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Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

DIEGO CUERVO M.F.A Industrial Design IDUS 718 - Studio II Disruptive Innovation Fall 2017 Professor: Tom Hardy

Table of Contents Introduction What is 'Disruptive Innovation? Disruptive Innovation category question Category cliches Disruptive design hypothesis question Category Brand Category brand name / logo / brief description Category brand rational and emotional attributes Target Market Customer segment Customer persona(s) Marketplace Value Proposition Customer profile Value map Research Plan Activities Dates

Research Secondary Primary Analysis Getting Isights Mapping Disruptive design opportunities Development Concept development Technology Analysis Ideation Final Disruptive Solution CAD model Technology explanation Product features Summary Bibliography

Disruptive Innovation is about breaking paradigms by designing unexpected solutions that modify user experiences

How can we disrupt the competitive landscape

Rain Protection Systems for Bicycle users

by creating an unexpected solution?


+ Rain is uncomfortable and annoying + Rain protection systems keep you dry + Rain protection devices are waterproof + Rain protection devices use screens or layers to protect you

+ Rain protection devices resist the wind + Rain protection devices remain wet after the rain

+ Rain makes for difficult mobility

I wonder what would happen if we...


...imagine a rain protection system without a physical screen?


...take advantage of wind to keep us dry?


...make rain a dynamic and fun experience?

Bring your life Thule was established in Sweden in 1942. And ever since then, we've made it our business to bring you closer to the world and your passion for life.

Adjectives Rational Dynamic: A brand that believes in the value of an active lifestyle. Safe: A brand that tests the limits to protect user, user belongings and other people. Environmental: A brand that has made mother nature its business. The lower environmental impact, the healthier is an outdoor experience for their customers.

Adjectives Emotional

Passionate: A brand that facilitates enjoying your active life to the fullest. Stylish: A brand that is sophisticated and neat for urban and rural locations. Fun: A brand that encourages you to explore nature with incredible adventures.

Millennial Segment

+ Craves financial and career stability + Socially active + Prefers face to face experiences + Always looking for comfort and security + All well educated The Traditionalist (Old School)

+ Curious about the world + Expands knowledge + Accumulates experiences + Always looking for challenges The Experience Maximizer (Anything is Possible)

Market Place


Shopping Experience


Persona Profile


+ Environmentally friendly + Broaden horizons + Desire to learn new things + Social activity

+ Challenging experiences


+ Safety all the time + Carry different devices

Garret McAllister

Age: 30 - Occupation: Photographer/Visual Artist Garret is an adventurer who travels around the country not because of his work as a creative director of a brand agency, but also because he is always looking for the best landscape to use his camera. Additionally, Garret is a bike lover. Usually, he commutes and explore s the city by bike and during the weekends spends time riding his mountain bike. Garret is a stylish guy. He is always looking for the best brands that provide an entire experience and make look him neat, smart and active.

+ Mobility freedom + Time flexibility + Have a stylish outfit


+ Get stuck in the traffic. + Cumbersome equipment. + Get wet while commuting. + Multi-tasking limitations

Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas Customer Profile

I’d like to have my camera ready to use i

Stay dry all the day

Have a stylish waterproof outfit

I’d like to predict the weather I’d like to bike and take photos at the same time I hate using car because Feel trapped weather in a place conditions because the weather condition I hate Waste time using complicated devices

Struggle with umbrellas

Get wet while I commute the city

Enjoy the city regardless of Mobility free- the weather dom

I’d like to not have to hold the umbrella

Use ugly raincoats when I’m biking

losing the perfect photo

I’d desire to not have to use umbrellas or raincoats anymore

I want to enjoy the rain

Keep my technological devices away from water Looks always stylish

Get dirty when is raining Get involved in a bike accident Wet umbrellas / raincoats are annoying

Avoid/protect from rain

Get stuck in the traffic

Ride my bike in the city Check routes to avoid traffic

Check the weather all time

Be aware of car drivers

Commute by bike

Protect my camera from rain

Take street photos for inspiration Carry back pack and camera

Feel secure when I ride my bike or walk

Capture street behaviors Ride my bike in the city

Commute as fast as I can

Value Proposition Canvas Value Map

Don’t have to deal with wet and awkward rain devices

Enjoy the city in any weather condition Improves street bike navigation in extreme weather condition

