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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT, FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND FACILITY DETAILING, AMERICAN AXLE & MANUFACTURING Summer Student Team: Matt Bobrowski, Koji Yamada, Sayan Sinha Spring Summer Team: Joey Meisberger, Taylor Haws, Matt Jung, Gisela Condado, Pablo Martinez, Akshit Bajpai Advisor: Steven Dunlop

In 2014, American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc., purchased what is now AAM’s Rochester Manufacturing Facility (ROMF), which is a 71,000 square foot facility with various machine tools in Rochester, Indiana. This is the first IN-MaC project grant for the center which emphasizes Indiana economic improvement. The project objective is to model, analyze and evaluate various proposals to maximize the Gross Profits, Contribution Margin and

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to support the utilization planning for the open floor space currently available. Through the adoption of these modeling and analysis capabilities, this project will result in the following outcomes: 1. Written proposal and recommendation of various alternatives utilizing a variety of academic methods/tools. 2. Final Project Summary to support the cost justification

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and project return on investment, implementation plan, etc. Detailed inventory storage management models and multiple plant layouts were recommended. Also included were financial analysis, material flow and SWOT analysis for different plant configuration and optimization of storage space including holding cost analysis.

2015-2016 DCMME Annual Report  
2015-2016 DCMME Annual Report