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VISIONS Volume 12 - Number 1

A Magazine for Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Valwood School


Valwood Graduation 2012

Toward Greatness

The Class of 2012 voted to select Valwood faculty member Bobby Stephenson to deliver their commencement address. Bobby teaches History and Government and is the coach of the Mock Trial team and the sponsor of the Upper School Student Council. Bobby graduated from Lynchburg College with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Political Science, and he earned his Master’s degree in History at James Madison University. Bobby joined the Valwood faculty in 2010 and is respected by both the faculty and his students especially since, as Brad Feldman noted in his introduction, “Bobby is the Lebron James of the faculty versus middle school sporting events.”

Last year in Visions I wrote about the Annual Fund as one helpful indicator of the health of an independent school. The ability of a school to raise money beyond tuition suggests vitality not only because of the program enhancements that such giving allows, but also because the willingness of the school community – trustees, faculty, parents, grandparents, and alumni – to support such efforts is a telling sign of the extent to which the school is successfully carrying out its mission.

It is a pleasure to share his speech with you in this issue of Visions. Good morning. I’d like to take this time to thank our Headmaster, Dr. Pascavage, Members of the Board of Trustees, our dedicated faculty and staff, parents, relatives, and friends, and especially you, the Valwood class of 2012, for the opportunity to take part in this unforgettable celebration. This class of graduating seniors will always hold a special place in my heart; when I began my teaching career here at Valwood almost two years ago, they were Bobby Stephenson the first group to have the good fortune of being enrolled in Mr. Stephenson’s United States History class! Being only twenty-four years old, fresh out of college, and rather short in stature, I was hardly surprised that some of them questioned whether or not I was actually a teacher at Valwood. But as I look down at this group today, I can’t help but remember that I am only eight years removed from the very circumstances in which you find yourselves.

In 2001, Jim Collins published Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t. Therein, Collins (formerly a professor in the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and now a successful business consultant) articulates the factors that allowed several companies to emerge from within a large pool of “good” companies to become “great” companies. The book was a terrific academic and commercial triumph, spawning countless programs and initiatives across the country involving both for-profit businesses and non-profit institutions as everyone sought to move from merely being “good” to being “great.” An a priori assumption in some instances – especially with schools - was that “good” was, in fact, the starting point. I am familiar with several schools who began the journey from good to great without actually being very good to begin with: their enthusiasm for improvement and the assumption of goodness exceeded the capacity of the organization to bear the burden of potential greatness, the weight of which stalled both the effort to improve and the institution, itself, such that neither went anywhere. In other words, you can’t really go from good to great if you are not very good to start with.

Just eight years ago I listened to the principal of Lake Forest High School deliver a similar commencement address; I wish I could recall the motivational stories he told or the words of wisdom that he shared with my fellow classmates, but I simply can’t. Like you almost certainly do today, I had much more important things on my mind. Who would be hosting that night’s biggest graduation party? Could my parents really be angry if I didn’t return home until 2 a.m.? There were obviously more pressing concerns that I needed to consider. But more seriously I, like all soon-to-be graduates, was forced to reckon with the fact that high school was over and the next—perhaps most difficult, perhaps most rewarding—journey in life would be right around the corner. What does that even mean, though? After all, you’re only eighteen years old; you have your entire lives ahead of you. Why all of this pressure? Why all of this anxiety? Because the future is yours. In just a handful of years this group of young people will begin careers—some of you might develop the next million-dollar smart phone app; some of you might study medicine, law, (and hopefully history); while others may choose to wear the uniform of a soldier or sailor or

I spent my first year at Valwood assessing the state of the institution from a variety of perspectives – the quality of the academic program, the health of our financial position, the commitment and experience of our faculty, the loyalty and support of our trustees – and enter my second year confident that Valwood is, without question, a good school. (I suspect that the Southern Association of Independent School’s Visiting Committee on Accreditation will affirm this evaluation when they visit our campus later this fall to renew our accreditation.) Is Valwood a great school? It would be easy to simply answer “yes” to that question and, hubris thus affirmed, continue on with our business, but false confidence seldom leads to favorable results. Individuals who have had experience with Valwood might also have an opinion on the matter, but such opinions – while important – are also prone to distortion as the influence of a single good or bad experience warps one’s view of the school as a whole. I will work closely with faculty and staff, parents, students, alumni, and community leaders throughout the year to define greatness as it pertains to Valwood School, identify the measures or indicators that would apprise us of our status, and

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LOWER SCHOOL NEWS Fifth Grade DARE Graduation Marks 20th Year Officer Stephen Findlay of the Valdosta City Police Department, marked his 20th year as the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program Administrator at a special graduation ceremony held at Valwood on January 26th. Fifth grade teacher Mrs. Rosemary Brannen, now in her 29th year at Valwood, has worked with Officer Findlay since the program's inception. To commemorate the anniversary, Valwood seniors Griffen Allen and Anne Rankin Cannon who were participants in the program under Officer Findlay as fifth graders, spoke to the students and their parents on the importance of a drug free lifestyle. First place essay contest winner Madelyn Clyatt and second place winner Emma Campbell read their essays at the program. Bailey Everett shared her award winning pledge with the group. Special guest speaker, Mr. Robbie Brown from the VSU football program, spoke as well, encouraging the fifth graders to live what they have learned through the DARE program.

Read Across America Our Lower Schoolers spent a week “Reading Across America.” Once every day, Librarian Leanne Griffin, walked through the halls ringing a bell so the students knew it was time to “drop everything and read.” One day everyone dressed as their favorite Dr. Suess character to celebrate his birthday.

Officer Findlay and Rosemary Brannen with fifth graders Madelyn Clyatt, Emma Campbell and Bailey Everett.

Lower School Class Plays Third Grader Madeline Castor as the Cat in the Hat.

Each year every Lower School class performs a play for their parents and the other Lower School students. The performances are a variety of themes from holiday celebrations to character lessons, but they are always an amazing display of creativity and accomplishment!

Fifth Grade Follies First Graders Madison Miller, Vivian Thomas and Andee Fafard three of the “Twenty Little Monkeys.”

Mrs. Rasmussen’s second graders celebrated an “October to Remember.”

The fifth graders celebrated the end of Lower School with the traditional “Fifth Grade Follies.” As always the audience was entertained with many humorous skits and musical acts.

Mrs. Cofield and her students hit the stage!





Extreme Team Day

Celebrating Georgia! The Lower School students know their state! Last February the entire Lower School studied the many facets of our state. Each grade was assigned a region of our state to research. The third grade made a paper quilt detailing interesting facts about Georgia and displayed the work in the Lower School hallway. Computer teacher Cindee Heirs and Librarian Leanne Griffin helped the students learn about Georgia.

Lower School students put their teamwork, cognitive, memory, and motor skills to work last fall as they competed in the annual Extreme Team Day competition. Multi-grade level teams were required to move through stations in which they had to solve puzzles, maneuver through obstacle courses, manipulate materials, and test their knowledge of academic subjects. Cooperation and teamwork Ella Grace Spell, Jake Reid and Audrey were encouraged. Valwood Douglas work together to move the Parents Association volunwooden slats. teers and teachers provided the games and guidance to make this a challenging and fun way to learn and grow academically.

Can You Can-Can?

Third Grader Georgia State Tour Guides!

Kindergarten Fun

In October the Lower School held a “Can-Can� dance for the benefit of the Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia. Each grade filled a large box full of canned foods and the students and their parents enjoyed an evening of dancing and good times.

Kindergarten is the place to be for fun and learning! Among the many exciting lessons taught throughout the year was a celebration of Johnny Appleseed and the planting and harvesting of the garden.

Emily Clifton and Talley Petermann at the Can-Can

Field Day 2012! Ginger McTier as Johnny Appleseed

Kindergarteners Emma and Ella Burnett celebrate Field Day with their dad. Elizabeth Evans and Ellie Smith get ready for the Great American Balloon Toss!

MacKenzie Collins and Lacy Ann McLeod get their hands dirty!


MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS National Junior Honor Society The induction ceremony for new members to the Valwood Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was held on March 12, 2012 in the Godwin Holmes Arts Center with the inductees, their classmates, faculty and parents present to celebrate the honor. The National Junior Honor Society seeks candidates from the seventh and eighth grades who demonstrate excellence in the areas of academics, service, character, leadership, and citizenship. New inductees were awarded certificates, pins, and membership cards. Valwood Middle School welcomes Carter Buescher, Olivia Cox, Mills Culbreth, Danielle Dunmon, Hank Evans, Katherine Godbee, Sarah Godwin, Libby Green, Cadee Hughes, Hannah Hutchinson, Victoria Maxwell, Addy Perlman, Ty Petermann and Maggie Smith. Middle School co-dean Vallye Blanton is the National Junior Honor Society sponsor.

