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After 10 years success in Lettings across Mansfield & Ashfield, PWR now offer a Unique Estate Agency Experience: • No Minimum Term Contract • Performance Related Fees • No Upfront Charges • Floor Plans as Standard • EPC Included • No Withdrawal Fee* For a Different Approach to Selling your Property call PWR on:

01623 645666 or email: *£100 withdrawal fee if PWR procure the EPC ch month in and Businesses ea orth es om H 00 ,0 18 Mansfield N Delivered to ansfield South, & M d, or gf id Br t es W Inside this issue: • Stylish Sportswear • Gardens For Play • Ski Holidays • Oral Hygiene • Valentines • Business Focus • Puzzles • Recipe • Cleaner Carpets

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83-85 Mansfield Road, Blidworth, Mansfield. NG21 0RB. ( Next To BJ’s Cafe )

Open: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat, 10:00am - 5:00pm Open: Wed, 10:00am - 1:00pm. Closed Sunday.

Telephone: 01623 491999 Free... Measuring & Estimates, Home Selection, Insurence Quotations.


Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile! It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Managing Director John Kendall feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although

that obviously helps. Many tradespeople have struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service the Mansfield & Chesterfield areas and John is finding that his approach is a major factor

in his success.‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for,

which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give John a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear...

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So... February already. Hopefully some of you are still keeping to your new years resolutions, but for the rest of you, like me who have fallen by the wayside, don’t worry about it. There is always next year. It has certainly been a wet start to 2014. Let’s hope that we start to see some Spring-like improvement soon. Have a great month. Spotlight magazine is delivered to 6,000 homes and businesses in the Mansfield South area each month, with similar magazines going to North Mansfield and West Bridgford. To Advertise or contribute: T: 01623 706570 E:

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1 st October 2013

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Builders Bags of Logs

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Wash Your Mouth Out!

pinion is a divided even O among members of the dental profession about the usefulness of mouthwash.

Gum disease begins with plaque. This is a film of very sticky bacteria on the teeth which, if not removed, causes gum disease. Because it is so sticky plaque can only be removed from teeth with a brush or dental floss. Mouthwash can never replace good brushing. A study in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry this year found antiseptic mouthwash used twice a day reduced the build-up of plaque and gum disease over a six month period. Mouthwash makes teeth ‘more slippy’ so the sticky plaque finds it difficult to adhere, which in turn means your mouth feels fresher for longer. Bad breath (halitosis) is caused when excess bacteria emit excess gas. Pockets of bacteria can lurk around fillings, ill-fitting


crowns and impacted wisdom teeth. Halitosis requires treatment from a dentist or hygienist but a mouthwash can help. Use one with ingredients such as chlorine dioxide, which kills the volatile sulphur compounds that cause foul odour.

Many mouth washes contain alcohol, which has been linked to oral cancers in some studies. Alcohol can exacerbate bad breath because of its drying properties, and because it is quite harsh it may also cause stinging. Most dentists and hygienists agree that if you use mouthwash it should be alcohol-free. Finally, most of us don’t hold mouthwash in our mouths long enough for it to work. The optimal time is 30-60 seconds. As part of a good dental hygiene routine mouthwashes are helpful but they will never replace the mechanical action of a toothbrush and floss for getting teeth and gums really clean. • 01623 706570 •

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W.S.Ingham & Son Ltd Independent Funeral Directors

Setting New Standards In Funeral Services “Trust the people who care”

. Extensive refurbishment creating large modern, comfortable premises. .Quality reception areas including the Chatsworth Conservatory. . Automated doors & ramped access. . Pre paid funeral plans. . Modern fleet of vehicles. . Large landscaped parking area. . Bespoke hand made memorials

11 Poplar Grove, Forest Town, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 0HW Tel 01623 621114 “A haven of calm to create your personalised & individual service” • 01623 706570 •


