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24/2/09 13:36:53

welcome Time flies, and it seems incredible to me that Cosmetronic has already clocked up over 17 fantastic years, with its SK4 range now entering its fifth year, since its 2004 launch. Beauty Therapy has changed so much in the last ten years, but so too has our expectations, so at SK4 we are constantly innovating to give you more, and to give your customers a beauty experience second to none by way of visible, lasting results. We use a culmination of high-tech, relaxation and luxury so you can offer your clients the sensation of escape and a truly bespoke experience whilst being in excellent hands, wherever the treatments find them. SK4 invites you to create your own beauty experiences based on proven technology that gives your clients the results and long-term benefits they desire and deserve. In addition to this brochure, you can find more detailed information on any of our websites from the link If you would like some personal advice, please contact any one of our wonderful, dedicated team of professionals, on the number listed on the back cover of this brochure. We’re here to help, it’s an exciting idea, based on a simple promise; we’re not just here to help with your beauty treatments, we’re here to help you get the most out of doing them so whether you’re a new or loyal customer I hope you’ll find SK4 rewarding and enjoyable.

Simon Grogan January 2009

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index HYDRA-SK4

Anti-Ageing Facial Lifting & Rejuvenation Computer



Microdermabrasion Mechanical Face & Body Peeling System 6-7


Crystal free Microdermabrasion Mechanical Peeling System

Bronze-SK4 & Brighten-SK4

Spray Tanning System and Luxury Facial Treatment System


SK4 Hot Stone Therapy Treatments

Pedi Spa-SK4

Luxury Treatment Chairs for Spa Pedicure Treatments


Luxury Treatment Couch


Luxury Split-Leg Pedicure Couch

SPA-SK4 WELLNESS Luxury Spa Couch

Spa-pro-SK4 Ultimate Spa Couch

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


Multi purpose digital steamer, trouble free seating solutions 16-17 High-tech LED Lamps, Hot Towel Cabinet, Autoclave


Our philosophy towards learning and education


LEASING-SK4 Business opportunities for purchasing your SK4 products

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“Amazing results from the word go. Excellent that the treatment is for all skins types and ages, texture of skin was improved on all.�

Cotswold Day Spa

HYDRA SK4 – the result of intense research into consumer demands, combined with proven results that our trained therapists give week in week out.

4 stages to a newer, regenerated, younger looking customer Visible results after just 1 treatment Easy to use computer programmes that are pre-set for your customers A course based treatment programme, with follow on maintenance programme Full 2 day comprehensive training programme with certification Training centres in Kent, Manchester & Newcastle *Onsite at additional cost 3 ways to purchase to suit your needs: Buy, Lease or FREE Loan Stockist

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How SK4 Works... “Customers didn’t believe it at first, but now they do.”

1 Sonic Peel

The first step to a vibrant skin, a non-invasive personalised exfoliation and deep cleanse for all skins, guaranteed to instantly clear and smooth the epidermis, followed by a soothing, calming phase leaving skin looking healthier and more vibrant.

C.A Tranquility

2 Iono

Optimal skin regeneration resulting from improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce dark circles and puffiness with an instant hydration of the epidermis, to visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles. With specific Face & Eye phases the skin will have spectacular radiance.

3 Biowave Microcurrent

Now let’s increase the circulation to speed up the cellular renewal, stimulate the collagen and elastin production, we redefine and sculpt the features targeting muscle tone, a real face-lift without surgery! A definitive prescription programme for each age group and skin type to lift and tone the face and neck.

4 Ultrasound

And finally let’s heal and repair, with gentle ultrasound we improve the blood and lymph circulation to kick start the metabolism and regeneration of cells, we increase the penetration of the important facial products, a profoundly relaxing end to a fabulous treatment, the results will speak for themselves.

