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sneaker heads 2014

trainers are everywere nike adidas and new bal

lance are the must have trainers of 2014

Trainer tribes , were the first people who started to make the sneakers into a fashion trend. Trainers broke away from only targeting at only the sport culture , getting into the music industries and the public.

Their crazy for kicks!

In the 60’s the trainer was a sport shoe , in 2014 the trainer is a piece of somebody personality . social media plays a big part in how sneakers have gone from sports to fashion creating a culture of trainer tribes

Its strange to think that today we don’t stop and think that we don’t all stop and think about how we are wearing trainers which are initially linked with sports. If your in adidas kicks were told to ‘keep fit’ like Nike dunks and air force were initially created for basketball players where now their created for fashion trends, Designed for sports but yet most of us wearing them don’t go near a track or court. Years ago “Trainer Tribes” stated bringing trainers into fashion adapting the sports shoe into making a statement or personal belonging through the appearance from the trainers. The trainer tribes had a extreme effect on sneakers sales and their development , such as L.A Gangs the 1960’s , but its not about looking back From then and now in 2014 trainers are everywhere you go teenagers are seeing and wanting from the internet to , high status;s teenagers are thriving for trainers, the strive to invent and to be seen is here so flick to page see some of the new trainer tribes on the street today.

The trainer is now a piece of fashion , the younger generation are trending them more and more. Celebrities have a big influence in fashion and teens look up and strive TO BE LIKE THEM . From magazine and internet social media ,

TRAINERS ARE THE NEW LOOK ,people see and hear about trendS and want to re create that look for themself , right you can

Rhi -18, i like to be fash

Fashion t st

gary -22 i like to look - converse

tian 14 so do


trends on today treets

k stylish and cool

4-my trainers make me feel good and o they , puma swade

Today teens are mad about showing of the latest trend , the social ap “instagram� has 100,000 of post everyday of trainer trends and the new styles

im crazy about trainers, i had to go to America for a pair of flights but i bought these instead rohmain 21


i like sports but i also wear my sneakers because their nice to wear , their light and i feel fresh

adidas originals - red ,


Im a web designer i pay attention to the detail in trainers , vans feel good on their simple and i light there style


crissy 20 for me its the confort of the trainers and in china everybody has them

new balance