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sp tlightOn ISSUE 61 June 2014

West Bridgford

onth Businesses each m d an es om H 0 00 Delivered to 6, Lady Bay and West Bridgford in Edwalton, Inside this issue: • Don’t Break Down • Garden Furniture • How Low Can You Grow? • Business Focus • Win A Meal For 2 • Puzzles • Your Community Info • What’s On Guide


Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile! It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Managing Director John Kendall feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although

that obviously helps. Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service the Mansfield & Chesterfield areas and John is finding that his approach is a major factor

in his success.‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for,

which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give John a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear...

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Ideal for Private Parties Riverside Location • Large Balcony • Ample Parking Refurbished Throughout • Contemporary Style • Well-Stocked Bar Stage for Disco’s and Bands

0115 9811251


07775 876964

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How Low Can You Grow?

ention the word ‘alpine’ to a garden designer and (in general) you’ll be given the same facial expression as a child who’s just bitten into an unwaxed lemon! Insignificant leaf growth with tiny flowers … what’s to love? Associated with badly designed 60’s rockeries, these low growing perennials really do get a raw deal. In the main, the poor little things can’t climb very far, can’t extend their roots to escape from water logged soil, and have not adapted to elongating their stems to reach the sunlight (because a naughty gardener planted the potbought specimen under the shade of a tree). Alpines, like other successful species, have adapted themselves to their native habitats, often found clung to the side of a windy rock face way above sea level.

When you observe them in the wild, you easily understand why they are so small. The exposed sites would quickly dry out large leaves, so many are small in size such as those of Hypericum olympicum, and others often silver in colour such as the very cute Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Nana’. Rather a mouthful to say and often not the most romantic sounding names either, take Pulsatilla vulgaris (the pasque flower) as an example. It might not win any prizes in the largest plant competition, but its ability to grow on nearly solid limestone rock is pretty impressive. So too are its beautiful flowers, delicate dissected foliage and crazy seed heads.

Until I saw a glasshouse full of alpine plants all in bloom at the same time I wasn’t a huge fan either, but seeing them up close and personal when displayed at waist height, you realise how wonderful these tiny creations are. Over recent years, alpines have really been appreciated for their versatility and employed in new applications. Take the humble Sempervivum ‘Othello’, famous for thriving on hot dry tiled roofs and now widely used on green roof schemes where it can adapt to the very shallow free draining soils. It’s quite a vigorous semp., with beautiful red tints in winter. Grow in shallow containers in full sun where it will quickly spread to around 30cm in width. If you are looking for a plant to cover an old dry stonewall or soften the corner of a raised bed, look no further than Campanula poscharskyana ‘Stella’. If happy, it does have a tendency to walk, but with its long flowering season and pretty purple flowers I’m sure your neighbours won’t mind if it starts appearing in their crevices too. May is a busy month in the garden, and as well as a good time to plant alpines, other jobs include: • Sowing salad leaves every 2 weeks for a continuous crop • Plant grasses • Tie up climbers • Earth up potatoes Until next time, happy gardening, Lee

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Don’t Break Down!

hortly after taking delivery of a new-tome car, I absentmindedly started filling the fuel tank with petrol, until I suddenly remembered it took diesel! Fortunately, I immediately stopped refuelling and phoned for breakdown services who flushed the tank clean, thus avoiding serious engine damage and expensive repair bills. Fuel-related problems are one of the major causes of car breakdowns, with running out of fuel ranked in Green Flag’s top five. But many breakdowns can be avoided with a little forethought. For example, make a commitment to never let your car run on less than a quarter full, and you should never face the embarrassment of an empty tank! Most of us have had a flat battery. Sometime this occurs due to a genuine fault, but more often happens after leaving the lights or radio on, or because the terminals are dirty, or the clamps loose.

combines a conventional mechanical key with an encrypted electronic chip to prevent theft. Replacement is often available only through an authorised dealer and could take several days. Much better to keep a spare! Finally, there are a number of mechanical and electrical faults that might cause a breakdown, such as the starter motor or spark plugs. At the first signs of any problems (like difficulty starting the engine for example), get your car checked over by a garage to avoid further problems. Owning a vehicle is an essential part of life for the majority of us these days. Let’s keep them breakdown-free by carrying out good, regular maintenance, and by using a bit of common sense!

