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A message from the College President and the Foundation Board Chair

Dear Inver Hills Community Members, As one of the premier two-year higher education institutions in the


Midwest, Inver Hills Community College must continue to be a leader


in developing the talent pool required by Minnesota businesses and industries to strengthen the state’s economy in a diverse and increas-


ingly complex global marketplace.


When students enroll at Inver Hills, they are making an investment in


their long-term future. The college protects that investment by work-


ing with area employers to develop the creative, adaptable workforces


evolving, where the global GDP will approach $91.4 trillion by 2020.


One way Inver Hills is meeting this challenge is through the Douglas

needed to compete in a world where in-demand skill sets never stop

Differt Difference Makers (D3M) Endowed Scholarship. Established to inspire and empower future students interested in Science, Technology,





Inver Hills and DCTC

Inver Hills ranked

Inver Hills ranked #6

Inver Hills ranked #25

awarded $3.2 million

#7 nationally by

nationally on Military

nationally on Value

Title III Grant

Washington Monthly

Times Best for Vets:

Colleges Top 50 Best

Best Colleges for Adult

Colleges 2017 for Two-

Value Community


Year Schools

Colleges of 2016


Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers, D3M has raised nearly

important journeys in a person’s life. The Inver Hills Foundation

$550,000 via gifts and matching funds to help finance the educa-

is working hard to make sure that experience is affordable for our

tions of Inver Hills and DCTC students who will go on to become

students. In 2016, the Foundation awarded more than 190 scholar-

project leaders, troubleshooters and innovators in STEM fields that

ships, provided financial assistance to more than 340 students, and

are already requiring year 2020 skills, including crosscultural com-

supported various college programs with funds nearing $200,000.

petency, social intelligence, transdisciplinarity, new media literacy,

The Foundation also improved the finances of nearly 90 students

novel thinking and more.

through TuitionMatch-Minnesota.

D3M project goals include mapping curricula, establishing intern-

Our mission as a two-year college is centered on delivering relevant

ships, distributing scholarship dollars, identifying critical workforce

and rewarding higher education opportunities that are open to people

skills, adjusting college curricula to meet industry demands, increas-

of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to the considerable generosity

ing awareness of STEM career opportunities, and creating viable

of our community and corporate partners, Inver Hills continues to

career pathways. D3M is on target to offer five internships at each

provide topnotch academic support in concert with degrees that

college by 2017 with plans to double that number by 2020.

are both career-oriented and transfer-ready. Staying mindful of our mission always leads us to stop and take pride in our students and

As you read the stories in the 2016 Annual Report, please remem-

graduates. They are the true measure of our college’s success.

ber that the college experience can and should be one of the most






Family law attorney supports her community via career & volunteerism


Patricia Buss is the 2016 Outstanding Alumna of the Year at Inver Hills Community College. The college presented the award at the Inver Hills Foundation Celebrate Inver fundraiser held Thursday, April 21, 2016. An alumna or alumnus is selected based on professional achievement or distinguished community service that brings recognition to Inver Hills. Eligible nominees have completed at least 30 semester credits or a certificate program at Inver Hills. Pat feels that she found herself at Inver Hills. She attended the college from 1971–73. She earned an Associate of Arts in Political Science and went on to Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she majored in political analysis. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she attended the William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell Hamline School of Law), earning her Doctor of Law (J.D.) in 1981. Pat paid her own way through college at Inver and beyond. She started out thinking she wanted to be a teacher, or a social worker, or a psychologist, or a news reporter. Today, in her role as a family law attorney and mediator with her own firm, Buss Law & Mediation, LLC,


The Inver Hills Foundation mission is to build resources and a community network to support students, faculty and programs at the college. Each year, Celebrate Inver brings together alumni, community leaders, business and corporate partners, faculty, staff and distinguished guests in support of Inver Hills students. Proceeds from the event are used to support the work of the Inver Hills Foundation and our Scholarship program, helping students stay in school and graduate with less debt. Celebrate Inver sponsors included Platinum Bank, Emerald Sponsor, Lancer Catering, Home Federal, UTC Aerospace Systems and Xcel Energy, Courage Sponsors, and CHS, Fox Advancement and Republic Services, Brain Sponsors. For a complete list of 2016 sponsors, visit Foundation Events.


in Burnsville, Minnesota, she does a little of all of those jobs when

Assistance of Dakota County, Advocates for Human Rights, and has

assisting her clients.

been involved in leadership in the First District Bar Association and Public Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association. She has

Pat remembers building strong relationships with many instructors

assisted in the local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

and students at Inver Hills. She credits David Martinson, her political

and served for eight years on the board of Minnesota Association

science and journalism instructor, with helping her recognize her

for Children’s Mental Health. She continues to participate in social,

career path. David supported her and helped her to grow. Pat also

church, political and community events.

served on Student Senate. Pat is an active member of the Inver Hills Alumni Board. She delivers During her law career, Pat worked as an assistant county attorney for

talks in classrooms through Fuel for the Finish, has been involved

more than 15 years. After her time in public service, she decided to

in student Career Development, and attends Celebrate Inver and

help people more directly in her own practice. She genuinely enjoys

other campus events. She grew up in South St. Paul and resides in

working with people, listening to their concerns, explaining the law

Apple Valley.

and their options, and helping them make informed decisions. Pat provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services; she finds mediation

“I am proud to present the Outstanding Alumni Award to Patricia

and parent consulting work very rewarding.

Buss,” said Inver Hills President Tim Wynes, J.D. “Her personal achievements and community involvement embody the Inver Hills

Pat’s commitment to the law profession extends to a wide range of

vision to enrich individual lives and support our diverse communities,

volunteer work. She has served as a volunteer attorney for Legal

locally, statewide, nationally and globally.”


Citlaly Lopez pursuing career as nurse anesthetist


Citlaly Lopez was 4 years old when she moved with her family to Minnesota from Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s 31 states. Known for its wealth of indigenous cultures, including the Mixtec and Zapotec peoples, as well as pre-Columbian archaeological sites like Monte Albán, Oaxaca is a rugged, isolated land in Mexico’s deep south. Citlaly is proud of her Mexican heritage. Her name means “star” and can be traced to the Aztec deity, Citlalicue, the goddess of the Milky Way. Today, Citlaly is a 22-year-old sophomore at Inver Hills Community College. She is enrolled in the Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) program with plans to graduate from Inver Hills May 2017. “Once I earn my A.S. in Nursing at Inver, I’m transferring to Metropolitan State University to earn my B.S.N.,” Citlaly said. “My long-range career goal is to get my master’s and doctorate and become a nurse anesthetist.” In the meantime, Citlaly is an extraordinarily busy full-time college student. She’s raising her 3-year-old daughter, Yaida, while holding down two jobs, a personal care attendant (PCA) working with autistic children and a customer service representative with American Family Insurance. “I actually went to American Family to get insurance,” she recalled. “When the insurance agent saw my grades, he asked me to come work for him. I wasn’t sure if I would like the job, but I decided to give it a


Citlaly was awarded the Frederick and Margaret L.

