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Inside this issue: • Gardening Holiday • The Dad Factor • Cowboy Mechanics • Documents on the move • Transition West Bridgford • Puzzles • Your Community Info

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Editor’s Letter Happy June everybody, In this months mag we have interesting nutritional information for all mums to be in our health section from Sue Blain. Justin from Sense Financial Solutions hightlights some important pension changes for businesses. We also have a marketing masterclass from Mario of Leaflet Media, which will be of interest to anyone thinking of designing their own ads, and all the usual info and features. Please help to support all our local business who are advertising each month. As always please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to: Have a great month.


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Health and Wellbeing Trying for Baby?


f you want to try for a baby you’ll want it to be healthy, so plan to be as close to optimum health as you can. My basic nutritional advice is to eat right and eat raw. Eat highly nutritious food, preferably organic and only what you need and not necessarily what you want! The most important supplement to consider is folic acid. This helps to prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Take it in a supplement designed for preconception. Avoid problem foods. Intolerances can interfere with the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and manganese, which are essential to optimum fertility. Statistics suggest that if one parent has allergies, there is a 50% chance of their child having an allergy and it’s almost a certainty if both have them. It is therefore important to remove any foods that could be the source of these allergies. Artificial pesticides and additives can cause or aggravate allergic reactions and contribute to hyperactivity, so eat organic where possible. Eat at least one salad meal a day and snack on fresh fruit, raw vegetable sticks and juices to obtain essential enzymes often destroyed in cooking. Both parents may need to detox and reduce any excess fat (where many harmful toxins are stored) at least 6 months before conception. It is best not to diet during pregnancy or when breast-feeding. Begin by cutting alcohol, caffeine, hydrogenated fats, refined foods high in salt and sugar and processed foods for a week. Eat more salads, fruit & veg and drink mineral water and herb teas between meals. Continue for another week, also avoiding dairy products, meat and wheat, oats and rye (try brown rice, quinoa, rice milk and fish instead). Use milk thistle


complex to support the liver if you’re feeling a bit sluggish and a chromium supplement if you’re suffering from extreme sugar cravings. Gradually re-introduce the different food groups, one each day. This is a good time to discover for yourself any foods you may be intolerant to. Once restored to optimum health, develop a personal healthy eating and drinking plan, similar to week one of the detox and avoid any problem foods. Some women may be deficient in B vitamins, zinc and other minerals, especially if they have been on the contraceptive pill or fertility drugs. The best sources of zinc include meat, shellfish and salmon. For vegetarians, pumpkin seeds offer one of the most concentrated non-meat food sources of zinc and also Brewer’s yeast, eggs, beans, and wholegrain cereals. Excellent sources of manganese include leafy veg, carrots, fruit, seeds, garlic, beans, spices and wholegrain cereals. For more advice on nutrition and supplements, check out Foresight, the Association for the Promotion of Pre- conception care, at (01243 868001) and Sue Blain, Naturopath

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Award Winning Baby Development Classes for babies from Birth to 13 Months Find a class Beeston Mondays at 10 am and 11.15 am Ruddington Tuesday at 1 pm and 2.15 pm Stapleford Wednesday 10.30 am Long Eaton 10.30 am and 11.45 am Therapeutic exercises to enhance the bonding process Rich and varied sensory experience to encourage learning Fun activities for the development of language Great techniques to stimulate and soothe your baby For further information or to reserve a place please contact: Nicola Cockayne, tel: 07779 256090 email:

The first visit is a free trial session so come along and see what we do!