Valwood’s Fourth Annual Science Fair Last February Valwood students in fifth through eighth grade gathered with their parents and teachers to tour Valwood's fifth annual Science Fair. The Fair was held in the Rodgers Performance Hall in the Godwin Holmes Arts Center. Experiments ranged from the effectiveness of different brands of whitening toothpaste to measuring how the material of a cup effects insulation to testing what type of baseball bat hits the farthest. First, second and third place awards were given in each grade. The winners in eighth grade were 1st Place Marine Brenier, 2nd Place Sara Knighton and 3rd Place Chloe Harris. Seventh grade winners were 1st Place Grayson Thomas, 2nd Place Evelyn Howell and 3rd Place Ben Crump. In the sixth grade the awards went to Dane Fafard 1st Place, Carter Sharon 2nd Place and Hannah Dawson 3rd Place. The fifth grade winners were Kasey McQuitty 1st Place, Mei Hornkohl 2nd Place and Annie Medosch 3rd Place. Middle School Science Fair Winners.

Faculty Versus the Middle School! A new tradition has begun! Last fall the Valwood faculty challenged the J.V. softball team to a game and in 5 innings of fun, the faculty bats proved more powerful. To show the victory was not a fluke, the faculty again laced up their sneakers last winter and spring for a game of flag football and ultimate Frisbee. Although the middle schoolers fought hard the faculty prevailed. The middle schoolers are planning for the rematches next year!

Pictured Left to right: J.V. Softballers Isabella White, Katie Martin, Evelyn Howell and Shana Morman.





Veterans Day Celebration For the fourth year in a row Valwood Middle School students honored local veterans in a Veterans Day performance and celebration. Under the direction of co-dean and teacher Vallye Blanton the students presented the veterans, family, and friends a program of appreciation with the singing of patriotic musical selections. Over 100 veterans attended the celebration including several World War II veterans along with veterans from the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, and Operation Desert Storm. Also in attendance were several active duty personnel from Moody Air Force Base. The morning event was a celebration and an opportunity for the Middle Schoolers to honor the veterans and to learn firsthand the importance of the military, and how the veterans’ service has shaped our country and allows us all to continue to live in freedom.

Eighth grade thespians! The cast of Tom Sawyer poses for a photo.

Veteran Mark Petermann visits with his grandson 7th grader Ty Petermann.

Sixth Graders Ivey Harris, Hanna Dawson, Taylor Sanderlin, Chandler Call, Hope Hathcock, Georgia Booth, Ellie Stark are ready for a big night at the Middle School Winter Dance.

OTHER NEWS Parents Association News Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the 40th Annual Valwood Parents Association Spring Auction a huge success. An Evening at the Race was an evening filled with thrills and excitement as for the second year in a row the party goers watched the Kentucky Derby live and placed their bets on horseracing games. VPA President Renee Spell is thrilled to announce that thanks to all our generous donors we raised more than $91,000 for the school! Thank you to all of the many volunteers without whom the evening would not have been so successful! Thanks as well to all of you who donated items for auction and who so generously participated that night.

Evelyn Langdale, Mendi Griner, Debbie Nijem and Elizabeth Burns show off their Derby Hats!

Save the Date: May 4, 2013 Plans are already underway for next year and once again the Valwood auction will coincide with the Kentucky Derby so let’s get ready to run for the roses!

Grandparents Day Last April more than 275 grandparents visited the campus for Valwood’s annual Grandparents Day. The grandparents enjoyed breakfast, meeting our Headmaster, classroom visits, touring the facility and student performances. Save the date! Grandparents Day - April 26, 2013


Ansley and Clare Nijem with their grandparents Gene and Brenda Simpson.

UPPER SCHOOL NEWS Mock Trial Competition

Science Olympiad

Valwood’s Mock Trial team went to the regional competition in Augusta last February. The team performed well and Courtney Harris won outstanding witness in both rounds of the competition. Courtney was the only participant to take home this honor for both rounds. Alex Waldron won outstanding attorney for the second round. The team is coached by Bobby Stephenson.

The Valwood School Science Olympiad Team finished eighth at the regional competition held last February in Macon. Individual regional event medals went to the following students: 1st Place: Foresty – Eliza Elliott and Holly Querin; 4th Place: Write It, Do It – Dallas Beal and Colin Wilson. Other team members were Matt Barnes, James Braswell, Lisa Garcia, Courtney Harris, Will Hawthorne, Ginnie Bree Hunter, Amanda Lupo, Ian Mashburn, Ally Maxwell, Alex Robison and Golden Smith. The team was coached by David Cano and Joy Owens.

Valiant Award Elizabeth Holland returned to Valwood to present the Valiant Award at the May Senior Banquet. Elizabeth received the award last year and this year the honor went to Alex Waldron. The award is given to the senior who best exemplifies the qualities of school spirit, academic endeavor and outstanding citizenship. This fall Alex will attend the University of Georgia.

National Honor Society Inducts New Members

Spirit Award

The induction ceremony for new members to the Valwood Chapter of the National Honor Society was held on March 12, 2012 in the Godwin Holmes Arts Center with the inductees, their classmates, faculty and parents present to celebrate the honor.

Anne Rankin Cannon was the recipient of the Spirit Award given at the May Senior Banquet. Last year’s winner, Lindsay Lastinger returned to bestow the honor. This award is given annually to the member of the graduating class who embodies the spirit of the School in all areas of school life. Anne Rankin will attend the University of Mississippi in the fall.

Honor Society members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and character. The following Upper School students were inducted into the National Honor Society: Dallas Beal, Slayten Carter, Amanda Eaves, Eliza Elliott, Haley Flythe, Holly Querin, Kaitlin Rasmussen, Emily Sands, Zack Savino, Golden Smith, Hannah Waller, Colin Wilson and Rachel Wilson.


Last March the Sophomore class posed with the Clemson University Tiger while on their college trip





Congratulations Valwood Class of 2012 Congratulations once again to the Class of 2012! The final acceptances are in and following is the list of schools to which our students were admitted: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Auburn University, Brenau University, Clemson University, Colby College, College of Charleston, Davidson College, Duke University, Emory University Scholars Program, Furman University, Georgia College and State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, LaGrange College, Oxford College of Emory University, Samford University, Sewanee: The University of the South, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Troy University, University of Georgia, University of Georgia Honors Program, University of Mississippi, University of Oklahoma, Valdosta State University, and Wesleyan College. John Brooks Akins, Jr., Griffen Isaac Allen, Matthew Aaron Barnes, Alexandria Danielle Bowen, Anne Rankin Cannon, Juan Sebastian García, Anna Marie Godwin, Viktor Officer Graczyk, Courtney Aaliyah Harris, William Reynolds Henry, Catherine Tierney Maxwell, Stacia Linnae Myers, Travis Turner Newsome, Anna Elizabeth Niewoehner, Jacob Colt Reeves, Alexander Clifford Robison, Caroline Chase Scruggs, Johnathan Ari Stewart, Alexander Minton Waldron, Rachel Rebecca Wilson and Troy Capers Woodward.

Valwood Literary Team Places Second at Region Competition Valwood students competed in the Georgia Independent School Association Class 3-AA region literary competition last February. Senior, Courtney Harris placed first in National Extemporaneous Speaking and Haley Flythe, Sabrina Myers, and Lisa Garcia won first place representing Valwood in the Girls’ Trio competition. Second place finishers were Griffen Allen for Argumentative Essay and International Extemporaneous Speaking, Courtney Harris for Rhetorical Essay, Holly Querin for Personal Essay, Dakota Runnels for Dramatic Interpretation and Golden Smith and Slayten Carter for Duo Interpertation. AAt the state competition in March, Griffen Allen was awarded first place for International Extemporaneous Speaking, Courtney Harris placed third for National Extemporaneous Speaking and Lisa Garcia placed third in Piano.

Academics, Character, Service In keeping with the school’s motto of Academics, Character, Service, each year Upper School students are required to perform 20 hours of community service. The following students were members of the “100 Hour Club” working over 100 hours of community service for the year: Gary Cannon, Carter Elliott, Bryce Everett, Grace Guilliams, Hailee Hathcock, Will Hawthorne, Chase Milburn, Dakota Runnels, Austin Thompson, Anna Turner, Hannah Waller and Colin Wilson. The following students were members of the “100 Hour Club” for a second year in a row: Mary Kate Crump, Eliza Elliott, Kate Evans, Grace Flemer, Anna Godwin, Thomas Hawthorne, Holley Querin, and Kaitlin Rasmussen. Additionally the following students were members of the Club for a third consecutive year: Matthew Barnes, Haley Flythe, Danielle Shackelford, and Alex Waldron.


SPECIAL EVENTS Valedictory Address By Courtney Harris We were expected to make good grades, well; we did that and then some. We were expected to make our families and teachers proud, and, as we sit here swagged out in our caps and gowns ready to recieve our diplomas, marking the end of our high school careers, I'm sure we've done that as well. But, who expected Caroline to be a flawless Sugar Plum Fairy? Wait, who am I kidding, we all expected that. But, who expected Alex Waldron to be selected for the All-Star Football Game, let alone to ball out in it, again, what am I talking about, we all saw that coming. But, ok, honestly, who expected Griffen to be the State Champion in extemporaneous speaking? Exactly. Class of 2012 we have accomplished so much. Name it, and we did it, and did it extremely well.

