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Starting Early… Soaring High!

the academic portion. The instructional program is thematic and allows children to master the various academic skills and knowledge within the context of thematic, child-centered play. Our progressive programs ensure that each child will be ready to read and do mathematics – key building blocks for success in elementary and high school. In addition, children learn to interact with others, be selfconfident and be part of the school community. Overall, children develop a love of learning, and love going to school!

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Conveniently located across from the Washington Navy Yard, Eagle Academy Public Charter School is Washington, D.C.’s first early-childhood public charter school. Founded in 2003, Eagle Academy is a high-performing community school and an invaluable resource for military personnel stationed in D.C. and parents who reside in the District of Columbia. Eagle Academy is fully accredited from the Middle States Association for the Accreditation of Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Our highquality educational programs for PreK through third grade are offered at no charge and provide children with the building blocks for a bright future. Eagle Academy approaches each child through a holistic framework. The school educates the socio-emotional development of the child with equal vigor and comprehensiveness as

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Eagle Academy PCS School Program Highlights:

• Strong Emphasis on STEM Disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Eagle Academy’s instructional program has a strong emphasis on mathematics and the sciences, and we begin with our 3-year-olds. The Annual Science Fair offers students a hands-on opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom. Scientists and engineers from the Washington Navy Yard assist Eagle Academy’s Science Fair’s Committee in planning the Fair each year and judge the students’ science projects. • Before School & After Care Program Eagle Academy PCS has an amazing Before School and After Care program that offers children experiences and learning from cooking classes taught by the Navy Yard Chefs to dance to Spanish language acquisition to music and almost anything else a parent would want their child to do! Each program provides students with alternative ways



to master academics along with a strong emphasis on positive peer relationships. • Eagle Academy is Going Green! Eagle is 100 percent wind powered, uses 100 percent green cleaning products, recycles, serves only natural foods and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, and is in the process of constructing a LEED Silver school! • Inclusive Special Education Program & Sensory Room - Eagle Academy is one of the few public schools in the country to have a dedicated Sensory Room to provide important stimulation for special-needs students with sensory issues. • Full-Service Early Childhood Education Library with over 5700 volumes. • Computer Stations in Every Classroom & Mobile Workstation Notebooks • Small Class Size & Low Student: Teacher Ratio • Health Suite with Two Full-Time Nurses For more information on enrolling your child at Eagle Academy PCS, please call 202.544.2646 or visit



JUNE 2011

Community Academy Public Charter School

An Education That Can Go Anywhere Four States in Four Years

Families solve relocation angst with consistent, high-quality online education—anywhere in the U.S. or the world One of the most stressful aspects of military service is ensuring that children receive a consistent, quality education. But that no longer has to be the drill. Today, many military families have discovered online education as a way to reduce the angst of relocation and bring consistency to their children’s education. If a family relocates any place in the world, their children’s “school”can now go with them.

Flying High at CAPCS

Octavia and Steve Dabbs know firsthand how frequent relocations can take a toll. A Chaplin at Bolling Air Force Base, Major Dabbs says that the local brick-and-mortar school just didn’t work out for their five children. “It was traumatic for them,” Major Dabbs said, noting several disruptive incidents that spurred a decision to enroll in Community Academy Public Charter School (CAPCS), a tuition-free online public school serving families in Washington, D.C. CAPCS uses the K12 curriculum and services – K12 is the nation’s leading provider of K–12 online education programs, now in 29 states, the District of Columbia and globally, through K12 International Academy. Says Octavia, “I used three popular online programs before I found K12, which makes [education] easy. The kids log-on to the computer, and we can see everything that needs to get done that day, week, month, or throughout the school year.” And because CAPCS students are supported by state-certified teachers, Octavia serves as a “learning coach,” not a teacher, which also reduces stress. “If I am re-assigned, we can pack up and pick up right where we left off—and that is a plus for us,” adds Major Dabbs. Here are some quick answers to common question about virtual education:

• Who can enroll in an online public school and how much does it cost?