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The Dad Factor

Where did Fathers’ Day come from?” asked someone in the pub a couple of months ago. “Ruddy greetings card companies invented it,” came the reply, and this seemed to be the general consensus. Back at home I wondered whether Fathers’ Day really was just the product of a boardroom meeting at Hallmark, so I set out to investigate. While it seems there is evidence of a Babylonian boy named Elmesu, carving some sort of greeting on a clay tablet 4000 years ago wishing his father health and long life, I don’t think we can say Fathers’ Day started there - mostly because that’s pretty much it for the evidence until about 100 years ago. The most common theory about modern Fathers’ Day is that it originated in the US, and with one particular lady, a Mrs. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. She felt that just as we dedicate a special day to mothers, so we should do the same for fathers. It meant a lot to her, because she and her siblings were raised in a loving manner by her own father after her mother died in childbirth. So she began a campaign, and the first Fathers’ Day was held on June 19th (her father’s birthday) in 1910. It grew in popularity and in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation declaring that the third Sunday in June would be Fathers’ Day. Now the waters become murky. How did Fathers’ Day make the leap across the Atlantic? No-one seems to know, but it’s likely that – in the manner of other American traditions - it gradually seeped into the British consciousness. Greetings cards manufacturers definitely


played their part though. Never ones to miss a trick, they began producing cards and we bought them. It seems that in the UK, Fathers’ Day really took off in the 1970s but, unlike in the US, it’s never been declared an ‘official’ day. Still, as traditions go it’s a nice one. Fathers often get bad press, and some of them quite justifiably so, but surely that doesn’t mean the good ones should go unrecognised. The role of dads has changed a lot in a generation. Most now take on a substantial amount of child care and are much more hands-on than their own dads were. Research shows that dads who are involved in day-to-day childcare are key figures in helping their children develop good self-esteem and self-confidence. Their rough-play helps children learn a sense of control and independence. Crucially, dads who get involved when their children are young, are much more likely to stay involved and in touch if their marriage breaks down. Dads are important, so let yours know how much you love him this Fathers’ Day.

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• Porches & Patios • Building work undertaken • 10 year guarantee on all work • Professional with 20 yrs experience • Previous work available to view


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Business Focus Changing Faces

Roderick Patterson Dental Awards 2010 and 2011 Finalist Roderick Patterson has been selected as a finalist once again in the prestigious Clinical Dental Technician of the year category of The Probe Dental Awards 2011. The announcement of the winner will be on 6th May in London. Our Denturist (Clinical Dental Technician), Roderick Patterson’s experience and professionalism makes him an excellent choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from advanced dental technology. We can design, construct fit and adjust complete and removable partial dentures, as well as overdentures on implants.

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Halls Plumbing Services Friendly, reliable service, all kinds of plumbing works carried out to a professional standard: No Call Out Charge

Feel free to leave a message and we guarantee to ring you back • Quality bathroom installations • Wall & floor tiling • General plumbing installations • Power flushing • Maintenance and repairs

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VFM Roofing

BELLE CASA ¶ Beautiful Homes ¶

We know how hard it can be to find a dependable and honest cleaner, which is where we can help. We can offer you professional cleaning and ironing for a fully inclusive rate of only £9.25 per hour (minimum of 2 hours per week). All of our cleaners are specially selected, and insured, and you will receive the same cleaner each week. So, if you’d like to take the pressure off keeping up with your household chores, then call us today on:

0871 951 2345 UK National Call Centre

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Low Cost Prices Excellent Standard Of Work Free Quotations Honest, Friendly Reliable Workmanship Full Public Liability Insurance 30 Years Experience In Trade References Available

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Cowboy Mechanic?

o you know your crankshaft from your caliper? If not you’re probably one of the people who pops open the bonnet and stares in at a mass of ‘whatsits and dohiggys’; finding a trustworthy and diligent mechanic can be a tricky task. Which?, the consumer watchdog, recently published a set of figures that make for a depressing read for British motorists. Their undercover investigation involved 62 cars; each car had been rigged with a number of faults. Of the 62 cars, 90% failed to spot at least one problem on the car. Half missed low brake fluid while 20% overlooked low tyre pressure in a rear tyre. Only eight cars were returned fully repaired! How can I identify a competent garage? There are a number of accreditation schemes already available to garages and repair centres. If a company is accredited they should display a certificate stating their achievement and the supporting organisation. The Office of Fair Trading, Bosch, Good Garage Scheme and Automotive Technician Accreditation all support UK mechanics. How do I spot a cowboy mechanic? How busy is the garage? – If a garage is empty, it’s not a good sign. There may be a quick turn around, but if it’s empty, it’s normally for a reason. Is the garage recognised by any of the accredited schemes? – An accredited garage is more likely to outperform one without accreditation. Don’t be afraid to ask! How interested does the mechanic sound? – The more vague or uninterested a mechanic sounds, normally correlates to the standard of service you’ll receive. Ideally a mechanic should listen intently to your problems and provide detailed

