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The Sapphire Coast….a real gem!

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The Twilight Zone

ell folks, once again we find ourselves quickly approaching the end of yet another year. The frenzy of the ‘Silly Season’—aka Christmas—is almost upon us, and as usual we sit here pondering where the time has gone. In the southern states the daylight hours are starting to get longer—at least until the summer solstice on December 21. For much of the country, the addition of Daylight Saving elongates the warmer balmy evenings into a twilight period, creating the perfect environment to spend some time on the golf course and recapture your devotion—and absent winter love—for this game. Personally, I love playing golf this time of year. It might be because I feel guilty about not getting out enough throughout the rest of the year, or maybe it’s because twilight golf offers numerous benefits. Get out and see what I mean. Play golf at your own leisurely pace. Play two balls. Maybe three—who cares? The fairways are basically empty at that time anyway. What about the notion of finishing the day with a couple of hours spent on course? Getting out to the peaceful surroundings of a golf course post-work is the perfect way to ease the tension of a difficult day in the office, and with the added hours of light, you now can. Playing golf in the comfort of the cooler evening temperature—rather than the middle of a scorching hot summer day—is also more appealing to many of us, particularly those of the fair-skinned variety. While the reasons above would normally be good enough to convince me to get out for a hit, the biggest winner of all is the pleasure I get from spending some one-on-one time with my family. And the kids love it, too. Golf is an amazing game, and from my extensive time involved with it, I have learned that it is the people, places and shared experiences that make it the greatest of them all. For evidence of that fact, look no further than this issue of Beyond the Fairways. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and his wife Tamie speak of combining their affection for golf with their vocation to support goodwill in the community. (p28). Or read about six inspiring golfers who travelled far and wide to attend a golf school in Melbourne; for some it turned out to be a life-changing experience (p30). Also featured in this issue is Western Australian Drummond Golf franchisee, David Breen, who speaks of his ancestral link to the Royal and Ancient St Andrews Golf Club (p12). For the travel-minded golfer, we showcase the best courses and things to experience along New South Wales’ beautiful Sapphire Coast. (p35). Winemaker Chris Fox also steps in to announce the release of his signature wine—FoxAgra! (p42). A fine drop indeed. There’s also a heap of new products reviewed as well as news from golf’s major brands. Oh, I nearly forgot, Tiger is coming Down Under. Will he add the ‘Gold Jacket’ to his trophy cabinet? Find out in our Australian Masters preview (p8). But if you’re going to take just one thing out of this issue, then I urge you to get out with your family or a friend and enjoy a round of twilight golf. I promise you, it’s another world altogether. Good reading and happy golfing.

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I would like to hear your golfing stories, comments on published features, feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to email me at Selected comments may be printed in the next issue.

Sam Gole Drummond Club Director & Beyond the Fairways editor 4




elcome to the summer edition of Beyond the Fairways. As we are now in daylight saving time in most parts of Australia it gives us a great opportunity to consider family and social golf during spring and summer. At this time of year many of our golf clubs run nine-hole twilight competitions followed by dining or other social activities. Some of these clubs encourage members to bring a guest as a way of reaching out to new members and introducing new people to golf.

These events provide us with a relaxed environment to introduce a partner and the rest of the family to club golf. Not only is this a healthy way to spend an evening but a wonderful social outing for our children who are often too reliant on electronic entertainment. While it is great that an entire new generation has been introduced to golf by Tiger Woods, for most this introduction is on a computer or a simulator in one’s living room. Many of them will never experience the joy and challenge of actually playing golf. The actual game provides a lot more benefits than any simulated version with major health factors being the most significant. Recent studies have shown that golfers live longer and enjoy better health. The low impact exercise provided during a round of golf means less long term injuries and as a result a sport that can be enjoyed well into retirement.

So do a favour for a friend, partner or child this summer and introduce them to the real game of golf. Golf is one of only a few sports that can boast the level of active participation among juniors and retirees. It is truly a sport for life. Kind Regards,

Mark Abeyaratne Managing Director

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Golf at the Olympics I don’t think so!


n Copenhagen this October, most likely before this article goes to print, 115 IOC delegates from 70 countries will vote on the inclusion of golf in the Olympics. Personally, I love playing golf. I love watching Tiger play. But golf at the Olympics? I don’t think so. Certainly not if it follows the same format as tennis. To me, the Olympics is about discovering new personalities like Steve Hooker, Matthew Mitcham or Sally McLellan. It’s about seeing the superstars, like Usain Bolt, perform at the highest level. Seeing the same old same old golfers doing the same old thing at the Olympics does very little for me. We currently get to see all the golfing superstars all year round thanks to more golf on ONE HD. In fact next year there will be over 25 golf tournaments on ONE HD’s schedule. Being in marketing, I can partially understand the motive of the International Golf Federation (IGF) pushing this barrow. They see it as a great opportunity to continue to expand and develop the sport into new countries, particularly India and China. And if golf does make it into the Olympics it has a fantastic opportunity

to showcase the sport for what it truly is. Golf is one of the few sports that has a very strong and disciplined amateur body. It is also one of the few sports with gender equality—where men and women can compete together at the same venue. This happens at most golf courses around Australia on just about every Saturday. This is what I would like to see: • A six-day mixed team’s event involving professionals and amateurs playing on the same course at the same time. • A four-person team consisting of one male pro, one male amateur, one female pro and one female amateur. Day One would be a full teams’ event like Ambrose; something fun and light to kick things off and something most club golfers can relate to. The purists out there might condemn me for this, but think of what Twenty 20 cricket has done for that game. Day Two would be a four ball event. Men play as a team, as do the women. Day Three, a mixed foursome. The pros play as a team, as do the amateurs. Day Four would be mixed again, but the teams would be reversed with the male pro playing with the


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female amateur, and the female pro playing with the male amateur. The following two days would be individual stroke. At the end of the six days, five lots of medals can be won. Based on two rounds of stroke, medals can be given to the best male pro, best female pro, best male amateur and best female amateur, and a teams event would count for all six rounds. This format would be the most fantastic experience for the leading amateurs in the world. They get to play with, and learn from, some the best professionals in the game. As I said, one of the great strengths of the game of golf is the gender equality. Let’s show the world that you don’t have to hit the ball like Tiger to be able to play with Tiger. I believe this format will also have far greater appeal to people in the newer golfing nations. The best golfing experience of my life was playing with Karrie Webb in last year’s Women’s Australian Open pro-am at Metropolitan Golf Club.



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p. 51


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ONLY BIONIC HAS AN ANATOMICAL PAD SYSTEM. Your fingers and palm have “peaks and valleys.” Bionic’s patented, anatomical pads (shown in orange) even out the surface of your hand, giving you a lighter grip and optimum contact between hand and club.

LIGHTEN YOUR GRIP FOR LONGER, MORE ACCURATE SHOTS With a conventional golf glove, you compensate for the unevenness of your hand by squeezing the club too hard. That tightens the muscles in your hand and arm. With the Bionic glove design, you instinctively adopt a lighter grip. Your new lighter, more relaxed Bionic grip will increase swing speed and add distance. Because your hand has more surface contact with the club, you have more control. This keeps the clubface from twisting, improving accuracy. Gloves are crafted from top-grade cabretta leather—they feel like a second skin. Available in men’s and women’s sizes and styles (left and right handed).

P O W E R B I LT. C O M . A U

Bionic Gloves are available at all Drummond Golf Stores.




Will Tiger be

King at The Heath?



olfers, tourism operators and the playmakers who invested so heavily on securing Tiger Woods’ coming Down Under are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the world number one into Melbourne this November. Woods will compete for the coveted Gold Jacket—the symbolic prize for the winner of one of the flagship events on our home tour—at our very own Australian Masters held at the prestigious Kingston Heath. Record galleries—plus hundreds of thousands of television viewers— will be expecting Tiger to illuminate the Kingston Heath layout in the dominant style we have witnessed time and again. And why wouldn’t we expect that? He can win on one good leg (as demonstrated during his victory in the 2008 US Open) and he’s also shown on numerous occasions that he can win on course without his A-game. 8

And that’s not all. His competitive record at foreign events in which he received an appearance fee is second to none. By the end of 2008 he had won 15 of 33 such events. He has won in nine foreign countries—Argentina, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand and UAE. So you can bet he has a thirst to make Australia his 10th foreign conquest. There are plenty of examples of big names receiving big bucks for attending tournaments yet not delivering the desired bang. But Tiger is different. He embraces his global image and understands golf is a global game. He is meticulous with his planning and preparation, and he will need to be at The Heath. Situated in Melbourne’s famed sandbelt district, Kingston Heath is a masterpiece in golf course design. And while golf equipment has advanced with significant technological

improvements in recent years, allowing golfers to stand up and launch the ball further than before, this grip-it and rip-it approach is not where the Australian Masters will be won. Position off the tee—rather than length—will prove the key. Many of Kingston Heath’s holes are lined with thick tee tree and dense undergrowth and the course is renowned for its clever greenside bunkering, subtle green undulation and, of course, firm and super-quick putting surfaces. The availability of tight pin placements will mean that only the players who carefully plan their attack will have any real chance to line up birdie chances. Tiger, like the others, will need to be prepared to refine his power game and shed some distance to make way for his tactical game. In his lead up to the Australian Masters, Tiger isn’t likely to experience


H O L E S T O WAT C H The following holes will earn plenty of respect from the pros. As the shortest par 4s on the course, they will expect to make birdies. But danger lurks for the unwitting.

Hole 3: Par 4 (330m)

Record galleries—plus hundreds of thousands of television viewers—will be expecting Tiger to illuminate the Kingston Heath layout in the dominant style we have witnessed time and again.

A tight entrance to this blind fairway between thick tee tree requires a long iron to the side of the fairway leaving a wedge to the green. This is a demanding hole into a strong northerly wind.

And why wouldn’t we expect that? Hole 6: Par 4 (269m)

courses similar to The Heath. However, he does have a caddie by his side who is supremely knowledgeable of this course’s intricate layout. Steve Williams, who caddied for Greg Normans during much of his heyday, has walked these fairways before and has seen it all. You can be assured that between the two of them there will be a carefully prepared plan to conquer Kingston Heath. Like with most people, I believe it will be difficult to bet against a Tiger victory here. But will I be putting any money on it? No way. While Tiger with Steve Williams on his bag might be able to prepare his hole-by-hole strategy and distances down to the centimetre, there’s one thing even they cannot adequately prepare for: Melbourne’s weather. It could be fierce northerly winds, bitterly cold westerly storms or even the odd hailstorm. And that’s all potentially

within the same day. And that’s the big question. Can Tiger manage himself through Melbourne’s unpredictable November weather? If so, then he will be King.

A short par 4 at 269m, but due to the small green and deep bunkers guarding it, this hole is no pushover. A three-iron to the left side of the fairway is recommended as it provides an opening for a delicate 60-metre pitch to a very firm green.

Drummond Golf is a proud sponsor of

Hole 13: Par 4 (324m)

Drummond Golf is now on Twitter and will be tweeting the results for the upcoming Masters! Follow us to keep up to date with everything to do with Golf!

