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Stories of miracles highlight magic of Christmas By TERESA IQBAL Christmastime evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, and it is often referred to as the “season of giving.” The following stories showcase the true power of Christmas. They have examples of selfless giving and even some unexplainable Christmas miracles. Marko Dutschak of Austria was due for a Christmas miracle. In 2008, a cyst had formed on the 7-year-old’s back. Doctors said it caused his spine to be as thin as a thread, which left Marko paralyzed from the chest down. Doctors predicted that Marko would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. However, the week before Christmas, Marko’s mother found him walking along the balcony of his hospital room. Marko’s recovery was a Christmas miracle that doctors could have never anticipated. “Good Morning America” featured an inspiring story in 2011 that proved just how easily the holidays can persuade a complete stranger to answer the plea of a struggling child. Julie Sanders of Laytonville, California, and her son came across a letter from 5-year-old Helen Berence Reyes Cardenas. Helen’s letter was a modest request sent to Santa for a doll, clothes and a pair of boots. Helen’s mother had told her that she would not be able to afford much for the family that year for Christmas and helped Helen send a letter to Santa at the North Pole by balloon. Impressed by the thoughtful message sent by Helen, which lacked the common materialistic requests one might see made by other children Helen’s age, Sanders decided to do something to help the struggling family. She managed to track down the family, who lived approximately 676 miles away, and chose to buy Helen clothes and toys and sent them via overnight mail so that Helen’s family had time to put them under the Christmas tree. Sanders explains that she was particularly inspired to make the gesture when she realized that the letter was dated Dec. 2, which is

the birthday of her brother who had passed away a few years prior, proving that even pain can inspire happiness during a time like Christmas. Lately, it seems as if more and more stories have been released about women going into labor when they had no clue that they were pregnant. There’s even a television show called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” which displays the surprise that women are met with when they are told that they are about to deliver a baby after nine months of unnoticeable or misinterpreted pregnancy-related symptoms. Twenty-one-year-old Leanne Carter experienced such an event when she was hospitalized on Christmas Day after complaining of intense stomach pains. Hospital staff ran tests and quickly realized that the reason for Leanne’s pain was that she was in labor. Hours later, she gave birth to a healthy baby, whom she considers her very own Christmas Day miracle. An impending foreclosure is certainly not the way any family would like to ring in the holiday season. For Daniel and Ebony Sampson, the parents of two young children, this is the type of Christmas that they faced. They were informed that their house would be foreclosed on if they couldn’t come up with $10,000 to bring their mortgage current. Ebony Sampson had purchased the house with life insurance money that she received from her parents’ death. She was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her entire family when she was in 10th grade. As if Ebony had not experienced enough tragedy in her life, she was about to lose the home she had purchased, which was close to where she grew up with her family. After experiencing a bad case of salmonella poisoning, Daniel was let go from his new job, and Ebony, also unemployed, soon found out she was pregnant. Not expecting much, their friend Jaki Grier posted the Sampsons’ story on her blog with a donation link. To the shock of the Sampsons and Grier, just five days later, strangers from

all around the world who were inspired by the hardship of the struggling family had donated $11,032. This was enough to save

the Sampsons’ house from foreclosure. The efforts of one friend and several strangers hoping to give a little Christmas cheer

became a story of a Christmas miracle that the Sampsons plan on telling their children for years to come.

Ev en Santa w ants a LAWN & GARDEN GRILLS




719 W .6th Street In the “Y”,Jasper,IN 812-634-1950 M -T-Th-F 8-5:30;W 8-7;Sat.8-2:30 w w w.tom

d auty an Add beh to your warmt r years to fo home e with com

VES O T S y. CESin & A industr L e h P t E FIR m the best fro

ire Inserts etter F ves & ilds a B u es, Sto ing & Electric c B la e p n e • Fir No O .com Burn Wood eatnglo • Gas, Efficient www.h • Highly tive budget ra • Deco to meet your s e ic • Pr

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Holiday SPECtacular Sale! One DCB Plaza P.O. Box 86, Jasper, IN 47546

812-482-2227 Ellen Corn, Executive Director Kaiva Hurt, Case Manager


November 20th HUNTINGBURG SHOW Monday 11 am-6:30 pm

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December 1st 9 am-5 pm & 2nd 9 am-1 pm O'Tannenbaum JASPER Days TRUNK SHOW Friday & Saturday Featuring These Exclusive Frame Lines:

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Common ground found in variety of celebrations By CHELLE CORDERO The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s presents us with a festival of holidays in America. Each holiday is unique to a culture and celebrates tradition, family, food and optimism. We have nearly a dozen religious or cultural observances. Some of the rituals celebrated in America leading up to New Year’s Eve are: Diwali/Deepavali, The Prophet’s Birthday, Advent, St Nicholas’ Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice/Yuletide, Christmas Eve/Day and Kwanzaa. Christmas is perhaps the most notable of the holidays and celebrated worldwide on Dec. 24 and 25 every year. Based in Christianity, this holiday is the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent, St. Nicholas’ Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe are related events leading up to Christmas. Christmastide is celebrated for 12 days through Jan. 6, 2018. Today lights adorn Christmas trees, homes and various displays in deference to the birth of Christ when it was said that “His birth brought light into the world”. Advent represents the countdown to Christmas using special daily calendars or a round wreath with four candles each representing a preceding Sunday before Christmas. Other symbols of the holiday include Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, Santa, reindeer and ornaments. Hanukkah is celebrated on the 25 of Kislev, (Jewish calendar) which parallels Dec. 13 this year in the Gregorian calendar. Called the “Festival of Lights,” it lasts for eight days and commemorates a miracle. After a victorious battle between the Maccabees and the Syrians, they entered their temple to find that the Syrians had allowed their holy light to go out; there was only enough oil to relight the lamp for one day. A messenger was sent to get more oil, incredulously the oil that was there burnt for eight days until the messenger returned and the oil was replenished. Hanukkah means “rededication” in Hebrew and represents the Jews rededicating their temple. Today Jewish families light a nine-candle Menorah, eight candles for each night of the festival and one candle to light the others, some menorahs shine from the glow of oil and wick instead of wax candles. Unlike Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa is not a religious observance and can be celebrated


Dec. 13 begins the eight-day “Festival of Lights,” also know as Hanukkah. in lieu of or with any other holiday. Kwanzaa is an African-American and Pan-African holiday and brings a cultural message emphasizing the values of family and humanity. Beginning on Dec. 26, Kwanzaa ends Jan. 1, 2018. Seven candles adorn the kinara, a candelabra. There are three red candles,

one black and three green, and each represents one of the seven principles, Nguzo Saba. The principles the candles reflect are unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Coinciding with the fall harvest in Africa, Kwanzaa

was developed in America; the name Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanzaa,” meaning of which means “first fruits of the harvest.” There are many similarities between the celebrations of each holiday, and some may seem more pronounced than others. Wheth-

er it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, each holiday highlights light and illumination, which foretells of promise and hope. Children’s stories are told with each of the holidays to entertain and teach vital principals. Each of the holidays also brings family (and friends) together over feasts of delicacies such as lamb kabobs or chicken, dishes made with oil like fried potato latkes and jelly donuts, or baked ham and bread pudding. Although the decorations and food selection may be different, in each case large groups of family traditionally gather around the dinner table. The retail industry loves this time of year, when hordes of shoppers look for gifts to their loved ones. Commercialism has led to a sometimes overindulgence of gift shopping and buying instead of the more symbolic gifts. Each of the December holidays is laden with gifts under the tree, around the Menorah and table top with the kinara. It’s an exciting time for children and parents alike as gleeful faces eye gaily wrapped presents, there has been more emphasis in recent years to return to a simpler approach to holiday shopping.

