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March 2008

Volume I, No.2


From Our Director:

C o u n t y

here may be over 100 organizations, clubs, associations, churches, and agencies that serve youth in our county. Yet, there is no centralized manner by which these groups can work together to learn about each other, identify gaps in services, prevent duplication of services, and most importantly, outreach to our most overlooked kids, kids who may be under the radar. These kids could come from foster homes, homes with domestic violence, substance abuse environments, or high-risk closed systems. These are our kids who get identified after it’s too late, when they become adults.

Desperately Seeking Volunteers!

The Lake County Youth Club is dependent on

Y o u t h

a volunteer staff and volunteer support to keep going. Volunteers are desperately needed for numerous types of ongoing positions or short term projects. Volunteers can help as Youth Supervisors, Equipment Checker, Tutors, in food service and clean up, general building repairs, maintenance, hauling with a truck, and computer skills. We really need your help! TOP 20 REASONS TO VOLUNTEER! 1. Meet Real Community Needs. 2. Gain Community Respect!

C l u b

3. Get into College: Colleges are looking for applicants who have more than high grades, but well-rounded people who volunteer to make a difference in their communities. 4. Meet People, Establish Friends and References. 5. Spread Positive Energy for Those in Need. 6. Make the World a Better Place. 7. It's Fun! Volunteering brings laughter in your life.

A modern solution that many county areas are utilizing is “coordination”. They fund central coordinating bodies to bring agencies together to conduct Need Assessments of the region, to identify critical gaps in services that youth or parents really need, and do a Strategic Plan for the entire region that includes goals and roles for every group. Principally, they establish a collaborative fundraising structure so agencies can find out about and apply for funding together. This is a very strong method to bring large amounts of dollars to our kids in our county. This type of coordination can be provided (usually) by the county, or by a non-profit organization. The Lake County Youth Club would like to play a role in this leadership and invites collaboration for funding projects. To keep the community informed of potential funding to support our kids, listed below are top funders that have a track record of providing grants to youth in bordering counties. Lake County is an excellent candidate due to its high need and history of under-funding. Funders just have to find out about us!  See Funding Chart on Page 4

8. Learn something about yourself. 9. Because you’re passionate about a cause. Continued on page 2

Program Director, Joan Moore

Lake County Youth Club  4750 Golf Ave  Clearlake, CA 95422  (707) 994-7281 Web:  E-mail:

Lake County Youth Club! Raising the Bar for Youth Achievement! Our Vision: The Lake County Youth Club promotes the health, social, educational, and character development of our local youth. Our aim is to help young people improve their lives by building self-empowerment and developing values and skills during the critical periods of their lives. The Youth Club provides a safe environment for sports, games, homework, and mentoring.

Benefiting Our Community TOP 20 REASONS TO VOLUNTEER continued:

It doesn't take much. All you need is your heart! Getting involved in your neighborhood is actually that simple! You can still make a difference by starting on a local level! Gain community leadership skills and work your way to going global. Getting started is step 1!


Gain Job Experience and Explore Careers


It’s Time to Get Off the Couch!


Learn New Skills and Add to Your Resume!


Intern to Fulfill Graduation Requirements


Make Someone Else’s Day


Feel Good About Yourself!


It’s Time to DO SOMETHING!


Contribute to Your Society and Neighborhood


It Looks Great on a Job Application!


Learn How to Fundraise!


I have to watch my soap opera and talk show.


Promote a young life to excel leaps and bounds.


I don't know where to begin.


25 hours of primetime TV is my priority.


I have to spring clean first. The dog is dirty.


It won’t make a difference anyway.


The world will get better without me.


I can’t afford it. I save money on the couch.


I’m too busy. Maybe I’ll have time later.


Someone may question my motives?


I’m too tired. Sitting around gives me energy.

What on earth does violence prevention, homelessness, the environment, voter registration, AIDS, and war have in common? The thing they have in common is YOU! Everyone is passionate about something. Chances are, you probably talk about your favorite cause on a regular basis. But, when was the last time you went out and ACTED on your cause? Spend a day volunteering or donating goods!

If many of the above reasons are interesting, that doesn’t mean one should volunteer. Take caution and read reasons NOT to volunteer as well! They may apply to you! 



