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Christ House

Providing Health Care for Homeless Persons for Over 25 Years Every day at Christ House we see homeless men and women who come to us with very serious health problems after trying to survive on the street. Our patients have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, HIV/AIDs, injuries from assaults, and some have had just had major surgery and are released from the hospital back to the street. Before coming to Christ House, they spend their nights in crowded, noisy shelters, in abandoned cars and buildings, under bridges, or on steam grates—all at risk of exposure to infectious disease and further injury. It is frightening enough to face serious disease or injury when you have a home to call your own. What do homeless people do and where do they go when they cannot take care of themselves? In Washington, DC, they can come to Christ House. Christ House is a 34-bed residential heath care facility in Washington, DC where homeless men and women may stay as long as their illness requires. Here they get plenty of rest, nutritious meals, medical care, and other crucial support services. Christ House has been in continuous operation since 1985 and has served over 7,400 admissions. Recently, the staff at Christ House got to know Gerald.

(CFC: 34256)

fractures in his jaw. Our case managers set about finding a long-term solution to Gerald’s homelessness while our medical staff cared for his wounds. Our food services department prepared three special meals a day that he could eat with a mouth that was wired shut. As he learned to trust our caring staff, Gerald told them that his greatest challenge was to learn to ask for help. He felt that being in the urban environment triggered many of his worst emotions, and longed for a chance to live in a different place. Gerald did not know that he was eligible for benefits as a veteran of the U.S. Army, but we did. Gerald cried when we told him that he had been accepted into a long-term domiciliary program at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. While there, he will participate in the GOALS program which is an intensive vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work initiative for residents of the VA’s transitional housing program. Without the needed respite of Christ House, our patients would continue the vicious cycle of homelessness, despair, and illness. Through a holistic, patientcentered approach, we see amazing physical and spiritual transformations every day.


Gerald, an armed services veteran, was severely beaten in a local shelter because he changed the thermostat in the dormitory. He was brought to Christ House after receiving emergency care at a local hospital for multiple

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It is frightening enough to face serious disease or injury when you have a home to call your own...

Where do you go when you are homeless?



UW#8385 • CFC#34256

Thank you for your support! 1022059

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1717 COLUMBIA ROAD, NW • WASHINGTON, DC 200009 • WWW.CHRISTHOUSE.ORG • (201) 328-1100 1032511

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October 2012

Lupus Foundation of America Fighting for Answers and Awareness

(Washington, DC – LFA) Most people likely can describe the early warning signs and health risks associated with breast cancer and heart disease, but very few people are aware of another potentially fatal disease that disproportionately strikes young women between the ages of 15 and 44. The disease is lupus. The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) is working to increase awareness of this serious disease and to find answers to questions that will lead to better treatments. The LFA (CFC Agency #10566) is the oldest and largest national nonprofit charitable organization supporting research on lupus, spreading awareness of the disease, and providing support, services and hope to the estimated one in every 200 Americans who are affected by this unpredictable and devastating disease.

Lupus Can Damage Any Organ System

Lupus is caused when the immune system is out of balance, leading to inflammation that can damage any organ in the body. Common symptoms of lupus are joint pain, fatigue, fevers, and skin rashes. Lupus can damage the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain, leading to significant disability or even death. Early detection, diagnosis and treatment of lupus often can prevent or reduce serious health complications, such as heart disease, strokes, seizures, and kidney failure.

Today, the future is brighter than ever before. The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) is supporting research on lupus to learn the underlying causes of lupus and to discover new safe and effective treatments. This new information about how the immune system works is helping doctors to understand how lupus develops and to find ways to slow or stop the disease.

LFA Leads National Effort to Educate Health Professionals and the Public


Diagnosis of Lupus Can Be Difficult

Lupus is difficult to diagnose because many initial symptoms of the disease often are dismissed as nothing serious. Because the disease develops most often in young people, and disease activity comes and goes over time, it is not uncommon for people with lupus to suffer several years before doctors make a diagnosis.

New Treatments Available

There is no cure for lupus, but treatments are available that can help control the disease in most cases.

The LFA provides at no cost a complete series of helpful education booklets and fact sheets on all aspects of lupus, and publishes Lupus Now® magazine, which includes the latest information on new treatments, research findings, lifestyle and wellness articles, and personal stories. The LFA’s Web site,, offers lupus information for all audiences, and includes articles written by top lupus experts, and tips for living and coping with the disease. The LFA health educators answer questions, provide referrals, and help people with lupus access services they need to improve their health and quality of life. The LFA also has a nationwide network of chapters and support groups that conduct programs of research, education and support. For more information about lupus and the LFA, please visit the LFA Web site at or call toll-free 800-558-0121.


