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Stock Market Project You have been given $20,000 to invest in the stock market. Which stocks will you buy? What information will you use to pick stocks? Will you put all of your money in one stock? What is a stock? How will you be able to tell if you make or lose money? Step 1. What is the stock market?

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s watch a video.

Some words I need to know. Step 2. Where do I find information?

How do I read this site?

How do I use this site?

Step 3. Figuring out which stock to pick.

Creating a spreadsheet to help me pick a stock.

Step 4. Tracking my stock daily. Using a financial web site to track my stock’s closing price every day.

Step 5. Determining the value of my stock portfolio. Creating a spreadsheet to determine the value of my stock portfolio (or did a lose or make money?).

Stock Market  

Stock Market Project

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