VR experience

No screen rain barrier

Weather prediction service

Ready to use camera

You can feel confident and safe riding a bike in the rain

Style customization

Traffic assistant service

Tech devices protection

You can capture almost everything with the new camera

You don’t have to use your hands on anything else to ride your bike

Handsfree devices Ready to use camera reduces the time to take a photo

Wind maximizer (booster)

Reduction of probability of getting stuck because traffic or weather

You will look stylish and neat even If is raining

Style customization makes you unique even if is raining

Reduces the risk of accidents

Safe, fast and enjoyable bike navigation

Handsfree devices reduce the risk of accidents and provide mobility VR+Camera helps to capture, maximize and enjoy any street moment

Rain barrier helps you explore and commute regardless of the weather condition

Wind maximizer keeps you clean and dry

Research Plan Activities

Interviews 1 User Different Context




Urban Bike Commuters

2 Observation Video observation Behaviors

Bike commuters


People / Rainy Days

3 Media & Publication Research Analogous Models + Technologies

Aeordinamics VS Rain

Air Dryers

Invisible devices

Current Rain Devices

Research Plan Activities

Mid-Term Affinitize



Get Insights

Update Semantic Differential

User Profile


Value Proposition


Research Plan

Weekly Activity Plan TASKS








User Interviews Observation Media & Publication Research Mid-Term Get Insights Semantic Differential Journey Map Update User Prof. / Value P. Concept development Ideation Product Development CAD/3D Model Final Process book

Research Plan

Weekly Activity Plan TASKS






Define Landscape to Disrupt Identify ClichĂŠs Create a Disruptive Hypothesis Choose a Brand Brand Analysis Millennial Segment Persona Profile Value Prop. Canvas User Interviews User Bogota 1 User Bogota 2 User Montreal User Paris User Savannah


Video Documentary Perry Rubber

Media & Publication Research Rain Devices Invisible Devices Air Dryers / Aerodinamics

Get Insights/Opport. Update User Prof. / Value P.



Secondary Research

Research Secondary

Bulky - Cumbersome - Invasive

Most of them cover just the top of the body

Wet devices have unpleasant smell and bacteria

Current Rain Devices

Remain wet after usage Air flow is fundamental to get dry devices

Many devices try to resist the wind

Some concepts explore aesthetics / handsfree / rain positive energy / portability

Research Secondary

Walk Vs. Run? Factors (speed, wind, velocity of rain)

Force of Aerodynamic Drag

Aerodynamics vs. Rain

Air vs.Rain Test The air can keep rain up to 70 cm away

Research Secondary

How to create device that generates air?

Air Dryers

Is possible to get powerful airflow in small devices

Dyson Technology

Research Secondary

What is the meaning of “invisible” in design? Sound Air


Movement (interactions) Smell Emotion (experience/reaction) Object that remains invisible till the moment you really need it

Invisible Devices Invisible Design

Usability Aesthetics (Hövding Products)

Products that blend into user´s lives

Primary Research


Primary/Observation Don’t care about using damaged umbrellas

Use objects that are not for rain protection

People / Rainy Days Behaviors Belongings close to the torso



Use the phone

People like to wear fashionable clothes

Use and carry plastic bags

Usually use backpacks or panniers

Bike commuters Behaviors


Paola Rojas

Primary/Bike Commuters Interviews Tzu-yu Liu Montreal-Canada

Juan Rodríguez



Pilar Santacoloma

Manuel Bohorquez Ciudad de Panama-Panamá



Primary/User Interviews “I like my jacket because is light and easy to use” “I’d like something to protect from lightning during storms” “Using a bike provides you Urban Autonomy”

“Biking is a method of relaxation”

“Drops in my face are annoying when I’m biking in the rain” “Raincoats are unworthy and annoying ”

Ciudad de Panama-Panamá

“I hate sweating when I’m riding” “I would be nice to have a controlled atmosphere,


“I love biking because I can enjoy fresh air and breeze”

but not isolated”

“I avoid using my bike when is raining”

“Raincoats rise my body temperature too much”

“I use my bike as a GPS while I’m riding” “Raincoats are uncomfortable and limit my movements” “I’d like to have normal and stylish clothes as a rain protection”


“I’d like to have something that doesn’t make me feel trapped”

“I don’t need to wait when I use my bike” “I feel that my mind is free, feeling the breeze when I’m riding” “I’d like to have a bubble when is raining, I could see everything”


“I’d like something that really allows me to perspire”

“Using my bike is cheaper and faster”

