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Dean Scicluna Final Presentation


Introduction This year i have learn a lot about graphic design and this is my presentation to show my three main projects that i did this year entitled, “Taxonomy” “Data Visualisation” and “Competition” these were three of the most exciting projects i had done to date learning lots about different Graphic Design techniques along the way. The following pages will contain a written rationale of each project, final images of each project, a brief look at the projects developmen as well as links to my blog. Hope you enjoy.

Ta x o n o m y When I started my Taxonomy brief I was originally quite confused by the brief and went an entire wrong direction with it, upon being marked formatively I started from scratch and redid everything except the collection, I thought the my collection of coins were exceptional and were a good taxonomy, as most were foreign coins, they had travelled a long way to get into my collection and so each had their own story which is amazing to me, not only this be each coin has a different

story to why it was made and I wanted to create a book which was laid out nice and neatly using the grid system to display this and hopefully share with the reader the interest I had when I was a child collecting these. I ended up creating this book 74 page book looking at the details of each coin, I described how the coins look, how I came across them, the year and feel of them, as well as what the designs are and what they mean. Overall I think I created a nice looking book that showed what I wanted it

to, if I was to do it again I would pick more carefully which coins out of my collection I chose as to ensure I picked no similar ones and each one was completely different.

Frist attempt

Screen grabs from first attempt at the brief

Stats of the collection

The 30 coins


Finals The final piece was uploaded to Issuu and can be found below. Final Piece

Data Visualisation When I started my data visualisation project I knew I wanted to do something about American Football or fitness, as this is my passions I knew it would be a project I would enjoy, I started out by taking a fitness/ sport survey and didn’t really obtain interesting results and the ones I did were bias, so I decided to start collecting stats at our that we played and work using these, my intention originally from here was to create player stats for each game but this got changed after they appeared quite

infographic-y, so I decided to collect all the 2013/14 schedule information for the UK teams and create a map of the schedule from that. I researched where each team is from, where abouts in the UK they are located and what colours they play in, I originally did this whole process in Photoshop but moved it over to Illustrator when I finished and realised it would look a lot neater, less pixelated and more professional because of this move. From here I decided to develop it more

graphically and then start developing an app for it. My finals would turn out to be a series of screenshots in which a user can select a university and access their schedule and other information as well as individual game stats and player stats that will take you through to an infographic of each player. I feel it looks professional and well done, it’s of a high quality and user friendly.


Schedule Research




Data Visualisation


Competition This brief was the first of its kind for me as it was the first live brief I’ve ever had, I took this brief as it seemed to interest me the most of all the selection and you tend to work better with things you already know about and I’ve ordered a lot of pizza over my 21 years. My intention was to do something different that Dominos hasn’t done before, my first protocol was to research Papa Johns and Pizza Hut and see what makes them such good brands, from there research orange and how they got their market share

in the film industry so high. I decided I needed something that was going to promote Two For Tuesday but as well get them their market share they had lost, so I wanted to create a calendar which they could hang up and remind them when it’s Tuesdays, from here it developed into a reward scheme that people could claim back prizes the more they order, my original design was too big and had to be made thinner, and smaller. As well as this I gave the option of having a credit

card version of the reward scheme, something people could carry around with them and might not just be thrown away like most other leaflets that are put on the front of the boxes. Overall I think I created a professional looking product on both products that would be successful in Dominos regaining the market share and monopolising Tuesdays as their day.


Thinner version

Credit card Ve r s i o n

Finals Photographed

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Final Presentation for Year 2 Graphic Design