“The Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation

Weyerhaeuser Foundation Nursing Scholarship, receiving

Nursing Scholarship really helps lift a huge burden in terms of

$6,500 over the course of two semesters. Preference is given

financial hardship,” said Citlaly, who was also awarded a Pell

to first-generation students and immigrants. Also considered

Grant and a $7,500 Think Small Scholarship. She participated

are evidence of clear career goals and academic achievement,

in TuitionMatch-Minnesota as well. Scholarships are awarded

financial need and life circumstances, and honors, awards and

one per term. “Scholarships are great motivators. They show

campus community service.

that all your hard work pays off.”


shot and ended up loving it. You’re helping people and that desire to


serve is what’s motivating me to become a nurse.”

Why did you choose Inver Hills? “I heard Inver was a really good school in terms of transferring credits


to other colleges and universities; one day I decided to come visit the

Citlaly graduated from Eagan High School in 2012. She was active

campus and I really liked the set up.”

in theatre and spent much of her time exploring Hispanic dance, including cumbia, bachata and salsa. As a first-generation college

Why did you choose your career field?

student, she was eligible to join TRIO Student Support Services when

“I love helping others and have always really enjoyed learning about

she enrolled at Inver Hills.


“TRIO SSS has been a great supportive group for me,” Citlaly said.

What has been your toughest challenge in life?

“I feel I can just go in and talk to Ruby, my TRIO advisor, about any-

“Balancing work, a 3-year-old little girl running around, and attending

thing—my struggles, stress, anxiety. It’s really nice to know I have

college full time. I’m often up studying until 2 a.m. I’m in a nursing study

someone I can trust and I can just talk to from time to time. Ruby is

group and that helps. So does the college library—I love the library.”

always happy. She’s a very optimistic person and I feel I can relate to her in many areas. I’ll really miss Ruby when I graduate.”

What is your greatest accomplishment? “Being accepted by the Inver Hills Nursing program, which is one

Ruby Murillo, M.S., loves her work as a TRIO SSS advisor. She was a TRIO

of the most competitive in the state; maintaining exemplary grades

student herself. Both she and Citlaly are fortunate to have parents who

throughout school and being recognized for it; the amount of volun-

pushed and encouraged them to go to college and pursue careers that

teering I did through my middle and high school years.”

would offer the chance at a better lifestyle.

What person has influenced you the most in life?

“I can identify with Citlaly’s experiences and perseverance,” Ruby

“My parents and all the hard work they put in to get me to this country

said. “We come from similar backgrounds. She is a wonderful role

and support my sister and me.”

model and it’s great for others to see that they can persevere as well.”

Three words that describe you as a person:

Citlaly loves the camaraderie and sense of belonging in TRIO. “They

Reliable. Determined. Compassionate.

are all just very fun people,” she said. “TRIO events are great to just forget about the stress you have going on in your life and just relax and feel supported.”


Haitian Native Pursues Civil Engineering Career


Jean Donald Charles, 26, survived the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 event that killed an estimated 230,000 people and caused roughly $14 billion in property damage. The experience changed Donald’s outlook on life and strengthened his desire to become a civil engineer with a focus on bridge design. Originally from Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti and the Caribbean island nation’s most populous city with more than 2.6 million metropolitan residents, Donald graduated from Lycée Benoît Batraville, a high school in Pétion-ville, a Port-au-Prince suburb. He grew up poor and took on important responsibilities at an early age—he was 14 when he was placed in charge of caring for his siblings. Finding ways to survive day to day was a difficult, ongoing challenge. “I learned English at a missionary school in Haiti,” said Donald, who is also fluent in French and Haitian Creole, the latter language spoken by his parents. “I think in English now, but Creole is still my favorite language.” As time passed, Donald became more involved with missionary work. He served as a translator at the mission and in 2009 met Lance Ware, a nondenominational missionary who became his sponsor. In 2015, five years after the earthquake, Donald met Steve and Ann Jacobs, missionaries from Minnesota. The couple took on a pivotal sponsorship role in Donald’s life.


Donald is the first student to receive the Douglas Differt

The scholarship makes me feel like I’m pulling my weight.”

Difference Makers (D3M) Endowed Scholarship. He was awarded $1,500 at the start of fall semester 2016 and the

Gail Morrison, executive director of the Inver Hills Foundation,

money has made a huge difference.

reported that the endowed scholarship has made strong progress over the past few months. “The endowment will have

“The scholarship has helped out a lot,” Donald said. “My sponsor

$547,000 once all pledges and matches are paid,” Gail said.

has been covering my college expenses out of pocket. I’m glad

“That sum is enough to auto-fund ten scholarships, five for

that I am able to contribute through my scholarship dollars.

Inver and five for DCTC, in perpetuity.”


“Steve has become a father figure to me,” Donald said. “He and his wife,

“I had a hard time getting out of the house—the door was moving

Ann, both went to Inver Hills Community College. They gave me the op-

and it was difficult to walk. I was scared, but I managed to escape and

portunity to come to Minnesota and start my own college career at Inver.”

get outside to a nearby basketball court. After a few minutes, a large crowd had gathered at the court. People were confused, surprised

Donald is a first-generation college student. He is earning an Associate

and crying, but luckily no one in my neighborhood was injured. I

of Arts (A.A.) at Inver Hills. He is on schedule to graduate spring 2018

lived with my sponsor in a more affluent area and the construction

and has plans to transfer to the University of Minnesota or the University

was better. That saved a lot of people.”

of North Dakota to earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. What did you do during the aftermath? “My goal is to launch my civil engineering career in the United States

“We went up on a hill to get a view of Port-au-Prince. All we could see

and then return to Haiti once I have enough experience,” Donald

was smoke and we knew something horrible had happened. All the

said. “I want to serve as a bridge between the U.S. and my homeland.”

phone lines were cut. We had no way to communicate; the situation was chaotic. We knew people were buried under concrete. It was

Donald resides in Lakeland, Minnesota, with his sponsors, Steve Jacobs

hard, the saddest day of my life.

and his wife, Ann. His mom and dad live in Haiti. He has one brother, Aldo, 14, and four sisters, Michaelle, 24, Crystal, 6, Whitney, 6, and Gaelle, 4.

“The aftermath of the earthquake was like the end of the world. We had no food, no water, no transportation, no school. I looked for my


father for three days. He worked in Port-au-Prince. He survived, but

With its epicenter only 16 miles from Port-au-Prince, the 2010 earthquake

we didn’t find each other until later on. My mother also survived.

destroyed or severely damaged 250,000 residences, 30,000 commercial

During my search, I saw dead bodies piled on every street corner,

buildings, 1,300 schools and 50 health care facilities. Jean Donald Charles

schoolchildren in uniform, businessmen and others. They were

was 20 when the quake hit. His experiences during and after the disaster

crushed to death or killed by falling debris. People ended up in a

have made him a stronger and more compassionate person.

giant tent city that was crowded, smelly and unsanitary with a lot of crime. I had to figure out how to survive.”

