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Lounge, Dining, & Bedroom Furniture, Home Accessories, Lamps, Mirrors, Sculptures & Wall Art Find us at: Sandlands Court, (opposite Asda) Fulmar Close, Forest Town, Mansfield, NG19 0GG

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Spotlight on Berry Hill, Rainworth & Blidworth Contents Health and Wellbeing Laser Treatments


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Editor’s Letter Happy Easter to you all! At last we are seeing some light nights again. Time to think about working on the garden and sorting all those minor problems around the house. If you need help we have plenty of advertisers who are only too happy to lend an experienced hand. We have advice this month on gardening to protect our bees, laser treatments, priceless computer virus information and our usual focus on local businesses. As always please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to info@ Have a great month.


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Health and Wellbeing

Laser & Cosmetic Treatments


ased in the heart of Mansfield with ample public parking close by, East Midlands Laser and Cosmetic Clinic is a private Care Quality Commission registered, nurse led clinic. Offering medical grade treatments to both men and women, treatments are performed by registered nurses and by appointment only. Consultations are free and potential treatments and requirements can be discussed in complete confidence with discreet, caring and professional staff. Owners Martin Hart and Karen Lewis have created a friendly and relaxing ambience in their clinic. The building is early 18th century, grade two listed with solid oak beams. It has a homely, olde worlde feel about it and masses of character. On the first floor is the waiting room with excellent facilities, including hot drinks, Sky TV, a DVD player and plenty of reading material. Partners and children are welcome to come along and wait whilst treatment is being carried out. The treatment rooms are bright, modern and air conditioned with comfortable electronic couches. Clinic manager, Karen, has over twenty years of nursing experience and several years experience working in the laser and cosmetic fields where she has treated clients with a vast range of skin conditions. The whole team have a wealth of experience in dealing with cosmetic requirements and the initial consultation includes information about the treatment required, medical assessment, test patch, pre and post treatment advice and agreement of an individualised treatment plan. So, what can the clinic do for those of us who would like to shed some of the years or gain greater confidence in our appearance? East Midlands Laser and Cosmetic Clinic specialises in laser treatments which can be effectively used to treat a variety of cosmetic problems including hair removal from a part of the face or body, skin photo rejuvenation (a non-surgical face lift) for the face and neck, removal of thread veins, pigmentation marks, birth marks and age spots and treatment of acne and rosacea. Laser teeth whitening is also available, producing great results with minimum inconvenience.


Injectables for fine lines & wrinkles and Dermal fillers, which provide a longer lasting correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, are very popular treatments at the clinic. Both treatments are virtually painless and the results are incredibly natural and can really take off the years. The clinic is now delighted to offer a mobile service for their injectable treatments; clients can enjoy being treated in the comfort and privacy of their own home by an experienced qualified nurse. Appointment times can include late nights or Saturdays to suit you. Medical Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment which makes skin look younger, softer and more radiant. It does this by cleaning the pores and stimulating new collagen growth and the effects are immediate. The most recent procedure available at the clinic is Anti- aging Mesotherapy; this can be applied to all skin types for cutaneous ageing treatment or prevention. A specialist range of skincare creams can also be purchased from the clinic and will soon be available online from their website. The use of the laser to help adult and teenage acne sufferers is revolutionary. New research has shown the laser to be a safe and effective treatment for acne on the face, chest or back with minimal side effects and, as well as clearing lesions, the laser treatment can also reduce the severity of future outbreaks. Laser and cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular in recent years and the results can vastly increase self confidence and really make a difference to the way you live your life. At East Midlands Laser and Cosmetic Clinic you can be assured of the very best care and advice in a relaxing and professional environment, whether you prefer to attend the clinic or to have an injectable treatment in your own home. If you would like to find out more, call 01623 653493 for friendly advice and information on any of the treatments offered or to receive an information pack. Visit www. for further details about the wide range of treatments available.

