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Take time to read Dear Editor, I feel like books aren’t getting enough attention these days, everybody’s into the new thing. For example: The Nintendo, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, and the Wii. It’s not that kids can’t have these things, it’s just that they use them all the time. Video games aren’t giving anybody any knowledge. Books on the other hand, can give you endless knowledge, all of those new words. You learn especially a lot, when you jump into the world of a nonfiction book. For instance: There’s this really good book called “Snowflake Bentley,” and another good book called “Animals in Winter.” I think books are a very important thing in life. Please inform the public about the problem. Thank you! Victoria K. Gunselman Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Make smoking illegal Dear Editor, I don’t know why people like smoking. Smoking is a one way ticket to destroying your lungs. Smoking can give you pneumonia and lung cancer. I think you need to ask the government to make smoking illegal. And shut down all tobacco and cigarette stores. Connor Howard Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Better roads needed Dear Editor, Please fix the roads because they are too bumpy. The cars go up and down to much, and that hurts cars and they won’t last too long. If we had better roads, my drive to school would be easier. Chase Maxwell Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Let girls play baseball Dear Editor, I don’t think this is very fun, when people think boys are better than girls. I think this needs to change soon. It’s no fair! Girls aren’t allowed to play baseball and boys are allowed and also allowed to play softball. Girls are allowed to play softball but aren’t allowed to play baseball! Either neither plays neither or both can play both! If this goes on the newspaper everybody will see it and understand. Evolet Horn Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Lack of school supplies Dear Editor, I think Indiana needs a new school supplies store because Staples ran out of business and Staples was our only school supplies store. In Jasper we basically only have Walmart which might not have everything your need life adhesive page markers, sticky flags, or a TI calculator. Right now Walmart just has crayons, pens, and Sharpies, They don’t have all of the fancy stuff your might need. Mya Neighbors Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Wanted: Indoor pool Dear Editor, I think we should get a new pool in Jasper. There should be a concession stand at the pool. People could get hungry or thirsty. You could sell candy, food, and drinks. The pool should be an inside pool. It should be an inside pool because you can go all year long and get more money to help people with stuff that costs money. That is why we should get an indoor pool in Jasper. Vincent Bez Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Jasper needs cavern Dear Editor, I believe there should be a Mega Cavern in Jasper. You can zipline and ride bikes on ramps. It is kind of like the river walk but underground with ramps. They spend too much time playing xbox and watching TV. Kids will get more exercise if we had a Mega Cavern. That is way I think we need a Mega Cavern. Mitchell Hile Grade 3, Ireland Elementary


Obstacle course fun Dear Editor, I believe we should have a kid’s American Ninja Warrior course in Jasper. We don’t have an obstacle course in Jasper. It would be fun for kids an get kids to exercise. There is pretty much nowhere to play except the park. The park doesn’t even have obstacles. That’s why I believe we should have a kid’s American Ninja Warrior course in Jasper. Sam King Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Day without bullying Dear Editor, I think there should be a National Friends Day where there’s not bullying all day long. Kids are sitting on their beds crying all the time. There’s also Cyber bullying which is bullying online. This can get people’s feelings hurt. The parents would have to get involved. Instead of losing friends, we gain friends. The challenge is to gain one friend on National Friends Day. We do nice thing to each other. We can include other people. Doing nice things is just one way to gain friends and to be kind. There are a lot of other ways we can gain friends, too. Kids would be much happier and you’d get to see a smile on their faces! Reagan Hopf Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

cheesecake my mom has been telling him about. He wants it really bad, but there is no McAlister’s near by. Lea Rue Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

So many manners Dear Editor, What a kind community at my school! Everybody uses their manners everywhere they go. For example, when moving desks others help. When you have fallen, people don’t ignore you. They help you up and help pick up your items that you have dropped. A lot of people are kind and many people know it. Spread kindness! It feels good. Brooklyn Rasche Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Air pollution Dear Editor, I am concerned about air pollution. Carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, is the main thing that is warming the earth. Even though living things use carbon dioxide when they breathe, planes, cares, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas. In the past, over 100+ years ago, such activities have pumped carbon dioxide into the world to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years. Kylie Leuck Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Art store needed

Slime store

Dear Editor: I think we should have an art store. Wouldn’t you? Here are some of the reason why I think we should have an art store. 1. Walmart is always out of art supplies. One time my sister had to do a project and we could barely find the supplies she needed! 2. Ben Franklin shut down. That place was awesome! 3. I love making things out of clay. I made a Santa Claus out of clay ! 4. I am running low on paint brushes and without paint brushes how am I going to paint 5. Ink. I need ink for my printer! Those are some reasons why we need an art store. Hunter Fortwendel Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Dear Editor, I think we should have a store with just slime, sticky, stretchy erasers. I think we should have them for people who want to play with slime during school hours, or when they need to get their homework done. Also I think we need them for people who just rush to get their homework done to do things. For example, those who like playing with slime, they can just play with these slime erasers. Everyone should have one. They are easy to make: Take sticky tack and add lotion, soap, and water. Then just keep kneading it and after that it should be good. That is why I think everyone should have one and they should have a store just for the slime, sticky, stretchy erasers! Harper Wigand Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Arcade would be fun Dear Editor, We need an arcade around the square. It would be fun for kids. A lot of people would come. I’m positive you would get a lot of money. I would go to that arcade. If you do put in an arcade around the square, put in a ticket booth and buffet. I have never been to an arcade and if you put in an arcade I would be one of the first one there. If you do put in an arcade, you should put in popular games. Clayton Porter Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Respect North Korea Dear Editor, We all know how Donald trump does not respect Kim jong un. Which is something he really should do because North Korea has nuclear missiles that could reach The U.S. mainland. It can also reach California, which is one of the most populated places in the US, I think that Trump should really stop disrespecting him otherwise we might have another Korean war. But if Kim jong un launches a missile then we can shoot it down with a Patriot air defence missile. Afterall, our military is one of the most advanced in the world. Tyson Ruhe Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Where is McAlister’s? Dear Editor, I have a concern about how the city has everything marked already, but they haven’t started building. It has been over a year since people heard that we were getting a McAlister’s. It is not fair that we hear that the city is building something and over a year later they still haven’t even started building it. I understand that there might be other projects, but putting off building a restaurant for over a year? I don’t get it. People want more restaurants in Jasper for more choices on where to eat. My mom wants to eat there, but there is not McAlister’s to eat at that is close by. Also my dad wants their

Plays help students Dear Editor, I think that Ireland Elementary should do plays along with programs because It makes the students more open, They bring out there self confidence, and plays bring students out of their comfort zone. It makes students more open. When students are in plays they meet new people and friends and have more fun. They also have a chance to work on responsibility like reading over lines and working on their costumes! Also they have a good chance to express their personality! Plays bring out confidence! Usually during programs few students get picked for parts. I didn’t get picked and I felt like I didn’t do good but when students do full plays they have more of a chance to get a part like I did. Students can get a part from singing a main part or doing tricks and dancing! Plays bring them out of their comfort zone! They are more likely to try something new! You can do anything even if it’s something new. I tried a new trick that I never thought I could do but I did and I wanted to do it again and again! They can flex there imagination mussels and wear fancy costumes! ºThat’s why I think Ireland Elementary should do plays because they make you more open, they bring out your confidence, and they bring you out of your comfort zone. Azleigh Young Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Improve intersection Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs to fix the intersection at Highway 56 and County Road 350 W because someone passed away trying to cross it, kids and adults are in danger, and people cross it a lot. As you probably know, Doug Kruger lost his life at that intersection in 1997. He

passed away on August 28, 1997. There is a white cross at the intersection with his name on it, and the date that he tragically tried to pass the highway and got hit by another car. He was on his way to his girlfriend’s house.  My dad and my teacher were both friends of his.  Ireland is growing, which means that there are more and more people going through that intersection. As that highway gets more popular, more people will start to drive on it.  Shiloh Methodist Church is just across that intersection.  All you have to do is think you are going to go to church with your family, take your kids to school, or just go to work and you could get hit by a car.  I don’t think people stress enough how easy it is to not see a car on the other side of that hill, and when you try to cross, that car could come barreling over that hill and hit you. Kids and adults are greatly in danger from Highway 56. Buses just like Bus 3 drive on that highway, and from being on that bus I can tell how dangerous having around 20-50 kids and the driver on each bus that drives on that highway go over that hill.   Parents/Guardians drive their kids to school, too.   The hill is about 10-15 yards away from the intersection.  With the speeds of the cars that drive through there, that is about 2 seconds to get out of the way after you see the car coming towards you.   Jasper needs to fix the intersection at Highway 56 and 350 W because someone passed away there, everyone who crosses that intersection is in danger, like your brother or sister, maybe your aunt or uncle, even your parents could be in danger if they cross that highway.  And you know just as well as anybody else that over 200 people drive on that highway everyday.  Every day that we push this problem aside, that is over 200 more people that could cross that highway and not see that car coming. Layn Burger Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Homework not needed Dear Editor, I think that kids should have no homework because kids need vitamin D and the sun provides vitamin D, reduces stress, promotes social skills, and improves vision when your outside. Kids have to do a lot of work in class so kids should not have to do homework and kids have big test too. Kids need to run around outside because kids with a lot of energy they need to burn it off. Kids also need to get their heart pumping. Kids should not have homework because they need to be active, they work hard in class, and they need to go outside. When your outside your vision will improve. Turner Swan Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Backless shoes Dear Editor, I think Jasper schools should allow kids to wear shoes with out backs to school because they are easy to slip on if you are running late, they can be very comfortable, and they are stylish. Flip-flops and other slip on shoes are very comfortable. If we were aloud to wear flip-flop to school, it would be a lot more comfortable than just wearing tennis shoes and boots everyday. They feel like you are standing on a pillow. That might even help you concentrate about what you are learning. Some are even double padded! They would be extra comfortable. Not all flipflops are comfortable. According to some chiropractors shoes that have no arch are bad for your arch support. So make sure you get good and comfy for you. Flip-flops are also easy to put on. For instance, when you are running late and the bus it at your house you can just slip flipflops on and you are done. Also did you know that it will take less than one minute to put them on! Also if you go to a friends house to swim after school you don’t have to bring them if you can just wear them to school. Flip-flops are very stylish. They come in so many different styles. They will match almost any outfit that you pick out for school. It will make your outfit look way better when you are not wearing tennis school. Flip flop are really pretty because they come in so many different colors. That is why I think Jasper sch∫ool should be allowed to wear shoes with out back to school. They are comfortable, Easy to put on, and they stylish. Ella Erny Grade 5, Ireland Elementary





No school Dear Editor, We shold not have school agen. One reason is because it cost a lot of money. Another reason is because you dont have fun. Also because we have to raz kids. Now you know about we shold not have school. Adrian Herrera Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Better ideas Dear Editor, We shood have learning more every day. I feel this way because so I can have better ideas. Another reason is because learning helps me learn more. Also because learning makes me better at math. Cayleb Racicot Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Play in snow Dear Editor, We need to play at school in the snow. I think this because it is recess then you get fresh air. Also because you get energie. Another reason is because you get helthy buy running around. Do you agrie we should have recess in the snow? Brylee Leinenbach Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Snacks Dear Editor, We should have snacks at school. I feel this way because snacks taste good. Another reason is because we should have snacks at recess because we get fast. Hank Schnaus Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Crowded Dear Editor, We sould add more equipment on the play ground. I think this because we have to wait to swing. An other reason is because if one play ground is crowded you can go to the next one. Also because if one play ground is crowded you can go to the other playground. Silas Nigg Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Killing presidents Dear Editor, I wish people would stop killing our presidents. Our presidents do not dosrv to be killd. All of the presidents expesholly George Washignton are special. Gracie Larson Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Seatbelts Dear Editor, I wish that school buses will have seatbelts. I want it because pepol are fling lik burds. I see a lot of pepol hit the seats in frunt. I feel so bad. Santo Sanchez Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Laughing stock Dear Editor, I wish pepol woud not litter. It is smeley. It is making Jasper the laughing stock of the USA. I feel we can make it a better place. Caylee Schaefer Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Texting, driving Dear Editor, I wish people stop texting and driving. It is dangerous. You can crash. Bryce Wilz Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Need a home Dear Editor, I wish people are not home les. People need a home. People get cold. I feel sad for others. Karina Ullod Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Water play area Dear Editor, I want a water play area in Jasper. peo-


ple can have fun. people can swim in a wavepool. There can be a hot tub. So people can relax. I can have a big water slide. It can be cald the speed slide. And that why I want a waterplay area. Jarius Schilling Grade 2, Fifth Street School

there is just one police officer a backup can come for them because working together is better. Braylee Racicot Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Boing, bang, boing

Dear Editor, Do you like to fix houses? I think Jasper need’s their houses fixed. My first reason is so people could not be sad so they could live a better life. Another reason is so people could not be cold because that would not feel good. My last reason is so they could sleep well and who would want to not sleep well. Marvin Figueroa Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Dear Editor, Boing Bang Boing that’s what I hear. I think you should build Sky Zone. People get exercise. So you would not have to get swenty. It gives you a job. Then you could get more money. People woul like that. It would keep their children entertained. That was so fun. Build Sky Zone in Jasper. Burns Drew Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Ark Dear Editor, We don’t have any thing like a ark. For all the hard work these people of Jasper do deserve a ark. We don’t have any thing fun. Boiling is not that fun. No one reads the bible any more. At church whenever they say get out your bible they don’t listen. That’s what we need to get. Chauncey Archer Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Park hotel Dear Editor, Oww, I wish Jasper had a Niceloden park hotel. It would give more jobs. If we have more jobs we can make more money. And we even have a slip and slid what tolk about fun for everyone! Gronups have their own hot tub and kids can go to a under grown pull. Families can go on a life time speed bote. So you have to bring a Niceloden park hotel to Jasper. Trey Blackgrave Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Children’s museum Dear Editor, Hmm, it would be nice if Jasper had a children’s museum. Lots of familys and friends will have fun and lean and leaning new things is execiding. Some kids do not go to school and instead they have to stay home and do nothing and all they want to do is lean. People will get more and more money by working there and if people get money they get what they want and want and what they need. Lilly Arvin Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Look like hulk Dear Editor, Do you like recesses? I think Jasper schools need more recesses for many reasons. My first reason is you will get your energy out so you will listen to the teacher better. Another reason is you will get your exercise out and be better so you will not clipdown. My last reason is you will get stronger and so we will be as stong as the hulk. Jonah Pardo Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Fix houses

Old days Dear Editor, Did you like going on field trips when you were in school? I think Jasper needs more field trips in schools for many reasons. My first reason is we would now more before we get to higher grades so we would have more knowledge. Another reason is we would know about stuff that doesn’t exist so we would see stuff back in the old days. My last reason is we could learn while we have fun because we would be amazed by the stuff that the place has. Reese Weisheit Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Birthday party Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs a Starbucks. One reason is you can have birthday partys there. Another reason is every body loves it. The best reason is you don’t have to drive far. Kyle Wilson Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Drivers crashing Dear Editor, I think people should stop drinking while driving. One reason is because drunck drivers crashing and childrens parents keep dyin. Another reason people keep getting hurt. The best reson not to drink and drive is the drunk driver will get in trouble. Braylon Inman Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Roller coasters Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs a Holiday World. One reason is the games are fun! Another reason is the roller coasters are fun! The best reason is the water slides are fast and awessme! Chloe Tubbs Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Big Splash Dear Editor, I think Jasper should build a Big Splash. One reason is that Big Splash is fun to pley in because it has games. The second reason is that the water pool is fun. The best reason is you can do fun things. Jacob Calderon Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Field trips

Lazer tag

Dear Editor, Did you have fun on field trips? I think Jasper needs more field trips for school for many reasons. My first reason is we could spend time with other grades on certain field trips so if we had brothers or sisters we could spend time with them. Another reason is we could have more fun so when we come back to school we will listen better. My last reason is we can have exercise at school so we can be healthy. Hala Vanpatten Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Dear Editor, I think Jasper need a lazer tag. One reason is children run around an have fun. Another reason is to get a lazer tag the children don’t have to be bored. The best reason is we can get exercise. Jose Rojas Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Police officers Dear Editor, Have you ever wanted more police officers? I think Jasper needs more police officers for many reasons. My first reason is they all can make a plan together to keep us safe because they can work together. Another reason is they could practice together to get the robber because they won’t get the robber on their own. My last reason is so if

