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Hello everyone, Happy November to you all. It is starting to feel like winter now that we have altered the clocks and the days are getting shorter. Plenty of good reading again this month. It is Beaujolais time, and Suki North explains the history of the Beaujolais run. We have advice about winter driving, surviving the office party, and your kids’ winter health. Please help to support all our local business who are advertising each month. As always please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to: Have a great month.


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Health and Wellbeing

Kids’ Winter Health - Naturally cereals for breakfast such as oats, rather than refined sugary cereals. Soak overnight and then top up with honey and hot milk, preferably full fat and organic. Try goat or buffalo milk if your child is hyperactive and over-emotional, as this may indicate difficulties digesting casein, the cow protein. Add chopped nuts, seeds, fruit and live yogurt.


on’t let the bugs win the health battle this winter. We have an innate power to heal ourselves as long as we take care and prepare. We thrive in happy, stress and pollution-free environments, with sufficient healthy foods and drinks, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and sleep. However our immune systems can take a battering at this time of year and children are particularly vulnerable. Vegetables and fruit are essential eating, due to the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they contain, especially vitamin C and the B vitamins that help deal with stress. They are also alkaline-forming, neutralising acids formed by fizzy drinks, additives and high sugar levels associated with junk food. If your children won’t go for the greens try hiding them by finely chopping and mixing with minced meat. Make smoothies and blend soups. They can even grow their own cress for egg and cress sandwiches. Sprouted seeds contain many more enzymes than just fruit or vegetables. Enzymes are destroyed in cooking so some food should be eaten raw. Try carrot, celery and cucumber sticks. Children need 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day to sustain energy levels. Tiredness reduces immunity. Choose wholegrain


Protein breakfasts will fill them up and aid the brain. Scrambled eggs or sardines on wholegrain toast are healthy options, with fruit for morning playtime. Muesli bars are useful standbys but check for excess sugar, which lowers immunity. Buy the homeopathic remedies, Aconite and Gelsemium 30c, helpful at the first signs of a cold. Give one Aconite pill if they come home chilled and can’t seem to get warm. Chills lower immunity so stock up on warming spices. In America cayenne was sprinkled in shoes, so lots of cosy orange feet! You may prefer to add it to stews and soups? Homemade chicken soup with drumsticks and extra onions is very nourishing. Add fresh garlic, sage and thyme to boost immunity. Lemon, ginger and honey tea will keep them warm and ease sore throats and coughs, as will Propolis lozenges. The herb Echinacea aids healing and regulates the immune system. Echinoforce by Vogel is suitable for children over 5 years of age. Give the maximum dose at the first sign of a cold and once a day as a preventative. A vitamin D supplement is also a good preventative. Always follow instructions for children and remember that any aspirin based cold treatments are unsuitable. Sue Blain Naturopath

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Food and Drink

Katsu Stuffed Peppers A Warming Autumnal Recipe Ingredients Enough for four large peppers. Sauce 60ml tomato ketchup 4 teaspoons rice wine  4 teaspoons soy sauce  2 teaspoons sugar  2 teaspoons pureed apple or apple sauce  4 teaspoons rice wine vinegar  4 teaspoons mustard  1/4 teaspoon ground allspice  1/8 teaspoon ground clove  1/4 teaspoon garlic powder Place the ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil, stirring all the time. Then reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

be large enough to make stuffing the peppers easy. Stuff peppers with the filling Sprinkle with Panko breadcrumbs Place in a greased, ovenproof dish and bake for 35-40 minutes. Serve with the sauce. Note: Panko is a Japanese crunchy breadcrumb topping, which can generally be found in the oriental aisle at the supermarket. If you can’t find them, use ordinary lightly- toasted breadcrumbs instead.

Filling 350g cooked brown rice 1/2 onion, finely chopped 1-2 cloves of garlic, crushed. 2 teaspoons fresh ginger, finely chopped. 120g any squash, chopped into small cubes (butternut is lovely) Note: You can add any finely chopped leftover vegetables of your choice. This is a very versatile recipe. Method Preheat the oven to 180C (160C fan) Gas mark 4. Combine the filling ingredients in a big bowl Keeping the peppers whole, cut a hole around the stalk then remove it and the seeds. The hole should


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Time for a Diesel Key? Have you ever mis-fuelled your vehicle?

