Sites  for  Customizing   Your  Cover  Photo   October,  13th  2011   by  Amy-­‐Mae  Elliott  

Facebook’s new  Timeline  design  gives  you  a   big  space  for  a  photo  at  the  top  of  your  profile.   So  far  we  have  seen  some  cool  and  creative   uses  of  this  new  “cover  photo.”   If  you  don’t  have  the  time  to  design  your  own,   consider  these  fun  free  services  that  can  help.     We  have  found  five  fledgling  websites  that   offer  free  cover  photos  you  can  easily  upload  to   your  profile.­‐ timeline-­‐5-­‐sites-­‐for-­‐customizing-­‐your-­‐cover-­‐photo/  

  Facebook  Acquires  Social  Q&A  Service   October,  11th  2011  

The acquisitions  continue  for  Facebook.  Last  week,  the  social   network  bought,  the  social  question  and  answer  service,  both  sides  confirm  today.   Of  note,  the  team  says  that  they’ll  be  working  on  “new  projects”  at  Facebook.  But  they  also   say  that  will  continue  to  operate  as  a  service.   As  Inside  Facebook  noted  back  in  April,  was  able  to  gain  a  ton  of  users  on  top  of   Facebook’s  graph  very  quickly.­‐acquires-­‐social-­‐qa-­‐service-­‐friend-­‐ly/  



Mobile Trends   Photo  Sharing  Devices  

To keep  in  Mind  …     ImageSocial  allows  to  enter  online   photo  contests  through  photo-­‐ sharing  and  votes.     Twitter  Iphone  App  enables  users   to  take  photos  and  post  them   directly    on  Twitter  Photo   platform.  

First Look  At  ImageSocial,  The  Photo-­‐Sharing  Network  That  Just  Scored   $15  Million  In  Funding   October,  12th  2011   By  Sarah  Perez  

Earlier  this  month,  Australian-­‐based  Mooter  Media  took  in  $15  million   from  San  Francisco  investment  firm  La  Jolla  Cove  Investors,  Inc.  in  order  to   launch  a  new  social  photography  platform.  The  platform,  called  ImageSocial,   will  include  a  gaming  element.   Instead  of  just  friending  users  and  uploading  photos,  at  launch,   ImageSocial  users  will  be  able  to  participate  in  what  Mooter  says  is  the   “largest  online  photo  contest  ever  conceived.”  The  contest  will  involve  a  search  for  the  most  defining   moments  of  our  generation,  and  will  award  “big”  prizes.   When  it  launches  in  Q1  2012,  ImageSocial  will  encourage  users  to  share  photos  on  the  network  via   desktop,  tablet  or  mobile  devices  and  will  encourage  them  to  vote  on  others’  images.­‐look-­‐at-­‐imagesocial-­‐the-­‐photo-­‐sharing-­‐network-­‐that-­‐just-­‐scored-­‐15-­‐ million-­‐in-­‐funding/  

Twitter Updates  iPhone  App  with  Photo  Sharing   October,  12th  2011   by  Todd  Wasserman  

A  day  before  Apple  is  expected  to  release  its  iOS  5  update   with  Twitter  integration,  Twitter  has  upgraded  its  iPhone,   iPod  touch  and  iPad  app  with  new  features,  including  photo   sharing.   The  3.5.0  update,  introduced  Tuesday,  includes  an  upgraded  direct  messages   design  on  the  iPad  and  the  ability  to  tap  a  location  on  the  iPad  to  show  nearby   tweets.  The  most  significant  upgrade  is  a  feature  that  lets  you  take  a  photo  on  your   mobile  device  and  then  upload  it  to­‐updates-­‐iphone-­‐app-­‐with-­‐photo-­‐sharing/  


Online Trends  

To keep  in  Mind  …     -­‐  QR  codes  on  rooftops  could   infiltrate  Google  Maps.     -­‐  Google  Maps  displays  photos  of   business  interiors:  360°   information.     -­‐  Google  Hotel  Finder  is  available   in  the  UK.  