Hot summer days Dear Editor, I think we should have a water park because on hot summer days people get hot and want to go to a water park to cool down on the hot summer days. The hot summer days people need a refreshing day in the water. The people in the summer are hot and need to get cool on the hot summer days. When they are tired they can’t be happy like they should. They need to be cool instead of hot. If we don’t have a water park people will be tired instead of happy. Connor Perkins Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Sidewalks Dear Editor, Don’t you think Jasper needs to fix the sidewalks and make them handicap accessible? I do, I think Jasper needs handicap sidewalks because people who are hurt can get hurt more. I also think Jasper needs to fix the sidewalks because people who are not hurt can get hurt. I don’t think you want anybody to get hurt. Do you? I bet not. I also think that Jasper needs new sidewalks because they are cracked where the kids walk to school. I think that Jasper needs new sidewalks so kids can play and ride their bikes. Charley Porter Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Power stations Dear Editor, I think that we should have more power stations because we might need it just in case of a storm. It might break the power. The new power station would be good so we have more power for games. It could also be good for important stuff. Taven Borden Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Art places Dear Editor, I think Jasper should have more art places. I think we should have more art places because you can make a lot of things out of art. Art is very fun and art is for what you want to make. Art is for all ages. Rinoa Ahrens Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Water bottles Dear Editor, We should keep our community clean and pick up trash because if an animal comes and eats that trash they could be injured or sick. We should reuse water bottles so we can save money. You should not throw trash on the ground because it is against the law to litter. Keep yards, water, and roads clean. Mallory Troutman Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Deer crossing Dear Editor, I believe that we should watch for deer that cross the road. Deers go across the road if they see water. We could run into a deer if the driver is not looking forward. Go around a deer if it is almost at the end of the road. Stop the car if you see a deer and wait for it to cross. Brent Junsay Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Care of pets Dear Editor, I am writing to tell people why they should take care of their pets. There are not a lot of pets compared to humans. Some have short lives and want to live theirr only life happily. They teach kids how to take care of living things. So when kids get older and have their own kids they are used to taking care of a living thing. Dalylah Lauer Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Clean roads Dear Editor, I think we should pick up trash and keep water, land and roads clean. First it’s good to keep water. What if you ran out in your fridge? It’s nice to keep the earth clean so we can keep animals safe. It’s amazing to keep roads clean so that there will be no more wrecks. Noah Boyd Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Follow laws Dear Editor, Please follow the laws. It will keep people safe. It will help you stop when you are supposed to. Watch where you are going so things do not get damaged. The laws save your life. Stop signs tell you when to stop so you do not get hurt. Abbi Eckstein Grade 2, Fifth Street School





New elementary school Dear Editor, A new elementary school?! A new elementary school in Jasper!  How exciting!  I think it is a great idea that we — Jasper — have a new K-5 Elementary School.   Why haven’t the builders started digging?  Why did the date get moved back?  I don’t know!  I don’t like it.  My mom is a teacher, and she totally agrees with me!!  I don’t think anything ever starts on time like it’s supposed to.   It’s unfair that teachers like my mom are having to wait even longer to move their things.   It is very unfair that the date has got moved back even longer.   This is what I think about the new Jasper Elementary School!   I really don’t think it is fair to teachers or kids.  Please change something or think about it!!! Reagan Weisheit Grade 4, Tenth Street School

More room to skate Dear Editor, In my opinion I think we need a new … Skate Palace because the one we have now is to small. Because its like really crowded. And that’s my opinion. Preston Roach Grade 3, Tenth Street School

More restaurants Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs more restaurants. Jasper should get more restaurants because after awhile the food gets old and I am a very picky eater so it would be very helpful if you put some new restaurants in. Kaydance Seidl Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Throwing garbage Dear Editor, I think we need to stop throwing garbage on the ground. It kills the animals and it makes the earth look dirty. Owen Rice Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Lower housing Dear Editor, I think we need more house that cost like 100 or lower then 100 dollar for poor people don’t have to get a lot of money.              Isaak Wiscaver Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Add color to Herald Dear  Editor, You need to add color to the Jasper newspaper. Black and white are bold colors. Adding color brings imagination to the world. Color makes people happy Aanias Jackson Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Bigger slides Dear Editor, I wish Jasper could have a bigger Higher slides, and bigger playground, and a merry-go-round, and more parking, and more bleachers, and picnics, and bathrooms that smell good, and more equipment. Kendall Racicot Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Bored? Read Dear Editor, Are you bored at your house? If you are then get a book and read it! If you want to know more about old times, go on an adventure, or visit the awesome world of fantasy grab a book and see where it takes you. These are my three reasons why reading is important. If you read about history you can go back in time like 100 years ago. You could even visit the dinosaurs. Wouldn’t that be fun? When you read you can learn more about our past and how things were invented like the telephone. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. I learned that from reading. You can learn that and more if you just pick up a book and read it. When people read they learn about new things. Like if you read about the life of George Washington you are reading a biog-


raphy. You can have an adventure visiting far away places or even going back in time and visiting George Washington. There are different kinds of books like informational text and fantasy. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you read, but always read because it’s good for you. Fernanda Alas Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Spread kindness Dear Editor, Kind is the only thing you should spread. If you choose kind you will make other people happy. If someone is sad you can tell them something nice and make them happy and smile. You can choose kind by telling your mom, “I love you!” If you see someone with no food or bad clothes you can get them something to eat and some good, nice clothes. Kindness is a good thing to share. Don’t you think so too? Marissa Godoy Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Phones for the lazy

Dear Editor, I think there should be Hover Phones because on weekends people are lazy and do not want to move so their Hover Phone will hover towards them. If you’re taking a shower and your phone is in the living room and it is ringing it will hover towards you. The last reason why there should be Hover Phones is that it can help people without hands. People without hands cannot grab phones so the Hover Phone will hover towards them. This why people should create Hover Phones. Edwin Pacas Calderon Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Libby’s inside school

me other kids have complained about pollution in earlier letters, and studies show that more plants in an area can shape a healthier, happier, community. Astronauts brought plants to space for this very reason!  Also, more plants equal a more populated city with less gas and chemicals in the air.  Gas and chemicals can cause breathing problems, sting your eyes, and harm your lungs, but if we get a community garden, we can save the residents of Jasper a lot of harm. So please consider my request, and remember; a green community is a healthy one! Mae Arvin Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Donate to charity Dear Editor, I feel that not enough people are donating to charity. I feel that all charities need help every day. I also feel that even if you just donate a dollar, you will help many people and animals. You will be helping places like Goodwill and the Dubois County Humane Society. This is why I think it is important to donate to charity. Madyson Hurst Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Help the animals Dear Editor, I think too much animals get hurt or killed trying to get food for their kids. I think the community should set up a food station so no animal gets hurt because of them trying to get food they can die and then the children starve and we don’t do anything because of are cars we hurt animals and don’t care. So that’s why I think we should set up a food station. Braden Merrimon Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Principal is hero

Dear Editor, I think we should have a Libby’s Ice Cream Shop in school, but it will be a little Dear Editor, one so it won’t take up a lot of space. The OH MY, I witnessed the most awesome ice cream will be a $1, so we could have good thing. Our park was so old you couldn’t treats everyday and the school will earn even imagine how much stuff their was. money. The school could use the money to There was one slide and one Monkey Bar. make the school a little bigger or use the Then all of a sudden this hero comes by money to fix the playground. That’s why I (which is Mr. Taylor our Principal). Anythink we should have a Libby’s Ice Cream way he puts a really cool park that has Shop at school. slides, monkey bars, swings and he says Emily Regalado       he’s gonna fix the basketball area and out Grade 4, Tenth Street School of the small field we have, he’s gonna make a soccer field. That is called being a really good citizen. I mean not every person would want to spend money on a park. Thank You for everything. Dear Editor, Lilianna Serrano I think we need a Gucci store.   Here is Grade 5, Tenth Street School why.  Most people like comfortable clothes, right?  Well Gucci clothes are really really comfortable. Another reason we should have a Gucci store is shoes.   Gucci has really cool and Dear Editor, comfortable shoes.  There is really cool deOne problem in my neighborhood is peosigns on their shoes. If we got a Gucci store ple running stop signs. I think there needs more people could have a job.  Another rea- to be a cop there. No one stops, sometimes son is you wouldn’t have to drive so far.  The even for a bus. I think that it is dangerous. closest Gucci store is in Bloomington. That There is even a bus stop across the street is 2 hours away.  That is why we should have that I have to walk to. Sometimes they only a Gucci store. slow down. Thank you. Eliot Smith Tyler Fuhrman Grade 4, Tenth Street School Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Cool clothes, shoes

Running stop signs


Places for sports

Dear Editor, We have a new STEAM lab at Tenth Street School. It is Awesome! The students do a lot of fun things in there. We always laugh and have fun. We always get different projects each week. We also have to wait and listen for the teacher to give instructions. We do it every Tuesday after library. Library is downstairs and the STEAM room is upstairs. We always build stuff…some are hard and some are easy, but we do have a lot of fun. So there is a puzzle and it is very hard but we try our best to do it. Mrs. Knies always walks around taking pics of all of us working. You can build a tower out of popsicle sticks. It is an Awesome tower when its done. That’s why the STEAM lab is so fun. Abby Brosmer Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Dear Editor, I think that we need some more gymnasiums so that lots of people that can’t play sports at home can play at a gymnasiums. People need to play outside so they can have fun outside. I think this is important because people now play a lot of video games instead of playing outside. People need to play outside so that they can stay fit and not become out of shape. People need to stay healthy and there is a fun way to stay healthy. Some people that did not go outside when they were a kid they will one day regret it! They will also regret it because when they are older they won’t be able to do a lot. People need to play outside when they are young so that it will be fun to play outside and exercise. People really need to stay healthy so that they don’t have a lot of problems when they are older. People really need to exercise so that they have a lot of energy when they are old. This why I think we should have more gymnasiums in Jasper. Wyatt Schneider Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Community garden Dear Editor,                                      I think I have an idea that can change our community for the better.   We should get a community garden!  My teacher told

More sleep Dear Editor, YAWN!!!! Kids need to get 12 hours of sleep Mon.-Fri. Kids are too tired at school and start to sleep in class, and on the bus. Also children have tests and can not think straight or are too weak to pick up their books. Plus they are mostly late if at a friend’s house. Students who are late get a tardy. A few tardy slips can get you a suspension or a detention. Some people who do not have an alarm clock often get woken up by parents, but what happens if the parent sleeps in by accident? Well the child is late for school. And if the student misses a class or part of one, the student gets an F if there was a big test. Most students ride a bus, but if the student misses the bus or the bus has a deadline, then the bus will leave the stop. Then the child has only a parent to take them. If the child’s guardian is gone, they have no way to get to school but to walk. If the child has a home on the other side of town, the student will be alone for the rest of the day if left with no key or phone. Blaez Whipking Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Toys in school Dear Editor: Did you know that 10 percent of people in school are bored or lonely during recess. I am part of the 10 percent. So one day (in the gym) I was thinking why don’t I bring toys! But the school will not let us bring them. So here are some reasons why we should bring toys to school. Number one recess. Did you know that two percent of people are introverts? So people are not going to be along during recess. Toys are just plastic and paint they are not dangerous. Sarah Gilbert Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Wolves and lions Dear Editor, You see kids laughing and having fun, adults are staring in amazement. You find yourself having a good time! Where are you at ... a zoo! But not just any zoo, a zoo that you could see wolves and lions at! I know you don’t want to admit it but Jasper gets boring. You run out of things to do so you end up going to the same places. So if you got a zoo, you could see a weird new kind of animal every time you go! Now that does not sound boring! Another reason we should get a zoo with cool animals is that you might never get to see these animals in real life! So here you can see those animals and maybe even feed them! You could also in this zoo see animals get feed! I know that doesn’t sound fun but you could totally see a wolf devours his dinner! Now that sounds awesome! This is why I think we should get an ezotic zoo in our little town of Jasper. Cali Dugan Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Spell Bowl Dear Editor, I’m here to talk about the Spell Bowl team here at Tenth Street Elementary School. I feel like the team is a very good team, but we are not rewarded with recognition for doing so. I’ve been on the team for 2 years straight, and we haven’t received anything bug a trophy from people who have to support us. I feel like every time someone gets a perfect score or a near perfect score, they should at least have their name put into the news section of the newspaper. All we are asking for is something besides a trophy that breaks if you barely tap it on the floor. Damon Perez Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Lock down Dear Editor, I have a question. If we have a real lock down, and they who hear the principal say, “Lockdown!” Won’t they know that there are kids in the school? I think we should find another way to tell people at the school that there is an intruder in the school. I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you. Lilliam Polley Grade 5, Tenth Street School





A wonderful place to live Dear Editor, I believe that our town of Jasper is wonderful. The community that surrounds our citizens is very supportive and uplifting. I feel extremely blessed and lucky to be living in such a positive place. Everyone here is kind-hearted and loving to all. There are many places to go and do things for entertainment and fun. One specific thing I love about this town is our beautiful parks throughout the city. Parks are a great things to have in a place like this. They provide a safe environment for kids to play and enjoy. Families can have fun times and make memories that will last a lifetime at the parks. I also enjoy our many restaurants including Libby’s, Los Bravos, Wings and Rings, and the Schnitzelbank. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a restaurant to eat at. All of these places are amazing at what they do. With great food, service and atmospheres, they contribute great places for people to go for a good time. Jasper is far different from many other places in this world. It stands out from other places for a lot of good reasons. I could have written and complained about something in our city that is bad or should be changed, but I am lucky enough to be in this city so I thought I would show how great it is. Jasper is a very unique and special place to live, and I am very thankful that I have the privilege of being able to be in this great town. Halle Knies Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Learning from e-learning Dear Editor, I have been doing these letters since I was in elementary school and each year I write about something that I believe should be changed or fixed in our society. This year I wanted to acknowledge the fact that throughout the winter we got a pretty hefty amount of snow. School was cancelled for almost a full week because of the county roads in our town. I believe that throughout these snow days we could have been having e-learning days, days throughout the year when we do our classes online when school is not in attendance. E-learning days could have been counted as a complete day of school. The main reason that we were off school is because the county roads were not cleared off but that shouldn’t be the case because the in-town families could have gone to school. This problem can be fixed with e-learning days because you can learn the same thing that would’ve have been taught that school day by the teachers. This topic came to mind when I realized that the last day of school is around the comer and instead of being off on the 25th we are now off on the 28th, Memorial Day. I like free snow days and all, but I would like to attend summer just a little bit more! Isabella Hopf Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Arming teachers? Bad idea Dear Editor, Have you heard of the recent speculations on arming teachers with weapons to protect students from school shootings? I’m sure you have, considering it’s smothered all over the news. But if you haven’t already realized what a terrible idea it is, then read my article to find out why. Imagine your child getting their education in an environment where they can’t feel safe, or imagine the teachers that educate your children not feeling safe either. Well both of these outcomes are inevitable in a world where teachers are armed. It doesn’t make sense to address school shootings by adding more guns to the equation. What if arming teachers is only helping the ones cruel enough to take the lives of students? I believe arming teachers ties into an even bigger topic about gun control. There should be some relief when it comes to hunting or recreational purposes but why should a normal US citizen be able to equip the same gun as a US soldier? What is the real cost of having guns capable of mass distinction? Did our founding fathers really have this in mind when giving Americans the right to bear arms? I think not. Reid Harmon Grade 8, Jasper Middle School


A cultural divide on guns Dear Editor, There are a lot of what might appear to be common sense arguments on both sides of the gun control issue. A letter writer recently promoted the not-new idea of a national registry to better track guns that were stolen, along with having other benefits that in reality would not be a consequence of such a law. For example, a national registry would not slow down the purchasing process much, and guns that were stolen could have serial numbers removed. The real issue is the fear on both sides of the gun debate. Logic and common sense essentially do not apply. A national registry is such an anathema to gun owners that I hardly believe it would occur in my lifetime. Gun owners view such proposals as a precursor to confiscation, which is not without basis as that is what has happened in other countries. Banning AR-15 rifles or highcapacity magazines will not make a dent in overall gun deaths, including mass killings, for a variety of reasons. Both sides agree that finding ways to decrease the availability of guns to those who are mentally ill is a good idea. Unfortunately, there are fundamental differences on how to do it. Like abortion, the cultural divide is so great that finding compromise is nearly impossible, which is terribly sad. Preston Small Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Phys ed and one’s GPA Dear Editor, I am not a flexible person at all. You wouldn’t think of this as a liability to someone’s GPA, but it is. Jasper Middle School needs to change the ways it grades physical education classes. To me, it only makes sense that physical education is only graded by effort and attitude. When a student tries their best in PE, and it’s obvious, they should get an A. When a young student gets a bad grade in PE, all it does is lower their self-esteem. You cannot study for a flexibility test or a pullup test. You can practice daily to improve your performance, but this takes time. After three years of flexibility tests, I still can’t touch my toes. Elizabeth Ackerman Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