Regular maintenance and servicing can eliminate problems like this, but as we are all human and make mistakes from time to time, keep a set of jump leads in the car ‘just in case’! Also, if you tend to make only short journeys in your car, give it a good run every week or two to give the battery chance to recharge itself. Flat or damaged tyres are another common problem. Check your handbook to keep tyres at the correct pressure and be careful to avoid hitting the kerb, as the impact can damage tyre sidewalls and rims. A good practice is to check tyre pressure and tread every time you fill up, watching out for nails or glass in the tyres and paying special attention to the tread depth. If it is uneven, the tyres may be misaligned. Does your vehicle have a second set of keys? Keeping a spare bunch in a safe place will prevent big headaches should you ever lock yourself out of your car, or worse still lose your keys. Most modern cars now have a ‘transponder’ key which

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PRE & POSTNATAL EXERCISE CLASSES “Fitter mums have fitter babies!” Pregnancy Fitness & Pilates Classes • Keep fit and stay active • Eradicate back and pelvic pain • Lessen symptoms of morning sickness • Sleep better at night • Prepare your body for labour • Exercise safely for you and your unborn baby

Mum & Baby Pilates and Buggy Workouts • Tone your abdominals and pelvic floor • Lose the baby weight • Return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels • Release tension in neck and shoulders • Meet other new mums • Bring baby with you!

See or Call Claire on 07747 656550 • 0115 822 4995 •


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Choose The Right Garden Furniture


aving the right garden furniture can really enhance the hours we spend in our gardens in the Summer.

To help you decide what you need, consider how you will spend most of your time outdoors. Will it be daily alfresco dining with the family, weekend barbecues with family and friends, or just you relaxing in the sunshine with a good book? Knowing the function of your furniture can help you decide whether reclining padded beds, a sophisticated dining table and chairs, or relaxed informal seating is what you need. Of course it may be a mixture of all of the above, in which case you will need to look for versatile combinations. The amount of space you have available should also be taken into account. You might drool over a fantastic sofa with matching arm chairs in a catalogue, but do you really have the space to accommodate it successfully, or would smaller fold-away seats be more suitable? In addition to your outdoor space, think about where you will store your furniture in Winter. Whilst vinyl covers can protect your furniture from Summer showers, it really is best kept in a shed or garage during the worst weather. This is where fold-away pieces can be incredibly practical, or in some cases, you may be able to take pieces apart for storage too.

touch in the sun. Some colours of plastic furniture also become hot, and plastic may become brittle if left outside in all weathers. Wicker and rattan pieces will need greater protection from the wet and are more easily damaged. Cost of course will also be a factor. Plastic items are usually the cheapest, but it is generally true that you get what you pay for in terms of longevity. Several materials offer a variety of colour choices. Remember though that white and silver reflect the light so can be uncomfortable to look at in the glaring sun, and black absorbs the heat so can become very hot. The safest colours are therefore mid-greens, greys or natural wood. Many prefer muted tones, adding style and personality through bright cushions and tablecloths. Whatever you choose, don’t go on appearance alone. The most stylish items won’t get used if they are incredibly uncomfortable. So do try out your intended purchases in-store to ensure they will help you to enjoy the outdoors, and not leave you fidgety or stiff. By Susan Brookes-Morris

When considering the material of your furniture, consider durability and maintenance as well as appearance. Wooden furniture is popular and versatile, but needs regular weatherproofing. Metal items require less maintenance, but have the disadvantage of being hot to

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Look Who’s Coming To Town..

ichelle Williams has M been cleaning for as long she can remember, from keeping the house she lived in as child, to raising her own family of four children.