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Stylish Sportswear

The Chic, the Affordable and the Classic. new year means a fresh A start and of course, New Year’s resolutions. For some,

it’s to stop smoking. For others, it’s to lose a few extra pounds or start a healthier lifestyle. Though we all try our best to make a change for the better, it’s not easy. The January blues usually send all good intentions to the back of our minds as we go back to the normal routine after the buzz of Christmas. For any of you looking to shift a few postChristmas pounds, it can be really tough. If you’re still on track, well done! If you’re starting to flounder a little or you’re finding the gym just too unappealing, I have the answer for you. Get in shape whilst looking good with stylish fitness wear. Investing in some chic workout clothes may just give you the boost you need to spur you on to a healthier life. There are several designer and high street brands offering trendy fitness ranges, helping you to look and feel good whilst exercising. One of the most famous of these stores is Sweaty Betty. Everything in their shops is geared towards stylish fitness so they really know what they’re doing. The advantage of Sweaty Betty is that they have a great range of designs, with specialised clothes for lots of different sports and activities. They also have a section on their website providing information about what is best to wear - from yoga to skiing and tennis to swimming – ensuring you’re in the know and that you’ll

be looking your best. With a store right in Nottingham city centre, it’s easily accessible too. Having said all that, it is a little on the pricey side.

This is to be expected really as it’s a specialist store selling an exclusive brand. If you’re serious about making exercise a regular part of your life then Sweaty Betty is probably your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, try somewhere like Sports Direct. Although they don’t have such a wide range of fashionable sportswear, they still have a fairly decent selection and it’s all very reasonably priced. They stock a lot of different brands allowing you a good choice of styles and colours. Their sales are also particularly good as they have huge reductions, meaning you can get fitness basics for fantastic prices. My favourite thing about Sports Direct is their shoe department; they have trainers in every style and colour that you could ever possibly want! Though who really needs an excuse to buy another pair of shoes? If neither of these have quite what you’re looking for, you could try Lacoste. Their famous little crocodile logo has been around for years, adding a sporty flourish to everything they emblazon. The classic nature of their designs means they will last you for many years to come so can be a worthy investment. Wherever you decide to purchase your stylish sportswear from, just remember – have fun getting fit and enjoy the healthier new you! RhiannonChown

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Gardens For Play

y February Christmas can seem like a B distant memory: toys and games which were desired for months beforehand, are now no longer new.

I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering how the excitement of a new toy soon faded, but for me the big box in which it was wrapped provided entertainment for a much greater length of time because it could be turned into a car, a bus, a den or a robot. Recently I was asked to apply this theory when designing a family garden: a fun outdoor space, with no obvious pieces of play equipment such as a big blue climbing frame; a bright red slide, or a plastic swing. Instead fun is designed into the garden space much more subtly, the key being to introduce elements which children can ‘accidentally’ find, and which stimulate thought and exercise their creative minds. Children love pretending, and creative play can include play sand, water and of course mud (surely you must have made mud pies or sloppy dosh when you were a child – for those who didn’t its mud and water mixed in a bucket or bowl with a stick then left to harden in the sun). Elements such as a mud kitchen, logs to jump off and a tree to climb are all much more fun (and cheaper) than modern play equipment. I love to see a garden which on first inspection looks like an adult space, but has elements for initiating play.

Parents also often ask about child-friendly plants, and it’s a tricky question to provide a quick answer for. There are basically two ways in which children could be adversely affected by garden plants: ingestion, or contact. The majority of ornamental plants, roots, seeds and berries range from slightly to very toxic, but statistically (research shows) that the number of deaths is tiny. The vast majority taste so disgusting that your child probably would spit most of it out, and if poisonous then vomiting would most likely occur because it is the body’s natural defence mechanism (apple pips must surely be the most commonly eaten poisonous seeds!). Foxgloves, fungi and Delphinium seeds are the most commonly known plant poisons, but others less well known include Daffodils, which are planted in most gardens and public places without a second thought. The leaves of Rhubarb, green parts on tomatoes and potatoes are all harmful, but we still grow them in schools. I think garden education at a young age is the key, and given most under 3’s won’t be outside alone in the garden it shouldn’t be a problem … anyway, they’ll be too busy playing to eat the plants! Happy (and safe) gardening Lee

Stepping stones through a border; a self contained water feature; bark areas under trees for den making; grass mounds for climbing up and rolling back down; paths to race bikes on; washing line poles to climb, and a small bridge to cross when escaping from trolls… the usual thing!