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8 88

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Business Focus


Mansfield Aquatics

ansfield Aquatics has been open for business 3 years this march, and has been constantly improving and upgrading itself into the leading independent store for aquatics solutions in the area. We stock a large selection of coldwater, tropical and marine fish, recently expanding our selection to over 80 tanks full of fish for sale! There is always a good selection of goldfish of all shapes and sizes and our tropical selection ranges from staples such as Guppies and Angelfish to Red Belly Piranhas and Terrapins. All tropical fish for a limited time are buy 5 get 1 free so don’t miss out on this great deal. Our marine selection is a favourite across Nottinghamshire and further afield, with everyone’s favourite Clownfish always in stock and more bizarre creatures like Stonefish and Anglerfish regularly in stock. Not forgetting the beautifully majestic giant seahorses we were fortunate enough to get hold of! There is always a large selection of marine invertebrates, including hard and soft corals, shrimps, crabs, snails, lobsters and everything in between.

showcase aquarium. And don’t worry about getting your new fish tank home, if you have trouble getting around or your new tank is simply too big, we offer local delivery! A large part of our customer base is from aquarium and pond maintenance. We travel anywhere in the UK and undertake projects from private homes, hospitals, shops, offices and many more. So if you want to keep your aquariums and ponds at their eye-catching best or simply don’t have the time to keep on top of everything, we can help you! Finally, at Mansfield Aquatics we understand that customers want the best advice and quality fish to take home and that’s what we are here for. So whether you are worried about one of your fishes health or just want to pop in to browse our latest stock, don’t be afraid to come in and have a chat with us. It’s what we’re here for! We can be found in Mansfield at southwell road, mansfield, NG18 4HF, 01623 428020 and also at Floralands Garden Centre, Lambley, Nottingham NG4 4QL.

We now also have a second store based at Floralands Garden Centre, Lambley, further expanding our scope and selection. In a much larger setting, as well as a fantastic tropical fish selection, we also specialise in outdoor pond fish and supplies. Goldfish, Orfe, Koi you name it we have it! There is everything you need to build your ideal pond whether you want dazzling fountains or pond plants of all varieties. Our Mansfield store specialises in custom aquarium set ups where our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you with any issues and guide you to creating your


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*Large selection of coldwater, tropical and marine fish. *Buy 5 get 1 free on all tropical fish *Aquarium and pond maintenance *Lambley has large selection of pond equipment, plants and fish *Deals on pond food *Local delivery

Mansfield Southwell Road, Mansfield, NG18 4HF, 01623 428020 Lambley Floralands Garden Centre, Lambley, NG4 4QL, 0115 9210200 Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad




Virus Warnings

ver the last couple of weeks, I have been inundated with people having viruses on their computers. The virus in particular is getting past all the main anvivirus programs, McAffee, Sophos, AVG, Avast, Nod32, Nortons to name but a few. The first signs of the virus are that you receive a large pop up box when you are on the internet warning you that you have viruses. The titles on the pop up box recently have been “System Tools” and “Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware 2011” At the bottom of the box are two buttons, one asking you to click to download a new anti-virus program to get rid of it, or one to continue unprotected. If you click on either button, you will be infected with the virus. The best way to get rid it is to either open task manager and kill the application or as a last resort, press the power switch of your computer and hold for 10 seconds or


longer until it shuts down. Doing this may lose any data that you currently have open and can – worst case – cause the computer not to come up again. If you get infected with this virus, it will start to shut down your access to various programs, e.g. control panel, task manager, internet, anti-virus programs. A box will also pop up on your screen every 30 seconds and a voice will also come across the speakers telling you that you are infected. If you do become infected, you may be able to remove the virus manually, or worst case, you will need to rebuild your computer from recovery disks – but remember to save your data first. If in doubt, call your IT support people or give me a call. If you have any questions, call Bryan on (01949-8760-98) or email questions@

e mail us at

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Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 29


Across 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 19 20 22 Down 1 2 3 4 5 6 11 13 15 17 18 21

decadent (4-9) shake (8) futile (2-2) very bad luck (3,4) lame (5) command (5) particles of wood (7) ruler (4) German motorway (8) Bleached hair (8,5) bundle (4) bestow (6) enchant (7) client (5) landlocked East African country (6) final stages (8) landing strip (8) recreation (7) LXXX (6) awl (6) blemish (5) allusion (4)

