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April 5, 2013


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Dahlgren EOD tech decorated for Afghanistan actions


Navy Lodging Appreciation Page 9


US Navy photo by Andrew Revelos

EODC Jason Jordan, left, assigned to EOD Mobile Unit 12 Dahlgren Detachment, received the Bronze Star for his “exceptionally meritorious” service while assigned to Sea Air Land (SEAL) Team Four in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During Jordan’s deployment, he served as platoonlevel senior EOD technician and EOD team leader, participating in 75 combat reconnaissance patrols. “Petty Officer Jordan’s initiative and skill resulted in the disposal by detonation of 25 victim-operated [improvised explosive devices] and the recovery of components that could be exploited for future targeting,” said Lt. Sam Massey, right, officer-in-charge of EODMU12 Dahlgren Detachment.

Ospreys nesting across NSASP By Andrew Revelos Staff Writer The ospreys’ familiar song is once again echoing across Naval Support Facilities (NSFs) Dahlgren and Indian Head as nesting season brings the majestic birds of prey in close proximity with humans. Both installations maintain property along the Potomac River and a tidal creek, Machodoc Creek at Dahlgren and Mattawoman Creek at Indian Head. With much of those shorelines relatively undeveloped, the bases serve as prime real estate for nesting ospreys. It is now a common-and exhilarating-sight to see ospreys swooping after fish at Dahlgren and Indian Head, but it wasn’t always so. The osprey population suffered a steep decline from the 1950s to the 1970s attributed to the use of DDT pesticide, which caused the eggs of many types of exposed birds to be thin, weak and prone to breakage. Exposure to toxins persisted even after DDT was banned in the United States in 1972 because use of the pesticide continued in parts of South America, where many of the Chesapeake Bay’s ospreys overwinter. Though problematic, the more limited exposure to DDT did not prevent a dramatic rebound in the region’s osprey population. Osprey restoration was so successful in the Chesapeake

Bay that many birds were re-located to coastal areas of New Jersey and New York, where the osprey population was more seriously imperiled. Today, as many as one quarter of the ospreys found in the continental United States nest along the Chesapeake Bay. Seth Berry, natural resources manager at NSF Indian Head, described the population turnaround over the past few decades as a “true success story in conservation.” NSF Indian Head is home to roughly 30 to 40 nesting osprey pairs. “This varies depending on the number of ospreys in the area and available nesting habitat and territory,” said Berry. “However, I’ve noticed a steady increase in nesting pairs in the last few years and would guess that it will continue to increase.” An average of 20 nesting osprey pairs return to NSF Dahlgren annually, with many pairs returning to the exact spot year after year. Nesting ospreys in Dahlgren seem to have a particular affinity for man-made structures such as flag poles and antennae arrays, though they also nest in trees and even on the ground. While it is not always easy for personnel assigned to the Potomac River Test Range at Dahlgren to work around the nests, man and bird coexist peaceably. “Ospreys and vir-

See Osprey, Page 3

Naval bases provide over 11,000 jobs, $1.4 billion local spending

Dahlgren, Indian Head Drive Local Economies An updated report on the economic impact of Naval Support Facility Dahlgren and Naval Support Facility Indian Head shows that the naval bases in King George County, Va. and Charles County, Md. respectively generated over $1.4 billion funneled directly into local economies in the form of payroll dollars and defense contracts during fiscal year 2012.

The report also details current employment at both naval bases, which totaled over 11,000 people at the beginning of 2013. NSF Dahlgren currently employs over 7,600 people. The bulk of the workforce consists of 4,729 federal civilian employees working for nearly 20 separate military commands and supporting organizations located on the installation.

An additional 381 military personnel are stationed at the base in a permanent duty status. Over 2,500 defense contractor employees who also work on the installation round out the workforce. The updated economic impact summary for NSF Dahlgren looked at the last completed fiscal year for the federal government - fiscal year 2012 - which ran from October 2011

through September 2012. In that accounting period, the combined payroll for federal civilian employees and military personnel alone totaled over $511 million. An additional $594 million in defense contract spending was allocated to companies in the local

See Economy, Page 4



The South Potomac Pilot

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Events at NSF Indian Head

US Navy photos by Amy Boyd

The weather warmed up and it almost looked like spring for the annual Easter Eggstravaganza at Indian Head. MWR and Lincoln Military Housing partnered to host the event this year and over 350 patrons showed up to enjoy the day. Children of all ages participated in an exciting hunt for thousands of hidden Easter Eggs. They enjoyed pictures with the Easter Bunny, got their faces painted and made crafts. The turnout was incredible and we hope to see everyone again next year. On Monday, the NSF Indian Head General Library celebrated spring break where over 100 people came out this week to join MWR and Lincoln Military Housing in celebrating the Spring Season. Children of all ages enjoyed the ducks, chicks and bunnies at the petting zoo while they patiently waited their turn for a pony ride. Inside the Library several made spring crafts and explored the exciting new books in the kids section. Thank you to all who joined in the fun!

The South Potomac Pilot

Friday, April 5, 2013

3 U.S. Navy photo by Andrew Revelos

An osprey announces its return from a successful hunting trip March 19 at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren. The fish in the osprey’s talons, a puppy drum, is a common food item for ospreys along the Potomac River.