Position is important on this fairway and where to hit it will depend on the pin placement. A long iron down the left side is usually a safe bet, and from there a wedge or sand wedge is generally the preferred option. The most difficult hole position is front right. 9




The GAME Takes Stock


arol Stock is new to golf. For many years she had the desire to one day take up the game and join friends and family on the links. Her father is an avid golfer playing up to three times per week and her husband, Peter, enjoys the occasional social round or two. However, like many women (and men) in the 30-45 age bracket, life is busy: young children, work, home and so on. This year the youngest of Carol’s four children reached school age, allowing her the perfect opportunity to get started in golf. For many others, it’s not that easy to take up the pastime. The New Golfer faces many hurdles in their quest to become one. Numerous questions unfold before them: When is the right time to start playing on course? Should I attend clinics or have private lessons? How many golf clubs do I need? Which golf clubs do I choose? Where is the best place to buy them? For the luckless ones, many questions remain unanswered, or the advice they are given seems contradictory and confusing. The overall experience can be overwhelming. But for Carol, her experience was just how it should be. “I was advised by my golf coach that one of the best investments in my game would be my gear, and the best place to go was my nearest Drummond Golf store and be assessed by their ClubFit system,” she said. “At that time I was using my husband’s clubs, which quite obviously are not suitable for me and therefore [they] felt awful. This was ruining the pleasure of taking up golf. I dropped into my local Drummond Golf store and

I must say the staff were fantastic. As an inexperienced golfer and one with a very raw understanding of golf jargon and technology, it was very comforting to receive such encouraging and supportive service and advice when it came to selecting my new clubs.” “The whole process was very professional and thorough and I definitely left the store feeling very confident that my clubs were right for me.” It’s pleasing to report Carol’s investment is paying off. She’s loving golf and her improvement on the course has been rapid. Currently playing nine holes with a group of friends weekly, Carol said she was looking forward to the prospect of spending quality time with her father and husband on the golf course for many years to come. Such is her love of the

sport, Carol’s even planning golf trips. In speaking with her it was clear she simply enjoys golf for the different challenges offered at each course, as well as the social interaction with friends. But she did add on the quiet that she does have a personal goal to one day be able to beat her husband—at golf, that is. My tip for Peter: get some lessons and have your clubs checked at Drummond Golf. Welcome to golf Carol. We hope you have long and enjoyable association with your new ‘babies’ and this great game. WHAT IS IN CAROL’S BAG • Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Diablo • Irons: TaylorMade Burner Plus (3, 5, 7, 9 & SW) • Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball




Royal and Ancient THE DAVID BREEN S T O RY


ost avid golfers recognise the historic St Andrews Golf Course to be the spiritual home of golf yet few get to realise their dream of walking the hallowed fairways. Imagine then the marvel of playing St Andrews as a child and the sense of pride in knowing your family heritage perpetually links you there. For 55-year old Drummond Golf franchisee David Breen, golf goes back a long way in his family. His grandfather was captain of the New Course at St Andrews in 1923. Breen’s Scottish father was a keen golfer who reached a handicap of five and, as an RAF Officer, was an honorary member at St Andrews during World War II. His English mother played to a handicap of 11 and the two met on a golf course. According to Breen, golf was a major part in his family’s social and sporting life. No doubt friends and family of the Breen’s in the UK assumed golf would make an indelible impression on at least one of the four boys. And it did. “Mum and dad have an old film of my brothers and I swinging a golf club on holiday in Wales,” Breen says. “I was about four [years old] and they actually captured on film the moment I swung and collected my father in the back of the head.” “That was my first introduction to golf and I thought golf was great. Sadly for my father the only impression 12

he got was in his cranium.” Though keen on golf as a child, Breen’s interest in it was more of a ‘hit’n giggle’ than competitive nature. He was busy during his school age days; not for academic reasons, but to represent his school in hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cricket and swimming. He also went on to play county hockey and county soccer. “School was a nuisance and really got in the way of my love to play sport. I wouldn’t say I was the greatest student. I was a bit lazy in that context at school.”

“I distinctly remember going back home to the UK and telling my mum and dad that I was going to be a golf professional. [Dad] thought it was silly idea but I did it anyway.” Without question the biggest influence on his interest in golf were his parents. And that’s not surprising; they were indeed very good golfers in their own right. Breen played with them a lot as a youngster, etching fond childhood experiences into his memories. However, boys grow up and as teenagers new interests tend to take priority. Breen was no different. But one incident in particular reaffirmed his

interest in golf. “One thing that did stick in my mind was watching a Women’s British Open at Huntstanton, just about 20 miles from where we lived. My mother was involved with organising it so my friend Clive and I went along. We followed Laura Baugh around the golf course. She was a young good-looking girl who had just turned professional. We actual got to meet her. I guess I was attracted by the birdies.” At 19, Breen was ready to travel. “I was walking along The Strand with a co-worker and we saw a sign—‘British Boys Movement to Australia 10 pounds’. That was all it took.” After a brief stint in Sydney he set off around the vast Australian landscape and settled in idyllic Perth and it was here that golf was re-introduced to him. For the first time in his life Breen contemplated a career in the golf industry. Requiring a new trainee, Hartfield Country Club Professional Ross Metherell appointed him. “I spent the next three years working especially hard on my game to qualify. For me it was never a matter of being a tour player, although you always would like to be a successful player. [But] this was not a major motivation for me—it was more the teaching and club business side that interested me.” “I distinctly remember going back home to the UK and telling my mum

DAVID BREEN and dad that I was going to be a golf professional. Well you had to scrape the old man off the ceiling. He said it was the stupidest thing he had ever heard. He thought it was a silly idea but I did it anyway.” Breen qualified as the leading trainee in Australia and was appointed the head professional at Royal Fremantle Golf Club. He later earned the same title at Royal Perth Golf Club. Then between 1982 and 2002 Breen and his wife Sara operated the 36-hole Wembley Golf complex—one of Australia’s busiest public access venues. During that time Breen explored his longing to teach others. And he was not only passionate about teaching others— he was very good at it. A skill passed on to him through bloodlines from his grandmother, who was honoured with an OBE for teaching music. Breen adopted a cutting-edge approach to his coaching philosophy. He attended lectures at The University of Western Australia on human movement and sports psychology. These experiences led to good things. In 1996 he was appointed coach of West Java in Indonesia and then the national coach of the Indonesian men’s and women’s amateur teams. He worked with the two teams for nine months, which included biomechanical work, performance psychology, on-course management and swing technique. The teams relished his insight and enjoyed a rare period of ultimate success, no more evident than at the 1997 South East Asian Games, where the men’s team won a gold medal and the women’s team won silver. Breen was subsequently awarded the Australian Sports Medal for services to coaching. He also contributed to the Professional Golfers Association by representing WA as State Chairman and spending five years as a Director of the PGA of Australia. Back at Wembley, he and Sara built a successful business, employing 30 staff including a huge teaching program with six golf professionals. This experience was both rewarding and the source of Breen’s most difficult period in business. After 20 years as the venue’s operator, the council-owned complex was tendered out to another party. And the business they had developed was lost. “It was very difficult to cope with. Effectively, we had built the business up for someone else and we left it with nothing.”

Before the end of the Wembley period, Breen was introduced to the Drummond Golf concept by a representative of a major supplier. Attracted to the business model that reflected a system both userfriendly and “not just retailing for the sake of retailing”, in 2003 Breen and his wife Sara opened the first Drummond Golf store outside of Victoria. “Your job is to help the customer play better golf.” “Drummond Golf is not just an environment where someone walks in buys something and walks out. It is really a service-orientated group and that was the attraction,” he said. “That’s why it is a successful group and a good group to be a part of.“ “You don’t just think you are a shop owner. You believe you are involved in the industry and in making a difference. And after our experience at Wembley, it was certainly appealing to have ownership of your own business.” The first few years were challenging; breaking into a market where another operator had the major share for a long period of time was very difficult. However, David was not alone. Standing beside him, through the thick

and thin, was his wife Sara. Not only a constant emotional support, Sara, a qualified Chartered Accountant, played an instrumental role in Breen’s golf businesses. Once offered a major posting in an accounting firms London offices—which would have put her in line to be the company’s first female partner—Sara’s skills proved invaluable within the overall business operation. In association with business partner Wayne Tardrew and a great team of staff they own and manage two very successful Drummond Golf franchises. And what about retirement? I can just picture David cruising down a quiet country road in his much-loved 1964 vintage Jaguar S Type in wine-lovers country, Margaret River, with Sara by his side and his cherished West Coast Eagles scarf wafting in the breeze. Maybe not just yet. I get the impression the journey is not over yet.


©2009 Acushnet Company. Acushnet Co. is an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. NYSE: FO.

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Get In The Right Frame Of Mind? I

magine having the mental stability of Tiger Woods. Nice to think about, huh? Well, according to the team behind the revolutionary Pro Golf IQ, average golfers can now be trained to think like the professionals out on the course. Pro Golf IQ has been introduced into Australia by Queensland business partners Peter Nicholson and Chris Steffe. Using guided imagery brain-training techniques, the pair developed a methodology they believe will change every golfer’s game, regardless of their ability. Using his patented, unique ISM techniques, the program’s inventor, Dr Jason Gregg, came up with the startling innovation through extensive research conducted at prestigious universities. It focuses on the way amateur and professional golfers access areas of their brain while playing shots. “Research proves that the average golfer uses only half the brain when contemplating a shot,” Nicholson said. “Unfortunately, this is the left side, which is preoccupied with half-remembered tips, advice and repetitive drills—the negative chatter that clutters the mind and hampers your game.” “Professionals use both sides of the brain when setting up, so they can use the creative right side, which deals with rhythm, balance, timing, co-ordination and imagery.” “In doing so, they achieve perfect mental stability, getting into the zone on every shot.” Australian Tour professional Terry Price has hailed it as a breakthrough for the golf industry, but just how far the new Pro Golf IQ program can take amateur golf is “scary”. By training your mind to maintain the ultimate mental balance, hazards such as water, bunkers and trees that amateurs face on the course suddenly become oblivious, according to Price. “It really is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their game dramatically,” he said. The five-week course, which requires the golfer to listen to audio tracks that coach the mind the same skills used by professionals, has seen hundreds of testimonials from delighted customers cutting shots off their handicap, feeling more relaxed on the course and enjoying the game. Price said future users of the program wouldn’t be disappointed. “Pros pay thousands of dollars every year for sports psychologists to get their mind ready for play, but this program allows everyday amateurs an affordable way

to gain improvement in their game they never thought was possible. “But what I really see this program doing is bringing more people to golf because by improving their game with just a few simple steps, it will ultimately increase their enthusiasm to play.” Gold Coast resident Kevin McCarthy has seen his scores crash from 100 to 86 in just a couple of months. “Shots across water, which I used to worry about, no longer faze me,” Mr McCarthy said. “Not only am I playing better but the relaxing program has relieved ta lot of stress from my everyday life.” “The money I have saved on lost balls has already paid for the Pro Golf IQ program twice over,” he quipped. Recently featured on CNN’s Living Golf broadcast in the US, the program continues to gather world-wide attention. Pro Golf IQ is available as a CD Boxset, and includes the powerful Enforcer track, along with an exclusive Drummond bonus session ‘Focus on Putting’. Contact your local Drummond Golf store for more information and availability.