Google Google  extends  Hotel  Finder  tool  beyond  US   destinations   October,  20th  2011   By  Linda  Fox  

Google’s  experiment  with  its  Hotel  Finder  tool   for  US  destinations  must  be  paying  off  as  the   search  giant  has  quietly  opened  it  up  to  include   European  cities.   The  tool  enables  users  to  search  for  a  hotel  within   a  named  destination  by  editing  a  shape  on  a  map.   Users  can  also  view  hotels  within  the  shape  as  a   list  and  by  clicking  on  a  ‘book’  button  are  provided   with  advertisements  from  online  travel  agencies   and  the  hotels  enabling  users  to  compare  prices.   Property  reviews  are  also  provided  from  Google   Places.­‐extends-­‐ hotel-­‐finder-­‐tool-­‐beyond-­‐us-­‐destinations/  

Rooftop  QR  Codes  Aim  to  Infiltrate  Google  Maps  

Google Maps  rolls  out  business  interiors  in   Street  View   October,  28th  2011   by  Meghan  Kelly  

Google  is  taking  its  Street  View  feature   indoors.  The  company  announced  last  May  it   would  be  taking  interior  shots  of  stores,  but   now  it  is  moving  out  of  its  pilot  phase  with   more  360  degree  interiors  cropping  up  online.   Now  Google  is  using  these  images  as  a   marketing  tool  for  businesses  that  want  to   show  off  their  interiors.­‐maps-­‐ rolls-­‐out-­‐business-­‐interiors-­‐in-­‐street%C2%A0view/

October, 12th  2011  

by Todd  Wasserman  

Here’s  a  circuitous  route  to  free  advertising  on  Google:  An   Austin,  Texas,  firm  will  install  QR  codes  on  rooftops  in  an   attempt  to  sneak  into  Google  Maps.  Phillips  &  Co.’s  new   proposition,  called  Blue  Marble,  offers  a  “space-­‐accessible   profile”  for  businesses,  cities,  schools  —  anyone  who  wants  to   raise  their  profile.   Phillips  says  in  a  statement  that  Google  Earth  has  been   downloaded  400  million  times  and  “by  integrating  a  readable   code  into  the  space-­‐accessible  profile,  mobile  users  can  access   dynamic  marketing  programs,  videos,  digital  coupons  and  other  content  while  viewing  the  specific   geographical  location.”     In  addition  to  showing  up  in  Google  Earth,  the  codes  would  also  surface  in  Google  Maps,  which   makes  use  of  the  former  with  Earth  View.­‐qr-­‐codes-­‐aim-­‐to-­‐infiltrate-­‐google-­‐maps/


Analytics Trends  

To keep  in  Mind  …     -­‐  HootSuite  enables  LinkedIn  to   help  businesses  develop  their   social  media  presence.     -­‐  Geotoko  (acquired  by  HootSuite)   lets  businesses  better  understand   their  audience’s  activities  on  social   media  websites.  


Check-­‐out Who’s  Checking-­‐in  ~  HootSuite   Acquires  Location-­‐Based  Marketing  Tool   Geotoko   October  12th,  2011  

HootSuite Integrates  LinkedIn  Company  Pages   &  Groups   October,  6th  2011  

The  integration  is  key  for  HootSuite  —  which   previously  only  supported  LinkedIn  profiles  —  in   evolving  side-­‐by-­‐side  with  its  main  user  base:   social  media  marketers.   In  short,  LinkedIn  is  quickly  coming  into  its   own  in  the  social  networking  realm  —  and  social   media  managers  need  to  stay  on  top  of  it.  With  the   new  HootSuite  features,  they  can  send  company   status  updates  and  start  group  discussions  around   their  content.  For  companies  using  LinkedIn  for   HR  marketing  and  recruiting,  it’s  an  opportunity  to   post  job  openings  and  share  professional  expertise   as  well.   LinkedIn  has  named  HootSuite  one  of  its  four   charter  members  in  its  new  Certified  Developer   Program,  a  network  of  developers  designated  to   help  marketers,  agencies  and  companies  use   LinkedIn  to  connect  with  their  audiences.    