October 2012

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Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries 30 Years of Serving Military Teenagers


Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries offers 30 years of experience serving military teenagers at installations in Europe, the Pacific Rim, and in the Continental United States. Club Beyond deploys committed, healthy subject matter experts providing effective youth services to military middle and high schoolers. Club Beyond comprises a community of leaders with an exclusively military focus. MCYM staff members are committed to healthy relationships with teens and with local adult volunteers who participate in the delivery of fun youth programs with a nurturing and developmental edge. MCYM/Club Beyond leverages strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations for greatest results. We work with the chapel staff, and with Youth Services staff to offer optimal access that includes teenagers on and off the installation. Club beyond is currently operating on behalf of military teens with more than 100 staff members serving on 50 military bases around the world. Staff members tutor students, and they lead regular, usually weekly, fun club gatherings. Summer Camps and Service Projects create developmental opportunities for teens to grow in maturity and to foster a sense of serving others. Participating teens

learn to lead their peers, a skill which is among the most challenging lessons to learn in life. Club Beyond creates resiliency in young people through thoughtful mentoring relationships and via engaging discussions of issues that are on the minds of our teenagers. The Club Beyond program, so named by the teenagers it serves, offers enduring programs and resources for military teens and their families during these long days of multiple deployments. A young person can move from one installation to another, and find consistency in the anchor that is Club Beyond at the new base or post. Our resources include The Resiliency Playbook as well as The ReZilient Life ( website. Both of these resources are designed specifically for military teens and will help them deal with issues such as deployment, loneliness, isolation, and transition.

Rebuilding Lives – Strengthening Communities


But it was never meant to be permanent With your help, we can turn it around For more than 30 years, the Coalition for the Homeless has been committed to reducing homelessness in the District of Columbia. The causes of homelessness are many and complex – but the solution to homelessness points to one goal: HOUSING.

Everyone needs permanent housing. Families with children need a stable, warm and caring environment. During these tough times we cannot overlook the thousands of homeless men, women and children who are counting on you. Many of them are veterans. They need your help. We need your support. Coalition for the Homeless 1234 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite C-1015 Washington, D.C. 20005 For more information about giving opportunities please call Sheila Baker at 202-347-8870. Please visit 1032508

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October 2012

Coalition for the Homeless (D.C.) Family Homelessness Prevention

Our Mission

The mission of the Coalition for the Homeless is to provide supportive social services and housing to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Coalition's goal is to help the homeless to regain their dignity, to become as economically selfsufficient as possible and to return to independent living.

Family Homelessness Prevention

Families who experience homelessness is a serious problem in our community. According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ 2012 regional point-in-time count (PIT) of the homelessness, almost 12,000 people were counted as being homeless on Jan. 25. 5,611 or 47 percent of this total were persons in families and 3,388 (60 percent) were children in families. Overall, children represented 29 percent of the region’s homeless in this year ’s PIT count. Children are most adversely affected by homelessness

because they are dislocated from familiar surroundings such as their schools, family and friends, and sometime have to endure the stigma of being homeless. The prevention of homelessness is an important strategy in our national and local efforts to reduce the incidents of homelessness in our community. It is far better to help keep families with children housed in their current housing than allowing them to enter the homeless system. It is far more challenging to secure housing for families after they have become homeless and less traumatic for the children and the entire family. Families who may benefit from prevention assists are those who encounter short-term financial problems such as unemployment or medical/family emergencies who are about to be evicted from their current housing for nonpayment of rent, foreclosure of the property, or utility troubles, or families who are at-risk of becoming homeless See Homeless on Page 10





October 2012

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American Bible Society Providing Scriptures to servicemen and women in the field


FROM 1817 TO THE PRESENT, AND THROUGH NINE WARS, AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY HAS PROVIDED OVER 100 MILLION FREE SCRIPTURES TO THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATED ARMED FORCES. Since 1816, American Bible Society has pioneered ways to provide God’s Word for people in the United States and around the world, who need it most. Serving our Armed Forces through Scripture engagement, has