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Is Our Skin Dirtier Than Ever?

odern life is just rife with irony. Today, M we keep our breath fresh with strips that dissolve on the tongue, we deodorise

several parts of our bodies and we ward off gems with antibacterial gels. Yet – and here’s the irony – most of us are walking through the world with dirty skin. Truly dirty. Why is skin so dirty? Research conducted at The International Dermal Institute reflects that most women only spend about 20 seconds washing their face, which is odd considering how much time they spend on their hair and make-up in the morning. Simply, 20 seconds are not enough to get skin clean. And remember that our skin is actually “dirtier” than it was in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ times. More recently, we are seeing that the presence of environmental pollutants in the air and cosmetics, such as sunblock and waterproof make-up, combine daily with the skin’s naturally sticky sebum secretions to form a thick, slick, waxy coating on the skin by the middle of the day.

Understandably, a splash of water and 20 seconds of cleansing can’t penetrate this layer of oil-based debris that coats the skin’s surface. In fact, even a more thorough cleansing with a surfactant-based cleanser won’t fully melt down this barrier. The sebum/pollutant/cosmetic barrier remains on the skin, preventing moisturisers and other skin care products from doing their work while dulling the skin’s appearance and contributing to congestion. E-mail the salon at or call 01623 439394 to request your free Dermalogica samples to save you from dirty skin! Jenny Dunville

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Gift Certificates Elemis Payot Dermalogica St. Tropez Nailtiques Orly Gel FX Dermaco Facial Lifting Mii mineral make-up 12

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0115 975 6633 • 01623 706570 •


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Puzzle Page

Crossword Clues Across 1 Breakfast food (6) 4 Reverie (5) 8 Finished (5) 9 Crack (7) 10 Farm vehicle (7) 11 Genuine (4) 12 Conifer (3) 14 Nothing (4) 15 Test (4) 18 Current (3) 21 Tone (4) 23 Sea creature (7) 25 Brutal, inhuman (7) 26 Goodbye (5) 27 Odour (5) 28 Digestive protein (6) Down 1 Compose (6) 2 Transmit (7) 3 Mathematical process (8) 4 Profound (4) 5 Banishment (5) 6 Passively (6) 7 Neck warmer (5) 13 Bind (8) 16 Exaggerate (7) 17 Ancient Egyptian god (6) 19 The earth (5) 20 Shrewd (6) 22 One of the senses (5) 24 Present (4)


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Spotlight Magazine Romeo and Juliet Word Search List Actor Ballet Benvolio Capulets Chorus Conflict Culture Dagger Death Drama Fate Feud Film Friar Italy Juliet Lovers Marriage

Mercutio Montagues Nurse Parents Paris Passion Play Poison Romeo Rosaline Rose Stage Suicide Tragedy Tybalt Verona

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steve dunn's

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m aypole at Wellow

B a r & Br a s serie F or merly t he D URH A M OX


13TH, 14TH & 15TH FEBRUARY C a ll

0 1 62 3 83 5 89 1


FREE bottle of bubbly for every couple Th e M ay p ol e is a 13 Bedr o om Bo u tiq ue Hotel w i t h a B a r & Re s ta u r a n t which are open to the p ublic • 01623 706570 •


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Ouch - How To Remove A Splinter

plinters are painful and tricky to remove. S I remember my mother digging around in the tender ball of my thumb with a darning needle one evening when I was ten. The splinter on that occasion had lodged itself firmly and resisted all attempts to prise it out while I resisted all attempts to have it prised out! Years later a friend training to be nurse taught me how to remove splinters safely and I pass on the knowledge here.

First clean the area with soap and water. Inspect the splinter; use a magnifying glass if you have one. Look at the angle of entry and how deeply embedded the splinter is. If the splinter protrudes from the skin it’s can be removed with tweezers. Sterilise the tweezers first using surgical spirit (neat Vodka also works) and if you need a magnifier get someone else to hold it; then


grip the splinter gently and pull it out along the same angle it entered the skin. Small, fine splinters can be trickier, especially if they are more deeply embedded. In this instance cover the affected the area with Magnesium Sulphate paste (cheap and available from all pharmacies) and then bandage it. Leave over night and in the morning the splinter will have surfaced. If it hasn’t, reapply and bandage again. The Magnesium sulphate is anhydrous and draws moisture out of the wound and with it the splinter. Once the end of the splinter pokes out you can use tweezers to remove it completely. Remember: If you use a needle to break the skin prior to applying the paste make sure the needle is sterile. • 01623 706570 •

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The face to face insurance specialists.

Is your home insured properly against

Subsidence? Many people living in ex-mining communities, like this one, aren’t aware that their current home insurance policy may not pay out for a subsidence claim... until they need it.