FCC ruling unfair Dear Editor, Our world has come to the point where the majority of the people use the internet a couple times a day, at the very least. Whether you use the internet for texting, emails, Snapchat, Instagram, Netflix, or anything of the sort, you could be affected if this bill gets passed. Net neutrality preserves our right to communicate freely online; that’s how things have always been. However, legislators are now trying to pass a bill saying that companies, like Verizon and AT&T, will be able to control which content, applications, and websites succeed. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on the internet to start their businesses. Without net neutrality, internet service providers will be able to exploit their position and will ultimately destroy the internet’s fair playing field. What if the bill got passed to let these companies do what they want? Because of the limited amount of rules, they could slow down their competitor’s content to make you want to use theirs. Getting rid of net neutrality ultimately takes away our freedom of speech. It’s not too late to act! Congress can still overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) vote. Lauren Wigand Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Everybody can help Dear Editor, As Pablo Picasso once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” In our world there are so many problems it’s hard to count them. Poverty, natural disasters, diseases, and terrorism, just to name a few. The thing is I see the majority of the world’s population just sitting back and letting other people handle these problems. In my opinion that should not be an issue. People could make a change just by simply lending a hand. Whether that be through donating to a cause, or just helping a family with their home after a tornado. I see people I know just post something on

social media, or read something about an incident and say, “Well, that’s just so terrible. I hope they get the help that they need.” This is exactly the problem. People will say they feel sorry or say they feel bad, but they don’t take action from those words. It is totally understandable if you don’t have the money or time to do something, but if you do, then get up and make a change. At the end of the day, don’t just think about what could be done, actually do something. Paige Bean Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

Animals are disappearing Dear Editor, There is a problem with the animals today! They are not there. We should stop factories polluting the air or having oil spills. And move to a place that is more populated with people not animals. Global populations of vertebrates — mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish — have declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012. Animals living in the world’s lakes, rivers, and freshwater systems have experienced the most dramatic population declines, at 81 percent. The top threat to wildlife is habitat loss and degradation, driven primarily by increasing demand for food and energy. According to the report, global food production is the leading cause for destruction of habitats and over-exploitation of wildlife. Agriculture currently occupies approximately one-third of Earth’s total land area and accounts for 70 percent of all fresh water. The report demonstrates the need to rethink how we produce, consume, measure success and value the natural environment, and calls for an urgent system change by individuals, businesses and governments. The report also illustrates the positive momentum that is building by highlighting recent global agreements on climate change and sustainable development. Scott Mundy Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

Fix the soccer field Dear Editor, When you think about sports do you think about football or basketball. You probably don’t think about soccer do you. Well a lot of people are like that in Jasper. Soccer just isn’t important here to some people. At Jasper Middle School, the football field and equipment is good. The basketball courts are good. The soccer field is not so good. The soccer field has a lot of holes in it and doesn’t look official. If the basketball court and equipment is good why can’t the soccer field be good? Maybe they could fill in the holes and cut the grass shorter so it is like an official soccer field. The grass now is long and thick, a soccer ball doesn’t roll around good in grass like that. I know that soccer around here isn’t a big sport but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of the equipment and the field. Quinn Winkel Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

We can make schools safer Dear Editor, Do you ever have those thoughts? The ones where you think of what could go wrong? Well in Parkland Florida, those thoughts came true. The shooting at their high school was unexpected and horrendous. That is why I think we need to do whatever we can to prevent that from happening to our friends and family here in Jasper. At Jasper Middle School, our lock-down drill involves hiding behind the door and turning the lights off. But what good is that if something really does happen and we are in the halls, or in the gym, or auditorium? There is nothing we are told to do. All we can really do is run, hide, and hope for the best. For me, that’s not enough. And I am positive that you parents out there want your kid to be as safe as possible. I think it’s time for a change. We need to take action. First off, we can get some bullet proof doors, or at least ones that can all lock at the same time, so teachers don’t have to worry about locking the doors themselves. In Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Indiana, teachers have necklaces which allow them to call for help or say it’s safe or set off a school wide alarm which notifies local law enforcement.

We have the power to make Jasper Schools the safest schools in Indiana. We just have to work together and make it happen. Brailyn Whaley Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

Be a buddy instead of bully Dear Editor, Did you know more than 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. There are only so few people who will help if they see someone getting bullied. There are approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. Most of the time people bully people because of the clothes they wear, because the bully’s jealous, or even because the bully’s having trouble at home or with his family. There are bystanders who see people getting bullied but are too scared to do anything. If you ever see anybody getting bullied, you can always go to an adult you trust, a teacher, your principal, or even your school guidance counselor. If you see someone at lunch, invite them over to sit with you. If you see someone having a bad day maybe shoot them a smile. When bystanders intervene, bullying stops within 10 seconds 57% of the time. That means you could keep students from getting bullied so very quickly. Olivia Andrews Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

Time for a new pool Dear Editor, I think the Jasper park department should replace the pool at Jaycee Park into a splash park or just keep it the same and replace it or renovate. They need to replace it because it’s over 60 years old and it feels old and filthy too. I know Jasper is busy on the Parklands but after it is over with, bring back out the plans for it. Jasper needs to build this splash park because kids and adults would love the water slides. Trey Gugtsell Grade 6, Jasper Middle School

Jasper needs a Starbucks Dear Editor, I think there should be a Starbucks in Jasper. When people go to Evansville kids always want to go to Starbucks, well I know I do. Starbucks would be a great addition to the town. Starbucks could be close to the square, or it could be close to Walmart. When people go shopping for groceries or running errands, they could stop at Starbucks and get some energy. Starbucks is a very popular place. It’s not only for coffee, there’s other great drinks and good food. Ava Englert Grade 6, Jasper Middle School

Ways to make school fun Dear Editor,
 Do you like going to school? I didn’t think so. Well I believe that there is a way for kids to like going to school. For example, most kids don’t like going to school because it’s boring. So to fix this, teachers could make games out of the lessons so the kids will pay attention. This will take a little bit more time, but kids will learn a lot more. The other reason kids dislike school is because of homework. They would rather be playing games. To fix this teachers could incorporate video games into homework or just try to give kids less homework. Chloe Henke Grade 6, Jasper Middle School

Being an editor Dear Editor, I always wondered what it would be like, to be an Editor like you. Is it boring? People always say that it is boring but I don’t think it is boring. Is it hard or is it easy? I think that it is the hardest job because you Editors have to type or write this to people all week. It is like a challenge for you guys and I love challenges. Some people don’t care about newspapers! They just read a little bit of it and they throw it away! They just throw all of your guys’ hard work away in the trash! My family always keeps the newspapers because we like to. You guys write interesting news in the newspapers and I love it! When I am older I want to be an Editor like you guys! Ava Werner Grade 6, Jasper Middle School





Please compost Dear Editor, I think every one in the world should compost. When its done you get thick brown dirt for a garden. I also like it because I get to spend time with my dad. I like trash and recycling and compost is like recycling. I think every one in the world should compost. Eli Hartings Grade 1, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Stop bullying Dear Editor, I think bullying shold stop. Bullying is not fun. All it dose is hurt other people. Like when someone gets pushed down it’s all not fun. It would be nice to stop bullying. I thank bullying shold stop. Natalie Rolwing Grade 1, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Grateful for library Dear Editor, I am glad that we have the Jasper Library and food and drinks. Ally Wagner Grade 1, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Healthy teeth Dear Editor, I want everybody to have good and healthy teeth. So you have to bursh your teeth twice a day and go to the dentist every 6 months because I don’t want people to have not clean teeth and stinky breath, dirty mouths and cavities. So you should go to the dentist every 6 months for a good healthy tongue. Avery Seng Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Celebrate police Dear Editor, I think there should be a special day to celebrate police officers. Everyone should celebrate them because they do a lot. Bailey Hawkins 2nd Grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Girl priests Dear Editor, I think girls should be priests. I really want to be a priest because I go to church every Sunday unless the roads are dangerous. I do not want to be a nun because I really want to have kids. I already have a priest related thing like a purple costume and a whole mass set. Alayna Schnell 2nd Grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Telescope education Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs a telescope sight. Open to all of Jasper each week at night. If it’s snowing or raining than someone who works there will take them on a tour about the planets. It will be placed somewhere in the town square. I think it can be beneficial because people who don’t know a lot about space can learn a lot about the solar system. Say a kid is struggling in science and it’s raining, then he be took on a tour. Cooper Kramer Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

School prayer Dear Editor, I’m so thankful to be in a catholic school. We can pray not just in our minds but in a church. The teachers are super nice. The teachers here at Holy Trinity Catholic School are amazing. All the teachers do fun things. Jacqueline Cruz Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Ban foam cups Dear Editor, I think that Jasper should not use foam cups anymore, because they cannot break down as easily as some other materials. Foam cups can also harm the environment, because if someone throws a foam cup into the grass it would not break down easily


and an animal could eat it and the toxins in the foam could kill the animal lowering that animals population. That is why I believe that Jasper should stop using foam cups. Addison Seger Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Guns are dangerous Dear Editor, I think not just anyone should have a gun, because guns are dangerous. I think guns are dangerous because they can kill people. Guns are not toys they are tools. I think only people who use guns as tools should have them, people like police, people in the military, and hunters. Police protect us. The military keeps our country safe. And hunters use guns to get food for their families. All three groups are trained to use their guns safely. That means less people get hurt or killed. Kaia Hamlin Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Give your shoes Dear Editor, Don’t throw away your old shoes! Those shoes can go to good use. Many people don’t even have shoes because they are poor. It’s not good for the environment when you throw them in the trash. So you should give your shoes to the poor or someone else. Ayedin Buschkoetter Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Save the trees Dear Editor, I would like to say why are so many people cutting down trees? It is not fair to those animals who live in the forest. It is sad to see all that wood being cut down. Some people really like to read a book or take a walk in the park. They give us oxygen. What ever happened to a nap under a shady tree .I wish we would help the trees more. Kennedy Kunkel Grade 4, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Help your neighbors Dear Editor, I think Jasper should have a Help your Neighbor program. The program could help the poor and homeless. People could sign up to donate every week. People in the program could meet at a specific location on the weekends. Everyone can help out. We don’t just have to help out people in Jasper. We could help all of Dubois County! You could donate food, clothes, money, or even toys! Jasper could be a better town! Everyone could go to school and get a good education. Nobody needs to be homeless. Grace Villwock Grade 4, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Community garden Dear Editor, I think that Jasper should have a community garden. Gardens are absolutely beautiful and they attract many butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Pollinators are extremely important to agriculture, as many people know. Gardens can also provide fresh foods, such as tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. Many foods nowadays have harmful chemicals in them and are not natural. Finally, gardens can bring back some nature into Jasper and attract animals that could help the ecosystem. Frogs, birds, and insects are just some of these animals. Ava Claire Werne Grade 4, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Rental bikes Dear Editor, Do you want a safer, inexpensive, fun way of transportation? Here is how we can accomplish that and more if Jasper had rental bikes. Jasper needs to have rental bikes because they help Earth, and they are handy. Rental bikes are great because they are both helpful and handy. All you have to pay is one dollar to rent a bike for one hour. Also, have you ever seen people walking instead of driving because maybe they can’t afford a car? Well, this is an easy way for them to get transportation and maybe even a workout. Another reason we should have rental

bikes is that it is amazing for Earth and our bodies. It does not pollute air like cars and busses. Our air is mainly polluted by cars and busses. Also, many animals such as deer, skunks, rabbits, foxes and squirrels won’t get run over as much because is almost impossible to focus on other things while riding a bike. In conclusion, rental bikes are great for Earth. Also, they are easy and fun ways for transportation. That is why we need rental bikes here in Jasper. Neela Frasier 5th Grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Thank your military Dear Editor, Do we thank those who stand up for our country, risk their lives, and protect us as often as we should? We often forget about all the people who make our country a marvelous place to be. Thank you everyone in the Military for being, brave, courageous, hardworking, loyal, and honorable. Most of us wouldn’t have the courage to do what you do. As of now there are about 1.4 million people that are in the Military. Joining the military is a big commitment and you have to know what you are committing to. Most of the time you have to stay in the military for at least four years. There is no backing out. Training can be one of the hardest times. In addition, the leaders prepare for the worst that could happen. Military servers aren’t stationary; they go from one place to another. This can be hard because you don’t get to see your family very often. How would that make you feel?  In addition, their families deal with not seeing them for a long time. Thank you to these families for giving up your kid to serve for us. Maria Buechler Grade 6, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Global warming

Fix the roads Dear Editor, I think that we should fix our county’s roads due to how rough they are. I say this because rough roads tend to get cracks and become very dangerous and hazardous. They can also cause some delays for kids to school, which can get them in trouble.  This means that they would be late to school at a daily basis. For example, if a bus with kids came by everyone inside would be bouncing up and down which could be very dangerous if they had gotten into a crash that maybe lead to fatal injury.  Also it will make cleaning the roads a lot more dangerous for new drivers.   I think this because the roads maybe resemble rough terrain which most kids with their driver’s license would find very difficult.   Also it would be very dangerous if someone lost control and could end up killing someone by accident.  It maybe also makes huge cracks in roads if not tended for in a long time. These holes can also end up becoming very deep that can end up to having to call emergency services. Another reason why I think roads should be fixed is because sometimes if a cracked road hasn’t been handled for a while parts will start to fall off. This can cause big piles of concrete in areas that can cause bikers, walkers, and drivers to suffer from injury if it is too dark to see them or if they can’t see them at all.  Also some kids usually ride their bikes on their neighborhood roads and this means that if there are lumps of concrete laying out this can cause serious injury to them or it can cause them to hit it and fly off their bike.  Another thing is that some kids maybe think it would be a snowball if there has been a lot of snow out a day and might throw it at someone. Another thing is that many lumps of concrete can cause damage to a person’s vehicle if the person in front has their tires fling concrete at the person behind. Dane Smith Grade 7, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Dear Editor, Sometime in the future… “Hey Mom, can we go to Orlando this year?” “Honey, Orlando doesn’t exist anymore.” Dear Editor, I would just like to thank everyone from Global warming is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.   Global warming is our community for being so supportive. causing the ice caps to melt quicker than There are many situations where our comyou think.  And I think I have a solution.  I munity and the city of Jasper have either think that global warming is an issue be- donated or verbally shown their support. A cause global warming is raising sea levels, few examples are when my baseball team and sea level rise is putting coastal cities at went to the Babe Ruth World Series, the Holy Trinity boat regatta, and when I was risk. Sea level rise is starting to become a trying to raise money for our eighth grade problem.   The greenhouse gasses we are Washington D.C. trip. The first example I had was when my releasing into the atmosphere are melting baseball team went to the Babe Ruth World the arctic ice in Greenland.  When a glacier slides off land, the bottom comes in contact Series last year. There were a lot of exwith warm ocean currents.  Since freshwa- penses involved in our travels to Mountain ter is less dense than saltwater, freshwater Home, Arkansas, where the tournament stays on the surface.  The warm ocean wa- was held. We had many people from our ter sinks, eroding away at the base of the community donate money to us for our glacier, causing large chunks to freefall trip, which was greatly appreciated. Also, I off.  These icebergs then raise the sea levels. would just be doing things around town and If you were to melt all the ice in the arc- people would notice my hat and would stop tic, you could raise sea levels say, about and wish me luck or ask how our team is twenty feet.  Twenty feet would completely doing. I was amazed at how much support submerge the lower tip of Manhattan.  This we received and appreciate every bit of it. My second example is The Holy Trinity would mean the evacuation of thousands of people.   Thankfully this won’t happen cardboard boat regatta. My school has their boat regatta every year   at Patoka River tomorrow. Now let’s talk about Antarctica.   The Plaza. And every year, that place is packed. There are many people that just enter boats vast majority of ice here is stable; however, the ice sheets holding back the glaciers are for fun or enter boats to advertise their disintegrating rapidly.  When the ice sheets businesses. It’s great to see so many boats melt, there is nothing to stop the glaciers’ so they can put on a good show. And the rapid movement.   Large cracks would ap- amount of people that come to watch is  unpear in the ice from warm oceans and dark believable.  I’m glad to see so many people ice.  Dark ice is, well, dark ice that is under supporting our school and having a good the white ice on the surface.   The warm time. My third example is when I was trying water then seeps through the ice, forming cracks.  Over time, the cracks widen, even- to raise money for our Washington D.C. trip tually tearing off a large section of ice, plop- this year. We had many fundraisers to raise money and most people that I asked made a ping it in the ocean. Melt all of Antarctica, and you raise sea donation. No one had to obviously, but they level say 200 feet.  200 feet would flood every just did because they are good people. One major city globally along the coast.  There of our fundraisers was a golf scramble and there were lots of people that formed teams goes your vacation to Florida. One way we could stop global warming to help us raise money so we could go on isn’t stopping it in a way. Global warming at our trip. All these examples show how people this point is going to be hard to stop; however, we can accept it.   One idea that is in from our community have shown their supplace is to restore the natural barriers, like port in different ways. I think it’s great that the Mississippi Delta.  This Delta provides so many people care about others and give a rough land for a storm surge to travel their time and money to help others. I really appreciate all our community does for across, making the surge less powerful. To sum it up, we need to stop global each other and what people have done to warming.   Sure, I know, this is a typical help and support me. I just want to thank topic, but it is a problem.  We need to stop all those who give their time an effort for the benefit of others.                                                           global warming, before it’s too late. Will Weinzapfel Aiden Seifert      6th Grade, Holy Trinity Catholic School Grade 8, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Community support