In 1817, American Bible Society gave sixty-five Bibles to the crew of the USS John Adams, thus beginning a program of contributing Scriptures to the Armed Forces, which continues to the present day. From 1817 to the present, and through nine wars, American Bible Society has provided over 100 million free Scriptures to the brave men and women in the United Stated Armed Forces. Our mission to the members of the Military has been to provide hope and comfort to our American heroes. We know that members of the Military face death every day. What they see, what they experience, impacts their lives forever. We believe the men and women who serve, need hope and encouragement as they face very real enemies. They need answers as they grapple with gut-wrenching issues associated with combat. With the help of our ministry to the Armed Forces Chaplains, we help provide Scriptures directly to servicemen and women serving in the field. American Bible Society also partners with the National VA Chaplain Center - 900 chaplains working in 153 Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers – to personally distribute Scriptures among Veterans from current Middle East conflicts, as well as those who faithfully served in Korea and Vietnam.

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been our highest honor. We also reach to churches with customized Bible resources and to new generations with a growing range of digital technology. We also work with other Bible Societies and ministering partners, in close to 200 counties to translate the Bible thus bringing a life changing message to people in China, the Middle East , India, Africa and around the globe. In helping victims of catastrophic events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina , prisoners and at-risk children find comfort in God’s Word, we work alongside ministry partners who provide for their basic needs. The life changing ministry of American Bible Society is made possible by the generous giving of donors, and includes those who have participated in the Combined Federal Campaigns. Every ministry being offered is thoroughly evaluated through extensive due diligence research provided by our Global Scripture Impact group. You can have confidence that your donation is supporting needed Bible ministry to people desperately in need of hope from God’s Word. American Bible Society CFC 10160 is proud to be a participant in the Combined Federal Campaign.


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October 2012

Prevent Cancer Foundation (formerly the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation)

Linda was familiar with cancer as a survivor. At age 27, she had melanoma – a type of skin cancer that can be fatal, but also curable if detected early. She also experienced cancer as a caregiver. Linda lost her husband to pancreatic cancer and then her adult son was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, he underwent a successful stem cell transplant in 2004 and is doing well today. In both cases, a symptom prompted each to get a checkup. In 2010, lightning struck again. After putting off a routine colonoscopy, Linda scheduled hers to avoid a lecture from her doctor. The result: Stage IV colon cancer. According to Linda, “Listening to the oncologist explain the chemotherapy, radiation and future surgery, it seemed like a bad dream. How could this be? I felt great.” Linda was lucky. Stage IV colon cancer is serious, but she received good treatment and is in remission. The reality is that screening saves lives. Breast, cervical, colon, lung, oral, skin, prostate and testicular cancer can be detected early by following screening guidelines.

Cancer can also be preventable

Are you aware that approximately 50% of all cancers and cancer deaths can be prevented by changing personal behaviors,or that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? A recent study published in Science Translational Medicine, reinforced the evidence that tens of thousands of


Saving lives through cancer prevention and early detection

cancers every year are preventable. The researchers estimate that smoking, obesity, inactivity, poor diets and other factors collectively account for 54.5 percent of all cancer deaths. There is some good news. Both cancer cases and deaths are declining, a result of decades of research, education, screening and services from institutions and organizations across the country, including the Prevent Cancer Foundation. But greater strides need to be made. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 571,950 men and women

died from cancer in 2011. We want to bring that number down and Stop Cancer Before It Starts! You can help. Make cancer prevention a priority and renew your CFC support by designating the Prevent Cancer Foundation - #11074.Your gift will help fund cutting-edge research, provide cancer prevention education and community outreach to underserved communities. For example: • $10 - 1 prostate cancer screening at a State Fair • $25 - 1 skin cancer screening at a State Fair • $250 - 2 mammograms and 5 cervical cancer screenings at ¡Celebremos la vida! • $500 - 2 months of medical supplies for breast and cervical cancer screenings at ¡Celebremos la vida! for 80 women • $1,000 - Distribution of Breast Health Exam DVD and manual to 20 community groups • $2,500 – 1 day of screenings on the GWU/Prevent Cancer Foundation Mammovan • $10,000 - 1 Prevent Cancer Super Colon™ stop at an underserved community • $40,000---1 full year grant for prevention or early detection research Please visit our website for more information at and find us on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterestand Twitter. Designate - CFC #11074. Thank you!