Picture: Darren Bown

Speak to one of our insurance specialists today or telephone on:

01623 651773 Park Hall Financial Services Limited 19 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse NG19 8BB Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority • 01623 706570 •


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Valentine’s All Year Round

Valentine’s Day is all about being ‘in love’ isn’t it? But what does ‘being in love’ really mean? Is it just about the flowers, chocolate or perfume?

To me, being in love is all about appreciating and noticing my partner. In the first throws of a romance it’s easy: you appreciate the way it feels when he takes your hand; the way she laughs or cries at daft films; the way he pokes his tongue out when he concentrates. You notice the little things and find them endearing. Over time sadly our focus shifts more to the things which irritate us, such as the way we have to ask him to take his muddy shoes off in the house at least three times before he does it, or the way she spends so much money on clothes and beauty products. When we focus on the negatives the positives get lost. Worse, we only appreciate our partner when they produce


a big gift, or an extravagant display of affection, mainly because it’s something out of the ordinary so it shakes us out of our apathy. Florists, jewellers and gift-card suppliers capitalise on this.

I am not advocating a Valentine’s Day without cards and flowers, (mainly because I like receiving them), but this year make a list of all the little things you love about your husband, wife or partner as well. Then every day tell them one or two small things you really appreciate about them. Yes it takes effort, but it will help them feel loved every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. The poet Victor Hugo said that ‘The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.’ That surely has to be the best Valentine gift you can give anyone this year. By Sarah Davey • 01623 706570 •

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Ashlands is a family run Care Home where excellence of care is the standard. With half an acre of pretty gardens backing on to woodlands, our residents have the space for quiet reflection while being close to local amenities. The two South facing sitting rooms and large sunroom all have full length windows and, along with the dining room, all overlook the rear garden. • Our care manager has 25 years care experience and leads a team of highly trained staff • Capacity for 30 residents, both for old age and dementia • The majority of our rooms have en-suite WC facilities • Long and short stay, respite and day care available • Full-time activities co-ordinator, music, entertainment and regular outings • Hair dressing, Chiropody and motivation therapy • Award winning gardens giving a safe and quiet area to relax • In-house cooks producing a varied range of freshly made meals, with special diets catered for • Second floor accessed by lift, with wheelchair access throughout • TV and phone available for every room • All rooms have Nurse call points and are decorated and furnished to a high standard • Close to local shops and public transport • Registered with the CQC and Nottinghamshire County Council

We welcome visits at any time to come and meet the staff and residents and have a tour of the grounds and facilities.

Ashlands Residential Care Home

152 Southwell Road, East Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0EH 01623 792711 • 01623 706570 •


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Take To The Slopes

oin the Olympians and try a winter sport holiday

From 7- 23 February, we will be gripped with Olympic fever once again as the 2014 Winter Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia. Thousands of competitors will don their thermals to take part in 15 different winter sports. If you’ve ever fancied having a go yourself, the variety of resorts and activities now available means that there’s never been a better time to start. Skiing has been a favourite winter sport for many years, but snowboarding is rapidly gaining in popularity. Which is best for the beginner? It’s easier to get started with skiing, but it will take you longer to get to a high standard. With snowboarding, you need a lot of practice to stay balanced and link your turns together, but once you’ve mastered that, you’re away. Planning your holiday requires careful research. Depending on how far you want to travel, it is possible to ski all year round. The season in Europe and North America runs from December to March/April, depending on the altitude of the resort. If you want to ski during the summer, you should head for the highest Alpine or American peaks, or Southern Hemisphere locations like Argentina, Chile, Australia or New Zealand.

which can be taken either in a group or individually. Don’t forget to check out the other activities on offer – both on and off the slopes. For example, you could try night skiing, bobsleigh, ice climbing, dog sledding or snowmobiling. And of course there’s the après ski – make sure there are plenty of restaurants and bars if this is an important part of your holiday. Your choice of accommodation can have a big effect on the price of your holiday. Options include luxurious hotels, B&Bs, chalets, apartments, and low-budget hostels. Another cost to consider is your clothing and equipment. You will need a base-layer, mid-layer, jacket, gloves, goggles and helmet. Unless you are a frequent skier, it makes sense to hire your boots and skis/ board. That way you don’t need to worry about transporting, damaging or losing expensive kit. And finally, remember that if you’re desperate to ski and funds are tight, there are several indoor snow centres and dry ski slopes around the UK. So everyone can share the Olympic spirit! By Alex Albrighton