Where were you when the earthquake hit? “I was inside my home in Pétion-ville. I had no idea what was hap-

What have you learned from the experience?

pening. My generation in Haiti has no experience with earthquakes.

“That you basically have to look out for others during a disaster and

I had just got home from school and was beginning to study when I

together find a place of safety. You can’t take life for granted. Life

heard a tremendously loud sound, like pots and pans banging, and

matters. So does serving others. Things can change in a second.”

then the house began to shake.



In 1971, Tom “Bo” Johnson arrived at Inver Hills Community College as a freshman lineman on the Giants inaugural football team. For perspective, 1971 was the year Apollo 14 landed on the moon and Patton won the Oscar for Best Picture. The world population has doubled since then, going from 3.7 billion to 7.4 billion. The U.S. real GDP has more than tripled, going from $4.9 trillion to $16.6 trillion. The first World Wide Web page was still 20 years in the future. Following spring semester 2017, Bo is retiring from Inver Hills after 46 years as a student and staff member. For the past 16 years, he has served as the college’s director of recreational sports. His amiable personality, passion for service and dedication to the college mission have earned Bo the respect and affection of the campus community. Bo graduated from South St. Paul High School in the spring of 1971, having competed as a Packer in football and track, the latter as a thrower specializing in shot put and discus. “Once a Packer, always a Packer,” Bo remembered. “I was recruited by Carl Richards, who was the Giants head football coach. We went 3–6 that first season and improved to 4–4 the following year. I played or worked for every Giants football team from 1971 until 1988.” Inver Hills fielded teams in a number of NJCAA sports during the 1970s and 1980s, including football, volleyball, women and men’s basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, track and fastpitch softball. Bo played football


for the Giants for two seasons, starting as a

One of his best throwers, Sue Doody, was an

with the U.S. World Junior Team to Winnipeg,

5’ 10, 250-pound center on offense and nose

NJCAA Region 13 finalist in 1986 and quali-

Canada, serving as equipment manager

tackle on defense. On the academic side, he

fied for nationals.

during a tough tournament with teams

took business and human services courses,

from Russia, the Czech Socialist Republic,

earning his Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree

“I also coached the throwers on the girls track

Finland and Canada. He also worked as the

in 1975.

team at South St. Paul,” Bo added, noting that

equipment manager for the St. Paul Vulcans,

Sue Doody was the 1984 state champion in

a Junior A team that played at Wakota Arena

The year Bo became an Inver Hills alumnus

discus. “We always had someone at state.

(now Doug Woog Arena) in South St. Paul.

was the same year he started his career at the

Track is my favorite sport. I’ve worked track

In 1979, he coached eight games for the

college. “I became the equipment manager

meets at South St. Paul High School across

Vulcans. “Dave Hanson played for us,” Bo

for all the college’s sports teams,” he said.

six different decades.”

recalled. “He was one of the Hanson brothers

Four years later, he would start coaching the

in the movie Slap Shot.”

throwers on the Inver track squad. Three of

Another sport Bo loves is hockey. In 1974,

his discus throwers placed in state in 1982.

while still a student at Inver Hills, he traveled

TIME OF TRANSITION In 1989, Inver Hills discontinued competition in NJCAA sports. Bo switched his focus to activities, extramural (club) and intramural sports, and physical education. He served as assistant recreation director and in 2000 took on the role of director. He oversees the college’s recreational facilities, including the disc golf course, gymnasium, fitness center, weight room, outdoor fields and Outdoor Center. In fall 2016, Dakota County Technical College began taking advantage of the Activities building’s newly renovated gym. The Blue Knights NJCAA basketball and volleyball teams play their home games at the gym.


FROM NOW ON YOUR NAME IS BO Bo picked up his nickname

BO IN OUTDOOR CENTER Bo helped form the Metro

honors as a three-sport NJCAA

about him is that his relationship to

All-American. She teaches middle

students has never changed even as

Club Sports League, which in-

school English and coaches volley-

the college has changed. He loves

cludes Inver Hills and five other

ball in Mesa, Arizona. Lydia, 18, al-

them and they love him back. I am

Minnesota State colleges, North

so a former PSEO student at Inver,

so glad that we were able to put in

Hennepin, Century, MCTC,

is studying education at Winona

a real gym floor, remodel the well-

Normandale and Anoka-Ramsey.

State University. She would like to

ness areas during Bo’s last years at

Inver competes in three league

teach in an urban school district.

Inver. The service desk has a window into the gym, which I call “Bo

sports, flag football, basketball and ice hockey. He is also active

Mountain biking is one of Bo’s

World,” so he can always keep an

in NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate

top pastimes. He also enjoys

eye on what’s going on. Bo is a part

Recreation. He served as NIRSA

spending time with his dogs,

of the college that we can’t replace

Minnesota state director from

Wolfman, a Pomeranian-poodle

and he will be missed.” — Tim

mix, aka Pomapoo, and Hope,

Wynes, President, Inver Hills

who’s part lab and part golden re-

Community College and Dakota

“I’ve loved my time at

triever. “Our Jack Russell terrier,

County Technical College

Inver Hills,” Bo said. “I

DJ passed away,” Bo said. “DJ was

love the campus—it

my favorite. We were together all

“Bo has been a fantastic supporter

the time.”

of students during all of his 46 years

2001 to 2003.

sells itself, but all the

of work at Inver Hills Community

people I’ve met over Bo has plenty of travel on his itin-

College. He was there to make sure

erary when he retires. “I’m look-

students had what they needed for

ing forward to attending football

any sport we had in the early days

games at Big 10 schools,” he said.

of the College, intramural sports,

the Clown. “My mom just

RETIREMENT YEARS Bo and Beth, his wife of 32 years,

“I’ll be going to the Big House

classes and personal workouts. He

started calling me Bobo,” Bo

reside in South St. Paul. They

in Michigan—a friend of mine

has also been there for faculty, staff

recalled with a smile. “Then

have three daughters who grew

works at the university. The best

and administration, including my-

when I was in 7th grade, one

up as “gym rats” in the Inver Hills

man at my wedding can get me

self when I would try to get down

of my teachers looked at me

Activities building. Lindsay, 31,

tickets to Indiana football games.

to the gym after work. He has been

and said, ‘From now on your

lives in New York City and works

I’m also making plans to go to

there for everyone! I wish him well in

name is Bo.’”

in the fashion industry. She was a

Illinois and Ohio State. There’s

his retirement.” — Cheryl Frank,

three-time all-conference sprinter

nothing like a college football

President Emeritus, Inver Hills

in high school. Lindsay attended

game on a Saturday afternoon.”

Community College

at an early age after his

the years are what have made the college special to me.”

brothers got an inflatable punching bag called Bobo

Inver Hills and her dad reports that Inver helped her blossom.