10 12

diagnoses for the problem. How much should the job cost? – Ring a few garages asking for quotations on the same job; it’s the simplest way of working how much it should cost. Once you agree to a price, ask for it in writing, that way if they try to charge more you can argue your side. Completion and Collection Date – Its common sense that a good mechanic should have a good idea of how long a job will take. Completion and collection dates should be stuck to and confirmed in writing. Ask to see any replaced parts – This won’t help mechanic-customer relations, but it will certainly prove whether they are telling the truth. Insist on full written details of the service – Mechanics should provide all written details of the work carried out on an invoice or receipt. The more detail the better. Maintaining vehicles requires a skilled hand and experience, so it’s only fair you pay for that service. Not all mechanics or garages are out to trick you; the majority are fair, friendly and reliable. Ask family and friends for a recommended centre, do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Matt Benselin

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Lifestyle & Leisure


Pension Changes for Businesses

012 is going to see huge changes for all businesses when auto enrolment legislation comes into effect. Currently employees ask to join a company pension scheme however that is going to be turned upside down and employers are going to have to automatically put their employees into a pension scheme and it will be down to the employees to opt out instead. Companies will also need to eventually contribute 3% of ‘Qualifying Earnings’. These include overtime and shift bonuses which is not the same as basic salary from which most schemes are currently set up to calculate payments. This is going to cause a huge administrative and financial burden to businesses and firms need to explore how best to set up or amend a pension scheme and your adviser can help you with this. Ensure that your firm’s Pension Provider offers the support required to guide you through this process. Maybe they have a


relationship manager to amend a current scheme or an implementations manager to set up a new scheme and coordinate with employees so that you don’t have to. Incorporate the option of ‘Salary Sacrifice’ for employees that enables the reduction their gross salary for increased pension contributions. In doing so the Employee and Employer save on National Insurance Contributions. You should seek Independent Financial Advice and don’t use the first and only Group Personal Pension that your Bank offers. They may not have sourced it from the whole of the market and the fees could be high to repay the Government who have bailed them out. Alternatively contact me Justin Stockdale of Sense Financial Solutions by telephone 07817 618823 or by e-mail justin@ because I am passionate about clients finances and I will help you plan for your future.

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Add value to your


New Driveways Drop Kerbs New Patios New Lawns Professional driveway cleaning and sealing with Resiblock For a FREE no obligation quote call NOW

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Ask the Expert

Marketing Masterclass Rapid Profit Booster Whether you are a start Business or well established, your monthly Rapid Profit Booster will equip you with tips, tools and strategies to grow your Business and Boost your Profits Get Your Readers Attention! The first mistake almost everyone makes when designing their advert is assuming people are going to want to read it, chances are, they’re not. People are busy and they have their attention focused on what’s important to them. This is always true and probably will be for as long as we’re human beings. Your FREE exclusive report will ‘clear the fog’ on all of this, but it is only available for a limited time. But for now you do need to understand getting someone to stop what they’re doing and transfer their attention to your advert is no mean feat, and that’s why the


very first thing all your copy must have is a strong, powerful, and compelling headline and NOT your logo or the name of your company. In your FREE Report Master Copywriter Joe Sugarman sums it up nicely by saying “the purpose of your headline is to get the reader to stop and read the first line of your copy; and the purpose of the first line is to get them to read the second line...and so on”. Your FREE Report is available until 15th June 2011. From this it’s obvious how important the headline is, because if we don’t get them to read that, then we may as well forget the rest. Download your FREE Report: Go to: www. now because your access to this ends in 14 days! NEXT MONTH: 15 Words that will make you Money