In 2007 things got a little easier, when the not so little ‘angels’ flew the nest, and she decided to offer her passion for cleaning to other people. Her new business was called The Domestic Cleaning Company, and it took off like a bush fire, and before long she was so busy that she needed help. At first her new employees were a litte hit and miss, well more of a miss than a hit, so she decided to start a training schedule where new employees are fully trained with all of her hand picked products, techniques and methods of delivering her top class cleaning. Once all of this was in place she was able to begin again, and started looking at what other cleaning services she could offer. She decided to include oven cleaning, adopting the same principles as before, testing, comparing and working to achieve the perfect result. When she was happy, this was then added into the training of her employees. Next on the agenda was carpets, rugs and upholstery. Michelle attended trade shows, saw live demonstrations and went on training courses. After much research, she bought what she believes is the best equipment available today - an extraction machine for shampooing carpets, rugs and upholstery, and she is still amazed by the results – as are her many customers. Equipped with her new cleaning expertise, she then decided to branch out and include end of tenancy cleaning to local letting agents. She started working with the biggest agent in the area and was able to offer even more services.


They are now able to offer the complete package for letting agents. Armed with a decorator, handy man, gardener and a license to carry waste with the environment agency, they are able to take care of just about any cleaning or maintenance issues. She realises that none of this would have been possible without the help of her loyal and trustworthy staff, who she would like to thank. As of June 2014, Michelle has taken over an established cleaning business based in the West Bridford area, and is looking forward to offering domestic and commercial cleaning in our area. “Look out West Bridgford” she says... “Here We Come!” Michell can be contacted on 01773 713716 or mobile 07976 454330 or you can visit the website:

This voucher entitles you to 1 FREE PROFESSION OVEN CLEAN after 6 domestic cleans. New customers only, Terms and conditions apply. • 0115 822 4995 •

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get your smile ready for summer!

Before & After

Before & After

“Before I got married I needed minor work doing on some slightly crooked teeth so I went and got the fast braces for a few months and they worked very handily for me. The clinic was helpful and friendly through. Impressive!” - Angie


For step 1: Text STRAIGHT to 44 115 82 49 841 to get your FREE Straight Teeth Guide Step 2: Call 0115 824 3284 to book your FREE accelerated braces consultation, to see if you are suitable for this revolutionary treatment. nly



t Firs

t irs tF Firs

H 40% 40% RC 40% e A ARCH OFF l Step 3: Claim your special offer while stocks last OFF g le o 25 25 OFF customers inn Full Dental Check up & X-Rays - S£100 so g c Full Dental Checkand up &get X-Rays - £100 teeth fast! Saving on mer o25 cases only 2u5stofirst i straight S cu er s Full Dental Check up & X-Rays - £100 H



s to m Accelerated 6 Months brace - £2450 Accelerated 6 Months brace - £2450 Expiresbrace June 30- £2450 Expires June 30 Accelerated 6 Months Retainer package - £275 Expires June 30 Retainer package - £275 Retainer package- -£225 £275 Smile Styling (Cosmetic Re-contouring of Chipped Edges) Smile Styling (Cosmetic Re-contouring of Chipped Edges) - £225 Smile Styling (Cosmetic Re-contouring of Chipped Edges) - £225 RRP: £3050 RRP: £3050