Give Your Clubs the ‘Boot’


or many golfers transporting golf clubs (aka pride and joy) to and from the golf club can be a real hassle. The good old car boot just wasn’t designed with golfers needs in mind. Hairdresser by trade and occasional golfer, Danny Cmrlec, believes he has stumbled across the answer that will allow us to free up space inside the car, and safely transport our favourite sticks. Club Boot Caddy is an attachment that fits onto the rear of the car and allows two golf bags to ride on the car’s exterior. We have already seen it with road bikes, skis and kayaks—so why not golf clubs? I caught up with Danny to discuss the Club Boot Caddy, an innovation he attributes to his son Christopher. What is Club Boot Caddy? Club Boot Caddy is strong, easy to assemble and use. It is designed to transport two golf bags to any golf destination. Explain to our members the benefits of Club Boot Caddy. It leaves your boot space free for larger items or electric buggies as well as luggage on that family holiday. Furthermore, it enables car-pooling with your friends and you never have to put your clubs in the back seat and soil your beautiful interior again. Moreover, with the warmer weather approaching the boot of your car can become like an oven, with glues used on clubs these days to attach the shaft to the head [drying up] 16

at about 70 degrees Celsius, thus damaging your expensive clubs. The device also places less stress on your back as you only pick your clubs up about 14 inches off the ground and straight on to the Boot Caddy, as compared to that awkward 45 degree body bend when you try to load your clubs in the car without trying to damage either your car or clubs. In addition, in a vertical position, the clubs do not hit each other with the same force they do in a horizontal position as when they are in the boot of a car. Who will benefit from using the product? Absolutely every golfer will benefit from it at one time or another. Certain golfers will say it’s a godsend straight away. In any scenario where there is at least two people in a family that play golf together, there will be a need for Boot Caddy. I truly believe that in time, golfers will say, “how did we manage this trip without Boot Caddy for so many years.” How did the idea come about? With a family of four going to Papa’s farm or on any two- or three-day trip it became an absolute nightmare. My older son Christopher would not go away with us unless he could bring his clubs and either play or practise on these trips. Packing the car was a real headache and in some cases we actually took two cars. So one day I was sitting down and thinking about how could we make life

easier? I already traded our car for a fourwheel-drive and that didn’t work, so I started doodling, then drawing and after discussion with my son came up with this idea. The next stage was to sit down with my two long and trusted friends, Tony Rametta and Mario Rametta, and over a beer, or two, they truly believed in this idea so we formed a partnership and off to the patent attorney we went and we were off and running. How was the invention funded? The three of us have funded the project, with the help of the bank of course. We made contact with Design Victoria and obtained a government grant. This was of great assistance and directed fully into product branding and marketing. What is the feedback from new users? The product will be launched by Drummond Golf late November. In road testing though, over the last six months, we have been swamped by curious and inquisitive people asking us where we purchased this product. The general public is making comments like, “where can I buy it?” or “I can’t believe this hasn’t been invented before” or “what a great idea” or “wow this will solve our family holiday problems.” Contact your local Drummond Golf store for more information and availability.

WHICH NEW IRON FITS YOUR GAME? Are you looking for maximum forgiveness or do you like to work the ball? The large, perimeter weighted G15 provides higherlaunching, longer carrying shots and the accuracy to hit more greens. The i15 is a mid-sized head that offers workability with cavity-back forgiveness. It’s engineered as a progressive set to deliver forgiveness in the long irons and more control in the mid- and short-irons. ©PING 2009

Contact American Golf Supplies (02 9524 8233) or for PING fitting Account Information

Find the right fit for your game at an authorised PING Fitting location or visit





Your local Drummond Golf store is stocked with the latest gear from Australia’s major brands.

Please see the following reviews on product from Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Wilson Staff, Titleist, Cobra, Big Max Buggy and Hi-Tech Footwear.




Callaway FTiZ Driver

The new FTiZ Driver continues Callaway’s development of its revolutionary fusion technology which combines titanium, carbon fibre, aluminium and cast steel to deliver its longest and straightest driver ever. Polar weighting has allowed Callaway engineers to position more weight in the face (58%) and rear cartridge (16%) ensuring maximum energy is transferred to the ball for more distance. Combine this with a chemically milled hyperbolic face ensuing consistent ball speed over the entire face to reduce distance loss on off-centre shots this driver is clearly something to get excited about.

FTiZ Fairway Woods

The use of super lightweight carbon fibre in the crown of the new FTiZ Fairway Wood allows more weight to be positioned in the perimeter and sole (weight chip) producing exceptional stability at impact for straighter shots with more feel.

FTiZ Hybrids

The new FTiZ Hybrid has a stainless steel body with high density injection moulded weights positioned deep and in the corners of the club-head. This lowers the centre of gravity and sweet spot which provides excellent stability at impact for straighter and consistently higher shots. 20


X Series JAWS Wedges

Designed by legendary club designer Roger Cleveland the X Series Jaws Wedges deliver better spin control and more shot versatility to aggressively attack the pin. Conforming ‘Mack Daddy’ groves are designed at maximum depth and width for shot stopping spin and control around the greens. Triple-net forged 1020 carbon steel heads provides better feel and feedback around the greens.

White Ice Putters

Diablo Edge Irons

A club designed to complement the amateur golfer’s game, the new Diablo Edge Iron delivers longer, more consistent distance for improved accuracy hitting greens. Extreme weight is positioned low and deep in the sole to produce a lower and deeper centre of gravity which promotes higher launch for penetrating distance and enhanced stability at impact for more control.

The new White Ice range of Putters from Odyssey has been developed after extensive feedback from players on tour. The result is a new multi layer insert that has improved the sound, feel and consistency of the putter. The inner layer of the insert is 10% firmer to enhance feel and 92% stiffer for superior resilience, leading to consistent distance control. Tour tuned weight ports in the sole of the White Ice core models allow for optimal balance by adjusting the weight of the head to the length of the shaft. This maximises feel, control and accuracy. 21



New Ping G15 Ping G15 Range – Maximum forgiveness for accuracy and distance G15 Driver

The G15 Driver has been engineered for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and better accuracy without too much loss in distance. Its 460cc titanium head is longer front to back and features Ping’s patented ultra-thin crown technology. Weight savings from the thin crown are positioned as an external sole weight to optimise the centre of gravity for higher trajectories and reduced spin for extra carry and better accuracy.

G15 Fairway Woods

The elongated, low profile design of the G15 Fairway Wood offers a long, forgiving face for golfers who rely on the confidence of a larger head. An external weight pad on the sole of the stainless steel head positions the centre of gravity low and further back to provide higher trajectories for more carry and increased distance. 22

G15 Hybrids

The G15 Hybrid is engineered as a high-launching, forgiving alternative to long and mid irons. A large internal toe pad expands the perimeter weighting to make it Ping’s most forgiving hybrid ever. The stainless steel hybrid’s unique shape features an iron-style face and hosel design which positions the centre of gravity closer to the face to increase launch angle and reduce spin. The clean look at address inspires confidence for golfers of all abilities.

G15 Irons

The technology of the G15 is a highlaunching, maximum forgiveness iron, which benefits the majority of golfers who rely on consistency with their iron play. The stainless steel iron’s cavity design features a new Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which expands the perimeter weighting and increases the moment of inertia. Coupled with a wider sole for a lower center of gravity this iron delivers higher, longer and straighter shots.


& i15 series –

Technology to fit your game Ping i15 Range – Versatility and control with distance i15 Driver

The fade-bias design of the i15 Driver meets the needs of golfers who place a high priority on working their tee shots. The traditional pear-shaped 460cc titanium head is engineered with a bulge crown design and deeper face to optimise energy transfer for greater ball speed and the solid feel preferred by the better player. Internal weighting reduces spin and the hosel is positioned slightly back from the face to help promote tourpreferred trajectories and control. Its titanium carbon finish provides a sleek and visually pleasing appearance.

i15 Fairway Woods

Developed for better golfers who rely on the distance and versatility of a Fairway Wood, the i15 features a sleek, low profile shape that delivers high performance from all conditions. The stainless steel heads are slightly elongated from heel to toe for added forgiveness and internally weighted to produce low spinning shots with the penetrating trajectory preferred by more skilled golfers.

i15 Hybrids

For golfers who prefer a traditional hybrid shape and size, the stainless steel i15 offers a high moment of inertia (MOI) with a tour-preferred trajectory. Internal weighting positions the centre of gravity low and back to produce the penetrating ball flight that gives better players the control to hit a variety of shots from almost any lie. Stronger lofts contribute to lower spin rates for additional control.

i15 Irons

In the design of the i15 Iron, Ping engineers focused on the better player who prefers an iron set that offers the control to play a variety of shots. Created as a progressive set, the longer irons are larger for more forgiveness and higher trajectories, while the mid and short irons shift to a slightly smaller head to ensure more workability and control on approach shots. The stainless steel iron features a tungsten toe insert to add forgiveness to the mid-size design. A stabilising bar and new Custom Tuning Port (CTP) provides the feel and sound attributes preferred by better players. 23 23



TaylorMade R9 & R9 TP R9 Irons

The R9 Irons were engineered with stealth technology – innovations that deliver groundbreaking performance in a player’s shape. These technologies create an iron that’s easy to play and incredibly controlable, despite its classic appearance. The R9 long and mid-irons are designed separately from the short-irons, ensuring optimised performance of each club. The Velocity Control Chamber (VCC) and wrap around face in 3-6 irons delivers a significant increase in COR to promote distance. VCC foam, silicone shock absorber and vibration quieting cavity badge all works together to prevent vibration and promote great feel and sound.

Wilson Staff The new range of Wilson Staff clubs have an iron to suit golfers of all abilities and their aspirations from the history making FG 59 iron to the award winning DI9.

FG59 Irons

Inspired by the ‘beautiful’ Fg17 iron the FG59 was commissioned to commemorate the 59th major championships won by Wilson irons, the most by any brand in the game. These classic muscle back design clubs are ideally suited to the competitive and skilled player who enjoys the time honoured tradition of forged clubs.

FG Tour Irons

Precision forged from soft carbon steel, the semi-cavity FG Tour irons meet the discerning eyes and performance demands needed by better players. The FG Tour irons are perfect for skilled players who are seeking a compact head shape with a moderate amount of forgiveness. The FG Tour iron gives you a level of forgiveness like the modern iron with the feel and playability of traditional forged club. 24

R9 TP Irons

The R9 TP Irons were engineered to deliver an exceptional degree of distance control and consistency. Despite its advanced technology, the R9 TP is classic in shape and size with a compact head featuring a semi-straight leading edge, semi square toe, thin topline and thin chambered, beveled, multi-functional sole. The hosel blend has been skilfully rendered so as to be pleasing to the player’s eye, and the attractive nickelchrome plating makes them very durable.

CI9 Irons

The Ci9 iron features improved weight distribution by positioning a hidden rear cavity with a hard covering, pushing weight to the heel and toe and creating a bigger sweet spot and more stability. The distribution of weight also maintains the centre of gravity directly behind the iron’s sweet spot for solid consistent feel and power. Cast from soft 431 stainless steel and featuring a one-piece Soft Response Insert that extends across the entire iron cavity. The Soft Response insert creates a satisfying sound at impact and a more solid feel, even on off-centre hits. This is a fantastic club for the player shooting scores in the low 80s to mid 90s looking to shed a few shots.

DI9 Irons

This award winning iron has a deep cavity, wide sole and low profile design making it the most powerful and forgiving iron in the Wilson Staff family. Coupled with the famous Wilson wide tip shaft technology which delivers better stability at impact for added control, this is the club for the player seeking a high quality game improvement iron at an affordable price.


Cobra ZL Driver

The advanced multi-material construction of the new Cobra ZL Driver which has a carbon fibre crown and sole, titanium body and face allows for optimal CG, MOI and spin characteristics. This delivers a higher launch angle for maximum carry and extra distance with a larger sweet spot for better accuracy. With Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT) the golfer can adjust the club face to suit their game (open, neutral and closed). The Milled Rhombus Face Insert promotes faster ball speeds – especially on off centre hits. This club is all about consistently long, straighter drives, while the new, more traditional head shape creates the best looking and sounding driver that Cobra has ever made.