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FROM ÂŁ1,100

FITTED Also used stairlifts Call us today for a no obligation consultation and quotation Local Company

Liftec new ad 4-5-11.indd 1

0115 987 5218

Established 1987

Suppliers of quality Kitchens and Bedrooms. To both the Trade and Public. Family run business. Established since 2001. 09/05/2011 Showroom open Mon-Fri. (Sat by appointment). 527 standard kitchen unit sizes in 350 door styles. Full design service. We also specialise in accessible kitchens catering for various abilities

Tel: 0115 976 1876. Fax: 0115 976 1877 e-mail: Alpha House. Belgrave Road. Bulwell Nottingham. NG6 8HN

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Lifestyle and Leisure


Schools Out

ell, not quite, but working parents are only too aware of the imminent school holidays. Children may look forward to the long summer break, but for their parents it can prove a logistical nightmare. We’ve put together some hints and tips to try to ease the pressure. How much of the holiday can you cover yourself? Will your family holiday take care of a fortnight? Some parents juggle childcare between them. Mum covers two weeks then dad covers two weeks, leaving just two weeks to find extra cover. However, it may not be desirable to split your holidays, nor even practical if you are a single parent. What about Grandparents? Some love to help out, others may still be working themselves, or may be too frail or ill to help. A different option may be to share childcare with another relative or a friend. There will be other working parents at your child’s school with similar problems. Perhaps you could help each other out. Could you work from home during the school holidays? If you think the nature of your job makes this an option, discuss the idea with your boss. Before you ask, draw up a plan detailing

which aspects of your work could reasonably be completed at home. You may find them very amenable. After all, if you’re not taking a holiday they won’t have to find cover. Once you’ve settled on what you, other family members and friends can offer, and whether you can work from home for some part of the holiday, you’ll probably still be left with some time to cover. Now is the time to investigate paid-childcare options. If you have a pre-schooler at nursery, check whether it offers holiday care for older siblings. Schools and after-school clubs often run holiday schemes too. The advantage of these is that they are subsidised by the Government, so are less expensive than private options. The disadvantage is that they fill up fast, so book early. If you can afford them, there are some terrific holiday clubs on offer. Some specialise in sport, others in a variety of outdoor activities - including kayaking and rock-climbing. There are drama, music, art and crafts clubs and even clubs teaching circus skills. Check what your local area has to offer. Always check supervision levels, training certificates, health and safety information and any Ofsted reports. Try to speak with the group leaders so you get a feel for what they are like and whether your child will take to them. School holidays are never easy if you work, but a little forward planning will relieve some of the stress. Remember though, that even the best laid plans can be derailed. Last year, on the first day of the summer break, both my two came down with chicken pox!


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*A A family run business with over 25 year’s experience experience* * Block Paved Drives and Patios * * Full Landscaping Service * * Conservatories and Porches * * Full Extensions and New Builds * Fully insured for your total piece of mind **No job too small**


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Stainbusters Central

Call 07834 414880 or 0115 933 2501 Carpet & upholstery cleaning in and around Nottingham Stainbusters Central is a family owned cleaning company based in Radcliffe on Trent and serving Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Established for 10 years, we provide efficient and qualified cleaners, who are experienced in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning. • All cleaners trained •Insurance work undertaken •Industrial, commercial & domestic service •Free quotes •Fixed, competitive prices •24 Hour service We clean: • Carpets & Rugs • Curtains & blinds • Leather upholstery • Upholstery • Mattresses • Hard Floor - strip and seal

We also clean commercial properties • Schools • Offices • End of tenancy cleans • Student accommodation • Shop fitting cleans • Nursing homes • Hotels, Pubs, clubs and restaurants

plumbing + as services + Heating Installations + Boiler Upgrades + Landlord Certificates + Servicing + Breakdowns + Power Flushing + Gas Appliances + Gas Leaks + Bathroom Suites + Tiling David: 07889 152 491 + Over 30 years experience

