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SEPTEMBER 2011 Inside this issue: • Head Lice Headaches • Back to School • Gardening • Razamatazz Theatre School • Business Focus • Puzzles • Your Community info.

East Midlands Laser & Cosmetic Clinic Ltd We are a discreet private clinic offering medical grade treatments by appointment only. All of the treatments are performed by experienced qualified Nurses

NON SURGICAL TREATMENTS: •Anti-wrinkle B-injections and Dermal fillers •Anti-Aging Mesotherapy •Laser Teeth Whitening •Micro-dermabrasion and peels

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Hello all and welcome to Autumn! I think I must have missed summer this year. Now at least the kids are back at school and we can all get back into our normal routines. This month we have good advice from Don French regarding planning permissions. Our business focus is on imagine arts, and we highlight the arrival in Mansfield of the Dragons Den Theatre School. There are also the usual puzzles and articles to keep you busy for a while. Please help to support all our local business who are advertising each month. As always please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to info@ Have a great month.


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Person 3 Course Meal ( minimum of 2 People) TUE-FRI 5:00-7:00pm ALL YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE

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We Also Have Our a la CarteMENU

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China Fong Vegetable & Fruit Carving Beginners Courses     *











150. For










Health and Wellbeing Oh No Not Nits Again!


t’s September and backto-school time. There are lots of new experiences to look forward to, and a couple best avoided. One of these is the dreaded head lice, which seem to become more of a problem each year. Even the Prime Minister’s children weren’t immune! About the size of a sesame seed, head lice feed on blood from the scalp, often hiding near the nape of the neck and behind the ears. They prefer clean, long hair - much better for clinging to the hair shaft and for easier transmission (they don’t fly or jump!). An adult louse can lay 4 or 5 eggs (nits) a day for up to 10 days. These hatch after 7-10 days, usually on the top of the head where it is warm and humid. A louse attaches eggs to the base of a hair using saliva-based glue. Before feeding it injects an anaesthetic into the scalp. Both this and the glue can cause intense itching. Insecticide-free remedies are preferable for those who suffer from eczema or asthma, young children and pregnant or lactating mums, due to the possible side-effects of malathion, permathrin and phenothrin. A degree of resistance to these chemicals is also becoming a problem. Wet-combing to remove lice and nits using a specialised comb, such as the Nitty Gritty, with the addition of hair conditioner or olive oil, is also the best treatment if there are any open sores due to scratching. Clean the comb with an old tooth brush or rinse in water between each combing. Olive oil is useful as it suffocates lice, but it can take a few washes before it is completely removed.


Adding a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and neem oils to olive oil, and massaging well into wet hair will further help to weaken the lice. Cover with a towel or a shower cap and leave on for at least one hour, then shampoo thoroughly. Remove the eggs with a comb to prevent more lice hatching at a later date, and repeat twice more at 3/5 day intervals. Always carry out a patch test before using, and always protect the eyes. Following treatment, the above oils can be added to shampoos as a natural preventative. Hot wash bedding, and check clothes and soft toys. Warning others, as the PM did, will also help! There is no shame in having head lice! There are a number of herbal treatment lotions and preventative sprays, such as Delacet, Fairytales, Nice ‘n Clear and Not Nice to Lice, available from chemists or online, but wet-combing is still essential to remove the eggs. Delacet claims to kill both, as does Quit Nits, but these may be tricky to find in the UK. Sue Blain, Naturopath

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Health and Wellbeing


Postnatal Exercise

s an Ante/Postnatal Exercise Expert, I’m here to answer a frequently asked question: “When can I do sit ups after birth?”