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Dolly’s Chocolate Bouquets

irths T hankyou B s Birthdays Wgsedding C hristenin arys A nnivers ause” “ J ust Bec


01623611633 l 01623465340 l 07949628982


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Garden View


Bee Nice!

lbert Einstein supposedly declared that, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.” There is much debate over whether the great man actually did make such an assertion as he was a physicist after all, not an entomologist, but whether he did or not, it’s a scary thought. There’s no doubt about it, honey bees and bumble bees are of enormous agricultural importance. It is estimated that more than a third of the world’s crop production relies on these bees. Without them we’re in trouble and they are in decline. Pesticides, loss of habitat and disease are all thought to be playing a part. Bees are fascinating and beautiful creatures and as gardeners we can play our part in their continued survival. It’s simple: bees need flowers for sustenance, flowers need bees for survival and gardeners need flowers to garden! First it’s important to think ahead and provide flowers for bees throughout their lifecycle, which runs from March to September. Here are some suggestions. Spring – Bluebells, bugle, flowering cherry, forget-me-not (Myosotis), hellebore and rosemary are all good spring plants. Summer – Aquilegia, sweet peas, fennel, foxgloves, potentilla, roses, stachys, teasel, thyme and verbascum


Late summer / early autumn – Aster, buddleia, dahlia, eryngium, fuchsia, heather, lavender and sedum. Second, unfortunately not all flowers are created equal. Frilly double flowers, for example, are too elaborate. They have so many petals that the bees struggle to get to the nectar and pollen. This is the reason that single dahlias attract lots of bees, whilst double varieties are generally ignored. Single flowered rose varieties are also good, such as the rambler Seagull, with its flat open white blooms, large yellow stamens and heady scent. Any similar rambler grown over a fence or wall will do. Some, like the pale pink Little Rambler, will even repeat flower. Ramblers are terrific roses. They are vigorous, disease resistant and great for covering bare fences, unsightly sheds and walls. Best of all they need next to no pruning! The main thing is to keep it simple: a few flowers for each part of the bee life cycle and no overly fancy varieties. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t grow double flowered dahlias if that’s what floats your boat, it’s just that Mr Bee would appreciate a few single flowered varieties thrown into the mix. Let’s make this the year we all be nice to bees: our future may depend on it!

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Lifestyle & Leisure


Charity Ball Auction

arter Brown Associates in Mansfield, which specialises in child care expertise in public and private law proceedings, is set to provide an evening of glitz and glamour with its 10th anniversary charity ball and auction on 1 April 2011. Held at the Derbyshire Hotel, off Junction 28 of the M1, the black tie event will include a drinks reception and three-course meal before guests are invited to take part in a charity raffle and auction. All monies raised will go to two local children’s charities, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and A Place to Call Our Own. Items under the hammer and prizes up for grabs so far include a signed Manchester United FC shirt, designer handbags and tickets for four on the Eurostar plus many more. “Ten years ago we set out to make a difference to children’s lives by offering a bespoke expert witness service to both legal professionals and the public,” said


Director Christine Brown, who set up Carter Brown Associates in 2001 with co-director Christine Carter. “What we have been able to achieve since then, thanks to our team and committed specialists, is fantastic and we’re delighted to be marking this with our 10th anniversary ball, which will also raise some muchneeded funds for two worthy causes close to our hearts.” Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice offers care to children with life-limiting illnesses and invites families to enjoy its facilities and take time out from everyday life to be together. A Place to Call Our Own works with families of children with disabilities, providing practical and emotional support to those in Nottinghamshire and further afield. For tickets to Carter Brown Associates’ charity ball and auction please contact Isobel Brown on 01623 661089. Tickets cost £50 per person or £450 for a table of ten.

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TO LET Bilsthorpe - Blidworth - Boughton Clipstone - Sutton on Trent

750 - 6600sqft COMMERCIAL UNITS VARYING SIZES Flexible lease terms

01636 655890

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as a group of people who offer a range of skills to increase the activities we can have in Blidworth. Our G.Ps’ are supporting this project so come and find out about us.