CARPOOL/VANPOOL WANTED Starting a Van Pool, A+ quality 7-passenger van, departs NLT 0635 from Fieldhouse/Courthouse Rd. commuter lot to Dahlgren, Mon-Thurs work hours (07151545) except Fri (0715-1515). Call Cheng at 540-653-5909. A-Gate commuter wanted only. Van or carpool desired from any rideshare parking area or Reston Town Center. Depart between 0600-0700, return from Indian Head between 160-1700. Call Moses, (301) 743-4180. Van or Car pool desired from Fredericksburg or King George to Indian Head, Monday thru Friday with one RDO, prefer 7-430, but hours can be negotiated. 703909-3380. Riders wanted to start a carpool from the Northern Neck (Lively/Lancaster), passing through Warsaw at 0605 and Montross at 0615, arriving at Dahlgren by 0700; leaving Dahlgren at 1600. Call Lea at 540-6536776 or 571-232-5412 (cell). From the Ferry Farm area to Dahlgren Bldg. 1500 area. Prefer early work hours. Call Mark, 540-653-2148. Riders wanted for van pool. Leaves from Richmond at Home Depot on Atlee-Elmont Rd. (exit # 86B off I-95) to Dahlgren. Call David at (540) 653-9203. Clinton, Md., to Dahlgren. Hours are flexible (0600 - 1700). Call Miranda at 703692-9590. Carpool/vanpool wanted from Montross area to Dahlgren. Can also take up to 3 or 4 riders from here if they would prefer me to drive. Call Doc at 252-670-6686.

Want to start a carpool? Need riders? “Commuter Clearinghouse” is a source for information on carpools or vanpools that already exist and need passengers, as well as a place for employees to advertise to start a carpool or vanpool. Whether you already operate a carpool or vanpool and are open to accepting new riders or need drivers, or if you are looking for a carpool or vanpool, provide us with information that might help you find or start a commuter opportunity, such as, where you will need to commute from and to, preferred schedule and contact information. You can send your information via e-mail to nsasp_pao_dlgr@ or contact our office toll free at 866-359-5540, or DSN 249-8153, or 540-653-8153.

FREDERICKSBURG RIDESHARING SERVICE GWRideConnect is a free ridesharing service that assists persons who are seeking daily transportation from Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline and King George counties to employment locations in Dahlgren among other employment sites. connect.html.

Osprey: Continued from page 1

tually all other birds, minus a few, are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act,” said Thomas “Doc” Wray II, natural resources manager at NSF Dahlgren. With special permission, inactive nests that pose a safety hazard or impede missions are sometimes removed. Inactive nests are nests with no eggs, chicks or recently fledged young birds in the vi-

cinity, said Wray. But protecting ospreys is more than a regulatory issue. “The significance attached to protecting species and keeping them off rare species lists is the role they play in ecosystem dynamics,” said Wray. “They are one of the most widely distributed raptor species around the world due in large part to their ability to tolerate humans and their activity.” Ospreys are found on every continent except Antarctica. Closable nostrils allow the birds to dive completely

under the water in pursuit of fish, while reversible outer “thumbs” and backwardfacing scales on the talons prevent slippery prey from escaping. Base activities do not seem to bother ospreys in the least, whether it is range testing or outdoor military ceremonies. It was the latter category of activity that produced a Dahlgren legend involving a crudely oblivious osprey. Some years ago, an admiral was addressing a crowd at a military ceremony next to Machodoc Creek when an osprey regurgi-

tated something resembling a fish onto his shoulder as it flew by. The admiral, with all the military bearing of a seasoned naval officer, brushed off the osprey’s “gift” and continued his speech without missing a beat, to the astonishment and amusement of the crowd. The ospreys’ fascinating, majestic and sometimes gross displays of nature up close will, with luck and good stewardship, be a fixture at Dahlgren and Indian Head for years to come.

Shred Truck coming to NSF Dahlgren Spring cleaning means getting rid of those old documents, but you must do it safely! Fleet and Family Support Center is sponsoring a Shred Truck on April 16 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the NSF Dahlgren Parade Field Pavilion parking lot across from the medical clinic. Clear out your old files and get rid of those papers you didn’t need to keep to file your taxes. Safely destruct all those papers with your important, personal information that you don’t want others to have access to. Help prevent identity theft. If you have questions, call the Fleet and Family Support Center at 540-653-1839.

The South Potomac Pilot


Base Happenings Dahlgren Navy Ball Lunch Fundraiser Daily at Parade Field Pavilion

The Dahlgren Navy Ball Committee is selling lunch daily (weather permitting)from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on the Parade Field Pavilion. This lunch service will be available until the new Subway opens at Cannonball Lanes. Also, April 15 will be the next Krispy Kreme Donut Sales day. Drop your taxes into the post office mailbox and then make it all better with a box of a dozen original Krispy Kremes at main gate. Please come out for lunch and support the Dahlgren Navy Ball Committee!!!

VITA Tax Prep

It’s not too late to get a VITA tax prep appointment! If you are active duty or retired military or a reservist, call (540) 653-1839 to secure an appointment for your free tax return preparation today!

ASBP Blood Drive

Armed Services Blood Program will conduct a blood drive on Monday, April 15 from 7 a.m. - Noon at the ATRC Auditorium, Bldg. 1520. All blood collected benefits military members and their families at home, overseas, in harm’s way and recovering from injuries. For an appointment, visit http://www. Give our troops the precious gift of life - give blood!

Navy Ball Krispy Kreme Donut Sale April 15

After you pay your taxes and donate blood, buy a dozen Krispy Kremes from the Dahlgren Navy Ball committee from 7 - 9 a.m. at Main Gate or at ATRC. Your donation benefits the 2013 Dahlgren Navy Birthday Ball.

FFSC Sponsoring Shred Truck on April 16

Spring cleaning means getting rid of those old documents, but you must do it safely! Fleet and Family Support Center is sponsoring a Shred Truck on April 16 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the Parade Field Pavilion parking lot across from the medical clinic. Clear out your old files and get rid of those papers you didn’t need to keep to file your taxes. Safely destruct all those papers with your important, personal information that you don’t want others to have access to. Help prevent identity theft. If you have questions, call Carol Allison at 540-653-1839.