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Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 28


Crossword Clues Across 1 Arbitrate (7) 5 Smart (5) 8 Implicit (9) 9 Cask (3) 10 Tested (5) 12 Release again (7) 13 Old bike (5-8) 15 Invade (7) 17 Implore (5) 19 Venomous snake (3) 20 Necessarily (9) 22 Register (5) 23 Proving ground (4,3) Down 1 Mature (5) 2 Prattle (3) 3 No ironing required (4-3) 4 Diversion (13) 5 Member of a branch of Islam (5) 6 Part of the gut (9) 7 Aromatic root (7) 11 Hotelier (9) 13 Divide proportionately (7) 14 Pointer (3-4) 16 Nephritic (5) 18 Wood nymph (5) 21Test room (3)

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Garden View


Take a Holiday

love looking at my garden for sure. When I see the results of all my labours I get a nice warm glow. But as much as I like looking at my own garden, there is a part of me which is insatiably curious about other people’s gardens too. It’s always a pleasure to see the product of another’s horticultural vision and it can be inspiring to see how someone has tackled a particular problem, from damp shade to impoverished soil.

If you don’t want to commit to a holiday, but you enjoy looking at other people’s gardens, then the National Garden Scheme (NGS) was tailor-made for you. Every year hundreds of private gardens are opened to the public on certain days and the entrance fees charged go to charity.

A few years ago, I came across a delightful book in the Alastair Sawday range of guides called Special Places to Stay - British Bed and Breakfast for Garden Lovers. It’s packed full of quirky, eccentric and downright beautiful places to stay in England, Scotland and Wales. There are Bed and Breakfasts, small hotels and holiday cottages. Some are on organic farms and a couple are even on islands.

The gardens range from tiny to several acres, but all are inspiring. The NGS publish their informative Yellow Book annually, but they also have an easyto-navigate website at Oddly, although it’s called the National Garden Scheme, Scotland doesn’t get a mention. I only discovered this omission when we holidayed in Scotland and found that no gardens north of the border were listed. Thankfully, I did discover that the wonderful Scotland’s Garden Scheme (SGS) plugs the gap nicely. Find them at

Each property has been selected for its warm welcome and hospitality, as well as for its beautiful grounds. Some even offer gardening courses.

Whether you want to get away from it all, or simply fancy a day away from your own plot garnering some inspiration, I hope I’ve given you some ideas.

The book has recently been republished in its sixth incarnation. The photographs alone are worth the cover price, and there are handy gardening hints scattered throughout.

Have a happy gardening holiday.

If you fancy a weekend away with a horticultural twist, look no further than this little book. Find their website at If you enjoy visiting National Trust properties, did you know that the organisation owns more than 60 holiday cottages located in or right next to its many spectacular gardens? They offer short and longer breaks, so check them out at www. nationaltrustcottages.


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Martin Page

Edwalton &

West Bridgford’s Local Tree Surgeon Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

call me now on

0115 906 8680

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Documents on the Move

ncreasing numbers of people are now wanting to take their documents, photos etc with them when they leave home. A lot of us now carry either small mobile PCs or smart phones with internet access. There is an excellent free internet service called Dropbox that can help. Drobox in a secure internet based service that is accessible by Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, so it covers almost all devices that we may use. You can have 2 Gigabytes of storage free, and have up to 100 Gigabytes at a subscription. To use Dropbox, you go to their website, create a profile and download the application to your computer. When you have downloaded the application, it will create a folder on your computer for you to put your files in. These will now be automatically synchronised to your Dropbox account on the web.