I am re-launching our Patient Participation Group at Blidworth G.P. Surgery. Our group will meet monthly and we have access for all in a comfortable environment.

First meeting - Wednesday 4th May, at the Blidworth Health Centre, Mansfield Road, Blidworth. Tel 795461. From 5.30pm to 7.00pm

It is a voluntary group of local residents who we want to include in health educations, suggestions and complaints if they arise.

If you want more information about the group please contact me gilly.hagen@, for a chat.

Our aim is to improve better health services in Blidworth and importantly to improve our local services.

Remember we want you to join us to make a difference to Blidworth and importantly you…..

Additionally it is a place to work together

Gilly Hagen

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want the latest energy saving glass? 5 year guarantee on new double glazing.

...we make saving money perfectly clear... Call Freephone

0800 61 21118


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Business Focus


Pamper your Pooch in Style

ampered pooches need go no further than their front door to get a complete grooming service from Dial a Dog Wash. Convenience is key with Dial a Dog Wash because WE COME TO YOU. With rising fuel costs we appreciate that you don’t necessarily want the additional cost of costly visits to static sites Our team of dedicated, trained and fully insured professionals drive all over Nottinghamshire to people’s homes and workplaces in our specially equipped heated grooming parlours. Your dog will be groomed on a one-to-one basis and not surrounded by other dogs which creates less stress and anxiety for your beloved pet. All dogs are hand dried and not cage dried and if you wish you can be with your dog during the whole grooming process. Our comprehensive services include full clips or trims, shampooing, conditioning and drying, flea treatments, deodorising

and nail clipping to look after all your pets grooming requirements. All products used are natural and contain essential oils meaning you can have full peace of mind for a great service. Depending on the type of service required the whole process usually takes approximately an hour and when finished the dog steps out of the van and is already home. One recent satisfied customer is Scrufty, a terrier cross from Hucknall. Owner Kayleigh Adamson said “Dial a dog wash provide a great, fast, convenient service. Scrufty looks a million dollars and we can’t wait for your next visit. Thanks so much.” Dial a Dog Wash is part of the UK’s largest and most successful mobile dog grooming company. It has grown over the past 10 years to be responsible for grooming over 200,000 dogs a year and is a service you can trust. To book your best friend an appointment call us now.


• • • •

We come to your home in our customised heated mobile grooming parlour • Turbo Drying Clipping and Grooming • Flea Treatments Warm Water Hydro Bath • Deodorizing Shampooing • Large Dogs Welcome Conditioning • Most areas of Nottingham covered


01623 595 334 07540 105 345


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How to get a Healthy and Beautifully Clean Home

A5 Mint Carpet Cleaning Leaflet:Layout 1



Page 1

How to get a Healthy and How to get a Healthy and Beautifully Clean Home IS Clean Home ASK FOR THBeautifully ECIAL






STAIN GUARD TREATMENTS ANTI-ALLERGY TREATMENTS ODOUR REMOVAL • Carpet Cleaning • Anti-Allergy Treatments QUICK TURBO DRYING FOR CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY CARPET CLEANING UPHOLSTERY CLEANING RUG CLEANING •STAIN Upholstery Cleaning Safe and gentle cleaning without harsh chemicals (kids and Removal pet safe) • Odour GUARD TREATMENTS ANTI-ALLERGY TREATMENTS ODOUR REMOVAL 100% free from soil-attracting chemical residues – carpets won’t attract the dirt after being cleaned QUICK TURBO DRYING FOR CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY • Rug Cleaning • Turbo A safer alternative to traditional carpet cleaning methods Drying Your sofa and carpets continue to look their best for many years to come stay in good condition (everyday soiling accelerates wear) SafeThey andcan gentle cleaning withoutmany harshyears chemicals (kids and pet safe) • Stain Guard Treatments •longer Safe & Gentle Your home is healthier and more hygienic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vacuum 100% free from soil-attracting chemical residues – carpets won’t attract the dirt after � � �

� �

� � �


being cleaned for your FREE survey and no obligation quote A safer alternative toCall traditional carpet cleaning methods Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists Your sofa and carpets continue to look their best for many years to come They stay in216 good condition years longer422359 (everyday soiling accelerates wear) � can 0796 9504 many or 01623 Your home is healthier and more hygienic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vacuum cleaned!)