HootSuite has  acquired  Geotoko  –  a  location-­‐ based  marketing  tool  –  adding  to  the  existing   geo-­‐location  capabilities  in  the  social  media   management  dashboard.  This  geo-­‐analytic   software  will  help  businesses  market  to   understand  their  audience  and  customers.   The  Geotoko  technology  reports  on  geo-­‐ based  social  media  interactions  like  key   influencers,  customer  sentiment,  and   demographic  patterns  to  help  businesses  draw   conclusions  about  audience  behavior,  as  well  as   help  brands  reward  customers  for  checking-­‐in   via  Foursquare  and  Facebook  Places.­‐acquisition/­‐ integrates-­‐linkedin-­‐company-­‐pages-­‐groups/


Latest Marketing  Trends  in  Hospitality     Online  Contests  

A|Club launches  grand   game  contest  for  all  its   members   October  6th,  2011  

From October  6  to   November  15,  2011,  A|Club   is  offering  all  of  its  members   a  chance  to  play  its  big  on-­‐line  game:  Jackpot  Days.   By  connecting  to  the  “A|Club”  Facebook  page,   participants  have  a  chance  to  win  the  Jackpot:  1   million  A|Club  points  credited  to  their  loyalty  card,   equivalent  to  a  year  of  weekends!   At  the  same  time,  A|Club  is  doubling  points   earned  for  any  weekend  reservation  from  October   10  to  December  18  made  on  a-­‐,,  brand  sites  –  Sofitel,  Pullman,   MGallery,  Novotel,  SuiteNovotel,  Mercure,  Adagio,   ibis,  and  all  seasons/ibis  style,  and  via  Accor  call   centers.­‐launches-­‐ grand-­‐game-­‐contest-­‐for-­‐all-­‐its-­‐members/  

Travel deal  of  the  week:  Four  Seasons   Resorts  Facebook  giveaway   October  6th,  2011  

For those  who  can’t  bear  the  thought  of   planning  the  family  trip,  the  Four  Seasons   Hotels  and  Resorts  is  hosting  a  Facebook   giveaway  that  will  end  with  three  lucky   families  vacationing  at  one  of  three  Four   Seasons  resorts:  The  Four  Seasons  Nevis,  The   Four  Seasons  Vail  or  The  Four  Seasons   Boston.   Four  Seasons  teamed  up  with  luxury  family   vacationers  Luxury  Travel  Mom,  Ciao   Bambino  and  PoshBrood,  to  create  this  social   media  scavenger  hunt.  Here’s  how  it  works:   The  contest  is  a  Luxury  Facebook  Treasure   Hunt.  At  each  stop  you  answer  a  question   which  gives  you  another  entry  and  another   chance  to  win.­‐deal-­‐ of-­‐the-­‐week-­‐four-­‐seasons-­‐resorts-­‐facebook-­‐giveaway/      

Hilton comes  up  with  social  media  treasure  hunt  promotion   October  6th,  2011  

Hilton  Worldwide’s  loyalty  programme  Hilton  HHonors  has  launched  “the   world’s  largest  social  media  treasure  hunt”,  giving  away  500  free  hotel  nights  over   the  course  of  five  consecutive  days  this  week.   Clues  for  the  treasure  hunt  activities  and  locations  are  being  given  on  the  Hilton   HHonors  Twitter  account  and  Facebook  page.  HHonors  members  and  treasure  hunters  must  follow  or   become  a  fan  to  uncover  the  giveaway  cities  and  required  tasks.   In  each  city,  the  first  100  people  to  correctly  complete  the  task  and  find  the  Hilton  HHonors  team   will  be  awarded  with  a  free  night  certificate,  redeemable  at  any  participating  property  in  the  Hilton   Worldwide  portfolio  of  brands.­‐comes-­‐up-­‐with-­‐social-­‐media-­‐treasure-­‐hunt-­‐promotion/  



Online Customer  Engagement   Meliá  Hotels  Opens  A  “Social  Suite”  at  ME  Madrid   October  19th,  2011   by  Josiah  Mackenzie  