Why aren’t sit ups safe to do after birth? Sit ups work the six-pack muscle, and this exercise is considered contra-indicated for postnatal women. Contra-indicated means: the exercise causes more harm than good. So, if you’ve recently had a baby and you’re doing sit ups, STOP them immediately! The six-pack muscle lies on the top of all of your other abdominal muscles (like an outer unit), and really is the last muscle you want to focus on when getting back into shape after birth. There are different layers of abdominal muscles and strengthening them after birth is a bit like building a house. If you work on strengthening the deepest/ internal muscles first eg your “core” and pelvic floor muscles (your inner unit), your six-pack muscles have more of a chance of re-aligning back to their original structure.


What do sit ups do? Sit ups work the six-pack muscle. During pregnancy, this muscle has lengthened, separated and remains in a very weakened state after birth. If you do sit ups straight after birth, any abdominal separation you had, will now be wider, because you’re forcing the muscle to strengthen, when it’s still in a state of separation and weakness. What abdominal exercise is safe? The best type of exercise for new mums to do is Pilates. Pilates focuses on re-aligning your pelvic floor and core muscles, making it an ideal exercise choice for new mums. A postnatal-specific Pilates class is best, because your program will be safe, effective, and get you results. How do I get a flat stomach? I’m afraid, sit ups AREN’T going to help anyone, male or female, get a six-pack. There are three things you need to do: a) clean up your diet firstly, b) make fatburning exercise part of your routine, and c) do Pilates to strengthen your inner unit. Claire Mockridge

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Health and Wellbeing


Back to School

hether you view the end of the summer holidays with sadness or a sense of relief, there’s a lot to do before that new school term starts. Clothing. You’ve already bought all uniform items, including shoes and bags, haven’t you? Hopefully everything has been tried on recently. Children grow, often very suddenly, and usually during the first week of term! Now label everything. Iron-on labels save time, but can peel off after a few washes. Make sure you have spares. Stationery. What child doesn’t love a new, filled pencil case. It gets the school year off to a good start. Buy a few extras too so they’re available for when junior suddenly announces “I can’t possibly go to school because my favourite pen is missing”.

Hassle-free mornings. Create an area near the door for all school items. Ensure all bags, sports equipment, musical instruments, shoes etc. ‘live’ there at all times. No more time-wasting and morning stress, scouring the place frantically for missing items. Well that’s the theory…it must be worth a try! Get as much as possible ready the night before. A calendar or timetable for each child will help everyone be more organised. Thinking caps. Available online now. Oh how I wish this was true. Tissues. Necessary if your child is starting school for the first time…you’ll need them. Good luck!

Salon 68


Gel & Acrylic Nails from £20.00 Facials from £13.50 Spray Tans £15.00 Specialised Bikini Wax £20.00 Sunbeds 90 Mins for £27.50 Blow Dries from £6.00 Colour & Cut from £25.00 Updo’s from £8.00 Hair Extensions from £15.00 Ear Piercing Available Kirklington Road, Rainworth

01623 795511

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Food and Drink

Perfect Autumnal Food

Apple Crisp

Serves 4-6 Preparation time 30 minutes Cooking time 30-40minutes Ingredients 900g / 2lb apples, peeled, cored and sliced apples (you will probably need 1.5K / 3lb g of whole apples to achieve this) 1 tsp ground cinnamon Juice of 1/2 lemon 115g / 4oz brown sugar 75g / 3oz butter, cut into bits 40g / 1.5oz cup rolled oats 75g / 3oz plain flour 25g / 1oz flaked almonds (optional) Method 1) Preheat the oven to 200C / Gas Mark 6. Toss the apples with half the cinnamon, the lemon juice, and 1 tbsp of the brown sugar.


Place the fruit mixture into a lightly buttered 9-inch / 22cm round baking pan. 2) Combine all the other ingredients, including remaining cinnamon and brown sugar, in the container of a food processor and pulse a few times. Process for a few seconds more until everything is roughly incorporated. If you do not have a food processor, soften the butter slightly, and toss together the dry ingredients, then work in the butter with your finger-tips, a pastry blender, or a fork. 3) Spread the topping over the apples and bake 30-40 minutes, until the topping is browned and the apples are tender. Serve hot, warm, or at room temperature with cream or ice cream.

