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Staging Recommendations

Our goal is to sell your home in a way that is the quickest and most profitable for you. We have prepared this booklet containing some simple and inexpensive recommendations to maximize the value of your home.



This is a great front entry with plenty of space to greet guests, remove your coat and shoes and access storage. This will definitely appeal to buyers. Here’s what we want them to notice when they walk in: space, storage, floors. Here’s how we can do that:

We want the buyer to picture family Christmas dinner or maybe even a game of cards around the table. We recommend the following:

Remove all items from the floor and top of shelf

Remove all items from the floor. All shoes should be stored in the closet. If the floor is covered with shoes, it will seem less spacious and give buyers the idea that storage is an issue.

Display only a small selection of neutral items on surfaces of furniture. For example, maybe just your mason jars and candles on the china cabinet and on the buffet just a vase of fresh flowers.

Remove large area rug to showcase floor and open up the space

Remove any items from doors and try to minimize any personal photos. Art should be neutral.

Install a citrus scented plug in air freshener for a great first impression.

Less is always more when staging which isn't easy for a family home filled with school papers, crafts, sports equipment, barbies….we understand. But the more you can tuck away neatly or even pack away, the better.

If possible, pack away high chair and plants.

Did you know the average buyer forms an opinion about a home within the first 7– 10 seconds of arrival?

Research finds that only 10% of buyers can see potential in a home. That means that 90% of buyers cannot see past dirt, clutter and imperfections.

LIVING ROOM Buyers will picture cozy movie nights or entertaining guests in this space. We want them to notice some key features in this room: open concept, bright windows, spacious and flooring continued throughout. Here are just a few recommendations for this space:

Remove the two rocking chairs to open up the space.

Remove items from floor and window sills.

Remove pictures/items from half wall.

Be sure all lights are turned on for showings including lamps.

Considering a few brightly coloured throw cushions for a pop of colour in this space.

KITCHEN This is where families enjoy Saturday morning pancakes and bake cookies for Santa. The kitchen is a very important space to potential buyers. To really showcase this room, we recommend the following:

Remove all items from on top of cabinets and from top and sides of fridge. Also remove all unnecessary items from countertops. And sadly, the kid’s beautiful crafts will need to go too.

Remove mats from floor. Possibly a different spot for pet bowls?

Clear all items from island ( including things on bottom shelf) except for a fresh bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers.

Remove extra cabinet and bin from in front of window

Be sure any finger prints or splatters are cleaned from the appliances, cabinet fronts and sink.

“ 52% of buyers said the kitchen had the most signifigant impact on their purchasing decision” - Maritz Research

“...the average staging investment is between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price which generates a return of 8 to 10%.” National Association of Realtors



We are all very proud of our families. Your photos are beautiful but buyers are interested in your home, not the people in them. And seeing so many photos of the current owners can make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize the space becoming theirs. The following is recommended:

This bathroom will be very appealing to buyers. It is light, airy and neutral in décor with a great storage feature. Just a few little details to prepare for sale:

Paint over wall decorations with current wall colour.

Remove all personal photos and replace with two or three pieces of neutral art.

All items should be stored away except for an attractive pump soap on the counter.

Be sure walls are cleaned of any finger prints or scuffs.

Be sure towels are freshly laundered and folded neatly on rod.

Do any paint touch ups required on walls as well as trim.

Clean everything to a sparkling shine...even inside the tub. Trust us...they’ll look!

MASTER BEDROOM The following is recommended:

BEDROOM We will need to reorganize some furniture. We understand it can be tricky in kids rooms but just do the best you can. Here are some suggestions:

There should be no items on the floor.

If possible, replace furniture pieces with two small nightstands and place lamps on them.

Place head of bed on wall exactly opposite to where it currently is.

Place bench/ottoman at the end of the bed

Place small brown dresser where bench previously was.

Move toy bin shelf to wall where headboard previously was

Place white vanity centered on wall where sofa currently is. Sofa and small brown desk should be removed.

Move brown dresser to wall where car track is .

Everything should be off the floor. Be should be neatly made. All crafts and stickers removed from doors/ walls.

Be sure bed is neatly made and curtains are wide open.

“Staged homes spent 83% less time on the market than non staged homes”

“ 87 % of people said that presentation makes a difference in most sales” AOL Money and Finance Poll


BEDROOM This room is almost ready. Just a few small touches:

Paint all the trim white

Be sure all items are off the floor.

Just a few items displayed on furniture surfaces.

Be sure beds are neatly made.

Consider removing decorative fabric.

This room needs just two major changes to prepare stage it for potential buyers:

Repaint the room a light neutral gray or taupe.

De-clutter- any items that can be packed away should be. No items on the floor. Just a few neutral items displayed on furniture surfaces. Place two chairs in front of desk. Be sure beds are neatly made. Remove lanterns and be sure only a few neutral pieces of art are displayed.

FAMILY ROOM A finished basement is a huge bonus for potential buyers. We really want to showcase this space as a family room and need to clearly define the space so buyers can visualize how they will use this room. Here are a few suggestions:

We need to divide the room into three specific areas: tv area, toy area, craft area. Organize like things very neatly together to define these areas. Once the areas are defined, its time to make them look as neat and tidy as possible so the buyer is not distracted by clutter.

In the tv area- if possible, have only the sectional, recliner and small cube ottomans in this space. Everything else can go. Move it in a little closer to make a cozier space and create more space in the rest of the room to define areas.

Toy area– this just needs to be tidy for showings.

Craft area– Consider repositioning furniture to run along walls instead of sticking out and blocking pathways which make the room feel small. All crafts need to come down from ceiling, walls, doors etc.

“ Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in hot markets” -Real Estate Staging Association.

“Photos of professionally staged listings look better on the MLS, as well as in print” -Real Estate Staging Association


Remove all decorative items currently there including candle, pictures, boxes etc. Replace with one small lamp and a vase of fresh flowers.

Try to only have essential equipment visible and tuck all chords away so they cant be seen.

BATHROOM Many of the same rules apply to this bathroom with a few extras:

Remove towels from and other hanging items. Towels should be folded neatly and hanging on rod or a simple hand towel folded beside sink.

Remove shelf beside vanity

There should be no items on the counter or back of toilet except an attractive pump hand soap.

Install a citrus scented plug in air freshener. This applies to all bathrooms.

Showing Tips: Having people walk through your home can be strange and even difficult. But it’s all part of the process. Remember the goal is to sell your home so that you can move forward with the next exciting chapter of your life. Try to keep your eye on that goal as you begin the process of selling your home. Here are a few tips to help you get through it! 1. Don’t be at home. It’s hard to see people walking through your home, opening doors and making comments. And the buyers want to feel comfortable to look and speak openly. So it’s best for everyone involved if you’re not home for the showing. 2. Turn on all lights when you leave. We want your home to be bright and we don’t want agents and buyers to have to look for light switches when they could be admiring the space. 3. Open all the blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible. 4. Use plug in air fresheners with a neutral scent like citrus or apple cinnamon to freshen your home for the showing. 5. Keep small baskets handy for quick clean ups for those last minute showings. You can run around the house, throw it all in a basket and tuck it away in a closet or cabinet. 6. If you know there will be a showing, try to be careful what you cook. An hour before a showing might not be the best time to cook your favorite curry or fish dish. 7. Use fresh flowers to add colour and interest to the space.

The Sharp home staging booklet  

home staging booklet