K12and other providers work with authorities in many states to supply complete education programs. Most

commonly, the schools are open to any student in grades K through 12 whose family is a resident of the state. Some states only permit a certain number of students to participate, so it’s important to begin the enrollment process early. Like brick-and-mortar public schools, the online public schools are publiclyfunded, so there is no tuition for the students.

•How do virtual public schools work?

Online public schools are a full-time alternative for students that completely replace the traditional classroom. Teachers and students work together, but remotely—connected via the Internet. K12 sends all books and resource materials directly to the home and students can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Each student receives an Individualized Learning Plan and can work at his or her own pace. Complete lesson plans, dynamic course content and planning/progress tools are all provided within the online school. Some schools even provide the computer and reimburse families for Internet access.

• What is the difference between virtual online public school and home schooling?

Online public school students enjoy support from a state-certified teacher, as well as a comprehensive curriculum that

is provided free of charge. As with a brick-and-mortar public school, the student must meet state requirements, including standardized testing and attendance, and will receive a full-time course load. Traditional home schooling families – or families who want to take single courses such as Advance Placement (AP), or electives for enrichment – may take advantage of K12’s fee-based programs. For direct-purchase courses like these, military families receive a 15 percent discount.

• Will my child interact with other children?

Students become part of a larger online community, participating in many activities, clubs, and organizations with students from other virtual academies. And, K12 offers clubs and other groups organized specifically for military children and parents. Further, kids get together during field trips and other academic and community activities outside the “classroom.”

• What happens when we relocate?

The curriculum of K12 Virtual Academies is consistent across school systems, eliminating the need for course repetition or exclusion from Honors and AP courses. When you move to a new community, your child can participate in the same virtual clubs and programs.

Indiana. Ohio. Florida. Michigan. These are the states Shelly Brantly and her family have moved into and out of over a four-year period. “You can move at any time in the military,” notes Shelly, whose husband is an Air Force dentist. “Continuity in a child’s education is extremely important—we’re lucky to have K12.” Shelly’s two older children have been learning with K12 from the start. During a past relocation to Dayton, for example, one child attended the public Ohio Virtual Academy. Otherwise, the Brantlys have used K12 as a homeschool option. “One of the great things about the K12 curriculum,” notes Shelly “is that no matter which schooling option you use, it’s always the same K12 curriculum. So in all our moves, our kids have never missed a beat, even when we’ve had to move in the middle of a semester.”

Military Family Network

As Executive Vice President of the Military Family Network (MFN), Megan Turak knows first-hand the many hurdles military families have to jump. “Military families are extremely resilient and very adept at dealing with relocation, but children do face difficulties in school transition,” says Turak, who heads the Pittsburgh, PA-based MFN. The organization provides support to military families by connecting them with organizations that provide the best service and value. Says Turak, “Having the consistency and stability of an education curriculum, and being able to plan, is extremely important because there are so many unknowns when relocating. Online public schooling is becoming more important because [families] like the continuation of the curriculum and the fact that there are certified educators.” Turak also points out that online education provides a social network for military kids. “Maintaining a social network is very important for military children because of numerous relocations.


JUNE 2011


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cause of similar experiences,” Turak notes. “K12 meets academic and social needs on so many different levels,” Turak continues, “Our organization [is] very selective and is only interested in working with community resources that are focused on families and that estab-

lish a long-term relationship. K12 meets that requirement.”

UAMC Onboard

Libra Forde and her husband Steve, an active duty Marine stationed in Hawaii, founded an organization—Utopian Academics for Military Chil-


Their civilian friends often just don’t ‘get’ their life. But through online education, they meet other military kids and find friendships and common ground be-




dren—that supports new models of virtual education for military families. Born out of their personal sense of frustration trying to educate three children as a military family, Forde is a strong advocate of virtual education. Says Forde, “We don’t want other families to struggle with education because they think they have no options. We have the experience to say online education works.” The couple’s children attend the Hawaii Technology Academy, a tuition-free public school chartered by the state of Hawaii. Powered by K12, this “hybrid” school model combines on-site classroom with online learning through two learning centers on Oahu and Kauai. “Through our organization, we are trying to establish hybrid schools on every military base so children can continue their education no matter where the family is relocated,” Forde explains. “When we enrolled our children at the Academy, I said, ‘wow,’ this is an answer for military families, no matter where you relocate.” For more information on K12’s education options for military families, visit