S2 Irons

Titleist AP1 Irons

The new multi-material, dual cavity AP1 irons provide improved feel, great looks, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness for the passionate golfer. AP1 irons are constructed from a cast 431 stainless steel body with a high density tungsten nickel sole. The thin face, dual cavity design pushes weight to the perimeter for a forgiving face and the integrated aluminium and soft elastomer Tuned Feel System in the back cavity improves sound and feel at impact.

AP2 Irons

The new Titleist AP2 irons incorporate some of the multi-material, dual cavity technology like the AP1 irons. The difference is these are forged which provides improved feel, classic blade looks and playability with shot control for the serious and skilled golfer. AP2 irons are constructed from a forged steel body with a high density tungsten nickel sole which reduces low frequency vibration for soft, solid feel. The dual cavity design pushes weight to the perimeter resulting in playability without loss of shot shaping control. The reduced bounce sole delivers improved ground contact designed to deliver playability from a variety of lies and turf conditions.

MB Forged Irons

The new MB irons are a high performance muscle back forging iron with improved feel, classic looks and superior shot control for the highly skilled golfer. Forged from 1025 carbon steel with bright chrome plating, the MB irons feature constant blade length, minimal progressive offset, thin top line and a rounder profile which all combine for a classic but improved contemporary look. The narrow cambered sole provides optimised bounce angles for crisp contact for more spin. This is a tour calibre players club with the classic shape of a traditional blade iron.

The new multi-material Cobra S2 Irons offer improved accuracy, distance and forgiveness in a high-performance package. The new cavity design with optimised heel-toe weighting utilises lightweight polymer materials that allow discretionary weight to be pushed low in the heel and toe, to increase MOI which delivers improved accuracy and confidence to generate more distance. The unique Mid-Width Stepped Sole offers superior turf interaction for crisper, cleaner shots. Cobra S2 Irons will appeal to avid golfers seeking superior playability, feel and design.

CB Forged Irons

The new CB irons offer the look and feel of the MB iron but with a little extra forgiveness. Forged from 1025 carbon steel with bright chrome plating these shallow cavity back (CB) irons feature a slightly longer, constant blade lengths and a softer top line for visual confidence at address. Lower centre of gravity (CG) in the long irons provide a slightly higher flight against the MB irons. A beautiful club for the low handicap player wanting a classic look and feel but with a hint of forgiveness. 25 25



Big Max IQ The new Big Max IQ three-wheel buggy is not only an attractive design but is also very functional and practical. Low resistant, smooth rolling rubber tyres allow for smooth and steady tracking and given the freewheeling nature of the buggy, a brake is important. On this model the brake is hand controlled and located on the multifunctional handle. Not only is the handle able to be adjusted to suit all users, it is useful with holders for a ball, card, can/bottle, pencil, tees and ball marker. If this is not enough it has stroke counters and a pencil sharpener. The main body of the buggy is designed to allow maximum access to your bag and the bag supports are adjustable to accommodate all bags large and small. The elasticised straps complete the stability of your bag on this buggy. The real secret of the Big Max IQ three wheel buggy is the amazing ‘One Shake’ folding mechanism, which allows the Big Max IQ buggy to collapse into an ultra compact unit within a few seconds. The wheels simply click off and any storage issue is solved. In these days of smaller vehicles due to higher petrol prices this buggy is a go anywhere model without compromising your comfort. The colourings available are red, black, white and silver. Colours are high gloss and the wheel inserts complement the main colouring of the framework.

Hi-Tec CDT Power 500 & V-Lite Zero The Hi-Tec CDT, (Custom Directional Traction) Power 500 has helped golfers add extra yards to their game because of their revolutionary sole and softspike design delivering extra grip through impact for added stability. Described as golf’s only ‘game improvement shoes’, innovative features include a two- piece sole unit and ‘power chassis’ to keep your feet under control and stabilised. An enlarged sole and unique cleats help deliver extra grip at impact. You can read about the 18 months of scientific development it took to produce the outsole or the biomechanical player analysis using a camera with a shutter speed of 250 frames per second, but the real surprise is when you feel CDT delivering traction like an F1 car. The sole of the shoe is very rigid compared to previous Hi-Tec shoes and does provide great support and resistance to twisting, which delivers stability for increased power and 26

distance. They are certainly of Tour calibre and compared to lesser shoes will definitely benefit your game and your feet! And importantly, in torrential rain the ‘Event’ membrane lining provides excellent breathability and waterproofing to keep your feet dry and snug. The V-Lite Zero shoe, weighing in at just 283g, is the lightest waterproof golf shoe sold today. The combination of innovative materials of microfibre, waterproof membrane, textile lining for moisture-wicking and precise construction assists stability and posture, which means golfers can now purchase an ultra-light shoe without any performance compromises. During an 18-hole, 7 km round, a golfer will take approximately 10,000 steps. A 453g, shoe converts to 10,000 pounds lifted, or five tonnes. The V-Lite Zero will reduce the energy required by 38%—almost two tonnes lighter during an 18-hole round. Less lifting means more energy to play better.


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Hi Tec CDT Power 500 Footwear With Wilson Profile 12pk Balls and BONUS Shoe Bag.

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Drummond Club Member Offer Spend $200 or more and receive a limited release Australian Masters commemorative bottle of wine. · · ·

Only 2000 bottles labeled Offer valid 1st November to 22nd November 2009 or while stocks last Supply of wine conditional to State regulations and proof of age

Awarded 91/100 – James Halliday 2010 Wine Companion Tasting Notes This elegant yet rich cool-climate Shiraz identifies hints of raspberry, plum and Christmas spices on the nose that come together to highlight its irrefutable intensity. This is evident as the as flavours of sweet forest fruits of mulberry and blackberry intermingle with soft hints of vanilla and leather from the oak to deliver this highly regarded classic Shiraz.




Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has been a Drummond Club member since February 2008.

Saving Strokes T

amie Fraser fondly recalls that golf has been in her family a long time. Guided by her mother, she was introduced to the game as a young child and to her delight in the latter years she has been joined on the fairways by her husband, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. For more years than she will care to remember, Mrs Fraser has preserved a healthy appetite to play golf and still maintains club memberships at three prominent Victorian golf clubs. She also has a daughter who played to a handicap of eight at Royal Sydney Golf Club. During her first season of competitive golf in Canberra, Mrs Fraser played once a week, and reduced her handicap from 36 to 19. These days, although still keenly competitive, she is more passionate about saving strokes of another kind. As chairwoman for the committee organising the Counterstroke Golf Classic, she is far more intent on reducing the total amount of Australians suffering from stroke each year. Originating in 1994, the Counterstroke Golf Classic, incorporating five days of golf, has primarily featured on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and is a major fundraising event for The National Stroke Foundation. During its history, more than 12,500 rounds of golf have been played and funds raised assist research and programs aimed at prevention, treatment and awareness of cardiovascular disease. The National Stroke Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. In recent years the rate of stroke has increased due to an ageing population and it is now the second biggest killer in the community. “Stroke [awareness] is a very worthy cause and doesn’t get the publicity a lot of other causes get,” Mrs Fraser said. Since 2007, the event has grown to also include three days of competition on the Bellarine Peninsula. The format 28


THE FRASER’S A BRIEF GOLF PROFILE is 4BBB Stableford with men’s, women’s and mixed prize categories. There is a separate competition each day so players can enter for one or more days. Incidentally, for those interested in participating, beware. The Frasers make a formidable 4BBB team having won the event in the past. Unlike many charity golf days, the Counterstroke Foundation Golf Classic doesn’t come with a massively inflated corporate day entry fee. “Our aim is to have as many golfers participate as possible and therefore spread the messages and awareness of the Stroke Foundation,” Mrs Fraser said. “In February 2010 we’re delighted to be hosting our first golf day on Monday 22nd at the new Greg Norman designed course at Settler’s Run Golf and Country Club, as a pre-cursor to the established National Stroke Foundation’s Mornington Peninsula Counterstroke Golf Classic, commencing on Tuesday 23 February at The National Golf Club, The Dunes Golf Links, Sorrento Golf Club and Flinders Golf Club.”

How did you get started in golf?

Tamie—“Mum took us out in the paddocks and gave us a 3-iron and said this is what you do. Been in my family a long time.” Malcolm—“I had a couple of lessons with Ossie Pickworth in the late 40s; I thought he was a brilliant teacher. I didn’t play during my university years nor while I was a politician. So for 40 years I never played at all. Returned to golf at age 70 as a great way to get exercise. It is better than just a walk. Golf gives you a lot of pleasure when you hit a good shot and lot of angst when you don’t, mind you.”

Who do you like watching?

Both—Adam Scott, Ernie Els and of course Tiger.

How often do you play?

Tamie—“Twice a week.” Malcolm—“Zero to three times a week.”

What is the worst part of your game?

Tamie—“Inside 30 metres. I struggle with hitting less than full shots with my wedge.” Malcolm—“When the ball is lying in a semi-hole and there is a tussock in front of the ball and one immediately behind it. What can you do?”

What is your current handicap? Tamie—20. Malcolm—24.

And your best handicap? Tamie—14 Malcolm—23

What clubs are you members at?

Both—Royal Melbourne, The National & Flinders golf clubs.

Do you have a favourite hole?

Tamie—“The National- Moonah Course, hole 10 (The Windmill hole).” Malcolm—”Don’t really have a favourite. They are all fabulous.”

What are the best courses you have played?

Both—Barnbougle Dunes, Pebble Beach, The National-Moonah Course, Moonah Links-The Legends Course & Royal Melbourne. “We also enjoy Port Fairy and Horsham golf clubs.”

What course do you most want to play? Both—Cypress Point, Monterey Peninsula, US

What is your favourite golf destination?

Both—Monterey Peninsula, US and Mornington Peninsula, VIC. Malcolm—“I would like another week on the Monterey.”

What’s in your bag? For further details go to or call (03) 9670 1000. Entry forms are available from the website.

Tamie—“TaylorMade irons, Ping driver and woods.” Malcolm—“All TaylorMade.”

What element of each other’s game do you most admire? Tamie—“His drive. He is very consistent off the tee.” Malcolm—“Her competitiveness and determined spirit.”




The Coaches


Bill McTigue



he concept of a ‘golf school’ is marvellous. For those that yearn to elevate their game, the opportunity to spend hour after hour, day upon day building their game under the expert eye of an experienced golf coach is alluring. Correcting swing technique and learning to play smarter on the course is a standard fundamental at any school. But imagine also the value of being exposed to professionals proficient in human movement and sports psychology. This holistic approach to game improvement was experienced by the ‘Class of September ’09’ and staged at the prestigious Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne’s sandbelt. 30

Paulette Mifsud Psychologist

Designed exclusively for Drummond Club members, the school was a creation of former tour player & Drummond Club partner coach Nadene Gole. In this intensive six-day program she showcased her ability to pass on the game’s secrets and nuances forged in the heat of battle against the best players in the world, and an increasing involvement in coaching. “Like many golfers out there, I too have faced the crossroads with the game. Frustrated I was considering giving it away. I sought out the guidance of some very good people and as a result achieved my ultimate goal,” Nadene said. “The Nadene Gole Golf School is my

Nadene Gole

Golf Professional

medium that enables me to provide that same pathway to others.” The school was delivered to a restricted class size to ensure personalised attention. Individuals from various regions across Australia—all with different backgrounds, levels of experience and ability—came together with one shared purpose: to acquire new skills and play better. These six men and women said they had the experience of their life—for some it was even life changing. Here’s what they had to say on the different elements of the program: >>


The Class of September


class dismisse d




Reg Wells

Lois Oakey

Ian McCarrey




I was aware that Victoria Golf Club was a treasured golf club. Most ardent golfers would recognise its status as one of Melbourne’s leading sandbelt golf courses. And it is terrific. But after living the true VGC experience, which incorporates house accommodation and dining, I now know it to be a real hidden gem. The food was certainly exceptional— I’m still having withdrawal symptoms! The rooms are housed within the charming 80-plus-year-old clubhouse. It may have been jackets and ties at the dinner table, but the manner in which the staff and club members embrace you; you’re made to feel like it’s a home away from home. I know the others certainly made use of the club’s fine wine list.