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Brighter Futures Education Motivating individuals, Do you want to help your child achieve their full potential this encouraging success school year? We can help by offering one to one tutoring services in:  


Revision and study skills

 


Coaching for 11+ and entrance examinations 

Homework support

For more information, contact Jill or Hayley on 07856 651430 or


All Supplied and fitted at an affordable price “Quality is our priority” Lots of ranges to choose from, modern to traditional. Full range of appliances with a 5 yr guarantee. A 10 yr guarantee on all cupboards, doors & bathroom products. Large range of granite, solid wood worktops and formica. We do electrics/plumbing/gas/ tiling/all alterations taken care of. Under floor heating. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Installed by a trustworthy fitting team that will treat your home like their own.


Tel: 07800 622529 Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad


Money Sense

Pension Changes for Businesses 2012 is going to see huge changes for all businesses when auto enrolment legislation comes into effect. Currently employees ask to join a company pension scheme however that is going to be turned upside down and employers are going to have to automatically put their employees into a pension scheme and it will be down to the employees to opt out instead. Companies will also need to eventually contribute 3% of ‘Qualifying Earnings’. These include overtime and shift bonuses which is not the same as basic salary from which most schemes are currently set up to calculate payments. This is going to cause a huge administrative and financial burden to businesses and firms need to explore how best to set up or amend a pension scheme and your adviser can help you with this.

Ensure that your firm’s Pension Provider offers the support required to guide you through this process. Maybe they have a relationship manager to amend a current scheme or an implementations manager to set up a new scheme and coordinate with employees so that you don’t have to. Incorporate the option of ‘Salary Sacrifice’ for employees that enables the reduction their gross salary for increased pension contributions. In doing so the Employee and Employer save on National Insurance Contributions. You should seek Independent Financial Advice and don’t use the first and only Group Personal Pension that your Bank offers. They may not have sourced it from the whole of the market and the fees could be high to repay the Government who have bailed them out.

·Mortgages ·Life Insurance ·Critical Illness ·Income Protection ·Pensions ·Investment ·Long Term Care ·IHT Planning ·Equity Release

·Shareholder Protection ·Key Man Insurance ·Private Medical Insurance ·Employee Assistance Programmes ·Group Income Protection · Group Critical Illness ·Group Death in Service ·Group Pensions

ALAIN MENGOLI Cert PFS Independent Financial Adviser


19 Bowden Avenue ·Alexander Park · Bestwood Village · Nottingham · NG6 8XN T: 0115 8084175 M: 0772 5134307 E: W: Clear unbiased advice to help you reach your financial goals. Helping you understand, protect and increase your assets. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage or any loan secured upon it. You can pay for our mortgage advice service by a combination of fee only or commission that we would receive from the provider. The level of any fee would depend on the circumstance of the case but we would estimate the fee to be 0.5% of the loan advanced. Veracity financial planning is not responsible for, nor does the Financial Services Authority regulate advice given with regard to taxation matters regard to trusts; some aspects of tax advice; commercial mortgages or second charge secured lending” .”The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you pay in.” Veracity Financial Planning is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We are entered in the FSA's register under reference 501862. 16 Swallow Drive, Bingham, Nottingham, NG13 8QA, Tel/Fax: 01949 836173, email: Veracity Financial Planning is a trading style of Edwin Snapper which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


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combi services

Central Heating Services

Installations Service Breakdown & Repairs Combination Boilers Gas Safety Inspections Landlord Certificates Issued Free Quotations

Tel: 07952 103 995

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Business Focus


Imagine Arts

magine Arts is an art school run by professional artist and illustrator Sean Coupe. You will find it tucked away in a corner of The Dukeries Centre, Budby.