October 2012


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Catholic Charities Beyond a Crisis: How Catholic Charities Addresses Deeper Issues for Families When Esther lost her job, her life became a juggling act. Fortunately, Esther was a good juggler. A single mom with four children, she had always kept a careful eye on her family’s budget, and for awhile she managed to stretch her unemployment check to meet their immediate needs. But then she got a cut-off notice from her electric company. “I was strapped,” Esther said. “I had to make choices at that time of what to pay and what could wait.” She started looking for help and was referred to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington’s Montgomery County Family Center (MCFC), which provides families with a whole range of help, including emergency financial assistance. “There’s a big change in who we see needing help,” said Nhora Rosero, Family Support Specialist at the MCFC. “It used to be people with no education, people with no employment training. Now, it’s families who for some reason have fallen on a hard time and are struggling to get out of it.” But providing financial aid isn’t enough – people who suddenly find themselves in a tight budget spot also need tools to help them recover and avoid similar problems in the future. Likely underlying issues need to be


addressed. The staff at our MCFC enlisted the help of volunteers to begin “Money Matters,” a class funded by the Neighbors In Need Montgomery Fund housed at The Community Foundation. For Esther, the class offered a lot of practical advice. “I learned to pay myself first,” she said. “In other words, instead of only tucking away what I have left at the end

of the month, I put a certain amount in savings right at the start. This way I know there will always be something there on another rainy day.” She also learned how to budget for little things as well as big things. “Travel expenses were costing me a ton,” she said. “Now I make one trip to the store a week. I plan my family’s meals ahead. And I wait until I have a few errands before I go into town, to help save on gas or bus fare.” Thanks to the class, Esther has set up a budget she can manage, and a savings account she can fall back on, as she continues her search for employment. “Once Catholic Charities helped me out of that crisis, it was a fresh start for me and my family.” Catholic Charities serves more than 100,000 children and adults locally each year, providing help when it’s needed most. To learn more, please visit


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October 2012

Animal Welfare Institute Supporting Humane Treatment of Animals on Family Farms Will Witherspoon is a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. He is also a farmer—the owner of 500-acre Shire Gate Farm, in Owensville, Mo, where he and his family raise White Park cattle. (The farm is also home to Witherspoon’s Shire horses—hence the name.) In farming circles, Shire Gate is unique for more than just having an owner who happens to be a 12-year NFL veteran, however. The farm is also distinguished by the way the animals on the farm are treated. Shire Gate is certified “Animal Welfare Approved.” Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) is a program of the Animal Welfare Institute, a nonprofit organization established in 1951 and dedicated to alleviating suffering inflicted on animals by humans. Free of charge to the farmer, the AWA program audits and certifies family farms that raise their animals outdoors, on pasture, in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the country. Animals on AWA farms like Shire Gate live very different lives than those confined indoors on industrial farms. Today, over nine billion animals are raised and slaughtered for food annually in the United States. The vast majority spend bleak lives warehoused within industrialized facilities that maximize profits by treating animals not as sentient creatures, but as production units.


Raised by the thousands at a single site, many animals exist in such tight quarters that they can scarcely move, let alone behave normally. Some never see the sun. The system is not only cruel. It is dangerous. An estimated 80 percent of all antimicrobials are used in this country to keep animals in overcrowded, stressful and unsanitary conditions from getting sick, and to artificially speed their growth. Such non-therapeutic use, in addition to propping up a terribly inhumane farming system,

contributes to making these antibiotics less effective in treating serious human illnesses. Witherspoon—who has an agricultural engineering degree from the University of Georgia—wanted something different. "I wanted Shire Gate Farm to be true to nature and true to the way things should be done. That means putting the welfare and care of the animals first. My cattle are raised as nature intended, on grass, and aren’t fed growth hormones, antibiotics or other unnatural additives," he says. This past July, Witherspoon was on Capitol Hill to speak at a congressional briefing, warning about the dangers of routinely feeding antibiotics to billions of farm animals. Witherspoon calls this “one of the gravest known threats to human health” and says “it’s been an eye-opening journey as a farmer to see the industrialized practices that have developed. I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to try to make a change.” The Animal Welfare Institute, through its AWA program, is partnering with farmers like Will Witherspoon to pioneer a more humane, healthy, sustainable farming system. The AWA program and food label promote the well-being of animals and the viability of family farms, uniting conscientious consumers with farmers who raise their animals with compassion.