RRP: £3050

40% off - save £1220 40% 40%off off--save save£1220 £1220

Exclusive Price £1830 or £57/month CH Exclusive Price £1830 or £57/month CH CH Exclusive Price £1830 or £57/month R R A A e l le BB UU OO DD Full Dental Check up & X-Rays - £100 FullDental DentalCheck Checkupup& &X-Rays X-Rays- £100 - £100 Full

e Bl


Dual accelerated 6 Months braces - £3550 Dualaccelerated accelerated6 6Months Monthsbraces braces- & - £3550 Dual £3550 Before & After Before After Upper & Lower Fixed Retainers = £200 Upper Upper& &Lower LowerFixed FixedRetainers Retainers= =£200 £200 Upper & Lower Removable Retainers £200 Upper & Lower Removable Retainers £200 Upper & Lower Removable Retainers £200 Smile Styling (Cosmetic Re-contouring of Chipped Edges) £275 Re-contouring Smile Styling (Cosmetic Re-contouringofofChipped ChippedEdges) Edges)£275 £275 Smile Styling (Cosmetic “They certainly have one of the leading dentists in 6 month RRP:£4325 £4325 RRP: £4325 RRP:

smilesoff in the save patient friendly 40% £1730Dr Sepehrara. She achieved a 40% off - save £1730 40% off --save £1730 great deal with my smile.” - Janine

Exclusive Price

Exclusive Price £2595 or £80/month £2595 or £80/monthExclusive Price £2595 or £80/month

0115 824 1532 3284

nottingham leicester loughborough • 0115 822 4995 •


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A Night In The Spotlight

group of young people from across A Nottinghamshire came together recently to perform in NORSACA’s inaugural Talent Show.

The Sir Julien Cahn Pavilion in West Bridgford played host to a wealth of young talent at the weekend when ten of NORSACA’s Play and Leisure service users got on the stage to share their hidden gifts with family and friends. The first ever NORSACA Play and Leisure Talent Show took place on Saturday evening with service users, aged 10-23, who got up to perform in front of a 140-strong crowd of family and friends. NORSACA is the largest specialist autism charity in the East Midlands, and offers a wide range of services designed to support people affected by autism, including its Play and Leisure Service which gives children and young people affected by autism the opportunity to access some great activities. It was while on a trip to Gran Canaria with Play and Leisure service users the last Summer that Dawn Franklin, who heads up the Play and Leisure Service, first spotted the service users urge to perform, she comments, “While we were out one evening some of our group just got up from their seats and started singing along to the music, and they were truly quite good.” The talent show was definitely an evening the whole family could enjoy, giving them chance to socialize with other families and enjoy some amazing performances including William Giddings, aged 14 an electric guitarist from Kimberly, and Jacob Strickland a self-taught Irish dancer, aged 18 from Wollaton.


Dawn continues, “The talent show was a great success, it gave our young people a chance to perform in front of a supportive audience of family and friends. Having that opportunity is a great confidence booster, and a brilliant way to start our summer season of activities.” These activities take place during most school holidays as well as occasional half terms, weekends and after school, and include: cinema and pantomime trips, residential weeks and weekends, youth clubs, overnight away breaks and more. NORSACA’s Play and Leisure Service, which run activities from a number of Nottinghamshire bases, is supported through funding from Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council, as well as through grants and donations and contributions from parents. NORSACA currently provides activities for 500+ children and young people who are affected by autism, and are continually looking for donations to keep the service running. NORSACA also offers family services, a specialist school, outreach and supported living services, as well as residential and day services for young people and adults with autism. It also provides telephone advice and counselling and runs specialist training for parents and professionals. It operates one of the very few autismspecific diagnostic and assessment centres in the country. • 0115 822 4995 •

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Tel 01949 831738

HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED BEAUTIFUL STRAIGHT WHITE TEETH? Here at the Bingham Dental, we can offer a variety of brace types to suit your lifestyle and tailored to your teeth. We successfully treat Adults and Children with traditional and invisible braces to give you a beautiful confident smile CALL US to book your free consultation NOW

01949 831738





After • 0115 822 4995 •

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Still here for you

At Manor Pharmacy we have been providing the local community with professional pharmacy service for 18 years and will be continuing to do just that. You will always find a friendly face at our local branches on Melton Road and Loughborough Road so drop in and see us today!

10% OFF

non prescription medicines upon signing up to our prescription collection service. Visit us today.