At  ReviewPro,  we  advocate  using  guest  feedback  from  the  social   web  to  guide  design,  but  a  new  campaign  from  Meliá  Hotels  takes   this  philosophy  to  another  level.  Earlier  this  month,  ME  Madrid   opened  its  “Social  Suite”  –  created  and  inspired  by  the  company’s   Facebook  fans.   The  “Social  Suite”  is  the  result  of  the  recent  “Everything  is   Possible”  online  campaign  by  the  hotel  chain  on  Facebook  which   for  two  weeks  encouraged  fans  of  all  the  company’s  hotel  brands   to  share  their  dreams.  The  campaign  helped  the  company  raise  the   number  of  fans  to  make  it  the  top   Spanish  hotel  company  on  Facebook   with  more  than  200,000  fans.­‐ hotels-­‐opens-­‐a-­‐%E2%80%9Csocial-­‐ suite%E2%80%9D-­‐at-­‐me-­‐madrid/  


Starwood Hotels  to  publish  online  customer  reviews   October  25th,  2011   By  Barbara  De  Lollis  

Starwood  later  today  will  launch  a  first-­‐ever  online  review  function  –  a  first-­‐ever  move  by  a  U.S.  global   hotel  company  that  gives  its  customers  a  high-­‐profile  voice  and  potential  influence  with  other  guests.   The  new  function  will  let  Sheraton,  Westin,  W  and  other  Starwood-­‐brand  hotel  customers  write  their   assessment  of  their  recent  hotel  stay  directly  on  Starwood  websites,  senior  Starwood  executive  Chris   Holdren  tells  Hotel  Check-­‐In.   Anyone  will  be  able  to  read  the  reviews  and  share  them  via  social  media  channels,  such  as  Facebook   and  Twitter.   Starwood  hopes  that  by  giving  customers  the  chance  to  write  reviews,  they’ll  be  more  engaged  with   the  company  and  more  likely  to  book  repeat  stays.­‐hotels-­‐to-­‐publish-­‐online-­‐customer-­‐reviews/  


The Power  of  Foursquare  and  Location-­‐Based  Services  [Presentation]  How  Hotels  and  Travel   Companies  Are  Nailing  Social  Media   October,  28th  2011  

Social  Loyalty  Startup  Topguest  Launching  White  Label  Service  With  Facebook  Integration   Today,  the  company  is  announcing  a  new  product  that  will  make  Topguest  not  just  a  social  loyalty   program,  but  a  full-­‐fledged  social  loyalty  SaaS  company.  This  fall  it  will  debut  a  white-­‐label  service  that   will  allow  brands  to  customize  their  communication  with  each  of  their  customers,  based  on  their  social   networking  activity.  Topguest’s  first  partner  with  this  effort  will  be  Hilton  HHonors.   Hilton’s  new  social  loyalty  program,  powered  by  Topguest,  will  be  available  at  (site  is  not  yet  live).  Members  will  receive  2,500  points  simply  for  connecting   their  Facebook  account,  and  will  then  have  the  opportunity  to  earn  even  more  points  for  further   engaging  with  the  brand.­‐loyalty-­‐startup-­‐topguest-­‐launching-­‐white-­‐label-­‐service-­‐with-­‐facebook-­‐ integration/  

Luxury Collection  launches  bold  new  ad   campaign.   October  4th,  2011  

The  Luxury  Collection  Hotels  &  Resorts   announces  a  new  global  advertising  campaign,   framing  its  ensemble  of  iconic  hotels  and  resorts   with  photography  of  experiences,  destinations   and  passions  of  the  brand  to  tell  the  story  of  a   global  explorer  and  deliver  a  personal  approach   to  the  collection.   Conceived  by  The  Luxury  Collection  brand’s   marketing  team  and  executed  with   photographer  David  Prince  and  noted  prop   stylist  Jocelyn  Beaudoin,  the  campaign  captures   unique  travel  experiences,  singular   environments  and  cherished  memories  that   reflect  The  Luxury  Collection  brand.­‐ collection-­‐launches-­‐bold-­‐new-­‐ad-­‐campaign/  


Digital Development  In  Hospitality   A  word  from  the  team…   “  We  are  pleased  to  share  through  DDIH   blog,  all  the  pieces  of  information   related  to  the  latest  digital  trends  in  the   objective  to  inspire  independent  hotels   when  creating  marketing  strategies.”    

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DDIH Newsletter November  

Hotel Evolution enables independent hoteliers to keep posted on the latest trends in digital marketing concerning the hospitality industry.

DDIH Newsletter November  

Hotel Evolution enables independent hoteliers to keep posted on the latest trends in digital marketing concerning the hospitality industry.