Washington DC Schools César Chávez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy 709 12th Street, SE Washington, D.C. 20003 Phone 202-547-3424 Grades 6-12

The César Chávez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy provide a high quality public school option for young people residing in the District of Columbia. The Chávez schools prepare D.C. students to succeed in competitive colleges so that they can use their lives to make a positive difference in the world. Regardless of our student’s economic, social and prior academic background, we expect all of our scholars to achieve at high levels. Students are provided a well-structured, demanding and orderly learning environment.

Eagle Academy Public Charter School 770 M Street, SE Washington, D.C. 20003 Phone 202-544-2646 Fax 202-544-0817 Grades Pre-K(3)-3

Accredited by the Middle States Association for the Accreditation of Schools, and founded in 2003, the Eagle Academy Public Charter School (PCS) is Washington DC’s first exclusively early childhood public charter school. Our program began with ages 3-5 and has expanded to include grades one and two, and will add grade three in August 2011. The program focuses

on readiness skills using developmentally-appropriate activities. Our educational programs are offered at no charge for students who reside in the District of Columbia, and provide children with the building blocks for a bright future.

Integrated Design & Electronics Academy (IDEA) Public Charter School 10 27 45th Street, NE Washington, D.C. 20019 Phone 202-399-4750 Fax 202-399-4387 Grades 7-12 Public Charter School (DC Public Charter School Board)

The mission of IDEA Public Charter school is to develop young people with the academic, social, leadership, and occupational skills to compete successfully in post-secondary education/training and enter challenging careers in technical fields of work. IDEA offers a specialized academy program focusing on science and technology, including architectural design, autoCAD and computer repair. Other special courses provide joblike experiences during internships and school training. IDEA is a NAF Academy, S.T.E.M. School, and has a mandatory JROTC program. These programs employ the project-based learning methodology, and students use skills they develop in school in actual projects.

Maryland Schools Archbishop Neale School 104 Port Tobacco Road LaPlata, MD 20646 Phone 301-934-9595 Fax 301-934-8610

JUNE 2011

Grades PreK-8 Catholic-Archdiocese of Washington

Founded in 1927, ANS is a private Catholic school serving families from nearby military bases and surrounding counties in Maryland and Virginia. We offer Spanish, Latin, math, science, social studies, spelling, computer education, art, physical education, music and band. Grouping gives seventh- and eighth-grade math students the opportunity to complete Algebra 1 & 2. We have daycare for AM pre-k students and an aftercare program that operates until 6 p.m. We also offer a three-week summer camp. In addition to our strong curriculum, phonics-based reading program, wonderful extra-curricular opportunities and individualized learning opportunities, ANS instills sound core values that last a lifetime!

Arundel Bay Christian Academy 968C Lower Pindell Road Lothian, MD 20711 Phone 301-952-0123 Grades K3 -8 Christian

Choosing a school for your child is a very important decision that requires much thought and research. For 20 years, ABCA has been serving families desiring a quality Christian education. We offer a unique closeness and family atmosphere that promotes learning. ABCA offers a solid academic program, which is recognized by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board that allows the classroom to come to life! Our curriculum is integrated with a strong emphasis on the teaching of our Christian faith. Our goal is to pursue excellence in every area of our school as we seek to prepare students to understand and live lives according to biblical principles.