What is the Cost of Misfuelling?

If you answered yes, then you aren’t alone. It’s estimated that at least 150,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their car each year, one every three and a half minutes!

• Repair bills from £200-£3,000 + • Loss of trading hours and as a result late or missed appointments • Loss in revenue for your business • Saves You £200-£3000 in repair bills per misfuelling incident • Not covered by insurance, vehicle warranty, breakdown cover • Cost of draining and refilling your tank again with diesel

Diesel Misfulleing has become more popular over the last fews years and is easily done. The nozzle of a petrol pump is smaller than a Diesel nozzle, and therefore fits into the fuel tank without resistance. All you need is for something to catch your attention and you have an expensive repair bill on your hands (and sometimes an insurance claim!) If you start your Diesel vehicle with Unleaded petrol in the tank the chances are that you will need to replace the whole fuel system. Some newer vehicles these days do come with a misfuelling device fitted, but this is still quite rare. This website provides information on products available on the market for any Diesel vehicle, from commercial vans to family cars. For a small investment you could save yourself literally thousands in repair bills. See what our customers say about Diesel Key: Why you need to prevent Diesel Misfuelling? Diesel vehicles hit record sales: 79,928 in 2008 (45.3% market share), 400 people a day in the UK alone. Accidently misfuelling is increasing weekly as diesel sales hit an all time high, as 150,000 plus drivers misfuel per year in UK – that’s 1 every 3.5 minutes.

What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your car? If you’ve put petrol in a diesel car, don’t turn on the ignition or start the engine as this will circulate the contaminated fuel increasing the risk of damage to the vehicle. Diesel fuel pumps operate on very fine tolerances and are lubricated by the diesel fuel itself. Petrol in diesel acts as a solvent – the lubrication reduces potentially causing damage to the pump through metal to metal contact. The further the contaminated petrol goes in the system the more drastic the impact. In extreme cases it may be cheaper to get a new engine. If the vehicle is still under warranty you should check with your dealer regarding their advice and correct remedial action. If you’ve added more than 10% (5 litres in a 50 litre tank) petrol – the car shouldn’t be run and the tank should be drained If you’ve added less than 10% (5 litres in a 50 litre tank) petrol – the tank can be topped up with diesel and the car run normally unless the manufacturer has advised otherwise. For more information on the Diesel Key, contact: Aide Automotive Foxhall Business Centre Foxhall Road Nottingham NG7 6LH T. 0115 845 6471 M. 07876 653609


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Registered Digital Installers Age Concern & Buy with Confidence Approved

• A reliable family run business • Digital Aerial Installation • Sky & Freesat • TV Wall Mounting • Free Estimates • TV & DVD Tuning from £25

0115 9877409 07710 546650

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Money Sense


Pensions and the Annual Allowance

he annual allowance is a personal allowance which limits the tax privileges on pension savings in any tax year. It has been reduced from £255,000 in the 2010/11 tax year to £50,000 from the 2011/12 tax year. The key changes are taking effect due to a review by the Coalition Government and these include: A reduced annual allowance with full tax relief of £50,000 accrued in pension input periods from 2011/2012. A carry forward of unused allowance up to £50,000 from the previous three tax years to the current one. Any pension savings that exceed the annual allowance for a tax year after taking into consideration any available carry forward allowance will subject the client to a tax charge even if this is caused by employer contributions. The lifetime allowance for tax privileged

10 12

savings will reduce from the current £1.8 million to £1.5 million from 6th April 2012. Clients have until 5th April 2012 to register for fixed protection and which will avoid a lifetime allowance charge. For most the changes will not impact the plans that have been put in place however people will be caught up in this. Consultants within the NHS who have had long careers may find that they have made contributions into the NHS Schemes greater than the £50,000 just through getting a promotion. Business owners may have earmarked the next few years to contribute large amounts so that they can take some money out of the business and retire or to assist in purchasing commercial property through a SIPP. For those people you need to review your pensions and your plans so please contact me Justin Stockdale of Sense Financial Solutions by telephone 07817 618823 or by e-mail because I am passionate about clients finances and I will help you plan for your future.