“When I started at Inver Hills in

Laura, 28, was a PSEO student at

“Bo Johnson is the living history of

2002, I would travel to various

Inver. She was All-State in bas-

Inver Hills. He was here when we

parts of Minnesota. When people

ketball and went on to play vol-

had football, when we had just a

found out I worked at Inver Hills

leyball, basketball and softball at

few buildings and an entirely dif-

Community College, they asked if

Mesabi Range College, earning

ferent student body. What is cool

Bo Johnson was still working there.


It was unbelievable how many people knew

his longevity at Inver Hills allowed him to meet

“Although quite a bit younger than Sid, I would

Bo. He was at Inver Hills when the community

thousands of people. Bo has been a wonderful

guess Bo Johnson has more close personal friends

colleges played football and he was part of the

person to work with because of his dedication to

than does Sid Hartman. Bo has survived working

coaching staff for the Inver Hills Giants.

the students and the school. I’m happy for Bo that

with numerous coaches, athletic directors, and

he is retiring, but also sad for myself and Inver

teachers and the students involved in their various

“When President George Bush announced his

Hills that we are watching an icon heading into

programs. He was a real friend to me during my

Community College Initiative in 2004, he sent

the historical sunset of Bo’s career at Inver Hills.”

years at IHCC, especially during the time I was try-

his secretary of education, Elaine Chao, to Inver

— Anthony Courteau, Enrollment Center

ing to start a women’s athletic program. I became a

Hills to make the announcement to the press. I

Specialist, Inver Hills Community College

single parent during that time and he was a friend

was standing with Bo outside the Activities Gym

to my two young children, even taking my son to a

waiting for Chao to arrive when Governor Tim

“Bo Johnson hired me as a work-study student

Minnesota North Stars game. I wish him well in

Pawlenty’s limo pulled up. Pawlenty stepped out

in 1984–1985 while I was playing basketball

his retirement! — Arleen Boyd, Former physi-

of the limo with his assistants and he yelled, ‘Bo

and baseball at Inver Hills. He was a great

cal education instructor, basketball and vol-

how are you?’ Tim gave Bo a hug, and I asked,

mentor and boss while I was in college, and I

leyball coach, Inver Hills Community College

‘Bo, do you know everyone in Minnesota?’

will always remember the great times I had with Bo. He is a one-of-kind person!” — Kerry

Tom-Bo-Johnson From Pink Floyd to Pink: The

“It is amazing the positive impact Bo has had

Lurken, Enrollment Advisor/Financial Aid

Bo Johnson Years — “When I met Bo in the fall

on many people in the state of Minnesota, and

Specialist, Dakota County Technical College

of 1975, Pink Floyd music was blaring as we


played pick up basketball in the IHCC gym. Now

“Bo has been a part of the Inver Hills commu-

a musical artist named Pink fills the musical air

nity since the college was founded, first as a

waves. From Pink Floyd to Pink, through four

student, then as a staff member. His daugh-

decades, Bo has served thousands of students…

ters have worked out in the Rec Center, taken

he’s the real rock star to me.” — Rich Zellmer,

classes here, and his family comes to special

Inver Hills alumnus, Class of 1977

events. When Bo retires next year, Inver will be saying goodbye to one of the most dedicated

“In many people’s minds, Bo Johnson is the heart

members of our community! Bo knows every-

and soul of Inver Hills. No one has given more time

one, and has made a huge impact on the many

and energy to make Inver Hills a better place. He

students who have come through the Rec Center

has given his life to sports and recreation at the

through the years.” — Nicki Bottko, Student

school. Everyone will always consider Bo a friend.

Life Activities Coordinator, Inver Hills

He has a large friendship circle outside of Inver

Community College

CARL RICHARDS AND TOM "BO" JOHNSON ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP As the college's first football coach and an instructor for 21 years, Carl Richards was an important figure to many students, alumni and colleagues. Bo and Carl's leadership and service have contributed greatly to the Inver Hills campus community. The Carl Richards and Tom "Bo" Johnson Endowed Scholarship has been established as one more way to ensure their legacy continues to inspire students.

Hills also. I just hope retirement gives back to him what he’s given to so many people!” — Tom

“Everyone knows Bo. His name is synonymous

Cross, Inver Hills Alumnus, Class of 1979,

with Inver Hills. He is a pillar of our values at

NJCAA All-American Off Guard on the Inver

Inver.” — Michelle Loredo, Student Life Office

Hills Giants, Assistant Director Student Life,

Manager, Inver Hills Community College

Dakota County Technical College

M OR E ABO UT BO WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE AT INVER? “I loved Saturday afternoon football games in the fall. The Giants had an unbelievable passing attack during the 1970s and 80s. In 1987, we averaged 427 yards per game. That stood as a national record for 18 years.” WHAT HAS BEEN YOU TOUGHEST CHALLENGE IN LIFE? My whole life I’ve had to cope with a thyroid disorder. When I was born back in 1952, I was a large baby, 23 inches long and weighing in at nine pounds. What the doctors didn’t know was that my thyroid gland wasn’t working. They told my parents to go home; they didn’t think I was going to make it. But then they decided to give me a thyroid test. The test saved my life—and I guess I’m the baby responsible for making that test a routine procedure. I’ve been taking thyroid pills ever since.” WHAT PERSON HAS INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST IN LIFE? “Oh, there are so many. I have to mention Dave Glazier, my high school track and JV football coach, and Terry Abram, my youth football coach. I’ve known Doug Woog [U of M Gophers hockey coach and U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inductee] since I was a kid. He has been a great influence and always so down to earth. I think the person who has influenced me the most is Jim LeClair. We grew up together and he went on to play in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals.


Alumni Association Board of Directors Reyne Branchaud-Linsk Retired Director Dakota Woodlands

Mary Maher Retired

Dane Smith Growth and Justice

Patricia Buss Buss Law & Mediation, LLC

Cindy Marschel Bird and Cronin

Dean Swenson Wings Financial Federal Credit Union

Kip Carver Retired Hennepin County Sheriff Office

Bruce Nelson Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Mark Wackerfuss Emergency Operations Plans, Consultants & Training

Deanna Kramer Scholarship America, Senior Philanthropy Officer

Marie Pearson VA Medical Center

Autumn Lehrke Opinion Brewing Company

Deb Runge Realtor

a day and being on her feet all day was wearing her out and often making her sick. So, my mom, Linda Harder went back to get a business degree. I was very proud of her!! As expected, she excelled at it. She was able to get desk jobs after earning her degree and those jobs had access to a bus system. My late in life college-educated mom was able to retire from the mortgage business in 2007. In my 40s, I too went back to college here at Inver Hills. I enrolled in Adult Success through Accelerated Programs (ASAP). My mom was always my biggest supporter. In May of 2011, on the day of my graduation, my mom arrived at Inver Hills two hours early just so she could sit in the front row, near the end of the stage, so she could see me come off with my diploma. Turned out my seat ended up near her, we could see each

Cindy Marschel remembers her inspirational mom

other clearly and she mouthed to me, “I AM SO PROUD OF

I wanted to create an endowment fund for my mom, Linda Harder.

model for me, my brothers and many friends over the years.