S e rvin g O ur Com m un ity


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Un-jelly that belly: Stay fit during season of food By CHELLE CORDERO

you join a gym or do exercises in the privacy of your own home, it’s easy to get into shape this holiday season. Indulging in heavy fats and sweets and overdoing alcoholic beverages seems to be the usual pattern during the holidays. Whether you are hosting or joining family holiday dinners, shuffling invites to parties or attending business get-togethers, there will be mounds of delicacies and lots of calories. Even just running errands, visiting shopping malls and taking the time to wrap all of the Christmas presents means less time for proper food preparation and the temptation to grab whatever is easiest to satisfy your hunger. It may seem impossible to keep those calories in check or to manage the proper balance of nutrients and energy. Don’t despair, there are ways to tilt the scales — literally — in your favor and still enjoy all the tastes of the season. Don’t worry if your aunt has brought her award-winning pumpkin pie to the family gathering; you don’t have to turn her down. Just take a sliver instead of a whole piece. You can enjoy occasional morsels of tasty treats without filling yourself with sugary confections and empty calories. And if you are responsible for bringing dessert to a party, consider making bite-size portions instead of large stuff-yourface servings, such as mini-cupcakes instead of full-size cakes. Concentrate on vegetable platters and proteins on the buffet table instead of downing buttered rolls or chips and dip. Keep lots of healthful snacks and proteins in your own fridge to grab when you are on the run and

“Holidays” and “hectic” seem to be synonymous descriptions for the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. It’s hard to maintain any kind of routine, and there is so much delicious food between holiday meals, parties, gift baskets and grab-it-as-you-canget-it meals. Who has the time to count calories or keep up with an exercise program? Your clothes get tighter around the waist, and your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight are never really fulfilled. There are effective ways to forgo much of the weight gain and possibly even lose some weight while still enjoying the spirit of the season. As active as you are running to stores, cooking, entertaining and partying, you might mistakenly believe that you are getting enough exercise. A proper exercise routine will work out your heart and muscles and focus on toning your entire body. Physical trainers recommend that you exercise early in the morning before you are too distracted and too tired. Some of the best cardio and strengthening exercises that can be done in just 15 to 30 minutes are walking, running, cycling, squats, elliptical, planking, push-ups and turning up the music and dancing in place. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before starting any rigid exercise regimen. Even if you aren’t up to the more strenuous exercise routines, there’s always yoga, tai chi and other exercises designed to increase endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Whether

W ec a n

need to satisfy your hunger. It’s not a great idea to skip meals, because then you tend to binge when you finally have the time to sit for a meal. A not-so-sneaky trick to your

snacking is to keep foods high on the catabolic and calorie burning list available. Catabolic foods tend to use up more calories for digestion than you actually eat: some

catabolic foods include apples, celery, cucumbers, strawberries, Bartlett pears, carrots, pineapple, zucchini, flounder, cod-steaks and white meats without skin or fat.

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M AM A T’S ITALIAN STEAK HO USE W e ca ter! Bo o k yo u rho lid ay partie s n o w ! O u r han d cu t s te aks ho m e m ad e Italian an d in cre d ib le s e afo o d are s u re to ple as e tho s e yo u appre ciate . GiftCertifica tesAva ila ble 320 E. 4 th St.,Hu n tin g b u rg IN 81 2-684 -1 026.

HEADQ UARTERS Y o u rplace fo r ho lid ay g e t to g e the rs ! Bo o k yo u rho lid ay partie s he re ! Fu llm e n u availab le fo r s pe cialho lid ays o r e ve n ts o n w e e kd ays (n o ro o m charg e ). Up to 4 5 pe o ple . Ca ll a hea d forca rryout. 81 2-4 82-34 1 1

CallG o g e l,Fis che r& As s o ciate s fo r yo u rTax Pre paratio n . 81 2-4 82-7300 TAX RETURN S PREPARED H & R BLO CK 371 U.S. Hw y. 231 S,Jas pe r,IN (So u thg ate Sho ppin g Ce n te r) 81 2-634 -1 336 31 8 N. G e ig e rSt.,Hu n tin g b u rg 81 2-683-571 9

$3 DV D’s : O ve r 1 3,000. Have b e e n cle an e d pro fe s s io n ally. JASPER SW AP SHO P, 4 95 3rd Ave .,Jas pe r,IN M o n .1 0-5; Tu e s .-Fri. 1 0-6; Sat. 1 0-2. 81 2-630-4 1 1 3

4 W he e le rs as lo w as $599; Sco o te rs $799. Se rvice d , as s e m b le d & re ad y to g o ! Layaw ay fo r Chris tm as ! ATV & m o to rcycle he lm e ts $69.95 u p. W e als o carry co ve rs fo r yo u r s co o te rs & ATV s ,$52.95 u p. M OTO RSPO RTS BY BATTERIES N O W 2603 N e w to n St.,Jas pe r,IN 81 2-4 81 -1 320

Need Christm a sca sh? W E BUY g o o d ru n n in g cars , tru cks ,ju n ke rs ,clu n ke rs , m o to rcycle s ,ATV s ,e tc. Cas h paid ! BATTERIES N O W 81 2-4 82-1 236 201 8 Re d Bo o k fo r co in pricin g $1 0. Payin g cas h fo r g o ld & s ilve r. David @ Jas pe r Sw ap Sho p, 4 95 3rd Ave .,Jas pe r,IN M o n .-1 0-5; Tu e s .-Fri. 1 0-6; Sat. 1 0-2. 81 2-630-4 1 1 3



A homemade gift you’d actually love to receive By MARY HUNT With the biggest gifting season of the year behind us, you may be breathing a big sigh of relief, and rightly so. It feels great to know you have eleven months to get ready for the next go-around, right? Not so fast! Your gifting breather may be short-lived, as the spring gifting season is just around the corner! I’m talking about holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. Spring is the season for bridal showers, baby showers and graduations, not to mention the unending parade of birthdays and other occasions for celebration. It does seem as though there is no end to the situations and occasions that we need a small and understated but lovely gift. I have a wonderful solution for your consideration. Gifting friends, family members, co-workers, teachers and others with your own signature hand and body lotion will definitely put you on the map. It’s that good. Not particularly crafty? No worries. If you can assemble, empty, stir and mix well, you’ve got what it takes to make dozens of these gifts start to finish in a single evening. The best part is it costs about $3.50 per gift depending on where you buy the ingredients and containers. Here’s the routine: Purchase the ingredients, mix them together, divide between your choice of small containers, apply a label or gift tag and embellish with a ribbon. There you go. Done in no time. Hand And Body Lotion Any 8-ounce tube of Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream (This year, I’m using its new fragrance, A Thousand Wishes, because it is fabulous. You need this high-quality shea cream as


Homemade gifts are often the ones that mean the most to both the giver and the recipient. the base for your product.) ■■ Plus: ■■ Any brand 4-ounce jar vitamin E cream. ■■ Any brand 18-ounce fragrance-free baby lotion. ■■ Any brand 32-ounce fragrance-free hand lotion. ■■ One 4.5-ounce tube Vaseline Jelly Cream. ■■ Any 4-ounce lotion jars with lids. TOOLS Large mixing bowl; electric mixer or hand whisk; and gallon-

size zip-close bag or other plastic bag.