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Lifestyle & Leisure


Drink Drive - The Magic of Beaujolais

t one minute past midnight on the third Sunday in November, villages and towns in a region in France release cases of wine for immediate delivery across the world. “Le Beaujolais est arrivé!” This rousing call signals the introduction of the year’s new wine, the famous Beaujolais Nouveau. Originally, pitchers of the wine were taken straight from the producers’ barrels to the towns amid much fanfare and celebration. Then someone saw a fabulous marketing opportunity: a race to distribute the first bottles of the new vintage. As a marketing strategy this has been very successful. November’s dreary, cold wet days are brightened by a well-established ritual: the annual Beaujolais Run. The Run is a 1,000 mile race to south-eastern France to collect the first bottles of the new wine. Since 1970, much fun has been had during this race. In its early years the event was purely about speed. Modes of transport could be anything. So when the run was won by an RAF team in a Harrier jet, the organisers had to rethink the rules. Now the mission is to get from southern England to Mâcon by covering the shortest distance. The Beaujolais Run is a kind of treasure hunt through the French countryside.

The Beaujolais Run is a popular event in the amateur motor sport year. From standard road cars to super-cars, classic cars to motorcycles, anything that goes, goes. And the dress code is fancy dress... Each year the organisers choose a theme. One year the theme was James Bond, and in another year it was ‘jungle’. Luckily the locals are used to les Anglais asking for directions, so don’t get too disturbed when they’re stopped by a six foot tall banana or gorilla! If this has piqued your curiosity, take a look at for further information. To enter you need a team of two, a vehicle, an entry fee and the intention to raise a lot of money via sponsorship. It’s also advantageous to have a sense of humour, and a brain that can work out the enigmatic clues. As a charity fund-raising event, the Beaujolais Run is certainly different. It’s a lot more interesting than a booze cruise and the only way that alcohol and driving should ever be combined. Suki North

A series of cryptic navigational clues take competitors through six checkpoints. At each checkpoint, teams must take a photograph of themselves at an obscure landmark to prove they were there. All methods of course plotting are acceptable, from maps to satnavs and laptops. No longer do Aston Martins have the advantage over Minis. Map readers tend to succeed over technology as some country backroads don’t show up on the satellites.


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For freeinitial initialconsultation: consultation: For aa free

Call Nick on: 07841 109491 Call Nick on: 07841 109491 email: email: (Fixed (Fixedfees feesand andlocal localto toLady LadyBay) Bay) Licenced and and regulated by by the the Association of Licenced regulated Association Chartered Certified Accountants of Chartered Certified Accountants


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tting Agency


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1 ddni.telfaeL esihcnarF

Eazi-Move Estate & Letting Agency “The No Commission Agent”



ov Eazi-M tting te & Le




E L T A E FOR SALE O S L R F TO Estate & Le

tting Agency

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5342 4 921 51351 1


151 442921531 3 5 2 0 6 0 8 1 0 T e Tl :el.0

Property of the month

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Combination Boiler En Suite Bathroom Dining Room Modern Property Viewing Advised Hill Crest View, Carlton



Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 32


Crossword Clues Across 7 Mourn (6) 8 Added before (6) 9 Benevolent (4) 10 Label on purchase (5,3) 11 Made of clay (7) 13 Traditionally wears white (5) 15 Stop (5) 17 Children’s TV character ‘Sam’ (7) 20 Response (8) 21 Individual (4) 22 Makes ale (6) 23 Small container (6) Down 1 Boatyard (6) 2 Not alive (4) 3 Plug (7) 4 Relates to the eye (5) 5 Practise (8) 6 Warlock (6) 12 Decline (8) 14 Little boosts (7) 16 Fuzzy (6) 18 In league (6) 19 Shaggy (5) 21 Posted (4)