Welcome Dr. Pascavage, Mrs. Lupo, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, family, friends, and Class of 2012. Gathered here on this momentous occasion, my dear classmates, you know that I am not one of few words, but if I had to choose just a few to say to you today they would be: we made it. Through Ms. Carver's hand cramping reading quizzes and tests that stretched the bounds of our memories, we made it. Through Coach Allen's bleeding red pen and the realization that not all check marks are good, we made it. Through Mr. Cano's insane, mind boggling tests, through Mrs. Felts' arctic classroom temperatures, through Mrs. Andrews’s incoherent, multilingual rants, and even through heart wrenching losses on the athletic fields, we made it.

As the Grammy nominated artist J.Cole once said, "Life is a movie, pick your own role. Climb your own ladder, or you dig your own hole." Class of 2012 we have already undoubtedly proved that we are the stars of this feature presentation. We have climbed to new heights, refusing to fall into the holes of failure and oblivion. The classes below us will remember the seniors who led the 2011 football team to the region title. They will never forget the night we woke those Brookwood Warriors up after they were so – called “tired of beating us,” and they will always look back on the day they had to clean up what felt like a billion Styrofoam cups.

The beauty of our class is not strictly a physical trait, even though we are quite a good looking bunch to be honest, but our beauty lies within our ability time and time again to weather the storm, to rise above our adversities, and to come out victorious. We've survived not only difficult classes and teachers, but just plain unfortunate events as well. We've had broken bones, walking boots, wheelchairs, and even a back brace. For a certain time, we were all sure that this year's graduating class was cursed, but the truth is we are quite blessed. Not only have we made it through the bad, but we've made it through the good as well.

However, Cole goes on to say that if "you wanna touch the sky," you better "figure out flying." Class of 2012, I implore you, don't stop achieving here. Don't let this day be your last shining moment. We are only at the top of the ladder; the sky is still above us. Reach for it just as you've reached these last four years for each rung of the ladder that brought you closer and closer to this day. Grab for it just as you grabbed each rung with each accomplishment and honor. However, we need not be intimidated by the sky above and the immensity of all that remains to be achieved, because as Cole states that we must fly to reach the sky, Class of 2012 we've already figured out flying. All the difficulties we've faced, all the fun memories we've collected, and all the accolades and honors we've achieved, have equipped each and every one of us with the tools to succeed. Today, we have emerged from our cocoons with beautiful sets of wings. So, the question is not can we fly, but are we ready to fly? Are we ready to leave the nest? Are we ready to soar to new heights? And, classmates, the answer is yes. Yes, we are ready to leave the nest, but do we want to?

It has been a long journey, and, for those of you who joined our crazy family in middle school, it has been even longer. And, for those of you who have been here since the beginning, God bless you. However, this journey has been filled with so many good times that I start to wonder when J.J. Walker is going to run out and shout "Dyno-mite!" From playing laser tag in D.C. to pelting each other with paintballs, from having a turf war in the woods of North Georgia between the adventure club and that other one I can't remember, probably because the adventure club was better anyway, to putting on an epic haunted house that had everyone shaking in their shoes, from rocking in out in Nashville to taking over the streets of New York, and from performing Tom Sawyer to orchestrating cups full of water, Class of 2012 we have come a long way and had a great time doing it.

Since August 10, 2011, we've counted down to this day. We've counted down the days to our departure from high school, and inevitably and unfortunately our departure from each other. I know for a fact that I will miss each and every one of you. We have all become such a daily facet of each other’s lives. Unfortunately, when I'm screaming my lungs out at a school sporting event next year, Caroline, Anne Rankin, and Anna Godwin won't be there. When I'm dying in Spanish class, Juan won't be there to help me. Ally and Anna Niewhoener won't be there to randomly say "Hey, guh" to me on my way to class. Troy won't be there to make me feel better about my procrastination because he hasn't started the project either. Reynolds won't be there to rant about Big Foot. Catherine and Stacia won't be there to remind me of my civic duty to donate blood. My life will be void of Viktor's sarcasm, of Alex Robison's unicycle riding, of Rachel's doodle cat Jeffrey, and of so many other things that I've

Yes, we had fun doing a lot of things, and you can't deny that we did a lot of things exceptionally well. Our leadership, ambition, and diligence are unmatched. Excuse me if I'm being a little overzealous, but, Class of 2012, we are one of Valwood's most successful group of graduates. We are home to club presidents and vice presidents, rodeo queens and AP scholars, National Honor Society members and region title holders, gifted outdoorsmen, and All-Region athletes. We've excelled both in and out of the classroom, and, more importantly, we've accomplished the expected and the unexpected.

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Salutatory Speech By Caroline Scruggs Juan, and Catherine brought our character list to a total of twenty-one and made us the enthusiastic and memorable class that you all know AND LOVE today. We’ve hiked what seemed like twenty miles behind Mr. Glassmire on the freshmen camping trip and sped down dirt roads crammed into Jake’s new truck the day he got his license sophomore year. While we’ve also stuck out like sore thumbs in New York City with our puzzled looks on the subway AND we successfully pulled off a senior prank that required 8,000 cups, as well as a lot of water and a heck of a lot of patience, I would dare say Valwood’s class of 2012 has had a good run. We’ve been together during the victories on our sports fields, grown together through those awkward stages of Middle School, put off important assignments for ping pong tournaments in the senior lounge, and FINALLY we are coming together here, at graduation, to celebrate our years spent at Valwood while also looking forward to what are sure to be our bright futures that lie ahead.

Dr. Pascavage, Coach Allen, Mrs. Felts, Mrs. Lupo, members of the Board of Trustees, Valwood faculty, family, friends, and especially the members of the Class of 2012, welcome to Valwood’s 2012 commencement exercises. I am both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to speak to you this morning. As I sat down last week to draft this speech, I found myself drawn in two directions. I realized that I could either reminisce about some special times that our class has had over the past fourteen years, or I could try to offer some advice about life. However, I realized that at the young age of eighteen I lack both the place and the experience to successfully attack the latter. So after this epiphany, NATURALLY I acted on my nerdy instincts and began to envision the past fourteen years as a novel: one with two distinct settings, twenty-one very lively characters, and a juicy plot. So, without any more delay or explanation let us begin the story of Valwood’s Class of 2012.

And as we take our first steps as Valwood alumni in just a few moments, I want to leave YOU, the Class of 2012, with this…whether you realize it or not, these past fourteen years are just the beginning, the prologue, if you will, of the novel that is your life. You and you alone, are not only the author, but also the editor of your own life. Your stories, your plots, and your themes are still in the pre-writing stages. And as you trek through the adventures in your stories, you will encounter new characters and new conflicts, but I believe that with the guidance of everyone here watching you graduate and the lifelong friends that you have made in our small class, that you are well on your way to writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. And, as much as I am prepared and excited to begin a new chapter in my own story, it is going to be AWFULLY hard to find the strength to turn the page on this one. To the class of 2012, congratulations and Godspeed.

Picture this. You open a book and begin reading the first page. You find Valwood at its old location on Gornto Road in the year 1998. Enter nine young characters: Reynolds, Anna, Anne Rankin, Jake, Matt, Jonathan, Travis, Griffen, and me. It is a time when we believed the five trees that lined the right gate together made up the Amazon Forest and a time when we stood in awe of Coach Patrick’s ability to kick the kickball from the back steps of the Lower School to the front of the football field.

Caroline Scruggs, Valwood Class of 2012 Salutatorian, is the daughter of Ferrell and April Scruggs. She will attend the University of Georgia in the fall.

Soon enough we found ourselves in the trailers filling the role of Mrs. Haehnal’s second grade “sardine class” while also oohing and ahhing over Mrs. Rasmussen’s pet squirrels, but with the addition of two new characters – Anna and Rachel. By 2003 we had travelled a bit farther North to a new setting: Valwood’s current location. We thought ourselves to be scholars when we had mastered the cursive alphabet in Mrs. Bailey’s third grade class. In fourth grade we figured out the easiest way to make an “A” was to bring Mrs. Thomas a Mountain Dew and some Reeses cups while we also constantly looked forward to “Archie time”: a weekly game of flag football with Alex’s dad when Alex was still the new kid from Virginia who wore glasses and “jorts.”

Continued from Page 8 come to know as just a part of everyday life.

Another blink of the eyes and we had added John, Alexandria, Viktor, and Courtney to our story and stumbled into the daunting halls of Middle School. Seventh grade was the year we learned how to compare Muslims to Cowboys in Mr. Riven’s Literature class. And, by eighth grade Jake, Troy, and Stacia had joined the group just in time for our unforgettable play: Tom Sawyer. Life sure was easy when our main food group was tootsie roll pops and Ms. Blanton let us incorporate play-doh into every Literature lesson.

As anxious as we all are to hustle away from Valwood and to begin our exciting lives as college students, I know we are all equally as sad to leave each other behind. We have become such a family, being there for each other through this high school journey, and it's tough to swallow the idea that by August we will be scattered around the U.S, taking on various colleges, all without each other. But, I know we can do it. And today isn't the day to cry and dwell on our nearing separation. Instead, let us focus on the celebrations of today and the due congratulatory remarks. I bid you congratulations on this accomplishment today and congratulations on the ones I know are to come. As we proceed to receive our diplomas today, the symbol of all that we have accomplished at Valwood, Class of 2012, I say to you today, look at us now, we’re getting paper. Well, diplomas, but it’s close enough. Best wishes, and God speed.