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JUNE 2011


OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN SCHOOL Our Savior Lutheran School in Arlington, Virginia was established in 1952 as a ministry of the church. Since then it has provided a quality Christian education to thousands of school aged children. Fully licensed and accredited, the school offers a caring, nurturing faculty and staff in a small classroom setting. While affordable tuition and extended daycare are certainly a plus, parents also appreciate the partnership with the school that addresses the needs of the whole child. Military families have always been an important part of Our Savior Lutheran School’s family. In fact, twenty-five percent of the student population comes from military families that are serving in Washington D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area. For those new to the Nation’s Capital, it is a blessing to find a school that promotes high standards of achievement in a broad and meaningful program of instruction. The curriculum emphasizes mathematics, language arts, reading, social studies, science, fine arts, physical education, and computer use. Teachers foster development of personal character and self-esteem in a Christian environment. It’s no wonder that families new to the area find the school so welcoming. A US Air Force Lt. Colonel who currently has children attending Our Savior Lutheran School had the following to say about the school. “Our Savior Lutheran School offers a variety of attractions for the military population in and around the Pentagon. First is location, at 10 minutes from the Pentagon and with child care opportunities prior and after school it is an ideal commuters option for people outside of Arlington. Within Arlington it is by far the best value available for a private education with a deliberate Christ-centered education. Class size is probably what we value the



most now though; as a family that moves every two years it is important for our children to be in an environment that provides them the best opportunity to quickly meld with their peers and get personal attention from teachers at the outset. I know we want growth, but class size for us means our children get personal attention from world-class teachers with more dedication than we have seen in 4 assignments. Finally, the idea that the ministry of the church is so closely intertwined with the school means that the school has a purpose and support wider than just itself. There is a broader sense of community and a broader sense of purpose with that connection that contributes to the strength of the character and education we feel our children get from OSLS because of its connection with Our Savior Lutheran Church.” Our Savior Lutheran School offers a wide range of activities for students. These include field trips integrated with the curriculum, academic bees and competitions, and sixth grade science camp. Music programs offered include AIMA band and keyboard instruction, as well as a choir. Middle school students that meet the required standards may join the National Junior Honor Society. Students also participate in weekly chapel and outreach mission projects, as well as school assemblies. The middle school has both a boy’s and girl’s basketball team which competes in the Arlington County youth league. Our Savior Lutheran School strives to develop young people who will become responsible citizens of the world. The future of your child’s education is an important decision to make. Discover the educational opportunities offered at Our Savior Lutheran School in Arlington, Virginia. Scholarships are available, and the staff welcomes families to come visit and take a tour. Give them a call at 703-892-4846 Monday through Friday to schedule a time to visit.




Grace Brethren Christian School

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6501 Surratts Road Clinton, MD 20735 Phone 301-868-1600 Fax 301-868-9475 Grades K3-12 Grace Brethren

Barrie School 13500 Layhill Road Silver Spring, MD 20906 Phone 301-576-2800 Fax 301-576-2803 Grades Pre-K-12

Geneva Day School 11931 Seven Locks Road Potomac, MD 20854 Phone 301-340-7704 Fax 301-340-0265 Grades Age 2-Kindergarten Non-denominational

Geneva Day School is an independent, developmentally-appropriate pre-school and kindergarten program offering various full- and part-time classes, plus before and after care. Dedicated and nurturing professional

staff support each area of a child’s development, including individual strengths and interests, and promote a lifelong love of learning. Music and art are provided by specialists. Two playgrounds and a garden provide outdoor education opportunities. Geneva recently celebrated its 45th birthday and Maryland Green School Award.

Georgetown Preparatory School 10900 Rockville Pike North Bethesda, MD 20852 Phone 301-214-1215 Fax 301-493-6128 Grades 9-12 Roman Catholic (Jesuit)

Georgetwon Preparatory School enjoys the unique distinction of being the oldest Catholic preparatory school for boys in the United States. The first Archbishop of Baltimore, John Carroll, established the "Academy of Patowmack" in 1789, continuing a tradition of Jesuit education in Maryland that dates back to the founding of the colony more than 350 years ago. Prep is a day and boarding school of 480 young men. Our liberal arts curriculum is enlivened by St. Ignatius' spirtuality with the purpose of forming men of competence, conscience, courage and compassion. Men of faith, men for others.