YOU!!” That was one of my happiest and proudest moments. I will NEVER forget the look on her face. My heart swelled with love and appreciation for her. She was the best role

She always wanted to go to college; her goal was to work as a librarian in a small town. Most of her life was spent working in retail,

A couple years ago, I asked mom what she would think of having

so she was on her feet all day. Mom didn’t drive and there was no

a scholarship in her name at Inver Hills Community College. With

public transportation. In order to work, she would walk three miles

wide eyes and the biggest, brightest smile on her face that I had ever

each way to and from work, in the cold, snow, rain and heat of the

seen—that look gave me my answer. We then talked about what

summers. It was so exhausting for her.

kind of scholarship it should be. We decided that since we both went back to school as adult students we wanted to give back to the Adult

When I was a freshman in college (the first time), I knew I was in

Education program. We both knew that they need help with higher

over my head. I realized college was not a good fit for me at the

education just as traditional students do, only they are usually jug-

time, so I talked with my mom and suggested she go to college.

gling family, full time jobs, kids, parents and other responsibilities.

I would get a second job so she could go back to school. My mom was the smartest person I knew. (She could almost always answer

Sadly, my wonderful mom died suddenly this year, so this will be

every question on Jeopardy!) I knew this would be a better option

mom’s legacy. I can see her smiling really big as I write (say) this!

than me going to college. Mom was in her 40s at the time. I knew her job and daily walk were getting to be physically too much for her. Walking six miles



Angela Amann Attorney LeVander, Gillen and Miller, PA.

Beth Asmussen Retired, Deputy Examiner of Titles Hennepin County

Laurel Boerger Manager, Community Affairs Xcel Energy, Inc.

Jim Collins Managing Director CompuCom

Cathy DeSutter Community Volunteer

Steve Doody Financial Advisor Edward Jones

Scott Ganje VP—Manager Bremer Bank

Dick Graham Community Volunteer

Jessie Headrick CHS Stewardship Director CHS Foundation

Thad Hellman Senior Director Target Corporation

Doug Larson Vice President of Regulatory Services Dakota Electric Association

Larry Margolis Retired Inver Hills Community College

Susan O’Brien Retired South St. Paul Educational Foundation

Judy Pechacek Assistant Professor University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Kian Sabeti-Carretta Transportation Program Manager WSB & Associates, Inc.

Farid Saed Lab Planning Consultant

Mark Skarohlid General Manager UTC Aerospace Systems

Scott Swenson Home Federal Market President Eagan office

Dave Bellows Retired, Sheriff Dakota County Sheriff Department

Barbara Hansmeier Nursing Department Inver Hills Community College

Gail Morrison Executive Director Inver Hills Community College Foundation

Tim Wynes President Inver Hills Community College





PEOPLE, PURPOSE, PROFITS, PLAY Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon builds world-class company on novel idea and multiple intelligences

When the first Anytime Fitness facility opened in Cambridge, Minnesota, in 2002, no one involved in the health and fitness industry foresaw a franchise system with 3,300 locations and 2 million members in all 50 states and 30 some countries on five continents. Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness CEO and co-founder, was looking to offer consumers a less expensive, more convenient alternative to high-end fitness centers with too many extras and a discouragingly buff clientele.

PSEO STUDENT GETS FLYING START AT COLLEGE Maggie Nead aiming for career in U.S. Foreign Service

Maggie Nead, 17, is a college sophomore and a high school senior. When she graduates from Inver Hills Community College and Woodbury High School in spring 2017 and heads off for the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall, Maggie will become an 18-year-old university junior.

HAL® S3000 ENHANCES LEARNING PROCESS EMS students working with wireless, tetherless adult patient simulator

Unlike HAL 9000, the sentient computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL® S3000 does not go crazy and try to kill the astronaut crew of the interplanetary spacecraft, Discovery One. HAL® S3000 is a prehospital and nursing adult patient simulator with advanced technological features. HAL is a training boon for students in the Emergency Medical Services program at Inver Hills Community College.

TRIO SSS: DOORWAY TO THE WORLD Gisel Suarez Bonilla studied abroad in Spain

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Gisel Suarez Bonilla, 19, moved with her family to Minnesota when she was 8 years old. Gisel graduated from Simley Senior High in 2015. She was an active student, playing midfielder for the Spartan girls soccer team for four years and taking college-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses. She was also an honor roll student and a member of Student Council, the National Honor Society and Spanish Club.

INVER HILLS #3 NATIONALLY FOR VETS Online College Plan releases Top 20 Best 2-Year Colleges for Veterans

Inver Hills Community College is ranked #3 in the nation on Online College Plan’s Top 20 Best 2-Year Colleges for Veterans. Inver Hills was the only college in Minnesota to make the list.

THE HELPING PROFESSION Former human services student Sarah Green earning MSW at St. Kate’s

When she first arrived at Inver Hills Community College, Sarah Green, 34, of St. Paul, Minnesota, wasn’t sure what field of study would be the best fit for her talents and disposition. All that changed on her first day in a course called Introduction to Human Services. “This is it, I thought,” Sarah recalled. “This is my career. It was an ah-hah moment.”



2015–2016 FINANCIAL INFORMATION Foundation Financials


College Financials




Foundation Grants $317,849

Support of College Programs $192,787

Tuition & Fees $19,425,604

Business and Corporations $498,138

Support of Scholarships $143,463

State Appropriation $14,677,760

Academic Support $5,304,633

Individual Giving $210,772

Assistance to Individuals $66,301

Institution Support $5,097,768

Other Income $3,013

Management and General $41,084

Federal Grants $465,146

Student Services $4,253,930

State Grant $234,426

Physical Plant Operation $3,283,406

Annual Income $178,275

Leading in the Right Direction $845,471

Total Revenue $1,023,746

Fundraising $33,111

Auxiliary Enterprises $3,038,267

Non-Administrative $402,551 Administrative $74,195

Instruction $14,977,959

Auxiliary Enterprise $2,808,870 Scholarships/Financial Aid $496,670

2014 Revenue $37,278,714

Total Expenses $476,746

2015 Revenue $37,231,537

Total Revenue $37,841,203

Personnel $26,631,865 Non-Personnel $9,591,373


Total Expenses $36,223,237


2015–2016 Contributors ORGANIZATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS OVER $50,000 Ames Construction, Inc. Bremer Foundation C.S. McCrossan Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation Lunda Construction Co. Travelers Foundation

By donating to the Inver Hills Foundation, you are opening doors to opportunity for our students. In many cases, your support for a scholarship fund is the only way our students can afford to follow their college dreams.