Supporting our deployed sons & daughters Serving America’s deployed Troops and their families and financially assisting injured and wounded Veterans through the AAP Walking Wounded Program. God Bless America and the Troops who are serving and those who have served to protect her.


October 2012


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Homeless from 5 who are living in unstable housing. For example, families living with family/friends temporarily due to prior evictions, domestic violence, medical emergencies, unemployment etc. The Coalition manages the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center (FRC), which is the central intake in the District of Columbia for families seeking shelter and emergency housing. The primary purpose of the FRC is to determine if a family is eligible for shelter, and if so, what type of shelter or housing would best meet the family’s need. This is a challenge task due to the poor economy, and the lack of affordable housing, more families are seeking shelter services.

How You Can Help

The Coalition needs donations to continue to fund our Emergency Housing Placement Assistance Program, which is administered from the Family Resource Center. Monies donated to the Housing Assistance Program helps to prevent family homelessness, or shorten the length of stay for families placed in shelter by the FRC. For these families, the Coalition may pay rent or utility bill arrearages, or provide first month’s rent/security deposit to help them to move into permanent housing. In 2000,

the Coalition have been about to provide housing assistance to more than 690 homeless families with children.

Families Who Have Been Helped

The following are two examples of families who benefitted from the Coalition’s housing placement assistance fund. A mother with two children was a victim of domestic violence and was forced to move out of her home for her safety. For six months she lived with a girlfriend. While living with her friend she worked, but found it difficult to save money quickly enough for the first month's rent and security deposit for an apartment. Her plight was further compounded by the fact that she had to pay all of the family living expenses on one income. Eventually the mother was financially stable enough to rent her own apartment and was able to secure housing assistance funds from the Coalition in order to move her and the children into their own. A husband and wife went to the Family Resource Center to apply for emergency shelter for themselves and their two sons. They recently had to vacate their home immediately when it was destroyed by a storm. The family tried to get help but was unsuccessful and ended up at staying in a motel.

Although Anthony was employed, money was dwindling and soon the family could no longer afford the motel costs. The couple tried again to get help with housing and eventually was referred to the FRC. The Caseworker at FRC called Red Cross and they were able to assist the family with the cost of staying in a motel until they could find permanent affordable housing. The husband soon became ill and was hospitalized. The Case Worker provided emotional support and assistance with helping the family navigate apartment leasing and inspection issues. On Nov. 1, 2011, the family moved into a permanent home. The husband was still hospitalized and in intensive care when the family moved into their new home. Through the wife's tears, she expressed her gratitude for the Family Resource Center staff for helping her through a very difficult time.


For more information, copies of our annual report and audit reports are available by writing us at 1234 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., or calling 202-3478870, fax 347-7279.Please visit our website at Helps the Coalition to continue rebuilding lives and strengthening our communities.”

Quality Trust Helping those with disabilities Quality Trust's vision is a community where everyone is respected, belongs, contributes, is valued and shapes his or her own present and future. Quality Trust's mission is to be an independent catalyst for change in the lives of people of all ages with developmental disabilities. We partner with people and their families so they can succeed, thrive and experience full membership in the communities they choose. We work with individuals and family members to solve problems, identify opportunities for learning and contribution and find creative ways to minimize "differences" and make the most of each person's abilities.


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Combined Federal Campaign 2 - Advertising Supplement

October 2012

Support Our Troops


Providing morale and well-being to the troops worldwide. Today our military is under unprecedented stress. And SupportOurTroops.Org is the charity through which Americans strengthen the morale and well-being of their active duty military and their families. SOT’s programs annually provide millions of dollars’ worth of care, goods and services including family assistance, kids camp assistance, positive public support and more at hundreds of locations around the globe. From care packages to military kids camps, SOT does for those who do for all of us. Their motto is, They Support Us Let’s Support Them!®


Thank you for what you did for my family. ~ Jake, a soldier’s child. SOT ships pallets of goods flown into the war zones including 40-foot containers shipped into the war zones. Shipments go anywhere from South Korean bases to bases in Kuwait to tractor trailer loads to bases across America very year. Millions of times each year, at hundreds of locations across America and around the globe, SOT steps up for those who have stepped up for all of us. If they’re there, SOT’s with them.™