Instructions Empty the five ingredients into


N e w H olla n d Toys

FLOORCOVERING • Carpet • Tile • Laminate

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the bowl. Using an electric hand mixer or whisk, mix together until well-incorporated, or about five minutes. Fill a large zip-close bag with the lotion. Close the top. Using scissors, snip off a small portion of one of the bottom corners to create a simple piping bag. Fill your jars or containers by gently squeezing the lotion from the piping bag. Give your signature lotion a name. Create small labels or tags with your message of choice. Embellish as desired. That’s it. You’ve got beautiful homemade gifts that will be very well-received due to their high quality. Because all of the ingredients except for the shea cream are unscented or nearly so, your lotion will have a very light, subtle fragrance — not overpowering or offensive but simply lovely. This recipe, as stated, yields about 16 4-ounce jars of fine hand and body lotion. You can find pictures and links to products at www.everydaycheap Your volume may vary depending on how long and vigorously you whip the lotion. Be careful to not make it too fluffy. I find that no more than five minutes is ideal. Enjoy.





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G en eral E lectric

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JOHN’S TRACTOR SERVICE, INC. 720 St. Meinrad Rd., St. Meinrad, IN


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Spruce up home with real tree this year By DIANE SCHLINDWEIN There’s no doubt about it: The holiday season presents a multitude of opportunities to please the senses. However, for many folks, nothing brings Christmastime home more than the pungent scent and lovely sight of a real Christmas tree. Whether your Christmas tradition includes a trip to a tree farm or to a local retailer, there are many points to keep in mind when choosing a tree for your home. For example, tree prices vary based on tree variety, size, quality and the distance to market. “Typically, consumers will find that pines may be the less expensive trees; spruces and Douglasfir trees fall in the mid-range of pricing; and the true firs, such as noble, Fraser and Balsam, (are) at the higher end of the price scale,” according to Marsha Gray, a representative for the National Christmas Tree Association. “However, each market will vary. If consumers are price conscious, we recommend that they check a few locations before they purchase their tree. Most tree pricing is readily available on websites of farms, big box stores and garden centers,” Gray says. The popularity of each Christmas tree type varies over time and across different regions. “In the South, you will find Leyland cypress and Virginia pine,” says Gray. “In many Northern states, the spruces, such as the white spruce and Colorado blue spruce, are an important part of the mix.” “Over the last few decades, the true firs have become more and more popular with American buyers,” she adds. “That would include the very popular noble, Fraser and balsam firs. Also in this category are some firs with more unique characteristics, such as the Nordman, concolor and grand fir. Also very popular are more traditional favorites such as the Douglas fir, Scotch pine and white pine.” Gayle Johnson, proprietor of Apple Barn orchard and garden center, agrees that the Fraser fir,

Environmental consulting firm Ellipsos found that contrary to popular belief, natural trees are a more environmentally friendly option than artificial trees. CHRISTMAS TREE PROMOTION BOARD CREATORS.COM

with branches that turn slightly upward and have good form and needle retention, is rightfully popular. She trucks in mostly Fraser firs to her many customers, and says it is the ideal tree. “We offer a variety of sizes of trees and sometimes trim them to specifications,” she says. “Their scent is amazing. They smell so good!” Scent is important, Gray agrees. “Celebrating the holiday with a fresh Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition. American consumers identify the beautiful fragrance as their top reason for selecting a real Christmas tree.” Of course, Christmas trees are meant to be decorated — and some trees hold up under the weight of decorations better than others. For example, the white spruce is excellent for ornaments, as is the

noble fir. The Virginia pine also does well with decorations. For more information, see the National Christmas Tree Association website at, which offers descriptions of the most common Christmas trees. Gray notes that even if it’s cold

Jus t I n Tim e

outside, you should take your time and enjoy the process of picking out a tree. “Each variety and each tree has different qualities, and we encourage people to spend some time at the tree lot or farm to experience the different varieties,” she says. “We know that real Christmas

trees are the best environmental choice, and a fresh, well-hydrated Christmas tree is a beautiful and safe option for your holiday.” “There is a great variation in color, texture and fragrance in the different trees,” Gray says. “We know there is a Christmas tree that is perfect for every family!”

For C hris tm a s !



Artificial Trees & Decorations Gently Used Items FURNITURE • HOUSEHOLD KNICK KNACKS • CLOTHING STORE HOURS: Tues. thru Fri. 12-5 PM; Sat. 9 AM-4 PM, Closed Sun. & Mon.

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204 E Third Street, Jasper • 812-482-3757 Mon.- Fri. 9:00-5:30; Sat. 9:00-2:30



Prevention helps keep pets safe during holidays

Traditions around the globe


We all have our own Christmas traditions with families and friends. Whether it’s leaving out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve for Santa, or singing joyous carols with the rest of the neighborhood, these holiday traditions are special. But what about the people who live outside of the United States?

Though movies have always depicted a family pet’s Christmastree antics as comical, there really isn’t a lot to laugh about. Chewed wires can cause fires or electrocutions; precious decorations can break and cut paws or human feet; swallowed pine needles are dangerous for Fluffy and Rover; tinsel tempts tabbies but is a choking hazard; and toppled trees can bring your whole holiday crashing down on top of furniture and pets. So what can you do to enjoy the traditional Christmas tree and decorations while avoiding expensive veterinarian and householdrepair bills? Begin by choosing the tree. Real trees with sharp pine needles can pierce or irritate the pet’s if they get caught in the pet’s fur coat. Also, as the tree dries out, pine needles can fall to the floor, and pets may be tempted to chew and swallow the needles, which are slightly toxic and irritating in the gullet. Obviously, in order to keep a real tree moist you need to keep it in water, which presents another potential source of trouble: To thirsty pets, a tree’s water dish might seem inviting. If you are purchasing an artificial tree make sure that the contents are not toxic to animals (read the packaging). Choose a tree that can safely


stand far enough away from any furniture that a cat could launch from, and look for trees that can be secured to the wall or ceiling. Tabletop trees may provide less temptation to a curious cat or dog, but they still need to have a solid base or mount to prevent toppling. Putting an undecorated tree in place for a few days before adding decorations can be a way to let your fur-babies get used to it without too many jangling pieces stimulating their interest. Keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby, and if your kitty gets too close, use a light spritz and a firm “no” to deter her. When you do decorate, try to hang any enticing and fragile ornaments higher on the tree and out of paws’ reach. If possible, secure them to the tree with hooks that tighten around the branch. And consider using your one-of-akind heirloom ornaments in other holiday displays, or at least place them very high on the tree and take extra care to secure them. When buying new ornaments, opt for non-fragile materials. Don’t use real candles, which are especially dangerous around a swatting paw. Tinsel and artificial snow are dangerous enticements to chew and swallow, and both are perilous to cats and dogs; tinsel can actually become wound around a cat’s intestines and require emergency surgery. Be sure