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Garden View

Protect and Insure! You’d be forgiven if you thought this was an article about finance, but it’s important to protect tender perennials and take cutting material to over winter as a ‘plant insurance policy’. Although it’s now too late to take semi ripe cuttings (this should be done in July/August) the best way to protect your tender perennials such as Salvias and Pelargonium’s is to lift them and bring them into a greenhouse. If you have a heater, this should be set to the frost setting (or ideally around 5C) and if you bubble wrap your greenhouse for additional heat conservation, the heater will only need to kick in on those extremely cold days and nights. Tender bulbs and tubers such as dahlias should now be lifted (once the foliage has been blackened by the frost) and placed in a box of sand in a dry, dark, frost-free location. Borderline hardy perennials such as Agapanthus, which are generally happy to be left in the ground with a little protection, are best left undisturbed, but with a generous quantity of well rotted compost or bark mulch added to the top. This can be removed from directly around the crown of the plant in spring, and will help retain moisture throughout the spring growing season. Leaving plants like this outside after last winter is a risk, but short of moving the garden into the garage each winter, I figure the line has to be drawn somewhere! For those hardy horticulturalists who like me, enjoy working in the garden on a cold crisp day, November sees the beginning of the bare root planting season. Before the invention of the plastic pot, November to March was the only time in which plants such as roses, hedging and trees could be moved, and those planted in winter, in my experience do exceptionally well.


Jobs to do this month: Spring bulbs should now have been planted, however it’s not too late if you have them still to do. In particular, tulip bulbs are best left until this month, as the less time they are in the ground the less chance they have of getting a virus called tulip fire blight. Plant garlic cloves if you have a free draining soil. The general advice is ‘only if you live in a mild area’ but after mine survived last winter in a raised bed, I think it’s probably more to do with heavy wet soils than the temperature. Dig over the vegetable plot, leaving clods to break down over winter Finally, leaves should be regularly collected from lawn areas where they will deprive the lawn of what little light we have at this time of year.

Happy gardening! Lee

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Sue’s Maintenance Service 1st class HandyWoman

All work undertaken with great care & due diligence

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Martin Page

Edwalton &

West Bridgford’s Local Tree Surgeon Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

call me now on

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Lifestyle & Leisure Party Politics

How to survive the office bash The annual Christmas knees-up is a social occasion that gives employers the opportunity to reward staff for their hard work during the year, but it is still a business event and has an unwritten code of conduct. Here’s how to get through it without making a faux pas that will have you cringing for months. First of all, do attend – if only for half an hour. It’s disrespectful and shows indifference if you do not, and could hurt your reputation. Be on time and don’t forget to thank the person responsible for the planning and coordinating of the party. The office party is an opportunity to improve relationships with co-workers and management, so create a good impression by showing respect and courtesy to everyone (remember you are being constantly observed). Be friendly and remember that the party isn’t the place to persuade your boss to promote you, or provide you with that new type of chair that’s good for your back! Dress to impress, but don’t overdo it! Check if the dress code is formal or casual, and resist the urge to wear anything too revealing or too flashy. Though the party’s a chance to wear what you like, be aware of the impression you are putting across. Keep your reputation for good taste intact.

Don’t monopolize conversations, don’t even think about gossiping about others, and be careful what jokes you tell. Don’t be the one that lurks by the food table and always has a sausage roll and vol-au-vent in each hand. It means you’re not mingling, are quite possibly eating everyone else’s share, and are likely to have crumbs down your chin when you do eventually branch out. And whatever you do, never double-dip your food! Don’t drink too much. Dancing on the table with a lampshade on your head whilst doing a (poor) impression of Christina Aguilera, is not likely to impress the boss, nor will telling him exactly what you think of him and confessing to making overseas calls when he’s out. Similarly, it might seem like the perfect opportunity to chat up that colleague you’ve fancied for months, but if you get too drunk beforehand, you’re likely to say something that will have you hiding behind your computer screen for months! So, have a good time but don’t overdo things; enjoy being with your colleagues but never forget they are your colleagues; relax without ruining your reputation and you’ll have a great night…cheers!

Keep all conversations positive and upbeat, and avoid controversial subjects such as religion and politics. Don’t spend all night talking about work or yourself, and avoid bragging, correcting, whining and complaining, or you’re sure to earn the title of office bore.