$25,000–$49,999 Dakota Electric Association Hardrives Inc Hiway Federal Credit Union Kopp Family Foundation Kraemer North America Lube Tech Mardag Foundation Warning Lites of Minnesota, Inc

Your gift to the college can make all the difference in the world. The students you help come from all walks of life, including: • First-generation college students • Low-income, underrepresented students • High school graduates continuing their education

$10,000–$24,999 Alliant F.R. Bigelow Foundation Sambatek Inc SRF Consulting Group, Inc. Stantec The Saint Paul Foundation Tiller Corporation Valley Paving Inc. WSB & Associates Inc

• Adult learners working toward career advancement • U.S. Armed Forces veterans • Dislocated workers needing a new career direction Academic excellence is not a distant ideal at Inver.

$5,000–$9,999 American Engineering Testing Inc Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1 Platinum Bank Ruth & George Doffing Foundation Safety Signs Syngenta Corporation TKDA

We have to deliver on the power and promise of education every day in all our classrooms and labs. Our students are hard-working, practical and driven by straightforward goals. We are their launching pad for advanced degrees, rewarding careers, professional development and community

$1,000–$4,999 American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota Associated General Contractors of MN Bituminous Roadways Bolton + Menk Inc Braun Intertec Corporation Burnsville Breakfast Rotary Club CHS Inc. Consulate of Mexico Donovan Enterprise Inc Eagan Rotary Foundation Fox Advancement HDR HealthEast Medical Transportation HNTB Home Federal HR Green Inc Isthmus Engineering ITS MN J.D. Donovan Inc

engagement. We measure our success by their success. And their success depends on scholarships, internships, mentoring, topflight facilities, networking resources and leading-edge programs. You can support the college through 40+ scholarship funds as well as programs and campaigns such as TuitionMatch-MN. You can make donations to the college online at The Inver Hills Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


* in-kind donation

KLJ Lancer Catering * Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation Minnesota Pork Board Northland ATSSA Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Republic Services Inc. River Heights Chamber of Commerce Foundation Rotary Club of Lakeville Foundation Saint Paul Garden Club SKB Environmental State Farm Street Smart Rentals The Allegro Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation The Eagan Citizens Crime Prevention Association UTC Aerospace Systems VFW Post 4452 Waterous Company WCA Foundation-Paige Fund WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Foundation $100–$999 3M Foundation AFO Consultants * American Legion Post No. 424 Bremer Financial Canterbury Park * Cemstone Products Co Chanhassen Dinner Theatre * Dakota County Sheriff’s Department * Egan Co Firefly Credit Union G2 Dental * Gerdau Grand Casinos * Graphic Design, Inc. Green MIll * Guthrie Theater * HanSon Custom Crushing Inc Hiller Stores, Inc. Interstate Partners LLC Inver Grove Honda Inver Wood Golf Course * Jewish Community Center * Joe Mauer Donations * Jungle Theater * Key Community Bank LeVander, Gillen and Miller, PA Lindquist & Vennum LLP Lunds & Byerlys, Wines & Spirits, Eagan* Minnesota Bank and Trust PCL Construction Services Personal Wealth Partners, LLC (PWP)

ORGANIZATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS (CONTINUED) Pine Bend Paving, Inc. Podium Sports Marketing ProTurf, Inc. R. F. Moeller Jewelers * Rainbow Inc Sherman Insurance Agency Simley High School * Simplex Construction Supplies, Inc Society of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Southview Country Club * St. Croix Festival Theatre * Stampin’ Up! * Sunfish Cellars * The Urgency Room Total Wine & More * Travel Leaders *

United Health Group Walt Disney World Co. * Wells Fargo Foundation Wings Financial Federal Credit Union Zerorez *

Cannon River Winery * Cheers Pablo * Chuck & Don’s * DeGidio’s Restaurant & Bar * Gerten’s Greenhouses * Glassings Florist * Granite City Food & Brewery * Indulge Boutique * Kowalskis Markets, Woodbury * Lone Oak Grill * Mall of America— The Park at MOA * Minnesota Historical Society * Minnesota Landscape Arboretum * Nothing Bundt Cakes * Old Log Theater * Olive Garden *

UP TO $100 AmazonSmile Foundation AMC Theatres * Arbor Pointe Liquors * B52 Bar & Grill * Bibelot Shop * Brave New Workshop Theatre * Breadsmith * Bryant Lake Bowl * Cafe Latte *

Park Square Theatre * Phil’s Tara Hideaway Restaurant * Red Lobster * Sociable Cider Werks * St. Paul Saints * Stages Theatre Company * Taylors Falls Recreation/Wild Mountain * Textile Center * The Green Room * The Wellness Center * Tranquility... For You * Wabasha Brewing Company * Walker Art Center *

INDIVIDUAL DONORS OVER $50,000 Betsy McAfee $25,000–$49,999 Marti Lilja $5,000–$9,999 Doug Differt Cindy Marschel Judith Pechacek Chuck Runyon $1,000–$4,999 Angela Amann Anonymous Dave Butina Janine Dahl Ann Deiman-Thornton Cathy DeSutter Kim Elvecrog Pam Fergus Marilynn Gomez Dick Graham Anne Johnson Connie Manos-Andrea Larry Margolis Gail Morrison Neil McCoy Dave Page Mark Ryan Kian Sabeti-Carretta Khani Sahebjam Charles Siggerud Mary Stephens

Stephen Strom Gerald Swarsensky Shirley Thill Gary Thompson Patricia Veale Bill Welp Susan Wolsfeld Tim Wynes Richard Zellmer $100–$999 Pete Amann Beth Asmussen Sabri Ayaz Michael Barnes Steve Baugh Beth Baumann David Bellows Jeffrey Benson Brenda Besser Roger Betz Nicole Bietz Dave Boden Laurel Boerger Maka Boeve Nichelle Bottko LaDonna Boyd Reyne Branchaud-Linsk Heather Brient-Johnson Suzanne Brusoe Eric Bursott Gail Busch Loren Bushyhead Cynthia Byler

Scott Callahan Jon Chiglo Randall Clegg Gregory Colby James Collins Anthony Copa Joan Costello Kevin Costley John Crawford Barbara Curchack Sally Dahlquist Bill Davis Rose Davis Dave DeSutter Mark Dierling Steve Doody Suzanne Doody-Schwingle Daniel Dorgan Florene Dougherty Heather Downs Roger Durbahn Glen Durbahn Lisa DuRose Erin Edlund Andrea Erickson Maureen Ervin Travis Fahrenkamp Nancy Fahrenkrug Charlyne Foss Sue Frosch-Erickson Laura Funke Angela Gallant Scott Ganje William Gardner