But, I believe that everyone in the class would agree that the past four years have provided our greatest memories yet. The addition of Alex,

Courtney Harris, the Valwood Class of 2012 Valedictorian, is the daughter of Julie Harris. She will attend Duke University in the fall.


VALWOOD ATHLETICS Region and State Athletes Congratulations to all of our Valiant Athletes! In football, John Akins, Aulden Bynum, Griffin Clyatt, Rashad Mathis, Khary Paige, Jake Reeves, Alex Waldron and Troy Woodward received All-region recognition. Khary Paige, Alex Waldron and Troy Woodward also received All-state recognition. Dallas Beal received All-region recognition for cross country and Mary Alice Smoot and Craig Smoot both received All-region and All-state recognition for cross country. Courtney Harris, Ginnie Bree Hunter and Hollis Waldron were All-region softball athletes. For the girls and boys basketball teams Ginni Bree Hunter, DeAndre Lambert, Rashad Mathis, Holly Querin and Zack Savino received All-region honors. At the end of the spring season All-region recognition was awarded to Matthew Barnes, Ginnie Bree Hunter, Catherine Maxwell, Mary Alice Smoot and Stacia Myers for track. Matthew Barnes, Dallas Beal, Ginnie Bree Hunter, Catherine Maxwell, Stacia Myers and Mary Alice Smoot also received All-state track recognition. Additionally Hailee Hatchcock and Maggie Scruggs received the All-region honors for tennis. Ajay Patel was an All-region golfer and Aakash Patel received All-state recognition. Carter Elliott, Tyler Phillips, Zack Savino and Alex Waldron were honored as an All-region soccer players and the All-state honor was given to Carter Elliott and Zack Savino for boys soccer. Anna Godwin, Courtney Harris, Holly Querin and Kaitlin Rasmussen were named to the All-region girls soccer All-State Soccer athletes Carter Elliott and Zack Savino team.

Ashley Henderson Valwood’s Varsity Football Coach Last spring Ashley Henderson signed on to be the Varsity Valiant’s Head Football Coach. Henderson takes over for Brannon Tidwell, who coached the Valiants for the last three seasons and led the team to the 2010 and the 2011 GISA Class AA semifinals. Ashley brings both playing and coaching experience to the Valwood program. Ashley played offensive line for Georgia Tech and Valdosta State University. Prior to graduating from VSU, he was a student assistant coach under former Head Coach Chris Hatcher and current Head Coach David Dean. As a VSU graduate assistant, he coached running backs and kickers. Headmaster, Dr. Pascavage noted, "From the very beginning of the search process, we were looking for an individual with experience as a player and a coach at the collegiate level, in addition to experience with a successful high school program. Ashley Henderson brings that mix of prior experience, and his philosophy of coaching is consistent with Valwood's mission. We are happy to welcome Ashley and his family to the Valwood School community." For the past eight years, Ashley served in a variety of roles within the football program at Valdosta High School, including Offensive Line Coach, Tight Ends Coach, Assistant Scouting Coordinator, and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. While at Valdosta High, he coached eleven All-Region players, three All-State players, one ESPNU Top 50 player and one Under Amour All-American. Nine of his former players have gone on to play college football. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Education, a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, and an Education Specialist Degree in Coaching Pedagogy from Valdosta State University. In addition to coaching, Ashley has seven years of experience in the classroom teaching computer applications, accounting, health, and personal fitness. The football team blasts onto the field




Athletic Schedules 2012 Varsity Football

Scholar Athletes Valwood Varsity athletes whose academic performance placed them on the Headmaster’s List during the quarter they were playing a varsity sport received the Scholar Athlete medal. Compiled at the end of each grading period, the Headmaster’s List is Valwood’s most prestigious academic recognition for it highlights extraordinary academic achievement among the school’s upper and middle school student body. To be named to the list, students must have a 90 or better average in all academic subjects. This award, modeled on the NCAA’s Academic All-American recognition, honors those varsity student-athletes who maintain high academic and athletic performance at Valwood. Winners of this award for the fall sports season were Griffen Allen, Will Allen, Sara Barrett, Anna Godwin, Courtney Harris, Lanier Langdale, Amanda Lupo, Allie Maxwell, Caroline Scruggs, Alex Waldron and Brenna Wilson. Winter scholar athlete award winners were James Braswell, Anna Godwin, Courtney Harris, Amanda Lupo, Allie Maxwell, Holly Querin, Caroline Scruggs and Alex Waldron. Pictured below are the winners of the spring scholar athlete medal.

Aug 24 Windsor Academy



Aug 31 Edmund Burke Academy



Sept 7

Flint River Academy



Sep 14

Memorial Day School



Sep 28

Mount De Sales Academy



Oct 5

Sherwood Christian Academy



Oct 12

Terrell Academy





Oct 19 Westwood School Oct 26

Brookwood School



Nov 2

Southwest Georgia Academy



Aug 9

Brookwood School

2012 Varsity Softball

Griffen Allen, Will Allen, Mills Culbreth, Savannah Jane Gilchrist, Grace Guilliams, Courtney Harris, Jack Helms, Lanier Langdale, Allie Maxwell, Holly Querin, Joyce Ro, Golden Smith, Peyton Trancygier, and Alex Waldron.



Aug 10 Georgia Christian School



Aug 11 Georgia Christian School



Aug 13 Southland Academy



Aug 14 Crisp Academy



Aug 16 Westwood School



Aug 21 Fullington Academy



Aug 22 Tiftarea Academy



Aug 27 Southwest Georgia Academy



Aug 28 Randolf Southern School



Aug 30 Georgia Christian School



Sep 4

Highland Christian Academy



Sep 6

Crisp Academy



Sep 12

Tiftarea Academy



Sep 13

Fullington Academy



Sep 17

Grace Christian Academy



Sep 19

Westwood School



Sep 20

Randolf Southern School



Sep 24

Southland Academy



Sep 25

Georgia Christian School



2012 JV Football

Join the Valiant Club! Support Valwood Athletics! For your $100 membership fee you will receive two Valiant Club passes which allow free admission to all home* athletic events. Call the school office for more details 229-242-8491. See you at the games! *not including Region and State Playoff Games

Sep 6

Fullington Academy



Sep 13

Crisp Academy



Sep 19

Windsor Academy



Sep 27

Fullington Academy



Oct 4

Crisp Academy





Aug 18 Southland Academy



Aug 25 Tattnall Square Academy

Oct 11 Windsor Academy

2012 Cross Country

Mark your calendars! The Valwood School Reverse Car Auction is Saturday, January 26, 2013. Come out for an evening of fun and you may drive home in a new vehicle! Please call the school office for details 229-242-8491.




Sep 15 Central Fellowship Christian Acad. Away


Sep 19

Westwood School



Sep 22

Deerfield Windsor School



Sep 29

Southland Academy



FACULTY NEWS Valwood School is proud to introduce our new faculty. We are excited to have such qualified, talented, and enthusiastic faculty joining us at Valwood.

Mendi Griner

Holly Dickerson

Lower, Middle and Upper School Spanish

Upper School Drama

A member of Valwood’s class of 1994, Mendi is returning to Valwood to teach Spanish. Mendi has a Bachelor of Science degree from Valdosta State University in Communication Disorders with a minor in Spanish. Mendi is an active member of the First United Methodist Church and volunteers as a migrant missionary in the Spanish speaking community. Mendi and her husband Clay are the parents of three Valiants – Mary Claire and Ellie rising third graders and Thomas a rising first grader.

A native of Gainesville, Georgia and a graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Holly is looking forward to joining the Valwood family and working with the talented students here at Valwood. While at VSU some of her memorable roles included Lucy van Pelt in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," and Mrs. Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice." Holly was last seen on stage this summer performing with Peach State Summer Theatre. When not on stage, Holly enjoys baking and spending time with her family.

Beth Howell

Rebecca Goff

Lower School 4th Grade

Lower School 4th Grade Rebecca is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s of Education in Accomplished Teaching. For the past 5 years she has taught in elementary schools in both Glynn and Coffee counties. Rebecca and her husband, Adam are new to Valdosta and are also new parents to son Maeson. When not busy with Maeson, Rebecca spends her free time cheering on the Braves, reading, traveling and visiting family.

Beth is originally from Alabama where she taught for close to 30 years. She is a graduate of William Carey University with a Bachelor of Music Education, and she earned a Master’s degree in Early Education and an Educational Specialist degree from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Beth has taught students in grades pre-kindergarten through graduate school. She is the mother of two grown sons and is involved as an International Delegation Leader for People to People Student and Sports Ambassadors and Leadership Summits.

Joey Gregos

Michele Luedke

Middle School Science

Student Success Coordinator and College Guidance Counselor

Joey joined the Valwood faculty midyear last year as a math teacher in the Middle School and a science enrichment teacher in the Lower School. He also coached the jv tennis team. This year Joey will be a Middle School science teacher as well coach of the jv tennis team and jr. pro basketball team. A native of South Florida Joey earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Middle Grades Education from Valdosta State University. Joey enjoys surfing and snowboarding and all other sports and is looking forward to being part of the Valwood faculty.

