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General Arrival Questions When does Freshers’ Fortnight officially start? We have so many amazing Freshers’ events we can’t contain them all in one week! We have loads of great events lined up for these two weeks, including the Freshers’ Ball and Orientation Ball. These are events not to be missed by any Fresher! Freshers’ Week itself officially kicks off on Sunday 22nd September, with Loud @ Larkfield. This is the day most people arrive and we’re here to give you the warmest of welcomes, so make sure you come along, even if you’re not living in Larkfield! It’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with your fellow first years, with a barbecue, DJ and icebreakers provided from 6pm! Then, get ready for an amazing two weeks of big nights out, live music, evening entertainment, Clubs and Socs Days, film screenings and more!

Who can I ask if I have any questions? During Freshers’, there’ll be loads of people around to help. Look out for friendly faces in fresher’s fortnight t-shirts who will be in the building and on campus to give you directions, information, or answer any queries. You can also ask at the Helpdesk in the Hub, or any member of staff. Also, feel free to drop into the Students’ Union - we’re here to help you with any issues you might have. Not only will you get to meet us, we can also explain everything in more detail!

How do I register with the University? Register at the Registry, in the Henry Grattan Building.

What about my student card? You need your student card to get into the library, campus accommodation, and attend DCU events. You will recieve your student card once you have registered.

How do I get my username, password and email account? Your username and password are posted out to you in your welcome pack advance of registration.

I’m having trouble with logging into the website, what do I do? For help with your account, see the help pages on, or drop into the ISS Help Centre, across from the restaurant. They’re here to help with any IT issues you may have.

Is wi-fi available on campus/in the Union? Yes - simply connect to Eduroam on your preferred device and use your student email to log in. It’s completely free!

How do I become a member of the students’ union? All registered students at Dublin City University are automatically members of the DCU Students’ Union. Welcome! You’re the boss, so visit us today, and tell us what to do!

Where can I find a map of campus and ask for directions? You can ask our friendly Helpdesk staff for directions – they’re always happy to help! There are also maps dotted around campus, and inside your freshers’ packs.

About the Union How do I contact the Student’s Union? Your Full-Time Student Union Representatives are Aaron, Ciarán and Lorna - They can be contacted via phone or email. Aaron Clogher President M: 086 173 7103 T: 01 700 5279

Ciarán O’Connor Education Officer M: 086 173 7104 T: 01 700 5546

Lorna Finnegan Welfare Officer M: 086 604 1244 T: 01 700 5652

Alternatively, you can get in contact through Facebook, or just drop in to the SU!

Where are the cash machines? There are ATMs in the Hub, outside the Henry Grattan Building, and in Spar. You can also visit Bank of Ireland, in the Street of the Henry Grattan.

Where can I buy stationery, get lunch, etc? For stationery, pop into Spar – we have a great range or pencils, pens, notepads, and accessories. DCU has a number of great places to buy food on the go, pick up a meal deal from Spar, or grab something from An Bhialann (the student restaurant), The Sports Centre or the Library Basement Restaurant. For pub-style food, visit the Nu Bar in the Hub. See our full range of outlets at

Where do I get tickets for events? Tickets for all our events can be purchased at the Helpdesk, upstairs in the Hub. For some events, tickets can be purchased on the door, but it’s always best to buy in advance to avoid disappointment.







Help & Advice

What happens if I have any problems? At some point, everyone needs someone to talk to or a bit of advice - don’t ever feel like you are alone. The Students’ Union is here for you if you have any kind of problem. We’re upstairs in the Hub don’t hesitate to visit the office or give us a call on 700 5392. You can also contact Lorna, Aaron or Ciarán individually via email or facebook. If you have any finance or personal issues, Lorna, our Welfare officer, is the best person for you to speak to. We can put you in contact with the Councelling Service or the Student Advice Centre.

Who can I see about health problems? Drop into the GP office in the Henry Grattan Building to arrange an appointment.

Where do I go to check lost property? All property lost in the Hub goes to the Helpdesk upstairs, otherwise, your best bet is to try the Lost and Found Office in the Multi-Storey Carpark.

Clubs and Societies

Where do I find out about clubs and societies? We have over 100 groups to join the easiest way to become a member of a club or society is to come along to the Clubs and Socs Days during Freshers’ Week. You can join a club or society at any time throughout the year, by dropping into Clubs and Socs HQ in the Hub, or emailing

What exactly is Clubs and Socs Day? Clubs and Socs Days are specific events taking place as part of Freshers’ Fortnight, on the 8th and 9 th of October. They’re a great way of meeting our clubs and societies in person, asking them any questions and getting you signed up.

Can I join more than one club or society? Of course – there’s no limit to the number of clubs or societies you can join, the more the merrier!

If I’ve never done an activity before, can I still join this group? In general, all clubs and societies are open to beginners. Some have different class levels i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced. Speak to the club or society on Clubs and Socs Day or on facebook for information on classes and training.

I can’t find a club or society I want to join, can I start my own group? Yes. We have a process in place for those wishing to start their own group. Pop into Clubs and

When do I need to pay club/society membership? You pay your membership when you join the club or society. This can be done at any time during the year. The cost of membership is just €4.00 for the year!

Where are the sports facilities? The university has some great outdoor facilities, including the Astro turf pitches behind Campus Accomodation, and the pitches on the Ballymun Road (St Clares). The Sports’ Centre has facilities available for every club, including Rock-Climbing walls, a swimming pool, Squash Courts and even Trampolines! You can join the DCU Gym for the academic year, or purchase a 12 month membership. If you join a club you gain access to the Gym during training times free of charge! For more information, ask at the Sport’s Centre Reception.

Will I be expected to try out for sports teams before I join? Maybe, it depends on the club. Best contact Club via Social Media or E-Mail to find out, some clubs especially start trials and training in week one!

I would like to volunteer but I’m not sure how to get involved. DCU has many volunteering societies, including, Global Brigades, Raise and Give Soc, Suas Soc and St Vincent de Paul.There’s plenty of oppurtunities to volunteer throughout the year, so be sure to sign up at Clubs and Socs Day so you don’t miss out!

These are our Frequently Asked Questions, but if there’s anything else you’re not sure of, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch! The Students’ Union is here to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with the best student experience possible.



Freshers' FAQ's 2013  
Freshers' FAQ's 2013  

Frequently asked questions answered for you.