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01/04/14 Praise & worship Psalm 107:1, 105:1-4


Praise him for His grace, love & mercy.


Praise him for his protection & preservation.


Thank him for his faithfulness in his promises.

02/04/14 Promise to the reader and the obedient Rev-1:3

1. Pray that God will expose to you the mystery behind His Word

2. Pray for divine grace to obey His word

03/04/14 Living for Jesus Matthew 16 24-23 1. Pray for God’s ability to help you reflect on what Christ went through on the cross. 2 Pray for strength to take whatever the situation you are passing through and follow God.

04/04/14 In His Riches 2 Peter 1:3 1. Pray that God will order your steps and make you wait for the appointed time. 2. Pray for grace to be courageous in face of adversity. 3. Pray that God will help you to understand the times‌

05/04/14 Hold fast Rev2:13-17

1. Pray for divine strength to holdfast your profession of faith. 2. Pray for courage to reject all false doctrine and prophets. 3. Pray that God will continually lead you away from temptations.


Power of Love. John-3:16, John: 15-9, 13 1. Pray that God will give you His own style of love for others. 2. Pray for grace to love God more than you can ever imagine.

07/04/14 The relationship between believers & Christ John 15: 7.

1. Pray for grace to be in the place that is meant for you in Christ Jesus. 2. Pray for ability to function and be fruitful in your place.

08/04/14 Total dependence John 15:5-6 1. Pray for devine direction to tap into the supernatural wealth of God. 2. Pray to know where you are currently and help to be where you ought to be.

09/04/14 Walking with you Exodus 33:15

1. Draw me by your power oh God. 2. Let me know you more. 3. Reveal your glory in my life.


Abundant Grace 2 Cor.9.8 1. Pray for God’s grace abound towards you.


2. That you may be able to do good works. 3. Pray for grace to always remember the covenant God has made with you.

11/06/13 Abundant Power Eph 3-20 1. His power works in all true believers 2. That power gives you boldness to do all things.


Abundant Supply Philippians 4:19 1. Pray for the wisdom of God to Know the things that you need. 2. Ask for God’s understanding of the way to go about getting them. 3. Pray for grace to be patient believing its on is way.

13/04/14 In His care Ephesians 2:1-6 1. Pray for God’s revelation to Know that you have what the world need and not the world having what you need. 2. Pray for courage to standout and show the world the way to go.

14/04/14 Following His steps Romans 12:2 1. Pray that the fear of God will work out courage in you to live a watchful and prayerful life 2. Pray for grace that you may be able to enter daily into God’s presence daily with boldness.

15/04/14 Christian company 2Tim-3:14 1. Courage to identify with Christian 2. Courage to live a Christ-like life

16/04/14 The Salt of the earth. Matt 5:13

1. Make me a salt indeed. 2. Help me to touch life.

17/04/14 The Touch of CHRIST Matt 9:20 1. Continually live in the spirit 2. Pray for the knowledge of the spirit of God.

18/04/14 The cleansing touch Matt 8:3 1. Ask for the kind of touch that will make your body His temple 2. Ask God to live through you.

19/04/14 Spiritual Awakening Luke 4:18 1. Pray for spiritual awakening that draws you closer to God. 2. Pray for spiritual awakening in your family church and nation.


In times like these‌ 1 Corinthians 15:58 1. Grace to be peaceful and calm when face with life’s challenges and oppositions.

2. Grace to be steadfast always abounding in the love of God.

21/04/14 Deliverance from evil 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 1. Pray against everything that has exalted itself against the knowledge of God in your life 2. Pray that God will continually lead you into His will.

22/04/14 Praying Aright James 1:6 1. Pray against doubt and unbelief.

2. Grace and the divine ability to pray according to God will.

23/04/14 Authority in Christ Colosians 2:15 1. Pray for unity and oneness in the Church. 2. Pray that God will make His minister spiritually vibrant instrument in His hand

24/04/14 Forgiveness Matt 21:22 1. The grace to pray for those who oppress and persecute us.

2. Pray for the wisdom of God to deal with them.

25/04/14 Search the scriptures John 5-39 1. Grace to search and understand the scriptures. 2. Grace to be totally surrendered to the word of God.

Promise of spiritual equipment 2 Peter 1:2-4


1. Pray that God will make you a sharp threshing instrument having teeth. 2. Pray that God will impact His very nature in you.


Gods guidance Psalms 78:52-53 1. Pray that God will guide you through all you situation. 2. Pray that God will give you courage to trust Him.

28/04/14 Tap into your creativity Genesis 1:27 1. Pray for the ability to tap into God-given creativity(vision). 2. Pray for the innate power to fulfil your God-given creativity.

29/04/14 Pleasing God. Psalm 19:14

1. Courage to put God first. 2. Boldness not to fear man.

30/04/14 Healthy competition 1 Corinthians 9:24 1. Devine ability to stay alert and in top condition 2. Grace to maximise all you do for God’s glory.

April prayer diary 2014  

Prayer diary of the Deeper Life Bible Church Leeds for the Month of April 2014