DOSC Accepting Scholarship Apps

The Dahlgren Officers’ Spouses Club (DOSC) is currently accepting scholarship applications. All applications must be in writing and received by April 15. For an application and more information, visit

See Base Happenings, Page 7

Friday, April 5, 2013

Economy: Where the base workforce lives Continued from page 1

region encompassing Virginia’s Planning District 16 - which includes Fredericksburg and Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline and King George Counties - and southern Maryland, pumping a total of more than $1.1 billion into surrounding communities. The updated economic report for NSF Dahlgren also analyzes where the base workforce lives. Information available on 4,405 federal civilian employees and military personnel working at Dahlgren shows that over 1,770 people (40 percent) live in King George County. Most of the remaining workforce is spread between Spotsylvania County (769 people, 17 percent), the City of Fredericksburg (481 people, 10.9 percent) and Stafford County (474 people, 10.7 percent). Over 300 civilian employees and military personnel working at NSF Dahlgren commute from points in southern Maryland. They account for nearly 7 percent of the base’s workforce. By comparison, NSF Indian Head currently employs over 3,400 people. The bulk of the workforce consists of 2,378 federal civilian employees working for a dozen separate military commands and supporting organizations located on the installation. An additional 615 military personnel are stationed at the base in a permanent duty status. Over 400 defense contractor employees who also work on the installation round out the workforce. With all but one military command on base reporting for fiscal year 2012, the combined payroll for fed-

eral civilian employees and military personnel alone totaled over $289 million. An additional $12 million in defense contract spending was allocated to companies in southern Maryland. While fiscal year 2012 data was not available for the Joint Interoperability Test Command located at NSF Indian Head, the organization accounted for an additional $7.5 million in federal civilian payroll and

another $22.8 million in local defense contract spending in the previous fiscal year. The updated economic report for NSF Indian Head also analyzes where the base workforce lives. Information available on 2,511 federal civilian employees and military personnel working at Indian Head shows that over 1,796 people (71 percent) live in Charles County. Most of

the remaining workforce is spread between Prince Georges County (225 people, 8.9 percent) and St. Mary’s County (155 people, 6 percent). Over 163 civilian employees and military personnel working at NSF Indian Head commute from points in Virginia. They account for 6.5 percent of the base’s workforce.

NSA South Potomac • Office: 540-653-8153 • 540-284-0129

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is corrected. Editorial content is edited, prepared, and provided by the Public Affairs Office, NSA South Potomac. News copy should be submitted by noon on Friday to be considered for the following week’s edition. All material is edited for accuracy, brevity, clarity, and conformity to regulations. To inquire about news copy, call 540-653-8153 or fax The South Potomac Pilot at 540-653-4269. Commercial advertising may be placed with the publisher by calling 301-645-9480.

Jeron Hayes

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Copy/layout editors, The Gazette/ Comprint Military Publications

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Friday, April 5, 2013


MWR Highlights National Sexual Assault Awareness Month SAPR 5K

Movie Theater

WE OWN IT...WE’LL SOLVE IT...TOGETHER April 25 Register at the fitness Center by 1030 on race day, race starts at 1100. $5 for civilians, FREE for military. Prizes will be given to 1st and 2nd place man and woman, Shirts will be given to the first 25 registrants.

540-653-7336 Hours of Operation Friday and Saturday: 7 p.m. Showings

Youth Center Summer Camp Registration

Auto Hobby Shop Self Help Classes

April 8 - Cleaning Tips Mary 13 - Tune Ups June 10 - Basic Car Care Information and demonstration classes will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. These classes are FREE and open to all eligible patrons. For more information contact

Price of Shows Civilians - $5 AD, Retired, Reserve, Family Members (E7 - above) $4 AD, Reserve, Family Members (E6 - below) - $2.50 Child (6-11) - $2 Child (5 and under) - Free Tickets for a movie shown in 3-D are an additional $1

Summer will be here before you know it and with it comes camp! Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2013 Summer Camp registration dates! April 22-23 Current SAC April 24-25 Military April 26-29 DoD April 30-May 1 Contractors Registration times are 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Fees are determined by TFI. Parents must bring LES/Paystubs at time of registration. A deposit in the amount of your weekly fee is due at the time of registration. Registration packets are available for pick up at the youth Center. For more information contact the Youth Center at 301-743-5456.

Friday, April 5th 7 p.m. - Safe Haven Saturday, April 6th 2 p.m. - SNEAK PEEK of 42 (FREE) Saturday April 6th 7 p.m. - A Good Day to Die Hard Friday, April 12th 7 p.m. - Snitch Friday, April 13th 2 p.m. - Escape from Planet Earth (3-D) Friday, April 13th 7 p.m. - Dark Skies

Recreational Gear Rentals The MWR Auto Hobby Shop rents an extensive selection of equipment for your recreational needs. Available items include tents, canoes, tarps, picnic tents, tables, chairs, moon bounce, grills, lanterns, sporting equipment and more! Rentals are available on a daily, weekly or weekend basis. Call the Hobby Shop at 301-744-6314 for more information or stop by and see what we have to offer.

Youth Summer Camp Registration

New Campers Available

15’ Cozy Traveler Recreational Trailer (sleeps up to 6) $55 per day $100 per weekend $245 for a week Call 301-744-6314 for more information.

Movie Theater 540-653-7336

General Library

Saturday Movie Sneak Peek

National Library Week

April 15-19 It’s National Library Week! Come in and check out our wonderful General Library. Check out a book and you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card. Open to all with base access.

Saturday Movie Matinee

Weight House Fitness Center Spring Run/Walkers

April 1 - May 31 What a great way to start the day, enjoy the season, meet people and get healthy! Meet at the Fitness Center on Friday mornings at 6 am and start your day energized! Walkers and runners will be split into groups. $5 per person. Register at the WHFC by April 1.

Wallyball Tournament

April 6, 2 p.m. - FREE Eligible patrons include all with base access. We will be playing the NEW unreleased movie “42” - the life story of Jackie Robinson and his history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey. Rated PG -13. For more information please contact the Dahlgren Movie Theater at 540-653-7336.

April 15 at the Fitness Center racquetball courts Register at the WHFC front desk or by emailing megan. by April 12. $5 for civilians, FREE for military.