If you go to another internet device and go to the Dropbox website, you can log in and see your files. If you make any changes to the files from the internet based service, they will be synchronised to your main computer when you log onto it. This way, you can access your files when you are away from home. You can also setup other people to access these files, so if you want to share some documents with family, friends or colleagues, then set them up a profile on Dropbox and they can access the data as well. Ideal for project or club based data, or if you have a holiday home that you go to in the holidays and you want to take some information with you. More information can be found on www. If you have any questions, call Bryan from Midland Data Networks (01949 876 098) or email questions@

COMPLETE IT SERVICES FOR THE HOME • Supply and Install of PCs and Laptops • Anti-Virus and Security • PC Health Checks • PC Repairs • Password Recovery • Broadband & Wi-Fi Setup

Established 2003

TRADING STANDARDS APPROVED 100% customer satisfaction as audited by Nottinghamshire Trading Standards

Tel: 01949 876 098 24

COMPLETE IT SERVICES FOR BUSINESS Home services plus:Panasonic Telephone Systems Microsoft Servers Computer Cabling Network CCTV Systems

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Decking and Gardening

We offer high quality, cost effective design solutions for your garden including complete garden design decking ● fencing & gates ● laying & maintaining of lawns ● hedge cutting ● shed assembly ● general garden maintenance ● ●

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Contact us on 07794 433 604 or 0115 9447935

Visit our Showrooms in Radcliffe or Wollaton C U R TA I N S a n d h o m e wa r e s

• Curtains & Pelmets • Tracks & Poles • Homeware & Giftware • Make up & Fitting Service • Vertical & Venetian Blinds • Roman & Roller Blinds • Free Measuring Service Homecraft Interiors, 28 Station Terrace, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham also at: Bramcote Lane, Wollaton.

Telephone: 0115 93 32 239

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Just a year ago, members of Transition West Bridgford organised their first Eco House Open Day. Five homes with a range of eco features were open to the public, showing technologies such as PV and solar thermal panels, a ground source heat pump, super-insulation and water saving devices. People interested in saving energy, reducing their carbon emissions or finding out more about renewable technologies signed up. Over 70 visits took place during the Open Day and the Eco House Group was created when these people were invited to attend a series of seminars and smaller pub gatherings. Five evening talks were held at South Notts College and speakers included independent experts and local suppliers of insulation, renewable energy products and so on. Following a second Eco House Open Day in May 2011, the group has grown to over 100 members and is now embarking on an exciting new project. For home owners and construction professionals including builders, architects etc. this is a great opportunity to visit two local eco-houses under construction. The project centres on one new build and one refurbishment and the goal of the respective home owners is to achieve a very low energy, low maintenance, healthy home.


Supp o G

t.c om po

gs nst reetswb.blo





West Bridgford’s Eco House Group looks back on a successful first year, and starts its second year with a new initiative – Eco Houses Under Construction.

gr w.

Transition West Bridgford Eco Houses under Construction


Transition West Bridgford

ng Green S rti

ets tre

Community Information

r re e The building work starts n, B e G in June and there will be a series of free sessions at evenings and weekends through the summer showing different aspects of the work as it progresses. Experts will explain or demonstrate the different techniques as construction is completed and technologies are installed.


new build will provide an example of super-insulated timber frame construction with eco features such as lime rendering, LED lighting and use of sustainable materials. The retrofit will take a typical 1950’s house of solid wall construction and super-insulate it with external insulation, a highly insulated loft conversion, super-insulated ground floor and triple glazed windows. A high level of air tightness is required to further minimise heat loss through draughts, and a ventilation system with heat recovery will bring fresh air into the house while at the same time recovering the heat from the stale air as it leaves the building.

The Eco Houses Under Construction project is funded by the charity Groundwork with a Growing Climate Friendly Communities grant. If you would like to be invited to these and other talks and demos, email info@ to be added to the list. For general information, see www. To see what other projects Transition West Bridgford has to offer, go to www.

To advertise call 07595 510190 e mail usoratcontribute

Community Information


NCT Nearly New Sale

he cost of kitting out your child for the first five years can run into thousands of pounds. NCT Nearly New Sales are the perfect solution – top-quality baby and children’s clothes and equipment at bargain prices straight from their loving owners. The next Gold Standard Nottingham NCT Table Top Nearly New Sale will take place at our new venue West Bridgford venue. Becket School, Wilford Lane, NG27QY on Saturday 16th July at 10:30am, and will give local parents the opportunity to buy or sell everything from prams and toys to changing mats and clothes. Admission is £1 and NCT members can get in 15 minutes early. All sellers must pre-register emailing or calling 0844 243 6231.