It’s a place where you can come to learn to draw and paint in a variety of mediums, browse the gallery of drawings and paintings for sale or purchase quality artists materials. After your visit you can take time to enjoy what else the centre has to offer, perhaps enjoying the homemade food in Judith Ann’s Teashop. Learn to paint and draw courses include beginners drawing, watercolour and acrylic, all of which are structured to suit the complete novice. Classes are structured and lots of practical exercises. Each course runs over a ten week period and each lesson in 1.5 hours in length, in a relaxed and friendly studio environment. At the end of the course learners have the option to continue expanding on what they have learnt, or try a different discipline. Intermediate courses are also available. ‘Taster Workshops’ run periodically and private tuition is available. Other course include; pastel, line and wash, life drawing. Courses are open to those wishing to learn from the age of nine years onwards to the third age. Classes are small, with a maximum of six learners attending per session for a greater degree of one to one tuition and personalised attention. Although the lessons are planned as a group, individual styles and differences are taken into account. For a truly personalised approach private tuition is offered at any level, these sessions are tailor made to your own requirements.

enjoys passing on his knowledge and skills. “It gives me great satisfaction to see learners grow and develop their skills, ability and confidence.” Sean’s relaxed, considered teaching delivery will put the most nervous beginner at ease. He undertakes portrait commissions in a number of mediums working from photographs to create an astonishing likeness, any subject is considered. His cartoons skills are regularly called upon through commissions for caricatures. Quality artists’ materials Imagine Arts shop stocks a good selection of materials including a full range of Windsor & Newton Oil, Watercolour and Acrylic paints, quality brushes, paper, pastels, pens and pencils and much more. Original artwork is available to purchase in the gallery area. Call in and see what’s happening. Why not sign up for a course and discover a new pastime, unlock those hidden talents or extend your own skills. Buy quality artists materials for yourself, or as a gift. Course, lesson or materials vouchers are available. Imagine Arts is open from 10 am to 5 pm everyday except Tuesday.

Imagine Arts proprietor and resident professional artist Sean Coupe is passionate about painting and drawing


To advertise or contribute call 01623 249940

Explore your creative side Learn to Draw & Paint Courses


• • • • • •

Classes run contantly to suit both Quality beginners and the more experienced. Relaxed, friendly studio environment. Artists’ Class sizes limited to 6 learners. MaterIals Tution by professional artist. Sales Group classes and private tuition available Portraits an other commissions undertaken.

Call Sean 07772 714155 or

email: For latest course dates and information


imaginearts ART SCHOOL


Imagine Arts Studio, Dukeries Centre, Thoresby Park, Budby, Newark, Notts, NG22 9EX email:

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Home & Garden Do I Need Planning Permission? There is no cut and dried answer to the above question, but the Government issued National guide lines under the heading permitted developments in 2008 which allows some alterations to be done to your home without planning permission. Examples are new bathrooms, kitchens, internal alterations and small single storey extensions. Whilst it may sound simple the rules and regulations are numerous and complicated and not possible to list here. All Councils will offer pre application advice, usually by submitting a pre app form obtained from the Council. With some Councils this is still free but I note that a number have started to charge for this service with significant fees. Your Council will furnish the information on fees etc. You usually get a response to a pre application in around four weeks. The best advice I can give is that if you intend to extend your home first make sure you have a good idea what you want


to achieve with an extension. With your thoughts in mind you can conduct the process yourself. You will need to be able to put your ideas on paper to enable you to complete the pre application form. The alternative is to engage a professional designer who is used to the planning process and will almost certainly save you time and frustration. He or she will have a very good idea as to what you can and cant do without reference to the Council. A word of caution, make sure that you are comfortable with your chosen professional and be very sure to take references. Any form of extension or alteration to your home is expensive, you need to be sure you will get what wanted in the first place. Finally, almost all alterations and extensions will need Building Regulations, definitely a job for the expert.