If you are giving your fur baby a present this holiday season, don’t put any gifts with catnip or rawhide under the tree ahead of time. The smells will be too tempting. that strands of electric lights are secured to the tree, and use a piece of electrical or duct tape to secure the plug to the wall; never leave your tree lit without adult supervision in the vicinity. While it may be fun to decorate the tree with edibles, the scents may attract a pet, and some foods, such as chocolate, are toxic for dogs and cats. And do not place your kitty or puppy treats and catnip toys under the tree with the rest of the presents until the very last moments. A few more tips for holiday safety: Holiday parties can be delightful, but the crowds can prove frightful for a skittish cat or ner-

vous puppy. Make sure you allow them a safe place to escape the crowds or even confine them to a separate room or a kennel that they are used to. Watch the door as it opens when your guests arrive, and make sure your pet doesn’t get spooked and run out. Ask your guests not to feed your fur babies any table food or alcohol. Use a pleasant citrus spray in areas where you want to deter your pet. Keep your vet’s number or the number of an emergency treatment center phone handy just in case something goes awry. The ASPCA Poison Control Hotline number is 888-426-4435.

Czech Republic Have you witnessed the coveted bouquet toss at a wedding? Well, in the Czech Republic there is a similar tradition for single ladies involving shoes. According to the My Czech Republic blog, the throwing of the shoe occurs when an unmarried woman throws a shoe over her shoulder toward a door. If fate lands her shoe with the toe pointing toward the door, she is predicted to marry within a year. Estonia Estonia follows a Christmas tradition that will have you peeling off all of those warm winter coats. According to the EstonianWorld website, there is a great tradition in Estonia of going to the sauna on Christmas Eve after the house has been prepared for evening festivities and before the family heads to Mass. Interestingly, this same sauna bath tradition also happens during MidsumSee TRADITIONS on Page 12

RZR 170



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Traditions (Concluded from Page 11)

mer’s Eve, also known as summer solstice. Ukraine Most of us think of insects and other creepy-crawlies as nuisances. However, in Ukraine there is a Christmas tradition of praising spiders and their webs. Ukrainians add an unlikely decoration to their Christmas tree: an artificial spider and web. The


The original closing song for “It’s A Wonderful Life” was going to be “Ode to Joy.” However, “Auld Lang Syne” was used to great effect instead.

‘Attaboy, Clarence’: The story behind a Christmas classic By KRISTEN CASTILLO “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic Christmas movie of redemption, love and a sense of spirituality. The American Film Institute named the 1947 film the “most inspiring film of all time.” The story follows main character George Bailey, who’s contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve. His guardian angel, Clarence, comes to the rescue and then shows Bailey what it’d be like if he never existed. The 2 1/4-hour film is on TV every year during the Christmas season but how much do you really know about this magical and memorable movie? Read on for some trivia on this classic film: While the film was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, and Best Director, it didn’t win. However, Frank Capra did win a Golden Globe for Best Director. The film is based on a short story “The Greatest Gift” by author Philip Van Stern, who when he couldn’t find a publisher for his writing, decided to print 200 copies of the story which he mailed out as Christmas cards in 1943. Four months later, a producer for RKO Pictures saw the card and the company paid the author $10,000 for motion picture rights. Capra loved the story and his production company bought the screenplay for $10,000 and adapted it for the silver screen. Biography says the script pays tribute to the story’s title when angel Clarence gets his assignment to save Bailey from suicide, which the heavenly voice calls “the greatest gift.” According to MentalFloss, “It’s a Wonderful Life” didn’t fare wonderfully at the box office. It was considered a flop and Capra lost money on then production. Despite it being a winterthemed movie, it was actually shot during a hot summer, including 90-degree temperatures. To get the look of snowflakes, Capra and his special effects team created a new kind of cinematic snow. According to People magazine, instead of using Hollywood’s traditional snow, which were just painted cornflakes, the special effects crew combined Foamite, which was used in fire extinguishers, with sugar and water. Capra said he’d shoot the whole movie in just 90 days and that’s what happened. The cast had a party to celebrate staying on schedule. Vanity Fair reports the movie’s

copyright expired, which turned out to be a good thing. That’s because TV stations around the country were able to broadcast the movie for free. Since 1994, the movie has aired exclusively on NBC. Jimmy Stewart portrayed the iconic role of George Bailey but he wasn’t the only actor considered for the job. RKO originally wanted Cary Grant but after they sold the project to Capra, the director hired Stewart. Although she’d had a series of smaller roles on screen, leading lady Donna Reed didn’t have a major acting role until this film, when she portrayed Mary Bailey, George’s wife. Bedford Falls, the fictional town on screen, was inspired by Seneca Falls, New York. There’s even an It’s a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls, the same town that hosts an annual festival. Building that four-acre Bedford Falls set, complete with 75 stores and buildings as well as 20 oak trees and an actual Main Street, cost $3.7 million. According to MentalFloss, it was one of the most extensive sets of its time. The Los Angeles Times says the dance scene where Reed falls into a pool while dancing in a gym was filmed at Beverly Hills High School, which has a “Swim Gym.” The gym floor retracts by key, revealing a pool, just like in the movie. The film has many famous lines, including when Zuzu says, “Look, Daddy! Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” And Bailey replies, “That’s right. That’s right. Attaboy, Clarence.” Other catch phrases include, “Lassoing the moon!” “Hee-haw and Merry Christmas,” “Zuzu’s petals” and “I want to live again!” For the scene where Reed’s Mary was supposed to throw a rock to break a window at the Glanville house, Capra had a crew member ready to throw the rock but Reed successfully threw one and broke the window on the first try. Back in 1999, the late film critic Roger Ebert called “It’s a Wonderful Life,” an “ageless movie” that improves with age and familiarity, like “Casablanca” or “The Third Man.” The movie, which was shot in black and white, has been colorized three times. It’s now available on DVD and Blu-ray. IMDB says the original closing song was “Ode to Joy.” Instead, “Auld Lang Syne” was played.

spider and web is believed to bring good luck. This tradition emerged from a tale of a poor woman who could not afford to decorate her tree. However, the next morning she woke up to a beautiful sparking web on her Christmas tree that a spider created. So if you have leftover artificial spiderwebs or spiders from your Halloween festivities, consider adding them to your Christmas tree for good luck. Britain Britain has been bravely leading the Christmas tradition of taking a morning plunge into

ocean waters for more than 50 years. According to reporters from the Daily Mail, this tradition began when local Ken Cunningham decided to take a swim with his pals in the 1960s. Since then, the Exmouth Christmas Day swim has taken on a life of its own with thousands of people jumping into the cold waters. Dressed in Christmas attire, swimsuits and other costumes, these brave people, young and old, partake in this tradition each year. This Exmouth Christmas Day swim is typically used to raise money for charities.