Thank public servants Dear Editor, I want to talk about our public servants. Our public servants helps us with fires and people who have trouble. Also they protect us from bad people. I thank them for their help. Wyatt Menke Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

Swimming is fun Dear Editor, I like to go to the Huntingburg swimming pool because I like to swim. The slide is fun because it is fast. The best thing that I like to do is swimming. Jessy Dubon Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

Spray for mosquitoes Dear Editor, You need to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can kill you. They can cause diseases. It hurts when mosquitoes bite you. I have bites all over me. Mosquitoes are all over Huntingburg. Please spray to get rid of every mosquito. Aleea Morris, Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Be kind, not rude Dear Editor, I want people to stop bullying others. People need to be nice and kind and not rude to others. I just want everybody to get along with each other. Guadalupe Martinez Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Build good readers Dear Editor, I think that we should get more books at our school. We should build a new library. I hope that happens! I love to read books and I think that everyone should keep reading and can be really good readers. Ashlyn Murphy Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Bike to school Dear Editor, Do you think kids should be able to ride their bikes to school? I think it is a delightful idea to think of. I thought of the idea because I prefer to ride my bike to school more. Plus it is a wonderful exercise. Your body will say “Thank you, for keeping me healthy.” Sara Dangler Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

After-school learning Dear Editor, I want you to know that there is an after school RIDGE program. It’s where you can finish your homework and you can go to clubs where you can learn how to cook and then eat what you have made. You can also learn how to knit and learn karate and sign language. There is also a coloring club, and you change clubs every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks. RIDGE is a great program! Kalyn King Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Rainforests cut down Dear Editor, I am going to tell you about the rainforest. Rainforests are in danger because they are being cut down. It is bad for us. It is hard to find food for the animals, and animals that don’t have a home are dying. I am concerned about rainforests getting cut down. Alfredo Ruiz Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Learning at home Dear Editor, I think ELearning days are good because it is good that you don’t have to do make up days. You can be with your family and that will help people and that will be fun. Ana Lopez Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary


Follow your dream Dear Editor, I think everyone should follow their dream. My dream is to be like Neil Armstrong and be an astronaut. Did you know Neutron’s stars can spin at the rate of 600 per second? Also the sun could fit one million Earths? The sun contains 99.86% of the mass in our solar system? I hope everyone follows their dream. Xavier Schurz Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Robots and science Dear Editor, I love Huntingburg Elementary’s Robotics program. It is so fun. We have a great leader she knows a lot about robots. Everyone in that room works with science, technology,engineering, and mathematics or STEM for short. She has many robots like Edison, nao, Ev3 etc. It’s wonderful, I hope we get more robots! Jacob Hagman Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Keep it safe Dear Editor My problem is that I think we should have more safety rules! Like when ever we have fire drills nobody acts serious. It could actually be in real life that there was a fire. Then nobody would be fooling around because it would be a real life situation. The teacher or principal should talk about fire safety rules maybe even bring in a firefighter to talk to them like my school has a firefighter talk to us every year. Or maybe the school should put consequences if they don’t follow the rules about fire safety. Maybe kids can make fire safety posters in the art room. We could come up with lots of ideas about fire safety. We could all do it together. Jackie Dubon Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Jobs for youth Dear Editor, I think there should be more jobs for young people. I know tons of young, motivated people whom would like jobs. Most of ‘em in elementary, they are dedicated young workers who’ll do it right. Also, they’ll work for lower pay than most adults. Plus, they will buy something w/ their own money instead of bugging their parents. JR Linn Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Brain rotters Dear Editor, My thoughts on alcohol and drugs are the same as everyone that doesn’t like them. I mean, come on, drugs alcohol both rot your brain. Users may think it helps, but it doesn’t. It just makes them feel worse when it makes you think you feel better. Now I know you may not listen but just hear me out. Drugs and alcohol don’t help. All it does is pushes your loved ones away, and sometimes using and drinking can put you in jail. The people who it hits the most is teens and their family. This is one of the examples I found: “A survey of more than 46,000 teens—8th, 10th, and 12th graders to be exact—showed that 13 percent of 8th graders, 30 percent of 10th graders, and 40 percent of 12th graders say they have used a drug at least once in the past year.” Jacob Bright Grade 5, Huntingburg Elementary

Stop Syrian war Dear Editor, Help! Help! Stop the war in Syria! It’s dangerous for kids and families that live there. Today there are more than 22 million refugees across the world according to the United Nations. Refugees are people forced to flee their countries because of war, persecution, violence or natural disaster. As of today, more than 300,000 people have died in Syria. It’s a bad war and this violence has to stop. The people that are doing the bombing and shooting in Syria are harming innocent people. The war of Syria has ruined people’s lives. How would you feel if you had to live in fear. Margery Villalta Grade 5, Huntingburg Elementary


Family Dear Editor, I am writing to tell you about my family. I help my grandma cook. I also help my grandpa work in his garage on cars and trucks. My mother is having a baby. My dad works on cars. I have two brothers. Jazzmin Bath Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Mom says no Dear Editor, I do not get to watch TV when my mom is home. Whenever I ask she says no because she thinks it has bad words for me. I get in trouble if I watch it! Jaden Owens Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Cows are money Dear Editor, I want to be farmer. I like to feed the cows in the morning! Cows are money in the bank!! Colton Schmitt Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Baby chickens Dear Editor, Me and my family have baby chickens. We keep them in a pen in the chicken house. We take care of them by feeding them and waters them. Me and my sisters chose them from Rural King. All kids should have a baby chicken. Jaidyn Corbett Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Mac-n-cheese Dear Editor, I love mac-n-cheese. I like it because the noodles are soft and cheesey. I like mac-ncheese when mom and mawaw make it Zoey Messmer Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Cruise ship Dear Editor, One time my family and I went on a cruise ship traveling the Carribean. I got ice-cream every day of the week. I swam every day of the week. They had a waterslide, four hot tubs, and eight pools. I tried tons of new food. I watched movies in the ships theater! Some nights mom and dad would go out to fancy restaurants. We would go to a room where people would watch us. They was all sorts of toys. I went to Port o Rico. My sister and me both got sun glasses. We went on a submarine. We saw all sorts of kinds of fish. Anderson Elshoff Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Nasty dog catchers Dear Editor, I want every dog to have a home for a living, so those nasty dog catchers can find a new job. I also want all those dogs to have the comfort they need and plenty of food and water each day, so they can be healthy and live a long time. They could be free with their new families. They could try new stuff instead of sitting in the shelter all day. If they spent their whole life in a shelter, then they would not live as long. I want dogs to change the world for humans. I want dogs to be talented with strength and ability and they can help people all over the world. They can help people who are blind. They could walk people. They could do anything if you just teach them. Emma Scherle Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Farm safety Dear Editor, I am going to talk about farm safety. Spring is almost here, tractors are going to be on the road. The tractors are going to be big and wide. Farms don’t use as small as equipment as they used to use. When they are coming down the road you will have to get over. If there is no place to pull over get over in the grass as far as you can. The farmer will sure appreciate it. When they wave at you that means thank you. Jacob Tempel Grade 3, Holland Elementary

No candy Dear Editor, I think we should get rid of candy because if you eat to much you can get sick. You could also get really hper and go crazy all of a sudden. Candy is also really bad for you. Some people think candy is gross and that is good because now they can be more healthy. Baylee Norris Grade 3, Holland Elementary

Sisters Dear Editor, I think that if your sister comes in your room she should get punished, because everyone needs just a little privacy every one in a while. Have you ever thought that your sister is the most annoying sister ever? If you haven’t realized, “mine is!” The reason I don’t want my sister to come in my room is because when I’m sleeping in the morning and it isn’t even close to the time I wake up, she sneaks in my room and jumps on me over and over again. She also comes in my room when I am making a craft and starts kicking me. I am sure that my sister is thinking about more htings to do to me that she should get in trouble for. Aidan Wibbeler Grade 3, Holland Elementary

History Dear Editor, Our elementary school should teach more history. History is thrilling, and people aren’t aware of past events. History will help you with a lot of test when you are older. It is easier to memorize history when you are younger. If you aren’t being taught history, your tests will be a lot harder in the future. History is also important, because it allows us to understand our past. If we understand our past, it will help us not to repeat the same mistakes again. History may make you happy. You will feel happy to know big wars aren’t going on, and it will make you happy. Olivia Rasche Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Smoking Dear Editor, I think people should stop smoking. They should stop smoking, because it can kill people. It can also pollute the air. Although there are many more negatives to smoking, I believe these are the most important. Smoking has been proven to kill people by causing heart problems. It also can cause lung cancer. Not only can it cause heart problems and lung cancer to the person smoking, it can cause harm to people around them. A harmful affect is that it causes pollution by releasing harmful toxins into the air. Another reason is that the cigarette butts are left. Parker Nichter Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Play sports Dear Editor, All kids should play a sport. If you don’t do a sport then you are missing out on a great opportunity to compete and make new friends. One reason you should play a sport is that you learn the importance of teamwork. In some sports you are being active and it is healthy for you. A lot of people get exercise from playing sports. If you play sports you do a lot of running and get a lot of exercise. Most people also get to know new friends and get to socialize with them. If you don’t play sports then you will not learn how to work with other people. Avah Montgomery Grade 5, Holland Elementary

Man cave Dear Editor, There is a time to play and be serious. I am being serious. There should be a man cave/boy cave. It would have RC cars, water slides, and ATVs. Then the girls would have a little tiny hut to start up drama. So we do not have to worry about listening to them we can have nerf wars. Also we would insert a big metal door that senses your eye for boys only. Olan Kramer Grade 5, Holland Elementary





Allow dogs in school Dear Editor, I strongly believe that dogs should be allowed in school. Even though some people think dogs are a distraction, I believe that dogs should be allowed in school. Dogs can give students a positive outlook on school. With students’ own dogs and puppies at school with them, it can help students to feel more at home. Since dogs are from the students’ home, dogs and puppies can help make students feel relaxed and as if they were at home in public places such as a school. Dogs can also help improve students’ reading level and proficiency in school. Reading to dogs can help improve a student’s’ reading level. An article written by Chris Weller, a senior innovation reporter, points out, “One study conducted at the University of California, Davis, found a 12% boost in reading proficiency when kids read aloud to dogs for 10 to 15 minutes per week.” The article also points out that another study conducted at this college found that therapy dogs have the ability to raise reading levels by two grade levels. When having literacy time in the classroom, students can read to the “classroom dogs” to improve reading levels and literacy in the classroom. Abi Byrd Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

Teachers deserve respect Dear Editor, I believe that kids should be more respectful to the teachers. There are very many disrespectful kids. Teachers have to put up with kids all day. They need a break just as much as we do. I think it’s time for a change. There are many kids who think it’s okay to talk when the teacher is talking. Well it’s not. Teachers explain so much, and then there are kids who still ask a million times: “What are we supposed to do?” Kids need to listen. Also, kids should not play games during class. All game websites should be disabled. They’re missing out on so much learning by doing this. Kids need to pay attention, but there are some who can’t. Many kids like to act up or try to be funny. This causes kids to be distracted and laugh because that is what they want. Kids love to pencil tap. I hate it! First of all, I can’t concentrate when they’re banging the pencil on the desk. I think it should stop! Teachers are there to help. They want you to go for your goals and succeed. This can’t happen when you are not paying attention. The teachers need to still have energy at the end of the day with their kids. This is not able to happen when they have to deal with loud and obnoxious kids. Teachers have headaches and lose their voices after a day because kids won’t listen. I try my best to be behaved because my parents are teachers, and I know they just want a relaxing day. I hope people start being more respectful to teachers. People, just be nice to your teachers. The reasons for making teachers tired make no sense to me. Put yourself in their shoes, and try to be respectful. It is that easy. Ava Smith Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

Grow more gardens Dear Editor, There is nothing better than watching a tiny seed sprout and grow to become a full grown plant. Especially if that plant then grows to produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs to use in your kitchen. I believe that everyone should have an outdoor garden. Outdoor gardens are a great way to connect with nature. There is something peaceful about going outside in the morning and watering your plants. The birds are singing, and the sun is just rising for the day. Digging in the dirt will uncover worms wriggling to the surface. Everywhere you look in your garden there will be signs of life. The plants aren’t the only one living and growing in your garden! Nature is all around us, but in the garden it is shown more clearly, or maybe it just forces you to pay attention for the health of the plants. Gardening shows you the beauty of the world around us. Gardening is also cheaper than buying produce from the store. Seed packages are cheap, and one seed will produce a large harvest. Even if you decide to buy seedlings, instead of starting from seed, the cost


is not bad, and the plant will continue giving throughout the season. It is likely you will have more fruits and vegetables than needed! A more advanced gardener might buy fancier equipment, but all that is really needed are some seeds, soil, water, and sunlight. Fertilizer or compost might be recommended, but good fundamentals are enough to produce a large, healthy harvest. Gardens are a great way to stay active and healthy. Not only are the fruits and vegetables you grow full of vitamins and minerals, they are also delicious! It’s not only the fact that you grew them that makes them so delectable; produce from the garden really is brimming with freshness and flavor. Gardening also gives you a workout. Lifting a gallon of water is not an easy job, but while you are taking care of your plants you hardly notice you are sweating. Gardening makes staying healthy easy and fun! At the end of the season when all the plants have given their last harvest, and it’s time to clear the field for next year, there is disappointment and pride. Yes, the garden season is now over, but look at all you have accomplished. Even if your garden did not do as well as you had hoped, you still tried, and there is always next year to improve your garden. Gardens are fun and rewarding, and everyone should have one to take care of. Ava Rasche Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

Public recycling bins Dear Editor, I believe there should be recycling bins out in public. A lot of trash is being thrown away that could be recycled. Each person produces 4.3 pounds of trash each day. If we have recycling bins, we would produce a lot less trash, and it would help our environment. Why should we recycle? Recycling saves energy because the manufacturer doesn’t have to produce something new for raw natural resources. By using recycled materials we save energy consumption, which keeps production cost down. Recycling reduces the need for more landfills. No one wants to live next to a landfill. Ara Wagner Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Drama class needed Dear Editor, I think our middle school needs a drama class as an elective. Our elective classes now consist of music, ITE, gym, keyboarding, art, and health. These classes introduce things you would not learn in the classroom and explore your passions. Some of these fall under these categories, like ITE and art, but they don’t go in depth with it. With a Drama class, kids could create their own play, and demonstrate it live for the school. Since it is for 6 weeks, art and drama could mend together like band and choir. Art for a semester and acting for two or the other way around. If there was a drama class, kids could be able to pick between three positions, actors and directors. The directors will create the play step by step and make the scripts. They would teach the actors what to preform and how to do the way that is best suitable for the play. The actors would practice their scripts to perfection, and act in the play for the school. Drama is a great hobby for kids to truly express themselves and gets over shyness and stage fright. These are just a few reasons why Southridge Middle School should have drama as an elective. Collin Tooley Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Don’t ditch summer break Dear Editor, I firmly disagree with the year round school argument. Students that participate in school should get a nice summer break to enjoy the outdoors and not have to worry about education. Even with the long breaks that would be contained during the year round schooling, you still get nice breaks throughout school and plus a summer to soak in the sunshine. I personally dislike being in a building for about 7 hours; especially when it’s warm and I could be doing other activities outside of school. Year round schooling could have major effects on some places. If we were to have school in the summer, less people would go to enjoy waterparks and swimming pools because their lives would get very busy.

This argument could be more difficult for school-aged kids and finding summer time jobs. Year round schooling could also make it harder for the school maintenance because they would have to pay more for heating and air conditioning. If we have year round school it could really affect jobs, family time, and even the students. Layne Huffman Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Help change immigration laws Dear Editor, Today I am writing to you about the issues of immigration. In the United States, there are many families and people being affected because of deportation. Many families are being affected because their family members are getting deported. In the United States, there are many families suffering because they aren’t able to have their family members with them. For an example, dad, mom, brother or any other family member in that family that is suffering or being affected because they are getting separated. There are families coming to the United States trying to make a better life/future, for their family. Many parents bring their sons and daughters to the United States of America for them to have a good career and brighter future. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you were an immigrant without legal status here in USA and you had a couple of days before you were to get deported, but you had your family here in the USA. They would go through a really hard time because your family wouldn’t have a father and they would be really affected and would suffer. It would be amazing if you helped us change that law. These immigrants should be offered a path to legal status and given a chance to earn citizenship. They should be able to cross and contribute to society. Many Hispanics are very hard workers and only want a chance to make a better life for themselves. You have an opportunity to help us and change these laws. Thank you for reading this letter and hopefully you can help the immigrants of the US by changing this law. Carlos Ayala Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

Put local businesses first Dear Editor Huntingburg Indiana is a great community but there is ways it can be improved. One way it can be improved is by adding more local businesses and getting rid of common chain businesses. Huntingburg does have a lot of local businesses but it can do better. I have heard about Huntingburg wanting to add more fast food businesses, but will that help our community. Every person in Huntingburg obviously wants this community to stand out but businesses need to be pushed more and rewarded for standing out. Every community needs to change to local businesses for the betterment of our county or even state. I have been told about the local first movement. I think that the whole movement is a great concept and can be great if we advance with it. The local first movement is exactly what we need but it should be pushed further. Huntingburg’s nickname is “Historic Huntingburg” but do we want to surround that name with mediocre name brands. I think Huntingburg is a tight knit community and most people know everybody and I think that factor would make it easy to start a business. If we do not start making Huntingburg unique it will just be another city with nothing unique around the start of us. I want my kids to grow up in a unique community with tons of things to do that’s not in the average town. Our cities happiness will strive if you make the community of Huntingburg Stand out. Eli Buse Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

Racism must stop Dear Editor, I’m writing about racism as its common where I live. I live around a lot of people who were born in different countries. My father is even from a different country, as well as most of my family. The reason I’m writing about it is because it makes me feel sad, hurt, and bad for the people it happens to. It has even happened to me and people I care about.