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Don French

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Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 28


Across 7 Faucet (6) 8 Flamboyant (6) 9 Gusto (4) 10 Light egg-based snack (8) 11 Bestial (7) 13 Roost (5) 15 Lively dance (5) 17 American-Indian drums (3-4) 20 Canal (8) 21 Companionless (4) 22 Yellow-flowered plant (6) 23 Tear away (6) Down 1 Choice (6) 2 Enthralled (4) 3 Cushioned footstool (7) 4 Card game (5) 5 Built-in (8) 6 Inert (6) 12 Capricious (8) 14 Fancy mug (4,3) 16 Deity in human form (6) 18 Ripe (6) 19 Miniature (5) 21 Convinced (4)

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Garden View

Miniature narcissi Think of daffodils and you’ll probably think of the large yellow variety. They look fabulous while in flower, but can present some problems for small gardens. They are tall, unstable in high winds, heavy rains and snowfall, and they produce masses of green foliage which must be left to die down for six weeks after flowering. Only then can you shear them off to ground level.

Plant the bulbs just below the surface then stand the pot in the shelter of a wall. Water the compost when it looks dry. Come the spring you should enjoy a pot full of colour. Once they’ve finished flowering you can plant them more deeply outside and they’ll continue to flower each year.

Miniature narcissi however were made for small suburban plots. They are under 12 inches / 30cm tall and are much more stable in bad weather, even heavy snow. As a bonus their foliage is neat so not particularly unsightly during the dyingdown period. Just like the big varieties, if you plant them now they will provide pleasure for many years. All daffs, be they large or dwarf, need a good start. Make a hole roughly four times deeper than the bulb. It will seem like overkill, but the biggest mistake most gardeners make with bulbs is shallow planting. They will still flower well during the first seasons, but because they are too near the surface, they will find it difficult to take in enough nutrients and water to make reserves for the subsequent years. The result will be a show of green leaves and not much else! So plant them deep and they’ll return year on year, looking more beautiful each time. Another great way to enjoy miniature narcissi is to plant them in pots. 25cm /10 inch pots are about the right size. Put some drainage material in the bottom then fill with potting compost.


Miniature Narcissi Suggestions ‘Minnow’ - A profusion of multiheaded lemon-yellow flowers. ‘Jetfire’ - Bright orange trumpet and deep yellow petals. ‘Cotinga’ - Dainty ivory flowers with petals that look like they’re windswept backwards and trumpet flushed with apricot. Very unusual. ‘Golden Bells’ - Free-flowering with a large trumpet. These are just suggestions. You can’t really go wrong with any miniature narcissi. The only problem you’ll have is deciding where to plant them all!

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Steve Horsnall

Tree and Fencing Limited

• Trees topped, felled and pruned • Hedges trimmed and lowered • Stump Grinding Available • Professional, clean and reliable service • Garden fencing and gates • Supplied,erected and repaired FULLY INSURED


Tel: 01623 798268 Mobile 07899746866

New canine hydrotherapy pool now open in Bilsthorpe Help with arthritis, hip & elbow dysplasia, ligament & tendon injuries, spinal conditions, fractures and weight loss Also fun swims & puppy ‘learn-to-swim’

Tel: 07732 771658

VFM Roofing Give Your Roof a Free Health Check! o o o o o o o o

Low Cost Prices Excellent Standard Of Work Free Quotations Honest, Friendly Reliable Workmanship Full Public Liability Insurance 30 Years Experience In Trade References Available

0115 9567655 / 07941 327357

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Documents on the Move

ncreasing numbers of people are now wanting to take their documents, photos etc with them when they leave home. A lot of us now carry either small mobile PCs or smart phones with internet access. There is an excellent free internet service called Dropbox that can help. Drobox in a secure internet based service that is accessible by Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, so it covers almost all devices that we may use. You can have 2 Gigabytes of storage free, and have up to 100 Gigabytes at a subscription. To use Dropbox, you go to their website, create a profile and download the application to your computer. When you have downloaded the application, it will create a folder on your computer for you to put your files in. These will now be automatically synchronised to your Dropbox account on the web.