Glamour — like a daring red lipstick and glittery eyes — will be all the rage during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Let it glow: Holiday season hair, makeup trends By KRISTEN CASTILLO Forget watching the ball drop while wearing casual clothes or pajamas this Dec. 31. Instead, ring in the New Year in style. Try out these up-to-the-minute hair and makeup trends for New Year’s Eve 2017. Glitter girl It’s not hard to add a little (or a lot of) sparkle to your holiday look. That’s because glitter is everywhere this year. Expect to see metallic eye shadows a lot this season, including shades like bronze, deep green and purples, as well as metallic pink and red. Louis Philippe, an independent makeup artist in New York City, says eyes should be totally dramatic and smoky, such as mixing black and gold eyeliner. “The more glitter in the gold the better luck for the following year,” he says, noting false eyelashes are de rigueur. Some retailers are even selling gold lashes. And glitter hair sprays are popping up, too, so you can add a spritz of shimmer to your do. Unfussy hair Unstructured hair works this holiday season. “Very lose and extremely undone waves and sleek pony tails with a defined center or deep side part are trendy,” says

Ryan Sanger, master hair colorist and educator of Bomane Salon. David Scott of David Scott Beauty and David Scott Cosmetics Inc. says topknots, what he calls, “easy sexy hair,” are a go-to look. “This classic style will be easy to do: twisting hair while spraying hairspray on hair, tuck hair as not to see ends, finished,” he says. Merry manicure Say cheers to the New Year with an “it” manicure. Deep shades such as burgundy, black and navy are in vogue this season. Up the glitz with a metallic polish in shades like rose gold, silver or lavender. Or go full sparkle with a glitter polish in gold, purple or red. Kissable lips It’s traditional to welcome the new year with a kiss, so make sure your lips are ready for a smooch. Keep lips soft and kissable by moisturizing to prevent cracks. Use a lip balm daily. Then your pout will be ready to pucker up. “When doing that special night out, don’t forget to use a glam lipstick,” says Scott, who suggests an attention-getting lipstick that will turn heads at a party. Red, the always-bold lip choice, is very fashionable this season. Here’s how Philippe makes red lips pop: use a lip liner slightly darker than your choice of pure red lipstick; draw the lip line thick several times. Then use a lip

Fruits of the vine: Wine tips for holiday feasting By ROBERT WHITLEY ’Tis the season for holiday feasting. That typically means a up-close and personal experience with the fruits of the vine. What to serve and how to serve it are top of the mind. I have devoted years of research to the subject, and I have a few ideas that might enhance the experience for you and your guests. First, and probably foremost, shine up that wine decanter that’s been gathering dust in your kitchen cabinet. For one thing, a decanter of wine at the feasting table creates an ambiance of elegance and refinement. That, and your wines will taste better. Aerating a red wine prior to serving elevates the aromas and softens the tannins. Even white wines benefit from decanting, though not as

much as reds. Don’t have a decanter? A carafe of any kind will do just fine. Don’t have a carafe? At the very least, open your reds a good hour or so before serving. You will be glad you did. Second, one of the ceremonial aspects of the holidays that I’ve grown fond of is the seasoning of the wine glasses. This is simple and a bit of fun, and has the practical benefit of removing kitchen aromas from your stemware. It begins with the host pouring a small amount of wine in his or her glass and giving it a good swirl. The glass is then passed around the table, the next person pouring the wine from the host’s glass into his or her glass and giving that a good swirl. The ritual is repeated until the wine comes back to the See WINE on Page 14

brush to the liner with the lipstick “This gives the lips a third dimension,” he says, encouraging, “pout as if (you’re) about to kiss the world.” Make it matte Forget gloss as you’re waiting for 2018. No one wants to have remnants of your shiny, goopy gloss on their lips just because they gave you a smooch. With matte lipstick, your style will stay in place for hours, mess-free. “If you do this correctly, the world will appreciate it when you kiss it and you will not waste time

in re-applying,” says Philippe. Celebrity style If you need beauty inspiration this holiday, check out social media and magazines to see what trends your favorite celebrities are rocking. Sanger’s list of stylish celebs includes the Kardashians, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Rihanna. Look to Jennifer Lopez for a timeless approach, says Scott, explaining the actress has an elegance that’s easy to do. For example, her hair is versatile, looking good “long and sexy or up and sleek.”

“Dress and style yourself however you feel most confident,” says Sanger. “Confident makes everyone look prettier. Stuck on what to wear? Philippe recommends, “Tons of love, gold glitter, black and red!” Fashionable arrival Make sure your NYE look arrival syncs up with your schedule. You want to make a flawless entrance to the party! “Time of arrival at a New Year’s fete is somewhere between 10:30 p.m. and 11:05 p.m.,” says Philippe. “Arriving before or after will not crack any necks.”



Wine (Concluded from Page 13) host from the last guest to season with a swirl of wine. And finally, be a reverse snob and serve a good dry rose as an aperitif when guests arrive. You may be surprised at how much everyone enjoys it. Over the years, I have made a point to offer the rose before offering other wines. Often, when the rose is presented in the midst of other wines, it is overlooked. When presented first and alone, everyone drinks it, and most enjoy the experience! Tasting notes Wines are rated on a 100-point scale. Wines are chosen for review because they represent outstanding quality or value, and the scores are simply a measure of this reviewer’s enthusiasm for the recommended wine. ■■ Wakefield 2014 Shiraz “St. Andrews,” Clare Valley, Australia — This hot-rod shiraz from Wakefield is a showy wine that dazzles consistently from vintage to vintage. The 2014 is rich and layered, showing aromas of ripe blueberry, blackberry and mulberry, an overlay of eucalyptus and a hint of spice. The finish is seemingly endless, with exceptional persistence of flavor. Rating: 95. ■■ Bruno Paillard Brut Rose, Champagne, France — Bruno Paillard is quietly making inroads in the U.S. market with an elegant style that emphasizes subtlety and complexity. Paillard’s nonvintage brut rose is all of that, beginning with its appearance, a pale pink rose-petal color. On the palate it is bright and clean, with mouthwatering acidity that makes the red fruits sing. It has the structure and oomph to pair with roast fowl or grilled salmon. And it’s perfectly breathtaking as an aperitif. Rating: 94. ■■ Ponzi Vineyards 2014 Pinot Noir “Classico,” Willamette Valley — This vintage of Ponzi’s “Classico” pinot noir offers an insight into the depth and richness Ponzi pinots can achieve. The 2014 is a gem, layered with cherry and cranberry aromas, a subtle touch of wood spice and fine tannins that are beautifully integrated and approachable, even at this youthful stage. Rating: 93. ■■ Sonoma-Cutrer 2013 Pinot Noir, Vine Hill Vineyard, Russian River Valley — This eclectic pinot from Sonoma-Cutrer’s Vine Hill vineyards shows an intriguing note of coffee that morphs into a deep black cherry layer on the palate. With slightly rustic tannins and an earthy forest floor essence on the finish, it displays exceptional texture in the mouth with excellent persistence through a long finish. Rating: 93. ■■ Gascon 2014 Malbec Reserva, Mendoza, Argentina — Argentine malbec is unlike any other malbec, and the 2014 Gascon Reserva is more unlike other malbecs than most. With layered black fruits dominant, this is a dense wine that exhibits a fair amount of heft without being out of balance. But its greatest appeal is the note of white pepper on the nose and the palate, an exotic twist that is not only aromatically inviting but downright delicious. Rating: 92. ■■ J Vineyards 2014 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley — Although best known for its superb sparkling wines, J is just as adept at still table wines, producing excellent pinot gris and pinot noir from primarily Russian River Valley grapes. The 2014 RRV pinot is a good example of the J style, which emphasizes balance between fruit and acid and suave tannins. This vintage shows ripe black cherry

