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Welcome to the world of matis, a world of professional beauty care.

, your professional skin care solution An expert in professional treatments, Matis has focused all its know-how on methods to enhance your beauty for over 25 years. Matis offers you Treatment Solutions. Solutions that begin with spa treatments provided by Matis beauty therapist and continued with products to apply at home. Solutions designed for beauty professionals and all those for whom excellence is a must.

, revealing your beauty When you choose Matis, you discover a unique philosophy. A philosophy based on a personalised approach to your beauty. Because your needs and desires are unique, your Matis beauty therapist takes special care of you… She takes the time to welcome you, to listen to you and to study your skin…all of the attention required to provide you with the correct Matis solution. A custom-made solution that combines a professional product with an expert treatment method. To reveal your beauty.

, effectiveness and pleasure Using the expertise of its laboratory, Matis has created 12 product lines for the Face and Body. Each product bears the Matis signature, one that is recognisable amongst all others. The high-performance formulas combine the best of technology and nature. The textures are simply divine. The fragrances are unforgettable. All of your senses indulge in unique pleasure: Matis pleasure. Look, touch, smell, feel…you will see the difference and the results.

Réponse YEUX

We blink our eyelids more than 10,000 times a day and the naturally finer skin around the eyes becomes more sensitive once we reach the age of 25. All these factors make the eye contour particularly vulnerable. To meet these specific needs, MATIS has created RÉPONSE YEUX, the professional response entirely devoted to the beauty of your eyes. • Comfort and safety RÉPONSE YEUX is a dermatologically tested line of 6 products designed and developed by the MATIS research centre to suit the most sensitive and demanding eye contour. The rigorously selected extracts are of the finest quality and the active ingredients the result of technologically controlled research. Each product therefore takes into account eye sensitivity, guaranteeing absolute comfort and exceptional tolerance. And because MATIS leaves nothing to chance, each intensive care product is packaged in a hermetically sealed pump bottle to safeguard the purity and quality of the formula. • Complete and tailored solutions Thanks to this complete line dedicated to make-up removal, daily care and additional treatments, dark circles and bags fade and the wrinkles and fine lines due to dehydration diminish, leaving the eye contour soothed, relaxed, rehydrated* and protected. Your eyes will light up and rediscover their sparkle. RÉPONSE YEUX – the essential treatment for beautiful eyes. * of superficial layers of the epidermis

Matis beauty tips

• Beautiful eyes need to be attended morning and evening. • Caring for the eye contour begins with a make-up remover adapted to the make-up used. • The eye contour is the hardest working facial zone and therefore requires a specific treatment, different to that applied to the rest of the face.

Daily care

eYe CARe GeL AnTI-TIReDness This refreshing gel helps to reduce bags and erase the signs of tiredness from the eye contour. Its soothing active ingredients diminish puffiness and help stimulate microcirculation, offering a smoothing effect that lasts long after application. Used morning and evening, this crystal gel is essential for anyone who wants to see the back of bags and dark circles, and regain relaxed features and radiant eyes.

eYe ConToUR BALM A sHIeLD AGAInsT TIMe This balm offers a preventive antiageing action for the whole eye area: it helps to firm tissue, stimulate cell regeneration and nourish the epidermis while optimising your skin’s defences. Designed for all women with fine lines due to dehydration, the liquid balm with a light, fresh texture is used morning and evening for a guaranteed fresh and youthful boost!

matis beauty tip

For a total care response, you can use both daily treatment products simultaneously: in the morning, revitalise your eyes with the smoothing gel; at night, apply the balm and use your sleep time to tone and repair the Eye Care Contour. Daily treatment of the eye contour should begin at 25, both to maintain the beauty of your eyes and protect against the effects of ageing.

Makeup removers

BIpHAse eYes & LIps MAKe-Up ReMoVeR This make-up remover eliminates in a single step all traces of make-up, even waterproof types. The high tolerance f o r m u l a a n d s o o t h i n g p ro p e r t i e s developed by MATIS offer a pleasant feeling of softness, and as a final pleasure it leaves no traces of grease on the eyelids. Ophthalmologically tested, this two-phase make-up remover is perfectly suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

eYe CLeAnsInG eMULsIon This emulsion is specifically formulated for the eyes, offering faultless make-up removal. With its silky, ultra-light texture and soothing camomile, it feels like a caress on your eyelids.

matis beauty tip


As eye make-up is more resistant than that of the rest of your face, and the eye contour area particularly sensitive, it is essential to use make-up remover specifically formulated for the eyes. In addition, good make-up removal ensures that the products applied afterwards can work to their utmost abilities.


Additional treatments

GenTLe eYe LoTIon This lotion rests the eyelids and refreshes your eyes. Its cornflower, camomile and witch hazel extracts help your eyes and eyelids to regain comfort and wellbeing. It is fresh and soothing after make-up removal. For an exquisitely gentle break, apply this soothing tonic generously to a cotton pad and leave on the eyes for at least 5 minutes: you eyes will reopen feeling soothed, rested and relaxed.

eYes & LIps TReATeMenT MAsK eXTReMe CoMFoRT A truly nourishing treatment, this mask reveals the benefits of its main active ingredient - marine elastin. Active from the very first applications, its preventive anti-ageing properties help to regenerate the skin around the eye contour and lips; fine lines caused by dehydration diminish and the epidermis is protected against the harmful effects of time. Recommended for all those in need of a revitalising tonic, the mask-cream is applied in a fine layer once or twice a week.

matis beauty tip

To maximise the effects of the mask treatment, apply a generous amount of Gentle Eye Lotion to two cotton pads and place them over the mask throughout the time the mask is on.

Beauty salon eye contour treatment

“Éclat intense” MATIS dedicates all its know-how to giving you more beautiful eyes. At any time of the year you can treat yourself to the pleasure of revitalised, relaxed, soothed eyes, which will light up your whole face. This  unique,  complete  treatment  combines  well-being  with  effectiveness.  Beginning with a sculpting massage, your body gradually relaxes. Then, thanks to a meticulous make-up removal and gentle exfoliation, the skin around the eye contour is relieved of its dead cells. Next comes the treatment time. Combining efficiency with gentleness, it is tailored precisely to your needs, and optimised through a deep cleansing mask. In 45 minutes, this treatment helps to reactivate the microcirculation of the eye contour, thereby reducing bags and dark circles. Hydration* is restored and fine lines smoothed out. After 1 session per week for 1 month, your eyes will rediscover all their sparkle, well-being and serenity.

* of superficial layers of the epidermis

Matis Reponse Yeux Brochure  
Matis Reponse Yeux Brochure  

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