My reason is that it should stop. We need to educate people to understand the real people we are. I have been experienced with racism a lot. I have heard “go back to Mexico, where you belong” or “don’t speak Spanish, this is America you speak English here”. I just want you to think about this for a moment, me, my friends, and my family have to deal with this negative thing every day. I want to create a program for education. People should learn how people in other countries try to survive and work for their food, water, and a roof over their head. People get hurt so much from this and it’s hard to see this every day, people get into fights over this or do things I wouldn’t want to say. I want to see positive in people lives, I hate seeing people sad. It needs to stop. That was my reason to educate people about their culture and to learn more about those people, like Lester Fuller and Edwin Rolfe said “don’t judge a book by its cover”. If you created this program, I would go around schools and show people these things like talking about it, showing them how they survive every day, and what they go through like job wise. I want to thank you for reading my letter and giving your time to read all of my classmate’s letter and even mine, thank you. Vanessa Dubon Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

Create safer crossings Dear Editor, We need to put in pedestrians right away sign on heavy traffic streets like main street aka highway 231 and 2nd St. I don’t feel safe when I cross the highway at all because I don’t know what is coming. We really need one for safer walking from Walnut St. to Mor for Les. If the streets are safer than they are in big cities we would have less accidents. It would really work out for people who use the highway a lot. Every year at least 6 people get killed in car accidents because of no pedestrian first crosswalk signs and lights in areas like Huntingburg of Jasper. The person that dies or gets injured is usually in the car because of pedestrians not using crosswalks properly. We also need lights and car stopping bars at every railroad crossings for less people from getting killed. Thank you for taking your time to consider my point of view. Chris Divine Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

Allow earlier hunting Dear Editor, I think that the time Turkey season starts is way too late. I think they need to open it earlier. I think this because by the time Turkey season starts the Gobblers or male Turkeys are already grouped up with the hens or the females and stop gobbling which makes it ten more times harder and ten times less fun to do especially if you’re a kid like me. The times that Turkey season starts in other states is sometimes a month earlier than our times. Youth season in Indiana starts at April 21 to April 22. While in a state like Tennessee youth season starts from March 24 to March 25. In March that’s the prime time turkeys are looking for Hens to stick with to eventually mate with them but on April 21 to April 22 most of the males have already found a hen to follow and mate with. Jayden Anderson Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Improve internet service Dear Editor, In the countryside of Huntingburg, Holland, and Duff, people need better WI-FI. I used to live in the country and I know how it used to be. Everyone nowadays are using phones in their everyday life and most of the population in these cities need better service. Everyone is complaining about many reasons that they don’t have good service. It’s because they live in the country. One reason I think that they need better service in the country is now at schools we get Chromebooks. Not everyone can access their homework fast, and they have other things to do besides waiting on their Chromebook. Most of the teachers give online homework in the schools. That is why I say these cities need better WI-FI. Sidney Layton Grade 7, Southridge Middle School





















Not worth it Dear Editor, I think the time and stress it takes to become a professional athlete would not be worth it because you’d be wasting all the time you have to play outside or to do crafts. Also, then you will be doing work every time you get home. For the winter Olympic games, it would be hard because we barely ever get snow unless it is winter. It will be hard to do it in the summer because you would need to change how they do it, or go somewhere else and do it. It is a waste of time because you never get to play with your friends because you would be training basically all day and night. It would be very tiring. You would be away from your friends for a very long time, so I would say, “No, it’s not worth it.” Claire Warren Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

A lot of work Dear Editor, Is the time and stress it takes to become a professional athlete worth it? In my opinion it is because after you become a professional, you earn a lot of money. You could buy a nice car and house. You could buy almost anything in the world, but it takes a lot of work to become a professional athlete. It also takes money and concentration to get to play and become a professional athlete. BUt, it’s all worth it because you earn millions of dollars each season like Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Quincy Verkamp Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Need grocery store Dear Editor, ​We live in Schnellville which is a great place. There are churches, parks, and clean streets. But I feel that we need a grocery store in Schnellville. ​The first reason we need a grocery store is because they are too far away. When we need just a little bit of something to bake cookies it’s not worth it to go drive all the way to Jasper. We need a grocery store in Schnellville so we can just go get a snack or a drink. When we have a party all we need are snacks and drinks. We could just drive there in 5 minutes and be back in time to get everything ready. The second reason we need a grocery store in Schnellville is because we need food to eat. On a snow day we are stuck at home which is a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because we don’t have school and the bad thing is we can’t go anywhere. If we planned to go to the grocery store we can’t go because the roads are bad. Then we don’t have what we want for supper. Olivia Wehr Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Color runs Dear Editor, ​Color Runs are fun!!! I think we need one in Schnellville. ​I’ve run a Color Run before. It was really fun! Especially when they squirt the colors at you. It just makes running way better! I really want to run another one closer to me. It would be awesome to have one in Schnellville!!! When I ran the Color Run I was only six so I ran half and got carried half of the run. But it was still a blast !!! It was also my first 5k so I think I did really good. At the end of the race I looked like a rainbow with a few other colors in the mix! I knew I wasn’t going to win since it was my first race. For some reason I just felt like I was going to get an award. But I didn’t win an award so I was a little disappointed. ​ The second reason I think we should have color runs is that it will raise more money for the community so we can buy new equipment for the Conservation Club or redo the running track. I can just imagine running on a brand new track! Camden Cole Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Keep trash away Dear Editor,​ ​I am telling people to keep the trash off the road or anywhere else so it stays clean. The first thing I am talking about is to keep the trash off the road or anywhere else. If you throw trash out of your window you


could get a ticket. Before you didn’t even get a ticket for throwing trash out your window. If you keep throwing trash out your window there will be trash everywhere on the road. So keep your trash until you get home. Then throw it in the trash. The second reason is to keep the air nice. If you keep the trash off the road it will keep the air nice and clean. When you are going on the road it smells good but in the cities it doesn‘t smell as good. It smells like a lot of trash. If you have trash everywhere it doesn’t smell too good. ​​​Carson Fleck ​​​​​​Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Bake things Dear Editor, ​I love piano. My piano teacher is very nice. I think if you take lessons you should bake things for your teacher. I go to lessons with Sister Michelle Moore every Tuesday. Once my mom made her muffins. I like to bake with my mom so I would like to help mom cook for them. I would make mostly baked goods on holidays and on her birthday. I like to bake muffins, cookies, and pies. There are so many reasons that I want to bake for her. She gives me lessons every Tuesday. In the summer she walks down the hill with me to wait for my mom with me. There is a recital once a year. I love piano. And I love to bake for people. So I think that you should bake for them if you take lessons. Grace Hulsman Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

More kickballs Dear Editor, ​Hi, my name is Emily. We need more kickballs at our school. I have two reasons for you today. They are very good reasons. I think you will like the two reasons. ​My first reason I think we need more kickballs is because all of our school’s kickballs are flat. WE ABSOLUTELY NEED SOME!!!!!!!!!! Well, we don’t absolutely need some right now but you know what I mean. Right? Yes. The reason they get flat is because sometimes we kick the ball down the hill and they roll and get in the woods. Then sticks poke the balls. ​The second reason I think we need more kickballs is because they keep on getting lost. One time I found a kickball on the side of the road on my way home from ISTEP practice and it was yellow and had lumps on it. But then the next day it was GONE! You know it might have been picked up by the trash truck. ​Those are the reasons why we need more kickballs at school. Emily Ramsey Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

No kneeling Dear Editor, ​Hi my name is Jaxon Lueken. I like football. I think it is a great sport and here are two things I don’t like about the players. ​The first thing I don’t like about some of the football players is that they don’t stand for the National Anthem. I think that’s when everyone should stand and honor the veterans and our country. Most of those veterans sacrificed their life to keep us safe. And most of them probably died during the war or got hurt really bad. ​The second thing I don’t like about the NFL is that they don’t stand for the National Anthem and they don’t even get in trouble. I think they should also make them stand or they can’t play. Since most of them kneel if they do that they should not be able to play. It makes the veterans super happy when they stand and respect the country and veterans that risk their lives for them to be safe. So I think they should have to stand or don’t play. It is that easy to do. All you have to do is respect people who helped you be safe. I think they should have to stand for the National Anthem because then they’re respecting the veterans and our country. Jaxon Lueken Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Don’t do drugs Dear Editor,​ ​I think people should not do drugs because there are more people that are doing drugs and I think they should stop. ​The first reason I think people should stop doing drugs is because people are always doing drugs in Birdseye and I think it

needs to stop. I think the cops should start catching all the people who do drugs so people can be safe and peaceful so people don’t get hurt or have to go to the hospital. Because if they go to the hospital it is bad for everyone especially for the people that are in the hospital. Then they have to pay for the bill and that’s a lot of money to pay. So that’s why I think cops should stop the people that do drugs in Birdseye so people don’t get hurt from this kind of stuff. ​The second reason I think people should stop doing drugs is because it isn’t right to do drugs in the town of Birdseye because people do stupid stuff like drive too fast and run red lights and wreck and all that stuff. Doing drugs is bad and that’s why I think it should stop so I think cops should start having more patrol time at night because that’s when people usually do drugs. They should be more careful and look over places more than once so they can catch the people who do drugs. So if they do that I’m sure they can catch them and put them in jail. ​​​​​​​Mark Black ​​​​​​​Grade 4, ​​​​​​​Pine Ridge Elementary

Just perfect Dear Editor, ​ My School, Pine Ridge Elementary School, is great. There is no other word for it. It’s just perfect, at least I think it is. ​The first reason I think Pine Ridge is a great school is because it has delicious food in the cafeteria. They make delicious pizza, spaghetti, tomato soup, you name it! It’ll be delicious. Every first recess there is a food cart and for 1 snack it costs 50 cents. Usually I don’t do it but lots of people do do it, and no you can’t just bring in 1$ for 2 snacks. The second reason I think Pine Ridge is great is because all of the teachers are super nice at this school, well, most of them, a couple of them are really mean and I’m not going to go naming names. My math teacher, Mrs. Begle, is super nice, so is my music teacher Mrs. Gayso. She is also really nice, the same for my art teacher, Mrs Deshamp, and the nicest of all my principal, Mr. Haas. He is so nice it is almost incredible! So those are my best reasons that Pine Ridge Elementary School is the very absolute best. Ethan Goldman Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Air and heat Dear Editor,​ Hi my name is John DeWitte. I think we should have air and heat on school buses because on the county school buses it barely gets to a nice temperature. In the winter it can get very cold . Now I know we already have heaters, but they only reach the first and last seats! One time it was sooooo cold my fingers were starting to , numb and I had gloves on! Another time my friend said that their feet were freezing & numb. In the spring/summer it can get very hot and none of the buses have air conditioning. I remember one time that it was almost 90 degrees fahrenheit and it was even hotter on the bus! I felt like my skin was going to boil. One of my friends said, ”I feel like I am in a deep fryer that someone forgot to unplug!’’ There was another time when it was sooooo hot on the bus that I thought I was going to burst! ​This is why I think we should have heat and air on buses. John DeWitte ​​​​​​Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Smoothies and salad Dear Editor,​ Pine Ridge is a great school, but during lunch I think we should have smoothies and a salad bar because those are healthier and we have more choices. The first reason I think we should have smoothies and a salad bar is because they are healthy and it’s more choices. I think the choices for the smoothies should be mangos, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Also milk or cream. With the salad, I think we should have lettuce, carrots, cheese, tomatoes, egg, croutons, and ranch. ​ The reason I think we should have smoothies and salad bar is because it is healthy and it is more choices. I think kids would like it even though it is healthy. More healthy choices the healthier we are, and we are ready to learn. Aubree Gogel Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary


Common sense Dear Editor, It is important to stay safe. People should follow the laws and use common sense. You should look both ways before crossing the street.  If you are lost in the woods, stay in one place. If you are lost in the city, find a telephone and call the police. You should buckle up in the car. Be safe! Delainey Auffart Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Fun to help Dear Editor, I think people should help the poor. I think people in Ferdinand should give food to the poor or people that need it. Ferdinand should make homes for the poor. People can donate their clothes to the needy. FES had a food drive in the fall. We collected a lot of things and helped a lot of people. I hope we do it again next year. It is so much fun to help others. People that have a lot of money can help by giving money to the poor. Kids can give toys they no longer want to kids that don’t have any.  By giving things to others, we can help them and feel good. Regan Zehr Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

People need help Dear Editor, I think people should help other people that need help. If people are in danger, they need help. Help them out! People may not have enough money for food, so other people can help by giving money or food. People might get hurt or sick, give them things they need to use like crutches. If people lose their pet, you can help find it or give them your pet. Be nice and help people! Trenton Dauby Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Kickball teams Dear Editor, I want to have kickball teams at FES for after school. I think it would be fun. Whoever is on a team will get exercise and have something to do after school. Parents can support us. A kickball team can help us learn to work together. Brysen Hopf Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Donate money Dear Editor, I think people should donate money for people that don’t have any money and homeless people. People should give money to people with cancer. People need to give money to people that are really sick. We need to donate. I think people should donate money because the people that are sick and have cancer might need money to pay for their treatments. Donating money to help people is good because we need to help other people in need. Alexis Berg Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

People matter Dear Editor, People should always remember that other people matter. People always matter even if they are different from you. You should not think you don’t matter because you always matter! Don’t ever tell people that they don’t matter because they do. Be nice to other people and know that they matter. Everyone should always remember that they matter ... everyone matters!   Sophia Hubbs Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Please, thank you Dear Editor, People need to remember that other people matter. If everyone remembers that, the world can be a better place for everyone. Don’t say bad words. Don’t say mean things to people even if they are being mean to you. Don’t hurt anyone especially if they are being nice to you. Be nice to each other. Play with each other. Say please and thank you or no thank you. Remember that other people matter! Cora Weyer Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary




Adopt children Dear Editor, I would like to encourage families in the United States to adopt children from other countries. My family adopted me from China was I was five years old. I was living in an orphanage without a real family. I am happy to be in the United States with a great family. I was so happy when they chose me and adopted me. I think a lot of kids from other countries would love to be adopted and live here with loving families and go to school here. Lily Muller Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Lovely place Dear Editor, Ferdinand is a beautiful place, and we need to keep it that way. We do not want to litter. We also need to keep the community clean. We need to keep our yards clean. Do not mow grass in the road. You should trim your trees. You should not throw your trash on the ground at the park. All people who own a house should keep their trees and bushes trimmed. Ferdinand is a lovely place, and we need to keep it that way. Kendall Fischer Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Cheer at games Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand Elementary School needs a 2nd to 4th grade travel basketball team because I think basketball is fun.   I think a lot of boys will like it. The students in the school would like it too because that would give them something to do.  They can watch the games and cheer.   Cash Laake Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Neighborhoods Dear Editor, People can make neighborhoods better places if they help each other. If neighbors can’t mow their own lawn, other neighbors can mow the lawn for them. You can visit or ask them to play. If you see someone in the neighborhood hurt, you can help them out. A neighbor may be older and need extra help. You might plant flowers for them, rake leaves, or clean up after a storm. Help your neighbors out and you’ll live in a wonderful neighborhood. Emma Wilson Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Staff day Dear Editor, I think we should make a special day for our staff at school such as principals, teachers, and assistants. They do so much to help us and I want to thank them for everything. Just think about the staff at your school and everything they do. They help us learn every day. We are all so lucky to have people who care about us. We should call their special day Teacher Appreciation Day. Alivia Brosmer Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Classroom pet Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand Elementary needs to have a classroom pet in each classroom. It would teach the class responsibility because they would have to take care of it. One person from the room would get to take it home each weekend. You would get to feed it and play with it. The teachers would pick a different student each weekend. If a student gets in trouble at school, they would not be allowed to take the pet home. Ella Hagedorn Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary

Chromebooks Dear Editor, I think that Ferdinand Elementary students should be able to take home their Chromebooks every day. We could learn more in the evenings by working on IXL, IReady, and other learning games. Our teacher could give us assignments on Google Classroom for us to complete each night. We could also use our Chromebooks on a snow day, so that we would not have to make up school when we are off because of bad weather. Bailey Begle Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary



Sleeping Dear Editor, Did you know that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping? It is vital to our survival. The urge to sleep is all-consuming, and if we are deprived of it, we will eventually slip into slumber even if the situation is life threatening. If we get just the right amount of sleep, we will awake feeling well and ready for the day. But what if my parents want to have a earlier bedtime because they are making me go to sleep at 8:00 or earlier? I want a later bedtime, but how do I get it. What time should I go to sleep? Well it depends on how old I am, and when I need to get up. To persuade my parents to give me a longer time until bed I will say for example say you’re 10 and have to wake up at 7:00 AM the next day, then an appropriate time would be around 10:00 pm” to wake up but I can go to sleep anytime before if I wanted. If I have to get up 6:00 ( which I do )I can go to sleep at 9:00pm waking up fully energized. “Why?” my parents may ask, “do you want later time before sleeping.” I will tell them that one reason is that I want more time. By that, I mean to do things that need to be done for example school work, reading, and chores which is something I can and would do for later bedtime. Sometimes you even just aren’t tired when it’s your bedtime. That is why I want to go to sleep later Most importantly, health, yes we all need a certain amount of sleep so if I have a reasonable bedtime, I will be ready and energized for the day. I, at age 10, need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Adults need about 7 to 9. So, I won’t go overboard on bedtime. I propose going to bed at 11:00 pm to get up at 6:00 a.m. Isn’t that great of a choice of timing. For kids, I personally think that the best bedtime is around 9:00 to 9:30. Andrew Hayman Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Vacation Dear Editor, Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation? Well vacations could help parents how you may ask? It could help parents to be less stress and get lot of things done like pay your bills or any kind of bills that need to be paid it could also make you able to relax. For instance you might have kids that don’t give you as much time as you want to do your important things to get done. Like you may have to pay your bills but when you’re at your vacation you will have time to pay your bills at that exact time, so that time will give you enough time to do your things that need to be done. To start, when you are doing your things you probably will have time one thing how you might get done is that when your at your vacation your kids could be playing outside doing fun activities and that will give you time to do your things, and when your done. But at the end of the day you will know that you got all your things and you didn’t really get distracted the whole time it was just that you didn’t have much time do get done. Jose Cruz Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Paved bike trail Dear Editor, I think we should make a paved bike trail in St. Anthony. Here are some reasons. First of all, it would be a place to hang out with friends and have fun. A lot of us get really bored at home doing the same things. Kids would also stop bothering their parents because they’re bored. Kids could also meet some new kids and become friends. Moving right along it would teach kids how to ride their bikes. Seeing other kids ride their bikes might make them want to ride their bikes. They would also be exercising at the same time having fun. It would make a healthy community in the future. Most importantly it would get kids outside riding their bikes instead of watching TV or playing video games. Quite a few kids like to watch TV and play video games. Kids might like to ride bikes with their friends. It might be interesting to some kids.They might like it and they may keep coming back. Madelyn Miller Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Softball invented Dear Editor, Did you know that softball was invented in Chicago, Illinois? It eventually moved all over the United States. I am glad it is now here in Indiana. I am sure some other girls are too. I would like to tell you some reasons to play softball, and I hope that you will want to try it out. One fact about softball is it teaches you to never give up. For example, you should keep trying your best at all times. Your team may never win a game, or the last hit could win the whole game. You could have a bad inning, or you could have a good inning. So, always do your best! You never know when a game could change. Another fact about softball is it teaches you teamwork. For instance, if you lose a game it is not just one persons fault it is the whole teams fault. You have to work together to win a game not just one person. Just because someone didn’t get a hit that doesn’t mean the are horrible, you can still cheer them on and say,” You can do it next time.” You will always meet new people each year. Most importantly softball keeps you healthy and strong. At the beginning of every practice our coach usually haves us run one lap around the whole field. By practicing at home and at practice you will get very strong. Also by practicing a lot you will get better at softball. Say yes to softball. It teaches you life lessons and keeps you healthy and strong. I hope you try out. It is awesome. Jillian Healy Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Get off phone Dear Editor, Sleepier, meaner, not healthy, and lazy. The world is at risk. People get off your phone and go outside! First of all, the only reason to have a phone is to call someone. If you get off your phone and go outside, you’ll feel stronger, healthier, nicer, and feel practically in Heaven! Moving right along, people aren’t trying to do things by themselves. If you’re stuck on a math problem you go straight to a calculator. Another reason, is if you need a synonym for a word you go straight to an online thesaurus. The final reason, is that the universe is getting addicted to them. The apps include Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and most importantly not enjoying the wonders of life. Before phones were popular, you would only call. Now, why have we changed that? There’s nothing different except for texting and games. Charlie Hasenour Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Video games Dear Editor, My opinion on video games is that I think kids shouldn’t play them so much. Kids are just so lazy. The reason I think kids shouldn’t play video games so much is that everyday kids are just getting lazier and lazier. There are a lot of kids today that just get home from school and just go straight to video games. They don’t even do their homework! They either go to the couch and watch tv or go play video games. If we played less video games we could burn off calories and be active outside instead of staying inside. Another reason that I think we should have less video games is that kids wouldn’t have to spend money on video games and they could buy things that would help their family and themselves through life. They could get into a good college and get a good education so they would get a good job someday. The worst thing about video games is that kids are playing so much killing games. In my opinion I think that this is why there are so many shootings in the United States going on. The kids are learning what to do and then they are doing it themselves. Kaleb Persohn Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Snow days law Dear Editor, The school snow day law bother me. Why do we have too have school snow days? Yes, it does help with learning; and yes it does help with studying, but it does take away

our freedom. Yes, it does help us to not miss any learning, but put yourself in our shoes. We used to love snow days, but now some of ushate them more that regular school. Now, we also don’t like to make up the school days. Most of the kids at my school do not want to make up the school day whatsoever! Lauren Klem Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Cure Dear Editor, Cures to what? One word ... cancer. I feel too many people are affected by cancer. Even if you don’t have cancer someone in your family or one of friends may be affected by it either by having it or knowing someone that does. And that straight up stinks! That’s why I think we should use more tax money and donate more to research for cures of cancer. Family cancer deaths cause a lot of sad feelings. Say your friend’s mom’s life is taken away by leukemia. Your friend might have depression, or even suicidal thoughts. One way to stop all this is more money donations to cures for cancer. A good way to stay in the habit of donating is to donate at least $5 a month. More people would donate if they knew it was going to a good cause. People wouldn’t donate if they just thought it was a bunch of tech freaks playing games and watching youtube. I can almost guarantee this isn’t happening because most of the employees have been affected by cancer. So I think it is important to make sure to make it clear to the amazing people that donate that the people they give their money to are using it for research. My final reason is that cancer is the 2 greatest cause of deaths in the U.S. I also know for a fact that with all the tax money and donations given cancer research hasn’t budged for a long time. And the only logical reason to fix this is to donate a bit more tax money and donations. Mason Lubbers Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Free year of sports Dear Editor, My personal opinion is that a child should have a free year of sports. If a kid is given a free year of sports that was paid by the school, it could change their life. These are a few reasons why children should have a free year of sports. If the child joined a team, it could improve the team because the kid could be really good at the sport or they could improve to be good at the sport. If he/she would simply just like to help with water or towels that would still improve your team. If he/ she is better mentally instead of physically he/she could make up some good strategies the team could use to get better. If the kids got a free year of sports and didn’t like the sport they could drop out if they wanted to and the parent wouldn’t lose money, the parent wouldn’t be frustrated because they lost money, and the parents wouldn’t complain for their money back and be annoying with it. If the kid got a free year of sports and got really good at the sport he/she could have a career opportunity. If he/she worked hard, they could get a free ride to a collage. If they worked hard, colleges could notice them, and they could play for a good college team and get a good education. They could go farther than college and go to professional football, basketball, or baseball if they had some luck and if they worked hard. Aaron Beckman Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Go green Dear Editor, I think that we should go green because it could help the school’s population and help our school with electricity and it could help our school students to become more fit and healthy instead of not being fit or healthy. I think that going green can help our school’s health population in a major way because if we go green we would be even more healthy than other school’s are if we go green. Going green could also increase our school population and it could also give us a good reputation on people if they want to move here and have their kid go to school here. Since we went green that also means that all of the students would be well exercised and strong. Skyla Smith Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate





Gun rights Dear Editor, I am writing to express my concern over gun rights in America. In my opinion, I think that guns need to be managed better. You may turn on the television, and see that there was a school shooting, and the top headline reads ‘2 students killed, 18 injured in Kentucky’. Also, such as the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas strip, and also the horrific Sandy Hook shooting, which left 26 people dead and several injured because of people using dangerous weapons. Gun control needs to be managed better because there have been 11 school shootings, just in 2018, and more shootings that did not happen in a school setting. Donald Trump has changed his position on gun control over time, which shows he is very unsure about what he thinks about gun control, so that does not help the change in security. Even though you have to be 18 to legally purchase firearms, some people still get a hold of them. Also, some people have a bad history with things that go against the law, so I think background checks may help a little. The average gun owner, no matter how responsible, is not trained in law. I think that gun laws need to be stricter. Most of the guns used in mass shootings were automatic guns. An automatic gun continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed or held and there is ammunition in the chamber. An automatic gun does more damage in a short amount of time compared to any other type. The rate for shootings has went up tremendously, and with that, so have the number of deaths because of a firearm. The government really needs to rethink over the 2nd Amendment. Claire Eckert Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Animal cruelty Dear Editor, Do you ever feel upset when you see animal shelter comercials? Where the animals have been abused and are scared and frightened. Animals have battle wounds from harsh owners from being beaten, mistreated, and abused. What I’m here to talk about is animal abuse. I know most people have heard of this topic or even witnessed what happens. Animal cruelty is a big problem with dogs, cats, horses, or even livestock. The shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is just the tip of the iceberg; most cases are never reported. Unlike violent crimes against people, cases of animal abuse are not compiled by state or federal agencies, making it difficult to calculate just how common they are. Animal cruelty happens everywhere. I just heard of one where some random person was posting him or someone around him abusing animals on instagram. Someone told me about it so I checked it out. A man had a pitbull and was abusing the dog. The dog ended up biting him as a way of self defense for being mistreated. The man ended up hanging the dog, recording it, and laughing about it afterwards. Some people are just cruel. Pitbulls are more abused than any other dog breed. The main reason is “Dog Fighting”. People who fight these dogs, abuse, torture and even use dogs as bait if they aren’t good enough fighters. Let me say my experiences with pitbulls were the best. My family has never had a pitbull with one mean bone in their entire body. They look intimidating and all but they can be one of the sweetest amusing dogs I’ve seen. I love all animals the same. I can’t even hurt a fly. I myself can’t bear animals being mistreated. I don’t understand how people can abuse such a loving pet, companion, and friend. This was to show how animal cruelty is a major problem. I hope this problem can be solved, no animal should go through cruelty like they do. Alice Frehim Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Teachers and guns Dear Editor, Should teachers be allowed to carry guns? I think that teachers should be allowed to carry guns. The school board should have a full background check on


their applications. The teachers also should have a certain amount of years to carry a handgun. The classrooms should have a hidden safe that only the teachers know about. The safes should be to where the staff has to put their fingerprint on the safe to open it. The staff and only the staff should have access to the safe and the gun. No student no matter how old or how trusted should not have any knowledge of where the gun or safe is. The gun should only be used for extreme emergencies. Never for forcing things, like making kids to do there work or if they talk back. I think teacher should be aloud to carry a handgun, but they should be under strict surveillance. Logan Ferguson Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Year-round school Dear Editor, Many people have different opinions about year round school. In my opinion, I do not think there should be year round school. There’s many reasons to not have it. Yet, there may be those reasons many teachers, school staff members, and parents think they should have it. Reasons they should not have it is because kids need a long summer break. Some have jobs, and some businesses depend on high school students to work during the summer because that may be most of their staff members. (example: Holiday World has lots of high school students that work during the day in the summer.) Many kids stress about school, and often need a two month break away from everything, and many families go on vacations and want time away from their hometown. So, families could not even go on vacations anymore if we had too short of breaks. It is good for us kids to get a good summer break and rest to take time and get away from education for a while. The breaks we have now are good, such as fall and spring break, and Thanksgiving and Christmas break. They give us a few days away from school, and it gives you time to get your mind off of school if you are stressed or worried about school. Madison Begle Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Dress code Dear Editor, I think that having a dress code is good but a little to strict in some schools. I do agree on having a dress code but some of the rules are way too strict and don’t make sense for example in our school you can’t wear open shoulder shirts because you get dress coded and I don’t see anything wrong with wearing open shoulder shirts they just have holes on the shoulder it isn’t anything bad so I don’t know why that’s against the dress code and we used to be able to wear them but not anymore. Another rule that I don’t agree with is that you are not able to wear jeans with holes above the knee. I get it that some jeans are ripped all the way up your legs but then there is some jeans that are nothing like that and have holes above the knee that are small and barley show skin and we still get dressed for the small holes on the jeans because it’s not appropriate. There is more clothes that are more inappropriate than ripped jeans. So I really don’t agree with this rule either it to strict. One other rule that I don’t agree with is that you are not able to wear leggings. I don’t agree with this because some people wear joggers that are just as tight as leggings and don’t get in trouble and then there are some people that wear leggings that get dress coded while other people are wearing joggers just as tight as leggings and it isn’t fair to other people and doesn’t make sense. So I do agree with a dress code but it would be better if they allowed ripped jeans,leggings,and open shoulder shirts. It would be very appreciated if they took off some of those rules! Mariela Cruz Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

End bullying Dear Editor, Do you enjoy school and look forward to it? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I find school to be very enjoyable however, when bullies get involved that’s a different story. In our world today, I think that bullying is a major issue. Today, so many children and teens find themselves with a cellphone, iphone, a tablet or computer in their hands.

All of this technology caused bullying to go from a minor issue of teasing to a terrible case of cyberbullying in a matter of years. Now, 78% of all teenagers own a cellphone, which makes cyberbullying a major issue. Also, bullying is a problem in school too. As a eighth grader, almost daily I hear someone putting others down or laughing at someone because they could not do something as well as them. However, due to my experiences, bullying is not nice, and you will only earn a title of mean. Many kids my age find themselves in situations where they are pressured to say something mean to another person. However, only a few say, No, that is not nice. I would never say that! and walk away. Many people just join in thinking that they will earn acceptance into the cool group. That is not how it works. Once people open their eyes and really think about what they are saying, we may notice a change in society. Just by smiling at someone who looks sad in the hallway, or inviting the student who sits alone at lunch to come sit with you will help this situation. So, next time you see someone being bullied, or you are being bullied, just stand up to them and the bullies will realize there is no point in being mean if you stand up to them. And in order to reduce bullying you have to stand up to the people who are not being kind, even if you are not involved in the situation. These few words will most likely change someone’s life. If you are caught in a group of people saying mean things about others, don’t just sit there and be silent, get up and then walk away. Emma Welp Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Kneeling Dear Editor, I would like to talk about the subject of kneeling during the National Anthem. I think kneeling during the presentation of the flag, or disrespecting the flag in any way to protest a social issue, is wrong. If someone wants to protest police brutality, for example, they should not kneel or walk around with signs at this time; because that won’t do any good. It causes division and can make the situation worse. They should contact the head of the police force. There is a time and place for such behavior. Kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespectful to the country, the flag, the military, veterans, prisoners of war, fallen soldiers, the police force, and all American citizens of the past, present, and future, and the list goes on. The issue they protest does not apply to all these parts, but it is disrespectful to all of them. Kneeling, sitting, or not even being on the field during the anthem is completely ridiculous and childish. As a sign of respect for every American citizen, dead or alive, when the national anthem is being played, you should stand up straight with your hand on your heart. When a player kneels during the National Anthem, he is not only making himself look bad, but the whole team and even the whole entire NFL,NBA,MLB,ect. although many of the players do stand. For example, there are many people that are not 49ers fans anymore because of the Colin Kaepernick incident he hurt the careers of himself and his whole team. It is your individual choice if you want to sacrifice your own career and livelihood of your own family, but you should not have to drag other people’s lives into it. Overall, if you want to protest, do it in a way that makes sense and actually helps. Hunter Bumm Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