Look at a range of resorts and compare their facilities. You’ll need to consider the ability level of everyone in your party and make sure that there are ski runs to match. This is particularly important if you are travelling with children. Some resorts provide a ski-school for children as young as two, otherwise you may want to investigate childcare options. If you’ve never skied before, you will need to organise lessons,

22 • 01623 706570 •

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The Ollerton House Hotel ! u o Y s it a w A e m o lc e W A Warm Lunch Time Specials Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 3.00pm £5.50

Fishy Friday

12 noon to 3.00pm – 5.00pm to 9.00pm Large Fish £7.95 / Small Fish £5.95 Home Made Beer Batter Served with Chips & Mushy Peas Bread & Butter

Sunday Carvery (Booking Advisable)

12 noon to 5.00pm Adults £7.95 / Children (under 10) £6.50 Take Outs Are Available On All Our Meals

Private Function Room

Weddings / Anniversaries/ Funerals Please call for full details prices etc..

Accommodation Ensuite Bed & Breakfast / Evening Meal

The Ollerton House Hotel Wellow Road Oller ton NG22 9AP

01623 861017 • 01623 706570 •


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Age UK Home Help Service

recent survey by Age UK Notts A shows that people who have help at home with everyday tasks such as

cleaning, shopping and laundry feel their quality of life has been improved. The charity found that by offering a helping hand they enabled people to spend more time with their loved ones and doing things that enjoy. Equally many older people find they are no longer able to complete these tasks to the best of their ability. With this in mind, the charity has launched a Home Help service to offer relief to older people who need a little help around the house. For an hourly charge a Home Help can assist with everyday tasks including cleaning, shopping, laundry, ironing, light meal preparation and carers’ sitting. Just like thousands of people throughout the country, Robert is the sole carer for his spouse. He and his wife, Mary, have been married for over seventy years, thirty years of which Robert has been caring for her full time. Robert’s caring responsibilities mean


Find us on

Why buy new... renew

that he doesn’t have the capacity to do everyday jobs such as cleaning and shopping. His limited time to complete routine tasks started to have a negative impact on their quality of life.

Following a recommendation from a friend, Robert decided to get in touch with the cleaning and shopping services of Age UK Notts. Robert and Mary are now visited a couple of times a week by a Home Help who assists them to clean their house and do their shopping. Robert is now able to spend more time caring for and being with Mary and less time worrying about everyday tasks. Robert and Mary not only personally benefitted but their custom has also had a wider positive impact as any surplus from the Home Help service go towards helping vulnerable older people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. For more information, please call our Home Support team on 0115 952 5331 or 01623 488 218. Find us on

CALL TODAY ON: 01623 237 614 / 07785 299 776 EMAIL US: WEB:

Why buy new... renew

We are specialists in bringing back to life damaged or imperfect leather, either in your home or vehicle.

We are specialists in bringing back to life damaged or imperfect leather, either your home or vehicle. Repairs start from justin£40!

•• •• ••

Scuffs start from just £40! Repairs Discoloured leather and stains Scuffs scratches Animal Tears & Peelsleather and stains Discoloured Cigarette damage Animal scratches

Tears & Peels

from £30

Why not contact us for a free of charge Cigarette damage no obligation quotation? Fully mobile service;us wefor come to you Why not contact a free of charge

no obligation quotation?

CALL TODAY ON: 01623 237 614 / 07785 299 776 EMAILmobile US: Fully service; we come to you WEB:

24 • 01623 706570 •

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How To Choose A Puppy

et’s face it, puppies are little bundles of L gorgeousness and when choosing one it’s easy to get carried away, but don’t. It

is important to think very carefully about whether that puppy (or indeed any puppy) is a good choice. But let’s assume for now that you’ve decided you really do have room in your life for a dog. The first step is to research which breed or type of mongrel suits your circumstances, and also the dog’s size and nature. Have you got room for a puppy that will grow into a large dog? How much time do you have to exercise a dog? Do you have children, or any other pets that it must be compatible with? In addition to the purchase cost, what ongoing costs must you consider e.g. food and vet bills; a large dog will eat much more than a small one, and some breeds are prone to medical problems which may be expensive to treat. Consider the dogs coat if shedding hair might be an issue. Would a dog or a bitch be a better choice? Male dogs can be more dominant and headstrong; with females, you will need to consider how you will cope when she comes into season. Terriers are lively dogs that need lots of exercise for their size and can be tricky to train, but they are generally good with children. Toy dogs seem particularly prone to becoming snappy if they are anxious, which they may be around boisterous children.