Michele joined the Valwood faculty in January of last year. She is a native New Yorker and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the City College of New York and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Loyola College. Michele has worked with special needs children and as a School Counselor for both middle and high school students for over 10 years. Michele’s husband Casey is a member of the United States Air Force and they are the parents of Adam and Lauryn. In her free time Michele enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family.




Steve Nettles

Heather Shaw

After leaving the United States Army, Steve earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Valdosta State University and will receive his Master’s of the Arts in Teaching from VSU next spring. Steve has taught math at Berrien and Atkinson High Schools and has tutored students in both math and physics. Steve has also worked as a graduate assistant at VSU in the Geosciences Department. In his spare time Steve enjoys carpentry, camping and traveling. Steve, his wife Lauren and dog Sammy live in Nashville.

Heather joined the faculty full time last January as the Lower School P.E. teacher. Originally from New Jersey, Heather graduated cum laude from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education. Heather has taught in the Virginia public school system and has been involved with Valwood as the Middle School Fitness teacher and as a coach and assistant coach for the school’s track and cross country teams. In her free time Heather likes to exercise and get outdoors and she also enjoys traveling, baking and spending time with family and friends.

Upper School Mathematics and Science

Lower School P.E. and Middle School Fitness

Meredith Nuckols

Lower and Middle School Art

Robert Shipman

Meredith is from Johns Creek, Georgia and moved to Valdosta to attend Valdosta State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art and is currently pursuing a degree in Art Education. Meredith has taught at the Boys and Girls Club and at the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts. She has done extensive work in ceramics, painting and sculpture. Her work has been on display at Valdosta State University, the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts, and Smith Northview Hospital. When Meredith isn’t teaching or creating art she enjoys spending time with her family, pets and friends.

College Guidance and Student Success Advisor/Varsity Baseball Coach

Robert is a native of Florida and a graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Most recently Robert was a teacher and baseball coach at Brooks County High School. Robert was a professional baseball player for the Twins and Tigers organizations and he joins the Valwood faculty with years of coaching experience. Robert and his wife, Neshelle are the parents of three grown sons and in his free time he is active in his church and president of Genesis Baseball Academy.

Trina Register

Jay Sizemore

Lower School 1st Grade

A native of Valdosta, Trina graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. She has been a long term substitute in the local schools and was a first grade para-professional at Valwood during the 2005-2006 school year. Trina and her husband, Ben are the parents of rising first grader Luke and rising Pre-Ker Kyndal. Trina is active in her church and loves spending time with her family, reading and taking trips to the beach. She is looking forward to returning to Valwood.

Middle/Upper School Mathematics and Upper School Science

Jay grew up in Ray City, Georgia and is a graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. He is currently working on his Master’s degree in Secondary Math Education at VSU. Jay has been a Supplemental Instructor in VSU’s Department of Mathematics as well as a tutor in the Student Success Center. Jay’s passion in life is learning and his favorite hobby is cycling.


ALUMNI NEWS Fred DeLoach III ’83 married Holly Gaye Rush of Ball Ground on April 21, 2012 at Riverland in Valdosta. Holly is employed by IBM and Fred is self-employed at DeLoach Realty as a broker.

Sarah Edwards ’01 earned her Bachelor of Science degree in History, Technology, and Society from Georgia Tech in 2005, her Master of Education in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Texas A&M University in 2007, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Higher Education with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University. Currently, Sarah lives in College Station, TX and works in the Department of Student Activities at Texas A&M University advising the Student Government Association and coordinating leadership education and risk management within those organizations. Recently, Sarah was honored as one of five recipients of the Texas A&M University Award of Distinction which is presented to individuals for their outstanding contributions toward the core values, job excellence, innovation, and leadership. In addition to work and school, Sarah has maintained her love for travel and since graduating has had the opportunity to work in, study at, and visit many wonderful places including Oxford, Scotland, China, Qatar, Prague, Italy, Mexico, and Paris.

Joe Vallotton ’93 and Quinn Brindger were married on September 10, 2011 in Savannah. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from Kenyon College and a Master of Business Administration from Florida State University. He is employed by Vallorbe, Inc. Quinn is a graduate of Valdosta State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. She is employed by the VSU Foundation. Joe and Quinn live in Valdosta. Matt Dodd ’96 earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah in May 2012. Matt has accepted a position as clerk with Justice Jill N. Parrish of the Utah Supreme Court after which he will work at the firm of Manning Curtis Bradshaw and Bednar in Salt Lake City. Meg Giddings Moore ’98 and husband Greg welcomed Marin Winter Moore to the family on September 28, 2011.

Brannen Sineath ’01 graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology from Park University. Brannen worked at Greenleaf Counseling Center and in 2009 began working at Tatum Insurance Agency where she received her Georgia Insurance licensure for Property and Casualty Insurance. Beginning in January of 2012 she changed agencies and is now an agent for the Sumner Agency located in Tifton. Brannen also owns a small L.L.C. company - Brannen Asset Management.

John Sineath’99 married Abigail Braswell of Thomasville on April 7, 2012. Classmates present to share in the event were Tommy Pippin ’99, Trent Matthews ’00, Wes Vallotton ’01 and Brannen Sineath ’01. John works in Real Estate Development and Construction and Abby is pursuing a degree from Thomas College in Early Childhood Education. The couple resides in Valdosta. Elaine Atkinson Alligood ’00 joined the Tatum Insurance Agency assisting in the areas of Property and Casualty Insurance. Elaine graduated from Florida State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and from Florida Coastal School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctorate.

Wes Vallotton ’01 and his wife Maggie are the proud parents of Edward Smith Vallotton born on February 8, 2012. Wes graduated from VSU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies and from Auburn University with a degree in Building Science. He is working for Rigby Construction in Warner Robins, Georgia. Maggie will earn her degree in Early Childhood Education from Valdosta State University in May.

Erik Reveron ’00 received his Juris Doctorate degree from F.A.M.U. School of Law at Orlando and will be taking the Colorado Bar this summer. As a student Erik was a member of the Environmental Law Society, the American Association for Justice and the Hispanic American Law Students Association. He intends to practice Environmental Law.

Mae Anderson ’02 and Joseph Johnson were married on May 19, 2012 on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Mae and Joseph live in Athens, Georgia where Mae works as a CPA and Joseph, a recent Mercer Law School graduate, is taking the Bar Exam later this summer. Karly Bishop ’02 was awarded the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Georgia campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine on May 30, 2012. Karly earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Valdosta State University in 2006 and is continuing her medical training in a research internship at Emory University.

Continued from “New Faculty”

DeeDee Stanley Middle School Drama

Maggie Carroll Ferguson ’02 and her husband Michael are the proud parents of a baby boy, John Walter "Jack" Ferguson, born January 18, 2012.

DeeDee is excited about joining the Valwood faculty and is looking forward to teaching Middle School Drama and bringing to her students a learning experience filled with excitement and fun. She taught Middle School Language Arts, Social Science, and Math in the local public schools for over 30 years. DeeDee earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and her Master’s degree in Middle Grades Education from Valdosta State University. In her free time DeeDee enjoys gardening, reading cooking, traveling, exercising and especially the beach.

Will Crane ’03 married Erinn Knight on April 14, 2012 in Atlanta at the Swan House. Will is employed by Atlas Construction and Erinn is an Assistant Costume Designer. Will and Erinn live in Atlanta. Chad Gallahan ’03 married Valerie Haven on July 15, 2011 in St. Augustine, Florida. Chad is the Valwood Middle School Co-Dean, a math teacher, and is a member of the coaching staff. Valerie is the Bariatric Coordinator at Valdosta Bariatrics. Thompson Gooding ’03 married Courtney Bonner of Thomasville on May 12, 2012. The couple met while attending Georgia Tech and they currently live in Valdosta. Thompson is a Development Project Manager

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2011-2012 ANNUAL GIVING REPORT Thank you so much for your support of the 2011-2012 Annual Fund. We raised more than $188,000! Revenue raised through the Annual Fund enhances all aspects of our school from additions to the curriculum to the expansion of enrichment programs and athletics. Your generosity was crucial to our success. Thank you! Jane Peeples 2011-2012 Annual Fund Chairman

Parents PRE-KINDERGARTEN Curtis and Monique Alexander David and Angela Burnett Alberto and Vera Garcia Eric and Stephanie Gee Terry and Leanne Griffin** Laura Hayes Kyle and Wanda McQuitty* Doug and Stephanie Moss Karl and Ronda Paoletti Chip and Tia Sanderlin** Josh and Anna Shonkwiler* Ryan and Robyn Williams Will and McCree Woodall KINDERGARTEN David and Angela Burnett Scott and Gracie Douglas Eric and Stephanie Gee Jim and Julie Godbee** Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty Michael and Nikki Illges**^ Blake and Anne McLeod Robert and Cindy McTier Todd and Deidre Parramore** Jim and Deann Scruggs Amanda Shapard Kevin and Gayla Shaw** Clint Smith** Larry Smith and Charlene Blache Andrew and Renee Spell* Will and McCree Woodall FIRST GRADE Fernando and Caryn Alvarado* Steve and Lynn Browning** Tom and Kelly Call Dick and Lori Campbell** Paul and Lisa Day Mike and Heidi Fafard* Craig and Holly Hutchinson Tommy and Wendy Miller Bipin and Kristi Patel James and Carly Thomas SECOND GRADE Antoine and Cecile Brenier Eric and Stephanie Gee David and Jennifer Hornkohl** Chris and Pam Manwell* Chris and Laura Michael Craig and Mitzi Parrish* Josh and Anna Shonkwiler* William Tidmore and Jennifer Lawrence** Rachel Valez* Ryan and Robyn Williams THIRD GRADE Greg and April Carter** Bubba and Kim Highsmith Michael and Nikki Illges** Scott and Deena Lewis Brett and Traycee Martin** Robert and Cindy McTier Travis and Jennifer Norris Bipin and Kristi Patel John and Jane Peeples** Raymond and Lorie Sable* Michael and Amy Sharon* Kevin and Gayla Shaw**^ Josh and Anna Shonkwiler* Jay and Amy Smith Andrew and Renee Spell*