Bill McTigue [M1 Golf] delivered the first session of the week, bright and early, 8am Monday. The session opened with back to basics, relating to the physical aspects of golf with a focus on movement, flexibility, balance and strength. Bill introduced us to a warm-up drill session that would reduce the likelihood of ongoing injuries as well as improve our game. It was a very motivational and enlightening session. Now we are ready to play golf. It seems a long and tedious warmup drill but it only takes 30 minutes overall, and if you do the exercises on a regular basis it does not become a chore. Think of the benefits. I was amazed at the improvement in my game over the week and no injuries, aches or pains. How good is that!

We spent an hour session with Paulette Mifsud [Mental Potential] a sports psychologist, which was fascinating as it gave us an insight into elite sport and the extent that mental preparation can play in practise and performance at any level. I gained some new skills to help me practise better. The most significant benefit for me was learning some new techniques to harness my fluctuating arousal level or competitive spirit during a round. By developing a sound pre-shot routine and by using relaxation techniques I noticed a big improvement in my focus on the course and game.

Cronulla Golf Club, NSW

Wakehurst Golf Club, NSW BILL MCTIGUE


Royal Fremantle Golf Club, WA PAULETTE MIFSUD

Futu re Dat es 2010

“Living at the golf course to focus solely on improving and getting more out of playing golf was therapeutic beyond the golf.” Ian McCarrey


Fe b 7 – 12 Fe b 21 – 26 M ar 14 – 19 M ar 21 – 26 M ar 28 – A pr 2 (Easte r) M ay 30 – Ju n 4 Se p 5 – 10

Fo r m ore d et a ils

www. dru m m on dc vi sit Ph: (03) 9565 14 lu b. co m or 12


Peter McCarrey

Royal Fremantle Golf Club, WA


Leonie Finlayson

Kay Krestensen



Belvoir Park Golf Club, VIC



It was comforting that Nadene’s method of teaching was very targeted to each of us individually. As I am in the medical field it was very noticeable that she had received education in the science of human movement. Nadene used these skills to both identify our technical faults as well as to apply the best method to overcome them within our physical boundaries. She took her time to access each of us and targeted one or two main areas. Nadene delivered her instruction in a very simplistic language. It was easy to follow and I found her communication skills very impressive. She has a unique ability to ease your apprehensive state. We spent a lot of time on our short games. I went from flunking out at ‘chip school’ to once again reclaiming the touch needed to save shots around the green.

The on-course sessions were invaluable. Nadene Gole has the amazing ability of being able to simplify the game and can see exactly what and where the faults are with ease. Her results are stunning. I also learned about the importance of pre-game preparation. The need to create and prepare, in our minds, a plan for the day, and a plan for our golf and visualise each hole in your mind prior to tee off, imagining where we want the ball to land, ready for the next shot. It is all too easy to focus on where we don’t want the ball to go, rather than where we do want the ball to go. She introduced a number of new initiatives to me. In particular, it was interesting to learn that something as simple as which side of the tee box to tee off from can influence your game.

West Australian Golf Club, WA I have just returned from the best golf experience since starting golf some nine years ago. This program has changed my approach to the game of golf as I was on the brink of quitting it, feeling like I would never improve. The package included private transfers to and from Melbourne airport, five nights accommodation at Victoria Golf Club, practically all day every day golf instruction from Nadene Gole, and to cap it off we had a round of golf at Royal Melbourne Golf Club—an experience I will always treasure. There were just six of us on this game improvement program which was perfect. We were demonstrated the value of warm-up stretches and explained how important they are to prepare the body for a day of golf. We also learned how important our mental thoughts are with the use of positive words to ourselves. The days were long with superb coaching on and off the course with Nadene, who has had the most amazing effect upon my game and my attitude.

“I wish I had booked something like this when I first took up golf— it would of saved me a lot of stress.” Kay Krestensen



FLAK JACKET® XLJ WITH G40™ ACTIVATED BY TRANSITIONS® PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES Serious golfers have a language all their own, much of which can’t be printed here. And for players that are passionate about the game, the Flak Jacket® XLJ with G40™ Photochromic Activated by Transitions lenses is a must. The Flak Jacket® XLJ combines a lightweight O-MATTER® frame for all-day comfort with Photochromic technology that adjusts lens tint in changing light conditions. Their rose base lens tint coating gives you unmatched clarity in and out of shadows. You’ll see subtle changes in grass conditions, fairways and greens. And that helps you cut down on both strokes and foul language.


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Activated by Transitions is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. and licensed to Oakley, Inc © 2009 Oakley, Inc.





1 1
















6 Hrs

4 Hrs


THE SAPPHIRE COAST - A real gem...





4 Tura Beach Merimbula Pambula

7 Eden




f you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit New South Wales’ Sapphire Coast, then now is the time to pack your clubs and plan your next golfing trip. This is one spectacular region. Located on the south coast between Sydney and Melbourne it is a 5-hour drive south of the New South Wales capital or a 6-7 hour drive north from Melbourne. Lakes Entrance is a good halfway point for lunch or an overnight stay if you are travelling from Melbourne. From Canberra, the Sapphire Coast is just a leisurely 2-3 hours drive. This region is recognised as one of Australia’s great coastal wilderness areas, surrounded by national parks and pristine beaches. The scenery is stunning and its beauty and charm lies in the remoteness of the area. The region’s coastline stretches about 100km from the

seaport of Bermagui at its northern point to the coastal village of Eden in the south, located just before the Victorian border. During winter, sports enthusiasts could ski in the morning on the slopes of Thredbo or Perisher and then play a round of golf in the afternoon. The area is also renowned for its great fishing and sumptuous seafood, in particular fresh local oysters, which can be bought roadside from local farmers. It is also a popular place for whale watching as many species, such as Humpback, Southern Right and Minke whales journey along the coast on their migration to and from the Antarctic Ocean. So if you’re travelling by car then take time to savour the spectacular scenery and sightseeing along the way. This is a journey where you can relax and unwind as you leave the hustle and bustle of city

life behind you. Alternatively, you can fly direct from Sydney and Melbourne to Merimbula via Regional Express Airlines. Fares start from as low as $140 one-way and you can be there in under one hour and on the golf course same day! This region has a great selection of golf courses where you can enjoy a relaxed round without the pressure of weekend crowds you often find in other popular destinations. It’s a perfect destination for short and long stays, and is ideal for couples, families or group golf trips. Here we uncover several of the Sapphire Coast’s best courses and special offers available to Drummond Club members to help you plan your next golf trip. >>



TATH R A B E A C H On a recent visit to the region we started our journey in Tathra. This is a charming coastal town, ideal for those seeking a peaceful quiet retreat. We stayed at Tathra Beach House, which offers one, two and three bedroom self-contained apartments, and three and four bedroom villas overlooking Tathra surf beach. Some apartments have deck spas to relax in while taking in the stunning beach and ocean views from your balcony. The beach is just a five-minute walk away and during an early morning walk we were fortunate to see a whale breaching out at sea—a magnificent sight.


Next stop on our trip was Bega, which is only a 20-minute drive from Merimbula Airport. This is prime dairy country and home to one of our iconic Australian brands, Bega Cheese. At the Bega Heritage Centre you can enjoy cheese tasting and lunch or a quick coffee break. Inside the centre you’ll find a tourism information centre and a museum upstairs with an interesting collection of antiques and memorabilia dating back to the turn of the century. These include the first Bega cheese factory built in 1869, complete with the original slab walls 36


There are several restaurant options in the area and we chose to dine at ‘Fat Tonys’. Situated on the headland overlooking Tathra Beach, this bistro and cafe style restaurant is found in the historic Harbour Masters house built in the early 1900s. The menu offers an interesting choice of seafood and steak options with a contemporary flare, and is open for dinner between Tuesday to Saturday. Tathra Beach Country Club is located behind the beach and just minutes by car from the centre of town. This 12-hole golf course has 18 tee positions that provide a very enjoyable 18-hole golf round. The course winds it way around the Bega River estuary and the abundance of

wildlife and water are delights around this course. We played a round late in the afternoon before our departure and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and tranquillity it offered. Tathra Beach Country Club Andy Poole Drive, Tathra Par: 72 Length: 5632m DRUMMOND CLUB MEMBER OFFER

Green fee rate: 2 for 1 green fee offer. Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6494 1220.

and shingle roof. The Bega Valley and surrounding region is also starting to develop as a wine region, and you can visit several boutique wineries and sample local wines throughout the region. After lunch we stopped at the Bega Country Club on the outskirts of town. This 18-hole golf course is set among mature towering gum trees, and presents lush wide fairways that flow throughout the surrounding rolling hills. The peaceful country landscape and prolific birdlife adds to the experience and this is a course that golfers of all levels will enjoy. During our visit a group of 51 ladies were competing in the final event for the Far South Coast and Tableland region, representing 13 local clubs from


BERM A G U I On our journey along the Sapphire Coast, we visited the township of Bermagui to check out the fishing and the Bermagui Country Club. For golfers who want to combine golf and fishing on their itinerary, this is the ideal spot. Renowned worldwide for its great angling, Bermagui is regarded as Australia’s Game Fishing Capital. Anglers from all over the country come to this region to experience deep sea fishing at its best, and compete in local events such as the annual Blue Water Classic Tournament, held on a long weekend in January each year. If you’re keen for some fishing on your next golf trip, there are several fishing charter operators in the area that arrange deep-sea fishing trips for marlin and tuna, or you can try your luck in the local estuaries. There is also great reef fishing available around Bermagui and Montague Island. Note: Early mornings are generally the best time for fishing, so plan your golf round in the afternoon. Located directly opposite the Bermagui harbour and marina is the Bermagui Country Club. This 18-hole golf course has spectacular views overlooking the town, Horseshoe Bay and the towering Mt Dromedary in the distance. This is a challenging course with strategically placed sand traps, many long par-4s and a number of blind shots to greens that will test your

skills. Water features prominently on a number of holes, especially the 15th and 18th holes. After your round, relax in the clubhouse and take in the views of the surrounding harbour—a great spot for lunch pre or post-hit.

Bermagui Bait and Tackle 126 Lamont Street, Bermagui DRUMMOND CLUB MEMBER OFFER

Offer: Free hire of fishing gear including local bait and tackle with every boat hire. (Value: $49 min 2 people). Advance bookings required: Tel (02) 6493 5444. Bermagui Country Club Tuross Street, Bermagui Par: 72 Length: 6085m DRUMMON D C L U B M E M B E R O F F E R

Green fee rate: 2 for 1 green fee offer. Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6493 4340.

Mollymook to Mallacoota, and as far as Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains. They were competing in a “Threeball Betterball” regional final with the winner invited to compete at a New South Wales state final to be held at Glenmore Heritage Golf Club later this year. Bega Country Club Tarraganda Lane, Bega Par: 72 Length: 5819m D R U M MOND CLUB MEMBER OFFER

Green fee rate: 2 for 1 green fee offer. Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6492 3465.



MERI M B U L A Merimbula is centrally located in the heart of the Sapphire Coast and is a great base from which to explore this region. It’s a bustling coastal village, with a great choice of dining, shopping and local sightseeing. There is an abundance of accommodation options including caravan parks, motels and luxury apartments. Merimbula airport is just five minutes from the centre of town where you can arrange car hire on your arrival.