GBCS is a K3-12th grade college preparatory school which has served the Washington, D.C. area since 1965. Its mission is to provide an environment of academic excellence conducive to developing educated citizens with a biblical worldview who are prepared to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in all walks of life. In addition to its academic program, GBCS offers an array of student activities, including elementary sports camps and clubs, clubs for grades seven-12, sports for grades six-12, band, orchestra, choral groups for grades seven-12, local and foreign mission trips, and emphasizes building relationships and life skills through staff-student mentoring groups.

Green Acres School 11701 Danville Drive Rockville, MD 20854 Phone 301-881-4100 Fax 301-881-3319 Grades PreK-8 Independent

Green Acres School celebrates more than 17 years as a coeducational, progressive school. Set on a beautiful 15-acre wooded campus, our work with children is purposeful. We carefully consider research to create an engaging, challenging, age-appropriate program. In small groups and through hands-on experiences, students master academic concepts and skills, develop creativity through the arts and technology, challenge themselves athletically and learn leadership, responsibility and compassion for others. We value a broad view of diversity within an environment of trust, cooperation, and mutual respect. Happy, well-educated stu-

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BISHOP IRETON HIGH SCHOOL “Be who you are and be that well” - ST. FRANCIS DE SALES

Open House


Barrie School's student-centered, teacher-guided interdisciplinary education promotes the academic, athletic, artistic and social growth of the individual. Our Montessori lower, dynamic middle, and college-focused upper schools form a welcoming community that emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and respect for self, others and the environment. Barrie empowers students to develop confidence, independent thinking, and teamwork essential for world citizenship. Barrie is committed to its low student-to-faculty ratio. Learning is a hands-on experience for all our students: they are fully engaged in their own education. We use our wooded campus, the region and the world as our classroom. Our Montessori lower school program is nationally recognized. Best practices in progressive education drive our middle and upper school programs. Since our founding in 1932, Barrie has maintained a commitment to multiculturalism and diversity. Barrie offers a full range of sports, an award-winning equestrian program and strong visual and performing arts.

JUNE 2011

October 30 from 1:00-3:00pm 201 Cambridge Road,Alexandria,VA 22314 (703) 751-7606 •

Advancing always in Christ through the legacy of the gentle saint, Francis de Sales



JUNE 2011


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dents and accomplished graduates are the successful results of our program. Bus transportation, child care, and after school athletics are available.

Jericho Christian Academy & Early Childhood Center

8500 Jericho City Drive Landover, MD 20785 Phone 301-333-9400 Fax 301-333-0521 Grades K2-7 (8th Grade expansion in 2012) Jericho City of Praise Ministries

Jericho Christian Academy services students K2 thru middle school. We are preparing our students for a Christian-driven life through spiritual, academic and social development to become leaders in the community. Jericho Christian Academy offers: academic excellence, a safe & caring Christian environment, athletic programs & clubs, monthly field experiences, exciting music & arts program, integrated science & technology and highly trained faculty & staff.


Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy

Church; Accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; Member NCEA

41740 Baldridge Street Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone 301-475-8029 Fax 301-475-8518 Grades 6-12

Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy is a private secondary school with a military and Christian format. The military program is modeled after NJROTC and the Christian program is non-denominational. Some of the co-curricular programs offered are: National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Key Club, Soccer, Community Service and STEM.

Mount Calvary Catholic School


6704 Marlboro Pike Forestville, MD 20747 Phone 301-735-5262 Fax 301-736-5044 Grades Pre-K-8 Archdiocese of Washington--Roman Catholic

Mount Calvary Catholic School proudly celebrates providing a tradition of excellence for more than 60 years. 93 percent of graduating 8th-graders attend Catholic high schools. Curriculum focuses on STEMscience, technology, engineering and math in grades one through eight. Extracurricular activities include the Engineering club; CYO sports, Step Team; Liturgical Dance; Archdiocesan Band Program and Drama. Conveniently located next to Bishop McNamara High School.

Riverdale Baptist School 1133 Largo Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Phone 301-249-7000 Grades Pre-K-12 Christian

Riverdale Baptist School (RBS) is a ministry of Riverdale Baptist Church. As a Christian educational institution, it will, therefore, reflect the philosophy, values and believers' lifestyle of Riverdale Baptist Church. The administration,

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Produces Them!