April 13, 2 p.m. Eligible patrons include all with base access. We will be playing the animated movie “Escape from Planet Earth” in 3-D - rated PG. Price of Shows: $5 Civilian, $4 Active Duty, Retired & Reserve Mil. E-7 and above and their family members with ID, $2.50 E-1 - E-6 and below and their family members with ID, $2 Child (6-11), Free - Child (5 and under). An additional $1 is added to ticket price for 3-D movies. For more information please contact the Dahlgren Movie Theater at 540-653-7336.

Youth Activities Center 540-653-8009

April 8 - 19 Summer camp is a weekly program for children. Cost: Based on total family income and that there is a 20% discount for each additional child. The kids that are currently in the SAC program register April 8 & 9. New military dependents register April 9, 10, 11 New DoD Civilians register April 15,16,17 New contractors register April 18 & 19 Please register at the Youth Activities Center. For information, please contact the Youth Activities Center at 540653-8009.

Youth Photography Contest Exhibit April 9, 12 - 2 p.m. (Awards presentation at 6 p.m.) FREE Youth ages 5-18 can submit photos categorically to be judged prior to award presentation in the evening. Photo categories include. Culture and Tradition, Surroundings, Portraits, and “What Moves Me” essay or poem. For more information, please contact the Youth Activities Center at 540-653-8009.

Craftech/Hobby Center 540-653-71730

Framing and Matting Class April 10 & 17, 4:30 p.m. Eligible patrons include all with base access. Cost: $35 (plus materials). In this two-day workshop, learn how to mat and frame a piece of artwork. No larger than 16x20, no oils or cross stitch. Minimum class size is four. For more information, please contact Craftech at 540653-1730.

For more news from other bases around the Washington, D.C. area,


The South Potomac Pilot


Friday, April 5, 2013

Community Notes Dahlgren 2nd Friday Art Walk at Colonial Beach

Spring is here! Come enjoy the 2nd Friday Art Walk at Colonial Beach, Va. on Fri., Apr. 12 from 6 - 9 p.m. Eight venues in Colonial Beach will have art from local artists on display, including paintings, graphite, jewelry, photography, pottery, mosaic art, glass art and much more. For a map and more info, visit

Gitie’s/Gitie’s Auction Supports the Wounded Warrior Project

Gitie’s/Gitie’s Auction will hold their 4th Annual Wounded Warrior Benefit and Car Show on Saturday, April 13 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Gitie’s is located at the corner of Rt. 205 and Rt. 218, 17373 Ridge Road in King George. Event will include a demonstration by the King George ROTC, classic cars from Colonial Beach Cruisers, vendors, raffles and lots of great sale items. All proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

UMW to Host STEM Academy

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual FredTech STEM 16 Summit to be held April 20 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., hosted by University of Mary Washington at the Anderson Center on College Avenue at the Fredericksburg Campus. This annual STEM16 Summit, sponsored by the University of Mary Washington, FredTech, and the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, highlights the achievements and offerings of our region’s students, educators, and businesses in the STEM arena. This year we expect to highlight student and educator STEM efforts from over 25 local secondary schools, the University of Mary Washington, Germanna Community College and NSWCDD Dahlgren. The Summit is open to the public and admission is free of charge.

Fight for Madison Golf Cart Poker Run

The Fight for Madison Relay For Life team will hold a Golf Cart Poker Run on Sat., May 4 in Colonial Beach. Registration will begin at 11 a.m. at the Dockside Restaurant at 1787 Castlewood Dr., Colonial Beach. You will receive your first card at the Dockside and then proceed to 3 other stops to receive your other three cards. Then head back to Dockside Restaurant for the final card. Raffle to include gift certificates to area restaurants and other shops in Colonial Beach and surrounding areas. Music from 3-6 p.m. First/ Second/Third place winners will receive cash prizes for best poker hand. Golf Cart rentals are available - please call 804224-5000 or contact for more info.

Indian Head Environmental Office to Host Potomac River Watershed Cleanup

The 25th Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, at the Dashiell Marina on board Naval Support Facility Indian Head from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Join NSF Indian Head and thousands of other volunteers in removing trash from the Potomac River Watershed. Gloves and bags will be provided, but be sure to bring sturdy boots or shoes and wear appropriate clothing. The event will be hosted rain or shine. For more information and to register for the event, contact Travis Wray at (301) 744-2262 or visit

CSM Presents 10th Annual Jazz Festival April 5-6

The College of Southern Maryland’s 10th Annual Jazz Festival will begin 8 p.m., April 5, at the La Plata Campus Fine Arts Center with the Randy Runyon Trio and will continue 8 p.m., April 6, with performances by Solid Brass, CSM’s Big Band Jazz Ensemble directed by Randy Runyon Sr. with special guest artists Pete BarenBregge and the Randy Runyon Trio. Randy Runyon Jr. of the Randy Runyon Trio, originally from La Plata, has performed with many artists including

David Sanborn, James Genus, Gil Goldstein and Bernard Purdie. He has played at the Thailand Jazz Conference in Bangkok, IAJE in New York and the International Trumpet Guild in Alberta, Canada. He is a member of the Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra, performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. BarenBregge is a saxophonist, flutist and clarinetist from Pittsburgh, Penn. who has done extensive recording for radio, television and record singles. As a producer BarenBregge has produced three of his own quartet CDs, “PF Flyer,” “Point of Grace” and “A Thousand Eyes;” seven Airmen of Note CDs; and more than 75 CDs for the Alfred Publishing Co. of educational jazz ensemble arrangements at all levels. For tickets or information, contact, 301-934-7828, 240-725-5499, 443-550-6199, 301-870-2309, Ext. 7828 or

Cancer of the Colon Health Forum Set for April 11

The Area Council on Aging will host a Cancer of the Colon Health Forum on Thursday, April 11 at the Clark Senior Center (1210 Charles St., La Plata) from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Learn about diagnosis, prevention and treatment methods related to cancer of the colon. This event is opportunity to learn about serious but preventable disease. The forum moderator is Dr. Guillermo Sanchez, with Dr. Seetaramayya Nagula, Dr. Suryakant J. Patel and Dr. Krishan Mathur as featured presenters. The registration deadline is Friday, April 5 at 10 a.m. Call Ms. Janice Hamby at 301-609-5702 to register. For information on events offered by the Department of Community Services, visit, or call 301-934-9305 or 301-870-3388. Citizens with special needs may contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or Relay Service TDD: 800-735-2258.

