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began its concrete operation in 1998, but it’s roots can be traced in the construction business as far back as 1971, with over 250 years combined concrete experience. 

Since the first project OJ Construction Inc. has put together a very impressive and diversified portfolio of concrete construction projects. Serving Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Our "Mission" OJCI is committed to producing the best quality, concrete based solutions on schedule and in the safest most efficient manner possible. Our “ Goal" To create a family of specialized divisions to serve the independent needs of the business segment.


It can make you or break you. Safety, Quality, Precision, while maintaining production levels high to improve your cost effectiveness is imperative. We know that having the right people can make the difference. On-Demand trade specific skills are needed today more than ever. In the concrete area of expertize OJCI has built a team of talented individuals who work together to successfully meet and exceed the concrete construction needs of its Customers. OJ Construction Inc. has introduced a new solution oriented division that protects your bottom line. Precision Concrete Solutions Sub Contracting.(PCSSC). has the ability to place supervised, specialized trade staff in two ways depending on your type of need, immediate or planned & scheduled concrete project:

The OSC Option ďƒ˜ OPEN

SUBCONTRACTING OF JOB SCOPE or (OSC): This offers you the ability to place specialized concrete trade staff in your site without waiting for a bid and approval time, this is quoted on a hourly rate, based on the concrete skill trade you are needing or phase of the concrete project, this has been proven to be a great solution to not having the right skill set for the job, unavailable or preoccupied work force, need to increase production level or just eliminate the costly and time consuming hiring process and training limiting your company in reaching the production level you need to minimize cost and improve time line, this is offered on a team based package tailored to your needs and in the majority of the cases the staff is in place and working within 48 hours.

The TSC Option ďƒ˜TEAMING AGREEMENT or TRADITIONAL SUBCONTRACTING OF PROJECT or (TSC): When the bidding award process and subcontract is reached, our priority and only goal will be to provide the best qualified and seasoned concrete trade staff to deliver the top quality in preparation, confirmation and installation of any concrete structure. With today's pressing need to install new or upgrade existing utility infrastructure, PCSSC presses forward in building the first step in any successful structure: the foundation.

OUR CLIENT PORFOLIO Precision Concrete Solutions Exceptional Underlying Value‌ Built Into Each and Every Project. Information based on property owner.

OUR PROJECT COMMITMENT Precision Concrete Solutions Exceptional Underlying Value… Built Into Each and Every Project.

Each project receives the following…sometimes overlooked at bid day! •Individual Project Management •100% Safety Trained, Certified and Security Cleared Manpower including 30hr OSHA Certification.

Managing the Project from the paper stage .

To Completion

OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE EXPERIENCE Time-Tested: •A combined total of 25 years Concrete Estimating Experience. •A Combined Field Management Experience of over 50 years.

Single Source Capabilities: We bring more to our clients than our competition allowing our customers to simplify the construction process and scheduling. We offer the following: •In-House Project Management •Demolition •Excavation •Rebar Placement •Concrete Place & Finishing

•Length of Consistent Service in the Region •For over 10 years we have Operated in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana and Arkansas.

OUR SAFETY COMMITMENT When it comes to safety, OJCI takes Pride in providing the safest working environment for each of its employees on every matter what size. Safety starts at the top. Weekly management meetings are held and safety performance for each project is reviewed and discussed, in addition to our onsite weekly safety meetings and training. Our Commitment to Safety is Concrete .

YOUR CONCRETE CONTACT OJ Construction Inc. has been serving our Clients and the Industry for Over 10 Years.

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Precision Concrete Solutions Services v.3  

PCSSC Services Detailed rev3.4.11

Precision Concrete Solutions Services v.3  

PCSSC Services Detailed rev3.4.11