Please visit us at one of our West Bridgford pharmacies to receive your 10% off non prescription medicines voucher card. Please note that this offer is only available at our West Bridgford pharmacies on Melton Road and Loughborough Road for non-prescription medicine purchases in the next 6 months.

97a Melton Road, West Bridgford NG2 6EN T: 0115 981 3229 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9.00– 19.00, Sat: 9.00-13.00, Sun: Closed 185 Loughborough Road, West Bridgford NG2 7JR T: 0115 981 2257 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9.00-18.00, Sat: 9.00-13.00, Sun: Closed

Your trusted friends in Pharmacy • 0115 822 4995 •


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Join Deputy (Dog) And Friends

eaders are invited to take part, or R simply say hello and support, fellow readers with their dogs raising funds for the animal rescue which saved their canine friends.

One such dog is Deputy (pictured) – whose life was literally transformed by Cyprus Pride House. Dumped and starving by the roadside on the island of Cyprus, June and Michael Ratcliff who run the rescue on extremely limited resources, rehabilitated him to full health – then found him a lovely home in Nottingham! As a thank you and to help those he left behind, Deputy and others are holding a sponsored dog walk and get-together at Rushcliffe Country Park on Sunday 6 July. Meet-up is at the rescue’s gazebo on the lakeside from 11am; the walk within the park starts at 12 noon.


As local volunteer Fiona Coulson explains: ‘We’re doing this fun dog walk to raise funds and awareness of the desperate, daily existence facing countless animals in Cyprus; Deputy is a lucky one. Every penny makes a difference to an animal being at risk or saved; the scale of neglect which June and Michael also face daily deserves this support.’ All are welcome to enjoy a varied walk (with your woofer if you bring one), whilst raising funds or to simply find out more about Cyprus Pride House. Non-dog walkers are also most welcome, with sponsor forms available from Fiona at or 07808-931289, or Anne-Marie at hettys_ Full information on Cyprus Pride House, a literal lifeline for Cypriot animals, is at www., or join and support the Facebook page ‘Cyprus Pride House’. • 0115 822 4995 •

Spotlight Magazine • 0115 822 4995 •


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Puzzle Page

Crossword Clues Across 1 Start of the working week (6) 4 Channel (6) 9 Type of antelope (3) 10 Slowly progressive (7) 11 Breathed out (7) 12 Beneath (5) 13 Steel tower (5) 15 Sphere (5) 20 Review (5) 22 Decorative bird (7) 24 Bar game (7) 25 Rug (3) 26 Creepy, eerie (6) 27 Seek (6) Down 1 ‘Attractive’ metal! (6) 2 Badly behaved (7) 3 A spiritual or pure being (5) 5 Curious, odd (7) 6 Covered with ceramic slabs (5) 7 Chronicle, narrate (6) 8 Convenient (5) 14 Attitude, perspective (7) 16 Type of loaf (7) 17 Antagonise (6) 18 Talked (5) 19 Rough drawing (6) 21 Type of dance (5) 23 Concur (5)


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Word Search Word List Australia Barbados Brazil Caribbean Dubai Florida France Goa Greece Hong Kong Italy Jamaica Jersey Kenya Majorca

Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico Minorca Peru Portugal Singapore Spain St Lucia Thailand The Gambia Tunisia

Visit our website for more puzzles online • 0115 822 4995 •


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Win a Meal for 2 at The Lady Bay Pub N

ewly refurbished, ‘The Lady Bay’ is close to Nottingham Forest FC and is match day family friendly. Regular family entertainment and a lovely outside seating area make this friendly pub a really great place to eat and drink whatever the weather! Your free meal can be redeemed anytime Mon-Sat from 12-9pm. Choose anything from The 2 for £8.95 menu which includes gammon & eggs, lasagne, sausage and mash, hunter’s chicken, (all the English classic dishes) or visit on a Friday and try the Famous hand beer battered haddock and chips. Sign up to the website and get an e-mail for two free drinks when purchasing a meal Follow on facebook, then inbox Ali to receive a free pint voucher:

This Months Question Which of our advertisers can give your PC a health check? How To Enter Just send your email to: with the subject line Free Meal Competition. We will draw a lucky winner at random each month. Good Luck The Lady Bay Pub is at 89 Trent Boulevard West Bridgford NG2 5BE Tel: 01159 811228

The winner of Last Months Free Meal Competition is Valerie Pikett.