Now Accepting Applications.

202.547.3975 Campuses located in NE, NW & SE • Washington, DC




thrive in a challenging environment and their willingness to meet high standards of personal conduct and to whole-heartedly contribute their unique talents and gifts to the life of the school.


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faculty and staff are born-again, Bible-believing Christians and active church members. The purpose of our education is threefold: to teach students how they can know God; once they know God, to teach them to follow God's principles as found in His Word; and finally, to train them to serve and glorify God through their lives. The above purposes can be fulfilled only after a person becomes born again. Students who profess to be believers in Christ will gain most from our Christian philosophy and environment. The primary purpose of RBS, however, is to assist parents in guiding their children into the knowledge and achievement of God's will for their lives.

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School 8912 Old Branch Avenue Clinton, MD 20735 Phone 301-868-2010 Fax 301-856-8941 Grades Pre-K-8 Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools

St. John the Evangelist School is celebrating its 50th year of Catholic education. Opening in 1961, it is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. The Christian atmosphere of the school lends itself to the total development of the child. Grades are from Pre-K through eighth with 99 percent of the graduating students being accepted to the Catholic high schools. The school population is 225 students with attractive class sizes, with the Pre-K Program accommodating 15 children. St. John’s is a diverse community following the Archdiocese of Washington curriculum with a very advanced Technology program.


Bishop Ireton High School

201 Cambridge Road Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone 703-212-5190 Fax 703-212-8173 Grades 9-12 Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Arlington

Virginia Schools

Alexandria Country Day School 2400 Russell Road Alexandria, VA 22301 Phone 703-548-4804 Fax 703-549-9022 Grades K-8

Alexandria Country Day School is a coeducational, nonsectarian, independent school founded in 1983 by a group of parents and educators dedicated to quality education and interested in providing an environment where children can develop their full potential. The program serves families with students in kindergarten through eighth grade, and is designed to educate curious, enthusiastic and motivated learners. Our small classes allow close attention to the academic, social, and emotional growth and development of every student. Our program is known especially for its ability to challenge students academically and provides a safe community where each child is nurtured and encouraged each step of the way. As educators, it is our responsibility to engender and nurture enthusiasm, compassion, and self-confidence in each of our students. Students succeed at ACDS because of their ability to

PREPARING OUR STUDENTS for a Christian driven life THROUGH....




8500 Jericho City & Bishop Peebles Drive Landover, Maryland 20785 301-333-9400 •

Bishop O’Connell

6600 Little Falls Road Arlington, VA 22213 Phone 703-237-1400 Fax 703-960-7325 Grades 9-12 Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools

Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School is a faithfilled community of learning, rooted in a 50-year tradi-

See SCHOOLS, Page 11

“Lifting High the Cross”

Apostle Betty Peebles, Founder Dr. Karyn Scott, Principal


Bishop Ireton is a Catholic, coed, entirely college preparatory high school in Alexandria serving grades 9-12. Bishop Ireton was founded in 1964 by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, an international order of priests and brothers. The school is still affiliated with the Oblates. With an enrollment of 800 students, Bishop Ireton features a warm, caring community with small class sizes, 99 percent college placement, and opportunities for involvement in numerous co-curricular activities. 75 percent of our students participate on at least one of more than 40 athletic teams. Our music program, featuring our Symphonic Wind Ensemble, is internationally known. Our award-winning drama program and Model U.N. club are two of the nearly 40 clubs that students can join to enrich their experience.


Educating Pre-K2 Through Grade 7 Enroll Your Child Today!