Youth Club 2008 Events


Lake County Youth Club  4750 Golf Ave  Clearlake, CA 95422  (707) 994-7281 Web:  E-mail:

YOUTH FISHING DERBY Sunset Fishing Resort has generously sponsored an annual fishing derby at the resort! Youths ages 4 through 17 can enter the fishing competition. All kids will receive a new fishing pole, bait, and other supplies to participate. The event will be this June 21st starting at 8:00AM. No experience is necessary! This event will benefit the Lake County Youth Club ‘s facility rehabilitation. The competition is from 8:00 to 2:00PM. It will be followed by an Awards Ceremony, Prize Drawings, Refreshments, and Barbeque! Lakeview Supermarket & Deli is sponsoring the event with delicious fresh meat donations ( Special thanks to owners Kenny & Deana Parlet and Sunset Resort owner Dian Gibson! What: Annual Youth Fishing Derby Launch When: Saturday, June 21, 2008 Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Where: Sunset Fishing Resort Address: 13961 Lakeshore Dr., Clearlake Contact: (707)994-6642 or e-mail Derby applications will be at the Youth Club and on-line by March 15th. First come first serve. Come join the fun!

COmMuNiTy iNVoLvEmEnT Check One:

 Donate sports equipment.  Demand new, indoor sports facilities for kids.  Become a Sponsor below!  Make more transportation available to youth.  Promote Youth Advocacy and their input in your community!  All of the above 

IN MARCH! St Patrick’s Day – The Youth Club is keeping the tradition of St Patrick’s Day celebration on Monday, March 17, 2008. Corn beef and cabbage entrée will be served to the kids at the Youth Club. The happy leprechaun has hidden several special four leaf clovers. Lucky winners will receive special prizes! Special March Guest - WHICH??? Fire Department will pay a special visit to the Youth Club on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. Kids can look forward to seeing up front what’s on a fire engine and the importance of the equipment that fire fighters use. Speaker Name? Overton Youth Awards Sign Up Deadline: Youth can sign up to receive awards for academic achievement by March 24th. The awards ceremony will be held at XX restaurant on Monday March 31, 2008 at 5:30pm. Good luck!

Thank Yous! - The Youth Club would like to thank the Clearlake Police Department’s Officer Hermann and Volunteer Mike Weber for their visit. CPD is a vital part of our community; and, youth would like to express their appreciation for their mentoring. We also thank Officer Mike Garcia of the California Highway Patrol who presented to 25 youth on February 19th. He spoke about how the choices his parents made and the choices he made affected his life today. Youth were very engaged. 

Help Us Out! Sponsor the Youth Club! 



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 Send me a membership form  I can volunteer  I can donate stuff, call me!  I can host a youth event SPONSOR LEVELS - Make checks payable to Lake County Youth Club (LCCAA)  $20 Supporter  $50 Contributor  $100 Small Business  $200 Model Leader  $500 Honorable Community Leader How did you find out about us?  Radio  TV  Friend  Flier  Work  Newspaper  Other Lake County Youth Club  4750 Golf Ave  Clearlake, CA 95422  (707) 994-7281 Web:  E-mail:


From Our Director continued from page 1:

FUNDERS OF LOCAL YOUTH PROGRAMS •AT &T Foundation •Bothin Foundation •Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation •Cricket Island Foundation •Danford Foundation Inc •David & Lucile Packard Foundation •David B Gold Foundation •Donald Bren Foundation •Elbridge Stuart Foundation •Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr Trust •Fireman's Fund Foundation •Five Bridges Foundation •Frances K & Charles D Field Foundation •Fred Gellert Family Foundation •General Mills Foundation •George H Sandy Foundation •Harden Foundation •Hart Family Foundation •Health Trust •Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation •Irwin Home Equity Foundation •James Irvine Foundation •Jeht Foundation •JPmorgan Chase Foundation •Kalamazoo Community Foundation •Laura Deibel And Tim Allen Foundation •Lilly Endowment Inc

Lake County Youth Club 4750 Golf Avenue Clearlake, CA 95422

•Lilly Endowment Inc •Lowell Berry Foundation •Lucile Packard Foundation For Children's Health •May & Stanley Smith Trust •Mckesson Foundation •Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation •Morris Stulsaft Foundation •Nathan Cummings Foundation •Ralphs--Food 4 Less Foundation •Raymond & Joanne Lin Foundation •Robert Wood Johnson Foundation •S H Cowell Foundation •Shinnyo-En Foundation •Sobrato Foundation •Spring Green Educational Foundation •Stanley S Langendorf Foundation •Starbucks Foundation •Subaru of America Foundation Inc •Synopsys Technology Education Foundation •Team Up For Youth •Thomas J Long Foundation •Thrive Foundation For Youth •Unocal Foundation •Walter S Johnson Foundation •Weingart Foundation •William & Flora Hewlett Foundation •Y & H Soda Foundation


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