2nd Saturday Series at Sotterley

Sotterley Plantation’s Second Saturday series presents “A Taste of History: How African American Foods Influenced Our Modern Cuisine” on Saturday, April 12, at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. What did people eat during the 1700s? Come learn about the foods that were transported on slave ships during the 18th century and how they influenced colonial dishes, as well as our modern regional foods. Lecture and demonstration will be presented by the Director of Education of Historic London Town and Gardens. Limited to 60 people per session. Cost is $15 per person. Advance reservation is required. Purchase tickets online: http://www.ticketderby. com/event/?id=246419.

Third Annual St. Charles Running Festival Set for April 13th

The third annual St. Charles Running Festival Presented by Lennar will take place on April 13. The festival will consist of three different distances (10 miles, 5k and a kids fun run) and proceeds from the event will benefit the College of Southern Maryland. The festival will lead runners throughout the roads of Charles County with Regency Furniture Stadium serving as the focal point. The scenic and mostly flat 10-mile course has runners starting at Regency Furniture Stadium, then proceeding north up Piney Church Road, west on Billingsley Road, and south on St. Charles Parkway. The second half of the race continues south on Radio Station Road, east on to La Plata Rd, then back on to Piney Church Road once again before finishing outside of the stadium. The 5k course starts and finishes at the stadium and ventures through the neighborhoods on Piney Church Rd. The Chick-fil-A Kids Fun Run will be contained within the parking lots of the stadium. The day’s events coincide with the annual Fan Fest celebration hosted by the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Entry fees for the three races are $55 for the 10-Miler, $25 for the 5K and $10 for the Kids Fun Run prior to March 1. After that the 10-Miler fees increase to $65 and the 5K increases to $30. For more information or to register visit or call (410) 605-9381.

Free Clothing Swap

Bethel Baptist Church, 6705 Boots Lane off Ripley

Road in La Plata, will hold a free clothing swap on Friday, April 19th from 12:30 - 5 p.m. and Saturday, April 20th from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bring your gently used clothing and swap with others - lots of great items that are new to you!

2013 Sotterley Speaker Series

Sotterley Plantation presents another in its installment of the 2013 Speaker Series as they welcome Mitch Yockelson & Greg Tremaglio, “A Conspiracy to Steal History: Barry Landau & Jason Savedoff and the Theft of America’s National Treasures” on Friday, April 19 at 7 p.m. in the Barn. Yockelson, of the Archival Recovery Team and Federal Special Agent Tremaglio will tell their first-hand account of how Barry Landau and his co-conspirator Jason Savedoff violated the trust of the archival profession by posing as professional researchers in order to steal over 10,000 objects of cultural heritage. Landau and Savedoff would visit the collections and secretly put documents in custom-sewn hidden pockets of their overcoats and jackets. In July, 2011 the pair was finally caught while on an expedition at The Maryland Historical Society. The Speaker Series is offered free to the public, but due to limited seating, however, advance reservations are strongly advised. Please call 301-3732280 to make your reservation.

CSM Renaissance Festival

Plan to attend the CSM Renaissance Festival from 9 a.m.- 9 p.m., April 19-20, at College of Southern Maryland, La Plata Campus, Fine Arts Center, 8730 Mitchell Road. Enjoy a full day of activities and entertainment as CSM presents its first Renaissance Festival. Inside the theatre, the CSM Theatre Company will present six different Medieval/ Renaissance plays, each intended for a particular audience (G rated - R rated) including “The Creation of Adam and Eve,” “Noah’s Flood,” “The Second Shepherd’s Pageant,” “The Creation and the Fall of Lucifer,” “Everyman” and “The Harrowing of Hell.” Additional activities will take place outdoors in the vicinity of the Fine Arts (FA) Building. Admission to the festival is free; $10 wristbands will be sold in order to gain admittance to all age-appropriate plays throughout the day. All other refreshments, activities, games, etc. are either free or priced by the vendor.

Celebrating the 15th Annual Plant Sale and Free Plant Exchange

Sotterley Plantation will hold their 15th annual Plant Sale and Free Plant Exchange on Saturday, April 27 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Sunday, April 28 from Noon - 3 p.m. The Free Plant Exchange will run on Saturday only from 10 a.m. to Noon. Your plants in exchange for other annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, trees, bulbs and seeds! For more information on this event or other upcoming Sotterley Plantation events, visit our website at

Register Now for the 2013 Tot Olympics

The Olympics are here! Charles County Department of Community Services Recreation Division are partnering with the Chick-fil-A’s of Charles County to present the 2013 Tot Olympics. Magnify your Olympic spirit and watch as your toddler brings their Olympic dream to life. The Tot Olympics Games will be held at Westlake High School on Saturday, May 11, from 10 a.m.-noon (rain date: Saturday, May 18). Registration begins at 9 a.m. and opening ceremonies start promptly at 10 a.m. Fun-filled events for children age 3 through 6 include running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and tricycle races. A moon bounce as well as vendors will be on site. Athletes will have their participation recorded on a special tracking form distributed during opening ceremonies. The registration fee is $10. The deadline to register is May 4. Each child will receive an award and snack for his/her efforts. Parent/guardian participation is required for each athlete. Register online at For more information, call the Smallwood Community Center at 301-743-3020.