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Debbie Singh-Bhatti

Decking and Gardening

We offer high quality, cost effective design solutions for your garden including complete garden design decking ● fencing & gates ● laying & maintaining of lawns ● hedge cutting ● shed assembly ● general garden maintenance ● ●

Contact us on 07794 433 604 or 0115 9447935

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Lifestyle & Leisure

The Weather Outside is Frightful So what else can you do once behind the wheel to increase your chances of safe winter driving? Whether facing snow, ice, rain, fog or wind, the advice is basically the same – stay alert, slow down and keep your distance. Remember to look ahead as you drive. For example, watch for early signs of ice – does the road ahead glisten, and does the steering feel suddenly light?


o what should you do if, unlike the revellers in the song, you have places to go? Debbie Singh-Bhatti has all the answers.

One Boxing Day morning several years ago, I made a mad dash to a neighbouring town to hunt through the sales for a Christmas present I’d forgotten. I was low on fuel, but couldn’t find a service station open so decided to risk it. I ended up on the hard shoulder of the motorway. The police officer who came to my aid admonished me. “Don’t you realise how dangerous it is to head out in these conditions not fully prepared?” So, how can we best prepare for winter driving? The first and most obvious thing is to conduct regular maintenance checks on our vehicle. Ensuring that the oil, water, tyres, lights, battery, wipers, screen wash and brakes are all topped up and in good working order can help avoid breakdown or accident. And don’t forget to keep an eye on fuel levels too! In addition, it is a go od idea to kit the car out with a basic winter survival kit. This could include de-icer, an ice scraper, shovel, tow rope, jump leads, torch, first aid kit, map, blanket, energy food, bottled water, spare clothing and footwear, regular medication, and breakdown membership details! In addition, never venture out without cash or cards and a charged up mobile phone.


Drive more slowly than usual, and make sure you accelerate, steer and brake gently to reduce the risk of skidding. Apply the two second rule, (time the gap between your vehicle and the one in front) to give yourself more stopping time. In addition, it is important to see and be seen, so use dipped headlights in rain, snow or fog, and keep the air conditioning or demister on to keep your windows clear. If, however, you do find yourself in a skid despite your best efforts, it is important not to panic! Your instinct may be to brake and steer out of trouble, but the best plan is to take your foot off the brake, step on the clutch, and steer in the direction of the skid. To do this, look where you want your vehicle to go and steer towards that spot, being careful not to over steer. Although the advice we often receive these days is to stay at home when the weather is bad, we all know that sometimes this is unavoidable. In addition to following the advice above, before setting out on any journey let your family or friends know where you are going, what route you plan on taking and what time you expect to arrive. Allow yourself extra travel time, keep the radio on for regular weather or road reports, and don’t forget to clear snow and ice from windows, mirrors and the roof!

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  Â Â? Â?



combi services

Central Heating Services

Installations Service Breakdown & Repairs Combination Boilers Gas Safety Inspections Landlord Certificates Issued Free Quotations

Tel: 07952 103 995

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Community Information


Christmas Tree Festival

hat better way for all the family to get into the spirit of the Christmas season than by viewing a colourful display of over 30 individually decorated Christmas trees? This year, an exciting new venture comes to West Bridgford for the first time, when community and church groups join together at West Bridgford Methodist Church to present an event which will be sure to captivate and enthral young and old alike.

coffee and mince pies, hot turkey cobs, jacket potatoes and afternoon teas, and there will be special church services on Sunday at 10.30am and 6.30pm to celebrate the start of Advent. Rev Dr Paul Hill, the new minister at the church is delighted to see the building being used as a focus for community events. “We look forward to welcoming friends from the local area as they meet together in this colourful atmosphere and share some of the good things that are happening in West Bridgford”.

Alongside conventional Christmas trees, decorated with twinkling lights, you can also expect to see some more unusual trees and exhibits decorated in imaginative styles and displayed around the bright, modernised church. It will be sure to brighten a dull November day!

The church is situated on the corner of Musters Road and Patrick Road, and the Festival will be open on Saturday 26th November from 10.00am – 4.00pm, and on Sunday 27th November from 12.00pm – 4.00pm.