Elizabeth Garland Christopher Garvey Scott Goodfellow Jerry Grant Deanna Green Bonnie Greenleaf Scott Greenseth Katie Halcrow Barbara Hansmeier Rob Harris Steven Hartlaub Donald Haugen Jessie Headrick Richard Heilman Thad Hellman Nat Hemstad Aggie Hoeger Jon Hohenstein Arlene Holdeman Margaret Horsch Patrick Hughes Lynne Hvidsten Robert Johns Thomas Johnson Lauren Johnson Lindsay Johnson Laura Johnson Scott Johnson Michelle Julius Jan Kamp Benjamin Kanninen Carol Kaszynski Hamid Kazeroony Lora Kincade


Scott Klaehn Sandy Klas Cheryl Koehnen Rob Kolomyski Keevan Kosidowski Constance Kozlak Deanna Kramer Leslie Krona Brenda Landes Don Larsen Doug Larson Judy LeMire James Leslie Leonard Levine Lew Linde Thay Lo William Lucking Stacey Manley Bradley Manley Maureen Marshall Wendy Marson Andrew Martin Shannon Marting Mike Marzinske Mark Maves Jerid McDonald Julia McGregor Pat McQuillan Lynn Mens Jim Metzen Robert Miller Karen Moore Gail Morrison Susan Mulvihill

Terry Nelson Thomas Nelson Marilyn Nelson LaVonne Nicolai Skip Nienhaus Scott Northard Susan O’Brien Carl Ohrn Chris Olsen Lee Olson Wendy Olson LouAnn Oppitz Adina Overbee David Oxley James Pechacek Mark Peterson David Pickett Rodney & Audrey Pletan Pat Powers William Raker Tom Ravn Keith Richter Michael Robinson Christina Royal Farid Saed Gerald Sakala Javier Salinas Vega Scott Sandok Karen Schmidberger LeAnne Schmidt Jake Sedlacek Mark Skarohlid Elizabeth Strom Shane Stroup

Jessica Stumpf Zack Sullivan Scott Swenson Dean Swenson Mukhtar Thakur Mary Ann Thomas Mary Thompson Robert Torkelson Matt Traxler Milissa Troen Pamela Tschida Lkhagvadulam Tsogtbayar Lucy Ussatis Ralph Van Keulen Brenda Van Vossen Jeff & Lores Vlaminck Tony Wand Leslie Watkins Laurel Watt Paul Wegner Charles Zelle Hugh Zeng UP TO $100 Teri Alberico Chad Anderson Dorea Arguelles Steve Atkins Stephanie Atkinson Amanda Barklind Sherrie Barron Sandra Bazan Romero Richard Beamer Shannon Beck Holly Bennett Etzell David Berger Dee Bernard Peter Beurskens Mark Biscuso Rhonda Black Cindy Boden Pat Boland Edward Boyum

Deanna Bredt Jill Bries-Korpik Breanne Buhl Patricia Buss Buyandelger Buyanbeleg Kelly Cardenas Janelle Carlson Donald Cassidy Allie Chambers Joanna Cheyka Donna Childers Dylan Church Deborrah Clipson Sheila Coffey Anthony Collins Adam Colwell Karla Colwell Stephen Costello Tom Cross Jayne Czajkowski Greg Dahlstrom Lance Davis Carol Day Scott Determan John DeYoe Hazel Dicken Sue Dion John Doan Emily Dowdle James Drewiske Krista Dubbels Nathan Easler Dean Eddy Joshua Edwards Mary Elmeer Anne Elton Tadael Emiru Melanie Engelking Carmen Englert Scott Erickson Kathleen Estrem Maayak Eta Matthew Etzell

Dave Faust Susan Flannigan Kevin Foley Temeka Frye Morena Garcia Mary Jo Gardner Millie Gignac Barbara Ginther Gail Glashan Julia Glenn Niki gores Rebecca Graetz Henry Grothaus Sharon Guzman John Handberg Kristine Hanson Nathan Hanson Sharalynne Happe Sven Hedin Brittany Heinz Nat Hemstad Denise Hibben Claire Hill Chris Hinrichs Peter Hoch Kent Hokens John Honchell Denise Housewright Monica Hummer Lynne Hvidsten Richard Jewell jane johnson Grace Jones Diane Jungbauer Keith Kelley Kristi Kelly Tom Klas Kathryn Klopfleisch Sarah Kopp Mike Kosidowski Fatuma Kotile Michelle Krenzke Gerald Kreutzer

Luke Kruenegel Matt Kruger Emily Kuhn Helen LaBelle Ellen Lansky Russell LaPlante Pazao Lee Eugene Leifeld Janet Lekson Nicholas Lemmer Sara Lenertz Natalie Letourneau Michelle Loredo Dan Luth Kelly Lutterman Barb Mager Mary Turner Maher Kim Mann Joan Marchio Kristine Marschinke Rachel Marzahn Tim McAulay Jillanne McCarthy Ann McCaughan Thomas McCluney Sabrina Mccray Sarah McFarland Kathleen McGuire Eric Mcwain Maria Mendez Ines Mendez Enriquez Rita Mertes Nicole Meulemans Jeanne Michels Peter Milton Ruby Murillo Daniel Ndungu Maxwell Neberman Colleen Nelson Richard Nelson Jason Neuhaus Tammy Newcomb Annie Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen Fidelis Nkeih Felister Nyangau Arens Nyongesa Patricia O’Brien Jan Ochman Dale Olson Sean Olson Michael Opoku Pat Patterson Sherry Patterson Bernadette Pawlenty Marlene Pecholt Shiaoling Peng Becca Peters Mary Petrie Herbert Pettet Sheila Price Krys Price Nancy Price Megan Procaccini Amanda Pruka Jamie Quickert Susan Rasmussen Cheryl Redinger Ethel Reinharz Thomas Reis Sheldon Resig Ruth Rosseau Charlotte Roth Deb Runge Melody Sanford Derek Schleicher Christopher Schmidt David Schmidt Katie Schmitt Carrie Schneider Anita Schneider James Schneider Margaret Schreiner Ann Schroder Dan Schueller John Schweiss

Kim Shaff Woubejig Shiferaw Matthew Simoneau Dane Smith Scott Smith Tanya Smutka Robert Sorensen Krysta Sorensen Kathy Soucy Christy Stevens Charles Stieg Stephen Strom Gerald Swarsensky Jonathan Thompson Heidi Thury Anthony Timboli Charles Town Nho Tran Brianna Trembulak Hazel Truax Julie Velasquez Shawn Veldey Dorothy Vogel Anna Voight Dan Vondrum John Wagner Mizuki Wako Mike Walker Debra Wand Janet Westenberg Diane Whitcraft Libby Wicklund Katie Wicklund Jane Wicklund Caroline Wisniewski Erica Wood Vang Yang Emily Zimmer Phillip Zuidema

LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS Phil and Pat Anderson Rose Ann Anderson Josephine Books LaDonna Boyd Reyne & Deke Branchaud-Linsk Marilyn R. Buckingham Ann B. Carlon Rose & Gary Davis Mary S. Dimick Pam Fergus Cheryl Frank Meg Forney & Jon Fagerson Lee Ann Joy Gersmeyer