Over $7 million in clipped food, baby, pet and household product coupons, were shipped to commissaries worldwide in 2011 for military families to use, helping their pay go further. And after discharge, SOT’s veterans’ partner, Veterans of Modern Warfare, takes over and continues looking for the troops. It takes good Americans to make all this happen. Much of what SOT accomplishes is made possible by the Boy Scouts, Goodyear, and good people like you participating through the CFC. For example, for three years in a row SOT’s Patriotic Partner, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has stepped up in a major way for the military community and their October 2012


families, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars nationwide to support SOT’s highly effective programs. And so have the individual donors of the CFC, says SOT chairman Martin Boire. America is an altruistic force for good, said Boire. Our military holds back the dark forces. Civilization as we know it would not exist but for the brave men and women who serve to defend our freedoms. Between all of us, we hopefully can make the military community as proud of us as we are of them. Won't you please help Support Our Troops do more for those who do for all of us? You can support them through CFC Nat’l Capital #85292 or through CFC Main & Int’l #31529. Learn more at ww.SupportOurTroops.Org. Combined Federal Campaign 2 - Advertising Supplement


We were having a bad day and your boxes came at just the right time. Just want to say thanks for all you did. ~ SFC Connors.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Foundation Family Gets a Hand Up from VFW Unmet Needs Car repairs put family in a tight spot

Deployments are never easy on any military spouse, but it was particularly hard on Mrs. Foster when her husband [Mr. Foster] was deployed. She suffers from severe immune deficiency disorder and has frequent medical appointments for her treatment. She’s unable to work because of her health issues, so the Fosters rely solely on her husband’s income. When Mrs. Foster’s vehicle needed repairs it put her in a tight spot. Not only did she require transportation to get to her many appointments, but they needed financial assistance for the unexpected car repairs. Luckily the Fosters were familiar with the VFW Unmet Needs program, thanks to a presentation by VFW members at her husband’s military base. Mrs. Foster applied for assistance through the program, and soon learned they were selected as a recipient of a grant. Mrs. Foster was extremely grateful for the help and was surprised by the quick turnaround. The repair shop received the money within a few days, and the repairs only took one day. “We were having a rough time…but due to the VFW we were able to get the help we needed in a timely manner! We cannot thank everyone enough!” said Mrs. Foster. “I thought this experience was amazing…I had thought it was going to


Page 12


be a long process, but in fact, it was not,” she continued. Mrs. Foster also expressed gratitude for every Unmet Needs supporter who makes the program possible. “We would like to thank everyone who donates and participates in the VFW program....taking the time to help military families in need is amazing.” She said the last year has been hard on her family, but now she’s hopeful about the future. “After we got this grant things have been looking up for us.” [First name removed to protect privacy of family] - Written by Jennifer McDonald Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Foundation CFC #10511


Combined Federal Campaign 2 - Advertising Supplement

October 2012

Capital Caring

Making Life Better for Those with Serious Illness

Maria was only 27 years old when she learned she had ovarian cancer. The young wife and mother of two children – a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old – was in shock. But her faith and a supportive community helped her through early treatments, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Tragically, Maria’s cancer entered her lymphatic system and began to form tumors in other parts of her body. As her pain and symptoms worsened, it became impossible for Maria to care for her home and children. Her husband, weighed down by grief and anger at her illness and by his job and other responsibilities, was overwhelmed. The family didn’t have insurance to cover at-home care for Maria. Plus, it would have been difficult for her to get the rest and care she needed at home with two small children. Thanks to Capital Caring, Maria was able to receive expert, compassionate care during her final days at our inpatient center in Arlington. Her family spent time with her there, while we provided Maria with ‘round-the-clock nursing care – relieving the pressure on her husband and family. And during her final days, Maria was able to focus what energy she had on her beloved family. Capital Caring is able to provide such a high level of


care to patients like Maria because of our nationally recognized physicians in the Hospice and Palliative Care field. Every day, our physicians join with an interdisciplinary team of professionals including nurses, social workers, chaplains, grief counselors, nursing assistants, trained volunteers and more to develop individual care plans that address the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of anyone living with serious advanced illness. Our nationally recognized Fellowship Program provides one year of training that leads to board eligibility in Hospice and Palliative Medicine for physicians who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of our



October 2012

growing field. Sponsored by Med Star Washington Hospital Center, the District of Columbia’s largest academic institution with over 900 beds, the Fellowship Program recently celebrated its 8th year. Capital Caring also has a Military Hospital Physician Training Program that trains approximately 25 physician residents each year to care for our returning Wounded Warrior service members, veterans and their families. Through a grant from the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Capital Caring has trained residents at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and continues to reach out to other military hospitals to enlist their residents in our urgently needed hospice and palliative care training. These training programs are essential elements in maintaining Capital Caring’s strong reputation as a leading provider of Hospice and Palliative Care in the region. Capital relies on donors like YOU to support our ongoing efforts to educate a new and growing crop of physicians committed to helping our patients and their families – 10 percent of whom are active, veteran, or retired military – make the most of every single day. Thank you for designating Capital Caring–CFC # 39664–as your charity of choice through this year’s Combined Federal Campaign.

