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White They’re the white-hot new Glasgow band on the block, and we can’t get enough of their dance-along tunes, loaded with synths, big drums, slick guitars and infectious choruses. We had a chat with WHITE guitarist Hamish Fingland to talk about the band’s beginnings and what’s yet to come

How did you guys get together? Everyone in the band had all been in different bands. I was doing a project for a while in a down period I had, where basically I was writing songs with loads of my friends, and finding different singers to do a song with. Leo, who’s now the singer in WHITE, was one of the guys I worked with on that. He came to the studio and it worked so well that we decided to do some more. Kirstin joined because she’d been in recording in another studio next to where we were, and the guy who was recording there was like, ‘You need to get that girl in a band. She’s the best drummer I’ve ever had in, she hits so hard!’ She joined pretty quickly, because her band was disbanding. And we


got the others on board from there. What’s the one WHITE track that Source readers should check out? The new single that’s just out is called Living Fiction. We’ve got three singles, but that’s the one to learn the words for if you see us live! How would you describe the band’s sound? When we made the band, we wanted to make something that people would dance to. We’d all been in bands that people would nod their heads to, but we wanted to be a band that would put people in a nightclub. It’s a mixture of punky music with dance, with a very over the top singer.

What’s the best thing about playing live? Watching people react. I always find it really amazing when it’s a song you’ve written in your house and then loads of people are actually up dancing and know the words. We’re a new band, so when people know the music already and are up for letting their hair down, it’s a pretty good sign. You’re playing SXSW this year – are you looking forward to it? It’s going to be amazing. I’ve done it in the past – some of us have done it in separate bands – but it’ll be the first time we’ve done it together. We’ve got a good few showcases lined up, and

we’ve got friends over there, so it’s going to be awesome. When can we expect to hear an album from you guys? We don’t have an exact date just now, but we’re going to continue to release singles all year, and the album will probably be out towards the end of the year. What are your hopes for the future of the band? I just want to have everyone there at our gigs, dancing, like it’s the best party of their life!

Living Fiction by WHITE is out now. Follow the band on Twitter, @calledWHITE

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Source Spring 2016  
Source Spring 2016