Knowing what wine to serve and how to serve it will enhance your holiday dining experience. EVAN SCHOMAKER CREATORS.COM

with a note of cola and wood spice. Rating: 92. ■■ Dry Creek Vineyard 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek

Valley — Always a good value, the basic 2013 DCV cabernet sauvignon from Dry Creek Valley doesn’t disappoint. Exhibiting

richness and depth, this vintage offers a burst of blackberry and currant fruit midpalate, framed nicely by just the right touch

of oak vanillin and spice. Wellproportioned and beautifully balanced, it’s a steal at the price. Rating: 90.

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Explore unusual decorating themes for trees, home By KRISTEN CASTILLO Chances are you already have lots of Christmas gear from previous seasons stashed away in closets, on shelves and in the basement. But every year, the stores are loaded with new holiday decor. And though you don’t have to buy new decorations every year, it’s fun to experiment with different seasonal styles, colors and themes. Here’s a look at some merry ways to dress your home this December. Accentuate season with flowers Brighten your home with a bold color, and then do the unexpected. Interior designer Emily Ruddo suggests trading in traditional poinsettias for a red peony or red roses. Another unexpected touch is to swap out a traditional pine wreath with a bay leaf wreath. “Add a simple satin ribbon and use them behind chairs, on windows. Or lay them down to make centerpieces,” says Ruddo, noting that the best part is bay leaf wreaths don’t leave a mess. Winter wonderland Keep your celebration style simple with an understated yet sophisticated monochromic look — white. Adorn your tree with white bulbs and white ornaments, such as snowmen, icicles and glacialwhite garland. Your sleek decor will gleam night and day. Festive family This time of year is about family, so use your family’s memories to showcase how you’ve celebrated the holiday over the years. Frame old photos from Christmases past, and place them throughout the home, including on the mantel, on bookshelves and even as mini place cards at the dinner table. Continue the nostalgia by making popcorn balls or stringing popcorn garlands for the tree and hanging kids’ decorations made over the years. Serve favorite foods -- made with family recipes

-- on Grandma’s vintage reindeer plates. Ask guests to share a favorite holiday memory. Go green Take inspiration from the 1785 Inn in North Conway, New Hampshire. The bed-and-breakfast changes up its seasonal design yearly, but it’s always focused on being festive. Layering is important, says innkeeper Becky Mallar, who encourages starting out with lots of greenery. The inn uses three layers of greenery on its mantels, followed by themed color decorations. To make the decor stand out even more, Mallar hangs a mirror over the mantel, which “reflects the decor, making it fuller and larger in appearance.” Shimmer and shine Add a little (or a lot) of glitz to your celebration by embellishing your room’s current color scheme with metallics. “Golds and silver metallic instantly create glamour,” says Ruddo. Think dazzling ornaments on the tree, glittery candles on the mantel and shimmery charger plates on the dinner table. Mix and match to personalize your style. Dazzle with jewel tones Enhance your home’s look by styling with one or more jewel tones, such as purple, sapphire and burgundy. These jolly colors are easy to incorporate and work well with many other colors in your home, including black, navy, tan and hunter green. Consider placing jewel-toned candles on your end tables and investing in a set of plum or wine-red ornaments to scatter throughout your tree. Retro Everything old is new again, especially at Christmas. That means it’s cool to pull out those retro decorations (or buy new decorations that look vintage), such as classic-looking Santa figurines, ’70s- or ’80s-inspired big-bulb

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Interior designer Emily Ruddo recommends dressing up your seasonal style with metallic accents, such as silver paired with pale purple. EMILY RUDDO CREATORS.COM

lights, old-school ribbons on the tree and retro painted glass tabletop trees with small lightbulbs. Make your own merry wall art by framing vintage greeting cards and old sheet music of your favorite seasonal songs. Add holly and bows to classic winter toys, such as sleds and ice skates.

Need throwback inspiration? Check out Pinterest and Etsy. Better yet, ask your parents and grandparents whether you can raid their collections of Christmas trimmings. Country celebration Cozy up this season with country-inspired decor, including lots

of plaid, flannel and rustic touches, such as pine cones and ornaments carved out of wood. Get woodsy with bird and owl decor. This look is anything but fussy. Turn on some country Christmas music and light some candles, and say yee-haw to a down-home holiday.



Festive flicks: Greatest Christmas movies of all time By KRISTEN CASTILLO Watching movies is a big part of Christmas for many people. According to a Redbox survey, 90 percent of 1,200 people polled said they planned to watch a movie as part of their holiday celebration; 87 percent planned to watch two or more movies during the holiday. And more than 60 percent of respondents said movie watching is their favorite way to relax during the busy Christmas season. So what movies are the most popular? It depends on whom you ask. But first, consider the factors that make a Christmas movie a fan favorite. “I’m a big fan of the sentimental warm-and-fuzzies, but I also like a nice dysfunctional-family dark comedy or even a thriller where the love and joy of the season makes a bright backdrop to dastardly doings,” says Alonso Duralde, author of “Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas” and frequent contributor to the show “What the Flick?!” Here’s a look at some of the top picks from three film experts: Tom Nunan, lecturer at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television; and Kenneth Turan, film critic for the Los Angeles Times; and Duralde. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ The majority of film critics agree this 1946 drama/fantasy is tops. Nunan calls it “the greatest Christmas movie ever made.” The storyline — a man sees what life would be like if he never existed — is classic. “It’s a tale of redemption, yes, but it’s also about being aware of all the love in your life, even at your darkest moments,” says Duralde. Nunan, who divides his picks into two lists, pre-1980 and post1980, lists “It’s a Wonderful Life” as his top seasonal flick made before 1980. Taking top honors on his post-1980 list is 2003’s drama/ comedy “Love Actually.” He contends that both films surpass their genres and sincerely examine human relationships. The films have “everything: They have comedy, they have drama, romance and, to a certain extent, they have a supernatural spiritual quality.” “These movies shine when the magic of Christmas is brought to life,” says Nunan. ‘A Christmas Carol’ What’s Christmas without Scrooge? This is another redemption tale: what happens when a stingy old man is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. Turan prefers the 1951 version of “A Christmas Carol,” sometimes called “Scrooge.” “Alastair Sim is brilliant in the title role,” he says.

