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By Jonr Jony -

There is no secret that Designer Handbags are a woman's best friend when it comes to fashion or being fashionable. For each set of shoes, outfit, scarf, or nail color, there is a handbag that goes with it. Designers are creating new designer handbags just as fast as they are being brought in stores or online. Learn More About Green Handbags

Some of the biggest names in the industry are Dooney & bourke, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Burberry, Versace, LaTour Eiffel, Coach, Carlos Falchi, Lui, and many more. Whether you are looking for the most expensive handbag with that matching wallet or just something elegant, but not as high maintenance, you can practically find whatever you want in any handbag retail store or online handbag retail store.

As a man, I have some experience with buying the perfect handbag as I have shopped around a few times for my wife. The type of bags that I normally purchase are the ones with the cute designs, medium bucket type, long straps as the short straps are just too short to place under the arm and just don't look that attractive on a woman. Medium Bucket handbags are roomy and have long straps so that when a woman places the handbag on her shoulder to go into a store for example, she is not having to worry about getting a skin burn from the handbag rubbing under her arm when she walks.

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Green handbags  
Green handbags  

Handbags you carry to a party need to make a style statement. Your choice of a handbag will show how fashion conscious you are also how know...