We spent our last two nights in Merimbula and enjoyed playing a couple more rounds before heading back to Melbourne. We stayed at the Aquarius Resort, ideal for family vacations and golf groups with two and three-bedroom apartments available. The resort has a large BBQ area for outdoor entertaining and can serve a sumptuous buffet breakfast poolside on request for groups. Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club is the only 27hole course on the Sapphire Coast and regarded as one of the premier golf courses in the region. This resort-style course has three nine-hole layouts with distinctive characteristics and you’ll enjoy an interesting combination of lengths, challenges and conditions when playing this course. Its charm is the tranquil bushland setting and the abundance of kangaroos and other wildlife that flourish in this natural habitat. A delightful course to walk and a must on your golfing itinerary. The club has a healthy membership with close to 900 active members. On our visit, the club was busy with a Saturday morning member’s competition. It was a warm, sunny day with a strong blustery north wind that made conditions a little

bit more challenging—I managed to offer a few golf balls to the golf gods that day! Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club hosts several major tournaments each year. In October 2009, the club will host the 29th Annual Sapphire Coast ‘Week of Golf’ from October 17-25. This event is one of the largest amateur golf events in Australia and more than 700 golfers will compete here. Another major event on the calendar this year was the ‘Ace of Clubs Classic’ in June. More than 350 players competed in a four-round stableford event held at four local clubs, including Pambula-Merimbula, Tura Beach, Bega and Eden golf clubs. Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club Arthur Kaine Drive, Merimbula DRUMMOND CLUB MEMBER OFFER

Green fee rate: Save 15% off standard green fees. Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6495 6280.

TURA B E A C H Tura Beach Country Club is located just 5kms drive north from Merimbula. This 18-hole course is perched on the hillside overlooking Tura Beach and has breathtaking views of the surrounding coastline. Tura Beach opened in 1984 and was designed by Michael Wolveridge and Peter Thomson. Given the hilly terrain you will most likely want to use a cart, but we decided to walk the course and enjoyed the scenery. The course is a feast for the senses with the sound of waves crashing on the beach, the scent of sweet eucalypts and 38


EDEN Eden is located at the southern tip of the region and was the last stop on our journey. This coastal town is another popular spot for whale watching, fishing charters, scuba diving and sailing on Twofold Bay. This deep-sea port also had a history of whaling which formed part of Eden’s heritage. The Eden Killer Whale Museum is a local attraction with an interesting collection of relics and displays from the early whaling days. Other sightseeing areas are the Davidson Whaling Station at Kiah, historic Boydtown and Greencape lighthouse. Don’t forget to sample the local seafood while you are visiting, the mussels and oysters are a special delicacy. Just north of Eden you will find Eden Gardens Country Club, an 18-hole golf course designed by John Spencer.

The course features sweeping fairways lined with magnificent, mature gums and surrounded by native forest. There are a number of water hazards and plenty of doglegs that require precision hitting and a tactical approach to the greens. Eden Gardens is a course you are sure to enjoy on your Sapphire Coast golf trip. Eden Gardens Country Club Princes Highway, Eden Par: 71 Length: 5,706m DRUMMON D C L U B M E M B E R O F F E R

Green fee rate: $25 for 18 holes. $30 cart hire Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6496 1126.

This golf coaching school operates at Eden Gardens Country Club and is run by Loraine Lambert and Lisa Newling, both PGA, ALPG and TPI accredited coaches. Both women have years of experience playing on tour and teaching. Whether a beginner or a low-handicapper, you’ll find specialised coaching programs to help you improve your golf game. You can arrange private lessons, half-day and full day programs, and on-course coaching. Or, if you’re on holiday with the family, there are golf clinics available specifically for women, seniors and kids, too. So why not incorporate time for a golf lesson on your next visit and take advantage of the following new coaching offers for Drummond Club members? DRUMMOND CLUB MEMBER OFFER

Coaching offer: Buy your first 45 minute lesson and receive a bonus 45 minute lesson for free. For further information contact: Loraine Lambert on 0423 149 012 or Lisa Newling on 0417 485 635.

spectacular ocean views. The front nine is particularly scenic as the course winds its way towards the ocean. My favourite was the par-5 4th, a hole running along the front of Tura beach. You’ll be forgiven for wanting to wander down a small sand track where you can stand for a moment and admire this beautiful coastline. The back nine offers a different experience again, weaving its way through the native gums and bush. Rated the 17th best in NSW and within one of the top 100 public courses in Australia, it’s a challenging course but will reward you with a memorable experience. It is suitable for golfers of all levels.

Tura Beach Country Club The Fairway, Tura Beach Par: 72 Length: 6018m DRUMMON D C L U B M E M B E R O F F E R

Green fee rate: 2 for 1 green fee offer. Advance golf bookings required: Tel (02) 6495 9068.

Sapphire Coast – Golf Packages Interested in planning a great golf getaway to the Sapphire Coast? Then contact Lee Midson at the Drummond Club on (03) 9565 1415 for information about our latest stay and play packages – See page 40 for further information.

Footnote: Special thanks to Sapphire Coast Golf, Tathra Beach House, Aquarius Resort, Pambula-Merimbula Golf Club, Tura Beach Country Club and Tathra Beach Country Club who provided the opportunity for us to visit this region.





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The Sebel Heritage 1 night / 1 round from just $239 pp (Twin share) includes: Overnight accomodation in a deluxe room for two, gourmet country style buffet breakfast, choice of either 1 round of 18 holes inc shared cart (St John or Henley course) or a 50-minute massage per person, and a complimentary bottle of Yarra Valley wine on arrival. Plus a bonus $20 gift voucher per person redeemable for food and beverages at the resort.




Hawthorn Suites 2 nights / 2 rounds from just $260 pp (4 share) includes: 2 nights’ accomodation for four in a 2 bedroom apartment, and 2 rounds of 18 holes inc shared cart per person at 13th Beach Resort, playing both

This will be a once in a lifetime experience staying at Makena Beach and Golf Resort, playing the best golf courses in Maui, Hawaii and the chance to win great event prizes in our 4-round Maui Masters golf tournament.

the Creek and Beach courses.


(4 share / midweek Mon-Thu) includes: Overnight accomodation in 2 bedroom villa for four, full buffet breakfast, 1 round of 18 holes per person including shared motorised cart. Plus a bonus $20 gift voucher per person redeemable for food and beverages at Cypress Lakes Resort.



Tour participant numbers are limited and filling fast.

Additional golf rounds available at Launceston Golf Club and Country Club Resort.


2010 MAUI MASTERS TOUR 8 nights / 5 round package: Drummond Club members: *4,699.00 pp (twin share) Non-golfing partners: *3,999.00 pp (twin share) *Package prices quoted based on twin share. Single supplement available. Prices may be subject to change prior to ticketing, dependant on currency rate fluctuations.


AquariusResort Resort Aquarius 7 nights / 5 rounds from just $385 pp 4 share includes: 7 nights’ accommodation for four in a 2 bedroom apartment, daily cooked breakfast and a total of 5 rounds of 18 holes per person including PambulaMerimbula, Tura Beach, Bega, Tathra, Bermagui or Eden Gardens Country Club. (excludes cart hire).


TRAVEL AGENT PARTNER – ENCORE TRAVEL Licensed Travel Agent #32544.

Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links 2 nights / 2 rounds from just $295 pp (4 share) includes: 2 nights’ accomodation in a 2 bedroom cottage for four and 2 rounds of 18 holes per person, plus complimentary Bambougle Dunes course guide per person.

Registrations close 30 November 2009.

HOW TO REGISTER For further information on the 2010 Maui Masters tour itinerary, booking terms and conditions and tour registration form – please contact: Lee at the Drummond Club on Tel: (03) 9565 1415 or email:

Cypress Lakes Resort 1 night / 1 round from just $129 pp


Royal Pines Resort 1 night / 1 round from just $175 pp Play or Pamper package (Twin share) includes: Overnight accommodation in a mountain view room for two, full buffet breakfast and a choice of either 1 round of 18 holes inc cart hire or a 50 minute massage per person. Room upgrades available and additional golf rounds can be arranged at Lakelands, The Glades, Robina Woods, The Colonial or Palm Meadows.

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Very Ordinary Golfer



t’s great to see Drummond Club Partner McLaren Vale III Associates once again sponsoring our State Qualifying Golf events. Experienced by our members at Brookwater, Gold Creek, Links Lady Bay, Spring Valley, Bonnie Doon, Joondalup and Barnbougle Dunes golf clubs, these wines are quickly finding a cult following. And for those of you that have not yet tasted these superb wines from arguably the greatest Australian shiraz region, allow me to tell you a little more about their finest Squid Ink shiraz. As a family run concern, not unlike Drummond Golf, producing wine for other families, it’s particularly pleasing to see Drummond Club members enjoying the personalised and intimate relationship that comes from imbibing the McLaren Vale III Associates wines. Drummond Club member Chris Fox (Partner McLaren Vale III Associates) is a shocking golfer, but an enthusiastic man nonetheless; and is a prolific NAGA winner and sponsor. He’s an all-round decent guy down on his luck, but it’s refreshing to see how optimistic Chris remains, not only about his golf but also 42



concerning his new Squid Ink releases. The company approach when it comes to marketing its fine wines is down-toearth and entertaining. This is evident when you look at some of the names of its labels and what’s behind those labels. Wines such as Silent Witness, Three Score and Ten, Charisma, Sabbatical, White Quicksand and FourPlay come to mind. But the flagship without question is their Squid Ink Shiraz. Produced from 80-yearold vines, this wine consistently scores

“This wine,” he says, “will make grown men weaken at the knees as they fall in love with wine all over again.” well into the 90 points-plus range judged by James Halliday (Author/Australian Wine Companion). Not bad at all. The name Squid Ink was born over two bottles of red and a telephone conversation between Chris and a valued client. The story goes, one evening Chris was ringing a few of the boys to

tell them of the latest masterpieces and one happened to ask, “Anything special coming out in the near future?” Chris replied, “I have a shiraz that’s so big, so bold, so dark and full bodied, that it will leave your teeth, tongue and lips black and blue and give you stretch marks under your eyes.” His client exclaimed, “Oooh Squid Ink!” Chris had the good fortune to scribble the name down before tottering off to bed, the double good fortune to find that scribble the following morning and vaguely remember the conversation. Now 10 years on and not unlike Chris’s golf, the Squid Ink Shiraz has moved sideways. Pending is a Christmas release of the next Sparkling Squid Ink that’s so drinkable, Chris affectionately refers to it as ‘Lunatic Soup’. It is not uncommon at a Christmas party where Sparkling Squid Ink is being consumed for everyone to sound as if they’re speaking fluent Cantonese and yet everyone understands each other perfectly. Yum Cha baby! Next in the range is a wine so special, so unique and so rare, that it may only come along once every 10 years.