Call now for your FREE survey Mint and NO OBLIGATION quote

� � � �

Carpet Call for your FREE & surveyUpholstery and no obligation quote

Mint Cleaning Specialists Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

� 0796 216 9504 or 01623 422359

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Are you suffering from an asbestos related disease? If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease or you have come into contact with asbestos you may be able to make a claim. We can also help make a claim in respect of a person who has already passed away. By choosing experienced lawyers working in a dedicated legal team you can be confident that we will deal with your claim sympathetically and professionally and in the knowledge that you will receive 100% of any compensation. Talk to local specialists and receive compensation which is rightfully yours. Shacklocks are members of The Law Society Personal Injury Panel.

Call today to get the local professionals on your side:

0845 602 2344 or email

[ knowledge+application ] Belper 25 Chapel Street Belper Derbyshire DE56 1AR 01773 822 333

26 26

Derby 110 Park Farm Centre Allestree Derbyshire DE22 2QN 01332 559 281

Mansfield St. Peter’s House Bridge Street Mansfield NG18 1AL 01623 626 141

Ripley 6 Chapel Street Ripley Derbyshire DE5 3DL 01773 743 513

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Steve Horsnall

Tree and Fencing Limited

• Trees topped, felled and pruned • Hedges trimmed and lowered • Stump Grinding Available • Professional, clean and reliable service • Garden fencing and gates • Supplied,erected and repaired FULLY INSURED


Tel: 01623 798268 Mobile 07899746866

e mail us at


Community Information These are free pages to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the Berry Hill, Rainworth and Blidworth area; copy deadline is the 1st of each month. Please email Sequence and ballroom dancing for beginners Rainworth village hall Fridays and sundays at 7.15 Also - sequence social dancing fridays and sundays 8-10pm contact 01623 794443 for more information. An evening of clairvoyance with psychic medium Anastasia Knight on Thursday 24th March 2011 at Rainworth Village Hall, Kirklington Road, Rainworth. Doors open at 7.15pm for an 8pm start. Tickets cost ÂŁ10 (including light refreshments) and can be purchased from the Hall or from Teresa on 01623 407149, Linda on 01623 796336 or Jacky on 01623 882827.

BLIDWORTH & RAINWORTH WOMENS INSTITUTE meet on the first thursday of each month at the Blidworth Methodist Church, main St, Blidworth at 7.30pm. New members welcome. For more information contact Mary on 01623 799095 BLIDWORTH & DISTRICT HISTORICAL AND HERITAGE SOCIETY meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Blidworth Miners Welfare 7.30pm. Contact Bill Hutton for more information. 01623 484189 1st Rainworth Scout Group meets mondays and wednesday at St. Andrews Mission Hall, Blidworth. Mon: Beavers (6-8 yrs) 5 - 6pm. Cubs (8-10 yrs) 6.30 - 8pm Wed:Scouts (10 - 14yrs) 7.15 - 9.15pm Girls are very welcome!

Water Babies: award-winning specialist baby swimming classes at Annesley School (Wed,Thurs); Portland College (Tues,Thurs, Fri) and Kings Mill hospital (Mon, Fri, Sat) - contact Marie on 01636 815567 or check out the website for more information Puzzle Solutions


e mail us at

Help your child take the first steps to a Brighter Future Are you a parent or carer looking to support your child’s education

Motivating individuals, encouraging success

further? Brighter Futures Education is new to the local area. We aim to help you to help your child succeed in education at a price to suit your budget, by running supplementary study groups. We offer an extensive learning menu including : 

Literacy and Numeracy support for primary school aged children. 

Study skills for 14-19 year olds

Individual support preparing 14-19 year olds for entry into further education or working life.

For more information, contact Jill or Hayley on 07856 651430 or

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Upholsterers Vale Upholstery


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Windows and Doors Cloudy2Clear


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March-April 11 RN low res Find us at: Sandlands Court, (opposite Asda) Fulmar Close, Forest Town, Mansfield, NG19 0GG • Plenty of Free Parking...

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