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to clinical settings at a 300-bed regional hospital in the island from the first semester itself. SMUFOM’s mission is to provide a well-balanced instructional programme, enabling students to achieve their full potential and become qualified physicians and exceptional leaders in the field of medicine.

Programmes offered

SMUFOM offers a rigorous programme that integrates the basic

sciences with the clinical practices of medicine. The Programme in Basic Sciences is offered over four semesters of 20 weeks each. There is a scheduled mid-semester break after mid-term exams. There are 35 contact hours of teaching per week in each of the first four semesters. After completing this, students have to pass the entire course with a GPA of 2.0. Clinical sciences are taught during the third and fourth years.

Aiming highest level of academic success In an interview with Future Medicine, Priyam Sharma, Managing Director, St Martinus University, talks about the vision that drives the institute What’s your vision plan? At St Martinus University Faculty of Medicine (, our vision is to create the best global medical school, where students from various countries can receive education and become respected citizens of any country they choose to live in. We strive to provide a wellbalanced instructional programme that enables students to reach their highest level of academic success. Our staff is committed to creating FUTURE MEDICINE I August 2012


a student-centered educational environment that stresses on high expectations. Our goal is to maintain an active partnership, involving students, teachers, community, and staff, and develop a love for learning while embracing our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful and supportive environment. Our faculty, staff and students accomplish our mission by providing student assistance inside and outside the classroom. Teaching

There are two semesters of 24 weeks each in the third year. Core clerkships are delivered in the third year. There are two semesters of 16 weeks each in the fourth year. SMUFOM students with OCI status (Overseas Citizenship of India) and Indian citizens are eligible for the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. St Martinus students are eligible to practise in India after completing their degree.

Future medicine  

magazine on medical industry

Future medicine  

magazine on medical industry