“It’s a lot of fun,” says Turan.


Film critic Alonso Duralde loves holiday movies so much that he wrote a book on the subject.

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‘Die Hard’ This 1988 Bruce Willis action/ thriller didn’t set out to be a holiday movie, but that doesn’t stop fans and some film buffs from labeling it as such. “It’s about a husband and wife reconciling their differences and rekindling their love on December 24,” says Duralde, who calls the movie “one of the great Yuletide tales and action movies,” despite the terrorist storyline. ‘Elf’ In this 2003 fantasy/romance, Will Ferrell is enthusiastic as Buddy, an elf who travels to New York City to track down his real dad after growing up at the North Pole. All three critics for this article say “Elf” is a must-watch Christmas movie.

‘White Christmas’ There’s lots to love about this 1954 rom-com musical. “In my house, the holiday hasn’t happened until Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby sing ‘Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep,’” says Duralde, who calls the final number featuring the title song “the scorching-red Technicolor cherry on top.” No matter which movie you want to watch this Christmas, chances are you’ll be able to find it easily. “Undeniably, it’s much easier to find Christmas movies these days than when I was a kid,” says Nunan, noting that nowadays movies are on TV, on demand, available to be rented or purchased on Blu-ray and available for streaming from a variety of sources. Netflix plans to have “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “12 Dates of Christmas,” “Snow Buddies” and “Kung Fu Panda Holiday.” Head to your nearest Redbox for a copy of “Elf,” “Almost Christmas” and “Office Christmas Party.”

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Spend season doing good deeds for others By KRISTEN CASTILLO The holidays are as much about giving gifts as they’re about receiving them. From tangible items to good deeds, there are lots of ways to give back to others this Christmas. Here’s a rundown of ways to spread some joy. ■■ Sing! Spread goodwill by going Christmas caroling through your neighborhood, or visit a senior center or a kids’ hospital. However, be sure to get permission from the facility first. ■■ Buy gifts that support charities. You’re going to buy Christmas presents anyway so why not purchase gifts that help good causes? For example, consider purchasing a “Slice of Hope” necklace or a stuffed animal from the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, whose mission is funding childhood cancer research. “Buying presents for others, that give back at the same time, is probably the easiest way to feel charitable during the holidays,” says ALSF’s Annie Korp. “It’s a win-win!” Toms Shoes gives one pair of shoes to charity for every pair purchased. They’ve already provided over 75 million shoes to kids in need. And stuff stockings with art supplies from Yoobi. For every item purchased, the company donates a product to a U.S. classroom. ■■ Show your gratitude for the military by giving back to military charities this December. Send a holiday card or care package to military members overseas, start a collection drive or fund scholarships for families of veterans. Check out and to get started. ■■ Donate goods. This time of year, many worthy charities have toy drives for kids in need. Toys for Tots has more than 700 donation sites across the country. Whether you give one toy or gather the family to shop for lots of playthings, your contributions add up. In the past year, Toys for Tots distributed 18 million toys to children in need. ■■ Donate money. Contribute cash to a cause you believe in such as bolstering early education, helping the homeless or feeding the hungry. Consider a financial gift to Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks. You’ll feel merry knowing your gift is helping keep families fed during the holidays. Love animals? Use your money to support your favorite pet charities including local shelters and national groups like American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. You can also contribute to zoos, aquariums and wildlife rescue groups. ■■ Volunteer. Donate your time to a worthy cause during the holidays — and the rest of the year, too! International hunger relief organization, Rise Against Hunger, distributes food and aid to people in need around the world. Their goal? To end hunger by 2030. This season, they’re encouraging individuals, families and small groups to plan or attend meal-packaging events. Volunteers set a fundraising goal to finance a set number of meals, which cost 29 cents each. Then they get together as a group, assembly line-style, to pack nutritious dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. These packaged meals support school feeding programs in developing countries. Food banks need help sorting donations and packing boxes.

Give back this holiday by getting a group together to prepare meals for the needy. RISE AGAINST HUNGER CREATORS.COM

Find a volunteer opportunity near you by contacting local charities, schools and shelters. Search for opportunities online and check social media for volunteer pros-

pects, too. Smart Charity. Before donating your time, money, goods or services, make sure the charity is valid and will use the donations wisely. is a nonprofit has rated over 8,000 charities. The Better Business Bureau’s BBB Wise Giving Alliance charity evaluator uses 20 standards ad-

dressing charity governance, effectiveness reporting, finances, fundraising and appeal accuracy to judge charities, as well.

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RUXER FURNITURE & APPLIANCE ST. MEINRAD • 812-357-5456 STORE HOURS Dubois County Time: Mon. & Wed. 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Tues., Thurs. & Fri. 8:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat. 8:00 am - 2:00 pm *M ustb e a n elig ib le leg a l resid en tof the 50 US/DC & a tlea st18 yea rsold to pa rticipa te. Term sa n d con d ition sa pply. Purcha se either(i)a Sa m sun g Sta in lessKitchen Pa cka g e or(ii)a Sa m sun g Bla ck Sta in lessKitchen Pa cka g e b etw een 11/2/17 a n d 11/29/17. Purcha se m ustb e in the sa m e tra n sa ction from a pa rticipa tin g reta ilerin -store oron lin e a n d m ustin clud e a n elig ib le: i)ra n g e/oven /cooktop; ii)hood ; iii)refrig era tor; a n d iv)d ishw a sher. Top m oun ts, la un d ry a pplia n ces, a n d a ll Chef Collection a pplia n cesa n d n otelig ib le. M ustsub m itva lid offercla im form on lin e b y 2/27/18 orm a il-in postm a rked b y 2/27/18 a n d received b y 3/6 /18. A fteroffercla im form isva lid a ted , Sa m sun g w ill sen d eithera $150 (forSta in lessKitchen Pa cka g e)or$200 (forBla ck Sta in lessKitchen Pa cka g e)Visa ® Rew a rd Ca rd to the a d d resson offercla im form . Qua n titieslim ited ; offerva lid w hile suppliesla st. O n e cla im perhousehold . A d d ition a l restriction sa pply. Click here forfull term sa n d to sub m itoffercla im form a n d purcha se receipt. Offerisva lid a n d ca n b e com b in ed w ith otherSa m sun g offers, reb a tes, prog ra m s, orprom otion sun lessotherw ise sta ted . The Om n iCa rd Visa Rew a rd Ca rd isissued b y M eta Ba n k® , M em b erFDIC, pursua n tto a licen se from Visa U.S.A . In c. The Visa Rew a rd Ca rd ca n b e used everyw here Visa d eb itca rd sa re a ccepted . No Ca sh orA TM A ccess. Thisoption a l Offerisn ota M eta Ba n k n ora Visa prod uctorservice; a n d n eitherM eta Ba n k n orVisa en d orse thisOf fer. © 2017 Sa m sun g Electron icsA m erica , In c. Sa m sun g isa reg istered tra d em a rk of Sa m sun g Electron icsCo., Ltd .



