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A Guide to Using your PASS Gallery

Welcome to PASS! Daniel Davies Photography is thrilled to be able to offer our clients a PASS gallery for their photographs! When, last year, I received an email from a bride asking how she could download photos from her gallery, I knew that our current proofing site wasn't the right solution and set about finding a better option. That's where PASS comes in. So, what is PASS? Firstly, it's a cloud based gallery that allows you to view, share and download your photographs. The dynamic gallery it creates for your images is absolutely stunning and the interface is really easy to use! With PASS, gone are the days of worrying about losing or scratching your DVD. PASS has it covered! It also means that we can get your photographs to you at lightning speed, rather than spending time burning disks, packaging them up and sending them to you by old fashioned snail mail. As soon as your gallery is up, the photographs are at your fingertips! Share away on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Your PASS gallery remains online for one year, with the option to renew at the end. Even if you chose not to renew, your photographs are stored in the cloud forever, just in case you need to retrieve them again! Can you say that about a DVD? We think you'll be just as excited about PASS as we are! To help you get the most out of your beautiful PASS gallery, we've put together this guide to get you started! We'd love to hear what you think about it, so please send any feedback to Now, its time to play with the fun features of your PASS Gallery! :-)

Viewing your photographs in PASS

WEBSITE PASS is a dynamic gallery that adjusts the layout as you scroll through your photographs! Everything is displayed beautifully in a way that fills the whole space no more boring, too small to see thumbnails! To view an image, simply click on it and a larger copy will appear! Your guests don't need to log in to view photographs, but if you'd like to have your gallery password protected, just let us know and we'll set that up.

Viewing your photographs in PASS

IPAD Your PASS gallery looks amazing on an iPad, and it's a lot of fun. Go ahead and rotate the screen, we defy you not to smile! Our favourite feature is the ability to create your own custom app from the gallery! When you view your PASS gallery on your iPad, you'll see a prompt to install the gallery. Just click the arrow at the top, then "add to home screen" and your icon will appear. You will need to be connected to the internet to view the photographs.

Viewing your photographs in PASS IPHONE Take your photographs with you wherever you go! PASS works on the iPhone in much the same way as the iPad. Create a home screen icon to access your photos at the touch of a button! You can also post a link to your gallery via Facebook, Twitter, email or text by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the page!

Features of the PASS Gallery PHOTOS MENU When you click the icon on the top left of your PASS gallery, the "Photos" menu will appear. Here you will find: Your Favourites Folder Collections (all of your photographs subdivided into categories) Your Account (where you can log in and download your photos)

PRINT In the near future, PASS will be partnering with a professional photo lab to give you the option to order prints from your gallery. Please contact me directly for instructions on ordering prints in the intermediate period.

Features of the PASS Gallery

SHARING MENU Facebook - add photographs to your Facebook page right from your gallery! Sharing from PASS displays the photographs more clearly than if you had uploaded them from your computer, and you won't have the hassle of uploading tons of huge files. You can also Tweet your photographs or "pin" them on Pinterest. Yes, you can even email photographs to your friends! Just imagine; "Hey, Great Aunt Nora, did you know the photographer caught you doing the Harlem Shake at the reception"! Your PASS gallery gives you more freedom to share your photos!

Features of the PASS Gallery GUESTBOOK When you share your photographs, your friends and family can leave comments in your PASS gallery guestbook. Just another way to share the love!

FAVOURITES When you tag a photograph as a favourite, it gets a tab with a star. You can view all of your faves in your Favourites folder!

Downloading Your Photos

After logging in, open the photo Menu and find the "Download All" option at the bottom.

Select the folders you want to include in your download. You can even download your favourites folder!

PASS will prepare your files for download while you go back and enjoy your lovely gallery one more time

PASS emails you when your photographs are ready to download. Save them to your computer and make a backup copy on another machine or hard drive! To protect your photographs, our clients are the only "VIPs" who have the ability to download from the gallery. If any vendors would like to use the photos for marketing purposes, please let us know. We will share the photos with them along with the terms of use.

“We never made a better decision than to choose to use Daniel. Daniel took some fabulous photographs that truly do capture the fun, laughter (and a few tears) of our wedding in exactly the way that we wanted! We would happily recommend Daniel to anyone wanting great photographs and a personal service" Jean & David Facebook.Com/LondonProPhotographer Twitter.Com/dd_photo 07596 470077 0208 372 2090

How to use your PASS Gallery  

Document explaining how to get the best from your fabulous new PASS Gallery

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