See Community Notes, Page 8

Friday, April 5, 2013

The South Potomac Pilot


Share the road safely Courtesy of NSASP Safety Office

Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Joggers

As a pedestrian jogger, you are at a major disadvantage when crossing streets, intersections and standing on corners. You are not always visible to drivers; especially for large truck and bus drivers and you don’t stand a chance if a vehicle hits you. Pedestrians and joggers need to be careful of all vehicles and never take chances when they are sharing the road with large vehicles, like trucks and buses. Here are some safety tips that can keep you safe when traveling from one destination to another.

Dahlgren Commissary

Fast Facts Commissaries look to minimize effects of sequestration

The Defense Commissary Agency is thoughtfully developing its plan to minimize the impact of sequestration on commissary patrons, should furloughs be implemented. If the Department of Defense implements furloughs, commissaries are likely to close one day per week, in addition to their current operating schedule. While there will be definite impacts to commissary patrons - and certainly to employees - if furloughs are implemented, the principles guiding DeCA’s planning efforts are to lessen the impacts of sequestration wherever it can. Because the agency’s planning for sequestration is fluid and subject to change, commissary patrons can quickly find out about any changes to their local store’s operating schedule by using www. The “Locations” link and subsequent “Alphabetical Listing” leads them to their “Local Store Information” page.

Commissaries celebrate April Month of Military Child

April is the Month of the Military Child, and your commissary is celebrating with giveaways and savings for the whole family - pets included! “Children in military households face unique challenges because of the demands of military life,” said Joyce Chandler, DeCA’s acting sales director. “So, at the Defense Commissary Agency, we want to acknowledge them and do all we can to provide their families with great values on quality products they can depend upon.” DeCA’s industry partners - vendors, suppliers and brokers - are collaborating with commissaries in April to offer discounts beyond everyday savings. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Customers are asked to check their local commissary for details on dates and times of the promotions in their stores. “As we honor the Month of the Military Child, don’t miss out on these opportunities to save even more,” Chandler said. “For everyone in the family, the commissary is always worth the trip.” For promotion details, visit http://www.

Commissaries selected fruits, veggies champions

The Defense Commissary Agency has been chosen by the Produce for Better Health Foundation as one of their retail fruits and veggies champions for 2012. Every year, Produce for Better Health names the top retailers that supported their “Fruits & Veggies - More Matters” national campaign. In 2012, Decca was among 15 retailers chosen as leaders in the produce world. “We take our military’s health very seriously, and supporting this campaign to eat more fruits and vegetables is a great way to get our patrons interested,” said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. “It also speaks to the commissary’s commitment to provide healthful options for military families.” The Produce for Better Health Foundation measured the agency against criteria such as how DeCA promoted national “Fruits & Veggies - More Matters” Month and supported the campaign through its website, in print and through online circulars. All retailers were evaluated against the same criteria.

Watch Your Walk Ways

Walk on sidewalks and in crosswalks whenever possible. It is important to pay attention to walk signals and keep a safe distance when standing on street corners. Trucks and buses make wide right turns and occasionally run up onto the corner of the sidewalk. It is important for you to be alert and to move back. Mostly likely, the truck driver will not see you or may be distracted and you could be seriously injured or killed if hit.

Know Your No-Zones

Be careful of the blind spots, or No-Zones, around cars, trucks, and buses when walking near or around them. Always assume the driver does not know that you are there. Because of a truck’s large blind spots, a driver may not see, so it is up to you to avoid a crash. Never walk behind a truck when it is backing up; truck drivers cannot see directly behind the truck and could seriously injure you.

Stopping Distances

Use caution when crossing intersections and streets. You may think vehicles will stop for you, but they may not see you or even be able to stop. Remember, trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicyclists, all have different stopping capabilities. In fact, trucks can take much more space to stop than passenger vehicles. Never take a chance with a truck, even if the driver sees you he may not be able to stop.

Make Yourself Visisble

Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially when walking at night. Dressing to be seen will make it safer for you

Base Happenings: Continued from page 4

DOSC Charitable Distribution Announcement

The Dahlgren Officers’ Spouses Club is currently accepting written requests from non-profit organizations for their annual charity distribution. DOSC returns profits from their Second Tour Thrift Store in the form of donations to local charities. Submit a written request to DOSC explaining how your organization benefits the community and/or the local military population and how a DOSC donation would benefit your organization. All requests must be in writing and submitted via USPS by April 15. Include organization name and purpose, desired amount and how funds will be utilized and POC with telephone and email address. Mail to Dahlgren Officers’ Spouses Club, attn.: Charities Committee, 722 Sampson Road, Dahlgren, VA 22448. For more info, visit, or call (540) 413-1079.

DMV2Go at NSF Dahlgren

The DMV2Go van will be at NSF Dahlgren on May 20 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Parade Field Pavilion. The Navy Ball committee will be selling lunch from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. With the latest technology, the DMV2Go offers multiple services including state ID applications and renewals, driver’s license applications and renewals, vehicle titles, license plates, decals, transcripts, copies of driving records, applications for disabled parking placards, and many more! Stop in and take care of your DMV needs quickly and easily!

Second Tour Thrift Store Not Taking Donations

Second Tour Thrift Store is not taking any more dona-

and drivers. Professional drivers do a lot of driving at night, and there’s a good chance a truck driver will not see you if you don’t make yourself visible. Carrying a flashlight is your safest bet for being seen at night.

Watch Out for Wide Loads

Trucks with wide loads have very limited visibility as well as difficulty maneuvering. Wide loads are much heavier and take up lots of room on the road. You need to be aware when near a truck with a wide load, because the driver may not see you. Trucks with wide loads make even wider right turns, require more space, and take even longer to stop than other trucks on the road. Remember to keep your distance when walking around these large trucks.

tions at this time. We appreciate your support and will post announcements when donations will again be accepted. All proceeds from sales at Second Tour are donated to charities in the Dahlgren/King George and surrounding communities, and provide scholarship funds to dependents of military personnel - past and present - stationed on Dahlgren. Please do not donate used personal items (under clothes, socks, etc.). We are open every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. noon. Our Fall/Winter stock is now available. Come see us on Thursday!