The GIANT Squid Ink is such a beast. Be very afraid. This wine will grip you until the end. It come about because Brian Light (Australasian Winemaker of the Year 1987/88 and four times McLaren Vale’s highest awarded winemaker as voted by his peers) said after sampling some Squid Ink barrels, there were a few barrels so superior, so brilliant, that it should be isolated from the regular premium Squid Ink wine. He suggested it be used to make a Super Reserve Premium Shiraz. In other words, forget the price but just make the wine because you can. Also within the Squid Ink range, there’s a historical release, made in a style that was produced around McLaren Vale in the early years. Chris says, “This wine is history”. But nevertheless, this wine represents the DNA of what put McLaren Vale on the shiraz world map. Shiraz that is incredibly (to Chris’s mind… gulp) the only unwooded shiraz being built in McLaren Vale today. Uniquely in a style that dates back to 1903, a time when only 18 families in McLaren Vale produced wine. It’s a style that’s since been long lost and forgotten to modern age wine drinkers, until now.

uncomplicated. Take your FoxAgra like a man! The latest release from the Shiraz range is a wine so “hand-made” that you will need to take a cold shower. Unlike the other magnificent shirazes they produce using American Oak barrels, this release has been resting seductively, sensually, uninhibitedly, only on French oak. To highlight the first 10 years in business of McLaren Vale III Associates, Chris Fox possessed this wine and made it his own. A signature release. “In the 20 years I’ve had the good fortune of being in the McLaren Vale Wine Industry, this signature release bearing my name, is the sexiest wine I have ever tasted, and the biggest challenge for me was to create a name that truly represented my name, my wine, and conveyed how much serious pleasure was to come from such a wine—a wine that will never let you down,” Chris said. “This wine,” he said, “will make grown men weaken at the knees as they fall in love with wine all over again.” What better-named wine than FoxAgra? I’ve tried the wine and it’s no flop folks.

DRUMMOND CLUB PARTNER PROGRAM NEW PARTNERS GOLF COURSES Bermagui Country Club, NSW Box Hill Golf Club, VIC Eden Gardens Country Club, NSW Exeter Golf Club, TAS Quamby Estate Golf Club, TAS Tathra Beach Country Club, NSW Thaxted Park Golf Club, SA Tura Beach Country Club, NSW

DRIVING RANGES Dural Driving Range & Mini Golf, NSW Gateway Driving Range- Wodonga, VIC

HEALTH & WELL BEING Bodyworks Alive! Health Clubs- Mawson, Narrabundah & Queanbeyan ACT/ NSW South Australia Golf Injury ClinicNth Adelaide, SA

ACCOMMODATION Pelican Sands Bed n BreakfastPortarlington, VIC

WINERIES/CELLAR DOORS Amadio Wines- Felixstow, SA

MOTOR VEHICLE Wet n Wild Hand Car WashPort Melbourne, VIC

OTHER Le Mans Go KartsDandenong South, VIC

Chris says, “McLaren Vale’s success is built on fruit, not oak”. Fortunately for McLaren Vale III Associates and Drummond Club members a wine style has now been resurrected that displays the virtues and the natural beauty of McLaren Vale shiraz fruit. It is not unlike someone who’s blessed with the natural ability to hit well and true and clean with every stroke, rather than complicate the

Please visit for the full partner listing, information and offers.


McLaren Vale III Associates Owners : Chris Fox, Reg Wymond & Mary Greer Winemaker: Brian Light For more information on the wines and or orders please call Chris 1800 501 513 Ask for mates rates.

Want to become a new partner with the Drummond Club? If like Chris, you wish to promote your business to over 30,000 members Australiawide, then join one of Australia’s leading golf and lifestyle clubs and contact us now. Drummond Club office: 03 9565 1411




Drummond Golf & GOLF Magazine QUEENSLAND Brookwater Golf Club, 16.8.09


Gold Creek Country Club, 21.8.09

SOUTH AUSTRALIA Links Lady Bay, 30.8.09

Brookwater Golf Club is regarded as one of the finest golf courses in Queensland and is located mid-way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, approximately 3040 minutes drive from either direction. Designed by Greg Norman, this 18-hole championship course winds its way through rolling hills and is surrounded by a tranquil natural bushland setting. Each hole has distinctive character and is certainly one of the most visually stunning courses in Australia. It’s a challenging course and was the perfect venue for our final Queensland event for the 2009 season. Throughout the day we enjoyed glorious Queensland weather and a final field of 60 players competed. Brett Ogle joined us and each player received a free TaylorMade golf ball personally autographed by Brett. Prior to the event start, players enjoyed a putting competition and there was a fierce play-off to determine our final putting champion, Karl Smith. On the driving range players had the chance to test-drive the latest range of drivers and irons from Titleist. Joining us on the day also were Naomi and Josh McIntosh from Drummond Golf Underwood and Matt Himstead and Matt Buttery from Drummond Golf Lawnton. Our special thanks to winery partner and event sponsor, McLaren Vale III Associates, who sponsored the major lucky entrant prize draw, event prizes and a hand-made glass trophy that was presented to the QLD state finalist by Brett. Other event partners and sponsors included GOLF Magazine, Boat Harbour Resort in Hervey Bay who supported a 3-night accommodation package and Spa Orient (located next door to Brookwater Golf Club) who provided gift vouchers for spa and massage treatments as prizes.

Due to popular demand we returned once again to the Gold Creek Country Club to stage our annual state final event for ACT members. This 18-hole course opened in 1996 and is located within 30 minutes drive of Canberra’s CBD. Designed by Bruce Devlin, it’s one of Canberra’s top courses and is a popular resort that offers a range of sports and recreational facilities for golfers and visitors alike. This was the 2nd annual Drummond Club event held at this club and we had a field of 55 players. Prior to the start, players enjoyed a putting competition sponsored by Oakley and our putting champ Terry Stenner won a pair of Oakley radar sunglasses. On the driving range, players could also test-drive the latest golf equipment from Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, Wilson and TaylorMade. The weather on the day was atrocious and really put our players to the test. Just as we began the briefing the rain started and did not stop for the entire day. Players needed every bit of wet weather gear they could find and it proved to be a challenging round. Brett Ogle was there and players enjoyed his familiar banter and antics during presentations. Joining us on the day also was Rodney Laugher from Drummond Golf Fyshwick. Drummond Club partner and event sponsor McLaren Vale III Associates sponsored a host of prizes including a major lucky entrant prize draw, event prizes and a magnificent hand-made glass trophy that was presented to our 2009 ACT state finalist. GOLF Magazine also provided complimentary magazine subscriptions for all event winners.

Links Lady Bay is located in Normanville on the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula, about an hour’s drive south of Adelaide and just 30 minutes from the McLaren Vale wine region. This championship 18hole course is currently ranked 52 in the top 100 golf courses in Australia and was designed by golfing greats, Jack Newton, Graeme Grant and John Spencer. As the name suggests this is a links-style layout that meanders throughout the coastal dune landscape adjacent to Lady Bay. The clubhouse is perched on a hillside overlooking Lady Bay and provides panoramic views of the golf course and surrounding coastline. This was our final South Australia event for 2009 and Brett Ogle joined us for the competition round and presentations. The day began with a putting competition and on the range players could warm-up and see the latest range of products from Wilson and Ping including the GI5 and I15 irons, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. A final field of 90 participated on the day including local staff members from Drummond Golf SA including Shane Hogby, Matt Kirk, Rauri McDonald, Dave Ellis and Jaime Tresize. Participating event partners and sponsors included Links Lady Golf Club and local winery partner McLaren Vale III Associates who provided premium wines for a sample wine tasting, major prize draw, event prizes and sponsored a hand-crafted glass trophy for the final SA state finalist.

WINNERS Stableford Handicap

Greg Meakin

WINNERS: Stableford Handicap

Stableford Non-Handicap

Johnathon Pepper

Stableford Non-Handicap Justin Kitching

Wayne Butler

WINNERS Stableford Handicap Peter McKechnie

Stableford Non-Handicap Stableford Ladies Marlene Tyler

Kevin Jenkins

Stableford Ladies Victoria Scott

Stableford Ladies Jan Fowler 44


National Event Series VICTORIA Spring Valley Golf Club, 4.9.09

2009 State Final Qualifying Events

NEW SOUTH WALES Bonnie Doon Golf Club, 10.9.09

Spring Valley was the host venue for the 2009 Victorian Open held in January this year. This private 18-hole golf club was established in 1948 and is situated in the famed sand belt region of Melbourne, about 30 minutes drive from the CBD. The course is ranked within the top 10 courses in Victoria and was the perfect venue for our final Victorian event for 2009. Brett Ogle was there for the pre-event activities and presentations and a field of 60 players joined us on the day. It was a brisk cool start to the morning’s event and ominous rain clouds threatened for most of the day but fortunately we concluded the round before the rain arrived. There were plenty of event activities for players to enjoy, including driver demonstrations on the range provided by Wilson, Titleist and King Cobra. Ping also provided a putter fitting service and product demo on the putting green. Supporting club partners and sponsors on the day included the Lobster Cave who donated a $50 discount meal voucher for every player and also sponsored a major lucky entrant draw with the prize being a complimentary dinner for a table of 10 guests. Our major event partner, McLaren Vale III Associates also provided their premium wine for event prizes and a handcrafted glass trophy was presented by Brett Ogle to the 2009 Victorian state finalist.

The private 18-hole golf course has a history dating back to the late 1800s and is the 3rd oldest course in Sydney. Located in Pagewood in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Bonnie Doon Golf Club is about a 30 minute drive from Sydney Airport. Brett Ogle spent many of his formative years playing at this club before turning professional and he had the opportunity to return once again to join us for our final New South Wales event for the 2009 season. The course was in sensational condition and the weather conditions were perfect for our final round. A field of 52 players competed on the day including local Drummond Golf staff members Matt Giles from Drummond Golf Dee Why and Laurence Furlan from Drummond Golf Camperdown, NSW. On the driving range before the event, Ping provided a demonstration of their latest range of G15 and i15 irons, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Supporting club partners and sponsors included Bonnie Doon Golf Club and McLaren Vale III Associates who provided their premium wine for a host of event prizes, a lucky prize draw and a magnificent hand-made glass trophy for the final NSW state finalist.

WINNERS Stableford Handicap

Stableford Ladies

David Hall

Stableford Non-Handicap Tony Hollway

WINNERS Stableford Handicap Greg Pratt

Stableford Non-Handicap Darryl Pond

Sandra Pratt

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Joondalup Resort, 20.9.09 Joondalup Resort has been ranked the number one resort course in Australia (2003-2008) and is one of the finest golf courses in Western Australia. It is located on the “Sunset Coast” about 25 minutes drive north from Perth’s CBD. Designed by internationally renowned course architect, Robert Trent Jones Jnr., the Joondalup Country Club boasts a stunning 27-hole layout with three 9-hole courses – Dune, Lake and Quarry courses. One minute you’re playing an approach shot beneath a 30-metre limestone cliff, the next you’re adapting to the fresh ocean breeze on an undulating links style fairway. This event attracted a capacity field of 139 Drummond Club members and was another sell-out event for Western Australia. At registration, every player received a free sample of the latest Titleist ProV golf ball. Our local Drummond Club partner and event sponsor, John Hughes Group provided prizes for a NTP and team prize on the day and displayed a range of vehicles on the course. Players endured rain for most of the day and the wet conditions certainly put everyone’s skills to the test. We were fortunate to have Brett Ogle and Barry Richards (South African cricket legend) join us on the day. There was a panel discussion during presentations and players got an insight into these sporting legends’ respective playing careers and of course plenty of humorous banter along the way. Jarrod Mosely and Ian Taylor from Drummond Golf Mandurah competed on the day with local Drummond Club members. Our special thanks also to David and Sara Breen from Drummond Golf Osborne and Wayne Tardrew at Drummond Golf Cannington for their joint cooperation on the day. WINNERS Stableford Handicap David Tomacich