Brent Glass Dick Graham & Pat Powers Nathan Hanson John and Madeline Jensvold Richard Jewell Tom J. Klas Don and Sylvia Langworthy Jon H. Larson Jim Leslie Thay Lo William J. Lucking Larry and Karin Margolis Steve & Jean McGroarty

Alan & Sharon Miller Connie Manos-Andrea Julia McGregor Mark V. Mohr Gail Morrison Janice R. O’Keefe Dave P. Page Christopher A. Plount Tia & Mike Radant Susan Rasmussen Bill & Barbara Read Thomas A. Reis Mary Rogers


Matthew W. Simoneau Dane Smith Sharon L. Speich Gerald Swarsensky Dean and Tami Swenson Wayne and Kelly Truscinski Mark Weigel Gloria & Bill Welp Tim and Rebecca Wynes

HONORS & MEMORIALS IN HONOR OF DOUG DIFFERT American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota American Engineering Testing Inc Ames Construction, Inc. Associated General Contractors of MN Sabri Ayaz Michael Barnes Jeffrey & Annette Benson Bituminous Roadways Bolton + Menk Inc Braun Intertec Corporation Eric Bursott Cynthia Byler C.S. McCrossan Cemstone Products Co John Crawford Mark Dierling John Doan Donovan Enterprise Inc Daniel L. Dorgan Glen Durbahn Roger Durbahn Egan Co Diane & John Fox William Gardner Millie Gignac Dick Graham and Pat Powers Henry Grothaus HanSon Custom Crushing Inc Hardrives Inc HDR Hiway Federal Credit Union HNTB HR Green Inc Patrick Hughes Isthmus Engineering ITS MN Bob & Carole Jacobsen J.D. Donovan Inc Robert C. Johns Michelle Julius Sandy and Bob Klas KLJ Constance Kozlak


Kraemer North America Gerald Kreutzer Leonard Levine Merritt Linzie & Jonette Kreideweis Lube Tech Lunda Construction Co. Larry and Karin Margolis Mark Maves Robert Miller Susan Mulvihill Northland ATSSA Carl Ohrn David Oxley David & Catherine Pickett Rodney & Audrey Pletan Rainbow Inc Tom Ravn Michael and Kelly Robinson Mark Ryan Kian Sabeti-Carretta Safety Signs Khani Sahebjam Sambatek Inc Katie Schmitt Jeff & Jackie Schwalen Charles Siggerud Simplex Construction Supplies, Inc SRF Consulting Group, Inc. Stantec Street Smart Rentals Bill & Sara Strom Mukhtar Thakur Gary and Rachel Thompson Tiller Corporation TKDA Pamela Tschida Lucy Ussatis Valley Paving Inc. Jeff & Lores Vlaminck Warning Lites of Minnesota, Inc WSB & Associates Inc WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Charles Zelle Hugh Zeng

IN HONOR OF GORDON SHUMAKER Beth and John Asmussen Gregory Colby Sally Dahlquist Lew Linde IN HONOR OF CARL RICHARDS & BO JOHNSON Dave Butina Tom Cross Suzanne Doody-Schwingle Laura Johnson Lindsay Johnson Thomas Johnson Richard Zellmer IN HONOR OF CHIEF JIM MCDONALD Eagan Citizens Crime Prevention Association IN MEMORY OF DENNIS ANDERSON James Drewiske Healther Brient-Johnson IN MEMORY OF DOUG FRANK Rose Davis Charlyne Foss Mary Turner Maher Larry Margolis Shannon Marting Gail Morrison Marilyn Nelson Diane Whitcraft IN MEMORY OF JOHN E. STORY Warning Lites of Minnesota, Inc. IN MEMORY OF LEROY NELSON Pam Fergus Thomas Nelson

IN MEMORY OF ART & RUTH GESSNER Laura Funke Mike Marzinske LouAnn Oppitz Keith Richter Laurel Watt IN MEMORY OF DOUG KNAPP Anthony Collins Lisa DuRose Nat Hemstad James Leslie Shane Stroup Gerald Swarsensky IN MEMORY OF TERRI KROSHUS Donald Cassidy Karla Colwell Jan Kamp Gerald Swarsensky IN MEMORY OF LINDA LEE-HARDER Cindy Marschel IN MEMORY OF ELAINE LUCKING William Lucking IN MEMORY OF DEBI MALICKI Jan Kamp James Leslie Mike Marzinske Terry Nelson Anita Schneider IN MEMORY OF MARK A. MCAFEE Betsy McAfee IN MEMORY OF CONNIE MCCOY Neil McCoy IN MEMORY OF WALTER & ESTER PECHACEK Judith Pechacek & Lisa Hedin


Foundation staff make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the 2015-2016 donor listing and apologizes for any error or omission. Please contact or 651-450-3400 with any questions or concerns.


Thank You from the Executive Director Dear Friends of Inver Hills, In 2013, the Foundation launched a major fundraising campaign—the first of its kind at the college. Our goal was to raise scholarship and program funds that could help provide the support needed to ensure Inver Hills could continue pursuing its collegiate vision as a higher education innovator focused on creating a vibrant intellectual environment for emerging leaders, scholars and professionals. Strengthening the collaborative bond with the college’s partners throughout the community would be crucial to our success. A $300,000 grant from the Katherine B. Andersen Fund was the cornerstone of the scholarship campaign. The grant presented a key challenge to donors, volunteers and alumni. Overall, our goal was to raise $1.5 to $2 million over the next three years. I am proud to announce the campaign raised nearly $2.3 million, which is well past our original goal. The Foundation raised almost $770,000 in funds directly related to the Katherine B. Andersen matching grant. Additional funds were raised to support innovative programs like the Agricultural Sciences Career Pipeline, TuitionMatch-MN and Burnsville Promise. The campaign led the way to newly established endowed scholarships, a reinvigorated relationship with alumni, and more opportunities to partner with businesses and our community to address workforce issues and achievement gaps related to underrepresented youth. Embarking on a major fundraising campaign was a significant organizing activity for the Foundation. Our partnership with the Katherine B. Andersen Fund proved instrumental in our ability to accomplish our goals, including acquiring new donors, increasing support from existing donors, and strengthening our endowment. Many great stories are made possible by the support you provide to the Foundation as campaign leaders, donors and engaged members of our community. I invite you to visit our campus and learn more about how your gifts make a difference at Inver Hills. Thank you for all that you do for our students, college and community.

All the best in the coming year,

Gail Morrison Executive Director Inver Hills Community College Foundation



Inver Hills Community College is a member of Minnesota State and an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator. This information is available in an alternate format by calling 651-450-3508 or TTY/Minnesota Relay at 1-800-627-3529.

Inver Hills Community College, a member of Minnesota State

Inver Hills Community College 2016 Annual Report  

Inver Hills Community College, A member of Minnesota State.

Inver Hills Community College 2016 Annual Report  

Inver Hills Community College, A member of Minnesota State.