In the adjoining church hall there will be a range of stalls and other attractions. Refreshments will be served throughout the opening hours, including morning

For further details, please contact John Heard, 78, Davies Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5JA email or phone 07962121571


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Lots of storage space at a bargain price ! Beautiful floor to ceiling Lots designs ofwith fittedofwardrobes beautiful floor to doors that glide ceiling fitted wardrobes. at a touch FREE with every wardrobe our full width FREE with every Space Saver interior. wardrobe our full Made to measure and then width fitted interior by us within a day

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Choose from a variety of designs and styles 10 year Guarantee £100


For Brochure & price list Sliding£100 DoorM&S Wardrobes Gift Vouchers telephone:

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only 0000 000 0000 for 0115 882  3001 Applies only to wardrobes ordered by July 31st NOTTINGHAM

Applies only to wardrobes ordered in February 2011

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Community Information Live and Loud for a Good Cause


any thanks to all concerned in making the fundraising event at the Boat Club on October 22nd a great success.

3 local bands, Indigo Reef, Fear Project and The Vordermen all played to raise funds for Maggies, the new £3m Cancer Caring Centre recently opened at the City Hospital in Nottingham. Tickets were £4 on the door, and together with the raffle, which featured probably the worst collection of prizes ever offered, a grand total of £516 was raised. There was a fabulous atmosphere on the night, and plenty of support for the bands on stage who had happily given their time to support such a worthy cause. Thanks also to The Boat Club, who contributed by supplying the room for the night and a well stocked bar.

The Boat Club is an excellent venue for hire when considering your next wedding or private party, and features: • Riverside location • Large balcony • Ample parking • Refurbished throughout • Contemporary style • Well-stocked bar • Stage for disco’s and bands Hire includes hall, bar area, toilets & washroom facilities and bar staff. The hall may be decorated by hirers with the agreement of the Club. There is also a stage with lighting system. The Boat Club capacity, with use of the hall and bar area is ideal for 100 to 250 people. Call 0115 9811251 for more information or to make a booking.


Ideal for Private Parties Riverside Location • Large Balcony • Ample Parking Refurbished Throughout • Contemporary Style • Well-Stocked Bar Stage for Disco’s and Bands

0115 9811251


07775 876964

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ward-winning West Bridgford Dramatic Society opens the 2011/2012 season with Post Horn Gallop by Derek Benfield. This is a fast-moving comedy with a castle, a couple of criminals, a Lord who thinks he’s still at war, a batty guide, some bemused visitors – and a whole troop of boy scouts. An entertaining evening is guaranteed! The production will take place at The Studio Theatre, Stamford Road, West Bridgford (down path between the Willow Tree and the Rugby Club) on Tuesday 29 November to Saturday 3 December. Tickets are £7.50 (£6.50 concessions) including free hot drink at the interval and are available either on line at and www. or you can call the Box Office on 07960 992196.

theatre from 7.45 and most Saturdays there is set-building to be done from 10.30am. Auditions for the next production, Time of My Life by Alan Ayckbourn, will be held on Tuesday 8 November and anyone with an ambition to act or help backstage is welcome. Absolutely no experience is necessary to join the society – just enthusiasm and a desire to help run West Bridgford’s only theatre. Turn up on a Tuesday or Saturday or ring 077866 75371.

New members are always very welcome. Every Tuesday there is a club night at the


hy not visit the new Antiques and Collectors Corner at 67 Eltham Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5BP.

There is everything from pottery to silver and coins and so much more. There are more than 10 dealers and also cabinets available to rent. Don’t miss the next antiques fair at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre on 27th Nov.


n Friday 9th December there will be a Christmas folk concert at the Poppy and Pint, Lady Bay to raise money for Rainbows, the Loughborough based hospice for terminally ill children and young people. Although based in Leicestershire the hospice provides support to families right across the East Midlands. The concert features virtuoso concertina playing and singing from Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham, a mixture of contemporary and traditional songs from the effervescent singer/songwriter Lucy Ward, lively music from The Bang on the Wall Band and 4 part a cappella harmonies from GU4. The evening will finish off with carols from the folk tradition The artists, all of whom perform professionally on the folk circuit, have given their services free of charge and the pub have kindly donated the use of their function room so every penny raised through ticket sales will go to the charity. Tickets are £10 and they are available from Bill on 01509 813566.