22 • 0115 822 4995 •

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We provide all aspects of electrical work, including:

Minor Alterations Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Upgrades Rewiring New Build and Developments We all aspects of electrical work, including: We We provideprovide all aspects ofall electrical work, including: We provide all aspects of work, including: aspects ofprovide electrical work, including: We provide all aspects of electrical electrical work, including: LEDAlterations Lighting Upgrades Minor Alterations Minor Minor Alterations Minor Alterations Minor Alterations Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Upgrades Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Upgrades Consumer Unit Board) Upgrades Consumer Unit (Fuse (Fuse Board) Upgrades Rewiring Unit (Fuse Board) Upgrades Rewiring Consumer Rewiring New Build and Developments Rewiring New Build and Developments New Build and Development and Developments Lighting Upgrades LED Lighting Upgrades New New Build BuildLED and Developments LED Lighting Upgrades LED LED Lighting Lighting Upgrades Upgrades Re-Wiring Full & Partial

Registered Electricians Registered Electricians Registered Electricians Registered Electricians

Free No Obligations Free No Obligation Quotations References Available References Available Fully Insured Fully Insured

Call us Free on 03335 777033

Free No Obligation Quotations References Available Fully Insured

Free No No Obligation Obligation Quotations Quotations Available FreeReferences No Obligation References Available Quota

Call us Free on 03335 777033 Call us Free on 03335 777033

Call us Free on 03335 777033

Call us Free on 03335 777033

Fully Fully Insured Insured References Ava Fully In • 0115 822 4995 •


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What’s happening in your area

This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 25th of each month. Please email: The Poppy Folk Club Sunday 15th June is a Singaround and music session in the upstairs room at The Poppy and Pint. All are welcome, please come along to sing, play or listen. Next month, on Sunday 20th July we have a concert with the amazing young a-capella group: The Teacups. For details see the website: www.poppyfolkclub. or contact Phil & Julie 0115 9812861. email phil@ The South Notts Flower Club The June meeting of the South Notts Flower Club will be held in Edwalton Church Hall, Wellin Lane, Edwalton, NG12 4AP on June 10th from 7.30pm. The demonstration is titled ‘A Day at the Races’ and demonstrated by Julia Mitchell from Hatton. New members and visitors are always welcome. For more information please contact Gail on Tel. 01159822070. West Bridgford Legion cricket Club - The new cricket season is almost upon us! Outdoor net practice at West Park, Loughborough Road starts again on the 14th April from 6PM. New players very welcome, just turn up on a Monday night or contact Chris Roper on 07941806026 for more information. We are a very friendly smaller club in your area. Radcliffe Sword Club Learn the exciting modern Olympic sport of fencing with Radcliffe Sword Club, meeting at the main sports hall, Clifton Leisure Centre, Southchurch Drive, Clifton, NG11 8AB. Juniors (aged 9-14): Tuesday 18:30-20:00; Adults (15+) : Tuesday 20:00-22:00 and Wednesday 20:00-22:00 Notts Orienteering Club is a not-for-profit community sports club run by volunteers. We offer beginners orienteering sessions in the community for people to learn how to read maps and get a bit of gentle exercise at the same time. We have three evening sessions available in Worksop, West Bridgford and Mansfield on Tues and Wed evenings. For more information call Catherine on 07940575758 or e mail Lady Bay Karate Club classes in traditional shotokan karate by fully qualified coach with over 30 years experience, at the scout headquarters,mona road, lady bay. every friday from 7.00 p.m. -8.00 p.m.we welcome everyone from 10 years to adults who wishes to learn what this fascinating art has to offer. especially suited for the more mature person ,non -competitive, by mature coach with emphasis on the developement of the individual. further details please contact. chris, on 01159821161, email,


MODERN LINEDANCING CLASSES:- Daytime and Evenings Held in West Bridgford, Radcliffe on Trent, Plumtree (also Bakersfield and Stapleford) Suitable for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate Levels. For further information please contact Pat on 0115 9140673.