FOURTH GRADE Steve and Lynn Browning** Tom and Kelly Call Lex and Donna Culbreth*** Thad and Stephanie Hughes*** Tommy and Debbie Nijem** Todd and Deidre Parramore** Craig and Mitzi Parrish* Chip and Tia Sanderlin**^ William Tidmore and Jennifer Lawrence** FIFTH GRADE Brooks and Michelle Akins** Brian and Lisa Browning** Dick and Lori Campbell** Joe and Kathi Clifton**^ Jeff and Tammi Creamer*** Rob and Stacy Evans*** Paul and Sunny Everett** David Green Bubba and Kim Highsmith David and Jennifer Hornkohl** Pope and Evelyn Langdale*** Chris and Pam Manwell* Joseph and Dona Martin** Kyle and Wanda McQuitty* Doug and Stephanie Moss Marvin and Melissa Peavy Scott and Debra Petermann** Raymond and Lorie Sable* Steve and Terri Schramm* Danya K. Schutt Robert Stark and Maria Castellano* James and Carly Thomas David and Cheryl Wolfson SIXTH GRADE Carmen Booth Antoine and Cecile Brenier Tom and Kelly Call Joe and Kathi Clifton** Mike and Heidi Fafard* Tim Harris Hugh and Judy Hathcock*** Brett and Traycee Martin** Chris and Laura Michael Jonathan and Katie Parrott Bipin and Kristi Patel John and Jane Peeples**^ Bill and Cindy Pegg** Chip and Tia Sanderlin** Michael and Amy Sharon* Robert Stark and Maria Castellano* Rachel Valez* SEVENTH GRADE Brian and Lisa Browning** Mark and Cathy Buescher Don and Karen Crump** Chuck and Suzie Dunmon*** Rob and Stacy Evans*** Jim and Julie Godbee** Mike and Jayne Godwin***^ David Green Ginger Holley*** Rhett and Christine Holmes Thad and Stephanie Hughes*** Craig and Holly Hutchinson Pope and Evelyn Langdale*** Chris and Pam Manwell* Michael and Teresa Maxwell Todd and Deidre Parramore** Kim and Laura Perlman**^ Scott and Debra Petermann** Danya K. Schutt James and Carly Thomas

EIGHTH GRADE Lee Barrett** Antoine and Cecile Brenier Steve and Lynn Browning** Jeff and Tammi Creamer*** Lex and Donna Culbreth*** James and Belinda Davis Lynn Fuller Tim Harris Jeff and Cathy Helms** Frank and Mary Morman* Doug and Stephanie Moss Joy Owens** Jonathan and Katie Parrott Sun Kyu and Mi Yun Ro* Ferrell and April Scruggs*** Billy and Julie Thompson Rusty and Kim Trancygier*** Archie and Star Waldron** Steve and Patty Wilson*** NINTH GRADE Ron and Jennifer Allen*** Paul and Sunny Everett** Todd and Julie Guilliams** Hugh and Judy Hathcock***^ Keith and Mary Hawthorne* Rhett and Christine Holmes George and Crystal LaHood Mr. and Mrs. Pope Langdale*** Jerry and Terri Lupo** Joseph and Dona Martin** Michael and Teresa Maxwell Larry and Shannon McGlothlin Ginger Moritz** Robert Stark and Maria Castellano* Mr. and Mrs. Scott Turner*** TENTH GRADE James and Carmella Braswell Gary and Tracy Cannon Chuck and Suzie Dunmon*** Jim and Susan Elliott*** Rob and Stacy Evans*** Alberto and Vera Garcia Tom and Kellie McTier Jonathan and Katie Parrott Bipin and Kristi Patel Ferrell and April Scruggs*** Todd and Alice Smoot Billy and Julie Thompson Scott and Missy Turner*** Rick and Emily Williams** ELEVENTH GRADE Bruce and Leslie Beal Brad and Vicki Bynum Greg and April Carter** Don and Karen Crump** Walter and Laura Elliott*** Alma Hampton** Keith and Mary Hawthorne* Bill and Marie Holland*** John and Suzanne Lastinger***^ Joy Owens** Bipin and Kristi Patel Marvin and Melissa Peavy Bill and Cindy Pegg** Bill and Sally Querin*** Chuck and Jennifer Rasmussen** Gabe and Jessica Ruff Joey and Jennifer Sands** Vinnie and Maria Savino* Todd and Alice Smoot Steve and Patty Wilson***

TWELFTH GRADE Brooks and Michelle Akins** Ron and Jennifer Allen***^ Gary and Tracy Cannon Mike and Jayne Godwin*** Jack and Lisa Henry*** Rhett and Christine Holmes Michael and Teresa Maxwell Pamela Officer** Joe and Diana Reeves Ferrell and April Scruggs*** Archie and Star Waldron** Bo and Pam Woodward**

Faculty & Friends Sarah Adler ’07 Peter Allen Kimm Allison** Ashley Ammons* Alicia Andrews*** AXA Foundation David Babcock*** Teresa Bailey*** Julie Barr*** Vallye Blanton** Rosemary Brannen*** Rachel Brown David and Angela Burnett Tom and Kelly Call David Cano* Buz and Nancy Carpenter** Traci Carver** Julian and Norma Cloud Dale Cofield* Ed and Mary Crane*** Scott and Dale Crane*** Don and Karen Crump** Sarah Dewar*** Mike and Martha Dover Wayne and Michelle Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James L. Elliott*** Walter and Laura Elliott*** Brad Feldman Gene and Marcia Felts*** Amy Foster Fran Fuller** Chad Gallahan* Mr. and Mrs. David C. Gallahan Tom and Mary Gooding*** Terry and Leanne Griffin** Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grimes** Lisa Hale** Rhonda Hamman*** Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henderson Jack and Lisa Henry*** Wade Henry ‘05* Zac Henry ‘08* Mr. and Mrs. E. Cameron Hickman Cindee Hiers*** Ginger Holley*** David and Jennifer Hornkohl** Katie Houseman** Dr. Leonard R. Howell, Jr. Carlos Jones Kiwanis Club of Valdsota Merry Jo Kurrie The W.P. “Billy” Langdale, Sr. Family Foundation Inc. Lindsay Lastinger ’11 Scott and Deena Lewis Karen Marcellus* LaVie Marshall** Brett and Traycee Martin**

Dutton and Donna Miller* Tommy and Debbie Nijem** Joy Owens** Karl and Ronda Paoletti Todd and Deidre Parramore** Craig and Mitzi Parrish* Dr. Darren Pascavage Bill and Janine Peeples** Jean Plonke** Chuck and Jennifer Rasmussen** Eric Reissiger ’04 Dianne Rigoni*** Rachel Rumstay ’06 Raymond and Lorie Sable* Mary Ann Saliba** Dan and Marti Schert* The Ferrell Scruggs Foundation Josh and Anna Shonkwiler* Clint Smith** Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith** Don Stanley** Bobby Stephenson Hope Sutton ’05 Bubba and Charlotte Thomas ’74* Brannon Tidwell* Yasmin Utterback ’10 Becky Wetherington*** Merry Parker Whidby ’06 Barbara Williamson*** Scott and Susan Wilson

Corporations Colquitt Electric Membership Microsoft Corporation* Publix Super Markets, Inc * Target***

Grandparents Gloria Austin Dr. John M. Beal John and Linda Blackstock** Barbara Browning Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Campbell** Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Chasteen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Coleman** Scott and Dale Crane*** Julian and Sue Creamer* Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durand* Gene and Marcia Felts*** Janie Fink* Jeanne A. Fisher** Patricia Giles Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Giles John E. Green III* Terry and Leanne Griffin** Mrs. Avonne Hartshorn*** Evelyn Henry* Kenneth J. Huffman Ladye Hughes* Terry and Tish Johnson Linda Kittleson* Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lastinger*** Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lawrence, Jr.** George and Martha Lawrence** Phil and Ellice Martin** Gloria McMurray Martin and Laura Lynn Miller Tom and Sue Miller Donald and Marilyn Nichols* Richard and Claudia Nijem** Emelynn C. Odom** Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Parrott Marvin and Vicki Ray Mary Ann Saliba** Jerry Scarpate Kathleen Schutt Ginni Stewart Bill and Cathy Tidmore William E. Trafford* Dr. and Mrs. Loyce Turner Wright and Betsy Turner* Mala Vallotton* Dr. and Mrs. Fred Ware, Jr.

