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This is the home page of the restaurant Wah Moy. A local Chinese restaurant with fabulous food and a horrible website. This page needs to be more modern and up to date with the rest of the internet.

The home page needs to be more inviting and exciting. Show pictures of the food that can be ordered. Try to engage your customers!

Make one giant menu, don’t need to categorize it so specifically.

Type out the different kinds of meals offered. Also a picture next to all dishes so the consumer knows exactly what hes going to order

Offer more deals via online. Something like “Print this page and receive 5$ off your order. That way you can get the customers to visit your page for an incentive.

This is all they have for about Wah Moy. I feel they should give more information about how the company started and why. Also about the culture and the background of the food and recipes. That would make the food more appealing to the consumers.

Try to spice up the logo. Its extremely boring and unattractive.

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