We play Wednesday evenings throughout the year in West Bridgford. For further information please contact Cherry on 0115 8461634 or Mick on 0115 8457024.’

Friends of Bridgford Park need volunteers of all ages to help keep our truly beautiful amenity in really good condition. The Friends plant, clear wooded areas, help all wildlife survive and increase. So we need people from all walks of life to join us Interested? Please contact Linda on 9819146 or Lorraine on 9816646 WEST BRIDGFORD ADVICE CENTRE is open every Wednesday morning from 9-30am to 12-30pm. at St Giles’ Church Hall, Stratford Rd, West Bridgford NG2 6AZ. Tel: 0115 9821475. No appointment necessary – we operate a drop in system. We can help with benefit claims, form filling, consumer, debt, and housing issues etc. LADY BAY KARATE GROUP meetevery monday & friday at the scout h/q on mona road,lady bay,at 7.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m. For more information contact chris on 01159821161.

SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB All Hallows Church Hall

Pierrepont Road Lady Bay Meetings start at 2pm 2nd Wednesday of the Month. We have a full programme of events new members welcome. Please contact Mrs Anne Barnes Tel : 0115 914 0141 for further details THE ROTARY CLUB OF WEST BRIDGFORD meets every Wednesday 6.30pm for 7pm at the Country Cottage Hotel Ruddington. Enquiries for membership from both professional men and women of all ages are very welcome. Please contact John Walker on 0115 937 3551 for more information.

THEATRE ARTS WORKSHOP ...offers you the chance to have a go, whatever your age, abilty or experience! Drama Workshops, Youth Theatre and GCSE Drama Saturday classes held at Jesse Gray School, Musters Road, West Bridgford. NG2 7DD. 0115 8549175 BRIDGFORD BEADERS meet once a month at Rushcliffe Arena from 10am to 1pm. We are a  very friendly group of ladies of varied  ages and abilities and we are always willing to help each other. We tend to have a project each month but you are always able to do your own thing. For further info please contact Lynn 0115 9140927 . • 0115 822 4995 •

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Lady Bay Open Gardens

he 23rd Lady Bay Open Gardens T weekend 2pm – 6pm SAT 21st & Sun 22nd June once again promises to be a

proceeds going towards local charities and community projects.

fabulous family day out. Set in the leafy Victorian suburb between the canal and the River Trent, there are 16 gorgeous gardens to see over the 2 days with 15 open on Saturday and 13 on Sunday including Cheshire Homes. Come along and get some ideas for your own garden or just enjoy a nosey around!

Map Passports to cover all gardens are £2.50 for adults and free for accompanied children. They will be available at any of the participating gardens, which will be identified with yellow balloons, including 30, Pierrepont Road. A map will also be displayed at the Post Office on Trent Boulevard.

There will be children’s activities, plant stalls, crafts plus teas, cakes and other refreshments at the Scout Hut and Cheshire Homes. There will also be entertainment with live music and dancing. Look out for the Human Jukebox at 131 Holme Rd. On Sunday there will be Drumming Workshops at the Lady Bay Pub and the Trent Navigation Sea Shanty Group will be performing as follows: 2.15 Scout Hut 3.15 Holme Lodge 4.15 Poppy & Pint 5.15 Cores

There will be permitted parking at both the Lady Bay and Poppy and Pint pubs as well as plenty of on-street unrestricted parking. Disabled access may be restricted at some properties, including any permitted toilet access. There are, however, toilets with disabled access at various commercial establishments in the area, such as the Scout Hut and the two pubs.