Nick and Mary Brown Whitehurst** Rex and Barbara Williamson*** Richard and Hylda Wilson**

Headmaster‘s Council (Gifts of $5,000 and up)

Rob and Stacy Evans*** Chris and Pam Manwell* Microsoft Corporation* Dutton and Donna Miller* Kim and Laura Perlman** The Ferrell Scruggs Foundation William Tidmore and Jennifer Lawrence** Steve and Patty Wilson***

Trustee’s Council (Gifts of $2,000 to 4,999)

Ron and Jennifer Allen*** Fernando and Caryn Alvarado* Anonymous Joe and Kathi Clifton** Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation Alberto and Vera Garcia Eric and Stephanie Gee Jim and Julie Godbee** Mike and Jayne Godwin*** Jack and Lisa Henry*** Kenneth J. Huffman Pope and Evelyn Langdale*** John and Suzanne Lastinger*** Jerry and Terri Lupo** Bipin and Kristi Patel Scott and Debra Petermann** Bill and Sally Querin*** Ferrell and April Scruggs*** Michael and Amy Sharon* Kevin and Gayla Shaw** Andrew and Renee Spell* James and Carley Thomas Archie and Star Waldron**

Valwood Patron (Gifts of $1,000 to $1,999)

Brooks and Michelle Akins** AXA Foundation Anonymous Barbara Browning Steve and Lynn Browning** Lex and Donna Culbreth*** Paul and Lisa Day Mike and Martha Dover Tom and Mary Gooding*** Mrs. Avonne Hartshorn*** Hugh and Judy Hathcock*** Jeff and Cathy Helms** Mr. and Mrs. E. Cameron Hickman Terry and Tish Johnson The W.P. “Billy” Langdale, Sr. Family Foundation Inc. Michael and Teresa Maxwell Tom and Kellie McTier Richard and Claudia Nijem** Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Parrott Jonathan and Katie Parrott Bill and Cindy Pegg** Publix Super Markets, Inc.* Sun Kyu and Mi Yun Ro* Chip and Tia Sanderlin** Joey and Jennifer Sands** Larry Smith and Charlene Blache Robert Stark and Maria Castellano* Rusty and Kim Trancygier*** Wright and Betsy Turner* Rachel Valez* Mala Vallotton* Richard and Hylda Wilson** Bo and Pam Woodward**

Valwood Sponsor

(Gifts of $500 to $999) Anonymous Dr. John M. Beal John and Linda Blackstock** Gary and Tracy Cannon Ed and Mary Crane*** Chuck and Suzie Dunmon*** Patricia Giles Ron and Beverly Giles Keith and Mary Hawthorne* Bubba and Kim Highsmith John and Crystal LaHood George and Martha Lawrence** Phil and Ellice Martin** Martin and Laura Lynn Miller Doug and Stephanie Moss Marvin and Melissa Peavy Bill and Janine Peeples** John and Jane Peeples** Marvin and Vicki Ray Jim and Deann Scruggs Target*** Scott and Missy Turner*** David and Cheryl Wolfson

Valwood Supporter (Gifts up to $499)

Sarah Adler ’07 Anonymous Curtis and Monique Alexander Gloria Austin Lee Barrett** Bruce and Leslie Beal Carmen Booth James Braswell, II Antoine and Cecile Brenier Brian and Lisa Browning** Mark and Cathy Buescher Brad and Vicki Bynum Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Campbell** Dick and Lori Campbell** Buz and Nancy Carpenter** Greg and April Carter** Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Chasteen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Coleman** Jeff and Tammi Creamer*** Julian and Sue Creamer* Sarah Dewar*** Scott and Gracie Douglas Fred and Kay Durand* Paul and Sunny Everett** Janie Fink* Jeanne A. Fisher** Mr. and Mrs. David Gallahan David Green John E. Green III* Todd and Julie Guilliams** Alma Hampton** Tim Harris Laura Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henderson Evelyn Henry* Wade Henry ’05* Zac Henry ’08* Bill and Marie Holland*** Dr. Leonard R. Howell, Jr. Howard Hsu and Tamara Hardesty Ladye Hughes* Thad and Stephanie Hughes*** Craig and Holly Hutchinson Michael and Nikki Illges** Linda Kittleson* Kiwanis Club of Valdosta Merry Jo Kurrie Lindsay Lastinger ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lawrence, Jr.** Larry and Shannon McGlothlin Blake and Anne McLeod

Gloria McMurray Kyle and Wanda McQuitty* Robert and Cindy McTier Chris and Laura Michael Tom and Sue Miller Ginger Moritz** Frank and Mary Morman* Donald and Marilyn Nichols* Emelynn C. Odom** Pamela Officer** Jean Plondke** Joe and Diana Reeves Eric Reissiger ’04 Rachel Rumstay ’06 Vinnie and Maria Savino* Jerry Scarpate Steve and Terri Schramm* Danya K. Schutt Amanda Shapard Jay and Amy Smith Todd and Alice Smoot Don Stanley** Ginni Stewart Hope Sutton ’05 Bill and Cathy Tidmore William Trafford* Dr. and Mrs. Loyce Turner Yasmin Utterback ’10 Dr. and Mrs. Fred Ware, Jr. Merry Parker Whidby ’06 Nick and Mary Brown Whitehurst** David R. Williams Rick and Emily Williams** Ryan and Robyn Williams Scott and Susan Wilson Will and McCree Woodall *Third consecutive year of gifts to the Annual Fund. **Fifth consecutive year of gifts to the Annual Fund *** Tenth consecutive year of gifts to the Annual Fund ^Class chairman

Gifts in Kind Vallye Blanton Mr. and Mrs. Rob Evans IPG Architects Mr. and Mrs. Johnny B. Lastinger Lowe’s Home Improvement Distribution Center Mr. and Mrs. Kim Perlman Sally Querin Mr. Rodney K. Thomas Mr. H. Harrison Tillman, Jr. Rick and Emily Williams

Memorial Gifts Dennis and Kathleen P. Ballou Ben and Jan Blanton Tomie Jean Blanton Vallye Blanton Dorothy Burris Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chitty Mr. and Mrs. Gus Elliott Walter and Laura Elliott First State Bank & Trust Dick Owens Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Parrott Marvin and Vicki Ray Jack and Suzanne Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Loyce Turner Mala Vallotton

Restricted Gifts Colony Bank Mr. Rob Evans First Federal Savings Bank Guardian Bank Southeastern Federal Credit Union Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Parrott Mr. Tommy J. Thomas Valdosta Garden Club

Continued from Page 1 (Bobby Stephenson) maybe even the jersey of a professional athlete! No matter what career path you choose (and even if you never choose one at all) the decisions you make will not only affect your life, but in all likelihood, the rest of us sitting in this room as well.

can trace their ancestry relished their opportunity to practice freely their Christian beliefs but refused to extend those same freedoms to Baptists, Methodists, Quakers, and Catholics. Hundreds of years later, during the early Cold War, the fear of communism spread through the ranks. With little to no evidence, liberal intellectuals, labor organizers, and even Hollywood movie stars were accused of sympathizing with (and perhaps even spying for) the Soviet Union. Whether or not one harbored communist sympathies, dissent from traditional ways of life was frowned upon. Our present circumstances do not demand a radical revolution, but they do require us to consider fresh ideas, new perspectives, and to admit that, in reality, there are millions of world-views and that no single one can provide the sufficient solution to our shared problems. Hyperpartisan politics is getting us nowhere. I know of more than one student in this senior class that will defend his or her opinion to the death. Being able to articulate one’s beliefs in the face of adversity is a wonderful quality, but it should not be done without considering the merits of an opposing viewpoint or the flaws of one’s own. The Puritans are no longer persecuting members of other churches and the fear of communism has subsided, but you can be sure that similar narrow minded tendencies will prevail in the future.

While governor of California in the late 1960’s, future president Ronald Reagan’s limousine was hemmed in by student demonstrators chanting and waving signs. A time of intense political turmoil and social upheaval, the 1960’s spurred insecurity about the future. As Reagan sat inside his car, the students chanted, “We are the future.” Reagan scribbled on a piece of paper and held it up to the window, so they could read the words: “If you’re the future, I’ll sell my bonds.” Ronald Reagan’s stab at comic relief probably accurately reflects how many older generations of Americans have felt about their younger counterparts. For older Americans who witnessed the age of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll during the 1950’s and 1960’s, the prospects for a bright and affluent future must have looked gloomy. However, the tables have turned, and those younger Americans, the “Baby Boomers,” from the 50’s and 60’s are reaching the age of retirement. Although this country is facing political, economic, and social crises, they are not entirely unprecedented, and the “Baby Boomers” are certainly not solely responsible for all the problems we face. If Reagan were around today, I think he would feel differently about this group of young people. I think he might just decide to hold on to those bonds and give them some time to mature. When I look at this class of seniors today, I see a bright future, not only for them, but also for the rest of us that will have to live with the decisions of these future leaders. That said, you (seniors) will not be able to float through life carelessly; at several steps along the way, you will be met with adversity. How you tackle those challenges—and there will be no shortage—will reveal to everyone the kind of young people you are and the kind of mature citizens you will become.