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Totally Locally

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prospects, facilities and a G wonderful place in which to r e e n, B e G r live, without having to spend a penny more! During December our local shops will be organising many special events to show off what they do best. Join them at the turning on of the Christmas lights in Gordon Square or the Totally Locally Christmas event on Melton Road  on Sunday 4th December from 10-2pm, for more details visit: (www.   Just look out for the Totally Locally window stickers in your local independent  businesses all over West Bridgford and enjoy spending part of your Christmas budget  in the knowledge that you are investing in you and your family’s future!   Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!   gr w.

Remember, remember last year in December… The long spell of sub-zero temperatures and high demand meant that Santa and his helpers failed to deliver millions of presents to our friends and loved ones. Why did I think that on-line shopping was cheaper, quicker and easier?   Even heading into town to do Christmas shopping was like going on an arctic expedition. People were skidding and sliding in cars or on pavements and there was a distinct lack of Christmas cheer as stress levels increased in search for that special present or an available venue for that Christmas party. If only we had been introduced to Totally Locally then!   Last month Totally Locally West Bridgford ( highlighted the fact that if every adult in West Bridgford diverts £5 of their weekly budget from a supermarket, chain stores or online into local independent businesses an extra £9.3 million enters the local economy.   With the festive season around the corner, if we all make the decision to buy some of our food, presents, cards and wrapping from our local independent businesses, not only do we end up getting a convenient and unique local present for our friends and family, but we also give a long lasting gift to our local community, providing jobs, better

t.c om

Community Information

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31 31

Community Information This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 25th of each month. Please email dave@ or write to The Editor, Spotlight Magazine, Suite 104, 1 Hanley St, Nottingham NG1 5BL. A NEW ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS MODERN LINEDANCING CLASS begins at the Poppy and Pint, Pierrepont Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5DX on the 1st November. Time.. 6.00p.m - 7.00 p.m. Price £3.00. You do not need a partner only comfortable clothing and shoes and a good sense of fun. (N.B we no longer dress like cowboys). We dance to a good selection of music using Modern, Pop, Latin and Country Tracks. Just come along and join in . For further information and for details of other classes contact 0115 9140673. The South Nott’s Flower Club will be holding a Carol Service on Tuesday December 13th at 7.30pm in The Church of the Holy Rood, Village St, Edwalton. Coffee Tea and Mince Pies will be served afterwards and the collection will go to the church funds. Mosaic Christmas Decorations 26th November 10 – 12 or 1 – 3 Edwalton Church Hall A fun 2 hour workshop to make mosaic Christmas decorations full of texture and sparkle to adorn your tree. Booking essential, visit www.julievernonmosaics. com tel 0115 9234563 To any one interested in flower arranging! We have a demonstration on the 8th November starting at 7.30 called ‘Big and Beautiful Christmas’ at Edwalton Church Hall. New members are always welcome and visitors can attend for £5.00. Telephone me for more details 0115 9235749. MODERN LINEDANCING CLASSES:- Daytime and Evenings Held in West Bridgford, Radcliffe on Trent, Plumtree (also Bakersfield and Stapleford) Suitable for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate Levels. For further information please contact Pat on 0115 9140673. ART CLASSES IN LADY BAY - Autumn term regular classes are now up and running - still one or two spaces available for late entry into our Tuesday morning POTTERY and Wednesday morning PAINTING & DRAWING and our Wednesday evening PRINT-MAKING classes - CONTACT US: fran@ or phone: 0115 9822681 / 07946208211 The Lady Bay Pub Saturday 5th November Community Bonfire Display at The Lady Bay Pub free entrance everyone welcome BBQ - Fire Work Display Fire Eaters - From 6pm The Poppy Folk Club The Poppy folk club meets once a month in the upstairs room of The Poppy and Pint pub on Pierrepont Road in Lady Bay. For more details see the website: www.poppyfolkclub. or call Julie and Phil on 0115 9812861, Dave on 07790 943893 or email Sunday 13th November Singaround / session. All are welcome to come along to sing, play an instrument or just listen.