Indian Head Kraving Kabobs Truck at NSF Indian Head

Looking for a yummy hot lunch on base at NSF Indian Head? Look no further! The Kraving Kabobs truck is on call from Monday - Thursday from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. near the NEX and later near Bldg. 303 in the restricted area. Check out their menu of yummy subs, gyros, falafel and other favorites.

IH Spouses’ Club “Treasures” Thrift Store Needs Your Donations!

Plan today to visit the Treasures Thrift Store, located at 12 Strauss Ave. next door to the USO. The store is open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Donations of gently used items are currently being accepted. Want to earn up to $5 in free items from the thrift store every month? Volunteer! Stop by the thrift store during operating hours or email for information. To publish information on your event or program under “Base Happenings,” contact NSASP Public Affairs at 540653-8153 or email

The South Potomac Pilot


April at the USO Dahlgren

April 9

Dine and Dash Dinner: Hot Hoagie Night, 3 - 6 p.m.

April 12

Girls Game Night at the USO. 6 - 8 p.m.

April 26

Texas Hold ‘em Game Night at the USO. 6 - 9 p.m.

Every Tuesday

10 - 11 a.m., Little Patriots Playgroup 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Free Bread & Baked Goods Giveaway

Indian Head

April 10, 17, 24

Spouse “Me Time” Craft Nights, 6 - 8 p.m.

April 17

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. - Service Member Lunch and Pinwheels for Prevention Event. We will plant Pinwheels in observation of “Prevent Child Abuse” month and the USO Mobile will be on hand to serve everyone lunch.

Every Wednesday

10 - 11 a.m., Little Patriots Playgroup

Every Thursday

10 a.m. - Noon, Free Bread Giveaway


Community Notes: Continued from page 6

7th Annual Potomac River Waterfowl Show On May 24 and 25, 2013, artists and wildlife enthusiasts alike are invited to attend the 7th Annual Community Foundation of Southern Maryland Potomac River Waterfowl Show at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds in Leonardtown, Md. The show features dozens of award-winning artists showcasing their world-class wildlife art both at a dinner reception and day-time fair. Tickets are now on sale for the Cattails and Cocktails reception and dinner on Friday evening from 6-9 p.m. For $50 per person, enjoy a sit down dinner by Outback Steakhouse and open bar. The purchase of your ticket reserves your seat. Tables of eight are $400. Also, spotlight your business through a sponsorship while supporting this great event. Individual tickets, tables or sponsorships may be purchased online at, or mail a check payable to the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland. The show re-opens on Saturday at 10 a.m. and admission is $5 per person. Experienced and novice decoy carvers may enter their creations in the show’s decoy competition. Registration is between 10 a.m. and noon; entry fees are $10 for the first decoy and $4 for each additional entry. The full list of confirmed artists is available on the show’s webpage. Along with the work on display, attendees are able to purchase contemporary and antique decoys, carvings, prints and original artwork directly from the artists. Entrance to both the dinner and daytime event will give you access to the art show, working decoy competitions, outdoor field competitions, free decoy appraisals and identifications, live auction and retriever dog demonstrations. To purchase tickets, call (301) 885-0108 or visit Our partners this year include:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Potomac Decoy Collectors Association, Rappahannock Decoy Carvers and Collectors Guild, St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds, Chaney Enterprises, and Community Bank of TriCounty. The Community Foundation of Southern Maryland’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for the community of Southern Maryland by aligning philanthropic interests with community needs through stewardship, collaboration and charitable giving.

Volunteers Needed for Wounded Warrior Fishing Tournament Volunteers are needed for the 2013 PVA/Walter Reed Annual Bass Fishing Tournament, to be held at June 8-9 at Smallwood State Park. Volunteers are needed starting June 7 to set up for the tournament. If you are interested in more information on assisting with this event that provides an enjoyable weekend for wounded warriors, please contact

Charles County Parks Offers Extreme Fun Summer Skateboard Camp Charles County Skate Park, at White Plains Regional Park (located on St. Charles Parkway, south of DeMarr Road), is offering a 360 Action Skateboard Camp this summer for the week of July 22-26. Participants will receive group and individual training on safe riding, tack turns, kick turns, ollies, grinding, getting air, bowl drop-ins and much more, under the supervision of professional coaches from American Inline Skating. All campers receive an official camp T-shirt and stickers. Participation is for youth between the ages of 6 and 14 years old. The camp fee is $125 and the registration deadline is July 1 (early registration is recommended). For registration information and a list of required equipment, contact the Department of Public Works Parks Division at 301-932-3470, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The South Potomac Pilot

Friday, April 5, 2013


NGIS celebrates Navy Lodging Appreciation Day

By Andrew Revelos, Staff Writer

Naval Support Activity South Potomac (NSASP) celebrated Navy Lodging Appreciation Day on March 29 with the dedicated employees of the Naval Gateway Inn and Suites at Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren. Leaders and staff enjoyed lunch together and discussed the staff’s outstanding performance this year, work that helped NGIS achieve a Four-Star Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt rating. Each staff member received a Letter of Appreciation for the team effort that led to the distinguished rating. “This has been a long time coming,” said Tom Kubalewski, program director of Family Fleet and Readiness Programs for Naval Support Activity South Potomac. “It’s been a couple of months since you guys met a very big milestone. This program, the NGIS in Dahlgren, became four-star accredited-something we have been trying to do for many, many years. It was only through the efforts of all of you sitting here-and your other co-workers who could not be with us-that we could achieve this.” The NGIS in Dahlgren met several exacting criteria to achieve four-star rating. “Everything from how well the rooms are cleaned, our customer service, our facilities, to ensuring our training requirements are met, to look-

ing at our financials are moving in a positive direction and that we’re making money,” said Kubalewski. “It encompasses a lot. so it’s each and every one of you who have provided one piece or several pieces that allowed us to get [the four-star rating].” Capt. Pete Nette, Cmdr. Elvis Mikel and Master Chief Petty Officer Jim Honea, the commanding officer, executive officer and command master chief petty officer of NSASP, attended the luncheon with Kubalewski. “We wanted to come here and thank each and every one of you,” said Kubalewski. Kubalewski read a message from First Lady Michelle Obama praising the service of lodging staff across the Navy. “I’m thrilled to offer my sincere congratulations to the Navy Lodging Program,” wrote Obama. “The troops, veterans and military families that serve our country with pride represent what is best about our nation.” Obama praised NGIS staff in the letter for the vital support they provide the military community. “Throughout its history, the Navy Lodging Program has consistently shown it is dedicated to our service members and their families,” she wrote. “This year marked another year of significant accomplishments for the Navy Lodging Program, from Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, to Navy Fisher Houses and Navy Getaways, it is clear why heroes stay with you.