With two great pubs, cafes and other local amenities, it promises to be a fabulous family day out, with most of the

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Healthy Asian-Style Wings

Makes about 8-16 chicken wings depending on size. Preparation time: 10 minutes plus 30 minutes marinating time Cooking time: 45 minutes Ingredients 1 kg/2 pounds chicken wings 2.5cm/1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and sliced 4 cloves garlic, peeled and roughly chopped 8 tablespoons soy sauce 3 tablespoons sake or dry sherry 2 tablespoons sugar 225g/8oz plain all purpose flour Method

First make the marinade. Mix the ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sugar and sake or cooking sherry in a bowl. Marinate the chicken wings in this sauce for at least 30 minutes. Make sure all wings are coated and turn a couple of times during the marinating process.

Preheat oven to 200C / Gas Mark 6. Cover a large tray with baking parchment. Place the flour into a shallow bowl then drain the wings of the marinade. Dip each wing carefully into the flour, shake off any excess then place the wings on the prepared tray. Bake skin side up for 15 minutes. Then turn the wings over so that the skin side is down and bake for another 15 minutes. Finally turn skin side up again and bake for a final 15 minutes to make sure they are crispy. Serve with salad on a bed of lettuce leaves.

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Richie Muir - Southbank Thursday 12th June Martin Taylor (Irish, Country & Folk Night) Richie Muir - Southbank Trent Navigation Martin Taylor (Irish, Country & Folk Night) Gary Priestly - Monkey Tree Trent Navigation Friday 27th June Gary Priestly - Monkey Tree Joe Strange Band - Riverbank Friday 13th June DJ Fever - Fire & Ice Joe Strange Band - Riverbank Roy Stone - Monkey Tree DJ Fever - Fire & Ice Joy Mumford - Belle & Jerome Roy Stone - Monkey Tree T.I Funk / DJ Marriott - Southbank Ben Hayes - Belle & Jerome Half Deaf Clatch - Trent Navigation Dino Baptiste / DJ Marriott - Southbank Saturday 28th June Big Joe Bone - Trent Navigation DJ Funky Monkey - Fire & Ice Saturday 14th June Deja Groove - Riverbank England v Italy The Last Pedestrians - Trent Navigation Elvis 68 Special - Trent Navigation Sunday 29th June Sunday 15th June Rich Howell - Copper Ben Hickling - Copper Fran & Jono - Escabeche Fran & Jono - Escabeche July 2013 Thursday 19th June Thursday 3rd July Richie Muir - Southbank Richie Muir - Southbank Martin Taylor (Irish, Country & Folk Night) Martin Taylor (Irish, Country & Folk Night) Trent Navigation Trent Navigation Gary Priestly - Monkey Tree Gary Priestly - Monkey Tree Friday 20th June Friday 4th July Joe Strange Band - Riverbank Joe Strange Band - Riverbank DJ Fever - Fire & Ice DJ Fever - Fire & Ice Roy Stone - Monkey Tree Roy Stone - Monkey Tree Urban Intro / DJ Marriott - Southbank Ben Haynes - Belle & Jerome Old Dog Duo - Trent Navigation The Notorious Dawson Brothers - Trent Saturday 21st June Navigation DJ Funky Monkey - Fire & Ice Saturday 5th July Solid Soul - Riverbank DJ Funky Monkey - Fire & Ice Wild Wood / DJ Marriott - Southbank Sticky Morales - Riverbank Mood Indigo - Trent Navigation The Score - Trent Navigation Sunday 22nd June Sunday 6th July Dominic Dadson - Copper Mood Indigo - Copper Kezia Gill - Escabeche Kezia Gill - Escabeche Thursday 26th June Brought to you by West Bridgford Online – Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter - @westbridgfordol

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