If you go to another internet device and go to the Dropbox website, you can log in and see your files. If you make any changes to the files from the internet based service, they will be synchronised to your main computer when you log onto it. This way, you can access your files when you are away from home. You can also setup other people to access these files, so if you want to share some documents with family, friends or colleagues, then set them up a profile on Dropbox and they can access the data as well. Ideal for project or club based data, or if you have a holiday home that you go to in the holidays and you want to take some information with you. More information can be found on www. If you have any questions, call Bryan from Midland Data Networks (01949 876 098) or email questions@

W S Ingham & Son Ltd

Independent Family Funeral Service Private Chapel of Rest Set in Beautiful Landscaped Gardens Large Car Park

Funerals arranged in all areas Professional 24 Hour Service

01623 621114

11 Poplar Grove, Forest Town, MansďŹ eld, Notts. NG19 0HW e-mail web


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RJM Electrical Solar Installations • Guaranteed return on investment for 25 years (tax free) • Generate your own free electricity easily and naturally • Drastically cut your electricity bills by around half • Add value to your home • Reduce your carbon footprint

For more information or to book a survey, contact us today:


An average 3KW Solar Panel System could make you as much as £1350 per year Payments are Index Linked and Tax Free

Solar PV Installers Tel: 01623 429 215 Mob: 07545 144 022

Email: Website:

• MCS Accredited company • Experienced Installers • Free Surveys and Quotes

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Health and Wellbeing Razamatazz Dragons’ Den Theatre School comes to Mansfield! After a highly memorable and successful appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2007 Razzamataz Theatre Schools have been opening up and down the country and now it’s the turn of Mansfield! When founder and director of Razzamataz Denise HuttonGosney appeared on the show, Duncan Bannatyne quickly offered the full investment and is still involved in the business today recently quoting “The investment that’s given me most pride and satisfaction involves children’s stage schools” Together Denise and Duncan have rapidly expanded the company to almost 50 schools in the UK as well as Stage Academies in Thomson and First Choice resorts, Centre Parcs and Haven. The Razzamataz brand is stronger than ever and Mansfield mum of 2 Claire Blower is delighted to be bringing it to town. “I’m so excited and thrilled to be bringing Razzamataz to Mansfield” said Claire “I have a fantastic team of experienced teachers who are all passionate about what they do and can’t wait to get started!” As well as the obvious health benefits, participation in theatre arts has been shown to benefit children in many different areas as they acquire life and performance skills. “Nurturing young talent and building up a child’s confidence is a big part of what we do at Razz” Claire said “We teach the children a mix of commercial styles and Musical Theatre so they get to experience the very best of what the Performing Arts has to offer” The classes consist of Dance, Drama and Singing and the curriculum ranges from classic West End Musical Theatre to commercial Street Dance, Hip Hop and Pop Singing.

for 4-5 year olds. These are fun filled, hour long sessions covering all 3 disciplines. Claire said “In Mansfield we are very fortunate to be able to operate from Oak Tree Leisure Centre. This fabulous venue will only enhance our classes further with dance classes being held in a fantastic mirrored studio! It’s also very convenient for parents with ample free parking, they could even get fit themselves by attending the gym whilst the kids are at Razz!” Whether you just want to have fun and meet lots of new friends in a safe and stimulating environment or train to be a top Dancer, Actor, singer or Presenter, Mansfield Razz is the place to be, with already lots of exciting things lined up for its students including a West End performance in 2012! To ensure quality tuition (as ranked in the top 3 Theatre Schools by The Stage newspaper) Razzamataz class sizes are kept small and spaces are strictly limited. Claire added “Razz Mansfield is going to be fresh, funky and above all FUN! Come and see for yourselves, book your free trial now!” Razzamataz Mansfield is launching on Saturday 17th September with a FREE taster session to book your place call Claire now on 01623 636171 or email mansfield@ visit www.razzamataz. for further details

