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• A synergic action for an advanced firming effect. • Technological active ingredients selected for their properties and for how they diffuse and act within the skin. Tensing and smoothing, Densifiance remodelling care, is enriched with active ingredients specifically for the daytime: • Smartvector U.V ® : neutralises the effects of UV rays which aggress the epidermis everyday and are responsible for photo-induced ageing. The encapsulated vitamins C and E are progressively released throughout the day under the influence of light rays, for permanent and continuous protection. • Lipopeptide R: anti-ageing, helps to slowdown the visible effects of ageing, reduces skin hypersensitivity specific to mature skin guaranteeing maximum comfort and constant well-being. • Fractions of oat sugar: an innovative active ingredient which tenses and smoothes the skin, providing a new toned look.

The launch of Densifiance - Intensive remodelling care and Densifiance Soir - restructuring evening care in October 2009 accompanies the launch of a new professional MATIS treatment: Expert Densifying Treatment. Skin’s age is the result of the biological age, genetic characteristics and also the behaviour of the individual particularly in terms of sun exposure which is largely responsible for thickening and ageing the skin. There is no such thing as one unique mature skin - there are many. MATIS has therefore created its professional Expert Densifying Treatment in six stages to help skin rediscover tone and firmness and to reveal a new skin. The Densifying Professional Treatment is the heart of this approach. Its genuine originality


resides in the possibility of customising its formula to suit the age and specific requirements of each person’s skin. The kit contains 2 products (Restructuring Mask and Smoothing Concentrate) to be mixed together, enabling the beautician to dose the peeling effect and thus maximise results for the skin. Densifiance - remodelling care complements the Kit in the new Expert Densifying Treatment : in beauty salons mature skins now have a professional answer for firmness and density!

intensive Remodelling Care - Densifiance Réf. 36873

Comfortable and enveloping, Densifiance Soir - restructuring evening care revitalises cellular regeneration and improves skin tone uniformity and vitality:

Densifiance et Densifiance Soir are available in 50ml pots, in a silver RÉPONSE TEMPS.

• Glycolic acid coupled with a polysaccharide extracted from chicory: for micro-exfoliation, encouraging cellular regeneration and erasing liver spots. With a high molecular weight, the attached glycolic acid remains on the surface for better tolerance.

Restructuring Evening Care - Densifiance Soir Réf. 36874

• Nano-citrus extract: citroflavonoids rich with active molecules that slowdown the melanogenesis responsible for the appearance and development of liver spots; used in the form of liposomes to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients and to ensure slow, progressive release. • Essential jasmine wax: chosen for its regenerative properties.

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RÉPONSE TEMPS Degradation of collagen and elastin fibres, distension of the cutaneous network, weakened resistance of the support structure and slackening skin… Over time, the skin loses body and firmness.

The new answer from

To strengthen the cutaneous architecture, soy extract boosts the fibroblast activity and revitalises their natural capacity for contraction and adhesion as the tests carried out on this extract prove:

Densifiance, the exceptional treatment programme to help mature skin rediscover body, tone and vitality that can fade with time! As our experience grows, the characteristics of our skin evolve through a combination of intrinsic factors (genetics, hormones, etc.) that can be aggravated by extrinsic factors: the weather, smoking, UV rays and more. The dermis becomes thinner, the outer layer of the epidermis thickens and cellular regeneration is slower. Not to mention the fibroblasts which reduce their activity and no longer play their cohesive part within the extra-cellular matrix; there are fewer elastin and collagen fibres and of lower quality…the entire dermic support network suffers.

Human fibroblasts observed in electron microscope.

Illustrations of fibroblasts during elastin & collagen synthesis.

Relaunch fibroblast activity, re-anchor the collagen fibres used for the dermis architecture and improve elastin function. A  whole programme to fight skin ageing! At the heart of this programme: Densiderm,  A  technological innovation from MATIS that acts like an architect for the skin!

YOUNG Fibroblast

Dill extract (a brand new vegetable extract that has been recently discovered for its cosmetic properties) ensures skin elasticity and tonicity : it stimulates the production of LOXL, an enzyme that is essential for activating the bridges between micro-fibres for perfect elastin functionality. Its action permits to start again the synthesis of functional elastic fibres and helps thus to restore the natural elasticity of support tissue.

Through  the  association  of  dill and soy extracts, Densiderm helps consolidate  and  restructure cellular fibres, improving the function and organisation of the cutaneous architecture.

+ 159%

of fibronectin, another key element in cutaneous architecture (tested in vitro at 0.1%)

+ 76%

of α-SMA, fibres involved in fibroblast retractile properties to tighten the dermic network (tested in vitro at 0.1%)

+ 741%

for collagen I (tested in vitro at 0.5%)

+ 80%

for collagen III (tested in vitro at 0.5%)

The natural synthesis of support fibres is deployed. The matrix network rediscovers its ability to support the epidermis. The skin gains body and density.

Illustrations of mature and young skin section :


AGED Fibroblast



Direct and visible consequences: the skin loses body and firmness and its density is reduced. Contours and volumes are blurred; wrinkles and lines move in. The skin loses brightness.





Day after day, the skin recreates its own tissue. It is firmer, smoother and the facial volumes appear resculpted.

* Dermis-Epidermis Jonction

Matis Reponse Temps Densifiance Brochure  

Matis Reponse Temps Densifiance Brochure

Matis Reponse Temps Densifiance Brochure  

Matis Reponse Temps Densifiance Brochure