School shootings Dear Editor, What’s the biggest worry in schools now days? Well, in my opinion it is school shootings. There have been 28 school shootings in January 2018. That’s one month! Schools need to have a better school security system. In my opinion, I think teachers should be allowed to keep handguns in their rooms. This will not only be safer, but the teachers will be able to defend the class better. I understand that some people will be against this, but think about this. If there was an active shooter in the building would you rather have your kid possibly shot, maybe even killed, or allow the teacher to have protection in order to stop that shooter. My idea for keeping the guns in a safe place is, we have a safe in every teacher’s classroom. This would be a safer idea to keep students safe. I think the office would have a button to when they say over the in-

tercom there is an intruder, they hit a button to unlock all safes in teachers in rooms. This would ensure that nobody could access the weapons unless the button is hit. I hope people realize this is a great thing in order to keep the students/kids safe during their school day. I also think this would be make the students feel more safe and secure during a lockdown. This could be the start of a great thing. Caleb Moya Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Social media Dear Editor, I have thought about social media lately. It can be important and critical to have sometimes, but sometimes I think, “Is social media manipulating us to be more narcissistic?” Are we trying too hard to impress people to follow us, or are we trying too hard to be popular?” Most teens today are growing up with technology and social media in this generation. Sometimes we try too hard to feel popular and cool, and we suddenly just get too self absorbed with ourselves. According to a Pew survey set up in 2014, about ninety-four percent of teens who go online use a social media. Almost three quarters of teens use a smartphone. Therefore, it is critical to think about narcissism because it can have serious impacts on psychological health and social life. What are the implications that can come with being a narcissist? How does it affect you? If you become way too narcissistic, it could affect your behavior negatively. Narcissism is closely linked to self-destructive behaviors, like increased aggression or being less honest. It creates misery for others without it, too. It can make others feel worthless while the narcissist considers themselves on the top, or the most superior of them all. Narcissism isn’t exactly a characteristic or personality either. It is more like a chronic, progressing symptom, for example, like a drug addiction. So, in my opinion, we should try to lay off of social media a little bit and get an actual life. Brooklyn Knight Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Helmet laws Dear Editor, In recent years a law has been past about wearing helmets on ATV’s if you are under the age of eighteen. Is it really the best idea, or should the ruling have gone the other way. To me wearing a helmet is a must, because it will keep you safe from the accidents you might encounter. From 2013 to 2015 there were 28 recorded deaths related to ATV in Indiana. One interesting fact is that in Utah more people were hospitalized, because of atv accidents rather than intentional injuries like stabbing, and gunshot wounds. I can assure you that many of them were related to not wearing a helmet. One incident that I remember happened on a day that my family was having a get together. My cousin was riding her dirt bike and crashed. That day happened to be the day that she had forgotten her neck brace, but luckily she had her helmet and the rest of her protective gear. At the age I was at I really did not understand what has happened, but when I look back I am pretty sure that the helmet had saved her. I know of too many people that have died because they did not wear a helmet. Here is the message for all the people my age, please wear a helmet. It can and will save your life. Jason Welp Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School

Sexual harrassment Dear Editor, Why does it happen so often and how come people don’t say it right away? Sexual harassment is something that you have heard a lot lately. Lots of actresses and athletes have been getting abused by men. Lots of movies that you might know are about sexual harassment are The book of Henry and The Boy Next Door. Recently lots of people have come out about getting raped. Sexual abuse is a scary thing and nothing to joke about. About 1,000 women have died because they got raped. Most women get pregnant or get in depression because they don’t tell anybody. 1 of every 6 women have got raped before. This is a serious matter that we need to handle quickly. Emma Grundhoefer Grade 8, Forest Park Jr.-Sr. High School









The best day Dear Editor, I hope you have a good day and today is the best day to catch cray fish. Today is the best feeling every for me and you to just do what we just rock and roll...withour family...and is the best. Waylon Atkins Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Learning a lot Dear Editor, I am learning a lot of stuff in school and I’m loving school this year. I am learning to add and subtract. Owen Harris Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Cows are good Dear Editor, I like cows. I have 24 cows. My cows are good. My cows are smart. I have to feed my cows haybales to eat in the night and winter. They like to be let to run free. They stay in my yard and they like to eat grass in my yard. Owen Weikert Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Reading feels good Dear Editor, I love to read a lot of books. My favorite book is Kylie Jean Party Queen. I get it everytime at the library. When I read it, it makes me feel good about my self. Maddie Dill Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas Dear Editor, Ninjas are fast. Ninjas are quiet. Ninjas can be anywere. Aiden Klem Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Taylor Swift a good singer Dear Editor, Taylor has a bunch of awesome fans. I think that Taylor is the best singer in the world. I think Taylor Swift is cool. Do you like to sing? Taylor is a pop star. I read it in a book. Have you read a book about her? I think she is cool. Katelyn Weikert Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Write about me Dear Editor, Editors are nice and they right good newspapers that I like, ok? You like to right newspapers. I like to play baskitball. I can werk this out. You can right about me plaing baskitball. That would be cool! I could play in the NBA! I hope I can make it to the newspaper some day. That will be cool! I hope you pick me. Garrett Goller Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Helpful guide dogs Dear Editor, Do you know there are hundreds of helpful dogs in the world? Some peple can not hear, see, or talk. Guide dogs can help with peple that can not see. Alexa Sander Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Help homeless people Dear Editor, Homeless people need muny becuse thay need to buy a house to live. Thay need to have a person to take care of them. Kenna Zehr Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

My pet donkeys Dear Editor, I have two donkeys one is a girl and one is a boy. The girls name is Olive and she is pregnant, she is going to have a baby in 5 months. The boy donkey is mean to me and his name is Pickle. Kinley Case Grade 3, Dubois Elementary


My first dog Dear Editor, I got a new dog. She is the only dog I have ever had in my life. She is very playful. Marshall Schepers Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Dodgeball can hurt Dear Editor, I think we should stop playing dodgeball because it is a bad game. People can get hit in the face but I know it is a fun game. You can get hurt easily. I know I am probably the only one that says we should stop playing dodgeball. Tanner McCarty Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

No texting from heaven Dear Editor, I do not think that people should text and drive. I mean you cannot text from heaven. It is not safe to text and drive. You could crash and then you would get very hurt and possibly go to heaven. I really think that texting while driving is not safe. So try not to text and drive. So do not text and drive. Katlyn Johnson Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Wonder is extraordinary Dear Editor, I love Wonder, the book. Wonder is really different, wonderful, and extraordinary. I think Wonder is just as cool as going on a field trip at Big Splash. I hope Wonder, the movie comes out. I really hope I get in the newspaper. Madison Buttery Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Newspaper gives you facts Dear Editor, I think your job is really awesome, I hope maybe I work their. I bet your job is hard, because you have to edit and tell them what to put in there. I love to read the newspaper, because it gives you facts and I really like trying to do the puzzle section and the sports because I like to play softball and maybe I can learn more. Jenna Vogel Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

Virtual days are long, hard Dear Editor, Virtual day is so hard that I could not get it done in two days. It takes me forever to do it takes a couple hours of work to do. Virtual day is when there is a snow day so we have to work in your binder and you would have to get it done in two days and if you don’t get it done you will miss your Recess. I hope we do not get any more virtual day so we do not have to do work or go to school when we are out of school. Luke Smith Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

Yay summer, nay poison ivy Dear Editor, My name is Bryce and I like the summer but I have to deal with poison ivy. I get it very bad I am highly allergic to it and I have to go to the doctors a lot. And my mom gets sad when I get poison ivy and my dad get mad when I get it. It’s hard not to itch it. And so I think there should be a oil that you put on your body before you go outside so you don’t get poison ivy. Bryce Simmons Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

STEM is fun, cool Dear Editor, In my class on Fridays we have S.T.E.M. which is a thing that includes fun and cool things. In S.T.E.M. we have 1 hour to create something. Some of the things in S.T.E.M. are Winter Olympics, saving Sammy, hang an ornament using only 3 pipe cleaners, We had to build a structure to hang the ornament on without it falling over. And when we finish our teacher will tell us what to do after that. Caleb Montgomery Grade 4, Dubois Elementary


Dog jump Dear Editor, One time, we didn’t even ask our dog to jump on the sled and she did. She just went down the hill, and went “ploof” at the end. Norah Buchta Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Monster trucks Dear Editor, My favorite presents I got for Christmas were a whole bunch of Monster Trucks. I went to Monster Jam. It was cool. I liked watching it. Drake Lindauer Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Three Pigs Dear Editor, My favorite book is The Three Little Pigs. They blow the house down. The bricks are safe. Landry Wolf Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Pledge of Allegiance Dear Editor, I am asking if we can say the Pledge of Allegiance louder because the Veterans work hard to keep our country free. Eli Mehringer Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Drugs Dear Editor, People should not eat drugs. People should enjoy the flag. People should not rob. Austin Frank Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Never be bad Dear Editor, Can we make the world better? And can we never be bad? Madden Burris Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Police officer Dear Editor, I wish I knew how to become a police officer. I will know when I get bigger. Isaiah Goodman Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Messy sister Dear Editor, I think my sister should clean up after herself. I always trip because there’s a huge mess of clothes on the floor in her bedroom. My mom always gets mad at her and tells her to clean it up, but she never does. I’m the clean one in the house. She is the messy one. I hope she cleans her room again. Dexi Kirchoff Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Deer season Dear Editor, I think deer season should last longer. I want to shoot more deer. I shot a doe once. I want to shoot a buck. We eat deer meat at home. My dad eats a lot of it. I think it is fun going deer hunting. Make the season longer. Landon Lindauer Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Help the poor Dear Editor, I think people should give more money to the poor. They could have a better life with food and shelter. If you see a person on the street you can go up to them and give them money so they can buy food and shelter. Xavier Meyer Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Nursing home Dear Editor, I want the nursing homes to have better things for the people that live there. They need volunteers and money donations. They could use the money donations to buy more items for the residents. Volunteers could help buy stuff for the residents. They could also help the residents get stuff done.

The volunteers could play games with the residents. Meadow Schroering Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

More experience Dear Editor, I think parents should let us stay up late like grownups. I mean they get to do that stuff. I bet it’s because they think they have more experience. So I think we should be able to do that too. Just because there older doesn’t mean they can do that stuff and not us. Sam Beck Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Different papers Dear Editor, I don’t get why you only give newspapers Monday-Friday called The Herald. On Saturday you call it something else. Also, why do you write a story on the front and continue it on the back. Cora Hasenour Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Pricey basketballs Dear Editor, Why are basketballs so pricey? People in the world love basketball. It isn’t fair to the people who love basketball that don’t have enough money that can’t buy a basketball. The people in the world who love basketball and don’t have TV can’t watch basketball. Carson Beck Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Army troops Dear Editor, We are losing army men almost every day. There needs to be more invitations for the army. We need more army troops for the wars we might have. There’s kind of a war going on right now at this very moment. It is the war of Korea. Trump is making a wall right now to try to help us from Attacker’s. Trump is making our army practice and practice to make our country strong. He wants to protect our country from Korea, and Mexico. Gavin Wright Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Animal shelter Dear Editor, I think there should be an animal shelter in Celestine. I think this because every year there are animals abandoned and left to care for themselves and eventually die. If there is an animal shelter in Celstine than animals could live longer happier lives. Also they would be able to give kids that have been wanting pets but there parents didn’t want to leave town. Also the people who live in Dubois, Birdseye, and Schnellville can also get pets without driving to Jasper. Jasmyne Knebel Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

WiFi Dear Editor, I wish they could make WiFi a lot cheaper. I can name a few reasons why. 1. Our school cannot afford better internet. 2. Other cannot get internet and it just might be important. 3. Sometimes internet is needed to make a call to someone. 4. Also, I think we would have a great country if internet was cheaper. Clayton Best Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Less shootings Dear Editor, These people shootings are making the whole North America a mess! We need something to stop this from happening. If you’re having troubles, get therapy, exercise, rest, draw, and play. Talk to your parents, family, and friends. You could pray! To go Church and ask for help at church. So please leave weapons at home. Please make sure doors and schools are locked tightly. Try to get some good security systems. Make sure your windows and doors are shut tightly. Karsen Bieker Grade 4, Celestine Elementary









Hunting viewed favorably Dear Editor, Did you know that 78% of Americans have a favorable view of hunting? There are 33 million deer in the world. The government gets $371 million in taxes from bows, arrows, and guns. Did you know that some hunters are hunting for sport and not for a way of life. The main reason some hunters are hunting is to connect with family. I think that hunting is good. One reason hunting is good, because hunting provides food for people. Since deer weigh a lot, you can get a lot of deer meat. If you want to eat squirrel, you have to have a couple if you want pretty much meat. Hunting feeds hungry homeless people. Hunting can also feed other animals. When you hunt it helps, hunting can prevent overpopulation. Animals eat corn when they are out in fields, so hunting can prevent them from getting ate. Hunting keeps us safer from wrecks and even death. Although you may not hear of many people hitting animals, it cost $10 billion each year. Animals kill about 200 people every year. When hunting you can exercise, and enjoy nature. While hunting it helps with health, it increases mental discipline. When in a tree stand you can look around at all the trees. Since you walk a lot while hunting, it gives you an adrenaline boost. If you bring your friends or family in the woods, you can increase your ability to talk to people. People may think that hunting is the cause of many deaths. I understand that some people think that animals suffer but hunting provides food. If people like hunting they should keep hunting and shouldn’t care what other people think as long as they keep providing food. Obviously, hunting should be allowed everywhere. If you start hunting now you will get better in the future and provide more food. When you hunt you can enjoy the outdoors and become closer to nature. Not only will you get close to nature you can also have fun. Hunting can relieve stress because you are walking around and it is quiet. Shayla Sander Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

No cell phones for kids Dear Editor, Did you know that a survey shows that 77% of people said they got their first phone in between the ages 10-17? “Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone,” Steven Spielberg. More and more phones are being bought each day, and more and more people are getting addicted, too. I believe kids should not have phones for multiple reasons. To start off with, children could get exposed to inappropriate material. With the internet and social media, there is almost always going to be inappropriate videos/ photos that people can post. Many people think most apps are safe, but you can easily download apps that are violent or inappropriate. These apps can teach kids violence or things they shouldn’t watch. Also, it is very simple to look up certain things that is bad for children. There is no doubt that if kids have phones they might have an awkward social life when they are older. They won’t have to make the decision to talk to someone face to face because they could call or text them. Texting and calling doesn’t take as long as meeting up with someone for a conversation and is more convenient, but kids won’t have to talk in real life. They won’t develop the skills of talking to people. For example, children won’t be able to look people in the eye, or learn how to start a conversation. It is clear that having phones can cause cyber-bullying. People can talk behind your back easier than real life. Messages can be sent without much thought. Bullies will have the advantage because on some apps they can talk without other people knowing they are talking about that person. People can lie on social media and say things they wouldn’t say in real life. I can understand why people think kids


should have phones. It has many good things about it like easy communication, entertainment, and social media. But if you think about it the bad outweigh the good. Kelli Merkel Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

Why farming is good Dear Editor, I think farming is a good thing because that’s one of the most important food sources here in the U.S. We need to have more farms global because only 2% of the globe is farming, and it used to be 10% in the 1700s. That is a lot of farms worldwide. However, I will give you a few reasons why I think farms are a good thing. I think we need farms because it is one of the only food sources that we have. And people need to eat don’t they. It also comes right from the fields, and most of it is healthy food. It also is the best food that anyone’s had if they have tried the healthy food. Most importantly, there is always a lot to do on the farm. The farm always keeps you busy, but a good kind of busy. And people love to be this type of busy. And you will have multiple farms. I’m sure of it. I love to do stuff with my hands. I can’t sit inside all day long. Here’s one finally reason, it is so easy to own a farm. It isn’t hard work —it is fun work. People also think it’s hard to drive tractors. It’s not. And the easiest thing is to clean out the grain bins. So the next time someone tells you farming is hard give them some reasons why it isn’t hard to do all this stuff. Some people say it causes air pollution. But how else are we supposed to eat healthier foods. A lot of people eat farm grown food. So I don’t understand why people want to get rid of farms. You should thank a farmer not get rid of them. So there were a few reason I think farming is good. By the way farming is the best hobby someone would ever have, TRUST ME! I love it, it is the best thing ever. Kaden Bieker Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

Kids should have phones Dear Editor, Have you ever wondered about kids having cell phones? When it is sometimes a problem, there could be cool solutions. There may not be as big of a problem as people think; therefore, people should not be a worried about kids having cell phones. There are lots of reasons why kids should have cell phones. One reason is parents can track their kids. That would reduce the number of child kidnaping deaths, because the parents can get help for the children. Parents also know where their kids are going, so they don’t go in to inappropriate places. When kids could sneak out at night, if the parents track their phones they wouldn’t do that because they wouldn’t want to leave without their phones. Additionally, kids can stay in touch with their parents. If the parents need to tell the kids they changed their plans, they could do that by call or text. While kids could not tell their parents where they are, they could call or text them when they want to do something. Since kids have cell phones, they can tell the parents if they get hurt. Kids need to stay in touch with their parents! It is clear that cell phones can help teach responsibility. If kids know they are being tracked by their parents, they will be more responsible. While kids know how much they cost, they won’t want to break them. That will make them more responsible. When kids break them, they will have to replace them. That to, will make them more responsible. I can understand why people think kids shouldn’t have cell phones. They think that because kids can get addicted to cell phones very easily. On the other hand, being on technology a lot might encourage technology based jobs. When the children are adults of course. This is why I believe most people are wrong. Let’s remember that cell phones are a very important part in kids’ lives today. Cell phones are very important in a lot of parts of life. Such as safety and responsibility. Kids should be allowed to have cell phones! Jennifer Polen Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