from an experienced breeder who can give you lots of information and allow you to meet the parents. As I mentioned earlier, some breeds have potential ‘inherited diseases’ or known health issues in later life, so ask about this if you want to avoid hefty vet bills. Crossbreeds can be cheaper to buy; they can even be free, but if you can’t see both parents you may get a surprise when it grows much larger than you expected. There are currently some very fashionable cross breeds such as the Labradoodle - a Labrador / poodle cross, or a Cockerpoo – a cocker spaniel / poodle cross. These can combine the best features of each breed.

Border Collies for instance, can become stressed if they are not active and given lots of attention. Gun dogs are easy to train and settle well into most houses.

Resist buying a puppy that is left on its own and appears withdrawn, as it may have or develop personality issues. You should choose a lively, alert puppy in good health. To give your puppy a good start in its new home, try not to have too many people around when it arrives. Be relaxed and allow your puppy to sniff around. Offer it food and water although you may find it refuses for a while. Try to establish a routine.

If you choose a pedigree dog, you will know exactly how large your pup will grow and what it will look like. You should buy

Once settled in, you can look forward to your puppy being a loving companion for many years.

Hounds need lots of exercise, and breeds that have a working history need plenty of mental stimulation so that they don’t get in to mischief.

26 • 01623 706570 •

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Suppliers & Installers of Bespoke Signs, Digital Print, Vinyl Graphics & much more...

ng Servici d, iel Mansf & Derby ng ndi Surrou s Area


Professional, Friendly Help & Advice with All Services Fully Guaranteed

At City Signs, we employ expert designers, experienced manufacturers and skilled installers, who will be happy to create you an outstanding piece of signage, that will set your business apart from the competition.

“Whatever your needs, we're continually expanding our range of products and services” Call us free (from landlines & mobiles) on

0333 9000 321 Email your enquiries to

Find us online at Visit us at Unit 20, Sherwood Energy Village, Newton Hill, Ollerton NG22 9FD • 01623 706570 •


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The Power Of Clean

he first fitted carpet my parents ever owned was medium brown in colour with a deep, textured pile, and it hid a multitude of sins. Grit and dirt from my dad’s work boots, food spills from us kids and the occasional accident by the pet dog were all cleverly concealed. During the 20 years or so it was down it never once required professional cleaning – or so we thought!

Years later when I owned a carpet cleaning business, I learned about the dangers lurking beneath a carpet’s surface and discovered that far from being the creature comfort we thought it was, our deeply piled, deeply loved first carpet was something of a death trap (well, almost!). The majority of households in the UK only call in the professionals in response to some kind of incident – they’re having visitors so need to spruce things up a bit, or they’ve had a party and one of their guests has spilled red wine. PostChristmas you may even find yourself in one of these categories! But sit comfortably whilst I share a few shocking facts that may keep you awake at night, and prompt you into incorporating regular carpet cleaning into your plans and budget! FACT ONE An average-sized living room carpet can hold its own weight in trapped soil - around 150 lbs. FACT TWO About 85% of the dirt a carpet holds is hidden under the surface, buried deep in the pile. FACT THREE This hidden dirt wears away at the carpet fibres and reduces the carpet’s life dramatically. FACT FOUR A dirty carpet can harbour harmful mites and bacteria that can trigger asthma and cause allergic reactions.


FACT FIVE The best way to remove deeply embedded dirt and the bacteria that lives in it is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. FACT SIX Research suggests that you should have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months to remove unhealthy elements. There are a number of effective cleaning methods around, including steam, shampoo and chemical, but the most important consideration is whether the technician doing the work is properly trained and qualified. When booking your clean, check about credentials, insurance, what the clean includes (will they move and replace furniture for example?) and ask to see customer testimonials. By having your carpets cleaned regularly, you will not only help to increase their life expectancy (a welcome prospect in these days of austerity) but you will also be helping to improve the quality of your own life, especially if you are one of the nation’s army of asthma or allergy sufferers. For more information visit the National Carpet Cleaners Association website at, or call Red Carpet Treatment on Freephone 08000 345 534 and get a free quote today. • 01623 706570 To advertise or contribute call •07595 510190

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Spotlight on Mansfield South Feb 2014  

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