3 ways of purchasing*

*See page 19 for full details of lease option

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We understand your beauty and anti-ageing needs intimately Derma-SK4 Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical skin exfoliation without chemicals or laser. Derma-SK4 microdermabrasion offers a modern, virtually painless alternative to chemical and laser peels. It is a versatile procedure that can be combined with other treatments to help achieve the customers desired results. This non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure immediately restores smoother younger looking skin and is great for treating the following skin conditions:

Fine lines and wrinkles Acne prone skin Oily, dry or patchy skin Sun damaged skin Whiteheads Blackheads Superficial age spots and hyperpigmentation

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TREATMENT Medical microdermabrasion is performed by passing a hand held device that uses a highly controlled (SK4 Cyclone Technology) flow of fine, medical grade crystals over the skin. These crystals, delivered at high velocity onto the skin surface are immediately vacuumed away, taking the top-most layer of dead skin cells with it. This skin exfoliating process improves the tone and texture of the skin and also reveals the new, living skin cells that are soft and smooth. Following microdermabrasion the skin is in a better condition to absorb anti-ageing and acne skincare products. At the same time the underlying epidermis is also stimulated by the treatment and this promotes new collagen, thickening the dermis and improving the resistance to the effects of ageing. The results are instant, and unlike chemical peels, microdermabrasion usually does not require a preparation prior to treatment. One of the many advantages of Microdermabrasion is that it can be used on all skin types, young and old, male and female with no recovery time needed post treatment.

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diamond-sk4 DIA-SK4 Crystal Free Mechanical Peeling Made of surgical grade stainless steel, each DiamondSK4 Applicator tip is embedded with natural diamond chips cut to the exact micron size. Applicators are available in several micron chip sizes to insure proper resurfacing for each individual’s skin type and requirement. Selecting the appropriate diamondwand, along with the adjustable vacuum, allows for a controlled abrasion of the skin. Once complete, the dead skin cells that have been removed are deposited on a small disposable filter inside the SK4 for the client to see if required. Because there are no crystals being propelled onto the skin, the DIA-SK4 Skin System allows the user to treat areas closer to the eye area and the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. The DIA-SK4 Microdermabrasion tip utilises the exfoliating action of diamond chips and the stimulating action of vacuum.The DIA-SK4 wand removes the topmost layer of skin leaving it vibrant and renewed. The DIA-SK4 accomplishes this by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond chips, while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner.

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24/2/09 13:37:34

BRighten-sk4 Want to customise your facial treatments, add more individuality and luxury to your clients regular facials? Well Brighten-Sk4 is the answer. Brighten-SK4 utilises a user-friendly electronic brush/ peel system with soft-touch buttons. Display is angled and illuminated for easy viewing and the speed can be controlled easily and accurately. Includes four brush heads for face and body plus a pumice attachment. Brighten-SK4 also incorporates a Spray/Vapour function for a luxurious delivery of skincare solutions, products and specialist 1Kit treatments used in anti-ageing treatments. Brighten-SK4 re-invents your existing treatment list by using this inventive compact delivery and gentle exfoliation system, making your customers feel submerged in luxury.

bronze-sk4 Always gives a fantastic spray tan in minutes

As used for the last five years of the spray tanning boom, this is the very latest professional spray tan system, utilising new updated features with HVLP technology. It may look similar to many well known systems but due to our volume and buying power, it’s a fraction of the cost. Extremely easy to use for any seasoned professional or the newcomer novice. Perfect for all professional therapists to give a considerably faster treatment, not as fiddly as the airbrush systems, giving your clients a much more easily achieved, lasting even tan. High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) technology has been re-developed for spray tanning as it delivers more solution but at a low pressure giving greater control of the application, therefore fine layers can be sprayed across the body with greater accuracy giving an even streak free tan. The system is quick and easy to use with a full body tan achieved in less than ten minutes.

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24/2/09 13:37:51

STONE-sk4 Hot Stone-SK4 Therapy Hot stone massage therapy, has rapidly increased in popularity internationally over the last five to ten years. Most good spas have members of staff trained in hot stone techniques, and if you haven’t tried a hot stone treatment yet, it is definitely time that you did. Hot stone massage therapy combines and provides the similar benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy together. Using specific massage techniques, you create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment. Basalt stones are the preferred choice in hot stone therapy because they naturally absorb and retain heat better than most others. The specially shaped and polished stones are warmed in water, in a purposed built heater, to between 125 and 135 degrees. The stones are then placed on strategic places on your body according to size, such as your spine, thighs, neck, back and even between your toes, while other larger stones are used for deep tissue massage. The benefits of using hot Stone massage include: improvement of the circulation, improved blood flow to outer tissue, and aids in the elimination of the bodies’ toxins and waste products. A real must for any modern spa or salon. Stone-SK4 comprises of:

Hot Stone heater 64 Basalt Stones User DVD + optional training

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course with certification

24/2/09 13:37:55

pedi spa-sk4

Our small but perfect range of luxury SK4 pedicure spa chairs features an array of innovative and highly developed concepts for the professional user, both today and tomorrow. Features such as luxurious extra wide seating come as standard for that totally relaxing pedicure service that your clients deserve. The Pedi Spa SK4 range comes in a variety of options such as electric recline and slide, in-built shiatsu massage and seat massage, these are just few of the many choices available. All models are available with ‘pipeless plumbing’ and ‘power drain systems’ together with features such as single hose mixer and adjustable foot rests as standard, which can then be personally styled with an extensive pallete of chair and base colour choice. You can create the perfect pedi spa chair for your spa or salon, using your colour choice to perfectly match, or accentuate and enhance your spa or salon. Your perfect SK4 Pedi spa chair is just a phone call away.

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24/2/09 13:38:10

pro-sk4 SK4 are proud to introduce the PRO-SK4, the height of luxurious comfort, with ease of practical use and superb design. The multifunction PRO-SK4 enables you to offer a complete range of treatments and functions from one couch, so its versatility will benefit any treatment room. 3-Section panelling complete with adjustable and removable tilt foot/tilt head pieces, combine with the 3 electronic independent motors which control height, back, leg and tilt function for practical everyday use. Rotating arms complete this couch by enabling them to move forward when in the prone, flat massage position. Optional colours, towel covers and memory store function also available.

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24/2/09 13:38:21

pedi-sk4 SK4 introduces the twin to the PRO-SK4, with all of its functions, but with optional split leg, for easier pedicure usage. Each leg is independently controlled with a gas assisted shock to raise and lower the legs. The legs are extendable and removable to offer maximum ease for the therapist and customer alike. Pedi-SK4 is unique in that it still folds flat for massage, body treatments, facials, waxing and laser, but is still a specialist pedicure chair. Foot controls give maximum ease of use with rotating arms completing this couch by enabling them to move forward when in the prone flat massage position. Optional colours, towel covers and memory store function available.

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24/2/09 13:38:32

SPA-sk4 Spa-SK4 is our latest simple but graceful couch within the SK4 range. Based on the highly successful 2212, Spa-SK4 uses a single lift central pillar motor to effortlessly move the client up and down during the treatment phase. The moveable headrest is operated by a simple button at the side of the couch with a gas-assisted shock; a truly multi-functional couch. Whether you are a Spa or simply wish to offer Spa treatments, this cost efficient couch will set you apart from the others, with its comfort and ease of use. A detachable centrepiece in the head section is removable for massage treatments. Optional colours, towel covers, foot or hand control for the height function are also available.

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Spa-Pro-SK4 Our total Spa couch and beauty couch combined in one. Originally designed to accommodate those long body treatments, which require the customer to be moved up or down and side to side, wrapped in film of foil, or both. There is also enough room for an electric heated blanket. In addition to these design functions, there is our unique hydraulic arm-rest cushion, that allows the customer to have their arms forward in a body massage, but also exposes the clients neck, face and dĂŠcolletĂŠ when used as a facial couch. 3 electric motors operate the height, back and leg section, along with a removable/extendable/ rotating foot piece for pedicure. Arms can also be removed for total ease of access. Due to the advance design of the height function, the SpaPro-SK4 can be lowered to the floor, within 35cms, offering ease of access for any client, and then used as a normal couch for any range of alternative therapies.

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24/2/09 13:38:49

essentials-SK4 softsteam-SK4 The SoftSteam Digital Steamer is our newest model, and incorporates all functions at a competitive price. Starting with the glass water reservoir with easy fill plug at the top, soft touch digital timer and power start, standard Ozone function, felt ring for essential oils and submersible basket for dried plant fusion, this soft steamer has it all. It comes with adjustable height arm with tilt-function head, roller base with castors, as standard. White or silver finishes available.

seat-SK4 Stools are available in various designs; all of our stools come with a backrest and hydraulic height adjustment for optimum support and comfort. Choose between a circular cushion and the more ‘space age’ saddle cushion, with chrome roller-base finish. Various colour options available.

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AUTOCLAVE-SK4 In the medical world, the Autoclave is by far the most popular sterilisation method used. All virus, bacteria and germ material are killed off at high temperature and high pressure in a short period. Automatic heat and pressure function is switched on when the right temperature is achieved. After15 minutes the unit switches off and sterilisation is complete.