To protect the right to freely dissent—even when it challenges the status quo—as well as the many freedoms that we hold dear, I call on you to carry the torch of liberty. The Founding Generation clearly understood the importance of vigilance. Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, Henry, and many others could spot tyranny and oppression from a mile away. They knew that liberty is most dear and that the absence of liberty meant slavery. The arguments against taxation without representation, against the deprivation of trial by jury, and against the quartering of soldiers in the homes of private citizens seem obvious to us today; yet, more than one-third of American colonists throughout the 1760’s and 1770’s wished to remain loyal to Great Britain. I hope that there are some Patrick Henry’s and Thomas Jefferson’s among this group, for it is difficult to see past tyranny disguised as benevolence. Despite all of its wonderful advantages, more than a few have argued that technology poses one of the greatest threats to our liberty. For a generation of young people whose mature years have coincided with the explosion of smart phone technology, that threat may seem minor or even non-existent. However, consider for a moment that as easy as it is to upload a video of that raging party at Sigma Pi, it is just as easy for a future employer or admissions office to judge your character based on the content of that video.

In a May 3rd article run in the Washington Post, a fundamental question was raised. It is a question that strikes deep into the heart of the American tradition: “Is democracy still up to the job?” Have the foundations on which this country were born begun to erode? After all, you have to wonder. With an economic crisis unmatched since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, falling property values, the rising cost of living, the federal government’s 15 trillion dollar deficit growing every day, and perhaps the worst of all (at least for this group), the ever increasing cost of a college degree, many have argued that the American Dream is under siege. That list fails to even mention the miserable approval ratings of the Congress and the President because of their inabilities to move beyond partisan politics, the thousands of American troops bogged down in the Middle East (with the prospects of future conflicts looming large in Iran, Yemen, and Syria), and the debate over illegal immigration and which Americans are entitled to truly equal protection under the law. Again, the challenges facing this generation of young people are real and numerous, but when I think about my experience with them, I am confident they have the make-up to face these issues head on. I don’t pretend to have all the answers to these issues, but a few words of advice may help to guide you through the most challenging, yet exciting, years that lie ahead.

My final piece of advice is always to take advantage of your opportunities. Yes, this is a cliché. Yes, you will hear similar advice many more times, but that is because it’s true. I did not get to where I am today, and those who stand behind me did not get to this point in their careers by passing up opportunities to take on new challenges. When a professor asks you to join the debate team or if you’d like to come along for a voluntary field trip don’t hesitate because those opportunities might conflict with your Saturday morning sleep schedule. Sometimes you will have to create opportunities for yourselves. I am certain that many of you are already accustomed to doing exactly that. Despite being multi-sport athletes, many of you have found time to participate in Literary, Mock Trial, Student Council, Interact, and many more extracurricular activities. Seizing those opportunities to go above and beyond has secured your admission into an array of top-notch colleges and universities, but your work is unfinished. Getting into a good school is only the beginning. Find ways to separate yourselves from the pack. While many of your peers will look to construct the easiest semester schedules possible (and with the fewest 8 a.m. classes), do not turn down the challenge of that organic chemistry class or the seminar on constitutional law just because it may bring down your G.P.A. a fraction of a percentage. College will open thousands of academic opportunities for you, but it also creates nearly boundless opportunities to meet new people, to look at the world through different lenses, to travel abroad, and to find out who you really are as an individual. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. After all, if we only did things that we like doing, or things that we’re good at, life would be boring. Finally, the best way to take

First of all, resolve to be lifelong learners. While for some of you this may mean spending the next 8-12 years finishing your undergraduate and graduate degrees, it really just means never to stray from the path of knowledge. Once you have chosen a career, you will undoubtedly become experts in your fields of study, but I encourage you to strive for much more. If your job requires you to be fluent in the latest breakthroughs of veterinary medicine, also find time to read the current issue of National Geographic or Popular Mechanics. If you spend most of your time engineering the fluid dynamics of the local waste water treatment plant, take a break and read the works of the transcendentalists such as Thoreau or Emerson and listen to a lecture on Austrian economics. Closely tied to the virtue of being a lifelong student is the ability to keep an open mind. However, this is not always easy as the desire to conform to society’s standards is a strong one. History is not on your side. The Puritan settlers of New England from which many Americans




advantage of the opportunity presented by your enrollment in college is to finish! (And to save your parents some money, do it in just four years!) Among those twenty-five years or older, the unemployment rate is higher for college dropouts than those with only a high school diploma, but no college. This is a startling revelation. However, it does not mean that you are better off not going to college at all; instead, it should be fairly obvious that what this statistic shows is that finishing your college degree is paramount.

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When we leave this sanctuary today, remember that while one journey has come to an end, there are countless others that you may take. Your experience at Valwood will very soon be only a memory. But I believe, and I hope you do as well, that experience has prepared you for the many challenges that you will face in the years to come. If you ever find yourself thinking about how bad things have become—whether for you personally, for your family, or even for us as a nation—remember those who have come before you. Think about those who lived and died during the Civil War. Or, think about the generation of Americans who came of age during the Depression and the Second World War. People just like you and me have faced enormous obstacles in the past, and yet, we always seem to find a way to persevere. Perseverance is in your blood. I hope that, more than anything, you find something in life that truly makes you happy. Whatever that is, strive for it—even if it takes you many years to acquire. Thank you, class of 2012, for the chance to speak to you one final time. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Katie Huitt ’04 married Mark Vernon July 9, 2011 in Dahlonega, Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Georgia Tech in 2008 and a Master of Science in Biology from Valdosta State University in 2011. Katie teaches Biology, Ecology and Environmental Science at Brandon Hall School in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

at Ambling University Development Group, and Courtney is a Sales and Marketing Consultant at Automated Medical Systems. Rick Coleman ’04 and Katherine Dame were married on October 22, 2011 in a garden ceremony at the home of the groom's parents. Rick is the owner of Sur Este Cantina in Valdosta.

Brian Reveron ’04 has just completed his first year at John Marshall School of Law in Atlanta. Christine Rigoni ’04 married to Matthew Zane Green on April 14, 2012 at First Baptist Church in Valdosta. Christine earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s degree in Post-Secondary Education from Troy University. Christine and Matthew live in Jacksonville. Hope Sutton ’05 graduated from Valdosta State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Administration in Management and Finance and in May of 2012 she completed her Master of Business Administration also at VSU.

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Benjamin Montague ’06 married Eleanor Caroline Strickland on December 31, 2011 at Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Valdosta.

develop an ongoing plan to move Valwood School forward towards becoming the best possible version of itself that it can be.

Madison Taylor ’06 is pursuing a music career as a member of the Boston based Alternative band Grey Valley Ghost.

Which brings me back to the Annual Fund. In 2011-2012 we raised $188,916.67 in Annual Fund gifts – a new record for Valwood School and a record which both exceeded our previous best Annual Fund campaign by an outstanding 20% and also represents a truly extraordinary effort by Jane Peeples, 2011-2012 Annual Fund Chair; Laura Elliott, Director of Special Projects; and all those involved in garnering support for the Annual Fund. By this measure, Valwood is well on its way to joining the ranks of “great” independent schools in the Southeast and the nation.

Sarah Adler ’07 graduated with honors from Georgia Tech in May of 2011. She is currently at the University of Georgia serving as a Program Specialist for the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, Hillel. Darby Gooding ’07 graduated from Emory University in 2010 and is currently studying law at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Such a pronouncement would be premature, however. Our record-setting $188,916.67 was achieved via 100% participation from trustees, 100% participation from faculty and staff – and 50% participation from current families. Said differently: half of our current families had the opportunity to participate in support of the 2011-2012 Annual Fund and choose not to do so. Understanding why this is so and doing what I can to improve the level of involvement of our current families will be a necessary component of any effort to go beyond mere goodness towards greatness.

Nigel Tann ’07 graduated from Yale University in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He resides in Newport News, Virginia and is a Regional Field Director for Organizing for America, a grassroots organization working to re-elect President Barack Obama. Nigel manages Field Organizers, who recruit, manage and train volunteers. In college Nigel participated in debate and theatre, working on stage management and light design. In 2011, Nigel led the student-run Black Solidarity conference that brought just over 500 students from across the country to Yale to discuss the issues of education and economics in the black community.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and students of Valwood School, I extend sincere “thanks” to those who participated in the 2011-2012 Annual Fund; who made a contribution to the school at the Reverse Car Auction; who supported the school at the annual Spring Auction; who volunteered when the need for help was manifest; who attended school events and represented Valwood in a positive way; and who shared their enthusiasm for our school with others in the community.

Jessie Querin ’08 graduated in May from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and minor in Biology and a concentration in Biochemistry. She will attend Auburn University College of Veterinary medicine in the fall.

Keep in Touch!!! Contact Laura Elliott at or 229-242-8491 Online: (Subscribe to our Alumni Email List) Friend us on Facebook: Valwood Alumni Community We look forward to catching up on all your news!

Onward, towards greatness – and beyond! Kind Regards,

Homecoming Football Game! Valiants vs. Sherwood Christian Academy on Friday, October 5. Make plans to join the fun.

Darren J. Pascavage, Ph.D.


Valwood School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in any of its policies, practices or procedures.

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