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At Decoy Community Primary School we expect children to co-operate and be kind to one another, but we know that from time to time, things go wrong. Children sometimes fall out with friends or say unkind things in the heat of the moment. This may not be bullying.




Bullying keeps on happening over time. The person who is being unkind is doing it on purpose. The person who is bullying has some sort of power over the person being bullied. This could be that the bully is bigger or louder, or it could just be that they have a toy that everyone wants to play with.

Talk calmly to your child to find out if he or she has a problem. 

Talk to your child’s teacher so we can work together to support your child.

Be positive with your child and emphasise the good in them.

Children sometimes won’t admit to problems with a friend, because they feel it is a sign of weakness. Ask your child directly if everything is alright at school.

Listen carefully for clues as to the problem.

Try not to put words into their mouths as children sometimes agree to please you!

Try not to interrupt.

Tell your child that they have done the right thing by telling you.

Talk to your child’s teacher so that you can work together to support your child.

Don’t panic. Friendship problems often resolve themselves in a few days. Please don't advise your child to respond in an aggressive way. In our experience, this often makes the situation worse. Be assured that at Decoy School we do take your concerns seriously.

We recognise that bullying occurs in our school, as in all others. We have a clear Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy, to which all staff and governors have agreed. This ensures that incidents are investigated quickly and thoroughly.

Asking all the children who were involved and any witnesses to explain what happened.

Involving the children in looking for ways to rectify the situation.

Closely monitoring the situation to avoid a recurrence. Offering support and listening to children. 

Working together with parents.

Reporting to parents about the progress made.

www.childcare.org.uk www.kidscape.org.uk www.bbclic.com

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Bullying Book - Parents 2013  

Bullying Book - Parents 2013  

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