Razz Minis has been specifically designed

26 26

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Community Information These are free pages to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the Berry Hill, Rainworth and Blidworth area; copy deadline is the 12th of each month. Please email Bards at Blidworth meet at 10am to 12pm at Blidworth Library on the 3rd Saturday of each month, whether novice or experienced, all are welcome and all styles of poetry. Our first publication ‘Bards at Blidworth and Beyond 2011’ is due out this year. Meetings involve a workshop followed by a cuppa and chat and a readaround of member’s work. There is no entry fee but people sometimes make a small, voluntary donation as we hope to book guest poets in the future. The music and culture night (mainly folk music and song, sometimes poetry and storytelling) is an extension of Bards and is running every Monday at the Black Bull from 8pm to 10.30pm and includes a raffle. Performers and listeners are welcome! For more information go to http://www. and musicandcultureatthebull Music and Culture Night at the Black Bull Blidworth every Monday eve from 8pm Music is mainly folk but all types of musicians are welcome Performance poets and storytellers also wlecome And of course - an audience! Free entry - a raffle is usually held for a couple of items to be won Dance Fanatic School of Dance Based in RAINWORTH VILLAGE HALL. Small and friendly all ages and abilities welcomed. Ages range from 3 through to adults and styles include Ballet technique, Gym dance, Freestyle and Street. . One to one tuition also available. Annual show, exams and is a ADFP competitive school. I.D.T.A and A.D.F.P registered, fully insured and crb checked. More info contact kerri mason on: 07849549291/

Sun Rainworth Miners Welfare 11am - 12pm 3rd Rainworth Rainbow Guides are part of the Girlguiding movement. The unit is for 5-7 year old girls. The meetings are held every Friday [term time only] at the Methodist Church Hall on Southwell Road East - time 4-45p.m. to 5-45pm. Leader: Mrs Edith Mason - tele: -01623 796472 Sequence and ballroom dancing for beginners Rainworth village hall Fridays and sundays at 7.15 Also - sequence social dancing fridays and sundays 8-10pm contact 01623 794443 for more information. Water Babies: award-winning specialist baby swimming classes at Annesley School (Wed,Thurs); Portland College (Tues,Thurs, Fri) and Kings Mill hospital (Mon, Fri, Sat) - contact Marie on 01636 815567 or check out the website for more information BLIDWORTH & RAINWORTH WOMENS INSTITUTE meet on the first thursday of each month at the Blidworth Methodist Church, main St, Blidworth at 7.30pm. New members welcome. For more information contact Mary on 01623 799095 Zumba Fitness Class on Thursday evenings at St Peters C of E Primary School (School Hall), Bellamy Road, Mansfield, NG18 4LN. 8 - 9pm. £3.50. For more info contact Claire on 07425171895. BLIDWORTH & DISTRICT HISTORICAL AND HERITAGE SOCIETY meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Blidworth Miners Welfare 7.30pm. Contact Bill Hutton for more information. 01623 484189

Puzzle Solutions

Zumba Fitness Classes are now being held on Weds. Rainworth Village Hall, 7.45 - 8.45 - Thurs Rainworth Miners Welfare 8.30 - 9.30


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TO LET Bilsthorpe - Blidworth - Boughton Clipstone - Sutton on Trent

750 - 6600sqft COMMERCIAL UNITS VARYING SIZES Flexible lease terms

01636 655890




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28/03/2011 09:32

Please call our ofďŹ ce for a personalised property valuation

Tel: 01623 491311


Estate & Letting Agency


Buying? Selling? Letting? SO

Christmas Bookings Now Being Taken

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To advertise or contribute call 07595 510190

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0800 61 21118 Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want the latest energy saving glass? 5 year guarantee on new doubl...