Stableford Non-Handicap Bruce Wimbridge


Stableford Ladies Ailie Horne



2009 State Final Qualifying Events >> CONTINUED TASMANIA Barnbougle Dunes Golf, 1.10.09 Barnbougle Dunes needs little introduction to most Australian golfers. It is currently ranked the number one public access golf course in Australia and located in Tasmania’s north-east in the township of Bridport, about one hour’s drive from Launceston. This spectacular 18-hole course was designed by Tom Doak and Australia’s Michael Clayton and is reminiscent of the wild coastal links courses of Scotland and Ireland. It attracts golfers from all corners of the globe and is developing a reputation as one of the world’s great coastal links courses. This was the first occasion for Drummond Club members to attend an event in Tasmania and an opportunity to compete in our first club event at this acclaimed golf course. Brett Ogle joined us for this auspicious occasion and a few members from Victoria also travelled south to enjoy a golf trip and compete in the event. Bill Husband from Drummond Golf Launceston and Michael Jordan from Drummond Golf Cambridge, Hobart participated on the day together with local Drummond Club members. Prior to the start, Brett entertained players on the driving range with a few tips and tricks. We enjoyed a glorious spring morning for the start, but as the wind picked up throughout the day, course conditions certainly tested the skills of all players. However, a couple of our players managed to score an eagle on the day including our final event winner, David Baker, scoring his eagle on the 14th hole, (471m Par 5) – a great result! Our special thanks to supporting club partner and sponsor, McLaren Vale III who provided premium wine for an on-course tasting after the first nine holes, event prizes and another magnificent hand-crafted glass trophy was presented to our final event winner. WINNERS: Stableford Handicap David Baker

Stableford Non-Handicap Tony Hollway


W HAT’S COMING UP Short Game Schools QLD

> Eagles Nest Golf Course, Urangan Nov 16 & Dec 14 > Craignish Country Club, Pialba Jan 18 Bookings contact: John Whitford- (07) 4194 5582 > Brookwater Golf Club, Brisbane Nov 27 Bookings contact: Naomi McIntosh- (07) 3299 1300


> Sylvania Par 3, Sylvania Dec 10 & Jan 21 Bookings contact: Dennise Hutton- 0410 611 729


> Patterson River CC, Patterson River Nov 6, Nov 20 & Dec 4 Bookings contact: Sam Gole- (03) 9565 1412

Long Game School NSW

> Barton Park Driving Range, Arncliffe Nov 19 Bookings contact: Dennise Hutton- 0410 611 729

Golf Schools- 5 night/ 6 day VIC

> Victoria Golf Club, Cheltenham Feb 7-12, Feb 21-26, Mar 14-19, Mar 21-26, Mar 28-Apr 2, May 30- Jun 4 & Sept 5-10 Bookings contact: Sam Gole- (03) 9565 1412 For a complete list of forthcoming programs please visit

Drummond Club Partners- Golf Club

Competitions > Sale Golf Club, VIC Event: Turkey Run, 9 hole stableford When: Every Thursday Standard entry: $10- DC Member entry $8 Contact: 03 5149 7160 > Pakenham Golf Club, VIC Event: Twilight Golf, 9 hole When: Every Wednesday, 3-6pm Standard entry: $18- DC Member entry $10 Contact: 03 5941 2929 > The Colonial Golf Club, QLD Event: Pure Blonde Beer Skins When: Nov 22, 12.30pm Standard entry: $79- DC Member entry $59 Contact: 07 5553 7008 > Commercial Golf Resort, NSW Event: Open Competition, single stableford When: Every Sunday Standard entry: $20- DC Member entry $12 Contact: 02 6057 2801 > Blackwood Golf Club, SA Event: Summer green fee special Standard fee: $55- DC Member fee: $35 Contact: 08 8388 2250 Please contact the golf clubs direct for bookings and more information


Cypress Lakes Resort – Hunter Valley, NSW

Hi Lee, Thank you for looking after the golf stay and play package at Cypress Lakes Resort. A great time was enjoyed by all and the group are keen to book another package. You have some great packages at the moment listed in the latest Drummond magazine. You make the golf packages/articles sound very tempting even for my wife who doesn’t play golf. More importantly our wives have asked if you have a weekend package where they can get pampered and of course play golf as well with us! Regards, I. Da Silva (NSW) GOLF EVENTS

Kingston Heath Golf Club – 30 June 2009

Hi Anthony, Just wanted to say thanks for another well oiled Drummond golf day. We had a beaut day playing a superb course. I would like to thank my fellow team mates for carrying me and putting enough points together to finish 2nd on 50 points. Our team included Michael Hogg from Drummond Golf Preston, his brother-in-law Ian and Darren who came from Sydney to play—great effort boys and well done. So thanks Anthony (and others) and hope to see you at more days like this. Well done. Cheers, M Saunders (VIC) GIRLS COACHING PROGRAMS Noosa Springs Resort, QLD

Hi Lee, Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful couple of days at Noosa Springs, it’s a pity I wasn’t able to stay longer! I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the coaching program. The group of girls were all lovely and I have made some new friends. Sonia, Gina and I are planning to catch up for a round of golf once the school holidays are over. We are already in constant contact, what a bonus! Nadene was awesome too. Thanks again for all your hard work in getting the program together. Best regards, S Schlegel (QLD)



2009 NATIONAL FINAL VENUE The Heritage Golf Club, VIC


at the Australian masters,

every shot counts.

Adam Scott

Michael Sim

Nick O’Hern

Greg Chalmers

Jarrod Lyle

Rod Pampling

Marc Leishman

Scott Strange

Geoff Ogilvy

Peter O’Malley

TITLEIST WILL BE THE #1 BALL PLAYED AT THE 2009 AUSTRALIAN MASTERS. In a game where just one shot can decide a championship, the ball you play makes a difference. That’s why when the world’s best tee it up at the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath, more players will trust their game to Titleist. Learn more at


©2009 Acushnet Company. Acushnet Co. is an operating company of Fortune Brands, Inc. NYSE: FO. Customer Service: 1800 660 535



10 Tips To Survive Summer Golf P

laying golf in summer can be challenging. Whether it’s warmer temperatures, higher humidity or hot blustery winds, the golfing environment can be brutal. And then there are the changes to the golf course landscape— fast greens, rock-hard fairways and hardpan. Consider these handy tips when you next play to beat the elements and keep your health and safety, comfort and performance in check. 1. Hydration Drink plenty of water prior to your tee off time. If it’s likely your next game will be in scorching temperatures, start drinking water the night before. Be aware of drinking taps around the course and stock your golf bag with drinks before play. Drink smaller quantities more regularly. Be proactive—don’t wait until you feel thirsty to take a drink; by that stage you’re already becoming dehydrated. 2. Sunscreen Apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen to all exposed skin areas at least 30 minutes prior to being outdoors. Re-apply every six holes. 3. Tee time Where possible, avoid playing in the middle of the day. Be an early bird or try playing in the late afternoon. 4. Spare gloves A soggy glove from perspiring palms will impact your ability to maintain control of your swing. Carry a couple of

spare gloves in your bag and rotate their use during the round. Make sure you take care to dry the gloves post-round.

a solar umbrella? It’s safer and cooler and buggies can be fitted with a special attachment so you don’t have to hold it.

5. Golf towel Fix a second towel to your golf bag. Dampen this towel and give your grips a quick rub down before each shot. This will increase the tackiness of the grip for better control.

9. Equipment Wedges: Experiment with less bounce on your wedges. Pitching on firmer ground with a wedge carrying less bounce will enable the clubhead to cut into the turf allowing for better contact. Putters: Also test a range putters for better feel on those faster firmer greens. Try a putter with a softer insert in the face or a putter with an overall lighter total weight. Motorised buggies: Relieve your body from the stress of pulling a heavy trolley and golf bag in the heat of the day. Consider the ease of using a motorised buggy. You still reap the benefits from the walk.

6. Clothing The advances made in garment technology now allow us to select clothing with greater comfort and even performance. You will find fashionable apparel that is UV rated, fibres that have superior breathing capabilities, wicking technology to remove sweat, and compression garments for better performance and recovery with all of the above. Don’t forget to don a widebrimmed hat. 7. Eyewear Protect your eyes from the dangerous direct sunlight and the reflective glare from bunkers, water and dry earth. Look out for wrap-around eyewear conforming to Australian standards and lenses that are suited to golfing use. 8. UV umbrella Actually hitting the ball only takes up a small fraction of the four-plus hour round. Most of the time you’ll be standing on the tee waiting for the group in front to clear, or waiting on the fairway watching your playing partners swing. Why not wait in comfort under

10. On course management The firmer ground on the fairways, rough areas and around the greens change the playing conditions. Allow for more run on the fairway from your tee shots and more bounce and roll on your shots into the green. Consider using chip and run shots around the green for greater consistency.

Our friendly staff are always on hand to advise ways to get the best out of your game. Why not drop in to your local Drummond Golf store and discuss the best ways for you to survive this summer on the course.





The R9 long- and mid-irons are designed separately from the

Every R9 iron is engineered with proven performance-enhancing

short-irons. This is critical for

consistent distance on off-center hits. Each R9 iron incorporates

optimising the performance

a high-performance beveled sole that reduces turf resistance by

of each club.

allowing the bottom of the club to glide through impact and apply

Inverted Cone Technology. ICT delivers controlled power for more

maximum force to the ball.

VELOCITY-CONTROL CHaMbER The R9 long- and mid-irons are equipped with a Velocity-Control


Chamber – a fully enclosed compartment behind the clubface,

The R9 TP iron is designed with all the innovative performance-

and underneath the cavity badge. The VCC provides a

enhancing technologies of the R9 irons, but with the shape and

thin, wraparound face construction bolstered by

size of a more compact head. The R9 TP iron features a larger

unseen perimeter weighting for maximum

hittable face because of the way the head blends

feel and control. a soft feel foam inside

into the hosel. The top-line is beveled to

the chamber – as well as a silicone

give it a thin and elegant appearance.

shock absorber – absorbs

The R9 TP short iron feature a visible

unwanted impact vibration for a

undercut cavity due to the cavity

softer feel and agreeable sound.

badge’s smaller size relative to the R9 iron. This cavity pushes


weight to the perimeter of the

The R9 short-irons are engineered

head and increases MOI and

to increase playability, control and

distance control.

feel in the scoring zone. The short-

What you won’t see in

irons contain a vibration-quieting layer

the R9 iron and R9 TP

that absorbs unwanted vibration resulting

iron are a multitude of

in a solid and satisfying sound and feel.



innovative technologies.


What you will see is an easy-to-hit player’s shaped iron with legendary TaylorMade performance.



©2009 Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.





   

     

  

 

 

 

Drummond Golf


QLD (02) 6280 4480




(07) 4041 4223


(03) 6248 4800


(03) 9663 6620

(03) 6334 1919


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(03) 9416 8844

Fortitude Valley

(07) 3257 7220



(02) 6041 4848

Hervey Bay

(07) 4194 5582



(02) 9557 8822


(07) 3285 2122


(03) 5331 5515


(03) 5821 3037


(02) 9734 0422


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(03) 5443 0074

Taylors Lakes

(03) 8390 8888

Dee Why

(02) 9982 4566


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(02) 4325 2299


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(03) 9781 5333


(08) 9583 3422

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(08) 8260 3422

Hoppers Crossing (03) 8368 2155

Mile End

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(03) 9853 3144

Malvern East

(03) 9563 6491

NT Darwin

(08) 8981 7029


EXCLUSIVE OFFER For Drummond Club Members Only


Buy 2 PLAY DRY Plain Pique Polos for $ 52


See instore for product detail.

PLAY DRY. A leading moisture management system. The technology wicks away moisture from the skin - transports it to the garment’s outer layer - eventually evaporating into air. You stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Beyond The Fairways November 2009  

Drummond Club Member Publication

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