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Panasonic TC-L42D2 42 inch Viera LED Full HDTV,1080 Resolution, with Advanced Accessory Kit (2 HDMI Cables, 1 RGB Cable, 1 Audio Cable, Plasma / LCD Clean Kit, Monster 6 Outlet Surge Protection, TV Wall and Ceiling Mount)

With the TC-L42D2 42" 1080p LED TV, Panasonic joins the growing number of manufacturers touting LED as tomorrow's technology available today. The vivid contrast, low operating cost, slim design and environmentally friendly attributes of LEDs are well known but recent strides in backlighting technology backed by decreasing cost have made these TVs increasingly popular.The magic starts with the IPS (In Plane Switching) Panel which provides optimal quality even when viewed off axis. Now you can grab that cup of coffee without missing any of the action. Improved LED backlighting enables an incredible contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and makes the ultra thin (1.5") construction of the TC-L42D2 possible. When it comes to action Panasonic's got you covered.120Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 ensures crystal clarity in fast action scenes and sports that otherwise would have gone by in a blur. Gamers will appreciate the Game Mode which accelerates scaling to maximum HD, thus eliminating lags in the action. Videophiles will be able to have all the benefits of the movie theater at home with 24p Smooth Film which recreates the look of movies shot for the theater screen at 24 frames-per-second.Convenience features include an SD card slot for viewing media directly from a memory card and VIERA Link which allows you to control all of your compatible devices from a single remote instead of a basket full of them. Lastly, you can tap into the treasure-trove of music and media that Low Price - Click Now!

Panasonic TC-L42D2 42 inch Viera LED Full HDTV,1080 Resolution, with Accessory Kit (2 HDMI Cables, 1  

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