U.S. Navy photo by Andrew Revelos

The staff of the Naval Gateway Inn and Suites at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren are all smiles at a luncheon honoring their hard work this year which resulted the NGIS earning a Four-Star Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt. Thank you again and I wish all of you the best.” Nette seconded that praise. “The region really appreciates your hard work and effort,” he told the NGIS staff. “We in [the Navy] have

always stayed at NGISs throughout our careers, but we don’t realize all the hard work it takes to maintain them. [Patrons] go to their room and they expect it to be clean, but they some-

times don’t see all the effort it takes to do that. It is hard to do every day.” From top to bottom, NGIS staff worked tirelessly to improve service, an effort Nette commended.

“You could have stayed the same, but you didn’t,” Nette told the NGIS staff. “You improved, improved, improved and then you got the four-star rating. It’s very, very appreciated.”

Indian Head food truck U.S. Navy photo by Andrew Revelos

Paul Bowman, right, IT specialist for Naval Sea Logistics (NAVSEALOG) Center Detachment Indian Head, receives his lunch from Kraving Kabob, a food truck now bringing delicious halal fare to Naval Support Facility Indian Head every day between 11am to 1pm. Between 11am and noon, the truck is parked near the Navy Exchange; between noon and 1pm, Kraving Kabob can be found outside Building 303.

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PilotClassifieds T H E




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2 0 1 3

Serving Our Military and Civilian Personnel

Southern Maryland/Dahlgren 1-888-406-7663 • 1-800-843-3357

Publication Day: Friday

Placing An Ad

BUSINESS HOURS: MON. thru FRI. 8:15AM - 5:15PM

Advertising Deadline Tuesday 4pm - Friday Paper.


King George Toastmasters Club meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Outside the Dahlgren at Battlefield Century 21 office, First Floor Conference Room, at 15521 Real Estate Ave. King George, VA 22485. For information about Toastmasters, Please Contact: toastmasters; or Laurence Thayer 540663-4170

LUSBY: New 2 stry home. 4 bd, 2.5 ba, quiet cul de sac, NP $1500/mo +dep avail May 1. 410-3261917

LOTHIAN- Priv NS bsmt apt w/lg windows, in upscale SFH, 900 sqft, 1BR, 1BA, No pets. 10mins to AAFB, 20mins to DC. Avail now. $850/ mo. incl utils. Please call 202-288-8778


LINER Ads All copy ads containing no special type or artwork. Ads are billed by the line with a 4 -line minimum. SEMI-DISPLAY Ads Ads that are typeset in a 1 or 2 column format. These ads may contain limited special type, logos or limited special borders. They are billed by the inch with a 2-inch minimum. DISPLAY Ads Ads contain logos, artwork and special borders. Ads are billed by the inch with a 2-inch minimum. Classified and Recruitment rates apply. All Private Parties Ads must be pre-paid Base personnel can run Free classified ads

Career Training

Career Training

CHANGE YOUR CAREER! CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Moseley Real Estate Licensing Courses Start Mon. 4/15/13 - 4/23/13, 9-4 or Mon. 5/13/13 - 5/21/13, 9-4.

Legal Services

Important Information The Publisher reserves the right to censor, reclassify, revise, edit or reject any classified advertisement not meeting the standards of acceptance of Southern Maryland Newspapers. All ads accepted are subject to credit approval. Check your ad the first day it appears and, if you find a mistake, call our office so we may correct the error, immediately. We will only be responsible for the 1st day of publication. Please be sure to read your ad carefully. The South Potomac Pilot shall not be held responsible for any omitted ads for any reason.

Legal Services

The Law Offices of Burch & Voss • Courts-Martial • Divorces • Auto Accidents • Admin Hearings • Custody/Support • Medical Malpractice

EXIT Realty Expertise Call 540-424-8191 or Visit: Shared Housing

Military Discounts for Active Duty and MyCAA for Spouses.

LEX PARK 2BR,1.5 BA 2 mi PAX.1200 sqft TH. Occasional Share w/M ownr. WD, pvt pkg, com pool.Flexlease.$800, share util dep, N/P, N/S.Pub trans.Male pref. 4rentalexandriava@gma 240-434-9093

Legal Services

Larry N. Burch Ronald K.Voss Former Navy JAG



“Helping the People who Serve and their Families.” This ad is a public service of this newspaper.


This ad is a public service of this newspaper.


This ad is a public service of this newspaper.

Houses for Rent Calvert County

Unfurnished Apt. Frederick/Washington Co.

Friday, April 5, 2013

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Visit today to buy & sell stuff locally in MD/VA/DC. If you do not wish to place your ad yourself, we’ll be glad to place it for you when you call us at 301-670-2543.

Categories for buying and selling include Antiques, Appliances, Cameras & Accessories, Clothing & Accessories, Collectibles, Computers, Crafts, Electronics, Free Stuff, Furniture, Hobbies & Toys, Jewelry & Watches, Lawn & Garden, Music/Instruments, Office Equipment, Pets, Sporting Goods, Tools & Hardware, Yard, Garage & Estate Sales. Excludes Autos, Jobs and other categories not listed above.


Regular rates will apply.


The South Potomac

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