Christian Academy

Academic & Social

JUNE 2011

v Dedicated faculty & staff v Pre-School through 8th grade v Vigorous Faith Development Program v Challenging Academic Curriculum v STEM Initiative - Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math v Spanish, Music, Art, Technology and Physical Education v Extended Care Program v Middle States Accredited v Enriching Extracurricular Activities v Convenient to Andrews/Bolling AFB & Bishop McNamara High School

6704 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, Maryland 20747 301-735-5262 / Fax: 301-736-5044

Proudly celebrating 60 years of providing a “Tradition of Excellence”

JUNE 2011



Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Phone 540-373-5355 Fax 540-371-4121 Grades Pre-K-12 Accredited by ACSI


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tion of service and excellence. Founded by six local parishes in 1957, our school was built to serve the rapidly-growing suburban Catholic population in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, our student body of over 1200 reflects the diversity of this community. The spiritual atmosphere at O'Connell is enriched by the presence of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who have served the school population since its doors opened in 1957. Bishop O'Connell is accredited by the Virginia Catholic Education Association and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. In 1992-1993, Bishop O'Connell High School was named a Blue Ribbon school by the Department of Education.

Browne Academy

5917 Telegraph Road Alexandria, VA 22310 Phone 703-960-3000 Fax 703-960-7325 Grades K-8

Our eleven-acre campus features resources for all students, including a new athletics and art center, two libraries and music classrooms, multiple playgrounds, a playing field, swimming pool, and a state-of-the art technology classroom. In addition, all Browne Academy students can participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities offered both during the school day (8:15 a.m.-3:15 p.m.) and as part of our extended day program before (7 a.m.-8:15 p.m.) and after school (3:15 p.m.-6 p.m.). Examples of such offerings include academic tutoring, competitive athletics, private music lessons, handbells, tae kwon do, and much, much more!

Fredericksburg Christian Schools 9400 Thornton Rolling Road

11 Grades K-8 Christian

Fredericksburg Christian School has operated in the Fredericksburg area for more than 32 years. FCS provides a college preparatory program and offers a full athletic program. A unique aspect of FCS is The Leadership Institute which opens this year. The mission of the school is to provide a strong academic program, with Christian character and Biblical truths integrated in every area, in order that students develop a lifelong, Christian worldview. Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, FCS serves more than 900 students through three campuses in Fredericksburg and Stafford.

It is the mission of Our Savior Lutheran School to build character and instill values through a quality Christ-centered education in a nurturing environment. Our Savior Lutheran Church began a Lutheran school because it values Christ-centered education. We believe that in partnership with the home it is important to address the needs of the whole child through the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. Our Savior School is one of the more than 2,000 Lutheran elementary schools operated in the United States by member churches of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Students do not have to be Lutheran to attend Our Savior, but are expected to fully participate in all activities, which include religious studies and weekly school worship.

St. William of York Catholic School

K12 Online

2300 Corporate Park Drive Herndon, VA 20171 Phone 866 667 1262 Grades K-12

K12 is the country’s leading provider of online education for grades K-12. We offer children a high-quality education wherever they are. The K12 curriculum is available anywhere there’s an Internet connection, so as the family picks up and moves, school can too. And the hands-on materials and books that complement the online lessons can be delivered anywhere in the world. Tuition-free, full-time public schooling is available in more than half the states and D.C. and accredited, full-time, online private schools and more than 200 courses available by direct purchase. Military families receive a 15 percent discount on our single courses or private school enrollment.

Our Savior Lutheran School 825 South Taylor Street Arlington, VA 22204 Phone 703-892-4846

3130 Jefferson Davis Highway Stafford, VA 22554 Phone 540-659-5207 Fax 540-659-9863 Grades K-8 Catholic

Saint William of York is a parishbased Catholic school. Our mission is to create a learning environment that will encourage the continuous growth of the child, spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Enhancing and extending the educational process begun by parents, Saint William of York is committed to the integration of academic skills, with Catholic teachings. We believe that it is through Christ’s grace and guidance that we provide this education that nurtures His way of life, a life of charity and service lived in search of His truth.

Now Registering Preschool - Eighth Grade


St. William of York Catholic School

• Academic Excellence • Personalized Attention • Authentic Catholic Culture

3130 Jefferson Davis Highway, Stafford, VA 22554 • 540-659-5207 Mr. Frank Nicely, Principal





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