HT-SK4 Whether it’s a small, large or double towel cabinet you require, we have the solution. All towel heaters come with UV Germicide lamp to deal with any airborne bacteria and an auto cut-off light when the door is opened. Glass front for easy viewing, the stainless steel shelf holds everything from flannels to small towels.

steriliser-SK4 Steriliser SK4 is a professional medical grade sterilisation unit that has a digital controlled timer and power adjustment function. After operator instruments have been disinfected, they still are not sterilised. In the Hot Air Steriliser the instruments are made completely sterile at a temperature between 180 and 200 degrees. The Hot Air Steriliser works with dry heat and can be used with materials such as metal, glass, porcelain, etc.

MAG-SK4 Our new LED technology is combined with a modern space age design to give you excellent magnification and illumination. Height adjustable arm with tilt-head flexi-movement makes this lamp a joy to use. Roller base and ‘flip cover shield’ for dust and damage protection are included. Optional white colour available. Perfect for close up skin diagnosis and examination, electrolysis and IPL work.

bead-SK4 Bead SK4 is an industry standard glass bead sterilisation unit, which is suitable for all hard implement sterilisation, including the implements used for Facial, Chiropody and Podiatry treatments. The unit also comes with an automatic timer.

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education-sk4 Our commitment to education and training are paramount at SK4 in all aspects of the products and services we offer. With this as our charter we offer the following courses, all with certification upon completion.

Hydra-SK4 2-3 day. If already NVQ level 3 qualified Hydra-SK4 1-2 day. Advanced Training Derma-SK4 1-day training microdermabrasion DIA-SK4

1-day training non-crystal microdermabrasion

Bronze-SK4 Half Day training with certification Brighten-SK4 Half day training VCTC

NVQ Level 2-3 Electrical Training

All our staff is fully qualified, and accredited Trainers and Assessors, Our senior staff are also college lecturers. We are also recognised as a verified CPC supplier to college and education institutions. All of our courses are designed to assist you in maximising income revenue without sacrificing treatment quality or result integrity. All successfully completed courses come with Certification of Achievement. Updated training bulletins and new training courses are always sent to existing customers, to keep you abreast of all our developments. Our Head Office training venue is based in Dartford, Kent. 35mins from Charing Cross Rail Station. Each course can accommodate up to 16 delegates. We have a wide range of accommodation available for every discerning student. We also operate venues in the Manchester and Newcastle areas, based on demand, and in some instances we will train on-site if all of the criteria is met. If you have any specific questions or requirements please contact our training department.

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lease-SK4 Why do we offer leasing? What is it? Why is it different to other loans? These are questions we have always been asked, so let’s try to explain the benefits, whether you’re a first time buyer, seasoned veteran or just starting out on your beauty career.

Benefits of Leasing Leasing basically enables businesses to have access to the latest equipment/technology without having to make any capital outlay when purchasing. Immediate Use of Equipment Acquire the item you need now. No need to wait for budget requirements or saving up of capital. Conserve Working Capital This is really prevalent in today’s financial climate, ease cash flow, and keep your cash ready for other profitable opportunities. Furthermore, as this is a alternate line of credit, no other credit lines are affected, such as loans, overdraft credit cards etc. Tax Advantage 100% of all rentals (lease payment) can be offset against company profits. Payment Budgeting By structuring your payments to suit you, your cash flow is not affected. Payments v Usage By spreading the cost over the whole life of the equipment, it reflects usage (income) and allows for easy replacement if it becomes obsolete.

Most leases operate on a 12, 24 or 36 month period but can be tailored to suit your individual needs. For instance; at time of brochure printing; A typical example; Cost of goods Monthly lease x 36 payments Or weekly equivalent

Flexibility Early settlement and upgrade facilities are available during the lease period.

= £3200.00 + VAT = £118.00 + VAT per month = £27.50+ VAT per week

If you need any further information, or for your personal quotation, please call us on 01322 290101. Cosmetronic are a licensed credit broker and liase with major financial Institutions when obtaining credit facilities.

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Cosmetronic UK • 76 Spital Street • Dartford DA1 2DT • Tel: 01322 290101 • Fax: 01322 290011 email: • website:

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sk4 manual  

sk4 manual