Sunday 11th December The December meeting of the club will be with a Christmas party theme. ‘Rushcliffe Photographic Society is the areas leading camera club and we welcome all photographers over 18, whether novices or experienced. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm until 10 pm and offer a varied and exciting programme of events and activities from September to June. We will be having a open evening for new members on Tuesday 13th September at The Parish Rooms, Burnside Grove, Tollerton, Notts NG12 4ET from 8 pm. Do come along to find out about our programme of events and to meet like minded photo enthusiasts. You can find out more at www.’ Radcliffe Sword Club Learn the exciting modern Olympic sport of fencing at this local club, meeting at the Sports Hall at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont every Monday during term time for Juniors (age 10+) and every Wednesday throughout the year for adults (age 13+). 8-week Beginners courses for Juniors and Adults are run every September and January. Please contact Norman on 0115 911 0050 for more information or visit our website atwww. Edwalton Church Garden needs volunteers of all ages to help in the lovely 1 1/2 acre garden behind the church. The garden us used and appreciated by people from all over Notts. We meet every Saturday 10am 12pm. No one is compelled to turn up every week, but just to come when they are available. It becomes a social occasion with coffee/tea and cakes etc. annual outings, BBQ’s and a dinner before Christmas. There are plenty of tools and mechanical equipment. Seeing the garden go through all the seasons, watching children trying the discovery walk and the many memorial seats and trees makes a visit a pleeasure. Interested? Do join us. Ring Donna 0115 9233650. TAI CHI FOR THE OVER 5O’S – Well established daytime classes offer slow, controlled Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Every Mon afternoon (West Bridgford), Weds morning (Ruddington) and Fri Morning (Bramcote). A few spaces now available in New Beginners’ Class, Weds afternoons. Tel Joy Parsons on Nottm 9743542 or visit ‘FRIENDLY BADMINTON CLUB seeks players. We play Wednesday evenings throughout the year in West Bridgford. For further information please contact Cherry on 0115 8461634 or Mick on 0115 8457024.’ Lady Bay Website The new Lady Bay website is now live! Please visit at

Puzzle Solutions

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Thursday 24th November – Kit Mason Trio – Test Match Friday 11th November – Joe Strange Band Friday 25th November – Joe Strange – Southbank Bar Band – Southbank Bar Saturday 12th November – Tokyo Green – Saturday 26th November – Boogie Street Poppy & Pint (8pm - £4 on the door) followed by Richard Howell – Southbank Saturday 12th November - The Shakes Bar followed by Wild Wood – Southbank Bar Sunday 27th November – Joe Strange – Sunday 13th November – Kris Ward – Copper Copper Sunday 27th November – Fab 4 – Sunday 13th November – Richie Muir Southbank Bar Band – Southbank Bar Tuesday 29th November - Wine Tasting Thursday 17th November – Tee Dymond – Evening (Christmas Corkers - £25 limited Southbank Bar numbers - reserve tickets 0115 9817070 Thursday 17th November – The Money – Belle & Jerome Fire & Ice Thursday 1st December – Kris Ward – Thursday 17th November – Sax from the Southbank Bar City from the Johnny Johnstone Quintet– Thursday 1st December – The Money – Test Match Fire & Ice Friday 18th November – Joe Strange Band Friday 2nd December – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar – Southbank Bar Saturday 19th November -Martin Alvarado Saturday 3rd December – Feel Good -Poppy & Pint (7pm - £12 door/£10 Adv) Phonic – Fire & Ice Saturday 19th November - Dino Baptiste Sunday 4th December – Richard Howell followed by Wild Wood – Southbank Bar – Copper Saturday 19th November – Feel Good Sunday 4th December – Dr Comfort & The Phonic – Fire & Ice Lurid Revelations – Southbank Bar Sunday 20th November – Baron Lewis – Wednesday 7th December - Ladies Night Copper (£15 3 course tapas & half price cocktails Sunday 20th November – Wild Wood – all night) - Belle & Jerome Southbank Bar Thursday 8th December – Jay Hart – Tuesday 22nd November - Wine Tasting Southbank Bar Evening (Christmas Corkers - £25 limited Thursday 8th December – Roy D’Wolff – numbers - reserve tickets 0115 9817070 Fire & Ice Belle & Jerome – SOLD OUT Friday 9th December – Joe Strange Band Thursday 24th November – Baron Lewis – Southbank Bar Duo – Southbank Bar Saturday 10th December - The Shakes Thursday 24th November – The Face – followed by Richard Howell – Southbank Fire & Ice Bar Brought to you by West Bridgford Online – Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter - @westbridgfordol

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