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American Red Cross National Capital Region

American Red Cross in the National Capital Region

Community Services

The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to victims of disasters, and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. The Mission of the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Our team reached 35,456 people with Red Cross community services by participating in community events such as safety fairs, parades and celebrations, and by providing community members with health-related and disaster information. Overall, the National Capital Region reached more than 230,000 people in the Washington metro area with American Red Cross services in fiscal year 2012.

A Note About Volunteers:

Disaster Relief and Community Disaster Education

When a disaster threatens or strikes, the Red Cross is there. This year our team responded to 429 local disasters. We helped 885 affected families with emergency food, shelter and supplies. We provided disaster education presentations to over 29,000 individuals in the community to prevent, prepare for, and recover from disasters or other life-threatening emergencies.

The American Red Cross provides communication between men and women in the military stationed away from home and their families. This year, we provided services and assistance to over 3,200 military families.

Health and Safety Services

International Services

From first aid, CPR and AED training to swimming and lifeguarding,Red Cross programs help people lead safer and healthier lives. We taught 59,322 people lifesaving skills in classes throughout the region.


Service to the Armed Forces

The international tracing program helps local families find relatives with whom they have lost contact because of a natural disaster, war or internal conflict. We worked on 28 international tracing cases last year.

We depend on volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to carry out our work. Volunteers constitute 97 percent of our total workforce; they serve as members of our board, act as instructors teaching lifesaving skills, participate as disaster action team members, office administrators, event organizers and more.

About the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a notfor-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its missions.


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Combined Federal Campaign 2 - Advertising Supplement

October 2012

Tel Aviv University Changing Lives to Change the World ThefutureisbeingforgedatTelAvivUniversity—today.


pus. The university is one of Israel’s most important research centers, engaged in more than 5,000 innovative projects in classic disciplines, and in cutting-edge fields from bioinformatics to nanotechnology. Many of the world’s most respected business, government, military, and academic leaders come to Tel Aviv University to develop new ways to approach their work. And in the world of statecraft, scores of TAU faculty members have been called on to serve as government ministers, Knesset members, and international ambassadors. At Tel Aviv University, students and faculty do more than think about Israel’s future. With the help of committed friends worldwide, they help to shape and expand the possibilities for the benefit of mankind. TAU helps shape Israel’s social future, too, opening the doors of knowledge and opportunity to all. American Friends of Tel Aviv University are pleased to support Tel Aviv University’s vital role in expanding the future of Israel — and the world.

TAU is Israel’s leading center of higher learning, independently ranked among the top 90 in the world. Israel’s largest, most comprehensive, and most soughtafter, it provides a world class education for more than for 30,000 students a year. In science, business, medicine, government, the arts, and the art of scholarship, Tel Aviv University is internationally recognized for excellence in research and scholarship. And TAU is at the forefront of today’s most exciting new fields of multidisciplinary research, from bioinformatics and nanotechnology to the neurosciences, excelling in high-tech engineering, renewable energy, and environmental research. TAU has the only space observatory in the entire Middle East, and an on-campus research zoo that is one of only two in the world. Tel Aviv University attracts the best and the brightest, which is why 150 of the world’s leading academic and corporate institutions conduct joint programs on cam-


AMERICA’S VETERANS SERVED THEIR COUNTRY WITH THE BELIEF THAT FREEDOM IS AN IDEAL TO BE UPHELD. THEIR BELIEF MADE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE. SUPPORT THE ARMY DISTAFFF FOUNDATION AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES. The Army Distaff Foundation supports Knollwood, a premier residential and healthcare service community for retired military officers and their families. Founded on a benevolent purpose, the Foundation also provides care to those in need, ensuring that military retirees have access to healthcare and services that they require and have earned through their sacrifice. 1030954

October 2012

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Combined Federal Campaign 2 - Advertising Supplement

October 2012