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and artists and asked them to create a story that would present the facts that I learned. The first story that addressed this topic was called Bottle Battle. The most recent story, Getting Drastic with Plastic, has been penned by Batton Lash. I am confident that, through titles such as these, we shall be successful in saving our environment, because when Archie speaks, people listen! Through titles like Getting Drastic with Plastic, we see Archie and his friends through the narrative, urging readers to refuse, reduce, reuse or recycle plastic in order to achieve the goal of improving our environment. How would you measure the results of such initiatives? I am hoping that articles like these will encourage teachers to appreciate the importance of comic books with such stories and utilise them in the classroom. The children will take their knowledge out of the classroom and into their homes and communities and be the ambassadors to improving our environment. My measurement is within my belief of the children, their actions that will be the force for us adults to stop delaying on the issues we are faced with regarding global warming. We no longer can wait for someone to fix the problem! There are many organisations and efforts that have been on the scene, but it takes a bigger effort. What we need is a global movement. We are ALL in this together and we must all be accountable for our actions. What is your success mantra? ‘Never question if you can only question why would you ever think you cannot!’ Archie Comics has evolved along with the times. Is getting into new genres more of a rule than an exception? What are your EDUCATION INSIDER I January 2014

The education system was structured for a different time! I feel that it is afraid to start from ground zero. I do not see the extant model working towards the type of minds we need now and for the future.

company’s immediate priorities? We are more than a publishing company. We are about entertainment. Technology has

Nancy Silberkleit Nancy Silberkleit is the daughter-in-law of Louis H Silberkleit, one of the founders of Archie Comics Publications. Archie is one of the most successful, longest-running brands in the history of the comic business. Nancy stepped into her role as Co-CEO of the company, based in Mamaroneck, New York, in 2009, with a vision that the comic book, as a graphic novel, is a valuable tool for developing literacy among first-time readers and instilling a love of reading in everyone. Nancy, a school educator for the last three decades before taking on the position of leading the iconic brand, believes immensely in the power of a teacher and acknowledges that she could not have gone to become a Co-CEO without her teaching experience. As someone who champions literacy, Nancy has not taken off her teaching hat and counts herself as a

pushed us forward in many new ways that expanded how one interacts with our brand. I would not say whether it is a rule or an exception, but Archie is a solid brand that is based on people and which reflects people; so our characters are just staying in tune with today’s trends. Archie and the gang are almost lifelike. Our characters are following the beat of people no matter where they are on planet Earth! Our priority is to continue to listen to our fans around the globe and give them that ‘I Love Archie’ experience whenever and wherever they want it. part of the fictional Riverdale High School with Mr Weatherbee as her principal! She sees comic books as another genre to one’s choices in literacy and a powerful tool to stimulate and build today’s children into strong, creative thinkers, who are prepared to approach complex situations. In Nancy’s own words, ‘Children + comic books = Reading, knowledge and confidence. While Nancy is closely focused on preserving the legacy that she has inherited, she is also making sure that she uses comic books to make a contribution to society. “When Archie speaks, people listen,” she says. Nancy has also established a foundation named Rise Above Social Issues Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit entity that addresses challenging social issues, such as childhood obesity and other chronic medical conditions, as well as bullying, discrimination and environmental concerns through comic books.