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Community Information This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 12th of each month. Please email dave@ or write to The Editor, Spotlight Magazine, Suite 104, 1 Hanley St, Nottingham NG1 5BL. Melton Road Market in West Bridgford Saturday 4th June, 10-3pm Support your local independent businesses. For more information visit: The ladybay karate club have classes in traditional shotokan karate at the scout headquarters in mona road,in lady bay. every monday & friday, from 7.00p.m -8.00p.m We welcome everyone from 8years to the more mature person who wishes to learn what this fascinating art has to offer.for further details please tel.01159821161 or visitour website. Friends of Bridgford Park need volunteers of all ages to help keep our truly beautiful amenity in really good condition. The Friends plant, clear wooded areas, help all wildlife survive and increase. We work closely with Rushcliffe Borough Council staff and take advice from Notts Wildlife Trust. We meet bi-monthly at the Civic Centre planning our ongoing work and any new projects. A summer Meadow is planned and a tree trail. We are also interested in installing a beehive. So we need people from all walks of life to join us Interested? Please contact Linda on 9819146 or Lorraine on 9816646

Female singers needed! Mirabilé, a ladies ensemble, is looking for trained/ experienced ensemble/solo singers. We are a small ensemble covering a wide range of repertoire from early music to contemporary arrangements, now under the new directorship of Roselise Gentile, a renowned conductor in Italy. We rehearse Monday evenings from 8.00-10.00pm in West Bridgford. For enquiries or audition details please contact: Alison Smith on 0115 9143510 or “Calling Rushcliffe based Artists. Would you be interested in forming a Rushcliffe Arts Group for networking, learning, mutual support and organising events? With the cooperation of Notts County Council Communities Dept, Rushcliffe Arts Dept and Creative Greenhouse, I am hoping to gather together a group of artists from across the borough. If the idea appeals to you, please call Robert on 0115 9747743 or email” LINE DANCING CLASSES .. DAYTIME AND EVENINGS.....Held in West Bridgford, Radcliffe on Trent and Plumtree (Also Bakersfield and Stapleford) Suitable for beginners, improvers and entermediate levels. For further information please contact Pat on 0115 9140673. Mosaic Workshops Edwalton New dates now out. Places limited so booking is essential. 26 March 2011 10.00 – 4.00 One day workshop to make a mosaic mirror or wall plaque 14 May 2011 10.00 – 12.00 A fun 2 hour workshop to make a mosaic coaster Mosaic Fridays 10.00 – 12.00 4 week course 17 June / 24 June / 1 July / 8 July 2011 Further details visit Tel. 0115 9234563 / 07789 456885 ZUMBA Fitness Classes-Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves create a one of a kind fitness class that will blow you away! Suitable for all levels of fitness. Come along and party yourself into shape. Classes held TUESDAY, West Bridgford Community Hall, 6.45pm-7.45pm-contact: gemmajewel2002@, Abbey Road Primary School, 7.00pm-8.00pm. Contact: Jackie at cunningham. WEST BRIDGFORD ADVICE CENTRE is open every Wednesday morning from 9-30am to 12-30pm. at St Giles’ Church Hall, Stratford Rd, West Bridgford NG2 6AZ. Tel: 0115 9821475. No appointment necessary – we operate a drop in system. We can help with benefit claims, form filling, consumer, debt, and housing issues etc.

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June 11 WB low res  

West Bridgford O n JUNE 2011 Inside this issue: • Gardening Holiday • The Dad Factor • Cowboy Mechanics • Documents on the move • Transition...

June 11 WB low res  

West Bridgford O n JUNE 2011 Inside this issue: • Gardening Holiday • The Dad Factor • Cowboy Mechanics • Documents on the move • Transition...