A stinker of a puppy Dear Editor, Did you know that my puppy is a stinker? She always steals my socks and steals my moms slippers. Three things that describe her are cute, rotten, and silly. To start with, she is cute. Her head looks like a small teddy bear. She has adorable big brown eyes. The way she walks is funny. She’ll sway back and forth. Another way she is cute is when I ride my bike she will chase me and whine. Next, she is rotten. She always chews and pulls on my hair when I’m holding her. When you’re not looking she’ll bite your ankles. If you’re laying down she’ll get on top of you and bite your ears. As I said before she steals whatever she sees like my socks and shoes. Last of all, she is silly because when we got her she chased her little nubby tail. When she was chasing a toy she ran into a wall. When she is excited she hops like a bunny. When we were walking her she was running and then did a somersault. As you can see, my puppy is cute, rotten, and silly. These are all the reason I love her and sometimes she can be really hyper, or really cuddly. Ava Helming Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Nashville is awesome Dear Editor, This year I went to Nashville, and it was awesome! There is so much to see! You should go to! You should go because there is plenty of awesome country music, interesting buildings, and plenty of things to see. First of all, there is lots of country music. Just walking down a street you hear music coming from every building. It’s like a 24/7 concert! Most of the restaurants and bars have live music on stages. Second of all, there is interesting buildings. Some of the restaurants and bars have rooftop patios! Some buildings have floors, and floors, and floors. Some have cool signs and windows. Last of all, there is lots to see. There is a bus were you pedal and the bus moves. There is also carriage rides. We even tried line dancing! As you can see, Nashville is awesome! You should go because there is cool country music, interesting buildings, and lots of things to see. I wish I lived in Nashville. Grayce Carr Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Grandpa is a hero Dear Editor, One of my heroes is my great grandpa. When he was alive he was such an amazing person. He was kind , brave, and inspiring. First of all my great grandpa was kind. He was kind because even as he aged he always had time to play and spend time with us. He was also kind because whenever I was feeling sad he would try to make laugh! I remember once when we were at his house he got me and my sister laughing all over the place. All in all he was a very kind. Secondly my grandpa was very brave. He was brave because he fought for his country. When my grandpa served it was in the air, he was in the Air Force. I don’t know if I would ever have the guts to do something like that. I feel that this makes my grandpa very brave. Lastly my grandpa was very inspiring. He is inspiring because he fought for his country. Another reason he is inspiring is that he always found time for his family. He was also inspiring to me because he tried to make people happy. All in all these things definitely make my grandpa a hero. Emma Johnson Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Reasons to love Yankees Dear Editor, My favorite Major League Baseball team is the New York Yankees. The Yankees have won the World Series 27 times. They have the most World Series wins ever, The Yankees have one of the most talented rookies of all time. To start with Aaron Judge has hit 52 home runs in the season last year. He also won the homerun derby. The Yankees are staked (very good). They have two of the best players in the league Johncarlo Santon and Aaron Judge.

Secondly I have been to one Yankees game. They beat the Cubs 11-3. Before the game they let me go down on the field and meet the Yankees team. They are a very good team. I think everyone should like the Yankees. To wrap it all up the Yankees are a very good team. They have won the World Series 27 times. 3 of them were won back to back to back. The Yankees have won the most World Series ever. I think they will win again this year. Devon Roach Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

School needs new chairs Dear Editor, I think that we should get new chairs That go in circles. I forgot what they are called but I hope that we could get them. I think that we should get those chairs because the chairs we got are boring and they hurt your butt and I don’t like that and I want a comfortable chairs. The chairs we got are plastic, a hard plastic that hurts. I think that the new chairs should only be for the boys, in my opinion. The girls can sit on the hard chairs. Levi Deel Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Violins cool instruments Dear Editor, Have you ever wanted to play the violin? The violin is a very cool instrument to play. Here is the things I want you to learn about the violin before you start, the parts, how complicated it is, and where to learn. First of all, there are many parts of the violin. According to, there are 13 parts of the violin. There are 4 strings on the violin, E string, A string, D string, and G string. According to the book, Music BY: Eyewitness Books, the violin is part of the string family along with the viola, the cello, and the double bass. Second of all, the violin can be fun and complicated. You start with easy songs and work your way up to hard songs. There are ten books in the Suzuki method (that is what I use). I am in book one and have been playing for 6 years. One of the complicated parts of playing the violin is applying the correct amount of pressure on the bow so it doesn’t squeak and, positioning your fingers in the right place. Those are some reasons why violin is fun and complicated. Finally if you want to learn how to play the violin you should go to Strings Inc. Strings Inc. is a nonprofit organization that teaches violin to people of all ages. They teach from ages 3 to 103. All in all, you see the violin is a cool instrument. If you follow all the things like, the parts, how hard, and where to go, you will be great violinist. Aoibhinn Rasche Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Life easier nowadays Dear Editor, Have you ever heard stories about “The Good Old Days”? Now, people have it easier than they think. Three main things are TV, fancy gadgets, and easy jobs. I am going to tell you the difference between them old days and modern days. First of all, TV has changed a lot. Like when the VCR came out, you would have to put in a tape to play it, and sometimes it would eat the tape. Some of the TV remotes would only change the channel, turn the volume up and down, and turn it off and on. Now, we have remotes that we can talk to, so we don’t even have to push a button. Second, we have super fancy gadgets. We have this Amazon Alexa, so we can just ask it to play a song or ask it for the weather and it will do it. And the iPhone X will let you in when it looks at your face. Back then, they didn’t even have cell phones. They would think they were in a different world. Last of all, we have easy jobs. Well, most of us do. But people back then used to work in very hard conditions with very little pay. Kids would even work too. Kids would also work in coal mines and factories in the early 19 hundreds. So now that you think about it, we have pretty easy jobs. As you can see, we have some pretty easy lifestyles. TV, gadgets, and jobs have changed a lot. But, sometimes a little change is good. But now we have it easier and that is also kind of good too. So, as you can see, this change is good. Candon Beck Grade 5, Dubois Middle School









Clowns Dear Editor, Clowns have disrespect for others! I don’t think this is okay. I believe that clowns should show more respect towards people who dislike them. When clowns come around people will get scared. They get scared because of the way they dress. They possibly don’t like them because they might not like the fact not knowing who is behind that painted face. Or they don’t like clowns because they can act funny but they are really freaky. So if clowns realize that some people don’t like them they should accept that. How do they do it! How do clowns enjoy people being fearful of them? When they walk around in the world people will hide. I believe those people are scared of those clowns because they dress weird. They can trample over people with those big shoes of theirs. Some people don’t like their shoes. Also some clowns have that creepy smile. It is a fake smile and you can tell. So if clowns see people trying to avoid them they should respect that and don’t bother them. Some people don’t care for the way clowns dress. Some people like to be more aware. Mainly adults. They can be scared of them because they don’t know who is behind that painted face, the afro and the red nose. They could be a mean person or nice. Some clowns notice people don’t like them and they try to make it better. But what they don’t notice is that those people are just getting more scared. Phillip Burden Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary

Free education Dear Editor, Good education makes for a good future. Good employment is needed, and we can’t have good employment without the proper education. College education should be free because it is a way for people to save money for the future. And a way for money deprived people to get the education they deserve. They can’t get an education if the schooling costs too much. College education needs to be free. Just about everyone agrees that college should be more affordable or in this case free. College is essential for having a good career. Free college education is very functional, for the future because it is an easier way for college students to save money. College education is favorable for the individual and the society. If there are money deficient people, then that means their children can’t go to school. If they can’t go to school they can’t learn, if they can’t learn they can’t get a job, without a job they can’t make money. No money = poor. Give people without money the ability to get educated. America’s future is on the line. Sometimes if the cost of a college education is too high some people may choose to not go to college. Without a good schooling it could leave many people with a slim to none chance of getting a good employment or the ability to pursue a profession of their own. People can save money for the future. Money deprived people will get the education they deserve and the education will be sustainable. The people who are incapable of getting a good civilization of knowledge need our help. Good education means a good employment and good employment leads for a great future. Taylor Ruxer Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary

Treats not allowed Dear Editor, HEROES Schools is a program that encourages kids to eat healthy, which means that students aren’t allowed to bring in treats for holidays and birthdays. I think students should be allowed to bring in treats for special occasions. Holidays only come once a year. Halloween doesn’t mean that everybody has to get mounds of candy, but it gives children something to be excited for. There should be this kind of excitement every once in awhile because if there isn’t, then kids will start to get bored and cause trouble. A couple years ago, teachers would give us life savers, mints or lemon heads to help us focus during ISTEP. It did help me. I used to get tired of staring at a computer screen, answering questions, and I would doze off, but when I had something else to balance


out my thoughts I was able to relax and finish the test. Plus, kids can’t talk during class if their mouth is full. My aunt used to make my birthday cake and I would bring some to school to share with my class. Ever since HEROES started we haven’t been able to do that and my birthday seems like a regular school day with nothing special about it. I understand that HEROES is trying to help us eat healthy but I think we should still be able to celebrate special occasions with a little snack. When something needs to be celebrated, school should be able to allow a little treat. It can sometimes help us focus, and helps us celebrate special occasions. Ally Schipp Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary

Respect veterans Dear Editor, More respect for Veterans is what we need. The Veterans helped save our country. I know what it’s like because both of my parents were Veterans. Hearing from them it’s hard work. We need to pay the Veterans back for all the hard work they did for us. I think it means a lot for people to stand up for our country and fight not just to save their lives but everyone’s life in our country. I think we should help the Veterans for saving us in all the wars. The Veterans put their life before ours. One Veteran states “It was hard work but at the end it was all worth saving all those lives.” Another Veteran says “I was very scary but I survived.” I believe that if we show the Veterans how much we care about them it will make them feel good about what the Veterans did and it will show that we really care about they things they have done to save our country. Lilly Hopster Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary

Buses Dear Editor, A bus change for the BETTER? With all different grades riding one bus there are lots of things that happen that the bus driver doesn’t see. If we make it so that every grade has their own bus, there would be much less. Some of the things that happen on buses is bullying. Some of the older kids are bullying the younger kids but if we change it so that every grade has its own school bus there will not be older kids bullying younger. Many younger kids are going to get bullied by older kids on buses because the older kids know that there is no way to stop it because the driver has to focus on the road. Also another reason we should have every bus with their own school bus is so that younger kids don’t learn bad things from older kids. Some older kids may say bad things to each other just joking but the younger kids will learn the word and start to say it. Then the younger kids will get in trouble for saying the words. There are sometimes when younger kids see the older ones doing some type of drug and they might want to do it to. There is so many possible scenarios. Last if every grade gets their own bus they will always have friends to talk to. Kids will never feel lonely. Caden Lange Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary

SpaceX Dear Editor, I think the company SpaceX needs more attention. SpaceX is a company that was founded by Elon Musk and is worth nearly 20 billion dollars. The company has put many rockets into orbit, and they still are. SpaceX has launched hundreds of rockets into space to orbit around earth and go to other planets. One of their newest projects was putting a Red Tesla into space with a dummy named “Spaceman” in the car. This company should be recognized more because they have done a lot of things most companies would never be able to do. They are very successful and they are even planning to have people on Mars by 2040. They even sent a car into space, and its heading for Mars right now. The only downfall is that they have so much trash. When a rocket goes into space, they break up until they a re only big enough to hold a few people. The rest of the rocket is left in space to float around earth. This can cause problems can they could smash into satellites or space stations. I think that since we are taking action against picking up trash, we should do the same in space. Quaid Jameson Grade 6, Nancy Hanks Elementary


Cats Dear Editor, I do not like cats. Dad is alergik to cats. They take long traneing. They are too furry. Kaydan Hill Grade 1, Otwell Miller Academy

Likes school Dear Editor, I like school. School is fun. We learn things. We do moning calendr. Trenton Stone Grade 1, Otwell Miller Academy

Math Dear Editor, I like school. I do a lot of math. Math is fun. School is fun becus we have recess. Liam Fleming Grade 1, Otwell Miller Academy

Dogs Dear Editor, I like dogs. Dogs are fun to play with. Dogs are good pets. Dog play fech. Stormy Sharp Grade 1, Otwell Miller Academy

Play in school Dear Editor, I like school. We can play. We can listen dring math. We can make art crofts. Wyatt Wolfe Grade 1, Otwell Miller Academy

President reports Dear Editor, I am in fourth grade at OMA School. OMA just formed a student council and I was voted to represent our class. I am also one of the school board members at OMA. OMA is the best school ever. You kids should come here! We have fun field trips. Our fourth grade class has been working on President reports. We pick a President of our choice. We also bring stuff in to make our president. We have to type an essay on him. We also have to say it in front of the class. We also record ourselves and make a QR code so the kindergarten and first grade classes can listen to it. I really hope more people come to OMA School. We all want a lot more people to come and enjoy OMA. Come to OMA cause it a better place! Raeleigh McCracken Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Smarter and smarter Dear Editor, Come to school at OMA to get smarter and smarter every second! I love to go over to the Community Center to have recess. I love how we get to go to the library by the Community Center. I think OMA is the best school and it is awesome here. You get to learn a lot of history, science, math, and social studies. I’ve have learned all that stuff so, come to OMA and have a lot of fun. OMA rocks. Come here and you will have a lot of fun. Wylon Schoppenhorst Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Nice school Dear Editor, My school, OMA, is a great school. Everyone is one. Teachers let you have study time. My old school in Evansville didn’t give study time. Study time is where you do your homework at school instead of at home. Study time is greater because you can ask for help. This school is amazing! So, if you come here you’ll like this school. Aydin Mikel Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Treated equally Dear Editor, OMA school is the best school. You will do fun things, learn, and eat. You get to eat lunch in your classroom. Everyone is treated equally. We go to the community center for recess, library, and gym. We are getting a playground soon. Matthew Baker Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

School rocks Dear Editor, OMA is a good school. I have only been here for this year and I love it. Before I came here I went to Petersburg Elementary from preschool to third grade. We love learning and playing games. We love the teachers. they are amazing so come to OMA School! Adalyn Nolan Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Stick together Dear Editor, Go to OMA, the new school. In Otwell we will make you feel at home. OMA is probably better than other schools. We may be a small school but we stick together. Why we stick together is we love learning. Anna O’Brien Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Kindness Dear Editor, You should come to OMA for a visit, because this school is a very cool school. We have the best teachers ever! And we great people with kindness. We like to be clean. So please come for a visit to our school. Taylor Uppencamp Grade 4, Otwell Miller Academy

Abusing animals Dear Editor, The reason I wrote this is because I want people to stop abusing their animals. People abuse animals for different reasons and they need to stop. Some people get puppies that are not potty trained and if the puppy has a accident some people go off and start to just beat the animals. Another reason people are mean to their animals is so the owner can go out and party and they leave their animals without water and food for long periods at a time. People beat their animals to make them walk on their back feet for attention too. People abuse animals because they might have bipolar or anger issues. And when someone has bipolar they are happy one minute and very angry the next. When they have bipolar too they literally blow up, and when someone has anger issues they just get really mad. With both of these disorders someone could really hurt someone or something. You should stop abusing your pets because you are just making the pet scared and you are also putting them in pain. If you didn’t want a pet in the first place why did you get one? Instead of abusing them you should just give the pet to someone who will love and take care of the pet right away. Akiayia Scraper Grade 5, Otwell Miller Academy

Call the police Dear Editor, My favorite part about this school is that it is the best school ever. And that it is a small school and that it does a lot of fun and cool things. Shootings are increasing the number of killed and injured people in the world. People are dying everyday somewhere due to shootings caused by someone else trying to do harm to people. Shootings are a increasing problem in the world. Shootings are harming more and more people in different parts of the world. Innocent people that are caught in shootings in the world are either killed or injured. Shootings in the world are killing or injuring people that are innocent. People that are causing shootings in the world can, and are killing or injuring innocent people in the world. People in the world are dying while they are out doing the daily life due to shootings. People can do something to help stop shootings in the world to help keep other people safe. If they see someone with a gun harming innocent people, they should call the police so the police can do their job and help keep everyone safe. People can always do something to help stop shootings from harming innocent people. So if you see shootings happening remember to call the police right away. To help keep everyone safe in the world, never forget that you can do something to help. I just want everyone to have a safe school. Noah Fort Grade 5, Otwell Miller Academy







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