Friendsmas to volunteering make season special By JULIA PRICE For many people, traveling around the holidays isn’t practical. If you’re one of them — whether that’s because of financial issues or other reasons — going home for the holidays just might not be in the cards this year. The concept of “Friendsgiving” continues to grow, as Thanksgiving is one of the most expensive times of the year to fly, plus many people are not able to take off work to avoid the busiest travel days, with their delays and overcrowded security lines. And now, Friendsgiving is spreading its spirit to Christmas. There’s a growing trend called Friendsmas. Like the case with Thanksgiving, if you aren’t within driving distance of your family at Christmastime, it can be incredibly difficult to visit. Rather than feel disappointed, you can create an entirely new tradition with your friends, by combining all of the traditions you love into your Friendsmas experience. Before you get started with your plans, you’ll want to put out some feelers to see who’s going to be around for your Friendsmas extravaganza. You can send a group text or post on Facebook to get a feel for how many people you can plan on attending. Of course, if you’re the type who feels “the more the merrier,” you can ask your friends whether they know of anyone else who might like to come along. You can then create a Facebook event, listing all of the details, getting confirmation of attendance and creating a message board where — if you’re planning on having a potluck-style meal — all members can keep track of who is bringing what dish. Once you’ve got the meal coordinated, you can ask your guests to bring along their favorite holiday stories, traditions and memories, and plan to share and partake in each one throughout the evening. That way, everyone gets a little holiday flashback, plus the added joy of sharing it with a new audience. If you want to organize something for your friends but don’t want to plan a meal, you can think outside the box. For example, if you live in a warmer area where there are lots of hiking trails, you can plan a hike together. If you’re in a colder area, you could get a crew together to go ice skating. Or perhaps all of your friends are traveling home and you’re the only one staying put; you can reach out to friends to see whether they know of anyone doing something special. Who knows? You might even make a whole new group of friends. Or perhaps you’d like to organize something that focuses on helping strangers who could use a hand, especially around this time of year. There are many organizations that offer volunteer opportunities. The best way to find organizations in your area is to search the web for local associations. You can also go online and check out VolunteerMatch or Meetup, the latter being a fantastic place to find groups of people who are already actively planning various volunteer missions. Keep in mind that this is the most popular time of the year to volunteer, so you may need to book far in advance. You might want to set some days aside after the holiday rush and spend your actual holidays with friends. Another great option, falling under the volunteer umbrella, is to spend the holidays helping out with a retirement home or an or-

If being home for the holidays isn’t in the cards, create new memories with your friends in town. JULIA PRICE CREATORS.COM

phanage. The people there are often the people who really can have an entirely different holiday experience just by knowing that someone out there cares to spend time

with them. Maybe it’s just reading some books, looking at photos, playing a game or talking, but that small gesture can shift you away from feeling lonely or far away

from home and remind you that you, too, have the power to create a sense of home for someone who really needs it. And of course, whatever you

decide to do, never underestimate the power of a written letter or card, and make your family’s holiday complete by planning ahead so it arrives on time.

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How to reduce holiday stress after divorce By CHELLE CORDERO We all know that the holidays are filled with stress, even under normal circumstances. Just try adding in a couple of exes, stepchildren and more than two sets of grandparents. Every newly married has to deal with combining families and traditions. If any of the players live far apart, it’s even more difficult, and almost always someone winds up feeling slighted. The logistics alone can be more convoluted than Santa’s list when you have to add in long car trips or plane rides. It’s enough to add angst to any holiday gathering. When there are young children involved and Mom and Dad don’t live together, family togetherness during the holidays can get especially complicated. Custodial agreements often delegate rigid visitation and alternating holiday stays. Children worry about which parent’s house Santa will visit; parents worry that the gifts they have under the tree will be duplicated by the ex and his or her new partner. And when Mom and Dad try to outdo each other (subconsciously or on purpose), the kids can become innocent pawns. However, blended families have been managing for years, and some have even been successful in keeping everyone satisfied. So what are the tricks of the trade? The simple rule that successful blended families go by is that the children come first. When Carol and Anthony divorced, it was amicable. Because both of them wanted their two children to take priority and they lived just a few miles apart, they eagerly agreed to share custody. Anthony met a new love, Sandy, and introduced her to Carol as soon as his intentions had become clear. Carol and Sandy had time alone to reassure each other that they would never step on each other’s toes. When Sandy and Anthony had their first child, Carol became the honorary aunt. When Carol met her new husband, Bob, and they expanded their family, it was a similar deal. After 20-plus years, they still take turns hosting Christmas and other holidays with all of the children (who remain in town). All of the children were raised calling each other brother and sister, even when there was no actual blood relation. Even today, with the next generation, the four of them share grandparenting joys along with Bob’s and Sandy’s parents. Brina wasn’t so lucky when she and Mike divorced. He moved across the country and quickly remarried. Although they agreed that their three children would come first, their custodial agreement wasn’t to Brina’s liking. Though Brina was the primary custodial parent, the agreement gave Mike half of every summer and two out of three major holidays and alternating birthdays. The first time that Brina had to put her three children on a plane just before Christmas, she cried. After the first few years, she made some changes. Holidays are now

Jasper Community Arts Commission (JCAC)

951 College Avenue (adjacent to VUJC) Jasper IN 47546 812-482-3070 We promote the arts in Jasper and the surrounding area. We specialize in performing, visual, educational arts for people of all ages.

celebrated at her home exactly one week after their return, and there is two-way communication about gift giving so that presents aren’t duplicated; sometimes they even complement each other. Brina, who hasn’t remarried, and Mike’s wife discuss plans by phone to make sure everything goes smoothly. As far as special events go, the three children and their stepsiblings are always remembered by the three adults and their offspring. With Brina’s children growing up, they are being given more choices, and they continue to have comfortable relationships with their mother, father and stepmother.


Including your children from your first marriage along with the children from your second helps to make them feel included and make the sibling relationships stronger.

The Stepfamily Association of America encourages parents to plan ahead to reduce the tumult of the holidays. Also, never make children choose sides. Don’t stress how miserable you are going to feel being without them; give them permission to have fun no matter whose house they are celebrating in. And especially if you have to reschedule your family holiday celebration, make new traditions and memories, such as Christmas ice skating in January or sightseeing holiday lights in early December. Try to schedule phone calls or video conferences with the absent parent (and new family) so the child feels included in everything.

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