“I can’t imagine my life with no bike” “I like avoiding traffic thanks to my bike” “I love look and dress well when I’m riding”


Getting Insights

Getting Insights

Visualize all the data and important facts gathered during the research process

Grounding Data

Getting Insights +

Financial Factors


Protecting Biker Belongings


Autonomous Movement



Biking Commute Barriers

Dematerialize/Intangible Protection



Rain as a Positive Experience

Bike Protection vs. Rain



Urban Autonomy

Air as a Tool /Air as a Material


Phone as a GPS


Instinctive Protection


Temperature Control


Keeping the Style


Biking as a Positive Experience


Raincoats Problems


Torso Vs. Legs




Getting Insights Riding a bike provides Urban Autonomy but currently rain

+ protection is user-dependent

and rain separately has relaxing effect but + Bicycle combined are stressful

+ Air is used to dry objects but not to avoid getting wet protection for bicycle users are made to protect them + Rain from the rain but not from the visibility issues that it causes Biking experience is about freedom but rain protection

+ makes users feel trapped

protection devices are specialized for some body parts + Rain or user belongings but there is no a systemic solution are made to be a rain barrier but in fact these + Raincoats become in a mobility obstacle Bicycle users want to protect their belongings but instinctive

+ protection generates the adverse effect

users want to have a controlled body temperature + Bicycles but raincoats generate a greenhouse effect


Urban cyclist look for stylish experience but current rain gear causes loss of style

Insights / Making Connections

Mapping Opportunities

Opportunity maps High Performance


Disruption Opportunity Rain Boots Bike Canopy Rain Boots

Bike Canopy

Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket


Disruption Opportunity

Raincoat Umbrella


NoTemperature Control Plastic Bag

Temperature Control

Rain Poncho Rain Poncho


Umbrella Plastic Bag

Low Performance


users with temperature controlled rain + Provide protection that allows enjoying the weather conditions

+ Help riders with autonomous devices that

There is an opportunity to...

maximize bike vs rain experience

+ Provide riders a sense of freedom, relaxation

and style with a non-invasive and invisible device

+ Help riders with effective ways to keep

themselves dry by using air as rain drops barrier

+ Provide users with an entire protection

experience including security, weather conditions and belongings with only one device

Concept Development

Concept Development Initial Concepts

Autonomus Full Protection Device

Air Shield Helmet

Air Shield Handlebar

Automatic Rain Detection “Follow me� Drones

Concept Development Initial Concepts

Follow me Drone Helmet

Concept Development Initial Concepts

Air Shield Helmet

What if we use Dyson technologies to develop a cyclist helmet with an invisible wind shield to revolutionize the entire concept of rain protection?

Concept Development Dyson Technology Analysis

Concept Development Ideation

Final Disruptive Solution

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

A helmet that projects an invisible wind shield to keep cyclists dry

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Powered by A supersonic engine draws air into the helmet

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Powered by The air is forced up into the loop amplifier, creating a jet of air

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

The air passes overa 16 degree airfoil shaped ramp visor, channeling its direction

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

As the air passes over the ramp it draws air through the gap between the helmet and the visor

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Front air ramp visor Reflective logo

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Air vent

Rear air ramp visor

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Automatic rain sensor

Rain drops channel

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Confort padding

Impact absorbent liner

Retention system

Wind Shield Helmet Powered by

Being disruptive is more than a design strategy for developing innovative products, services or experiences. Disruption is about thinking differently than others do. It is about how you can change the way of doing things, not only in terms of design but also in your common life. This class particularly helped me to develop that way of thinking. It is going to be useful to break paradigms and think out of the box during my career as industrial designer and through my entire life.

Bibliography Williams, L., (2016) Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business, Old Tappan, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN-10: 0-13-399590-9 Osterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y., Bernarda, G., Smith, A. (2014) Value Proposition Design , Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I SBN 978-1-118-96805-5 Norman, D., (2004) Emotional Design, New York, NY: Basic Books ISBN 0-465-05135-9 Thule – Bring your life | United States. (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2017, from Technology. (n.d.). Retrieved October 16, 2017, from (2016, November 10). MOME product design / Umbrella 2016. Retrieved October 1, 2017, from Baer, D. (2015, September 17). According to this legendary designer, the best products have one thing in common. Retrieved September 30, 2017, from important (n.d.). Retrieved September 20, 2017, from


Wind Shield Helmet - Process Book  
Wind Shield Helmet - Process Book